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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia • Page 14

The Agei
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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14 Cdfted by MICHAEL SHMITH 1 a ii i I Ikr lf FChicaplay' Mahler with-rWtf tnaceetral movemenrs march, taken at' Afaee. mat, with less adroit instrumen-f tate2swottld have been suiddaL If was this impression of display that -marred the concert Thomas utilised ftsares and stances that appeared to directed more at the audience than kisi rers. Sadry, the standard of mter- Ceramics become the image of their Maker I Oaft KATRINA FARRELL Greg Daly (Btham Galary until 20 March) LOUISE BELLAMY-r -r)jw 1 H4 Mcdc CUVE O'CONNaL by Omts Hal, ffwey ana TUeaaar) nrHE first of these ptajojt. Ia ttisua, me effect of the Amertcaaa' taalUessly capable eajcemble was joltf coaductod wtthgwOi'insiatiagoa inaxi mam ermn a staauca ior eieiioay, a actors laciBoeo. As with so many of the composer's iyaim4evlaihaBi, dJ ey kte the orchestra bi divers toajiesrang- 4oj fJomabiMve to self -pity The CUct-o ptayers handled Itaalert caeptaicinelaaie wta eofeaxrand mo i strlag workdtriagthe final adagio dem- joostfaled what be gained by an or tIMatra'S' poatestmg dependable back-' yv the: three werkf directed" by least by the flatpat attack from players tad coeducW was Rach-'inaiuiov second muck to the appropriateness of the CaJcago striagtexture, which throws the of the-erciwfltni iatoJow reUef at aaytm a Is also ebulliently romantic music that sotti the extravagances of a young -C.

Beethoven's third Tonora overture moved into a oear-hectk state during its coda, from theccratag scale passages r- for strings onwards. Bat It was precise, rinnosK piaying, sympeonjcaiiy rreai-ed with no hlat of Us theatrical origins. The woit that did raise questions was Qte third synmbony of Ives. Allowing for the vagaries of the composer's manuscripts, this unaggressive piece the most immedmtety asslnUlaWe and eaaV -est to play of Ives major works is hard to accept on a large scale. In the version we were offered, all the Chicago strings participated and the conductor addressed himself to that formidable body almost exclusively.

What resulted was a lush, Mantovani-style Ives, in which the discords and clashing counterpoint were buried under a soothing, massive string timbre. Gilbert Chase wrote of the symphony's "restrained this reading struck me as unrestrainedly loquacious. A particularly irritating point came with sjMnawMrraa Ginger Riley: landscapes in a new UgjhL ml cbkvb mwv A aid green; on a JolUpop-plnk A background, is me first pemm.) Oi- ful image that strikes the tor to the latest exWWOoa at Gallery Gabrielle PizzL And color is what makes this exlimitkm The artists of the 18 oils on acrylic on display are Aborigines from an isolated community on the banks of the Roper River in southern, Arnhem Land about 300 kilometres from Kathet-, ine. They are among the first Aboriginal f. artists to1reak away; from traditional Aboriginal iconography, using bold col- or to produce figurative work? that de-r pict more accessible narratives.

The artist. Ginger In freJ show: Asked why he paintea me eagte green, ne repuea quieay ana cowem-platively "it should be white, I know that, but it looks better more power-. ful green The pink said, represent! the beauty i Mr Riley, 49, was oorn in me uun rountrv. between Rooer River and Lim- Dll. tt NnrflMM 1UCU DlglU AATU IU Ui awmww tory.

Two of his four paintings on show are big works depicting the landscape-? near, his birthplace, a painang cauea The Four Arches' depicts hills that look like contours on a nSao and focus on the vegetatiottand wildlife. Brown snakes (called Kurra Murra) weave their way round the ghost gurQs, which are paint-. ed bright yellow. Legend has it that the-snakes travelled from the Four Arches (hills) to NarmiengandL where they dl appeared under water and grew into) large Rainbow Serpents. Their eggs can still be found in thatcountry today and; Mr Riley said, are so heavy they take two hands to lift them.

His other landscape also centres; on the Four Arches and further explores the Jegendr.of the; Rainbow Serpent Ghost gums, rivers, waterholes and snakes dominate the work. Here, the Rainbow Serpent acts as a bridge for a mob of people who are on their way to kill the people on the other side of the tHt fair larry in brilliant orangesjaad Mues. Cne huge canvas 2 metres shows 12 bright yellow kangaroos painted against blue, green and red backgrounds. The frenzied Image is grand, in scale and rendition. Other of Burra Surra's paint- ings include detailed studies of buffalos, snakes, fish and The Ngukurr artists nave been painting in oils for more than a year.

Last year they exhibited at the Bindi Gallery in Sydney and the Darwin Museum and Art Gallery. Their paintings are also included in the -collections of Robert Holmes a Court and the Australian National Gallery In Canberra. The exhibition at Gallery GabrieUe Prizzi, 141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, runs until 26 March. Drak Pack, m) a30 Cartoon til. 1 (R) 9X0 Romper Television you're a Brady, you're wonders why parents throw their gurgling InfaM into tte water to learn how to swimwhesvthey aat obfeet l(ves th say.

Xadi Js loves the Jenl says: "If you have a choice of working in a women's shoe shop or gtv-r tng birth to a flaming jioroBftae, fcate I the portuAne. Women me uTfridi tfg feet and ir your faurt'They say 'I have never wora a nine in my lifer WelL you just put on an eight end tt The enn 4m opening aigatenjeed the show se muck tee comedian was reluctant to leave the stage. If you want to laugh nngl tt hurts this is the est money you will spendin alongtime4A On the otter hand, Famous FlvcGo Down Itadeii (Last Laugh), starring Wendy Haroier, Eaglisb comedians 'Peter McCarthy and the Vicious Boys, and the marvellous Magda SzubansU (from The D-Generatioa' is a weary' snow wife high spots. The show opens with Banner and Mc-Carthy indulging: la -out-of-date attacks on each otber'soountry and moving into some stand-up work that tills some ex-tremely tired soiL such at the ugly Aus -ale in Ball andthe standard, sexual 'politics jokes. The Vicious Boy act, eludes some inventive impersonation of famous films like hariots of aad a clever and energetic parody of The.

Twilight Zone. Magda SzubansU is under-used. The most interesting performer this group threatens to take flight her brief Tiaa Turner take-off is the best laugh of the night but unfortunately is not given full rein. Melbourne's musie world will be outln force on Sunday, for a benefit concert at the Palais, ia St Kilda's? Lower Esplanade, to raise money for a cancer-stricken colleague. Organisers are 'not making the.

cancer sufferer's name public for family reasons; The concert starts at '240 pm'and is expected to continue until, about L30anLTheretaadoor cnargeof 110 and donations to fee fund, are welcome. Those appearing include Ross; Wilson and Ross Hannaford, Joe Camillerf, Colin Hay, Russell Morris, Stephen Cnmmlngs. Smith, Darryl Cotton, Rose Bygraves, Greg Champion, Wilbur Wilde, Geisha and Tinsley Waterfaouse. PAUL $PELMAN Information for cohnni should MM (not Mophonod) to Briof', Art EdMor. Tito Am, PO MoftMumo 3001.

Atiyersion bi everyday life Renew LOUISE BELLAMY the 12-part Children's drama Co The Bartons' began almost three weeks ago Its -makers-promised the series would (Presenteveryday family life without fee frills. At that's exactly what the viewer Yesterday (Channel 2, 5 pm) Paul (played by Matt Day) bad to prove his manhood when Anthony, bis brother, accused him of belngrapceftexr. scholariy Paul donned tbotoall guernsey, shorts and an uncharacteris-tto aggressfve manner at Anthony's m-p despite how alien 'fee hew persona seemed. What Anthony did not bank pn was that the heart-throb of the gai taDedRetal, would take a fancy to fee Dw-took Paul Afteran initial awkward moment, Paul mastered toe art of mss-mg with aniazing ingeaulty -to fee amaretnent aad jeiMoajr of fee eif- BidPauseeiBfogreatf to erase hat brothert susptekw ttal he was "a poofter MAUKhed him. This.violent act which Jie thought would prove kls matmood once and for all, only InaMred.

the-flele Petal to "drop-him AndPaul Wat not the only Barton con-fusedal kli detrtit alght Eiiie. the fafflay onc disconcerted ahout her boykh oehaylor after Anthony told her she passed -he poofter tesTi show finished wife Elite sitting in her favorite tree wife porpte hair, instead of fee radiant hetuucblored locks she was couating on. Douglas, fee youngest Barton, was ahto at a bit ore loss last night When his mother told; him tt Vpeoften was a maa who liked mMAke hrtyely dedVWatoelf taWe. Tomorrow marks the ebd of this gutsy, dowrnp-earth chlidfeay drama. "WTT THEN pron reflected mjs japi wn penetration of tte mnsk( im-fumf veneer.

turns on FESTIVAL. PETER Jttehafd Jwi (Universal Them) YORK comediaa Richard Jeni'sshowattheUaiversaiia the biggest laugh Fve had since Don Lane's ooenina jokes on 'Late Night Australia'. You leave. the theatre extremely worn-out from tte relentiess, toUstering reflections that have been thrown at you during a long but sustained show. Doctors should send stressed patients, here for therapy.

This is a golden moment in the Coinedy Festival and you must see tt Noticing that the size of the venue has shrunk since his visit here test year, Jeni says: "Last time I. played an 800-seater for five weeks, this is a 400-eeator for two weeks. If I'm lucky next time HI be playing a gas statibfi for an'hour-and-a-half." Jenl tackles a dizcyingairaV of topics, from the stupidity of the Ufa 'Jaws 4: The Revenge (This woman tries to get away from the shark so she flies to the Bahamas, an island surrounded by water. Why doesnt she go to Arizona? Because this is a stupid to the fact tnat lobsters are the only animal killed on site in a restaurant (They dont wheel out a cow with a alack mask over its It's like death row. The lobsters sit there with their daws tied together saying 'Any, word irom the Governor?" I Jeal launches into a manic description of his upbringing compared to that of the Brady Bunch 'Will I clean my.

tefth 'No, dont bother, I Friends. 10X0 News Deywatoh. 11X0 Another World. 12X0 Santa fterbara. (PGR) 1.00 TheEetoandTheieeutmiL fPQfl) 1X0 FILM.

Wanted: The Suadance Woman. 1976 drama stars Kattarine Roaa.jPGR)(R) 38 HoflM SwMt Hohi9 (PGR) IJ.tOO WcJy OIcIQwL wnQO MASH. (R) 8X0 Perfect Match, Cvwnilng 6X8 Hews, 8port Weather. 7X0 NekjNhpurs. Australan oracserwLrtenrytrtesto psrsuacVFrank DarcythM ha needs Helen in his ItoVWith -Anne Charleston.

(G)) 7X0 Richmond Hat Australan drama seriaLOeflafwouncee his plana torjhe future; Susan. unlawinALiwato With Arnanda Muggleton, LMilrkpBtrlrrM)(S) 6X6 Crkae Story. 4J8drama series. Tojeto artf team trackJ6wn Luce end me mob Farina and Anthony Denison. (AO) i 8X0 Cheers.

US eomsdy series. Eddie decides to make an honest woman of Carta- With TedDaraoftandKirsty Altey. (PGR) 10X0 Night Court US coYnedy i series, wnn and Richard 10X0 Late Ntahti National Tafcahoer with-Ocn Lane. (PGR) ---11X0 Hotel drama series. WHh James 12X0 laIIJate Beverly Mae.

US comedy sartoaAbout asuccessful couple whosettJe in a mansiohin Beverry Cas. With Haivey Krjrrnan and; 1X8 Ntght am (AO) 6X3MagkWortdofGigL(R) mmebs SB Cat and tarry Arawson MaMraO. GREG DALY'S ceramics are sensual and alive, reflecting the spirit of their maker. In bis latest collection this Australian potter, whose work is represented, throughout the world, combines a number of glazing techniques to achieve extravagant Imagery. Daly has used his knowledge of making, glazing and firing in a way that is unique, individual and incredibly rich.

The pieces range from small fine bowls, ornate vases to wall plaques and huge platters. Odor glows deeply when light plays on the surfaces. Daly works' wich light and uses lustres (gold and silver leaf and enamel); his decorative pieces are bold, metallic and attractive. Among the smaller porcelain bowls is a challenging use of lustre, a striking combination of cobalt blue and gold, bismuth and zinc Inside the small bowls the lustres are like oil slicks at sea, forming scenes and patterns, with 23 carat gold and silver leaf applique breaking the slick. These small bowls are meticulously and methodically thrown with splendid precision, the delicate glazing further enhances their classical symmetrical forms.

The larger platters have a cobalt blue base or a rich black tenmoku, with lustres, gold leaf and a splash of enamel-On each platter are abstract mysterious landscapes and shapes. On some of Daly's work the brush-stroked enamel oriental whim is a mismatch. The green enamel is a failed experiment on a few pieces and the delicacy lost On a pastel blue lustred vase it seems irrelevant and inappropriate, for example, a slight disappointment among his magnificent pieces. One grand, rounded pot has been thrown, then beaten out like an extended pregnant belly. This smooth, curvaceous spherical giant with subtle gold leaf reminds me of a female body, soft, yet firm.

You have to embrace it to feel the form bursting within. All the pieces repay close inspection. Daly has extended himself and his shapes and surfaces provide an interesting display. For those who like gallant, romantic craftsmanship and perfectly thrown pots, his impressive collection should not be missed. after fan at IILM VICTORIA has returned, flushed with success, from the -new frontiers it has been forg-' ing in America's wild west At Location Expo, a sort of geographical' bazaar or should that be bizarre? for international production held in Los Angeles last month.

Film Vic reports that business in the booth was sof brisk it had to set up a register to cope; with the overflow of queries. At last, count it had rung up 330 names. Whether they were genuinely ested in our state's stunning and varied scenery as backdrops to overseas pro- -ductions, or whether they were just queueing up to get their mitts on Film Vic's freebles showbags containing -production information. and souvenirs' (tasteful, we hope) remains to be seen. After Film Vic rep Graeme Wright gave away 300 give-aways in four hours, he had to ration them.

But word has it that as a direct result of Location Expo, a proposal for an $8-10 million mini-series, to be shot in Victoria, using main-. ly Victorian cast and crew, is under consideration. Not content with storming the States, Film Vic Is consolidating its profile with a' series of PR appointments in Britain and North America. THE scheduling at 10.35pm test night of 'Guns A Licence To Kill', Jo Pearson's first documentary for the Nine Network, raises some questions. If, as we were told, she had been working on it for three months, why was it rushed to air without benefit of property-edited preview tapes and advance publicity? The issue is hardly likely to go away, so what's a few days here or there? And if, as we were told, management deemed the topic so important it wanted to ensure all bases were covered, why was it screened so late? THE Australian Film, Television and Radio School is touting for business for another seminar this weekend.

Fresh at frUSjFHHin The Kitchan. 11X0 By BARBARA HOOKS RiflaWKiIti 8J0pmV 9nOW wmi fMlW HUHpwf9y 10X0 young Doctors. (R) 10X0 The SoMvana. (R) 11X0 Morning Newe. 11X0 Uvkig.

(PGR)r Aftntooti 12X0 The Mkfctey Show with Ray laaran. 1X9 Oeys of Our A Very Pecaliar TfeleScope; 1 BARBARA HOOKS Speakiof for Myself: Jofaa Elliott (SES lOpai). Uvea. (PQR)1X8 The Young (paroa0 That Roared and The General ir. iThe last ones to cross-the water.

were a man ana nis aog. wnen the dog smeUed the serpent everyooe tried to run to safetyV.but all were devoured except the man and his dog. Spears and woomeras were left floating on the water. 'i'-M is hot difficult to follow the stories Ginger Riley depicts so colorfully in his paintings. Simllarty artist David Nelson recreates another fascinating Aborigln-al legend.

He shows a stringy bark tree growing put of the river that has been there since the Dreaming. In this work the Rainbow Snake vomits flying foxes. And in the fresh water, two crocodiles, husband and wife, sit and wait for them. Another artist Sambo Burra concentrates exclusively on depicting 7 1040 $J00 ntendett 1.40 WatoteCaetain Cook; a How We Used to LMtf 4U2 -1928: Out of 4toad AJ About SJMeiame "Ittoet (H) 400 Play Softool (S) 480 tootv. (R) 460 Suportod.

JM0 CO The Bartona448 You Cant Do That On TeievMbn. (R) r.t KVtw8ll Animated adventure series. (R) 640 eastSnders. Brtftfedrama serial set London. 7.00 News, Sport Weatoer, -TJOThe 7M flepett Current affairs, presented by John Jost 1X8 CMMjdv Oaajfea: Open AM 'liomeaOnWomerc tato arid Udders, Aperies ofsrWrnsaoajtaridby women.

Sophia Whist a woman on a journey of enquiry, findstwo booiwm.aibrary:-one, a magic hook the otter a -volume cated r)Mp4rid: Laddert'' in whtohTO jwmen taabctrnepiJCtirjnal C. 9-2S A Very lseiA(rHaclfea, Third of a rtfroarilrtM-uirM w'nV seven-part B8Csaore which revoJvesvowKl the University ef LAwtands, a t- 4ttMMlilL AAMaa 'I'll i -i oaapiaavra carnpuSi ana its. -rneoKat cetnie. oiapnen feeis of apretoseor who Is tibesesecTwtth trw Hlentity of Ns wtfe's lover; Wtth Peter and Takash) 1M The WeUd Tentaht Mews arcwrentaitasa. fasantod sbyRicfisrttPsJfiwymanv-.

1049 foooec rttghUghte of BfWthLeaoue matches. aiianlui) Dirat2Z24 unwii 12X0 1971 and Ouincy Jerry. Fortune. 6X0 hereetf Bay 2 60 7X0 affairs series. Asia people xarna assaults 10 Ardrww 6X0 drama ubmi have le 11X9 DrtUsh Mlweil HoepiteL (PGR) 40 ThaMttMa jSaW The Metoe (9, lli5pm).

TVMartMtoasiM: wonn oontapmQ ititit not to tSfcT inltMd Aft3)HWOH zXO Cash, Caroa and Camputora, 3X0 TV Ed, 400 Trie Deetrto Cempeny. (C) 430 KaieMoeoope. 1X0 OehJn. (R) Dicvnw9nrai mmjm Mb iwts. fKM.

Thursday's Game. comedy stars Gene Wilder Bob Newhart (PGR) (R) 2X0 M.E. (PGR) (R) 3X0 BewilchedV (R) 3X0 Tom and 400 Wombat 430 X0 Press Your Luck. Evning Home and Away. Australian the taroet of Summer ooaski (S) (inohxies Tatia Draw Wo.

1164 fw9V9 atoortt Wscttiv Mrcr at Sevan. Currant program. Indudea --Bicanhmhiai Wpjutaa. 7.tcCyrkiJ$adwituna MacGyver and Peter' Tnornton travel to southeast to rescue a group of whose Ives are threatened by an oppressive fJnrtaftty'a Rulea. Australan series abcrt a tough, 1 buthurnanenwglstratewho nrnilrlni rvnr ttin Mnnhr hnnrh' "Ttie-tnen responsible for brutal on women confesses nailOl ly.

TfTTn JOm VtOOO, Cagney anejcey. US series. Christine and Mary6em go unoercover to nvo arrnea men wno been roftbinp members of Morduoa around town. With 6X0 Hews, Sport, Weather. 6X0 A Current Am.

7X06atoefmCenury. SecorrfUSAsTMrL (S) 7X0 The Flying Doctors. AuaManomasaries. Coopers Crossing prepares for the pub's Hawaiian night (PGfiHS) 6X9 Murder the Wrote. US mystery series.

A killing follows the release of a parolee who served 20 years for a murder hedori'tcornmltfPGR) 6X0 Jake and The Fat Man. US drama series about an unakery 4 LA 1 irivestigatorJaka Styles and district attorney J. 'Fatman McCaoe. Jake ax-partner is killed after chasing a burglary suspect With WMam Conrad, Joe PjtonyGR) 1wi90 sw9tfe)w)vw)Cw 10X8 Soap. US satire on TV from StockkpliniCWov and Wellington come wrtter-prtUe Sjplren Farber and documentors fttffl-fl Sandris wnd win pttsent Writers lectures on the craft of scresilwrttiag (old v.

new breedVof Hofftropd writers, screenplay structurei caaracterisation, dialogue et al and fllined interviews with such LA literary flumlnaries as Robert Towne CChmBtown'), Anna Hamilton PhetetL ('Mask') and LA. Diamond ('Seme; Like liM'h Bookings Wlin tatter than an trtafrmnn nnH a political psychologist to prise) the pi vate umpet rrom the puwic would, say' they were prerequisites for any talk-show host trying to eUCit the UtUe-known personal insights from such wellncpgnised movers and shapers of popular opinion as Hazel Hawke, Gar-eth Evans andIrene Bolger. John Elliott, federal president of the Liberal Party and chairman of Elders DO, will be first in fee hot seat (should that be-couch?) tonight at 10.00 on Speaking For Myself, SBS-TVs new talk show, hosted by Graham Little, associate professor of political psychology Melbourne University. Rorschach ink blot tests will not be-a feature of the. prograra (perhaps they abouldk be) However, Professor Little did deliver a.

lecture In San, Francisco last year oa Konaia Keagaa Dorian Grey Complex. THE Australian Film Commission deie--gation to China reports it was shocked to learn of the slump in the daema industry there. In fee past 12 months, box office sales have plummeted by eight-billion tickets to 20 billion. I thought you should know this. 6X0 JheltotoawSBS lock show.

700 Spoft RtpOfL 7XJ iTepars kweet British series to which actoiTsinger Topoi returrn to r4s ricnteisnd. Tonkjht Jerwsalsmi 6X0m Japanese drama serial. 430 tna fas.tov;r. 6X8 Tatoa Proai Watea. Welsh series based on short stories pyawunguRNiea wewn wraers.

Tonight a btock osmady in wracn iwo men seoome Jnvohred Jn the buikieti of aewho oorpsea. (R)r 6X9 wOt Paul Murphy. 'Current afteks prograrn. 10X0 tpeaklng For atrseir. noteeaorOrarU0tetaa to John EMott 10X0 RLM.

The Target 1983 Greek drama about me 'oanoars of poaubon. (R) ianasriaronaiess, With Clve soap operas. (AO) (R) 11X8 nui The Mouse That Roared. 1958 comedy. A smaJ duchv fadna bankruoicy.

wMwi'i wJveeM wwAwwwaWM declares war on toe US. Stars Peter 8eaers, Jean Oeberg.lR) 12X0 FMJL The Darker de of Tenor. 1978 drama store v- 248 FIXL PeaowThetCatneL 1667 ecmedy. (PGR) (R). 4eatea.m 5X9 EzpadRtoa Danger.

(R) It Amt Half Hot Mum, r-Omsmr sarins, with VWIIIWWI WIHS 11.4 secant.

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