Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1890
Page 7
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OF LITER DISEASE i Loss of anpctltp; bart breath; bad taste id thcmcnt'h: tongue coated: pain undertha shoulder-blade ; in the back or side — often mistaken for rheumatism: sour stomach with flatulency and water-brash; indigestion; bowels lax and costive by turns; heartache, with dull, heavy sensation: -cstlossness, irlth sensation of having left something undone which ought to have- been done; ftillncss after eating; bad temper; blues; tired feeling; yellow ap- pennince of skin and eyes: dizziness, etc. Not all. but always some' of these indi* cate want of uotiott of tbc Liver. For A Safe, Reliable Remedy that can do oo harm and has ueverbeen known to fail to do good Take Simmons Liver Beguiator —AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC FOR Malaria, Bo wo I Complaints, Dyspepsia, Sick lieadaclic, Constipation, Biliousness, / Kidney Affections , Jaundice, Mental Depression, Colic. A PHYSICIANS OPINION, " I have been practicing medicine for twenty vtars and have never been able to put up a vegeta- rle compound that would, like Simmons Over Kegulator, promptly and effectually move the JJvfr to action, and at the same time aid (instead cf weakening the digestive and assimilative powers of the system." L. M. HISTOX, H.D., Washington, Ark. ONLY [fas our Z Slanip in red 0:1 front of wrapper. 3,EZsilin& Cs,, PHladalphia.Pa. Blck Eeadacho and relievo all the troubles tod* dent to a bilioua etito of the system, suoli aS Dizziness, Kcusca, Drowsiness, Distress afteff eating. Pain ia tha Bide, &c. Whila tlielrraosfi reciartable success haa been shown , Carter's Idtaa Lirer PlUfl ffrtf ecjuaUy valuablo in Constipation, curing and pro- venting thisannoying complaint,Tvhila theyaIs<S correct an dIsordersofthoBtom£ch,stimulatotIia Ever and regolatatlio bowels. Eraa if they only ea/fcr from this distressing complaint; bttt fortunately their goodness decs notend hQra,andthosa •p-iooncsfiy them \rill find these little pills Tain* able Jn so many Trays that they will not bo wtt- But after alleic& bead is the bcae cf so muay lives that bora Is wherfl vernateosr great boast. OurpUlacureltTrhila others do not. Carter*a Idttlo Liver PlUs aro very small and very easy to fa&e. Ono or two pills make a doEe* They aro strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, bnt by their gontle action please all "who nsathem. InvialsatlKScenis; fivofor31- SoW by drnggista ererywltero, or scat by mail. CARTEL mEDiClNE CO., New Yorfc; SMALL Pill SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE OR.KILMER'S ., ., If 1 (llir II I UU) It* II Ynil J ' «U if Tnil u , CONDITIONS c Will Bellere and Cure. i thumps after suciden effort, skips beats or flutters, if you have a ¥' faint s P eUs « flta °r spainis, °5 tl30u erh water was gathering around the heart,or nave heart dropsy have Y ert '?o- dizzy-attacks, ringing in , eare - disposed to nervous prostration. lcxy. shock or sudden death. . ^'euralgia, N'umbnessin arms or ' d "rting pains like Rheumatism Prevents it R-oing to the heart. P^"»»ri-. "CH3DE TO HEALTH- 1 ""* "«. Binebmnton. N. Y. M. LaijtaSOe. *it;iU?ge Sl.OO. 8AIIBOAD RATES the following tow rates be- -twecn points on its lines : - «vcnworth >•••" • »"<1 ODmlia ^ n ,' bl °- c »I K. '"""R 11 - Atchl^n. I^a 825. 15.00. 10.00 or tne 19ffl Century! !Medicated Air I <£W REMEDY CUJIES jCfttarrft! Asttima! ; "UttOAT AND IUK DISEASES! •^<m* _T^!lsoV ..I'SPK' ,"9*. tmpa-ijr,.".',, T, ai ' wa of pertbct freedom v't&m. * " Ui ' ll ^ito fottrip.sii to tlie com nd o the Will IDOLS OF THE ASTECS. PREHISTORIC CODS FOUND IN CENTRAL AMERICA. UuazliiK ICclieluuH Statues Cut from Stone t>y a Vanished Itaro in Yucatan and Guatemala—Thirty Extensive Sites of Ancient Populations Now iiclni; Sludlert li.v Ethnologists. I!K MOST.S1UXIF- icaut fact supporting Uio. conjecture Unit the architects and btiiUlers of thu towering pyramids, temples, and terraces of Yucatan and Giiiiti-niaJa were survivors of the Hood that, according to Biblical records, ovcrswept the oarth and destroyed all forms of physical lifo save Koah and his family and the parent animals in the ark, says thcXcw York Times, is tlm high elevations and plateaus were chosen for the sites of the structures, and that, these structures themselves were made lofty and imposing and massive and well calculated to resist Hoods, r.ut even in this respect the founders of the cities did not go as high as they miprht have soiio'with their btiildiiisrs. while ihe i-iiins that live evidenccof (leiisest.jiopnlation were on the lower plateaus, when- n milder find more salubrious climate was to be found, and there is :i noticeable absence from ti.i> carvings and moldings in ?tono and suu-i.-o with which the- principal edifices are profusely ornamented Of any refore.-crs Io any real or mytho- Tiiere :i:-.. ai least thirty extensive *;tes of :!i-cii>:i: rentei-s of population. \ I -t . M /•'/' / -^^ ' ' i i' A YUfATAX IJlAfiE. with ilieir architectural remains in more ar less delapichition and ruin, some differing Rreatly from others in their main characteristics; cmsicics continuous chains of imurovcd voai'.ways and remains of once, inhabited villages, connecting the principal ruin.s. and dcmon- jtrating bcyontl doubt a vast population of great antiquity and of great Intelli- creuce and energy by Tar than the natives found .not in but about these ruins by the Spanish conquerors. Xor do these take into account tlie ancient ruins of-old Mexico and the border-land^ of the United States lying to the northward. These were diligently explored bJ'Lord Khigsboronsh in the early part of this Jentm-y. later by Humboldt, and still later by Desire Cliarnay. a Frenchman who spent many years of his life among the Mexicans, and who. under the patronage of i-'ieriv .Lorillord. made a further tour of exploration into a mountainous region in the southwestern partof Yucatan and demonstrated the fact that this hitherto unexplored region was aiso ri"h in istarerial for ihe archioolo- glsl.. f'upa;:. a:i :;i!<-:<-;i! ruin occupying tlie left bank of ihi- Copan river, in the Stain of HoMii'irMS. was tlie lirst of these Important sites visited by St.-phens and Ca;hcr'-vor.'.! Only ont-e i;efore had they been i>:-:jiid!vil by ; > civilixeil man. In l^'Si! the. we :••• visited by Co!. Galindo ninltii' a 'T;]!>: :i js-!i,;ii fnnn Ihe Central American vt'V.iriiiiKjnl. 'I'lie ruin a.'c about :i()0 miles from tJii; >f;i. n|> the Moi.visia river l,o the Copan and a short distance up that changeable stream'. The Copan is not navigable exce;i(. for canoes, and their only in the rainy season, for short distances between the falls. The valley is one of the most, fertile in Central America. The ruins rtin for two miles along the river's bank, as is clearly estab- iishetLby monuments and remnants of st.jne walls and buildings still in existence above the surface of the ground. Fourteen stone statues of heroic size, with altars, several gigantic heads, and beautifully carved figures, some only partially emerging from the ground, were found in and about the temple on the TJir: HODDRSS OEXTKOTI, FOUXD IX YUCATAN. pyramidal mounds and walls, indicating that this wonderful ruin was in all probability the Mount Olympus of the numerous and exceptionally cultured people who greeted ar.d bowed in their worship boforo these monolithic gods— waiting only for some other Paul to come and declare unto them the God whom they worshipped in their barbarous symbols. Stephens in froquent .paragraphs declares his conviction that the secrets of this iiiiorcstniK race stin no entombed in their monuments and hidden in the ace.umnlations of thocenturies that have year by year covered the handiwork o< man with verdure, only to havo it decay :i:nl leave a. constantly (Jeeper.lna mold, as It determined to hold those .menus from tho unworthy and only to oo revealed to that later generation that, coming equipped with the implement of science and a thirst for the knowledge, of the truths these monuments are willing to reveal when faithfully courted. All about Copan are evidences of greater and more interesting facts than even were so wonderfully apparent in ruins still surviving the conflict with lhal marvoiously luxuriant vegetable, l;ii;.u'i!.i:n that seems destined to hide the whole u'reat revelation deep in the bosom of ilie eanii: an everliistins secret of tlie ceu 1 uries. unless man. in powerof uuri- hers iit.d implements comes to the res- cup. At a point on ilie eastern slope of the terrace stands ono of the monolithic. "Idols which give the peculiar character .to the ruins of Copan. It stands with its face to the east, about six feet from the base of ihe pyramidal wall. It is 13 feet in height, -i feet in front, and 3 feet deep, sculptured on all four of its sides from the base to the top. and is one of the richest and most elaborate, specimens in the whole extent of the ruins. Originally it was painted, the marks of^red color being distinctly virile. Before it, at a distance of about ei;dit feet stands a large block of sculptured stone, which tho Indians call an altar. A full paso engraving of this monolith forms the frontispiece of .Stephens' volume. H shows on the face a full-leiiRtli figure without beard, and of a feminine cast, though the dress si>«;ms that of a man. Here and there on the front uf the ligure, forming part uf the j,-or:?eous trappings of the image, lire small engraved medallion portraits, sunn: uf male, some of female faci-s. Tin; heroic fiirnre is gorgeously arrayed, and tin- sides and rear of the sh;-.;i arc covered with hieroglyphs that pn/Dably recite the history of the mys- i'irig-O'ially across the angle of the Wi.li ai:d faeinjr south is another monument or idol of the same size and in man;, respects similar. "The character of this image, as it stands at the foot of ihe pyramidal wall, with masses of fallen -tone resting against its base, is grand, and it would ^"difficult toexceed the richness of the ornament and sharpness of ihe seufyjirc. This, too, was painted, and the p,l is distinctly visible." Some, of ihe monuments were within- liniio patience, and persevercnce dug out of (heground from under the very root? of giant forest, trees by these American explorers, and (heir inferences are plainly made I hat by no means all ! lie stones upon which the history of the builders are inscribed in everlasting characters were found. "Of the .moral effects of the monuments themselves." Stephens says, "standing as they do in the depths of a tropical forest, silent, and solemn, strange In design, excellent in sculpture, rich in ornament, different from the works of any other people, their uses and purposes, their whole history so entirely unknown, with hieroglyphics explaining all. but, perfectly unintelligible, I shall not pretend to convey any idea. Often the imagination was pained in looking at them. This and the important revelations the archaeological emblems hold in store for the coming of the proper day the explorer properly leaves to the skill of the scientist/' A MAX of high poaitim -,vh"i liv. '. •-• : entertained at. rnaur foreign .• .-::t-. \vheuaskeil what social char.it-.-.-i .ri.- kings and qnee:is held in common, a:.- swrsreil emphatically, "Courtcsv. J,:-me give von o:ie instancf. Tlu- la •> Kins «f Spain gave my party :t s.(i;j:-ii> reception. ATe had with us an ob-scnro young journalist who, after beii:;.' »r-.:- sentcd. modestly retired to a cornev of the room. Approaching tlii-s yo:iug man the King said to him, 'I learn that yon are a literary gentlemaa T 'A Intnible one, your3Iajesty,' replied tlio correspondent. 'I can sympatliize with you.' answered tlie Iving, pleasantly. 'I, too, aspire to be a literary man. I am now reading Tour"Hamet," in your own language.' The journalist longed to express Ms thanks for the delicate compliment, but remembered just in time that etiquette requires royaltv to begin and also end a conversation." Prince Jerome Napoleon (••i'lo::-; : •; is still in Koine and is not in -M .-: health. Ke is crowing thin, h;s c'..-.. ; arc hollow, and his general api>c::r:. .:• betokens ast: & A. VETERAK. 1 u-;is wounded in thelo^nt thebattloof>?<»::!> liver, Deo. yist, 1862. My ljloo.1 was |»i:-)i;c.i r.nu the eHect-s of the wound, and ;'i'. '.-•'_• • u c I !rul to Unnbie its natural size, mid n-m sin-.'-; f> Jiir ni.-iny year.;. The poison eMter.'VI ;-. ny whole >ysh'ni. nnsl I snH'crerl :t intr !-;>.• n". 1 'iU.h*. Xollihif; .'.id me fuiy j:oi:«l nmii 1 <•.* -> fi's . c ?{)ecii:c, whi^h look the j,>K->u « •• •••' ny systtirn, unii oiuible«l rae to f'-el ;irr-. ' . n;-.u :i^;\i:i. S. S. 3. Ls Liio n?ijioijv r.-r'!':.. i ro:i'.isc on Blo;xi and Skin Diseust-'s luitii'-u >v-:rr SPKCIFIO Co.. Drawers. A'.iai:'.;i. CM BABY CARRIAGES! I make a specialty of manufaptni- ina Baby Carriages to sell direct lo private p&rtles. You can, therefore, do b&tter with me tUan ,witb a dealer. Carriages Free of Charge >£bo Uttifed Stuti-s. tratt:« "-.tttiujpne. C«AS. K&fSES. Efifr, £2-34 CIjttourrf Av2, T Ctiicaco. tii to ail points in>£bo Uttifed Stuti-s. Sen<1 CURES PERMANENTLY" SPRAg&S and STRA8MS. „.-,, AtWotcs 1'ruiiiti it Hichlj-. 1Mb Minna M.,sun Francisco, Cul., .May 3 ifg; Some umo agu, while a member of {he Olympic Athletic Club, I, sprained my knM ecvBrely and suflcrcd ngony but was speeJUv and completely cared by St. Jacobs OifT •JOHN GAKBUTT. Jumped from Knfrine. KIDS, nth St., Cmnhu, Neb.. Sept. -2,18SS. ljurn;>cd from an enj-iuc in collision end strained my nnltie very badly. I used canes for weeks. St. Jucots Oil completely cured m e. G. KOKDEU, me /,,,. AT T 1 "™'"-' •" > *~o Pr.u.rra. THE CHARLES A. VOGELEH CO.. BaiKmorc. 114. PAST ALL PRECEDENT! A Over Two millions Distributed ELY'S Cream Balm Cleanses the I-Tnsal Passag-ef Albiys J^ai and „ InflaiiiniatioiiJ HealstlieSoresf Restores tlie i Senses otTastej and Smell TrytlieCurei Louisiana State Lottery Co. Incorporated hy tin: f.^islaTure, fur F--I- Kcatlonal nnUCharH.iJ.is' !".ii|>i.'Fes, and Its franchise miicipii ranoi'lh* pr.-rtr.t State Constitution, In 18,9. by 11:1 onTwiirlrulnjf popular vote. Its (iE.tND EXTRIORDIXART JiKAWKGS tsko ulace Scml-iuinually, fjune and December), and Its OHAJsD SINGLE MJJIBE1S IJK.VUTNO!? take, iilnw- in each of the other leu months in the year, and are all drawn in public, at tlie A«t<i- emy of .Music, New Orleans. La. 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Enei-vatinf? and unlitiint? tho victim for Work, Bneitn-as, the Married orSociaJ Uehuioa. jlvcid uusuiiful pretenders. POSEOSB this greiLt Turk. It contains 30<t pages, rovnl 8vo. Beautiful bicciiOgt prabocfied, foJJ gilt. Price, only $1.00 by mail, pest-paid, concealed in plain wrapper, llliis- irath'e Proppectue Free, if vpu apply now. The lietingtiished nuthor, "Wm, H. Parkpr, M. D., re- reived the GOLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL /rom the National Medical Association. r or trte PRIZE ESSAY on HSHVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY- Dr. Parker and a corps }f Asflistf.wt Physlciana may be coccnHed. eonfi- icmtaliv, by raail or in person, ai tho office of CHK 1'KAKODY HIKDICAT. IN'STITCTE, V t ..4£;u,ii:i.-> sn f ttofftcm, Tvr»^., io whom all Jrderfl Cor l./ufiB cr i?!t^r* j'.ir nd\ ico ehouttl b« iireclcd a< abovo. . ' * " . ker.s \vi'J ua all Prizes drawn in Viie [.utiislana State f.ot- teries which may i>f I-T'-.MUP.I :•• -n:r .i ter. c . A. R.'iS ! CAK3, MAMMOTH DR A'WING At the Academy of Music, New Orleans, Tuesday, June \1, 1890. CAPITAL PRIZE, $600,000 1OO.OOOTickets :it sJO: rjaives. »->Q- quarters. SSO: JCijrlnlis. US : 't -\vi-n- t,! ta»bnl'n, •elf-cr-3^. na.i.'oui.-s. Escijboi ccuwicj' on'- iiir rnuri'.. Sl.fcM n lux, or >U boi-s fr,-i cin!>Vr«r->lJ i^u "=«IpT of pr!c«. TFi; ?>TJ,\ RAXTKE SIX 10 25 J'O ilJO WO 1<X> li*i 1C-0 1,998 LIST OF nil/:::PRIZE OK ?60U.WO Is. PKl'/.K Of 'iO:i.(!01 Is PRIXK OF I(».-.I1IO IK PHI/J-: OF CO,(Ml Is . PPJXES Or 'JO.W.I aiv . -PRIZES Of 10.OKI ar.' PHIZES OK 5.IK*i are .'.. PHIZES OF i' 00 :\ff . PRIZES OF N:<I me ... PRI/JW OF I'RIZJiS OF ' are .... - - - -- J are .... APPHOXIMAT1ON IT. Prizes of Sl.nw are Prizes of soy are Prizes of -UK) are TWO NtlMBEli TtK.-«! Prizes of $230 art iso.rw W.IHltl 40.KO 3,1-1-J. l^rizcs amounting to ........... §S.I3tt AGENTS 'WANTED. >'or CIul) Rjites. or nay ^u^t^»^ Information ?lreil. ivritc legibly to the Qnd«rsliai«l. cta Matin •: your residence with state, county, street niuiiber; iloro raiJii retuni nia',1 Ucliverv 1** assured by voiir enciosinpun Unvelope'o lug your i nil address. IMPORTANT. Address II. A. BAUPHI.V "_*iu will unnatural discharges in 24 hours. Ultct Adopted bythaGer- Hospital &Annyuse P.S.C. "put up for American trade i n ' k Gonorrfiea in 3 davs. No Strictnre o p ^S«i5£j i cnt,« M r«f,for in Kohl Company, Clnciaaktl, I patent bottle holding syringe (sec cat) At druggists, $1.00, Americaa . F. KEiij-L.'Stf, Agent. Logansport. JOSEPH GILLOTTS STEEL PENS | COLD. MEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION 1873. i Mos. 3O3-4O4—17O—6O4. ' (THE_MOSTPEEPECT OP PENS.; I 1.,, . . . Bj- ordinary letter, containing If uapr «i-<ler Isscwl hy all Express Companies. XPW Yort: cliange. Bran or Postal Note. 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Guaranteed the richest and purest milk man- factured, contalnlnir over ]ft fcr cent of butler. Children and invalids will thrive woudertuilr. and families will find Its tiso more economical than ordinary cows milk. H*^ your grocer gives you genuine Etgl SK!;-S Coniipiised Mlli. fmport Agent, JAJfES P. SltlTH, New York and Chicago. FOR MEN BMcripUv* B««k4 rztiliMtlra u4 proof, tallied citiiaii f^^. Mini, ERIE MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO, i^ I', \ ( "hica-'o druggist retailed =2000000 of K. F. Keesliu^rand Cullen & Co..soif in Lopansport. and ELEtr.-ir; for Sale by Leading D«nlers> eisiy ty TOt BASKER, iroy, i

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