The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on March 13, 1992 · Page 12
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 12

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1992
Page 12
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Arts & Iiotriainment Jum fJTJf y;.t (IEBECEA LANCASHIRE v.. . . 'hanking our ucky stars or having Film Victoria TUEVISXKf BARBARA HOOKS IVAN (Mr Movies) Hatchlasoa kaews hi gear. He alM warks far a televlsiea statlea, m It li drably la the picture. Bat evea ha Itoad It aa educatlea waea Scvea cfcmmlssieaed Mm ta write aad ca pjeseat with Jennifer Keyte 'Film Vlcterla A Celebration'. The heur-Hag retraapectlve at ellpa aad later views this Saaday at 1U9 pm erawaa a 'week el aetlvltlea te mark the ltta af aiverssry el the state's film aad television eappert ergaaiaatlea. ;ivaa Hatchlaiea ceafeeaed he waa haptaf ler ceatreveny, the film business being the creative hetbed It Is. But he was disappointed. Net a detractor eeold they lladl He laughed. "We evea thaught we'd have te carry ailiae saylag this shew has not beea sponsored by Film Vlcterla. Bat whea wie had deae all the Interviews aad made the program I realised mere thaa ever hew essential this erganlsa-tlsa Is te lilm-maklng here." The program's producer Susie Lawrence believes viewers are much mere familiar with the productions Film Victoria backed (The Sulllvans', the Flying Doctors') aad the names It; launched (Fred Scbepisi, Jecelya Moorhoase) thaa the organisation itself. "We take It for granted," she said. "But It's such a tough business tlat the majority el the productions Just wouldn't aappea II they hadat got that initial push from Film Vic" ;The industries in Melbourne aad Sydney seem te have developed quite differently la recent years. "Yen can only judge by two things," Ivan Hutchinson said. "The films coming out of Sydney at the moment dont seem te have aay real relevance ta Australia taat I see. Films coming out of Melbourne really express something very Australian. I'm not talking about otker Australian, but geaaiae Australian characters with a unique way af expressing themselves.' What at the future? "I'm only confident as long as we've got government support for things like Film Vic," Ivan Hutchinson said. Without that, raising money in this country is Just toe difficult It's the biggest gamble la the world. But If someone has confidence, that ceafldeace laspires others te put money in, toe." I HOPE George Negus, presenter af the ABCs aew current affairs pre-grant 'Foreign Correspondent', offers ore insights thaa George Negus, presenter el Seven's Soviet travel-ague 'Across the Red Unknown', whose time-fiets collide tomorrow night Negus Is no stylist at the English language and his observations aad descriptions daring the 11,00-kitemetre trip from Vladivostok ta Moscow at the time of the failed coup are very ordinary Indeed. Worse, he meets plenty of Interesting people but never lets them get a word la. ; THE Shakers Invented the apple carer, the circular saw aad the washing machlae so they could spend more time in prayer. Today, aad te the great distress ef the nine surviving members ef this monastic aad once papular US sect, non-believers pay otaiceae sums for their superbly simple furniture aad wares. It ta a earless clash ef times aad cultures, but the BBC tells the story with warmth aad Integrity tonight in the documentary 1 Dont Want Te Be Remembered As A Chair (SBS at LM). Whaps On 70 LafaaTtofcR. ' 7.30 Open Learnsnp. French. UM The Wonderful World Of Ox. R. t24 Ouaq Quao. tM tssams Street MO Play Sci.oot R. 10.00 For The Jirors.R. 10.20 Take A Look. ft.31030 Look Up. R. 10.45 ZhrdfaVs Search For Healthy Wafcuea. R. 8. 11J0 PJfiwmsMiia. R. 8. 11.30 The wwld Ol ChMtaVttya Th Mont artd the periodic tats. 8. . Atomoofi t .; 1f0 WorMAtloorL ' "' ; 1oJ0 Tkv tnWwMLptofv R. 1 AO POU. R. 1.45 The - : . AsMaasm iye. R. 2M The Natural World. R. IM Sesame Street U6 Thomaa The Tank lsfouaAwdrlaiwJa.4Pwj, MmoqI R. S 4J0 afofcnoofi Add Friend. R. 440 Ther Aftmofi 130 Wheel Of I s SoOO AAalAOflW ' Sctisw. M Monkey. Q. R: SJO Ttse RaMhW, Q. Rj. . . 1.30 Real 7 JO Ha tats her 7 JO The Oh f QaftfarriM A fjuac series. 8. Toff) NMrVo SpofL WfMHhot , rlJTIw 7 JO Riport Hocttd MMWe Four Australian woinon oxptafn tho dtfticutttot of tufnJn0 ttwir hobby into s 4M( kMtafsffVicli dronon. A VRwaQt of hto onAdhood And fro vwyosoaawaoi uuuuu Notfst. JaoquatP if. POfl. ', w HUf-w,t -"whs, 8. I MLAfMAtft. OMMTfta wst worahoo hor bfOMtf fttoPartoofk 1900 wjflw) owmay im TIMS r l WvmsM .ife-li A felfi INTERVIEW MICHAEL SHMtTH, Adelaide WOMAD is Thomas Broo man's world. So far this year, he has been to India, Canada, Spain, France, Germany- and Ireland. His passport is full of visa stamps and he is a happy man. WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance) International, of which Mr Brooman Is managing and artistic director, aims to present entertainment by as many International groups as possible to audiences round the globe. Tonight its domain and its acronym Is extended, with the opening of the three-day festival, WOMADE-LAIDE, in the city's Botanic Park. Adelaide Is one of IS WOMAD venues Mr Brooman is supervising this year, which is the company's 10th anniversary. From 1987, WOMAD, which was begun by British rock musician DIRECTOR Barry Levinson likes one-dimensional characters. He let Dustin Hoffman, as an Idiot savant twitch tediously through 'Rain Man'; he demanded nothing more of Robin Williams, as a DJ in 'Good Morning, Vietnam', than fits of manic screeching; and he assembled a collection of kitsch caricatures for the queasily sentimental 'Avalon'. . But Tin Men', which Levinson wrote as weU as directed, was one of the best United States films of the 1980s, because Its central couple (Richard Drey-fuss and Danny DeVito as cladding salesmen dedicated to conning people) were crass but intrigulngly complex. The result was an endearing comedy about appalling men. With 'Bugsy, loosely based on the life of Benjamin SiegeL one of America's most notorious gangsters of the 1 940s, Levinson is back to working pretty much in one dimension. He fails, at exhausting length (135 minutes), to turn a psychopath Into a charming TV t.00 The New Leave H To Beaver. Q. R. S.30 Cartoon CwWMCtton. Q. M Mr Ed. Q. SAW. R. (.30 The Book Place P. 10 JO KJnoawood Country. PGR.R. 10.30 The Uttiest Hobo. Q. MM 11am. mm 1240 rXM. Three In The) Cellar. 1970 comedy. A university professor and Ms wife let a struggling fitm- maker Nva with them. Stars Joan CoWns. PGR. R. 2M Hunter. PGR. R. 100 The Famay Man. Q. R 130 AN. Q. . 4J0 Tcnde Crusaders. Q. R. MO Pan) Feud. Q. R. Vol JeUay is Burke's guest (9,' AfteNTtOOtl UO NeMBnaL Ruoalon Nam 4 JO TV Ed. 4J0 worn. oanj to on H. ti LM. Current affairs. AMua 1m. soon Iwnlnfl final wish and Randy ncomfliiflMniM n 7 JO DaesMna. Currant oftaka ' Ooidn Okie. Roee 7 JO Alteon Moataiann rrsnks tnespoltof her husband I trying to contact ' her. Wltti Betty Whns, Bea Arthur. PGR ft w- , fwjMaw. Chaos InducSno fondue 9 JO The Bookahow. Quest AHaon BroinowsM author of "The Yaaow Lartw" JO laspty teeet a new makf prove oisasirous tor m .: hnufleniwJ O 9-30 Connocllonas want tom IJ019t2LglAwwde.Llv A Chair. BBC documentary aboutthe8hakers,a irum (no rtaotsson preswem Hotal. MetMume. Quests tefcjc John Stamoe, Stave VTzard. Sophia Lee, Daryt Sonera, Diana Rosa, Dora oraftamarwhlp la 939 The) Ffaswh Bx aatf -oontained 11J TaiwaWUa. Repeat .. pen'ormartoa of Harry Conrsok Juroor. AO. R, oaoapwon. Chedren try to eeosp Iha txfadoni of school, unol two wish 2J0 PMM. thmmuft Deal, oratria. An attorney ; to MfnoNfiQ. 8tara 11J0 Take Twot The Hume FaauV BBC ovjeumantaiw Q Bfwjnoen. 12J9 FILM. Ufa I 0hw. 1907 8ertCrcttan Cflmerhi. A oinaar io J AbOwwflnwIOl oVatfaoOjVavOo Q 439 PJ Your Card N4 IdTtaJaM MoM Q. a VMtanad by a Thomas Brooman, the managing and artistic director of WOMAD: "We don't want to rule the world." Global discovery of arts Peter Gabriel in 1 982. has cone bevond British borders. "As news filtered through the international arts network, we received many Invitations from many countries," says Mr Brooman. "I always found Australia interesting in terms of Its continuing cultural life, which is burgeoning and very exciting," I suggested that even Paul Keating would approve of a British-based company which Is presenting in Adelaide performers such as Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour, the Klezmer Conservatory Band playing traditional Jewish music, Pakistani vocalist Nusrat Fateh All Khan, and Australian performers Including Archie Roach, and the bands Crowded House and Not Drowning, Waving. Even so, Mr Brooman says that being British doesn't always help. "I am continually being held to account for the cultural imperialism of Britain over the world. What can I say? It's not my fault the Beatles come from Liverpool." He prefers to see WOMAD as a creature of the world whose habitat in dark-. est Wiltshire Is merely the centre of a network of burrows stretching from Why it's hard to give 'Bugsy' a character reference FILM Bugsy (Hoyts); Tots the Hero (Kino); Hangki' with the Homeboys (Carlton Moviehouse), NEIL JILLETT dreamer. Nor does he make much of a ' Job of keeping track of the relationships among the various Mob characters. Siegel (Warren Beatty), according to James Toback's script Is an East Coast philanderer who keeps up a semblance of happy home life with his wife and two young daughters. He goes to wartime Hollywood, swans around with actor George Raft (Joe Mantegna, who does not look or sound at all like him), hires a new sidekick, buys a tough-as-guts starlet Virginia Hill (Annette Ben- Worth considering Excellent Not to be 1.00 Marsha Bravestarr. Q. R. 0J0 fTN News. 6J5 Buahwa Today. 7 JO Today. Q. 9 JO nvr a numpnray. p. 90 Ml Malboume Today. Q. 10J0 News. Q. 11.00 Whafa Cookjng. Q. 11 JO CnloftaWNnont TonlQhts PGR. AftoKiioon 12J0Th Mdday Show. With Ray Martin. 1 JO Days Of Our Lives. PGR. 2 JO The Young And The RsOe. PQR. 3.30 IwWght Zone III. Q. R. K) DOVriwCnOd U. R. 430 Look Who's Taking. C. fMW waarwiaritai soiaejp. . Qam show hosted by Ian Turpi. Q. aJ6 Mofcoums Extra. Local current affairs hosted by John Joat Engteh At But You. Q. Evnlng 000 NowOo Sports Woothof JO A Current Affair. Hoeted byJanavvondt 7 JO Sat Of The Century. TJSKeno. 7 JO Burka's Beokyard. OulsWe acfivlUes ahow hoatad by Don Burke. orngnr a ooojorny garowners are Vat Jaiay, Mauri nld. 439 WU4 Ahov Th Law. 1900 droino A dolocM0 booofnoo OfnbfoNod In on dishes, I Dont much who iMvonMnonts 8tor Swtvon BooqoI, Pom CoOaoliovi, Grtor. AO. R. Franoh 1040 Tho WortO Tonight of vVVV nOOwSfiMn. 1140 HTV. Muoto vtdooo ond askoaiAawi - - - in --4, - -a iiwrwoi. novwo uj nicnafo VVMdna. AO. 2J9nU4Thlvra9ld. 1969 horror. Stars iaosilsi din nil sir sTBNSaauBtaa4 MwiOwOpnoT LOOi ravtoK Mowof i Loon Qroono. AO R MOP!. Tho torn Ow Whoolo 1069 tfrono. 8l0f0 fuOot M01o t'OR (Mi wVo R 439 Th 9euwi. a R . Lv Eaoh rival. AO, R. Scandinavia to South America. WOMAD began when Peter Gabriel recruited 10 music-industry people (including Thomas Brooman) to present music and dance from over the world combined with rock. Jazz and folk music This would Incorporate educational and recording programs. This structure has largely been preserved since the first WOMAD, In a showgrounds in Somerset That event, which lost a quarter of a million pounds, was nearly the end of the WOMAD; but persever-ence and growing popularity paid off, and within five years, the organisation was operating on a professional, profitable basis. Profit although essential, is not WO-MAD's entire reason for being. "We're just people trying to work on the same side as musicians," says Thomas Broo- man. In contrast. Rod Stewart and his megs-merchandised touring circus are also In Adelaide. "Anyone with a calculator could add up what Is generated by a tour of that scale," says Mr Brooman, who finds the greed-versus-culture argument fascinating. "It comes down to relative values," he says. "We are endlessly re-examining the process of cul Ing), as his new moll, kids himself he Is going to assassinate Mussolini, dreams of creating a gambling paradise in the desert around Las Vegas, and fills in his spare time by bullying, bashing and killing people. Beatty (who co-produced the film with Levinson and Mark Johnson) tries to make Siegel humorous and glamor-ously suave, but Is defeated by the futility of the enterprise. This paranoid sadist Is not a nice guy. He is not even interesting; merely a buUy with a few colorful mannerisms an obsession with the meaning and pronunciation of words, a Using for elegantly lairy ties. Levinson dallies with black comedy, high tragedy, star-crossed romanticism and visionary grandiloquence, without ever getting this movie close to lift-off or disguising the fact that Jewish gangsters were as rotten as the more fre missed 1 9J0 Now. 9 JO Qood Morning Ainlnta Q. 0-30 Tho MonrinQ 10.00 Miaatouba. P. R. 1430 AafoMoa Ot Style). Q. 11 JO SaNy Jee llapfiaaL US chat show. 8 talked by a arranger, run. Afttnoon 12.00 Santa Barbara. PQR. 1 JO The Bold And The BeexittfuL PQR. 1 JO foriahu. US chat show. A 23 year old male asks the audience should I become a woman? PQR. 2J0 Oprah Winfrey Show. US chat show. How to be an . asoerttvo women when in bootcamp. PQR. 3J0 OsMvaral HnepMaL PQR. 400 The Al I New Candkf Comofo Show Q. 4J0 Th Wondev Years. C. R. tongi lvnlnj 400 Oluwa. US game show. 9JOMslamoura.Aftran In aociownt uicy ana Brad may b near tw and. Q. ToOO Nbiolia 7JS Beverty rMs 90210. Doubt piode of th US n.franoxxilscovred by a Nt leasvliion show and Brnda la bored, ao sh moves out of horn. Wtth Tori Spelling. PQR.w ijomuvint Mer.US PQR. 19J0NMM. 11J0 ' Qlaaahpues, 1 J9 FILM. Naaaa Ir 1944 oram. An x -trainer's fwufiwW froa hi lujnwjhlng nor sno proowxas o aVaratan. O.R, 34 1 ty ty toy. PQR. 490 ' Moer v. AO.R . 409 9raaWaOTit Or aaaWOO JwaO TlwIO VrOfvtf fn . evMi ftujN.rnoi tural and economic differences with the people we work with. Paying a Japanese artist who visits Europe is throwing crumbs at a rich man's table, even though the artist Is still keen to eat those crumbs. But a small fee for an artist from Tanzania Is, to him, huge." In Adelaide, as anywhere, WOMAD works for a fee, and extra revenue comes from its recording arm, Real World Records. One of the delights of Mr Brooman's Job Is the endless voyage of discovery it represents. He is, if anything, an explorer who journeys into alien musical territory to extract Its culture and make It known to the rest of the world. He Is anxious that people should see WOMADELAIDE not as a collection of exotica but as a new way of seeing themselves. "I hope this will allow people to think about Australia in a different way. This is as much a celebration of being Australian as it is a celebration of a world of music." WOMADELAIDE will be performed at Botanic Park, Adelaide. ABC-FM is broadcasting the concerts tonight, tomorrow and Sunday evenings. quently mythologised Italians. Ennio Morricone, cinema's most assertive composer, supplies lashings of Inappropriately elegiac music. IN the prize-laden Toto the Hero' senile madness merges with childhood fantasies. Otherwise, it Is hard to find any meaning, let alone entertainment in this studiously confused film, written and directed by Jaco van Dor-mael, a 35-year-old Belgian and former circus clown. - Toto' Is swaddled In anachronisms. They are presumably Intended, but serve only to make the film more perversely opaque. Toto (Aka Thomas) was apparently born In the 1930s, but much of the story takes place In the present, when he Is 30 In some scenes and 70-ish In others. Toto has Infantile, incestuous yearnings .for his sister Alice. He hates Alfred, the boy next Weather TODAY'S FORECASTS MfOJOWtNE: Hot northerly wind strengthening eany h Jh cay before a cooler southerly change In the evening. Showers and the chance of a thunoerstorm with the change. Expected top 36. VICTORIA: Morning fogs In Qippsland. A vary warm tohot)aywlmnonJtorK)rm-sstwlndstrenrt ahead of a southerly change extending across the south In th afternoon and evening. Showers and laolatadllHindsrstoriTiswIthlh eastern ranges. FtftE DAteaEft: Vary high to extreme ahead of the change In western and central areas. PORT PHILLIP and WESTERN PORT BAYS: North-sest to northerly wvx) strengthening to 20 to 30 knots In the morning before a aknkar strength southerly change in the evening. Waves to on metre Increasing on to two metres. A strong wind warning is current ALPINE AREAS: Afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Northerly wind strangihsnlng. WARNINGS: Northerly winds wi strengthen over ooaotalwtlersarofacharrrnvlngacrcesthe south of the state during th day. A fir wsathor warning to current for th MaikK, w M THE COUNTRY: Madura: Fin, max 38; Swan hwe Fine, max 37; Horsham: max 38; Afcury: Fine, max 32; fyB Fin, max 36; Oliapparten: Fin, max 36; taaaaawws iiwwaii ensngo oevenoina. max a: uee- am. A una change, max 36; Warmetnboot Thundery Kh fli - nam j-winaiiiw, niusw. aaa.niuaiiwrwowGinax jwyi othr states Today YoMorday 37 26 26 32 21 27 26 37 27 22 31 - ,16 30 27 Showers. Wind, ', Mostly fins a Lois storm . . . Mod. LoceJ ram , Z?rtrrm!. Ttaodsu's mletetieuZt aiisdassd wMi weate i ,pusv Ieve4s 4 A city bursting at thessi seams wiui and some controversy- A LMOST EVERY civic nook and ad-f minlstrative cranny in the city XJL of Adelaide seems to be blessed with an exhibition this week. Besides the galleries, respectable shows have appeared In several theatre foyers, the Art SchooL the Science Museum, the Town Hall, Government office buildings and even the Botanic Gardens. Importantly, these venues are not paying lip-service to visual art, for the general standard of presentation is high. The art is, of course, of varied quality. Lowest on my scale are the outdoor works placed around the Festival Centre. Produced by Nell Roberts, Trevor Nlckolls and Nell Dawson, the out-. door mural and sculptures are, In my view, visual trivia Intended to amuse the art-ignorant Such artists cannot probably make a convincing aesthetic statement beyond the safe confines of a gallery. The exception to this rule Is the British artist Andy Goldsworthy. If his exhibitions are undistinguished, his sculptural commission for the Botanic Gardens is a festival highlight Constructed of rocks from rural South Australia, Goldsworthy's circular well sunk In a lawn of the gardens Is environmental art at Its best The work does not impinge on Its external setting, but raises our awareness of this quiet corner of parkland. Sadly, the most publicised exhibitions of contemporary art are pompous. Leading the field here Is the mis-leadtngly titled. In my view, survey of 'Contemporary Hungarian Art', at the equally misnamed Experimental Art Foundation. I hope that this show of tastefully conformist concepts by eight forgettable artists does not represent truly the direction In which Hungarian culture is heading after communism. Also worrying are Rosslynd Plggott's pastel-hued installation and Milan Kni-sac's exhibitionist photocopies both shows being apparently constricted by a stylistic predJctibtlity and an over-eagerness to be noticed. Despite these shortcomings, impressive artistic statements are delivered by Annette Bezor, Fiona Hall, Glen Baxter and Lisa Tomasetti. Together these artists are a cut above the norm, technically, intellectually and aesthetically. All four take as their subject matter art politics and the nature of visual representation, making their points in an intelligent and succinct manner. Also high on my list is 'Iwi', a show of contemporary Maori art The exhibi- door, suspecting that they were "swapped" (given to each other's parents by mistake) In a maternity hospital. These fixations become more compelling as Toto grows older and are fatally resolved, with the help of another fixation that he is a secret agent who can still save his father, who was killed years earlier while flying a cargo of marmalade from England to Belgium. Toto' Is perhaps (a) an enigmatically metaphysical work whose meaning may be partially revealed by several viewing! or (b) an absurdist or surreal comedy. It Is not energetic or Imaginative enough to win many points as (b). If It Is (a), then I win forever be denied its secrets. One viewing wasted more than enough time. FEMINISM and ethnic consciousness-raising have a lot to answer Melbourne 0058 19100 Victoria 0055 1S321 Th world Tmprturts Atl cofHttirom. mi rno mm Tokvt WHIInstan Th tlds TODAV . W warm town - Man watan 7 S am. 9 it pm. taw watan 2.2S Port tHmtSptt - 82", tlx houn tooracM - Ntn watan S.2S 7.12 am. low watan 12.1 J iMjhl reran o WMamtown - Man watan a 42 yj am. tow watan .47 am, 7.04 am. tow watan 1.S4 am. - - - -m. oaraoM - Man watan 7.10 t.27 am. law watan 1.17 Solar snsrgy Total mmtr tmrftf VMWMl7Jms 28 19 14 24 7 20 19 ToUl toUr 4WM WH4M1 Tho piano ts TOOAV ta "1 ' wSa"v tr- InformatrOft orovidod by iho itwriowwai Socioiv of vkof)a. Hlchs and lows MM Ma CoxO Amitrdiffl ' 02 60 doudv . 3 3 . - Athens 06 To cloudy il'UA I V Auckland I 21 oouoV htS JrV z l' I ii 21 dwf - : fi KraaM 7 ww a rwjvrroau oarow Iff V mM TUT IT fflin Wllf aBitlBlida faWWwTwTktrTU . ixvxat rw ... , .f a ikvi . ir aaMrstouL - - tukwaal urn hm t9 0fS mm M to iiwo ' - t. sc-r -tf is tSHZ SltSF XS iMa Eii?e5 an, 3 ART CHRISTOPHER HEATHCOTE, Adalalow) tors In this lively effort seem not to be producing art so as to participate In a gallery system; instead, their display amounts to an affirmation of the capacities of art to enrich the imagination; j Of course, there are fringe activities accompanying all arts festivals thest days. The works that I have seen at these events are energetic brimming with enthusiasm (If not Ideas) anil quite a lot cheaper than in Melbourne.-The pick of the bunch is undoubtedly a group show of expressionist, neo-dada and recycled funk-art at Loft Gallery." Indeed, the urban-junk assemblages of John Hayward and Shelley featured; here, eclipsed pieces in several main stream displays. . , Tne focus for Artists' Week remain a dally fare of talks, forums and lectures. This year, these are organised mainly around the theme of the shape, of culture produced outside the artistta first world. Art from America and. Western Europe has not rated a menA Hon; In fact the principal speaker, the . German artist Anselm Kiefer, has diet cussed the decline of the West and ta developing importance of Aboriginal and Oriental perspectives In his own ideas. '. These sessions have, like the exhibi-' tlons, varied in quality. After Kiefer; the most controversial speaker has been John McDonald, former art critic of The Sydney Morning Herald'. Mo Donald read a tightly argued paper" which compared the operations of the Federal Government's Visual Arts; Board with that of Soviet official cuK hire before Gorbachev. While many issues were covered, his main point was that local arts administrators and; gallery staff are opposed to creative diversity and only support politically correct contemporary artists. Notably the curators and bureaucrats In the aq dience responded to his thought", provoking analysis with ridjcule and scorn (the Czech and Hungarian artists, present commended the piece). ,ri This heated session concluded with' McDonald being openly called "intolerant", "racist", "faclst" and "conserva? live". Another Journalist, who dared ta speak against prevailing sentiments;' was threatened with physical violence. Once again, art imitates strife. ' for, ctnematically. They Inspire a thnW ty disguised recycling of tired plots and themes for example, 'Thelma A Loth ( tee', a buddy-bonding road movie tat . which the main characters are women Instead of men, or 'Hangin' with the Homeboys', yet another study of dos layed rites of male passage, this time with passengers who are colored black! and brown instead of white. m 'Homeboys' is the semi-autoblo graphical work of 28-year-old write! director Joseph B. Vasquez. Its characters and situations are invested with a" naive enthusiasm that suggests he does not realise they are cliches. Four young men, two Puerto Ricans, two African Americans, have a night on the town in New York. In their encounters with women and other stray objects they box have with extreme uncouth nest or wltS shy sensitivity no Intermediate! faults or qualities are on display. Thenf Is a lot of the expletive-studded mumV. bling that passes for soul-searching in American films of this kind. BayCoast 0055 10111 rttarstata 0055 33221 li on ThurrMlBT nlfmoon. MMntol totals rworM in S o SwNris thjn iVwjmlifTwtrfcTr7 to fTkodtr.t w t4tto touthtMMyv, but was local 9 Birortci KnJ wvw'iii wmi, iwioiiriemsjTTl 1 tarrtMfl tM I aJS wm for oartoncao mrlfx " OafawklaaMaai. Mllr-wuta aiaaaS 9a I r BUREAU OF KCTKHOOGT " 1 I ar Situation at noon ystrday ' '. i'l afiaousNi a0 , iti tTt Ti" - NOON mMtot 4 i . i " ' . IJJJ 12 MARCH 1MJ2 ST i'iT,iS Hi. Via avoraMin most .mt but ittov wr VvrkiTfl COAIf. TTW MraKflwl emrnritt m. lA z---.-. T "A" KS. J!- . waa 17 ow Tlounl'TgftaS. In '1."!,'? rwln-aaiinY TOfTKHTOW 01 ffiO hMh movw trout movot oMlward. . , . 'm Inpeded Htuotion for 9 om todoy ', fSJS : r---ii v- am I aa .r tu-wwa V,, jJlv9 ))' POA. R.

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