Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 21
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EKJ*-i- I" I John Gray's -CORNER ON; HIS ANNUAL -Bed Quilt Sale-- We are now showing Spreads in white and colors, including Bates Crochet Quilts, Satin and Marseilles Spreads. Sale to continue until all are sold. Come early acd get first choice. LAWN MOWERS, Lawn Hose. SCREEN DOORS AND WINDOWS, Hammocks- Ice Cream Freezers Fishing Tackle. Carpenter and Mason's Tools, and a complete line of Builders' Hard-ware at 408 .Broadway. JHattie L. Johnson. SETH M. VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and writes Fire, Tornado and PUte Glass Insurance. MRNRY WRBRR, ; ' The Merchant Tailor,- low flrtt clan wort, Stylirt andI well fitting clothes made. Cleaning and repair- Big nefctlydone. See him. ' • 3:24 Pearl Street :o:o:o:o:o:o DR. C. D. EYERSOUTS DBDTAL PALLORS Orer Porter's New Drug Store. Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. W. J. BARNETT, auooBMor to C. L, Well, Undertaker, Embalmer, Funeral IU-<^.4» 417 Market meet. Calls attended Director dWarWht. rhelbtestoutfltln U« V. 8.C01. C. L. WoU. wUl remain with me. ^••w*- 0 * 06 l«,Real<lenoe-Mu. 85:0. TJ. 189. BE LIDJl LEISURE. OflBee in Residence 813 Market Street. Bkeunuttlim «nd DUemiee of Women and Children FJpecialUes- • . • Or- Ex- S- Hunt, —DENTIST— > Modem method, on Fourth -treet. U Telsphone No, 338. _ MONEY to LOAN rumoT65. Mortgage or personal w. Notes bought. Lower rates than «ny body on large sum«. Geo. B. Foray. HcConaell & McConaell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DMLYPHABOS WEDNESDAY, MAY 25. 1898. -_ CITY NHWS Need a watch? See Ben Martin. White pique suits, skirts and jacket*—Trade Palace. Charles and Jesie Taber were at Lake Haxtnkuckee yesterday. Clint Brown, of Burnettsville, was here today and joined'the regulars. Seven-room house, well and cistern;rent cheap. Oor Spear arid 8tb »ts. Inquire Parker & Johnston's office, near. Hon. Chauncey M. Depew, chair man of the board of directors of the Vanderbljt lines, sailed for Europe on Saturday. Miss Jessie Grant, o! the Logansport Commercial High school, has ac- acepted a position as stenographer at S. B. Nlckum's. Between January 1, 1871, and Jannary 1, 1897, there were 811 railway accidents in this country, due to broken wheels and mostly wheels under oTerloaded cars. Hon. John Adair, of Portland, is in the city today, calling on the dele- rates to the Democratic state convention. Mr. Adair it a candidate fox trtta rarer of state. He is a |man who stands well In the councils of his party. CAPTAIN MDGHN At the Head of the New Artillery Company. George W. Bmnftt and W. B. Bay Elected Lfeutenaars. All Were Elected by Acclamation—Two Hundred and Fifteen Sanies on the List. A railed meeting of .the artillery company was held last night in ihe recruiting station to '-leer officers: Sidney A. Vaughn was elected captain. W. B. Kay senior lieutenant and Of-o. W. Bennett junior lieutenant. It was dwidfd to postpone the elee- lion 01 the two lower lieutenants until some future date and al*o the appointing of non-commissioned officers. The officers named a-bore were elected by acclamation- after reading the following resolution-; which had been prepared gefore the meeting hy members of the company: "Whweas. Messrs. S. A. Vaughn. W. B. Ray and George "W. Bennett have given Their time and best efforts to the of an artillery company for the present war with Spa.in, and •^posing special confidence In them as men of high stand-ing, integrity and ability, and their superior qualifications by reason of previous service dnr- ng the civil war, now, therefore, he t "Resolved, That S. A. Vanghn is hereby elecfed captain. W. B. Ray senior 1st lieutenant and George W. Bennett junior 1st lieutenant hy ac- ;lain-ation." The second call for volunteers is now awaited wiffli Interest. The two hundred 1 and fifteen men are selected from a large mimbeir of applicants, and while .they have not been examined, the eagle eyes of Messrs. Vaughn. Ray and Bennett took them in from head to foot and if they did not look all right and in good heal lib they were rejected. Below is a list arranged in alphabetical order and is complete: OFFICERS. ;—S. A. VAFGHN. SENIOR MET;TENANT- w. RAY. JUNIOR LIEUTENANT-CEO. BENNETT. PRIVATES. ATJSPAUGH. .TAMES ADAIR. EDWA'RflD L. AiM'MONS, CLAUDE AYERS, T. M. ,---. — • AYERS. .T. W, BEN'ICA. LEW i BALLIARD. ROY BALLARfD. CHAS. BARNHART; W. P. BET7. A. W. ' BAKER, W. H, BAKER. C. L. , BROWN. P. S. BAKER. C. E. BURD-AN. JOHN' ( BEEN. ROSS BARTH'EiLS, CHAS. ' ~ r ~ BARNES, CHAS. W. BFA'NETT. W. C. .' " BATJ-ER.. JOHN " ! " BUS-HINO. JOHN BARRiOX, L. B. ' BOGESRT, J. BEX'N, FRANK BLUE. C. E. BERW ANGER. JOSEPH BANTX WALTERS. BRIDGE, EDWA'RD B. BAKKR, W.A. BANTA. CLIFFORD RRI-C-E. BEAUFORT BOWMAN, W. E. BARNES, JOSEPH T. BURTON, EDWARD OOLT-F.TT. CHAS. C. COSTRNBORPEiR, WALTE-R CROOKS. J. S. CHAMBERS. O. P. CARROLL, ROBT. . W. M. ROBT. B. 'f-i Wives Who Cook. There are thousands of them.' Noble women, too. Trials .by the million. No wonder they are -worried * sometimes. They should try It always makes light, • wholesome food It surely saves money and is healtii- fol, which caa be said of few other brands. . . "Pure & Sure." CHAMBERS. JAS-W. CURTIS. FBAXK ••'• • COMJrXGORE. J. FRANK OAMlkl'NE. JOHN CRI.\ f. LAWRENCE CRO:QN. DAVID Clint. .TAMES CRON-IN. THOS. CAR-SON, EBERT DUNCAN. CLARENCE T>UNK;LE. JOHN DYIdl^MAN. EAiRL DAIL/EY DENNIS Del.OXG, NELSON POLAN. EDWARD " ELLIS. FRED ER-E11TS. STEPHEN :. w. c. i "' ~ I. WM. 0. FULTON. MARK W. " FOSTER. W. M. FRAlNZ. A. P. FOSLBR. M. J. FLORA. SAMUE'L ' " FRKF,MAX. A LIE : " FALBTrS-H. M. J. ' - ' <"rO-t> J>. 1-TARiR.Y CUINIPP. B. CRUGG. MARION F. GANGLOFF, D. GRADY. JOHN. GR.VOE. M. : CRJPF'/N. .T. F. *, JOHN W. •I-TrVKLE. ANTHONY HIOGI-X'S. W. F. •HORN. CHESTER HARRINGTON, JOHN HKBEL. CHAS. HIX'KLEBEiRRY, F. HKNRY, A. N. TTARTZ. J. F. -. ' HAGER. MICHAEL HASKETT. LEO. P. HINES. GARRA IIARTWICK. JOH-N JIEST-ER. WM. J3ATDEN, CHAS. HAR'RIS. JAMES : HOOVER. A. C. ITt'XT, G-SO. W. -HOLLAND. OHAS. HART. GUY HAMMOXiD. WM. JAMESON. WM. .TOXiES. FJDWARD . .TOHiXSON, GEORGE -TOHXSON, C. E. TvEOUGH. MICHAEt KTTXTZ. CHAS. ; KTNGERY, J. B. KEIS. QUIXCY I.I'DRiIG, FRANK -LF;B, CLAU-DE ' TjOWlMAN. ANDREW LEEDY. BERT LUX. A. J. ULOYD. HENRY I.O-X-G.rED.-- - - , . : MeK-EE. WM. MfTAOOAiRT. JOHN ifeET^HAlXiEfY. -HAL MOORE.. A. L. MORRIS. SHAMMIS MYER.'MARTIN MURPHY, -MTLLBR,,.T-: MOORE, -TESSE ^RJR:PHY. J: M'EHAFFEY. GBO. MARTIN. .JOHN L. '" MARTIN. .T-A-\FBS E. ^ MICHBLUE. BRTJOE E. MOODY. .TAMES M.'ILLER. J. D. McCANE, HARRY MILLER. J. K. MICHiVEL, H. C. •; McMILLEN. 0. R. "; XIf?E. EDGAR O. X'EALIS. .TAMES O'CONXER. JOHN O'BRIEN. B. F. POWNALL. EDWARD SR J'ORTKR. ALBERT ) PATJG-H. ALBERT- POWNALL. ELZA PRICE, FRANK M. PO^'KLL. ANSON PARKER, E. F. PAVEY. E. L. " PHF.iR<SON, JOHN F. PATTOX. JESSE B. PRATT. D. N. PORTER. PERCY T. PAINTER. JOHN QI'ILLAN, ED RAY. W. B. ' ' ROLLINS. L. Z. . ROTH. THOS. A. REED, THOS! L. r R.USH. FRED. RUNYON, AL. RUSH. FRANK: ROSIER. W. J. " RAY. WALTER RI'SH. JOHN REYNOLDS. RTJSSELt REXX. H. W. SELLERS, CHAS. SELLERS. WALTER SMITH. ROBERT i SELTFS. JOHN R, STfMBAUGH. H. -SMITH. W. H. J. V SHERRICK. R. M. ' : SIMONS. BENJ. SIMONS. SAM'L. STAFFORD. HAKRY '£. STUMBAUGS. X T. SMOOT. WM. M. SURFACE. .D.-M! STANLEY. HORACE, P. SEARGENT. O. B. . STIVER. N. C. • •- SHTERS. HARRiY T. SBTJLERS. STMONS. -SANDERSON, H. W. • i You Make a IF YOU DON'T READ SALE ADS. Your money may come easy, you may have lots of it. till its like throwing away GOOD MONEY to PAY OTHERS full,regular price when The New Otto names prices and qualities that every one can understand as it is the OBJECT of the writer to make DISCRETIONS so CONCISE that the reader can see see them as cleverly as if she or he had it in their hands. You MAKE A MISTAKE if you wear real vici kid, swell tan cloth and vesting top shoes if you pay the regular shoe store $2.50, $3, $3-So or $4, when you can buy them at The New Otto sale for $1.98; its an awful saving. 50c, 75c, 80e, 85c, 98c, $1.25 and $1 40. The prices on lower grades, all solid shoes is a BIG MONEY SAVING OFFER and thousands show their appreciation and encourage us to buy Bankrupt Lines, Sample Lines and whereby we can clothe and shoe our people at HALF-PRICE.. , •The Otto Shoe & Clothing Co. B. SKELLEY, THOS. SELLERS. FRANK T. SULLIVAN. .TAA1E-S STEVENS, T\3L TRUMAN. JOH-X B- TONEY. LEOXARD THOMPSON. GEO. W. -TILERY. J, F. VAUGHN, S. A. •VAMBLE, HENRY R. V-AYETTE, 'XBLSON WEST, JAMES . 'i WEST. HARRY WEST, A. W. ' ~_ ' WOOD. GEO. ' — - WILSOIX, J. A. WALKLAN-D. H. B. WEBSTER. RALEIGH S. : WILSOX. EVERETT. WATSON, JOHN F. WATTS, ERNEST WILLIS. W. H. " T WEAVER. BEN.T. A. • WECHT. GEO. C. • WILLIAMS. CHAS. WAGOXEiR. EDWARD T " WHITE. FRED A. WiR'IGHT. CHAS. ' " ' WRIGHT. M. YOUNfi. HARRY J. ZOOK. CHAS, L. . ^EHRIXG, .T.-M. MORE REGULARS, Will Leave Here TomoiTOW for Fl, McPherson, Ga. • "twenty meni ha.re enlisted and have •been examined a.nd -wiill eave tomorrow, afternoon for Ft, , MOPherson. .Ga.. Lite 1 hose, 'who.-.left last Saturday the, men will-,l>e effu.ippe* and -dWlled and sent to Mobile. -The- full list of those 1 who depart tomorrow is as follows: "fohn- 'W. Hinchman", Morihic'ello:' R.' N,, : Sherr.ick. city: ^Fred A. Shilt. Mon-' ricello: ,.T, C. Ball. Monon: D. E. Bos«ck. MV>nr,icello: Geo. R. WickerhaiD. Monttcello: Win. A..-Goslee. Monwcel.lo: C. E. Brown, vBurnettsK-ille: Geo. W. Wood. Mbntfrello: Jus. Vinpelt. Monticello; .Tno. W. Ward. Hammond: Rns- sel M. Reynolds. Patfon 'Station:. Austin F^ Henn-y. ^lotntitello: J-as. C. Rnf- ing. Monttcello: Tot.W. Cunniii^bam, Afontieello: Henry E. Kistler, Delphi; H. K. .vn-ick. Montioello: L. E. Tillert, Moitnoelln: Wm. H. Bennett. Montici'Ilo: Allen A. Norrh.'Buffalo, Incl. .TFDOME'NT Awarded John C. Pempsey for 51.000 Against -the Pa.nha.ndle. In the pironjt court, -this morning, hy -agreement". John C. Dempsey was awards judgment for $1.000 against the Panhandle railroad company. He was a. switchman, and sued for S10.000 damages fov an injury to his right hand while couplin? ears, and which resulted in the loss of his fingers. The complaint was prepared and filed by Kistler & Kistler. MEMORIAL DAY. Official Programme For Observance of the Day. | THE JOHNSON WAREHOUSE Wool! Sheep's Wool!! Attorney George A. Gamble Will De- Jirer the Oration. Eiercises at the Rink at 2 p. Parade Will be formed at 8:30. is what we are after oow. Will pay highest market price six clays in the week. Would be please to sell you at ' retail, Cora, Oats, Chopped Feed, Mid- dlings, Bran, Flour, Bailed Hay and Straw and Millet Seed. Mr. Oonover will be in Galveston Tuesday forenoon to receive all the wool you -will bring him and pay the top price for same. . We will pay next business day for SISTERS EXTEND THANKS. The ' Sisters of •St. Joseph's hospital til-ouch your paper -wish to thank tJre following persons that so kindly assisted them during 'the week hay-ar at the rink: The 'Ladies Sewing Circle, who not only made articles so sell, but worked hard all week. Also all other ladies not members of the'Circle -that helped through the week. The Elks' hand and the order of Elks. Stein- iart's orchestra, FornofTs orchestra, the ladies and gentlemen thait sang, all lawyers and persons, connected wi.rh the trial, the Catholic Knights of St. John and the Knights of SL George, persons that donated ana loaned articles. Would like to mention each name hut space would not permit We thank all newspapers for favors shown.^Sisters of St. Joseph's Hospital. The following is the program for the proper observance of Memorial Day, Ma.y 30, 1S9S: The people, will assemble at the rink promptly at 2 o'clock ,p. m. The-exercises will commence at 2 p. m. sharp. The program at the a-ink: Assembly call by the bugle. -Music. Announcements by Post Commander •Mtt sic. Inovat-ion by Chaplain, ReT. E. S. Semans. i • | -Music. Address lay -George A. Gamble. Music. The parade will -be formed at 3:30 p. m. in the following order, under, the comnranJl of the grand marshal. Wlliam M. Stewart and Ms assistants: sSquad of Police. Elks' Baud.'- ; fjogan Greys. -Ca.pt; George P. Chase. 'Knights of St. John. Capt John R. Fox. Paiti-iarch,? Militaaat. Capt. .T, D. Alii- 1 SOD-. • '• 'I Knights of,: St. George, Capt. Charles Ruhl.' ' ! ,'.' . Ijoganisport Artillery Compajiy, Capt ' S'. A. Vaughn. . , , . Societies aot yet. Teported. , • •Losan'sport Post . G - A - R - ' with school children. Carriages with Col. T. H.'Bringhttrst , and the officers and pn.=t officers of the ' Ladies of the G. A. R., and Woman's Relief Corps. j All citizens in carriages wall 'form in I rear nf rhe aoove carriages. ! The police, hand. Knight? of St. John. Pam-i-arclis Mil-if-amf. Knigbfts of St. George and Logan Greys will con- srJtute the first division and will form on Sixth street, south of Broadway, the right resting oil Broadiway. The Logansport Artillery company and all societJc-s and organizaition. not yet having reported, the Grand Army, -old' soldiers and school children, will constitute the second division and will form on Broadway east, of Sixth street, right resting on S-ixith street. The cairriages will form on Broadway wes-t of 'Sixth street, right resting on Sixnh street, and will constitute the third' division. Each division will he expected to be ready to move promprtJy at 3:30 o'clock. All societies and organizations in the city have been invsted. through 13ie press, to be presetti and take part on that day. Those not having reported W. E. Hurd f Mahlon Conovcr. When you have your teeth filled here. By the u*c of my "Fountain Cuspidor" . the 8»Uva is ejected from > the mouth .without annoyance to the patient or delay to the operator. All the latest electrical appliances for speed and palnlew work. . DO NOT SPIT DENTIST, ____ . "T* Over The Bee Hive.;. , . : ,, ' , . ,Lady Attendant, KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS Will Offer tfce Gatenior Twt meate of<S«Idfer». Thig Actl«m Wag l«reed UpM at a ReglMfntel Meeting HeM Yetterday. Col. C. L. Woll returned this morning 2rom Indianapolia where he attended a regimental meeting of the Uniformed Bank, Knights of PythlM. The coloaei reports that ae a result of the meeting It was agreed to form two companies from memberi ot the Uniform Rank, K. of P., and offer the services of the same to the governor to assist In giving Spain the thrashing she will be giTen before many moons. MATE 6ET TO TEE FROST. Ready f«r Mrs. Trnda Reeder wio -was recently -married to Fred Buffinger-will soon more to Indianapolis, -where lie groom is engaged at worfe. . In the recent field sport at the Ra- ,dne, Ws^ coUege. Deoby Colemaa, «£ this city, carried off one gold medal «sd two silver meflal*. are earnestly requested to "do so, and [ send such report and acceptance to Fra.nk Swigart Post Commander who will, with -the committee assign then- places in tie line. The column will march north on Sixth street to the cemetery- where the following program will be executed: The Ritual of the G. A. E. The service of the W. R, C. The service Of the Ladies of the G. A. R. By order of the committee. W. T. GIPFB J. B. WINTERS. FRAiSK SWIGART. Approved: William M. Stewart Chief VarsaaL Tie flag recently hoisted by Rhino Kuhn at his -residence on. Front street, was carried by Ms father to the late CivS war. Charles Souder.'late of Camp MOOT* is at the IndiaiiapoUs city "hospital and •vriH be aWe to be brought home to * few days. His -faffier, Dr. Souder* Jus -returned from" tiat point and reports his son, much Capt. Tangta's C«mpanj War. There U a likllliood tb«t C»pt»ia Vaughn'i «rtUlerj comp*Dy m»y not h»T« to wait long for a call to arms. Tne company 1* now read; for orders to move, and as the pretldent hat made -a call lor more TolODte«ri, Capt. Vaughn'! comranT will likely be among the first to be aocepWd. 9«tiee. The Tribe of Ben Hur meet* to- ntght and all monthlr payment* mart be paid tonight on account of the Scribe going The Weatter. Fair tonight and Thursday: warmer in north portion tonight. See the new Palace. shirt waist*— Trade BOTH SENTENCED. Charles Gibbs who plead ffuQty to the chaise of stealinc Jewelry txtm Oiiio Conrad'a' w*emaa*a& ateee, w«» sentenced, tun moraine, to traa one to two years In the JeffeneairBt reformatory. He win be talren aontfc tomotrow. iffis older brother, liajn GS*B, wl» wa» triad *a« guilty of the .same offenM «*d tenced to a like period i» tlK City prison, wa»> taken *ofQ> J !ot*J Bafliff Krelder. \ . . '

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