The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on June 12, 1993 · Page 5
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 5

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Saturday, June 12, 1993
Page 5
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SATURDAY 12 JUNE 1993 Bcoeoimst says deficit stamld mot be lowered By GEOFFREY BARKER, chM political cofTMpondant, Canberra A leading economic consultancy has told the Federal Government that a Budget deficit of $17 billion this year would be appropriate in Australia's present economic circumstances and would help reduce unemployment more quickly. But Access Economics has also implicitly argued that the Government ought to abandon planned personal Income tax cuts next year to help reduce the deficit quickly. In a report to Government departments and financial institutions on Tuesday, Access Economics said there were no grounds for tightening fiscal policy in the Budget. Access Economics has argued that maintenance of a more expansionary fiscal stance would increase growth for 1993-94 and 1994-9S and bring unemployment down more quickly. Its assessment comes as Government departments have been told by Cabinet's expenditure review committee that any new spending has to be offset by savings in other areas in an effort to keep the deficit around $16 billion. A director of Access Economics, Mr Chris Murphy, said last night that a $17 billion deficit this year would be the equivalent of the Government doing nothing about deficit reduction. He acknowledged that the Access Economics assessment would "raise some eyebrows" because the organisation was largely staffed by former Treasury economists and tended to reflect the Treasury orthodoxy. However, Mr Murphy said, the political reality was that it was easier to Increase deficits than to reduce them and this might account for the current enthusiasm to start deficit reduction this year. . The Access Economics report argues that the optimal public sector borrowing requirement for the coming financial year would be S.l per cent of gross domestic product. "On this basis there are no grounds for tightening fiscal policy in the forthcoming Budget," Access Economics says. "This more expansionary fiscal stance adds to GDP growth for 1993-94 and 1994-5, bringing unemployment down more quickly to average 9.1 per cent in 1994-95 rather than 9.7 per cent," it says. "This is at the cost of a greater rebound in wage inflation, which reaches 5.8 per cent in 1995-96 compared with 4.9 per cent in the baseline forecast." Mr Murphy said last night that there was no evidence yet of general economic recovery. GDP was growing only enough to stop further increases in unemployment. "So we are saying there appears to be an intention to begin winding back the deficit this year, and it does not appear to be justified," Mr Murphy said. However, he pointed out that the forecast also argued that the public sector borrowing requirement should be wound back quickly to 1 .9 per cent of GDP in 1 994-95 if, as expected, business investment starts picking up in 1994. This might be possible if the Government's proposed personal tax cuts were abandoned. Given that there was a problem with business investment, he said, it was more important to bear down on fiscal policy to keep interest rates down. A Victorian Labor MP, Mr Lindsay Tanner, said last night that the Access Economics report suggested the "deficit fetishists" had got it wrong. Maintaining a more expansionary fiscal policy would be more likely to help get Australia out of continuing economic stagnation with low levels of growth and high unemployment. "The Access Economics report show that even orthodox economists recognise that in the current circumstances a substantial defi' cit and high public sector borrow ing requirement are appropriate and will accelerate reduction in unemployment levels," Mr Tanner said. Hawke was mistaken over refugees, Hand tells court. By PETER OREQORV The former Immigration Minister, Mr Hand, told the Federal Court yesterday that the former Prime Minister, Mr Hawke, was "dead wrong" when he described the arrival of Cambodian boat people in Australia as economic refugee-torn. . Mr Hand said he thought statements made by Mr Hawke in a 1990 television interview were "ill-advised, improper and, for someone who should know better, stupid". He said he had spoken to Mr Hawke, who was well aware of how he felt about what he believed was an improper statemenL Mr Hand said he was a great believer In people getting a fair go. and that there was a system set up to determine whether they were refugees. He said later that it was not for politicians to intervene in the process. Mr Hand told Mr Justice Keely that the term "economic refugee-ism" was a nonsense term and a contradiction in terms to anyone who had anything to do with the refugee process. "The Prime Minister was wrong. It is possible, you know. They're not gods. This time he was dead wrong," be said. Mr Hand said the Foreign Minister, Senator Evans, had also been wrong about the issue, and he and Mr Hawke later came to appreciate it. He said the Opposition Leader, Or Hewson, and the Opposition spokesman on immigration, Mr Ruddock, had been wrong to politicise the mistakes of the other two men, even though it had been "good politics". "It was irresponsible (of them). It wasn't the right thing to do," be said. Mr Hand, now a migration consultant and primary producer, was giving evidence in an application by three Cambodian women to review the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs' refusal of their applications for refugee status. Counsel for Ms Gek Bouy Mok, Ms Ly Muy Heng and Ms Ung Bun Nat have argued that the department bad shown an institutional bias in handling asylum claims from Cambodian boat people and had a rejection mentality. Earlier yesterday, a senior public servant, Mr Ian Geoffrey Simington, denied that the department had a rejection mentality. He said: "My response would be that it is not a particularly sensible allegation (and it is) very far from the truth." Asked by Mr Peter Rose, for the women, if there was any truth in the allegation, he replied: "Not according to my understanding". Mr Hand said there was a genuine concern to handle refugee applications properly, professionally and fairly, and a failure to do so would lead people to think that no such system existed. He said be wanted people who made dangerous journeys to to be aware that at the end of their trips there was a process to deal with them. Mr Hand said he had never been concerned that the Cambodian peace process might be affected if a large number of refugee applications were successful, and he could not remember departmental officers expressing such an opinion. "Never once did I have a fear or concern about anybody staying in Australia who was successful. A refugee who is successful needs our protection ... I've always believed that if a person comes here, makes an application (successfully), that we have the responsibility to care for that person as a nation," he said. Asked by Mr Rose about a confidential 1991 memo in which 'a departmental officer expressed concerns about a major outflow of people from Indochina, Mr Hand said he would have been alarmed if it had not been brought to his attention. He said he did not accept the view that decision-makers would' be Influenced by opinions that might come from outside. At one stage, Mr Hand said he' was not used to being in court, and being treated like a "damn criminal". Mr Rose said be was entitled-to ask questions, and Mr Hand, replied: "You ask the questions and I'll answer them." Picture: CRAIG ABRAHAM r r PvOT I T? I t'- w , 4 t" i -p The waiting for a kidney is over: Doug Devlin and his daughter. Felicity, have high hopes the transplant will be a success. The precious few who will turn death to life By TANIA EWINQ, science and technology reporter Felicity Devlin was one of more than 3tM Australians on a waiting list for organ donations until earlier this week, when her father donated one of bis kidneys. More than 21 per cent of those still on the waiting list for a heart or liver wont be so lucky and will die before a donor organ becomes available. Australia has one of the lowest rates of organ donation la the developed world. In 1M2, 211 people became organ donors a rate of 114 per million of population. This compares to 1$ per million in Britain, 17 per million In Canada and 21 per million in the United States. While Australia shares an "opt In" policy with these countries, whereby individuals must give consent to donate their organs upon their death, the number of available organs in Australia has remained static compared to an Increasing need for transplants. Many suitable organs are lost because the donor has failed to discuss organ donations with his or her family, according to Mrs Bene Martyn, senior Victorian transplant coordinator. "While many people fill eat organ donation cards, they do not tell their family they have done so," she said. "Although the cards are legally binding, no hospital will take the organs without the permission of the family." Recent Australian research found that (1 per cent of those asked would be prepared to become an organ donor, 22 per cent were unsure and 17 per cent would not participate. As many as eight people can benefit from the organs of one person providing kidneys, heart, heart-lung, liver, lungs and pancreas. Tissues that can also be transplanted Include corneas, skin, bone, bone marrow and blood vessels. Ten-year-eld Felicity was born with renal disease and has been on dialysis for the past 18 months while waiting for a kidney donation. While not a perfect match, her father's kidney has a good chance of acceptance because of tissue matching and the fact that the surgery was performed in ad-Joining operating theatres at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, thus reducing the time the kidney spent In transit " Felicity's mother, Christine Devlin, believes in the importance of potential organ donors discussing the issue with their families. "Families discuss wills and funeral arrangements this should be just one more thing they discuss," she said. Grocer wants chance to clear name soon I By TIM PEQLER, Magistrate's Court reporter Lawyers representing a man alleged In evidence to be a "shooter" for the Mafia have called for the Inquest on murdered fruit merchant Alfonso Muratore to resume "as soon as possible" so that he can clear his name. The inquest was adjourned indefinitely yesterday to allow further investigation into circumstances surrounding the unsolved death. Counsel assisting the coroner, Mr David Beach, said further witnesses would be called. The coroner, Mr Iain West, warned that people who had already given evidence might be recalled for additional examination. The 10-day inquiry has heard allegations that Mr Tony Madaf-ferl, a 41-year-old grocer, was the killer of a neighboring Glen Waverley grocer, Mr Tony Peluso. Mr Peluso, 49, was robbed and shot on 11 June 1991. No one has been charged over the murder. Other witnesses at the inquest alleged that Mr Madafferi was a Mafia "shooter" and an organiser of standover tactics. Mr Colin Lovitt, QC, for Madqf?;7 feri, told the court the allegations 4 ;-about his client were based on "scurrilous hearsay". Mr Lovitt said police had always treated Mr Peluso as the victim of . a bungled robbery and one 4f , six attacks on grocers over five, months in July 1991. He said net evidence to the contrary had been-, given at the inquest. Speaking outside court, Mr George Defteros, also for Mc Madafferi, said his client had been; devastated by the allegations. Mr Defteros said: "Our concern " is that the inquest be brought on as soon as possible and that Mr Madafferi be given an opportunity to clear his name." He said Mr Madafferi's wife and business had suffered enormously and his children had not been able to attend school since the allegations were made. Mr Defteros said Mr Madafferi "totally denied" the allegations, had cooperated with police on investigations into both deaths, and did not have a criminal record. Mr Muratore, 40, was shot outside his Hampton home on 4 August last year. Judge to jail 'secessionists' A Queensland Supreme Court judge is proposing to jail the self-proclaimed Duke and Duchess of Marlborough farmer George Muirhead and his wife, Stephanie for contempt of court. The couple "seceded" from Australia last week following a court order giving the Commonwealth Bank possession of their property, on which they owe $5 million. Mr Justice James Thomas described as "a load of rubbish", the Muirheads claim that because of their secession they were not subject to the court's authority. But he said there was no wish to jail the Muirheads for one minute longer than was necessary for a contempt that was committed when they moved back to their farm last Friday despite the court order. Mr Justice Thomas told the court yesterday that he would older the couple jailed until they, sought to purge the contempt He" said of the Muirheads' secession-' claim: "Nobody minds if people-, play their little games, have their little circuses, as long as they pay. their debts (and) obey the law." The Muirheads did not attend yesterday's proceedings. TERRACOTTA GARDEN POT SALE OLD STOCK TO BE CLEARED FOR NEW RELEASES 3 DAYS ONLY SAT, SUN, MON, 10 AM TO 5 PM 4J7 Swan St, Richmond. 427 7414 111 Mclntyre Rd, Sunshine 112 1M1 Bcd, Mcd, Visa, Cheques welcome Annual SALE Art Prints Limited Edition Originals Fine Art Reproductions. Hand Coloured Engravings. All stock reduced. Up to 50 off. Until June 30th. 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ON VIEW: Saturday. rk Jw and Sunday 27lh Juat 10 an - 4 bbi earn day - Catalogue: SS For further information contact Head Office: Telephone: (Oil 554 8347. 52! 53)3 Decorative Arts and Antique Furniture - 5th July Fine 18th and 19th Century European and Australian Furniture, Royal Vtorcester and Doulion Porcelain. Sterling Silver. Art Nouveau and Deco An Glass, Fine Mirrors. For further information contact: Susan Oalrymple or Warren Joel - 1031 534 8347. 525 5333 ENTRIES NOW INVITED 12th July - Fine Jewellery Fine Diamond Rings, Precious Stones, Wrist and Pocket Watches, Necklaces, Edwardianand Victorian Antique and Australian Jewellery - Enlrtn Clotr Timdiy, tSlb June (or further information contact: Patti Sedgwick 10 J 1 534 H34T. 525 5333 25th August - National Art Auction Australian and European Paintings Featuring Tine works by McCubbin, Arthur Bod and Sidney Nolan. For further information contact: Jon or Paul Dwyer (03) 822 1040 Leonard Joel Head Office Antique and General Auction Rooms 174 Inkerman Stmt. St. Kilda Victoria 3102. Tel 03) 525 5333. 534 8347 Art DivitfM Painting Department U95HighStreel. Armadale, Victoria3l43. Tel (03)822 1040.(03)8222654 Lot 9$ - 26l h June, 1993 19th Century Blackamoor l-amp Base Height: 92 cm Support Centre Analyst Stimulating, visionary environment Broadly based, business oriented Salary $50K negotiable If yon have been eager to join a prominent international consumer goods company with major manofKtnring units throughout Australia, this is an. outstanding career opportunity. This position is an ideal entry point into this coveted organisation, and the appointee will be key member of a small, dynamic team responsible for supporting effective business systems. With in emphasis on user support, the responsibilities are broad and will provide much challenge in this independent and visionary environment There is opportunity to progress into an even broader businesi management career, either locally or mternationally. Based in an attractive rural location, the organisation is dedicated to training and developing its people, and offers first class career and lifestyle opportunities. You should be a graduate with at least 3 yean commercial experience in user support or systems analysis, on either PCs or mid to large range platforms. A generous relocation package is offered. Please telephone Tony Beddison on (03) 629 2000, or if preferred send a brief career resume -fax (03) (29 (1(1. Your interest will be kept in strict confidence. Level 37, Rlalto, 5Z5 Collins Street, Melboarae, Vic 3000. CONSULTING GROUP Specialists in Executive Search and Selection General Manager OPERAnONS Fastest growing sector in the Australian food industry Complete production and distribution (unction $90,000 car benefits negotiable This high growth division of Pacific Brands Food Group is the market leader in a new expanding sector of the food industry. In order to optimise existing operational functions and to implement the necessary growth in production capability to cater for expected demands and new product lines, the organisation now wishes to appoint a Food Manufacturing Operations Executive. The role will involve the co-ordination and planning of all production activities. Close working relationships with the Managers in procurement, quality assurance, warehousing, despatch and rjgineermg, will ensure optimum productioc standards and schedules are achieved. In order to be successful in this exciting, demanding and challenging position, you will possess a relevant tertiary qualification, be strongly results oriented with i sense of urgency and be totally committed to product quality and people development Food industry manufacturing experience with dairy, chilled goods or fresh foods exposure wiUbe essential. The career eyportunhies from this senior appointment are raoeptional Please telephone Brian Cooper on (03) (29 2000, or if preferred send a brief career resume -fax (03) 629 6161. Your interest will be kept in strict confidence. Level 37, Rlalto, 525 Collins Stract MelboinM, Vk. 3000. IS CONSULTING GROUP Specialists in Executive Search and Selection . a 11 J 4. I 3 2

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