Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 19
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pierce The Tailor 3 7 or 338 DR. F. M. BOZER'S Dental Parlors, -OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK Corner of Fourth and Broadway •Central Telephone Ho Office 383, residence 343. D. R. DENTIST /Corner Fifth and Market, Pythian Building. E. H.GRACE, D.D.S. DENTIL PiKLORS 316 Market Street. New Aluwinite Rubber Plates. GEORGE W. KODEFER. SHROYER BLOCK SOLD. One of the Largest Real Estate Deals of Recent Years. Bought bj Dr. M. A. Jordan—Consideration in tb* Seighbor- hood of $18,000. Another big real estate deal was consummated yesterday: In fict it is one of the largest that has occurred In Logansport io recent years. Mrs. A. R. SLroyer sold the Shroyer block on Fourth street, oc cupled by the Shroyer & Ual company, to Dr. M. A. Jordan for $18,000. He paid part cash and assumed certain obligations. By this deal Dr. Jordan comes Into possession of another piece of valuable business property. Not long since he purchased a half Interest in the Barnett hotel property. Farm and Property City Real Estate, Loans. Bought, 8old or Exchanged. Money to Loan on mortgage or personal •ecurity. Call on me 'Orwrtte to me at No. 31 Bel River av«nue,e»st *od of Market street oridjte. ffANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand] Goods. «IT« ui a call. 2<» 8th street BOY DKOWNED. Was the Son of 6ns Perry, of Adams Town.Hb.ip, Carroll County. The Accident Occurred Monday While He Was Swimming In the Wabash Kiver. The 16-year-old son of Gus Perry, of Adams township, Carroll county, was drowned Monday In the Wabash river. Young Perry and a companion were swimming at the mouth of Crooked Creek, when the former got on a leg which drifted into the river. Owing to the height of the water and the swift current he was unable to reach the shore and was drowned. His companion gave the alarm and the body was found three hours later. ADDITIOML 1TEES Stylish suits, Hooley, the tailor. Girl wanted at 1218 Market street. The St. Joseph hospital bazaar cleared $650.23 Smoke ' ; Our Band," the new 5c cigar, made Dy Shaffer & Gammili. Go to Messinger's green house, 823 Linden ave, for choice bedding plants. Frank Otton, the great American rubber man, was in the city on basJ ness yesterday. Mrs. Frank Obenchaln, of east North street, Is spending a week with her brother at Chicago. Gus Gerard climbed the flag staff on the tower of the Sixteenth street school building today, and attached a wire rope thereto. Work on tbe Alber building on Wall street was morn'ng, It has New Undertakers. 308 Market itreet, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. KlTllun was for many yeara foreman for Charles L. Woll. Telephone old 381. new Sn When You Need an .ABSTRACT OR A LOAH F. H. WIPPERMAN, •~XX Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. Strain 64. attended day or nfcht. 613 Broadway. Insurance and Loans. ^SSS •noe »od Bond* written In flrgt olaai oom- Pftalet. Money to loan 6 per oent. > S. M. Closson.319 Pearl St. MAKE On bm»ll capital. MONEY «l.OO will start you in the •Chicken business. Youns Chicks for sale at Ten fed on the table scraps until fall makes ,8 nice flock for winter eggs »t no expense •Hew hatch just off and ready for delivery at Poplar Poultry Park, Clifton Ave. John M. Markley, Proprietor. Private Money to Loan No Delay- C. 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. •OS fourth Street. THE HORSES. of Logansport'a Speedy Ones at the Driving Park. On Monday Engineer Pat Graney's pacing mare was taken out of the buggy by George W. Welch and driven a mileln2:30J. Durango Sprague, H. Broofemeyer Jr.'s trotting horse, is showing up in excellent form. Valpo,a mare owned at Valparaiso has been added to Mr. Welch's string. Dallas Ouster's string Includes Lady Colendge, Ruby Mack and a promising 3-year-old gelding, Dibbin. There are some spirited tests of speed nearly every morning. An Investigation. All person? who are desiring in- suiance will do well to investigate the plans of the order American Plowmen. Their home office is located In your city and their plans have been approved by your best attorneys. They ask you to make a favorable comparison with other methods, and feel confident of pleasing you. Continental Council's charter is yet open, and the fees are $2 50, which Includes medical examinations.— Office Jordan block. commenced this a frontage of 25 reet and will be three stories high. Tbe set of carnation doilies which was raffled off by Mrs. Chars. Burke, of the Wesstide, was won by B. F. Keesllng, who held the lucky number, William P. Christie and Mary J. O'Connell, Gustave Wandrei and Love Sherman were gran ted marriage icenses yesterday oy County Clerk Flynn. The Wabash river, which has been on a rampage for some time, Is now etting back on Its regular route. No heavy damage near here has been reported. Yesterday was election day for the jrinters, and the members of Typo grapical Union No. 196, this city.cast their ballots for officers of the International union. Parties donating cakes and the like to the ladies (n charge of the St. Joseph hospital bazaar at the rink last week can have their dishes by calling at the hospital. Miss Viola E. McCloskey, of 305 Wheatland street, has purchased a Deautiful mahogany Packard piano. The instrument is a special nsw design and Is one of the finest ever sold in the city. The piano was purchased from the George L. Bruce music house, Lafayette, Ind. SKULL FRACTURED. Probably Fitml Accident to a Bar- netteTitle Boy. At Burnettsville. Monday, while Harry Stuart, the 16-year-old son of T. J. Stuart, was playing on top of same Dor cars on a Panhandle siding-, he fell between two cars, his head striking the bumpers. His skull was fractured, and little nope of his recovery n entertained by Dr. McCnlly, the attending physician, Special Sunday Excursion to Cincinnati rift Pennsylvania Lines, May 29th, next Sunday. For the convenience of excursionists in the city of Logansport, two dollar round trip excursion tickets will be sold to Cincinnati, good going on special train, leaving Logansport at 5 a.m. central time, via Pennsylvania lines; returning special train leaves Cincinnati at 6:30 p.m. AH day to visit friends or see the sights of Ohio's metropolis. OITY NB.WS. Col. Edward Beem!s,of Cincinnati, Is in the city. Will Hart, of Huntington, was in the city yesterday. "Wm. McKnlght, of Columbus, 0., is a guest at the Johnston. T. B. Phillips, of Kokomo, wa? a fuest yesterday of J. T. Elliott. John W. Galloway and Hattie B. Montgomery have been licensed to wed. A Fourth of Jury celebration Is being talked of. Owing to war times It should be made a "rouser." Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Truman celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary in Huntington Monday evening. About 100 guests were present. Although the squirrel law is not '•out" until June 1st, farmers report that hunters are already killing the little animals. Some prosecutions . »re threatened. Huntington News-Democrat,Tuesday: Tbe Logansport team of ball plajers arrived in this city this morning on the 11:07, and are a nice looking set of fellows. As we. go to t press there Is a good prospect for an exciting game- and a good crow. Notice of Dissolution. The grocery firm of DUDD Brothers, No. 425 Third street, has been dissolved by mutual consent, Edward Dunn retiring. The business will be continued by P. F. Dunn, who will pay all accounts of the late firm; and persons owing said'firm are notified to pay the same to P. F. Dunn, at the grocery. P. F? Dunn is In no way connected with the Hotel Dunn. PATRICK F. Dutra, EDWAKD F. DUNN. Logansport, May 11, 1898. John EnsSeld, who has been spending a week in Richmond, nas returned A $25,000 FEiTDRE Undo Sam Says This Is America'* Greatest Medicine. It will Sharpen Your Appetite. Purify and Vitalize Your Blood. Overcome That Tired Feeling. Get a bottle of Hood'i Sarsaparilia and begin to taks It TODAY, and realize the great food It is sure to do you. Hood's Sarsaparilia b AMI***'* OrwtMC MrtielMu Connected With LaPearl's Menagerie and Circns. LaPearl's circus has added a fine menagerie to its other attractions since its last visit to Lognnsport. The feature of all features in this de partment is tnej $25,000 hippopotamus, the largest Jiving beast of Its kind In captivity. A monster blood sweating behemoth of Holy Writ. Captured in the dense morass of the wildest regions of the mysterious River Nile, weighing 6,000 pounds. An enormous beast, vieing with the elephant for supremacy In size. Mr. LaPearl makes this standing offer to the public, viz: to refund to any one the price of admission If this monster is not to be seen on exhibition as advertised, at Logansport on next Fri day, May 27th, at Kennedy's Westside grounds. A Close Relationship. The relationship which the baking powders bear towards our health Is coming to be appreciated. There is no doubt that the indigestion and dyspepsia of which many Americans complain are caused by the indiscriminate use of alum baking powders, These baking powders, from their lower price, from the persistency with which they are advertised as pure cream of tartar powders or from the tempting schemes with which they are offered, are being purchased by many housekeepers. That alum baking powders are unwholesome is a fact as well established a* that arsenic is a poison. There must accordingly be the greatest care exercised by the housewife to keep them from her !obd. A chemical analysis only will expose their true character. Even the price at which they are s&ld is not always a mark to identify them. There Is certain safety In the use of the well known brand, Boyal Bat- ng Powder. The Royal is not only certified by the government chemists free from alum and from all adulteration, but every housewife feels a COD- idence when using it which she can not have with any other powder. It s made from chemically pure cream of tartar, and Is actually an anti- dyspeptic, promoting digestion and adding to the wnolesemeness of tbe food. A Jiarrnw Escape While -John O'Doanell was rid- ng horseback near the Barnett hotel, last evening, his horse 'ell, throwing him on the hard brie )avement. Although no bones wer )roken, the young man was rendere unconscious and was cared for by Drs Barnfield, Busjahn and Holloway He was taken home and thia morn ing was reported "all right, but ver; sore." Child Kan (her. A little child belonging to Mr. an Mrs. August Wandrei was run ove on Burlington avenue ygsterday af ternoon about 4 o'clock by a hors which was hitched to a buckboar and was being driven south. Dr Hetherington was called and founc that no bones were broken and think tnat the little one will recover la short time. The Committee Meeting. Democratic county centra committee will meet at the north court room on Saturday, May 28th at 1 o'clock p. m., to consider the matter of fixing a date for the count; convention. Every member is urged to be present. By order of B. F. LOUTHAIN, Chairman. PATRICK MAHONEY, secretary. RELIGIOUS THOUGHT. English Lutheran Parsonage. The English Lutherans are determined to build a new modern brick, slate root parsonage. Nearly all the funds necessary have been subscribed. The building committee met Monday night to let the contract, but decided to extend the time for reception of bids to June l. Base Ball. Managers Hall and Wandrei sent their team to Huatlngton yesterday and won there by a score of 7 to 9. They also played the whole town, which turned out in an effort to bluff the visiting team out. The team went to Michigaa City to pl«y thera today. Gems oT Truth Gleaned From the Teachings of All Denominations. Redeemed mail in Christ is the climax of creation, and he shall have life etor nal.—Rev. Warren G. Partridge, Bap tist, Cincinnati. Need of the War. What we need DOW is patriots who are willing to serve the country for the country's good.—Rev. W. B. Leach, Methodist, Chicago. The Rebuke of Silence. It is noble to keep still, and the rebuke of silence is like a keen sword.— Rev. George H. Hepworth, Congregationalist, New York. Real and Falne Aristocracy. Real aristocracy is the circle of the best men; false, the circle of the men in the best places.—Rev. Dr. Frank Crane, Methodist, Chicago. Power of Christianity In Hen. Christianity apart from man is pow erless. but let the one be localized in the other and a strange power manifests itself.—Rev. R. T. Johnston, Baptist, St. Louis. Th« World's Moral Conrace. If the world were morally courageous, •what a great, revolution there would be in God's favor before the end of the century.—Rev. Dr. Robert Yost, Presbyterian, St. Louis. Bow to Find Heaven Here. Christianity is the art of finding heaven here. "You must have the bird in your heart before you "can find i t in the bush."—Rev. W. Francis Irwin, Presbyterian, Chicago. W»r» Produce Heroei. Wars are to be deplored, but they produce heroes, and one cannot but revere that heroism which is displayed when wars are fought.—Dr. E. W. rfunter. Episcopal, New Orleans. Rulers of the Heart. Kindness and sympathy should rule the heart, and no life can be wasted where good examples are followed. A life of grace here insures life eternal.— Rev. Dr. Bawn, Episcopal, Philadelphia. With * Firmer Trust. On the coins of the American nation was printed, "In God "We Trust," and with a firmer trust than ever Americans would go forward to perform their mission to humanity.—Rev. Dr. J. Scott, Congregationalism St. Louis. I,ife'i* Deep KmotionA. The deep emotions of life are the ripe, full experiences of self denying service. They are the fruits of obedience, the rich measure of reward for service well performed.—Rev. Dr. Dan F. Bradley, Congreg-ationaii-st. Grand Rapids. The Fast. Te cannot gladly enough sing the praises of the past, we cannot nobly enough build upon its truth, until wa break out of the prison of its errors and fling from us the shackles of its follies. orders Heartburn, Gastritis and all Stomach Dis- positively cured. Grover DYSPEPSIA, ham's Dyspepsia Remedy is a specific. One dose remoTCs all distress, and a permanent cure of the most chronic and Do not suffer! A 50c bottle will convince the most tkepticaL severe cases is guaranteed •—Tlev. Quincy Ewiag, Episcopal, Greenville, Miss. The Good of Peace. Peace is not inactivity. Ic is not death. Peace is security from d;inger. Ic is completeness, soundness, wholeness. Ic means the eradicarion, not the covering over, of irritants. It means unity •with pure life everywhere, the concord of God's children redeemed.—Rev. Matthew H. Moore, Methodist, Sc. Louis. •Wur Willed by God. It is God's will, not ours, that onr army is mobilizing and that onr navy stands ready ro belch forth death and destruction upon Havana and its people. It was in the council chamber on high that war was declared. It was from the judgment seat of the Almighty arbitrator that the fiat went form, "Let there be war. " And there is war.—Rev. Joseph Krauskopf, Rabbi, Philadelphia. Miracle* and War. If God should elect to work miracles, we should expect him to prevent war and not co assist. A few quiet miracles several years ago to relieve Cuban taxation, to prevent Weyler's barbarism, to insure a wiser treatment of all their colonies, to modernize and moralize the entire Spanish people, would have been vastly better than any miracle now to help us destroy the Spanish navy. Every great battle is the dawn of a better time for the human race.—Rev. Dr. W. 3. Crowe, Universalist, New York Tie New Porote Store- A Special Bargain - - You can economize without * wearing ready-mad/ clothing. * We make Spring Suits to your * order tor $18.00 and 820 00 unequaled by competitors. Oar 125 00 Suftlngj are the same as 4 jour tailors gives you for $35. • We can prove this. H.G. TUCKER. TAILOR, Fourth and Broadway. This Beautiful Roman Chair. It is made in handsome oak and ma- hoganized curley birch, fancy ornamental spindles, carved veneered seats, very broad and comfortable. They're ' worth f4.00. Our special prices # _ »_ ., onl .................. . * >1< /5 The second shipment of the celebrated Whitney .Baby Carriages have arrived and ready for inspection. THR First National Bank CAPITALif250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PRESUMM, W. W. ROSS, CASKEEB, J. F. BROOK3EKYKR, ASST. THE TINSHQP JOHN MEHAFFIE Proprietor. All Kinds of Tin DIRBCTOfUC A.J. Murdock, W. H. Bringimnt, Dtaail UW,s.S. ttloe. B.F, Y»ntlg. F H. Harwood. W, T, Wilson. Bankine In all iw and carefully done. Safety to Cuitomer* Departmenti promptly and ftookholdm Strong Reiorve Fund Maintained. work. Spouting and Roofing a Specialty. No. 314 Fifth Street, Mutual 'Phone No. 153. NOVELTY WORKS. Office Fixtures and Partitions. Store Fronts,Counters, Shelving Turning, scroll sawing and general re- Estimate? furnished. Door and window screens to order. Sole agents for the Wheeler Great American Ad • justable Screens; made to fit windows with or without blinds- absolutely fly proof; slide easily, in wet or dry weather; can be taken out or put in by a child he best thing on the market. John A. Sturkm, Erie Avenue, between Sth and 9tb. Sts. NO PAIN! NO DANGERI Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as tore moutb, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and palnles. The most natural-looking; artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. The finest and oeit method ofCBOWK and BB1DWB Work. Vf~do cbarce for extracting 1 without p*l« wtwn new teeth are to beiuppllad. Dr. W. T. Hurtt sn l - 2 fourth st. 0rer Fiihar'« Dru* Btor Your Spring Suit, ret it Made to Order by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to eel comfortable, look "veil and have saved money in your pocket. Will Pleas You, Save You Money. Pearl StNeit to Dr. Bell's Office. Normal -AT TEK- Lepnsport Commercial High School Begins June 6th. The following are the instructor*: i Arlthmatic Panr- I TAUmri ' Pn y8'°'0&y PROF J &AJ*B£,K -, Georrapny I Science of Teaching THR City National Bank. CAPITAL ..... .$200.000 JOES GRAY, President, L N. CBATTFOKD, Vice Pres . F. R. FOWUR, Cashier. — MBECTOBS— John Gray, C. ff. Newell. J. T. Elliott. Or. r. H. Bell, A. P. Jenka, W. C. Pennocx, luac hldelar, and &eo. W. Funk Loan money on personal »ndnoolJ»ter*l security. BUT and Mil Government bonds. Bay md sell foreign exchange on all pftrtt f the world. Will paT^P* 1 cent per annum on certificate* f deposit*, when deposited tix month*: 2 per nt per annum when left one year. Bore* in Safety Deport Vault*, for tafe keepinc of valuable papers, rent* rea*jn»bl«. Miss LENA MYEB—Music J F COBtfXLL, Co Supt Prepare for teaching by enrollJttf with uf, Logansport Commercial High School. 321, 324, :J25 F«urth Street; McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BGITEk .U. CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One b>f k from C. B. I. & P. au* L. S. &; .tt. S. Kallro** ««p«t. Improvements costing $73,000.00 b*v« just been completed ind the house now offers every convenience to be found in my hotel, including hot and cold water, electric Sight ind steam heat in c "*ery rUMB. Rates 75 cents per d»y and upwards. First ctiss restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, OWMT a

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