Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 24, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1898
Page 21
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^pg== — • John Gray's -COBNEH ON' HIS ANNUAL -Bed Quilt Sale- We are now showing Spreads in white and colors, including Bates Crochet Quilts, Satin and Marseilles Spreads. Sale to continue until all are sold. Come early" and get first choice. LAWN MOWERS, Lawn Hose. SCREEN DOORS AND WINDOWS, Hammocks. Ice Cream Freezers Fishing Tackle. Carpenter and Mason's Tools, and a complete line of Builders' Hardware at 408 Broadway. JHattie L. Johnson. STEELE WINS. An Easy Victory For the Grant Connty Statesman. Cast C«unty Snows Up Dirlded, Getting Six Votes Steele Money Used in "places Do the Wort. the SETH M. VELSEY ^ans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and writes Fire, Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. H'RNRY WRBRR, The Merchant Tailor, loeiflrtt claw-work, Strllrt and well flt- uSSotbeT]<n»d« Cleaning and wpalr- mg neatly done. See Mm. 324 Pearl Street :O:O:O:O:<KO . C. D. EVERSOLE'S DEETAL PALLORS Orer Porter'i New Drug Btore, Corner of .Fourth and Market Street*. DR LIDP LEPJRE. Office in Residence 813 Market Street. BhevimaUin) and Diseases of Women OOidren Specialties and Ex- S- Hunt, -DENTIST- medicine and U Telephone No. 83i on Fourth MONEY to LOAN V Mortgage or p«nona H^. Notes bought, tower rates than any body on large sums. Geo. B. Forgy --- - -McConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILYPHABOS TUESDAY, MAY 24. 1898. •^ === ===== =======:=:= OITY NEWS Special low prices on all mdse fo graduates at Hauk's. Tomorrow we will tell children' percale and gingham dresses at 25i and 39.—Trade Palace. Captain Vaugbn's list of recruit now number 203. Tbe company will meet tonight and elect commissioned officers. The young son ot Frank Mo of Park aTenue, fell from a wagon this morning and lustalned slight bruise* about bis body. The- soldlerr and friends of the Volunteer mission will give a free social tomorrow evening. Admission It cents. All are Invited. The young people of the the Baptist church will give a"Dbwey social" in the lecture room of the church to morrow evening. All are cordially Invited. Admission free. JohnW. Galloway, of Edgerton, In«., and Miss Hattie B. Montgomery, of this city, were united In marriage at 10 a. m. today at the Broadway M. E. parsonage, Bev. Semans officiating. The ladies' social circle of the Cumberland Presbyterian church will meet at the'toome of Mrs. M. Bowman, t>34 Linden avenue, Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. All ladles are requested to be prerent. The ffMtter. Fair tonight; Inoreulng Wednesday, nTon the Republican congressional convention was called to order at 11:15 this morning. The Broadway rink wa* comfortably tilled with delegate* and spectators', the Steele badges being most promiscuous. District Chairman Warren Biglfr of TVabash called' the meeting to order and without ceremony asked the secretary to read the call for the conven- - i" tion. - ».. • • - • At the dose &f the. reading. Chairman Bigler stated that the committee had chosen TTon.'.T. B. Kenner of Hunt- ingron county as temporary chairman of the convention. There heine: no ob- ectirm to the selection, was declared he chnirmam. CHAIRMAN'S ADDRESS. Mr. Kenner came forward promptly mrt launched out in a speech, the in- roductory of which was devoted to •ecalling the names of prominent Republicans -who in the past, had served he district in places of trust. He then aunr-hed out in a review of the war, iving the Republican party credit for •what had so far been done in the prosecution of the fwar with Spain. He «howed his preference for the. nomination of Steele by eulogizing the Major's services in Congress and intimating that it might be a good thing to :eep a man in Congress vrbo will stand like a stone wall for his country's lonor. At the close of the address the chair announced that the next thing in order would toe the selection of tempor- iry secretary. After some delay John B.''Rowe, of Wabasfe, was named and •lected. The roll was then called for -mmintr members of .the respective committees, ind resulted as follows: Credential Committee—Cass, S. T. MoConnell: Grant. Jasper A. Gaunt; Howard, M. Garrigan; iHuntington, Tno. T. Alexander: Miami, Cassius Tan Lou; Wabash, W. G. Layne. Committee on permanent org.miza- tion—Ca.ss. J. B, Winters; Grant, Jno. Minnick: Howard. T. F. Gallion: Huntington, Robert.Sfnuonton: Miami. Quinby -Lowe: Wabash, Lee Linn. •Resolution Committee—Cass, M. W. Collett; Grant Dr. Con-well; Howard, Jno. Genebeck: Huntington, Sam'l L. Good; Miami, Jno. R. Waymere; Wabash, H. C. Pettett. On call for reports of. committees, the chairman of the committee on credentials stated that report was not ready. John B. Winters from the eonanv:- tee on permanent organization reported the (following officers: .. , Chairman—J. B. Kenner. Secretary—J. T. McNary. THE RESOLUTIOXS. The committee on resolutions reported a platform that reaffirms the national platform of the Republican party of 1S06, endorses President Me- Kinlcy's administration and his conduct in relation to the war with Spain: praises the State officials, Senator Fairbanks and the Republican Con- sresstr.en and congratulates Admirals Dewey, Sampson and Schley. The' Republicans of the Eleventh congressional district, in convention assembled, do hereby embrace this opportunity to reaffirm their unqualified faith in and adhearance to the principles of the Republican party as enunciated in the the platform of tha: party in 1S06. We further endorse, without reservation, the acts and conduct of the administration of President McKinley in national affairs, and of^ •State adjninJsrratu>n |- Snd of Senator Charles W, Fairbanks and onr representatives in Congress. We particularly desire to express to President William McKinley the full and unswerving confidence in his official management and' conduct of Spanish complications and! of the war w:th Spain and of his conservation and kc-en ability to sustain and shed ad-- ditional luster upon American arm?, afloat and ashore. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to that battle-scared seaman and hero. Admiral George Dewey, and his gallant officers an-d men. believing the outcome inevitable we 1 also commend and congratulate Admiral Sampson and Commander Schley upon their heroism and seaman-like conduct in Cuban waters in pursuing and punishing the enemies of the United States. REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OX CREDENTIALS. Warren G. Sayre of Wabash sub- mitred the report of the committee on credruiials as soon as the convention coavf-i].',1 at the afternoon session. He reported that the committee on credentials were unable to make a report—the committee standing 3 to 3. Capt. Milton Gfirrigus of Howard county made an explanation of the situation as it relates to the contest in Miami county and offered a resolution seating both contesting delegates and giving to each contestant a vote in the convention. Mr. I.ovel.ind moved to amend the resolution by seating the regularly elected or Stntesmen delegates. The amendment was seconded by Mr. Boy?r of Cass. After some preliminary sparring Mr. Lovpland got the floor and spoke at length in favor of the seating •Statesman delegates. He told of the troubles that had occurred in the city of Peru at the time the delegates to the convention were chosen. It was a sorrowful tale in which the wickedness of the Steele men was portrayed You Make a Mistake IF YOU DON'T READ SALE ADS. Your money may come easy, you may have lots of it. till its like throwing away GOOD MONEY to PAY OTHERS full.regular price when The New Otto names prices and qualities that every one can understand as it is the OBJECT of the writer to make DISCRETIONS so CONCISE that the reader can see see them as cleverly as if she or he had it in their hands. You MAKE A MISTAKE if you wear real vici kid, swell tan cloth and vesting top shoes if you pay the regular shoe store $2.50, $3, $3-5o or $4, when you can buy them at The New Otto sale for $1.98; its an awful saving. 50c, 75c, 80c, 85c, 98c, $1.25 and $1 40. The prices on lower grades, all solid shoes is a BIG MONEY SAVING OFFER and thousands show their appreciation and encourage us to buy-Bankrupt Lines, Sample Lines and whereby we can clothe and shoe our people at HALF-PRICE. The Otto ling Co. Of NAVAL KESERVE Illinois, Two Hundred and Eight StroDg, Passed Through Here Today, Cleveland's Baking Powder •with its 'rounded spoonful does not go so fast \ in glowing colors. Tn closing he appealed to the convention to deal fairly •with the regularly elected delegates from Pern. Milton Oarrigris of Kpkomo 'made a plea for the contestants. He read the- en 11 for the Pern convention, and showed his readiness to help Steele knock out 'Statesman. When he made a. point favorable to the contestant?:, the men vented their approval •with cheers. He pleaded for harmony and magnanimity. At the close of Garrigue' plea for the Sreele contestants, Mr. Boyer of Cass got the floor and he cheered the iStutesinan 'men immensely by declaring that the contestants'Ought not to be recognized. Mr. Love-land closed the debate.'He -warmed 1 up and poured hot-afoot into the ranks of the Steele contestants. While he -was speaking there was much turmoil and some outsiders be- gnn to ask questions; ' - •' When Loveland' closed, a 'vote -was taken viva voce and 1 the amendment •was declared adopted ; by the chair. This hear the Steele men and they induced the chair to make a call of the counties for a division. As the call .proceeded the Steele men voted "nay"' and the McDonnell and/Statesmen following voted "yea.". When Miami county -was called a •wrangle occurred over die .question of permitting the contemns delegates to vote. The chair ruled against their voting and the vote Showed" that the Steele men had S3 votes to Statesmen's 51. When the vote was announced Harry 'ertit of Wabash moved to reconsider he vote. Milton' Garrigns moved to ay motion on the table amd the motion prevailed. STUTBSMAX'S SPEECH. .Tames Statesman then got the floor ancl withdrew from the convention as candidate. The Steele man had liini out and he knew jr. CHASE NAMES M'COX- NBLL. Nominations being declared Hon. D. II. Chase placed Judge McConnell in nomination. He referred briefly to his services in war and peace and characterized him as an. honest man and an honest Jawyer. The announcement of Judge McConnell's name w.as received witii lou-d and approving applause. Dr. D. K. Francis of Marion presented the name of Major Steele in a very flowery speech and he delivered it very well. The first ballot resulted in Steele's nomination as follows: McConndl Steele Cass 16 6 . Grant 1 3S Howard :. 3 IS Hunting-ton 7}A 14 Miami " 11 Wabash .... ......... S 14 En Ronte to Key West,. With Orders to 60 Aboard the Ships of _^—-Sampson's Fleet. This afternoon at 1:35, a Chicago passenger train unloaded two hundred and five sailors and three officers at the Panhandle station: The men were divided among three hotels and sat down to one of the 'best meals they will likely have for some time. Unlike the regular army soldiers the common THE BICYCLE HABIT. sailors were treated the same as officers and each man sat down to the same fare. Lieutenant Stratton was in charge with Junior Lieutenant J. A, Ubsdell and Ensign B. R. T. .Collins. The Johnston! house had dinner prepared for one hundred and eleven men. The Island View seventy-eight and Louie Wandrie nineteen. The men were more than pleased with the dinner served in each place and were loud in their'praises. All were neatly Clad in the blue shirts, blue pants and a sailor's cap. All were -well built, manly booking fellows and from appearance came from the upper pui- suits- of life- Many said that they had , Idftfjood positions, but that the large Chicago firms with which they -were connected, were giving their salary to their families or saving it*until their return, if ever. .These men have been •in actual training for several years in connection "with, their other lines of '-work' and each passed the regular .naval examination required for admis- It Unfits Many Men For Joining the Army. The army surgeons who have been making examinations of the members Of the militia volunteers will make re- reports that -will be apt to discourage, though it may not extinguish the bicycle habit, and particularly the use of low handlebars. It is said at the medical department of the army that a great number of the volunteers who have been rejected for physical disability are bicycle riders, who, by that violent exercise, have developed diseases of the heart and the spine which unfit them for erposure or endurance. These troubles are said to lie confined almost entirely TO riders who use low handlebars and .learn forward in .the saddle. This position nor only induces curvation of the spine and other diseases in that part of the anatomy, but causes the other organs to crowd the)' heart out of Its place and produce irritation, which ultimately becomes chronic. As soon as they have an opportunity to do so the esamin'ing surgeons -will be called upon for reports on this subject. Tempting Shoes. If there are any better shoes in America than those represented by our Spriog stock, their manufacturer has succeeded in keeping himself hid away from us. We don't believe money can buy more stylish, elegant,. j worthy shoes than ours. Such prices AS these make the One but it laats longer jnd.,is more economic*! BEWAKE OF CATS. Goes Mad in the Esstend Causes Excitement. (joes doubly tempting. Ladies' chocolate vlct kid new coin toe, lace, 3.50 &nd $2.50. Ladles' chocolate vlci kid, coin toft lace, 3 and f 2. Ladies'chocolate viol kid, 10 cent toe, lace, 2.50 and 11.50. Elias Winter and THE JOHNSON WAREHOUSE. Wool! Sheep's Wool!! sion -to the navy.... , They left Chicago at 9:45 this mom- ing and stopped'at 'North Judson and ^ ^ Winamac where big demonstrations j bo[ . Attacks Two Ladles and is Finally i Shot by frank Roger*. ' A cat supposed to have been mad is what we are after now. Will pay attacked Mrs. Prank Rogers and bit highest market price six days in the her several days ago. The animal-was .week. Would be please to sell you at lying on the -walk leading to the barn'retail, Corn, Oats, Chopped Peed, Mid- Mw . Eogtll . s attempted to scare it Qf ^ & , however, the feline mad* a dasn at and fastened its teeth It was finally beaten dliugs, Bran, Flour, Bailed Hay and. Straw and Millet Seed. Mr. Conover will be in Galveston Tuesday forenoon to receive all the wool- you will bring , „„. in her him and pay the top price for same. _j were hold. They spent about an hour : ^^ I( . wag finally Beaten off and We will pay next business day for here, leaving for Indianapoli's at 2:2 °. cnase d-under the porch. All efforts to and will'go from there to Louisville -' and then to Nashville finally landing at Tampa or Key'West Friday morn-j ' On the way here this morning Lieu-, leivint Stratton received word that his •mm would be placed aboard ships in '_ Jv-.mpson's fleet and most of them' . would be put. on the Iowa. Indiana and- from - oeing . Ditte!n . jet at it there failed and it was not until the next day that the cat was seen again. Mrs. Halpin, who resides near, was then attacked in a similar manner and this aroused the ire of Mr. Rogers who had failed to locate it before and who had been keeping a •watch over his children to k Wheat f 1.20 Oats 27c. Corn 33c Clover seed $2,26 W. E. Kurd, Mahlon Conover. Oregon. The news was -welcome to the men and three cheers were given in each car. Mrs. A. F. Murphy and sister Mrs. Edward Murphy were at the Johnston The second attack resulted' in a short target practice in which several 32 calibre bullets Tvsre necessary to quiet the ruffled feelings of the animal. The danger is equally as great now | YOU DO NOT JZjUUiHU ,viui[ru.> 1.V1.V .. - .Lilt? UUll^Ci -lo tr^UUJ-i.y iavj & J.I_M.V -"v " « and met two of their nephews. Lafay- ^ efore for ot jj er cats an d maybe dog; ,,-,•, . /> „,.*• ,ti-i r- +-llO InffOT* _ ... ette 51. and Cheeve Cozzens, the latter is a Quartermaster. .T. W. Slater, a. sailor told a Pharos reporter that Oeo. E. Young of this ( city was a relative of his and that he ^ expected to see him before he left, i They all .belong to what is known as j the third division. been bitten. LECTURE AT YOUNG AMERICA. At S o'clock Wednesday evening. njlKU . It ^^^ „. .Tune S. 1S9S. Rev. George E. Hicks of >, mirtee on credentials would disagree. Piqua, Ohio, will give his popular lee-j Jf ^^ al gome of the delegates said CONVENTION NOTES. There were a number of Sceele ad- oirs in Cass county .who mingled among the crowds in the lobby. Steele had the sbouters. They were thinking of the armor-plate factory that Steele is to get. them by and by. There was expectation of a racket when it became known that the com- 40% 101 Mr. Steele then read T speech from manuscript and the convention adjourned. Your Uncle Steve was one of the active men in the convention. •Chairman Kinner showed much partiality in eulogizing Major Steele. He i-ame very near declaring ont-spokingly for Steele's renominaiion. Their was an ominous frown upon the countenances -of the McCoimell delegates -whten le got Wben you have JOOT teeth filled here. Bj the use of my "Fountain Cuspidor" the saliva is ejected from the movth without annoyance to the patient or delay to the operator. All the latest electrical appliances for speed and painless work. J. ¥. IRELPD, DENTIST, Over The Bee Hive. ; " Lady-it tendant. James Bpler and wife, of tore. "Our Civilization." socialistic and Labor Problem" at Young Amer- ira. Tbe public is assured of the fact that it will be an evening well spent to attend this lecture. The price of admission is only 13 cents, but this must not be taken as the measure of the speaker or bis subject. Come expecting a rare treat and you will not be disappointed. By order of COMMITTEE. Jr _-... trier was represented by A. J. Kautz., has been A dark bay mare was stolen on tbe jof tlje Kokomo Tribune: W. N. Staley 20x50 and two stories about Steele are true, he ought to be oeaten. When Chairman Kenner spoke of the great men who have heretofore represented this disrtrict, there was a quiring look for their equals of 'the ( present generation. The present con-; who -were visiting *? _ _ ' . j .._. t *— *\TI >VfT <i m i patrolmen CaW ven"tion, while"respectable, was made' and wife, on Miami street, up of "small potatoes". There were no | home today. great men in it. The newspaper fraternity of the dis- returned The brick work on Goerge Schneider's business bouse on Fifteenth BtneM ei s uu^iutot, . v««iiM«* <• *omplet«L The boiMlng to night of the 19th from George Chap- of tlie Kekomo News; Ed Goldwaitbe man's farm, north of the city. and. Walter Laiidis of the Marion Children's dresses tomorrow at less than the cost of material, only 25 and 39c—Trade Ealace. Money to loan on city property.— Ben Fisher. SmoVe the Gottmbla Wanted—First-class 'hotel cook, woman preferred. Also dining room Chronicie; Lee Linn of'the Wabash j girls. Experience and reference re- Plain Dealer. Tbe accommodation* qnirecL-Colonnade HoteMtalver, M. for the press were exceptionally good- { diaries Haven*, <rf «» I __L_T_ ._._« f^ ¥\\t* jntsuMA j paten, one of the choice* L> D F5cHe today filed tb« com-^ men in the State, mwtattwe plaint of Mary Mamlock in a suit for | attending the Congressional; divorce from Louis 'Mantloct aUegmg^on. D failure to pro-ride. She also demands the custody of tieh: child. At th* regular army recrnitlaf •»•• •Bon, yesterday, twelve nwa *t» «BD- amfned- 03»e officer* mj ttcrc *«• .City Engineer Osner b» returned!, been » aattttfactory iDCrtMfr la «*• from a business trip to K«komo. ' Dumber of

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