The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1934
Page 4
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.PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS TH1 COURIER MEWS CO., PUBU8HXBB 0. H. BABOOCK. Editor a. w. HAiNEa, Sale Httioui Amnwof Repf«ent*UT*i: ArfaoiM B»illea, toe. New York, ClUcno, Drtrott, ». LouU. DaUu. Kuisu City, UtU* Evtrv ATi«noan except Sunday, SBt * re<1 " *' cona clajl5 "natter it i« po« ofll« at Blythevllle, Ar- .ansts. under art of Congress Oc- T.» tober B, 1917. Served by tUe tJruted Preo. SUBSCRIPTION RATEE • By cinlei in uie city or siymeville, iDo per week or ttJK per year In advance. By mail within a radius ol 50 mile*, 13.00 per year, »1.50 for »lx moullu. 85c for three montlu; by mall- in postal zones two to sis, inclusive, W.M per year, iu zones seven and eight, 110.00 «r year, payable In advance. Politics Threatens CWA Success There is somulliiiiLr nilluT (iiiiiiiuii.s uljoiil all these reports ol Kral'l iiml double-dealing in ujitTcilton.-; uf I lie CWA. They have been widespread enough to cause Department of .lu.slicc aja'itls to yet. busy, ;ind the .'•lory I hoy tell isn't a pretty one. I'ublic oll'ic- iuls in some localities culnily have [)iit themselves on the CWA payrolls; in others they have connive! at a racket whereby CWA men linrl (;> fork over part of llicir pay; in ol!;ers they have pitssed out jobs precisely «s a rapacious city inaeliine Jiuncis out ]>! his at the city hall. •l^arl of this is due to local political conditions, and part of it may bo due to the federal ariminislmliriiV I'uilure' to proceed sharply cuinn/h -.gainst tin; spoils .system. There still are too many men who see in govu'-mionl ji>bs only. ;i new opjwrtnnit.v to reward de- scrving party workers. * * * But';'whatever the c;ivtse' ; 6f it, 'the net effect is to i-iii.-jc gi-«vu doubts about the working-out of the vast programs now being put into elf eel at Washington. We don't know yet lunv far some of these programs are going to p> <>r liow long they i N arc going to his't. Many people are Conviiu-c-d ihat some, at least, of tliesc government pi^jects are proroniidly unwise and otighl to be Hbaiuloned. But however opinion may run in those respects, one thing i s -obvious: Since we m-c more or les:; committed to a trial of <>. vast rxtiTdion of activity by the central gnvei-i-iiiiMil, thai trial ought to be as busings-lila> and straightforward as is humanly possible. If il fails, it oughl to fail because of its own inherent conlradidions and not because of political ineptitude. * » * What we are getting nov is a discomforting hint that our ]>olilical machinery is not robust enough to carry the load. If ,, K |v, favoritism, self-seeking and plain, everyday inefficiency cannot in- kepi out of UK; operation of these [.rejects, they have small chance of succwiling.' N'o chain is any slroni;.';- than its weakest link, it j s bc-giiinisijr (,, | (M ,k "" if the ordinary varietv uf politics is the weak link in the cliain upon which tlie udminislralion's experiments are pulling. If Uw link gives way, the experiments are very apt to Hop. Unless we can mot pdi'icti) .selfishness, slupidily, anil chi'-ai'iM'y out <»!' such activitie-; as the CWA, we will lose uur change 1» li-sl (\w>i: activities upon their mi'rils. —-l!rn.:i! Cation. Dangerous Precedent The Philadelphia .ind:,"- who imjioseil lines on jurnr.s who a'-quitlal a [lu- fendant in a rju-ki-UTi inj>- case, undoubtedly loudu'd a p<i|>:-l:ii- chord. 'I he public has grown «viLi-y of see- i»ir criminals win nniuiitiils; this judge, a-si-rliriK bluntly Ihil the verdict was a miscarriage •/!' juslice, dc- l>rived (lio jurors of ib'ir f t 'es amounting In s^i apiece-and di.-i- missed them from further sei'vice. Salutary as this aclicn may seem, however, it sets a bad piwdunl. The jury sysli-m may !«• ciumsv and woefully ineH'iricni. smiielimcs, but it still represents a bulwark nf popular liberties. Yon ilon'i hav< lo think loug to see Iliat it would \>c. weakened very seriously if jurors i'i!n t ..-al|y knew that the court inighi line if they failed to return verdicts of guilty. Whatever it dors, the ji-ry is supposed to function on il.-- nun, and not lo be a rubber .stamp I'm- tii.- iudge, Corrupt Recovery Work. If (lie current chare,-.- , ;f ,,, lfl . ;|](1 .^ «l»i»«'s In CWA and I-WA nr, bon,(- ,,1,1 tl'c-y will l ;i . ;„„„„,, „„. ,.,, Jsl tonu . m])t|b|( , of public ,,-UM k 1: «,,,, i,, (mr h i,,,,, y Iliw arc fluids .sii])])li<><l by (]„• people df- Myictl lo n .\ tm . u,, ( | t ,, imi i,, ., rd III1C[|11 ;, OKI| I'lsleiul. It Is cliiiiecd. jsiu.s ,,j then, ], ; ,vr u'rn. «-nsti'U or diverted l, v seir-wrvl,,.; ,„„,. enlrust- « will, ,),eir ndmiHlMriMiim. ami .,1 utl.jr c., S e s •""I'crcncc ; u a |Iiirlini; ., r |)nli(k!11 ]Mnv ^ lisca inndc a .rnulrcjiu'iil for (.blainlng cm- ploymenl. Th,. t«o men unrt,.,- imtk-lmo,!-. ,,i Iowa ,rmy "C able lo ]iro\v llicir innncencf. bin tlin re moral l,v s« reMly k . k , :i nf 0|K w|io hcw ' 1WA cxTOHlve po,i is ilmply jllli(k . (|i IA ,. C Cacsurs wile. i llcl i l,ol,li,, K s , lc!l rMiwiwibili- |i; S "..« } K lllwv , M.sDlcion. u is |)iinlv , or "s renson i,, ;lt civil WorKs Admlnisiruior llon.-lns [ S roiJlaciiii: civilian L-xmi'ivcE in many C.1IO.S W | lh „,„,,. orrice ,, R , s ,,,,,,. cuilljk! llwl lib is necessary, bid no fflon. . :0 mnlu ,. , lolv •irttlic. sliu,,M bo simm , , 0 fccrp ll, C .ulmln. wrutioii of ihca, hu B e funds ; ,, „„ Il0 ncst "' mldliion (o ,ni s ,, sills n,,. |vl , 1)lr . s mol]t , v Inew dishoi-.oraijk- nrllvillrs «,..,!•-„ u u . |,, t . a 'ilL-nl's hand in lii.s efforts l» i-,,^ ,. ccov ' c ,. v His 0]>|!onuils in congress ulre.irtv |,, lvc rC ^ a "'C charge,, »f CWA Bm fi as '„ lf: , son ' for (lislriism,;; the Bdinmistnmo,,. Both Mr Hooscvclt and Secretary kkcs l,:,vc ,,lcdg«l tl,:,t politics will bo kept out. of rccvn-e-y votk . Thcv '"«y to trnstctl to see ll,,,t r hi , ^ fiom , .,,„, dial UK «,miplioii«[s are rtiivr-n ,„,! it L s a sad vollcction on the Mato of ,, llb ,| c ,, lol , n ,; However, that Mich conditions i-oiild ;u -i, c ;ll „ lime of national i-niorgeiu-y. —St. Lii'iis IVjl-DBali-li. I H iinnossltli- In )>,• public and pnvalc liolit.-, without dclliilni-. \\ K dollar. — I'rol. Cn<ir 3 e K \Varrcn of Corn-ll. • * » 1-inv iiiiisi be .stable, and yet i r;,m;ui .-land still. ~-iV:in lio.scuc I'oiind ol thr Ilaiviuil Law Schoo!. OUT OUR WAY L HAIN'T FOLLERIN'\ '\/~un~"~- "-ixv --\ y NO — v-\-v-so<,3 oVA . N TH^ D ^ T ^H T ^ NP ' S \/ VOU- I H,T MY \l I'M A TRYIN' TO i EARM V N AGIM THET l> \UH--I BURNT MVSBF 1 STOVE WOOD, AM' AGIK1 TH' STOVE.- OW OO-\ iu^ ELBOW OVER NER THET'N, EITHER J I -I HET HOT LAM P- BUMPE.D MY SHIN AGIN 4' TABLE. By Williams Ijm ¥M , (ARK.) COURIER NEWS j i gj_gLANCES By George Clark f-^^m- m^mm,- f! .'ft, ^jm^-.^-'f" 'Musi the Kiimu, my iniilalion o f Schniv/le Duranlc hils ««'t »s invili-d to lols of parties." Tuberculosis of the Joints Is Spread Through Infected Milk HV 1)11. MOKiim FISIIIIKIN' editor. Journal of the Ainrrirun Mnlliat AsMK-ulion, -and n! lly- Cria. Ihe Health Mugazinr . Watch yoin- children, especially v.ticn they are between 3 ai:d 5 yi-ars. for any sign of infection of tht-ir joints. And. while you're watching them, he on kuard OMainsl use of infcclccl milk because that's Ihe medium ihrouch whit-li Ihe •• — • become inactive. The doctor examines Ihe joint with ihe X-ray, in tell -how far destruction or Die bone hns gone, and he take- the skin for tuberculosis, which is of special value in children. He also can withdraw material Horn the infected area .inject it mlo c. tnincii [li,.-. and discover whether lube-mitosis develops in BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO 198-1 THIS CURIOUS WORLD »»-t/ Front the flk* *f the Rally roar luetday, Jan. 29. 1924. Prasiic-cts for new faclorit's for Blythevllle grew brighter to<lu> with the announcement by A. G Little, president of the chamber ol commerce, Hint the general office of the Creamery Package Manufacturing company at Chica- BO had agreed to permit the construction ol a belt line railroad ftfross Its property. Refusal of this permission had lied up the sale of 240 acres of school land some lime ago to R. E. Lee Wilson and the Lesser-Goldman Interests The price agreed on was $94,000 and Mr. Wilson gave his check for ihul amount with the agreement tl'nl the sale was lo be completed only if the chamber of commerce could obtain the Creamery Package company's consent to the uuilding or the belt line, which would permit a connection be- twitn the J. L. C. and E and Frisco railroads. Jeff Roland of the Mahan Store :n siwnt, Monday night in Memphis and heard John McConnick. Spurgeon Patterson of the Far- neis Bank and Trust Co. was reported recovering today from an operation for acute appendicitis !>t the Blylhevllle hospital. Out Man Eiitirr Force CONNEAIJT. o. (UP)— Because his city is broke. l'ie iiolice force eccntly was cut (o one man. the chief. Former policemen have vol- inlcered for emergency duty. The •ire departmenl likewise was cul o one man. WEtfE E>Y ANCIENT CKIN5.&E PISVP7! '.'- : | TO CATCH RE! I A'-iP TURM Tl C'ATCH OVER TO THEIR C 'IE WERb CLASSED AS /V-.-/MBERS OF THE V5GETA6LE KINGCOAN, BUT MOW T(-!F.y ARE i:E.C;£.\IZi=D AS ANIMALS. WHEN ATADPCM.E IS CHANGING IWTO A FRO&, THE TAIL AMD GILLS ARE ABSORBED AND THEIR MATERIAL USED IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF rSS K& '-' The 'Oiler is- one "of "ihe"" masl'' Miccessrul of' all 'animal 'f nen. Although it sometimes catches fish in a J-iir chase nosi usual procedure is to use stealth, approacl.'r.g the from behind and seizing it in one swift, arrow-like plunge afria) tfLrts II !•:«!. \ IIKIIK TOUAT \'^ ? « M <>»«•: 1. 1. n.d TOM . . , e I. lu.« K^r Job It «rhonl. follows infection through milk ' The dnrl'o:-' docs°U, to""lmmnhni-/»" |«™ docs tuberculosis of ,,,e j Ihe Joint by putting !"£» ,.,'; . j '" l»'"'tnt muscle spnsms. which ins lype of tuberculosis is one! 10 »<I lo produce determines and "l Hit? mnsl difficult disease for I to Prevent pain. "', ™ ] .I"™ 1 !" 0 " 1 '. .'I 1 ''!"*' .because Jf l>«t on properly, the splints _ »..%.. i t , u u £i/n ol tlic way In which il is asso . , -.. i-.^j^llj. IILU ,S|;E][I[5 will produce a joiul lhal will enable the limb to function prop- ..... ... „ ,, tl _,, IL ls associated with tuberculosis elsewhere in I lie body. If you:- doctor could (real this! " " • "iwn?e alone, nnd ignore the rest J I" 'be case of an ankle, a plas- Ihe body, h,. could do much; I'''' '" Paris cast is put on to keep n.rp tlio" vt'rfcke' 0 *'"'- 0 > t<Xlay ' '"''V '™ L "! l '"' Pr ° |X;r ™ 8lt ' VliL ^ Usually only one joint is affect- i J°'" 1 is treated >>-IM> "''•» - ;-i™. but sometimes several joints• ril >' 5 - bi'come diseased. You can (ell it' by n .swelllnr; of the joim, a '•>l'«y JIUM t "'"'"' ""• I"I"««*' '•n Itr diiviiir IMI« nnJ I lie Wrn ,i,, tl rinirn t . • -will) ultrn-viol While such trcalmcnt occ; ally may be clone at homo. =- «' ^'»- juim, a rise "•'•' llj -i.' '.t- none at home ' temperature, pain in motion, '"»l applied in institutions espe »rt (lien a disability and sliir- cially .quipped for this puriS* Thn rl M J0i ,', 11 ; I 01 "' 1 '' '"" '"""""It IS partic uic child mil be cHs-.nrbcd ilnr- «!inly beneficial, because il pro NL. . Slrcp <Ull[ IVlU ](•[ vim lri\nu> viflfi ft]; nnrdnnr o r MII-.?I\KA..,, n. , llo «' by crying out during the localise Ihe disease generally af- i ™s t.v|>e of (realmeiu is no * -I": whole body, the child I '"alter of days or weeks, hut i t'ei sicker, lose v.-i-ivht -,>,,T months. In nnr- r-^ ( ., *i.;,- ,... •--....; ll, [J|u vidfi an outdoor atmosphere Dvi when uooil sunlight is not avail nble. artificial fiiinlln.ii; j n variou firms is nexl brat. This tyiie of (realmeiu is not. ~ uvli .. ., lu ^mici m ficker. lose v.-i-i-'ht, and ANNOUNCEMENTS I he Cornier tliorizcd lo announci au . !o ,] 0wil , g , owl , g f candidates for p.,bli ( - ,,;:icc snb- ' prmary Jti't to (he Ueinocralw ntxl August: l-'cr BIcmbi-r CLINTON" L. l-'nr Cminly TicaMii, T JOE S. UILLAHUXTY For Circuit c m , rl n k HUGH CHAR; fur Coimlv Court I l,rk l-'HED PIjEf.MAN 1'or He-Electiun for ^t':d Term I-'"r Assessor It- L. (BH.LY' OAINKH C. C. (IKE> HUDSON In one case, this trcnt m:-i:t lasted three year.s. Tin 1 cl-.ild should i )c proteclc, from over-exposure in sun treat mi'iii. If ihe sun is very hoi ilierr- should be less exposure -in, if I hi- weather is too cold.' Ih treatment may he omitted rathe thnn have (lie child sillier fion chill. Koine-limes an oration Ls nr-e i-Miiry. to rrinnvi- abscesses thti develop, particukiily when llio tu bercnlosis infection is complicat fd by a secondary infection will other organisms. I'OR I:ITI- on ici;s Wccliou Tuesday. ..\p ri | 3 . I'or City (lerk S. C. ORAUi K- L. McKNICiin- CHURCH EXCUSES By Gco. v,: Barbam ljc-.ii- Aunt: _. We llinnk von c-v.-i so much foi II w !'(Ti])c. Aich'.baid says you >ou '.uniid i:,:t h.',' u . 'nccl^tcd U. <•:, . nc havo timnpht a lot abo:it Jiarinu to lakr j;;j,inr to church M us tin- chinch we should have put on: idlers in ions ; , go is ,„ ')'.',, ,..' ! l ' p '" r ;!; - li wc rto not U'--l I:KI- ukir.!: a cl:;iiicc on Jnn- ;•'.• iiihiiis co:t:. \v ^ At]] , : lt bC5l ' '-'-a:: unti: n-,. ,: r aimht .season ti:"''-.;- '''• -'' ; ,'"'-!• " 1:!:l t!lrrc cu;i:-c. Jliliio;- \io:ild H'I-I- sn n;;;, h a.S i'-wri to u m t juns i:; I l.OL : ;! :r Archil,.': ; m-, ot the Mu-czei« f Iinvr "••ink '' Iwsi i hut nc ^ ;;....!.- si ,-is ::-.? ot i"'i.a :!.'• hcaihri drop '•' l:n icit;im dida'cl- L 0: ii""o'''o''\ Ji ""' v ' : '" ; ' U|? "'^ "1 IU1I1I J.jliiO" 'V i.'.itci'"' "'"" lii-ll' 'h-r. .\(>\v <:o ox WITH TIII: -JTOKV CHAPTER XXII QVPSY. assciiibliiig towels, t-oap. MOwdcr and olive oil, s:coldcii herself. "I'm a :.«j ni&tlier." What a lot yo,i needed for a baby! Slie nad never realized It before. Quite eallonsly she bad criticised young mothers for not doing this, doing ib.!i. "Kecpini; up." il ivas gener- . iilly ralied. And ycl how could you i>'-T=ct them to play bridse. to read tnc latest books, (o be bright and Intoroslmg when they faced sucii uiourUainous tasks day afler dav? David was naughty tl'at morni'ng. I'eriKipc he inluscd tlic expert mini- rlr:ilinns of tlic absent Mrs. Jlnrby I'erhajis be scnced Hie uervousness uf bis yoang mother. At any rate bo cried. He cried and cried and cried. Gyps? w.-.s sliakins willi nervous- i'-« aiifi fiiligne when the ordeal of HID mnrniiiK | Ml ], ^3 finisbeil. A c.-M pK'spiralfon beaded her up- I'"r lip and her knee:: sapped as !i:.- Inirl the now sleepy, inunacu- ''•«•• infant in his crib. >'i'.:ld she possibly ~o al lln; rest! MAB9_ . McELLlOTT "Vou oimbt lo jive up place," Gypsy's mother would in her gentle, fretful loues. lool about her dissatisfiedly al cream-colored walls and Ibc br curtains. "You oiiRbl to come wilb us. Bca can move back her old rnom and 1 can fix the i"6 room up for (lie baby." fi.vpay bad heard all Ibis a dr limes before. Sbc was temple she was oflcn lemntecl. The vi of herself ,„ t i, 0 ,. igi sha friendly olrl bouse: of Clytle. r i"K up lo her willi one of your hands" ... it was all't lically alluring. |!,,t ,,o—aside tbe fact that such an arrange, would be unfair to her parents felt strongly ii.a't it would be Oypsy bushed „. berseif, at her --™"" 1 '" """ PHde ' hera absorplion. but deep down sbn was conscious of a pin prick-of fear. Tom went cjiii into Hie world every morning. He came into contact with no-.- ideas, ntiv people. While she—well, stic was just a vegetable these davs, she toltl hersolf cmfT fni. t-r "i 'r lul " Ilcrsc ". fc m!l- .„,.-,. .Moic-ii iirii.tucd (bis a diclocr^lo^v a J,r S ,,r^ " W '^™=leri.Mr lls , ltn e,,.. W 1'ieak il. break il. Olber pe 'Isn't he wonderful?" she marveled. "Isn't be the most precious IbiiiK alive?" Tom said he was. Surely no oilier baby j u the metropolis waked exaelly on the dot of feedinglime, as David did. Tom held him while Gypsy warmed the fictile, testing it against her cheek aa she bad seen Mrs. riurby do. He was a beautiful baby, be was lir-yond price. Dnt if only be didn't waken so early In Ihe mornini;. If only his demands and bis needs ,li»i,l | would not multiply daily! X 0 mat- Sr ,,_ j Icr how much nlfihts. Almost loo lircd lo talk to Tom. to be t;ay and amusing and interested. Pushing ibe baby's carriage over Ibe sidewalks was a dull go slie would put the scllcr well-meant invilatinn aside • ffiilleness. "Yon linow wt ha' lease here, Mums." Mrs. Morell brushed (iij s a (io • • -" lbes» tbiiiBs. lint could lie help seeing il? she wondered. j-l " elc " Marr camo to call, nnd: Gypsy would smile Ki.qh nervousness I rililn <-be Jordan. They admired tbe j change Ilie subject No tlicir u A, .,„,. .... baby, they brought him presents. |'cm could not be solved lliis v. Everyone wns sweet nnd kind. Meanlimo site saved sbo Iran i bey K avc advice. They told Gypsy cheap cnls of beef for ra-oi.ts sue must go about more -mustn't I contrived a delicious pnddimr \ tel herself get rnsly. Helen asked ; ""<> ess and some scraps of br, icr lo lunch al the 1'lan.i and ! Slio Ijuight (he silent Kisa lo s- l.ynsy wriggled mil of tlic invila- j bil.s of bullcr ami cream tinn -it- .,...,., .„*•„!!._ ... I ..... n-tiiu. tion as Krac-cfnlly as posbiblc be-1 walked lo the chain slorc=' pi'nii'i caiiKu she hadn't a new bnl. | Ibc rosy baby in bis dark blue < . Why indirt vim g 0 ,vitl] her. ! ria s<!. tu buy i ' . lo know, j H'o day's ndverlisemcnt these days she- was forever Hying into (be mornin-K hours 1S num -\ key grated in (lie lock and Ton, u--'!:rrrd in a big. blond, clcan- i-l;iii-:crl young woman wearing a ln:i;:. unfashionable coat. -This Is kiM. darling." Tom announced. "Klic's Kidns lo do whatever yon vi-an; h— t..." 1-1 n v-nrtcil part-time. Three diys n week she unno Hi cigbi nnd Maycrl until one. The other four <:ay." riic r-amo nt cine and staycil unlil r.«vcn. leaving dinner nre- [•"rv'il. SEie was stow, tireless, clear- Afler - Hint Ibiiigs went more sirimilhly. Klra was a Ireasiire, Tom ami fiypsy (old each other. She was u jewel. "How we cr.n afford it f simply . --^ i ".'jjit •••- '"viuiith iiouifi i& niiin naeK in Hie baby. Wa s i lc W111 . n , ago, who bad spent a whole wer ^MrH!i»Ji' J \\-. I-. ^ _ _. * .__ enough? was Klsa careful'' tbcre Klionld l« a lire . . . Xu she would not leave him f,, r long silly -U was all silly. h,, t somclimrs when she looked at him asleep his littleness ;„„[ bolplessiiess and preciousiics.: s-incfizcd at her heart. *• * •» S" l:fnl " eivelf w «.pi llB ,, HOOU- ilcal at ibis lime; weeping for roasi.ii at all. ,,r for Hie slight- l of reasons, she woald bo *:ulp- s back sobs. They would choke b'-r tlu-unl, le.u-.s , u ,nld Hood her an, „ fl , tl |..- slle WlJ1|Il , . - , „ , ' • ""• MIC wuilm IpH doiil know," (;yp,y would fav . Herself afler ,,.,c- ,f ,1 fruwuing over the bills. U,,t ,| 1C rc . torrn . ' , ' "' " lf ' ; ' c 1lrlet mis now no question in her mind " lill( fl '' J was noi slrons letling Ktsa go. l| was bimpl}- iint lo be tlinuphl of. Tom said, and si;c agreed. Until she was stronger al leai-t. Tiic baby srcw—flourished. Tfic. days rushed by, punctuated only by yet. "Vou'ro ninrli Um |>aic ami thin " ber mot her lo!d her when (be Cmr'i- il.v came over from Ii!,, e m\s. She scolded (lyn.y ; ,ll aflcrnooii-'lots , . . a good s» l,. remark wages on n silly ij(t| c h.u will fonlher? It was- and ycl il not. Oyjisy's bigb color dimmed. Her laugh rose less re ily to her lips. Her step was so light. And yet Ihcrc wcra i nicnls—as witness Xcw Year's wlien she wore her <>M red cr( with n new sheer frill —when raiiylit a Klimiisc of the old BHJ and wildncss. Tom held ber close, dancini Ciiiiiiran hallway. Inmi; willi loor crepe paper. "You're pcrfcc. beautiful toninlit, darMiiR!" She could sc-e herself in flie ,i fashioned mirror. llrijlil cy dark Inir above llicui. "Am I really?" Sbo fell toni; HS . though she wore made ov Why didn't they do this more, t- and Tommy? Tiicy were gclli old before Ibeir lime. Hunt Gibson, uncommonly hai some in Ibe black nnd while, dinner chllies, came -,L,,,, e .; of «"'Si V1 !r:>i!'.climc.i Ihe imnerlurbahlc l-Jlsa ' nap after luach .'--.•iy«l iu tin; ami Ihe yonun ! no-Ided a-reed Weavers dashed oul Ion movie lint: n-ai i,,' " ' -•"-"-»- •>• ICULIIH i gins nun was prcuy aaii nmuair iblswas notoflea. Tliehiidwt w.-,,-ri/j „ , ,. .? f"' atl1 ' " ilvid '. s "Haven't teen y nll for y car: loo light to allow tmicii •«•'-.•• •> 3:: '" < ! e - v --'::i !:cr back Hunt grinned at her »i J <IMIt '' r " •< > Oil Ilr/" -lT»-C(llIirr»li I 11 >Co slung thai tbrec-cornrrcd. tantalizi claimed her for a danco and Tc wenl oft with one of the Bla girls who was pretty aad nmuair % . i m eatcrMinmenl. | all ,j | )cr f , 'What did wo ever do with o:ir j «a, widc--iu (M.iney before?" liypjy womlercd j bis airiii' ii-tics;ly aloud one stormy .Vyvem-1 daira lbcV« wr nigbt when sbo had'iiahen 1 to <}-, ss<- ir-rselt in tbe big cbair opposite r«m. Silk .to,'l(iii5S ami iiu:ilr:i.-c?, sundaes aud matinecj and uc* ijala —v.-liy. sl-.o bad ISoucht notbinr of ill tbc.-e bcfoio her ciarriii.qc! .Vnv\ i:cy seemed the suprem? liiiurie;. * • • A W.\II. from (he bcrlwiii inlcr-i •' * r!;;^:.-r[ her reverie. SI:: n;jl:c:l ra. lo Si::u two fiak biads >^ft thj' d. ready for Erin of hij. "You look grand." He d.inrcri superbly. Gypsy to i navin ficpi, HI.-| ncrwlf. Jf- WS5 mr . ot lhn3C-ir dfircnj of thing! j talinj men who did cvcrytbl nt time to cold well. Too self-s.ili'ficct, sbe dccii- Sivc her hnir oncn and for all. "May I come aa^ ^co you bn' *"•-• ii'-.- rokos it bad been ac- Her a bwk or a d,r;-u;d j h;; lo reply whcu Eu6 lour : -.M | ; :'••<: soon fell ltc:s:l! | arm — sale! hurriedly, "Gypj '••a. David'? (ten;.lad: . they've 'phoaed from home .-'-.-11.5 mo-tier «cre (he baby's ill." ••i' u_:- lo t;!i M:J. Mo:-' Cypsy sizj«5 isdinV, Hui; orry : black-coaled shouldir. : (To E« Cpaticned)

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