Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1890
Page 7
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OF LIVES I>ISEASE< I "r^.s of p-i-K-tit-'-- bad breath; b;ul tnste In "ic ip.vufu- I'lmKas coated: pain under the :!€•: Vrr-blad;-: in the back or side—often '^i-t-'U'^n for rliL-urnatisni; sour stomach "i-t; iK-tuli'ncy and water-brash; indigcs- •u-i- IKUVC-'.S l:ix Jind costive by turns; ,,..;...],.. %r iti, .lull, heavy sensation; r,.<::i-"-'.'-a:, with sensation of hiiviue lea •• >;:n-:'-.iii" undone which ought to have !••••:•. i;-mc- rul'iness jifler eating; bad Mnnrr; blues; tired fefliug; yellow up- pr:ir;uKV.if slcinaml eyes; dizziness, etc, Not all, but always sume of these man cate want or netioa of the Liver. For A Safe. Reliable Remedy •hat candonohnrmantl has never been knwvrii to fait to do good Tske Simmons Liver Regulator -A*' EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC FOR 3Salaria. Uo'.rcl Complaints, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, ConstlpaUon, Biliousness, Kidney Afii-ctions. Jaundice, Mental Depression, Coiic. A PHTSICIAX'S OPINION. "I havi been pme:icms raedicLne for twenty vrr.irs ar.d have never been able to put up a vegetable .:>!ripound l:in: -.voultl, like Simmons Liver K^hcar, promptly and effectually move the Liv-r [ > action, ar.d at the same time aid (instead of w;akcnir,~) the digestive and assimilative pcwcrs of the system." L. M. HINTO:., M.D,, Washington, Ark. O3TLY GENUINE Has our 2 S'.a^ip in red on front of -wrapper. J.H.ZsiIin « Ca., Philadelphia, Pa. Eici Headacae and relieve all tho tronblas dent to a bilious Etaio of tho system, ouch 83 Dizziness, Katisea, J>rowsiness, Distress after eating. Pain ia tho Sitio. ic. Whilo thelrznost ble success lisa been shown lu coring Eeaoache, jet Carter's LHUo Livar PfflS are squally Talnablo In Constipation, curing antlpra- Treating thisannoying complaint, whllo t£eyal3O correct all disorders of tho3tomach,stiarala to tno HYeraBdregnlatetliebowels. Even If they only Cured Aibatbey would bo alia cat pricelessto those who EiuVer from toisdMressLoe complaint; b-utforta- £iie]ytheirg6cdEes3doo3notendhere,aadthosa Trho caco try them -<?rill find these little piUs-raln- able In so many vays that they Trill not bo wit- lizgic do without them. Bat after all sick haail Is the bane of so many lives that here is whera VTCmakoDnr great boast. Our pills euro it whfla others do not. Carter's Littlo Liver Pills are very small and very easy to tike, Oaoor twopillaniakaa.dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, bnt by tfceir gentle action please all who usethem. ImmlsataScents; fivofor$L Soil by druggists everywhere, or sent by mafl. CARTER WEDieiME CO., New York; SMALL Pill, SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE KfBHEV LIVEB AND I BLA.DBES CURE. Read Symptoms and Conditions This SpecSBe ^vlll Kellex-e and Cure. H Vnil nr< ? threatened trith, or nlreivlr t-r,--- II IUU Brighfa disease, or L'risaryi :-;)•.:!,._•. H Ynil have wdiment in uriDO lilir;b'-V';,'--' II lull frequent calls 01- retc.-ciii.-i v .••••, tetrcssor pressure in tbo parts, I.raU, b-o-it, if Yflll llavo IJ"no Back, Khcumotifiti, Lt-EL"II IUU ing. Aching Pajuaiusidt cr l.iys, If Vnii hareDiabctesorDrnpsT. bi>/iy l.'oi:-. II IUU orEcantycr hijfUcolorctl mine, If Yfl'l 5? ve Mall >ria, Torpid Livcr.Dvsr»r;'.=. I! IUU Gall Stua6, Fever and ASUO cr Ciout. If Vnil havc Irritation. Spasmodic- ftrict^rt-, II IUU or Catarrh of tbo Bladder, if Yni! have BLOOD humors,Pimplc=, Ulrc-rs. il IUU ieminal Weakness or Syphilis, havoStonoiti Kidnej-, Cra%-cl m Biad- dc-r, Stoppage of urine or Dribbling-, If Ynii II IUU , v avc E oor APPCtitc. Bild Taste, Foul- breath or internal Slime Fever. l fi I nil a. run-down constitution. DOQ'C neglect eai ly symptoms. T DOSE GOES EICIIT TO TI;E SPOT. nt Discern KuT-Rfcomrccneted by rmo^ned InyiliAj GU;,],. to n taltll . rrct. Advice fie« S c . nl ?j ne havu I)r - Kilmer's likeness oa outside and inside wrappers. "U Dsrssists and Da. KIMEU i ro., s-bamtoa, X. Y. 3©c. extra Sas.«se sa« BRJATCUT ,., the following Jow rLtesbe- -iweeu pointa on its lines: i.'"'.-e'>V^ '**<*&, Medicated Air! I>r. Teagne's ! ^EW REMEDY CUKES Catarrli! AstBmai TiIi«UT AND LUNG DISEASES! HAS Xf» K^CAI, S-'or Pilc-k or Xerv- yagb>, coijj 4,5?£? ni ls , <l POMtlva cure for .*>. Spittlna of BSl/i 1 ,^ 1 - Hoa,-.«?ness. Diphtte- faroatunri Luni 00 ?.- Vlll fnpin!; Couah, and ail Sj«sa!lc!lspiv ss0 , < te f 'Ws. T.- aOT e'f. EyeSaivp Weak vision ,,,.„,?« ^ Granulatwltidsand a? an olatm»it 7n 3 ," c l lon " uh Maiic-aWrt Air ^S^^^i^AA^p^^SS: " COULDN'T BLOW IT OUT. A Collegian's I'ccnIIar Experiment with the Inpnnilescent J,i£bt, One of the, young ra cn froin (Columbia, Mo., here aUeuding the iulercol- legato oratorical contest, remained in the city over night, says the Kansas City Times. Ho stopped tit the C'entro- polis hotel, retiring about 10. At midnight the hull-man noted a peculiar odor, as if from burning cloth. Together with the night clerk and a police officer he made au examination, and finally located it in the room of the young collegian. After live minutes of hammering on the voung fellow's door he v.-as brought, to his feet. Ho made his appearance to the searchers in a half-dazed sortof away, and wanted to know what was the matter. As soon aa the night clerk entered the room ho saw what was the cause of the trouble. The voung man had wrapped a thintowel around the incandescent electric light globe and it had become scorched. _•'What on earth."' exclaimed the night clerk, "do you mean by this?" "The light hurt my eyes and T wanted to hide it," 'exclaimed the young fellow. "Why didn't you put it out, then?" "U ell," he said, in an apologetic I fashion, ••! bleu- and blew on the thing I till I thought I'd g-o to pieces, and I then I gave it up." There will' be fun on the campus when Ihiu young man returns. CHAT ABOUT WOMEN. ink is tho proper kind for Perfumed loye letters. Gold braid is put on gray dresses :ni,l silver meets with favor. Tho dressmakers are malcin-j an insane offort to elongate their patrons M> that the waist soeins to merpce into t'n- hips. Long sleeves "arc now seen on ovonin-j dresses, but no extra amount of m:'::>r:al is required, as the neck- U cut VMM''; lower. Every woman nowadays wants !;> id,:, tall, and to attain this end very i.i.-i -. ~ - - - - J, U nprecedented Attraction Over a Million Distributed. . _-„ For Stablemen and Stockmen. 1 " CTJRKS _ The rtise of thti Divan. '.the low. broad Turkish divan has mdearecl itself to us in u thousand ways. With its dainty coverings and wealth of .easy pillows it adds to the barest, stiffest room u suggestion of cosiness: it has taught fair "women the tricks of their Oriental sister.-;—how to lounjre deliciously and gracefully nt the same Li-rie: more than all. it forms the - ;>-• i^fisrlitful setting- for a pic - • • in and a jflinip-;,-- on the ).!;,:• of And so th-; ciiv petua.leil. !>;it extended, it .-;o.'tiy tinted, cushions, u u is not only to be per- its usefulness is to be will be the distinctive feature of 1:1,3 piazza during- the com- inp; sumcr.n-. The uiiholsterers show the pia-:zii divan' in srenerous dimensions—sis feel and u half by three and a half—with alterht but firm frame and thin mattress. The frame is often of rattan, ''or tho divan must, be licht enough to be easily movable in case of rain, and the upholstery is in simple muslin, so that the cover can be removed each day and shaken. carry white parasols and wear hat white aigrettes. The Delicate and showy colors M> • i : rii nofirtxl in th« windows and sii|>,o>.-!! r.> many to bo for pv.->niii-j we.it- ;:-,-. j'.,. tended for the promonadf. Capes have become n r;v_-i- ami no-, f-v evening wear v.-e have, one I'onii-vluf row upon i-oiv of whiti- lace 0:1 a fi.- i <!•-.- tion of white or ;,h;(c. i silk. Kn<>-; ::t;'l loops of ribbon fall from the thro;,:, ..'-.•,'•:• the lace in a very pretty manner. \VH.h a daintT toque such "a cape wouk! bo quite a stunning- theater outfit. The new corsage front which is cut on the bias is totally without seams an-: fastens under the arms and on the 'left shoulder. It is altogether untrinuner] and worn with a, tiRht skirt devoid of trimming, hence it is rather severe an.-l should be worn by the most nerfe.-t of fig-tires, so say the dress-makers. English belles wear sunshades made of cloth to match tho sown and lined with silk of a contrastins shade. The lonsr handles of last season are relegated to the past, the present ones hein? about four inches shorter, but are rendered more expensive by being mounted in amber. Some have a small Icnob, but the costliest ones have a, walking-stick handle of amber on which the o'wn.-r's name is r:m all aro;!!-.^.! silv.-,- letters. Yoi;ng ladies in Fist-is now arrav tl-r-n- selves in Cireek jron-ns and preside over the booths at a rainbow reception, whirl| .is a simple .and pretty -motliod to adopt I fora, cliurch or charitable benefit. Th" I booths are drapr-d in the rainbow's h.:c> I Those of violet, oruiiKe, and white ;•.]-.I devoted to tbe sale of such arti.-lcs as a , , . . ._ .lapanesi.- an:: j oriental articles, the yellow to lemonade and caki-. !ho Kreea to (lowers, while the indigo will fonn a fitting retreat for the sirab-bag; and its patrons. Tea,..coffee, and light refreshments are served in a booth in which all the combined. . Sh |o'll° C vH In their early Stages. Directions itiUi each bottle. THE CHARLES A. VOGELER C<d}a'IUmore. Mi ELY'S Balm Cleanses tho .Nasal Alliiys anu inniaoi), HealstheSores Kestores the SensesoiTiist find SuielJ k TA|?pH fLv's^lP ll^frtf'KEin Louisiana State Lottery Co. '.'iiwrpor.iN'.-i I.-v ;;-•<- l.cstshiture, Tor Educational and Charitable purposes, and Us frail- «JJ*5eina<!e:i partof the present Stats Constltu- Its JUJlJtOTil DRAWINGS take I..L-ICK Seral- t .fl^ 11 V* ^- nln ^ r 'n-- Beceiiihor}. and lu <rI:VND -SIMrl.h NC.MI5KH DHAVnMiS Ink*- j/-io^ in each of the other t.-n months of ilw j-«ir ,-tprf ;i-e all drawn In publlf. :it the Academy of l'it«lc New Orleans, f.a. Cl FAMED FOR TWENTY YEARS, FOP Integrity or its Drawings and Prompt Payment of Prizes. Attests! a.s Follows: ' We do hereby certify that we supervise the arrangements lor all the Uontlilr and seini-annuai Drawing of tlie Louisiana State Lottery Company and In person manage and control tlie DrawL-ms tneinseJves, and that tae same tiro «>nduet«l with honesty, fairness ,-md m soou talth toward aii par- tie?, and we authorize tlie Company to u_w~ this certificate, with fao similes of our Fls^iatu-f, at tMhciMnltsadwrtlsenipnts." MOORE'S up< c.na I:u'e tea ^ovni, !>cep;iiir from its folds j church fair usually disyl ;i white, wrist lyinjr | blue, to sweets, the red to A Forgotten Tomb. A short time since inquiry was made in regard to the place -where the fatli of George Washington -was bioriect Diligent search here failed for sora. time to ascertain the location of tin grave of Augustine Washington; Bu r the information uas finally been seemed, says a Washington corresponden of the Xeiv York Star. It seems tha Angiistirie."WflshiDgton. the father o General Seorge Washington, died April 12, 17-13, in Stafford County and his body was brought down auc deposited in the vault at Wakefield near Bridges Creek, in Westmoi-elanc County; where his first wife (Jan, Butleri had been buried in Xovember 172S. Xhe site of this vault and bmia! ground is correetjy located on a char made from a survey of "Washington's birthplace" by A. Lindenkohl in Sep tember, 1879", copies or which chart can be obtained from the office of the United States Coast, and Geodetic Survey in Washington.. The spot is occasionally visits;! by tourists, and was sera by Bishop Meade in 1857. who describes it; Mglec'ed condition as ''disgusting.'" The condition has r.ot been improved s-ince. The burial ground occupies a space .'(I or ! 0 feet «pi are. The arc-!) of r.he vai;lt fell in many vears ago, aa-. 1 . tie excavation is nea'ily filled with fltbriK. Noar by are two gravestones, one 190(5, marking the grave of two childI-OD (John and Mildred) of "Lawrence Washin ( rron, the grandfather o: ,Georpte Washington. The other is over the grave of Jane, the first wife of Augustine Washington, the fatlier of the General, with the date Nov. 24, ll-S. There are other fragments of gravestones lying around. The whole lilar-e is overgrown with vines and bur- doclis. It is a question as to who ha? a legal title to the s;.ot now. la 1813 Col. Cieorge C. Washington sold the Wakefield estate to John Gray, brifc made a reservation of the old "family burial ground" and GO 1'eefc sonars at the birthplace. In 1858 Ool. George C. Washington's son, Lewis Washington, granted both spots to the commonwealth on condition that they should be- suitably marked and inclosed. The Legislature accepted the grant, but the conditions were not complied with. In 1833 the United States acquired title to the sixty feet square at the birthplace and other land adjoining for the purpose of marking that spot with a monument, but nothing was done about- the burial ground. In 18S7 Congress made an appropriation for a monument at the birthplace. The work has not yet been executed. '_ Pitcher bha'rou will miiKe a, record in the league this season. He is a natural ball player. He h&s remarkable control of the ball, a cool head, plenty of curves, and is not afraid to field any ball. Tony Midlai'.e is playincr tain' base. For Circinnati: V.<\ lin* m.-t, hceu !riei5 enoush lo dmuon-t.rsic lin-.v snccessTully he will Gil th« position. Lefty Jl'arr has been sent out to rljrh: field, and Nicol is ornamenting the players" bencli. i It may not be inTSTiably true that fine feathers make fine birds, but in the case of the parrot they certainly do make a brilliant conversationalist. What magnificent ironv OIIP finds in this sentence, which open- s ,•>--••- magaziite advance shoe: They act in the Blood. 9 Slightly laiaUre. Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills. & impure Blood Taoy eipel dlscaao germs, and Purify tho System Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.7 They PositsveSy Cure, tc-rles U'rs. temuteMiKwd I;acl:.sar.d Batikc-rs will paj ^t-.s GTJIVO ;n '("le l.»itl:;iii.'i.', Stare Lot- vviitct; n-.av ijt- ijrc^i-ntr.-u ;:I nur COUT. i bsr, or cli boies Sot *5 00 t oa rocelpt of price. iVK GUARANTEE SIX BOXES -, u '" rc ° r !:*V :£1S - mth """order tf ,,^ ., u- r-.r»,T boiee, aocomp«n.'n<l wHbff • » •,•»,, "i:U ".^""SJ". 0 V rmen ««"•-—»'« *™>™ \..t. - s .«.i. 7 if tso trcsftnj.nt doos not effect n eor« «"T-'V."' uIMoaJ ' "J B - F - "«»l^-i^>re«SSJ nu.» A<en» la: Loginspcrt. iulnSdi»Tj LITERARY LITTLE-BITS. Among- prominent authors who detest smoking nre Gladstone. John Ruskin. the poet \Vhit.tior and Thomas Hardv! the novelist. Lafeadib Hearn, whose --Chita" was in some respects the best story ever written in America, will have a novelette iu Lippiricott's Magazine for Mav ft will be entitled "Karma." Tho firm of Henry Altemus, Philadelphia, has just published "Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow," by Jerome K. Jerome, who calls himself an English humorist and who therefore must be a remarkable man. "Ballads of Gotham."' those bright squibs in rhyme, by Eugene Geary, which are published Irom week to week, have made counlesa thousands laiieli! will soon be issued in hook form. ' Tho Macmilla-ns have sold a million copies of their 25-cent edition of Charles Kingsley's novels. --Two Years A?o" ? has just buen published, and will be followed by ••Koreward the Wake,"' the sixth and last of the scries. Those apostles of daintiness and fire, Andrew Lang and H. Elder Hasg-ard. will endeavor to mix water and oil, or violets and vitriol in their joint novel, "The World's Desire," which commenced in the April number of the Xcw Review. A story of Swede Crock settlement, in Minnesota, appears in Scribner's for May, with a backeroutid and characters entirely new to American fiction. The same issue contains a ghost story <•-,;" great originality, with the tit!-- "'-\« Haggards of the Rock "" Proof Positive. A—Come, now. you must own that you have gone partly mad on the score of gymnastics? B—Mad? Why. gymnastics mean strength, health, long- life. A—That may be, but tbe fa,ct is our forefathers knew nothing of gymnastics, and B—And. Ihoy ai-e dead, every man Jack of them. The Great Enprli-ili Prescription. A successful Medicine used over ' y ear s in thousands of cases. Cures SperitjatorrtiL'ti., 2\crvoiLK\ Weakness, J-.'inissioiis. Jinvetcnct/ and all diseases caused by abuse", 1 [EEFOEE] indiscretion, or over-exerrion. [ Sii pacS:age.i Guaranteed lo CurfKlienallothers Fail. Ask your Druggist for'itic G^eat Encluli PrcMripiion. take no substitute. One packaes 51. Sixg5.br mull. Write fnr )'jimD)i!«t Address Eureiix Clieitiical Co., IJetroSt, .11 lei, Far sale by B. F. Keesllng. Grand Monthly Drawing, I;i tb^ A««lpmr of Mu.ilc. Mew t iileans, Tui'sdar. Jfav !3. 1S90 Capital Prize $300,000. 10l>,CiM> Tn-ket-i u.: Twen;;,- J/otlarH ferUlflx. S QUIT, SSSBr-dir 'JESS & HEAD WL. •tci-a LNV1S1BLK Till CUSHIONS. Whispers h, ri-altll^jnpdlMIUI. Soldby P. H[SCni, ir, Sew lork. Write far boat «r preoCi FU££ PARKER'S HAIR BA|LSACT 'enr.scs r.nd beaiHifies the hair, •otnutci ^ luxuriant p;ro-,vt!]. ever HV's i o Resicro Gray Tctllhs S3:Tv,-e>iJi;'t'« LIST OK 1'K!; 1 Prtee of jarj.WJ is. 1 J>r(2e of lOO.OOi) is 1 Prize ot 50.000 is.. "; 25 Vrircs nf ISO Prizes of -X) Prizes of XII 1'rlws or Al'I 1«) Prizes of 1<» Prizes cf 300 Prizes of *'<) lire atiO ore 500 are an ere 33 WO ' AMO 60.COC H)0,flf« honrs. > ^A Oonorriiea in Sdays. No Stricture KoPaia. SURE Atloptcd by the Ger- inanGoTcrnajeJstfor Hospual&Armyuse P.S.C. is put up for An-.ericau trade in .-> patent boldc holding syringe (sec ,- ul ; At druggists, SI.OO, txtlxaing-Sjrriqrr,<ir . y. ICEF-5L1XG. Jgeut, Ix>gansport. ili PENS GOLD MEDAL FAjtIS SXPOSITIOlf 1STS. \ ties. 3O3-4O4—I7O—SO4 (THE HOST PEEFECT OF S!99 !)39 Trizes of S100 are FrL-es et itti - ' aj-e. .......... 3.1S4 Pi i?.?,s ;i!iiounttug ti. NOTK.— Tloket.s dtr.wlng entatlertto tennln^l prizes EERLEs HiNDERCORNS. The onlysaro Core for Coma. Stops all rwun. Kn.«nrea comfort to tho feet. 15c. n.t Prugyrirta. II tscox & Co., N'.Y. Hnve you Ootich. B PAfZKER the wor?a . <-liiriK, /Vsrlu, 'S C IMG ER TONIC. It. se^antl is tiie t>e^t remedy fwr nil i'.}* ari.*i from defecUro natridon, Taie in dine. £0c. aud §1.00. CHICHESTKR'S ENGLISH PEMNVROY&L PILLS. Ked Cross Diamond Brand. Tie ocl- rsliable pill for Bale. Safe Had znnml llrnnd, is roil ir.fianicboxci,scaled . TaUonoother. S«nd4<!. cf for AGEDNTS WANTED. I'or Club Rates, or any furtl"?r Inforiuallon desired. write Ipfilbly to th? undersigned. rfi?:>r!5 natlng your residence w!tli state, count- street am! number; Slore rapid return mail deliTerv will I'p assured, br your enclosing an Envclupebs-ar In-; jour full address. IMPORTANT. Address '•=• A. :...>.: f'HtTt. Do Tcur Own Oy Th -v -,viU dsf crervthin whei-. I»rir,>EOc. :-";..-. ••« for Str»T.£-:. f il-, i^-'-. , - ;. Ben I'isher. 311 Fourth street, . .. By ordinary letter. ciint;i!nlm; 5" Issued by ail Hcpress (rompiuiie.". chaiige. Draft or Pu;:t;;l Note ni'<-y OI-UIT N*-A- York Ex- S3.OO SH FOR Address Refjisteieil Letters GRATEFUL-COWrORTJNG. New Orleans. L;i. e :.-aniwm t si.4r,l<» of X«T Orlean?. an tbeTIckeis^rc signed by the President of an instl tntlon. wbcisecbiirterml rights sre recogiilzi'O It tim hlgbest Couns; therefore beware otallim Motions or jnionymcus ?ohpjnes ' : O?«E I>or«,.-\ H Is the price o( the smaller part r<r fraction of a Tloketjstonl KV .Ml' l't InanyDniwinis. Anything iu our name offere !-,>r le.is thiiii a DoUar Is a swindle. CAUTION Take no rtoea nnlew W* \j, DoojEla*' zuuc« am price are stamped on the bottom. If tbe dealer cannot Bttpply TOQ« send direct to factory, enclosing aaTertu price. HEALTH AH33 BEAUTT. has ot vhiu- .-v, <-i) wenly pi«j:" vos not iili't: 1:1 emu-he- cnre<l ray li;:lo nier in^ of thiMvorsf tyjx*. it ore !nu:i ':si»f hnno CMJOO out dflier Icp. She ' ta walk for t i^lH inontli^. ;;i:tl vrfis n yen- Tho ilocto/l a^vK-<"i nmpu- , iind pi it her on S. S. S. CARRIAGES! I make a soecialty of manufactur- IKZ Baby Carriages to «e]l direct Jo private partle*. You can. rherefore, do better with me fj-au —ith a dealer. Curria-res • ' Oeliiered free of Charge to nil points In lh>* UnJied SUtoe, S«rKl lor Illust/aitid " Hay Ferer, lijkaeria, Congli, Croup eni Coaioa CoMi Eccnnnnendod by Physicians and -sold liv Prt'.s- jjlsts Oxrougliout the world. Send for Free :^aDiplo. HIMEOD MAKTTTFG C0. ? SOLE PBOPHTETOES, 191 FULTON ST., NEW YORK. W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE GENTLEMEN,, Fine Calf, Beav; laced Grain and Creedmoor ~Waterprooi. Be.tt in Ui^ world. Examine big 85.00 GENUINE HAND-SEWZD SHOB. 81.00 HAMJJ-SEWgD^^T ___. 1:00 ?nd 2 . AU made ta Ctongress, ButtOb snd VSH ILace. SHOES. •1.7S SHOE FOB TinssRa. . Best Material. Bent Style. Beat Fitting. j Vf. L. Douglas, Brockton, Man. Sold 67 Ifor sala by J. B/AVINTER A SuletHiilc and Standard Popular Kcdicai ifeatise on tbeKrrorsof Youth, PrematureDeclinc.rTervous nr.d Physical Dobility, Impurities of the Blood, tiy^iiItiiJ^rrom FoH>, Vice, Ignorance. KXCI-M^S or Ovcrtasntion. Euervating aod Gntillina tin- victhn for Work, Bu«in>.-«e, the Married or Social Kclation. Avoid uiwkiifu] pretenders. Poswaa this greitt work. It conUiiiid 3(W pages, royal 8vo. Beautiful .jinciing; emboesed. f«U gilt. Trice, only Sl.fO by :uuil, post-paid, concealed in plain wrapper. IHnft- .ratiTe Prospectus Froe, If you apply DOW. Tbe listiafniiehed nutbor, Wm. H. Parser, M. D., re- wived tbe COLO AND JEWELLED MEOAI. rom the National Medical Association, 'or the PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr. Parker and acoroa nf .Assistant Physicians may be consulted, eobO* jenlinllf, by mall or In person, m the effic* ot r«K PEABOOY MEtttpAI, ISSTlTinB, v n 4 Buliln^-i St^.Kftstort, 3fnfi?., towbonx«u ' ,cr« for o-Jvke shoold b» WHAT HAVE YOU B For some of tbe choicest lan*ls in \VE-STEI5W K.Al*8Aft* botb clear and Incumberect. impr^ivea and unimproved. ^~Senu foj-Our l<lnt orprvp- erty th» we will Eac«hnB«« for L.» .\1}, KiKN- II>F,\CE8, MEBCHAJVOISK A&D LI V K »XO«'H. Address A. B. PAKKKB, Bailee, Keaa County, Kansu. MEW YOUWC, KIDOLTt .".GSO or OLOl a T?-^'...-!? r - , "-.- '."-?• c,; 1 . ^.i-e.i^ca ' * - " ' sce-r^s &&.:»• >\*3" "•tWOWEM- ClU't* ':- -"-' - Tho onl^ Fin^ Calf Seamless $3-OO Shoe in the- ft smooth. Innersole. No Tacks. Nails or Heavy Seam of Thread to hurt the 1'eet and wear out SttjcSngx unequalled for style, durability and wear; made by hrst-oass worKmen. Every Pair Warranted to give the purchaser perfect satisfaction. None Genuine uidess Stamped OR Sole, „ SERKINS & WYCE $3. SHOE WARRANTEfl IW. M. GRAFFIS, • Loganspcr-t Ind SWISS CONDENSED MILK CO RIGI BRAND GENUINE SWISS COJTOEXSED MILK. Guaranteed the richest aril purest miik iBan- factured, containing over !0 per cent, of butter. Children and inmlltls win thrive KCTiderfiiily. i-iid families wtU find its use inon- eeononiicHt thaji ordinary cores milk. rVe your Kroeer gives you genuine Blgl S« J SF i-'onilerped Milk. Fraport Agent, JAMES P. SMITH. New York and Chicago. Corre^politlencK.- •nllcttd, viiluable -tifortuattou free. CiSDl.1 discou.-I to 18 f li.'tr-jcntl 'or LOST cr FAUJKO Qeaeral aodSEBVOTIS e«3m«sof Body , riiUne H0.n5 'I PEiTHSST—Bcvcrihi fn wafiOStxtMEnd Forc^ffi C««3SH< j. WHl lA*crlpUr# Book, oxptar.ntten t * • i« ES <t£J-. A Chicago druggist retailed ?2000000 of B. P. Keesling and Cullen & Co.,sole Agentg in Logansport, and r'or Sale H3f Loading D«afere» E-ie.&it.ly'by WH. BABSSB.Twy.K.I

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