Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1890 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1890
Page 3
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.-. ........ ,., r .r>y ;v:?rnen have .-.:•' •-;••: :ctinp' to find a .-'• - : I'ht re u; one that , .... •> ;'•; ten. • :• ;•; • . r.:fortable; ••---• r-.erohant that has it -•-::: -..l-ll you "Wear it three v.-i-,•!:;;. if YOU like, ana I'll ,.-, v ov. every cent cf } - cur «--^,_.- back, 'if the corset c.->:v::\ suit you." Bail's is ti-.J oiio. Your merchant has a primer on Corsets for you. 'M;ciao Cer.srr Co.. C'ulcsgo cad Kew Yorfc. MILLS A.3ST> GRIFFIN. A Correct Statement of the l»i*dis- Nions—The Object UTorlli.r of Hearty Support. A full lioe of Humphrey's Homoeopathic Medicines at Pryor's Drug 1 store. REAL ESTATE. !•'.>,? sale, IS residences on Broadway. For sah>. 12 residences on Spear Street. rVr s.'!ie. 3 residences on North Street fat .sal? . 3 residences on Hisli Street. For sal?. 3 residence? oa Market Street. For sale, residences on S, 9 and 11 Streets. For salt 1 , residence* on O?agf. Cbjppewji and Miami Sueects. 7o trade 6 good farms for city residences. To trade, farms for business blocks! To trade, tvto stocks ot Dry Goods for iMtm. To trade, cliy residence In KoUomo for R grocery *'<ir^. To trade . stock farm of 2. oSO acres. To trade, city residences and farms for Calcago For Particulars Enquire ol M. M. GORDON, Pension and Eeal Estate Agent. Room Jfo. 3, Elliott Block. Log-ansport, - Ind. decld-Bly Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING MAY. 14. Pears' Soap secures a beautifu complexion. now24dly House with gas for rent. No. 305 Sycamore street. dec22dtf Come to-day and see the beautiful stock, at the Golden Rule. (reo. H; Arthur, the piano tuner of Crawfordsville. is in the city. <j The best picture framing in the city at B. M. McMillan's. 307 Market --trest. may!4d4t John Conrad, of the East End, is confined to his home with a siege of lung fever. Be sure and attend the Mother Pearl picture sale this evening, at 404 Broadway. maylSdfit Warned, a girl or middle-aged lady to do general housework, Inquire at 1013 High street. See the new novelty dress goods at the Trade Palace special sale at lowest prices ever heard of. 3Iust reduce stosk is the aim of Martin Frank. Read his new price iist and call for excellent values. d _ w Ladies desiring the latest styles in fine millinery will be sure of finding jnst what they want by calling on Adelia Brown, 327 Market street. •Isintless mattings, lOJeents a yard arid up at the Trade Palace carpet department. The rush is greater than ever. Low prices and large stock. See the new goods. Lafayette Courier: George W. Stevens, formerly general superintendent of the Wabash road, now w jth the Chesapeake & Ohio road at Richmond, Va., has a very sick son, little Paul. Mr. Stevens yesterday «!it for his old family physician, Dr. "'Kgins, of Peru, Ind. About sixty of the young friends of , llss Rhoda Green, of East Mar- K ?t street, were very nicely entertained by the young lady in •jonor of her tenth birthday yesterday afternoon. She was tbe recipi- ""• «f a number of yerv nice .resents. After an elegant ^ y ° Ung People re° their re *Pective homes, her , retams ot the nappy event. ' Hon. Albert Griffin who will discuss the temperance question with Mr. Mills at the rink this evening, arrived in the city yesterday. In conversation Mr. Griffin stated his position in these discussions and that he had not in any way authorized any claim made for him that he was representing any Republican organization xmless it might be the National Anti-Saloon Republican Club. "I am opposed to the saloons and in favor of total abstinence. I endeavor to promote the cause of temperance and Mr. Mills and myself are in hearty sympathy in the work. In politics I am a Republican and in the National Convention I helped to turn the tide for President Harrison. I do not believe the Prohibitionists pursue the proper course to secure their object and I earnestly endeavor to prove that in our discussions. I believe that through the Republican party only the attainment of needed reforms can be secured Mr. Mills is equally honest in his convictions and is a gentleman of distinguished ability." The Journal has never questioned the correctness of the National reputation possessed by Mr. Griffin as a speaker of ability. It did question the right of anyone to advertise that the Republicans had arranged for the debate, because the Indiana Republicans do not believe in engaging in debate with any of the Democratic annexes. Since Mr. Griffin has thus defined his position, the Journal has no hesitation in saying that he should have a large support from the Republican citizens of Logansport, and the discussion will be instructive and entertaining, and will prove a benefit to the cause of temperance in this city. Mr. Griffin has a National reputation as an editor, in Republican affairs and especially in those of the Anti-Saloon Republican Club, of which he is President. Traveling Men's Notes in Fort Wayne Gazette: The wisdom of our last State convention in bestowing the honor of the State presidency upon the youngest post, that at Lafayette, may be repeated this year by giving it to Logansport. We warn the boys of Post F. to be ready to name their best man.—We are informed from a reliable source that Post E. has decided to follow the course adopted by Post A at the State convention of 1888 and invite the ladies both to the convention and banquet. This will be welcome news to the ladies.and will add much to the enjoyment of the banquet table. Most of the delegates from here will take their better halves along. WABASH" To Have a Xcw Library Building: at a Cost or S3O,<MH>.OO. The contract for a new library building at Wabash College Has been let by the college authorities. The iron work was giyen to Haugh, Ketcham & Co., of Haughville, for which they will receive $11,000. Mr. V. Wert, of Crawfordsville, secures the balance of the contract, and is to receive $19,800. Work will commence at once and it is thought that the building will be ready for occupancy by October. Bis Unreserved Sale of Mother of Pearl Pictures. Yourself and lady are invited to attend the big-unreserved sale of Mother Pearl pictures commencing this evening at 404 Broadway, next door to the popular book store of Mrs. John Marshall. Will be pleased to have you come and examine the goods whether you pur- chse or not. Seats reserved for ladies. Col. J. A. CAIN, auctioneer. maylSdBt Lafayette Courier: Pro. Stanley Coulter, of Purdue, last week attended the meeting of the Indiana Academy of science at Greencastle, and read a paper which was highly complimented. He also called attention to the forthcoming meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, at Indianapolis, and the benefits to be derived from it, not alone to visitors bat also to the Capitol City and State. Lace curtains from 42 cents a pair to $35 and $125; drapery silks, 85 cents a yard, now to close, 1,080 yards to select from; carpets must go now. See the low prices at the Trade Palace. _ Snow Cases r«r Sale. Call and see the show cases we have for sale. They are good large oases and will be sold at once. , DETVSNTBB, the Hatter. Don't neglect that first cough 1 Syrup White Pine and Tar will re ieveit at once; 25 and 50 cents per bottle. For sale by B. F. Keesing. jan35d-w4m i Will You Guess? TEU5 JOURNAL will give a Prize o.t Ten Dollars in Gold to tbe person whose guess comes nearewc and a Prize of Five Dollars In Gold to the person giving the jiext nearest guess to the figures of the Census Enumerators, who begin their work I - Losansport on or nbout June 1,1890. To Insure rour name and guess being corretly recorded, cut off the coupon which appears below; 1111 In your name, your address and your estimate of Logansport's populations in the proper places. Then cut out the coupon and forward It to the "JOURNAL". Census Bureau Logansport, Indiana. No guass received later than June 10th. and no guess recorded which Is not made and filled In on coupon cut from TFUJ JOURNAL. In casa of a tie, the parties shall divide the prizes.' | _ i—i GUESSING OPENTO THE WORLD. COUPON GUESS. The Journal'CensuslBureau, First Prize'.&lO IntGold. Second Prize $5 in Gold Guess How Many People there are in Logansport. POPCL.4T1ON NAME , ADDRESS Xo Guess Registered Unless on this Coupon. THEY LOOK AJLIKE. But Xol Thronsrli the Bottom of a Glass. Hammond Echo: There are two men OB the Republican side of the House who look enough alike to be twin brothers. They are Louis E. McComas, of Hagerstown, Md.. and William D. Owen, of Logaiisport, Ind. McComas is a sharp, shrewd lawyer, and Owen has been a minister of the Christian church. The former is a member of the committee on appropriations and the latter is chairman of the committee on immigration and naturalization. The District of Columbia appropriation bill was the first appropriation bill passed. McComas drove it through the House with lightning- like speed. It is said that several Washingtonians congratulated Mr. Owen on the ability he displayed in securing the appropriations for the District and asked him into the restaurant to have something. Kola Nut Coffee. The kola nut is named as a substitute for coffee, m consideration of tha possible scarcity of the latter article. Tbe Ceylon Mail says the kola nut is growing in favor for use as a beverage, and that its valuable properties of temporarily replacing food and sustaining great physical exertion are becoming more widely appreciated. This nut—or, properly speaking, seed—is n. native of West Africa, but is cultivated in many other tropical countries. It is of a brownish color, and rather bitter in taste, but is much prized by the natives for improving the taste of other articles of food. They suck or chew the raw nuts. The idea of making a drink from kola nuts, as coffee is made, is a more recent idea; but they may develop properties sufficiently agreeable to displace a much higher- priced coffee. It .seems only natural that at some time there will be discovered cheaper vegetable products in the tropics which will largely compete with tea and coffee for popular favor. It is hardly probable that the kola nut will do this, however, as it was known and described long agfb by African travelers. FAMOUS HORSES. Senator Stanford's Stable Arrlvew at. Terre Haute. Senator Stanford's stable,in charge of Charles Marvin, and the Hickok stable, arrived at Terre Haute Monday afternoon from California. Stops were made at Ogden and Council Bluffs, owing to a slight injury to one of the horses. The Palo Alto string consists of Sunol, Palo Alto, Gertrude Russell, Arol (2.24},), Electric Bells, Amigo and Navidad. Tn Orrin Hickok's stable are Adonis, Cubie, and several other fast ones. • CoCTee as &n Antiseptic. Dr. Luderitz has recently made a number of observations on the destructive power of coffee upon various microbes. He found that the organisms all died in a longer or shorter period —e. g.. in one series of experiments anthrax bacilli were destroyed in three hours, anthrax spores in four weeks, cholera bacilli in four hours, and the streptococcus o) erysipelas in one day. It was, however, remarkable that good coffee and bad coffee produced precisely similar effects. He believes that, as previous observers have suggested, the anti. septic effect of coffee does not depend DU the caffeine it contains, but on the empyreumatic oils developed by roast, ing. Hold it to the Light. The man who tells you confidential? just what will rare yonr cold Is prescribing Kemp's Balsam this year. In the preparation ol this remarkable medicine for coughs and colds no expense Is spared to combine only tbe best and purest Ingredients. Hold a bottle ot Kemp's Balsam to the Ight and look through It; notice thebrtghV clear ook; then compare with:other remedies. EHce 50c. and $1. 4eod OLI> TIME MUSIC. Methods That Made Muslr F.awy null Winning SrlioolH Popular iro in Vosu.e. Said an old time music teacher a short time ago, "The old-time teacher of vocal music seems to have outgrown his usefulness. At least his methods are considered moss grown and behind the times, but as yet there has been neither man or method brought forward to successfully fill his place. Ninety per cent, of the choristers of your churches and Sunday schools to-day are men who learned their music under the old sol fa system, and when these men drop out. whether from a lack of the genuine love of music that inspired the old school, or the insufficiency of modern methods of instructions, it is almost impossible to find young men to take their places. There are churches in our own city, where, among their whole membership, there cannot, even for a financial consideration, be found one young man to take charge of the music. Modern teachers may be better versed in the science of music, but their method is more lengthy ui\d tedious, and consequently fewer young people study it from choice. Tbe old school teacher struck at the root of the matter at once, and in a course of twelve lessons .would develop a ready sight reader from a pupil who at the beginning of the term knew little or nothing of the subject. I do not say that we should return to the old methods, but I do not say that modern methods can not be compared with the old in the speedy development of voices and ready sight readers of vocal music.'' MAY MUSIC At, FESTIVAL. Kcilured Itatew to f niliauapolis via titi- SN'smsiylvania Line*. The Second Annual May Musical Festival will be held in Tomlinson Hall, Indianapolis, from May 13th to 16th. The following talented Artists have been engaged for the occasion: Sopranos—M'lle Clementina De Vere and Mdrne. Herbert-Foster; Contralto—Mrs. Zelda Seguin-Wallace; Tenors—Signer , Jules Perrotti and Mr. Charles Knorr; Basso—HerrEmil Fisher; Baritone—Mr. Chas. Holman -Black; Harpist—Mr. T. C. Cheshire and Mr. Franz Wilczek, Violin Virtuoso. The whole supported by a chours of COO trained voices and Seidl's German Opera Orchestra of 50 pieces from the Metropolitan Opera House, <N"ew York. From May 13th to 17th? excursion tickets will be sold via the Pennsylvania Lines from JLogansport, at rate of $3.15 good returning until May 18th, inclusive. dtwtolo Oil Paintings by the Yard. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, oil paintings are manufactured in that city by the yard. The proprietor of the factory is a German with four sons, and a dealer who orders pictures from them tells how it is done: "I run out of pastorals, say, and order a couplo of dozen. The manufacturers stretch a big sliest of canvas the whole length of the factory and begin work. The boss artist makes a draft in charcoal, and one after another of his assistants go overit The Hrst man puts in the sky, the 'Second the grass and trees, the third the fig. ures, the fourth houses and barns here and there, and the old gentleman goes over the whole work, putting in little touches that make the perfect whole. It is astonishing how fast they work, and when the canvas is dry they cut it up into sections, tack each 'bit' on a stretcher, and bring- the lot to me." A Cute Atlanta Young ? t,~a. "Papa," cried a little 7-year old, "I want some money to get " "Don't go any further," he interrupted, throwing down a coin. The child came slowly up to Mm, after pocketing the money, and barely touched his cheek with a kiss. "Humph * ejaculated the parent, "from the kiss you give I should judge that you don't appreciate it very much." She caught hold of his hands, and, looting squarely into his eyes, solemnly said: "Do you expect a $10 kiss for fifty cents?"— Atlanta. Constitution. r>arl»y« Prophylactic Fluid. Glresprompt and permanent relief la burns, scalds, chilblains, venomous stings or bites' cuts and wounds of every description, It is Invaluable In scarlet fever, dlptheria. small-pill, cholera, yellow, typhus, typhoid and other fevers, For sick-rooms, to prevent the Spread of contagion, it Is the best disinfectant known. Hon. Alex. H. Stephens, ot Gil. Darbrs Phopbylactlc Flnld Is an article of little cost, but great value. It* domestic as well as medicinal uses are numerous while Its specialties are most wonderful. No head of n. family should ever be without It. 2 "IN remitting for a siib-'criptirm," •writes a Georgia editor, ''do nt>t sa.y 'please find inclosed SI." We are bound to be pleased without the asking, and, besides, we have not seen a dollar in so long a time that if we knew __ was within six miles ,of us we would find it blindfolded and with both hands tied behind our back." BE* Its superior excellence proven in millions of homes for more than a quarter of a century. It is used by the United States Govennent. Endorsed byjthe heads of the Great Universities as the Strongest, Purest and Most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder does not contain Ammonia, Limeor Alum. Soldonly in Cans j Price Baling Powder Co. New York. Chicago. St. Louis. San Franclsc Pont spoil your Feet with CHEAP SHOES f See that EVERV PAIR is STAMPEO THE BURT & PACKARD "Korrect Shape." Don't allow YOUR dealer to palm olf any substitute for the "Korrect Shape," as we have arranged to supply any one In the United States who cannot get tliese goods of OUB ;uients. and prepay all deliver! charges, thus bringing them to your door without extra cost. The Burk & Packard "Korrect Shape" Sr-oes are made In lour grades, Tlz.. Hand-made, Hand-wen, Burtwelt and Machine Sewed, which Is stamped on the sole In addition to our trade-mark abOTe Our agents should carry all grades In Congress, Button and Bal lor Gent's, Boys and Youths. PACKARD & FIELD (Successors toBuikJfc Packard), Bpoekton, Mass. OTTO A. KB AUS, Of Course. Is oar Aupnt In LOGANSPORT A t'ljsnrr. for a I'onnne Without Wurk. (Vreat curiosity was shown as to who was favored by Fortur.e in the Urand Monthly Drawing of tie Louisiana State Lottery at New Orleans on Tuesday (always Tuesday) April 15. Gen.Is G-. T. Beauregardof La. and Jubal A. Early of Va. as usual gare their personal attention to tUe entire distribution. Ticket No 21.303 drew the First Capital Prize ot S ; £M.O(.Q. It was sold In twentieths at 31.00 eich. One was held by Mrs. M. Tandy, Nvack. X. Y.: and .Ino, S. Lewis. Marldent Conn.; one collected through First National Bank, Jersey City, S. J.; one held by A. S. Anderson, Chicago. 111. oae by Bell & Eysters Bank. Bank. Dulath, Minn.rone by Otis Edwards, Boston, Mast.; one iy a Corresporient. Tardl. Nevada: one by Pullllp Helchweln, Indianapolis. Ind.; one by Hlggs. Conway. Ark.: etc. Ticket No. 27.994 dreir.the Second Capital Prize •1 $100.001), also sold in twentieths. One to Mrs. BernardMannlng. 1014 Walnut St.. St. Louis Mo.; one to James Forest. Philadelphia, Pa.; one to MetropolitlanNational Bank. Chicago. III.; one to Richard Fitzpatrick, 318 Apple St.. Peoria. III.: one H. A. Vlalle, Boston, Mass.; one to E. D. Osgood. Boston, Mass.; one too. H. Thul. Chicago, 111.; one to Franklin Bank, St. Louis, Mo.; one to Thos. Carty, Cortland. N. Y.: etc. Ticket No. 41,669 drew the Third Capital Prize of $50,000 sold in twentieths. One to W. H. Durham. 224 So. Front St.. Philadelphia, Pa.; one to Anglo-Call- lornlan Bank, San Francisco. Cal.; one to (1. Montgomery. 33 Bunker Building, Kansas City. Mo.: one to L. L. Saah, Chicago. 111.; one to M. F. Tamer, Norbone, Mo.; one to Alexander Co.. National Bank. Cairo. 111.; one to B. B. Warden. 876 Dauphine St.. New Orleans. La.; etc. Ticket No. 71.088 drew the Fourth Capital Prize of J25.SOO. It was sold In twentieths also, one to a Correspondent through Wells Fargo & Go's. Bank, San Francisco, Cal.: one to Mrs. Col. Grayson Tyler, Backland, Na.; one to Third National Bank, Louisville. Ky.; one to Kobt. H. Dorsey. Station F. Cincinnati. Ohio; etc. All Information de-slred can be had on application to M. A. Dauphin, New Orleans. La. Mibhard'a Strenctlieiiins: and Rheumatic Plasters. Are a revelation to the World, and are the only Genuine Rheumatic Plasters. Nine-tenths of all troubles which require the aid of plasters are rheu rnatic in their nature. A change of weather or sudden draft causes a cold which develops into muscular and that into inflammatory rheumatism. And yet there has never been such a thing as a»distinctly rheumatic and strengthening plaster, and hundreds have died suddenly where rheumatism has attacked the heart, whose lives miaht. have been saved had this plaster been applied in season. They are constructed on purely scientific principals and are purely vegetable. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Midi. For sale by B. P Keesling. jan23deod&wly A Cure for Constipation and elicit Headache. Dr. Silas Lane, while, In the Rocky Mountains, discovered a root that when combined with other herbs makes an easy and certain core for conslpa- tlon. It is In the form of dry roots and leaves, and Is known as Lane's Family Medicine, It will cure sick-headache In one night. For the blood, liver and kidneys, and for clearing up the complexion It does wonders. Druggists sell it for 50 cents a package. Sample free. : 3eod "('ivii Governmeut." A boy who hud coaimenced studying civil government :u the grammar school was trying t.o explain to his younger brother the difference between the executive and the legislative departments of the government. "There's one dep.-irl.ment that does 1 the legislating-, you see." he said, '•and another that executes the la\vs." "But what does that mean?'' asked the^>ther. not much enlightened. ••Well.'' said the older boy. "I'll give you au illustration: Xow take our family. Munnn;:. i-lu; makes the lawa. you knc 1 .-. :iiv.1 is.".pa i*ive* the orders." WELLMAN'S GAS CARBURETOR Pat. Oct. I, 1889. A cold Carburetor which will enrich NATURAL GAS and produce a 26 candle power gas. It will work at any temperature, and is absolutely safe. AQ-ENTS WANTED For particular* add rest,, FHE WELLMAN CARBURETOB MAJTCTFACTPRING CO., 25 WARREN ST. YORK.

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