Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1890 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1890
Page 6
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TO HUMANITY, FASHIONS FOR THE LADIES AND HINTS FOR THE MEN. Tho UoiK-Brtlmi shlrt-HoHnm—A Mini's Cornet Illustrated— 1'rotty i;nulrmtiiis« owl1 —A Tourlufs JSoot-Xovcltiiw in Uiitlei- wnai—IHiitn on tin; IM-evnlliii!,-Stylos. The sales in white shins :irf as satisfactory as conltl be dosirod. Although clio trade with retail ITS is dull <m account of the unpleasant, weather that has prevailed, the white shirt trade docs not appear to have fallen oft, says the Men's Onttittor. indeed, it is that, to- nether with collars and neckwear, that about make?. "P the. abrogate of tho sales. .The spriiift orders for white shirts for liitnre delivery are apparently larsisr limn usual, showing that the retailers aie. not all discouraged, but hopeful and ex pedant. Plaited shirts hoUl tliuir own with great tenacity and seem to have become a staple style. The O. C. 1). or puff bosom, or, as some call it. the "fiOii- corttiiii/' bosom, and others tlie -Creoles shirt, is being ordered freely by the Southern trade, and will he a irood seller during the coming summer. Ot'.ura cum dignitato. as oiuMiiaiiufaetiifer ca .Is it, seems to hit the nail squarly on the head. We predict for this shirt a largo sale in Northern cities as well as South, bast summer :i correspondent of the Xew York Hun oxpatiati-d upon us merits, and the editor in a leader <m- larced upon its comfort anil elegance, s-.ying that it was tho coolest, and most sensible. shirt Unit any one, could wear, and wondered that tlio New York dealers did not put it prominently before the public. The next day tho editor returned to the subject, stating that he had sent a, reporter to see. if it could be found, but that, a visit to ave.ry furnishing store, from the iSattory lo Harlem fulled to disclose one store iu which it could be found. The reporter missed some stores, for we could have designated several where it could have been had. and we apprehend there will lie. many mere with them the coming season. As for the new styles of shirts the cut shows the favorite Parisian fashion. Just now a new move toward color is being tried in I'aris. The I'l-iive of NoveUlos 1" Hpoo."*. The pi'oUicst tilings tin- iiilvei'siniil has to-show for table.use ar«> the »•.*. <MS. and tho spoons aro as indiviiliml as \<- >• sons dheso day-- A hlK soup h"i one of tho up town shops has for its bowl tho inverted back of «, turtle and a Oesi"n of feathery celery tips etched on its handle. Tho liny cotVoc. spoons are tho dear little children of the family, and are, appropriately oftenor executed in floral designs than in anything else- One remarkable set, finished not Ions: ago, had tiie handles covered with tiny liohl (lowers done in enamel, a dilTcvont flower on each spoon. There wore yellow buttercups, the wild violet and aster, the dandelion and half a, soon' of other blossoms, each in its own color. On the hiindloof the cream-ladle that, went with this set was mi exquisite spray of wild roses in pink enauioI. Other colTce spoons are tipped, each with the head of a miniature monkey. Then there aro sots of ico cream s-poons, each one of which differs in shape of bowl and handle, from all the others. Some, have almost circular bowls set in rims of gold, with handles of twisted silver and cold, terminating often in a largo flat" top in copy ot medieval French and Knslish models. Others have Ions, slender bowls with the upper handle of exquisitely decorated Dresden china, set in an elaborate silver nucU. mem i.cnv,' siiincieiiny vanou 10 ncriuil lli" skirt, to be nearly entirely of the I'ancy u:i:t.iirn, or to show this only in the two wide front ami '>:;<•!•: hreii.ilt.hs. in which case tho stripes ii;i|ii!iir again on (he v. ;iist anil sicevcs. l-loautlfnl specimens of these fabrics are seen in dove "ray. with hla-ek ami wlnle silk stripes in fiiille and ntiiis aUurn;it.iiv; also, in mo'lo color, with sirines i;f >.;-.. same tissue in darker and I,;.•;!>'.. - gradiuitlons of the same color. Li" 1 ""!: BAUD oF,HOpc,C''Rfry SANTA CLAUS SOAF! You SEE HOW VERY R*f'i[M-Y THEY'RE Hi&iM<5, THE BEAUTIFUL THEY'RE G'Jl"'e3 ; ; o- ';'Mii ARE HAPPY V/M EMfLovz/ Tli« TonristV liuot. This hiRli-ciit. boot with a top that can be removed at will is a novelty for lady tourists who wish to climb or walk mnoh. !•;>• lacing the lop of the hoot, proper ubove the, nnkle it is drawn Ugh I and acts us ;\ support to the ankle while tho loose extra top piotccts the limb without causins any inconvenience. With the top removed the boot Is a. stylish one. for rambling or for lawn purposes. bATKST.'Sl VI.KS IN S1HHTB. Kaples and somn 10!lowers ol' his have taken to wcariiigshirts wiili silk bosoms in light shades, di'licatc bines and srccns, soft pink or iiray. or any other tint one might care to choose, apropos, wo may suppose, ol' the complexion which Lady Frances IVlham took into consideration. T.y the ordinary laws of Uress. ties would tone down and shrink in size as the shirt front became more conspicuous, and unless tho beginning of color was ad the commencement oC a lawsuit, and it ended in cvc,ry-day black being run out of clothes altogether, amber, or pink, or sreen sliirt fronts wouldhavi-.it allihoiv own way. The most damaging c.ircuinstance about this notion is that it ci.mies from I'aris. There aro long odds uirainst its success, directly that is meiitiaiud. The Neivest r.fnli'cc. Tho newest bodice is one that, fastens down the left side from the shoulder. It entails much trouble, in fastening, and for that reason is not likely to be popular. Tho dressmakers like i't because it gives them a better chance of displaying the bust; but for the same reason they would liko a- bodice that fastens down the back. This is worse for tho wearer than one that, fastens down the side, especially a,s the buttons worn now are. almost invisible. v'But iu. trirnminp: and style the bodices are distinctly different from the skirts. Skirts aro getting plainer every day, bodices more and more intricate. t.'or»nl» 'lor Men. The corset is becoming more and more a necessity of the ultra-fashionable man's toilet, says a New York paper. The latest style of corsets for men look more than 'anything else like a I arse- si zed belt curved for the iiips, and arc. about ten inches wide. They arc made of the samu material as a woman's corset, but, whalebones are used instead of steel for the purpose, of giving shape to them. They are usually lacod at the back and are, faced in front by means of eleven small elasl.'.« bands. Tlio clastic is used so us 10 ffivo perfect freedom of motion. "How much do these corsets cost. 1 was asked of a, manufacturer. •'The, corset-wearers pay all the way from Si.50 to fSO a pair, and they are very particular, not to say cranky.about the fit of them.'' "What class of men wear them?'' "Tne men who wear them are, in tho ALL "FOE, ART. Tho Miiple.lons had novcr been extravagant ycoplo until some one made thorn a present of a painting, said to "bo a {ruuiiuie ,Vieisscmiei-. Them new Juvnitiu'o \viis needed to bo in kaepin.fr with sui'li uu art treasure, and receptions must be given so that their friends mi^ht luivc a sood view of tho picture, ;i.nd, of course, .Mrs. Mapleton most tfct a. now dress lor tho occasion, (.'.runny Jlapleton shook her white head over tho extravagances, and said they would ruo the hour that masterpiece camo in the house. One day when Mr. Mapleton was looking particularly sad she was tempted to say to him: "Gerard, what is it? Don't he afraid of coining' to granny, my boy. It was mo that bound up the Jirst cut linger you ever had. 1 ' •'Heart wounds ;aro not fco easily healed, grandma," said the young- man, half laiiK'Mnfr. anil half sighing. ••But i may ;i,s well he I'i'mik with you. That Mcissonioi- is ruining me. i wish to goodness W' sri J-nrranco had kept it. TO huivolf." Mi-w. MaploUin had iiivHcd. some of lior ai'listii' TrK'iuis M...:t ovoninjr to look ut her pieUnv. \Vilh those camo a famous KnKlia'h eonn'jissour. whose manners wore as bnis.iuu as his judgment was excellent. ••That a .Mels.-oniur." he in'ied. abruptly. "Why, it is the merest daub that W:IH over framed." "A copy!' 1 rried .'Ors. Mapleton, grow-in.!; pair. ".'i. \:<>]n'.'" Mi'ii !lu - i.-oiHioissour, ••and :i wry [iooi - tmo! It isn't worth tho i-osmi it lalii-s up "ii your w:ill. my (leiir niaiiimi.' 1 Mrs. MaplcUiii oricii liur.-iclf l.ojsdocp that nijrhl. In the. morning:, when she oaiiu' down, the Mc.issonier had hroken it.- <•"«' :iml iL '.;-, pr<.mo en the mantle, with tin; ja.volino of a bronze lialbiede: 1 slirkir.y Un-oug-U the canvas, while the s.<7."> frame v.'uc- broken into N.K.FAIRBANK dcCQ+CmcAGO. MRS. H. O. STONE. A Chicago Society Woman Whose Plctnre In n Featurn of tlio Illustrated Papers. Mrs. H. O. Stone is a beautiful woman and no name is more familiar In Chicago society circles, says Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. She is peculiarly fitted for social leadership and her popularity is easily understood. Possessing a . ;u- ni'.!. what a nity!" said grand- i^\ m^ SUMMER TOURS. PALACE STEAMESS. Low RATES. Pour Trlpo per Wnclc Bot-wcen DETROIT, MACiUMAC ISLAND PotoaUey, Tho Eoc. Marquette, and Lake Huron Purte. Every Bvenincr Between DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Sundsy Trips florin* Jtin-;, July, Aosasi and Seplemfcer Onty. OUR ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLETS, Bmtoaand Excursion Tickets will bo i">u-ni3'JEd by yourTicltot Ayeat, orediiiosa E B. WHITCOMB, Q. P. A., tXT.loiT, MICH., WE DETROIT a CLEVELAND STESlil NA'J. CO. Cheap T.aiuls aiul Homes iiiKcn- tiK'ky, Tcnnesce, ALABAMA, Mississippi iiml Louisiana. On Uii 1 line of the QWCJI ,'c Owecnt Houli.' can be found '>,uOO,ow acrt-s or spluul-d bottom, u|>. land, timber aucl stock L-unis. .Vsu 1lie lines fruit and mlnwiil lands on im- continent lor safe on fiivorable terms. FARMEH4! «1U) all IliyEc-ttli •;. m't ;i imne lo the Kiiimy South, whore ljll/..-.uirS uuj !eo clad plains in 1 !.' unknov.il. The Quo-n & Crescent l;oute Is W l!ili>s th» Shortest uud Quickest Line Cincinati to New Orleans Tlmo 2; Hours. Entire Trains, Baggiige Car. Day Coachc-.s .114 Sleeix-rs run through without cluiugi'. 110 Miles thelShortest, :i Hours the Quickest Cincinnati l\o Jacksonville, Fla. Time i!7 Ilcurs. The or.lv line running Solid Trains and Tlirougb sleeping Cars. ONLY LINE t'BOM CINCINNATI TO Chatlano?a. Tf mi.. Fort Payne. Ala., Sferldian. «!!-«'., Vlckliurt!. Miss., bbrevei/ort. La. •>n Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Lexington,Kj 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxvlllr, Tenn. lit) Miles tue Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and Augufctn, Oa. 11-1 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Armiston Ala. •2(i lilies tlie Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham Ala. 1^ Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Direct connections at Xew OrleausamlShreveport For Texas, Mexico, California. Trains leave Central Union Depot, Cincinnati crossing the Famous High Urklge of Kentuckj and roun.lir.fr th« biise of Lookout 5Ionntal» Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Trains Ovi-r On» Million Acres of Land in Albcma. tli? future (irtat St.-.le of the South subject to pre-emption. Un;;urpasi-.ed cltuinti 1 . For Correct County llaiw. I.osrst Hates and full particulars addws. D. (i. iJ)M AUDS. Gen. Passenger 4: Ticket Agent. Queen & Crescent Route. Cincinnati. 0. upnldd&wly Tfon-t THK lirst place., the fashionable young fellows around town, who are intent, on being known for their handsome iiirures, a-.id who do everything they can to-incroase the size of their shoulders and diminish the size oE their waist. Outside of these the wearers of I hem aro military men and stout men who lind themselves growing too corpulent for gracefulness. Actors often wear the.m, and among the actors who are adil'n-ted to this sort of tiling Kyrle lieilew and Herbert Keleey are most froriiie.utly quoted. These" men, it is said, secure corsets from a theatrical costume.r instead of the. fashionable fiirnlshing- goods men on Broadway/' Tho accompanying illustration represents a costume designed for graduation day esercisos that is at once styish, simple and appropriate. Tlio straight- hanging skirt is only decorated by braid or galloon in Greek design about the bpt- .toKi. The bodice, is cut iow in the neck and a deep laco collar falls to the shoulders. Tho sleeves are loose half •way down to the elbow ande.nd ma wide ;f»11 ol luce. A. broad bolt, serves lo em- -.phasizo tho plain siin-pliolty n[- the co:-- E'ushtanH In I'aris. As usual at this season of the year, English stuffs, which are so well adapted for street and traveling dresses, take precedence. Although this year these fabrics retain all the properties which have made them favorites, the range of novelties is wider. Durability is one of the chief qualities of these tissues, which in the lighter grades, resembling beige, as well as in tho thicker and more woolly qualities, are woven with a twisted yarn, which makes them exceedingly durable, says the Bry (loorl 1 : Economist. In stripes, :-.glares 1U id thread designs these tissues have no longer the 1 appearance of being exclusively for men, while the rougher finalities show on plain or melange grounds broche and flannel designs in black. "While having durability cqunl to tho above, vigogne tissues have a more ulBr gant appearance. They are flexible, and are see.u either plain or with fine woven knots: some aro striped, and are suitable for traveling: oflSurs show lino hair stripes in all modern combinations of color. Fasliion hasremaiiied faithful to stripes,«\vhie'u arc seen in ii'.i widths up lo four inches nnd over, in tho lino of the wcrt as well of the, warji. Much iavor is shown to Bayadere tissues in which over one-half of the. width of the fabric bus stripes, xhe other portions being • qnitc plain, the urrango- ••It is tliu best thing- that couid have happened!" said Augusta., bitterly. That very afternoon sheriff's officers took possession of tho house, and the Mapleton family slept in hired lods- ings at tho top of a cheap "Hat." Augusta came to her husband the next day. "Ah, Gerard," she said, "what should I ever have done without that darling old grandmother of yours? I may as well confess it all. I was just sroing- to take a dose of laudanum and end all my shame and remorse at thus having ruined you, when she came in like a guardian, as she is. And, oh, she talked so beautifully to me—just exactly as if I were a little child who had done wrong out of simple inadvertence. And she wants us to go out to her old farmhouse on tho Housatonic liver and live there. It's all uirnished, she says, and—and"—with a little hysterical laugh—"there are no Meissoniers there?" So the young couple went out to the old farm house, where the sumacs were beginning to flaunt their crimson velvet torches, and tho stone walls were garlanded in scarlet festoons of woodbine, and there they began the world anew. "Dear grandma," said Mrs. Mapleton one day, "how wrong an estimate I formed of your character when first you came to us!" "You thought me a meddling- old woman, ch," said grandma, her keen blue eyes sparkling shrewdly through her glasses. "But I don't think so no-.v." said Augusta. "I am so much happier here, with my bees and my chickens, and all the beautiful things which surround n)Q. And Gerard hasn't got that troubled look in his face. And he is a roxving so sunburned and healthy." "You are both of you contented, ch?" said grandma, knitting diligently away. "Oh. yes; quite," said Augusta, giving the old lady's withered hand a little squeeze. "Well, then, "said old Mrs. Mapleton, "I will tell you a little secret; there is $10,000 in the Woodlmven bank which I have been saving up for Gerard to begin business again." "Keep it there," said Gerard, promptly. -I am satisfied with being a farmer." "And what, does Augusta say?" asked the old !ady. "Augusta says the saino," declared tho young wife. "She is quite satis- lied.'" Grandma Mapletou smiled. The lesson of adversity had not been in vain. >Irs. Augusta added: "The picture of woods and fields that I can see, at sunset from this back yard Islovelier than allthc Metssoniers in tho world." "I think so too," said Gerard; but in his secret heart he believed that the happy light in Augusta's eyes was a still fairer and sweeter picture. MI;.°. n. o. STOXK. charming, magnetic personality, she not only impresses one with her own noble qualities, but seems to develop the better nature of those with whom she comes in contact. Sho is a fine conversationalist and is noted for her rare tact in dealing with all sorts and conditions of people. Mrs. .Stone was the third wife of Horatio 6. Stone, who died about twelve, ve.ars ago. He was one of the founders of Chicago, having settled there when there were only 300 inhabitants, and these, living in constant dread of being exterminated by the Indians. He shipped the lirst car of grain that ever left Chicago and built the lirst residence on Michigan avenue. Mrs. Stone shows with pride some of the relies of these days. . The present Mrs. Stone w.is a Miss Elizabeth Yacgcr. daughter of the late D. 11. Yaeger. a highly educated, _scholarly man ot Clifton Springs, X. Y. In appearance she is rather above the medium height, queenly in bearing, lias golden-brown hair without a thread of silver, brown eyes, and a skin and complexion like a child's in its pink and white, fairness. She dresses iu superb taste, and her.magnificent costumes and enormous wealth arc the, theme, of wide Tbe best remedy on earth for piles. Ko use in quoting a long list of testimonials when a fifty-cent box will cure any case in existence. You can buy it o'f E. F. Keesliiig, 365 Fourth street, Logansport Ind. uiai-18d-wtf TRAVEL VIA U rou are *iin^ SOUTH OR EAST See that jour tickets re*s VIA. C., I., ST. L.&C.BT. For It Is the BUST an-J QUICKEST Bourn. THE POPULAR LINE Chicago, Lafayette, Indianapolis, TRAIN CARRYING PASSEHGERS I.L.'.'. LOGANSPORT CINCINNATI. The Entire Trains run Through witi out change, Pullman Sleeepers and Elegant Reclining Chair Oars on Night Traing, Mag- nifieent Parlor Cars on Day Trains. FOP Indianapolis, Cincinnati and the Southeast, take the C., I., St. L. & C. Ry., and Vandalia Line via Colfajc. THE ONLY LINESS^TS en , ,j gossip and dismission. As usual these stories of a fabulous income a-re greatly exaggerated, though she is a very wealthy woman. Her home is a most charming retreat. There is nothing modern in its architecture; no attempt to compote with Chicago "palaces." It is-.ay have been, several years ago. one of the city's finest residences, but that is in the past, and it is altogether too dear to its owner to bo remodeled now. Its outer walls aro plain and substantial, and give little hint of 1.be artistic interior—an interior exhibiting everywhere elegant taste anil the touch of loving hands, whether it bo in warm, rich draperies or cold marble statuary. Tho wonder is how so much loving "attention can bo given to the beautiful homo, when society demands and the time given to charity and hospitable work aro considered. IN India tlie Nizam's G-ovenrment ha?, decided to appoint, two -women as legal commissioners for tlie purpose of taking tlie evidence of the inmates oi zenanas, who cannot, according to Hin- doo notions of propriety, come into court or p;ive their evidence in public. The two ladies are to receive a handsome salary, and they -will earn it, ftf? they will have to understand not only few but also the Urdu, Persian, English and Arabic languages. «OING EAST. No 42. X. Y. i Boston (limited) dally. " 34. Ft. Wayne Accom..ex. bunday. " 40 Toledo Ex., except Sunday ...... " 41. Atlantic Ex., dally ............. ...... " G8. Local Freight, except Sunday. GOING -S\1!ST. I'aclflc Express, dally ..... .. ....... Kansas City Ex., ex. Sunday.... Lafayette Accom. ex. Sunday.. St Louts (limited) dally ........ B9. Locali'reight, ex. Sunday LOGANSPORT, (West . «. 2:58 am S:19 a 111 11 ao am 4:17 plu 9i25 pin 7:50 a m 3:89 pm ,. 6:05 p m .. 10fl6 p m 1:30 pm Side.) CHJULUClll iSJlu. Jj<io*.t*«» i*.n..«w. — .~^ XT _i_ connects in the Central Union Depet, in Cincinnati, with the teUns ot the c. & O. H. B. C w it B. R. K. (B. & O.,) !<. IP & 6 B. E. (Erie.) and the C. C. C, 4 T 'RV TEe* Uutf. I tor the least, as well as with the JralnsottbeC fi.O.S.1. P. B'y. [CindnMH Southern!, and Ky. Central Rail war for the South, Southeast and Southwest, gfca. It an advaiuaise over ail Us compettt- ors, lor no roule troni Chicago, Lafayette an* I"; < cuanapells can malse tliese connections wlthou. compelling passengers to submit to V 0 !*™"-' disagreeableI Omnibus transfer for botto poMea- GOISO EAST. No. 52. Boston (limited) daily..... 11 26. Detroit Accom.. ex. Sunday.... " 54. New York (limited), daily " 56. Atlantic Express, dally GOING WEST. Ko. 51. Bluil & Express, ex. Sunday " M. Chl.&St.L., (limited), dally.. " D5. Pacillc Express, daily " 25 Accomodatlon, daily .. 3:05 am 11:25 a m 4:411 pm 10:15 p m 3:40 p m 8rf5 prc 5:00 am 9:50 am "SffttBffSS. WHY. doily exceptSimday. 1M train each way on Sun.Iaj-. between ImUanapoU and Cincinnati. . „ „,„ Through tickets and bmanise cnecxs to nil FTtt- clpal points can bo obtained at any «c«toW» C. 1. St. L. & 0. Ur.. sl«) by tills line at allooui«ra ticket ofllecs tUroughont the country. JOHN >:OAX. . .1. H. MARTIN. Uo:i. pass, i TK. A«t Dist. Pass. Art. ! inclmintl 0 SK cor Wasu'tn & SEci'dlan ?te. Indianapolis, Ind . SAKTOEWS ELECTRIC BELT _^=>*- a E5^i** !: —~_^ VflTH SBSFMMW "' IT is proposed to estatliah a museum of war relics iu the Confederate WMte Hotise at Richmond. Montegriflo, tho tenor, 'lately with the Emma Abbott Opora company, has been engaged for the Morrissey spring .season offfinpllsh sports at the Grand opera-house, X«w York. signed to perform, and on the reguar o of which dopendanot only the general health of the body, but tho powers of the Stomach, oy, u o power , • J»roJn.andtho whole nervous oystem, a vast and vital importancs to human health, • ahoifs if Dr. C. Mcla>i«'s Celebratott UTcr XUIB, made by FLEMING BEOS, Pittsburgh, Pa., and BSD according to ditcctlone they will cur» you promptly and permanently- Around each box fa a wrapper giving full description of tho symptoms or n diseased Liver. They can be had of druggists. jUSj-Bevaro of CotJNTEaraars mado In St. Louia.^ai FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa- 5VORY POLISH ^SFB? PERFUMES THE BREATH. ASK FOR IT. Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co. "NATURAL GAS ROUTE." ICondensed Time Table IN EFFECT MARCH 1st 1890 .Solid Trains between Sandusks and Peorla and Indianapolis and Michigan City. DIRECT Connections to and from all polnta In the tl tl „,., _ United States and Canada, Trains Leave logansnort and connect with the L. E. * W. Trains as follows: WABASH B. R- Laive Logansport, 4:13 p.m.. 11 -20 luni... 8:19 a.m Arrive Pern .4:36p.m..11:44a.m... 8:55a.m L. E. & W. B. B. Leave Pern, North Bound 4:45p.m ICrfOa.n South Bound 11:50 turn WABASH K. R. lort.SrfSp.m.. 7:60a.m tte, 4:55p.m.. 920a.ui L. E. & W. R. R. Leave LaJajrette, East Bound 1:50 p.m West Bound 8:10 p.m H. C. PARKER, Traffic Manager, C. V. DALY, Asfc &en. Pas. & T. Agt. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. TQW1AKMIK LeaveL Arrive La K^fc g. C. rOWMEK, mocdus, CoiUfcj: PENNYROYAL WAFERS.; - Prescription of a P^Jjdof" w has had a life long exper treatinif female dlaeagea. with perfect i— •sealed HBHV ^ ^ * • au urut?gists, $1 pCT «w—- — THE EUREKA CHEMtCAIi CO.. Pgraorr. OnrM»lydor Pertection Syrin B-ottte. PweritaStrlctnro. < •nd «l«t in I to * *»y». _ lor It. Sent to any address for •J-OJ- "JT| MALYDOR MANUF'fi CO., LANCASTER

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