Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1890 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1890
Page 4
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John Gray's CORNER Johu Grays Corner Ou Umbrellas in the Following Materials. Gloria silk, Corns silk, Henrietta silk. SrilUtto silk. Prencli aateen Fast Black, Cotton Seige, Satin Borders, Scotch Ginghams and all grades in Cotton rain Umbrellas. The above arts made on the Paragon Frame, Plain and Fancy Gold Handles, Plain and Fancy Silver Handles, Plain and Fancy Oxydizecl Handles. Daily Journa!. MARION SWADNER CITY CIRCULATOR. Published every d:iy in the week (except Monday) by W. D. PRATT. Price per Annum, - - - - Sfl W> Price per Month, ----- 5O TUESDAY MORNING, MAY. 13. THE WJHATIIER. WA3flraoTON, D. C., llaj U.—For Indiana- Cloudy weather and rains becoming northwesterly; cooler. THK POLICE BOAKD. Tho City Council will, to-morrow evening, fill various positions upon which depend great interests. That these positions should be filled with men competent and willing to act for the good of the city no one will deny. That they will bo is not at alleertain. Party rule and caucus obligations tend to bind members of the council. Whether enough will actindependaut to assure desired results remains to be seen. Mr. Tous- leyandHr. McKeever have done so in the past and the public commendation is certain!}' a reward for their action. In the ^selection ot the Police Board two things are due the citizens of Logansport, one that Mr. Tousley, who has received the overwhelming indorsement of his con stituents for his action in that position, shall be retained on the 'Police Board. Any change in this respect should meet with the denunciation that it deserves. Mr. Tousley has atoodafigrht on that issue and his election means that his official action is approved. A refusal to follow the instruction of the votes as indicated by his return is an insVilt to those who send him there. Another equally binding obligation is the restoring to the Republican side of the Council the position on the Police Board to which they are entitled by all rules of legislative bodies and political honesty and fairness. The liiake ap of this board will determine the policy to be pursued. Two of the three members of the Board constitute a majority and control action. Mayor Cullen, by virtue of his position is one of the members. Who shall the others be? The public, irrespective of party, says Tousley and a Republican. Which will the council obey, the dictates of party or the will of the people? THE anxiety of the Pharos to find fault with the Republicans and with the Republican party sometimes leads it into amusing inconsistency. This does not seetn to be a/matter of inueh concern however and it repeats the operation trusting to thu carelessness of its readers and their failure to discover it. In speaking; of a bill for an appropriation for a public building at Logansport, it denounces the Republicans for laoting the treasury. Now that it thinks the bill has not passed it finds fault. with Congressman Owen for not getting it passed. The average ne pa,per is content with attacking one sicle of a proposition. It has remained for the Pharos to introduce the novel custom of attacking a man both because he did and because he didnt. WHILE it' is; a duty to correct the false impressions made by the Pharos in its wanderings from accuracy, it is a pleasure to commend fair and manly couiment. The article in last evening's paper concerning the re organization of the police force, was an honest. and dignified expression of disapproval of a condition which exists oil account of lack of organization and •discipline, or the employment of men not suited for particular work. Whatever cause, ; a Polios Board shoul/3 selectett, 'that will investigate partially and correct the evils The best result H follov action by ,1 Boarc harms representatives from botl parties. a,ul Ui.ir i« the fir-t step to bet that the bo im- «P for qlWBtloll to mor.ow eve THF. Watkin tower, which will bt erected in London aud overtop the liffel tower by 335 foot, is to have six egs instead of four. It will cost about -fl.200,000. ON exhibition at the Third National 3ank in Scranton is u check bcari g :hs signature of George Was'iugton. '.t was drawn jnst tlireo months and ae dny before his death. A MKDtcAMEJfT more powerful than niniue in corniteractiag fevers is sai'-l to have been discovered, in Mexico. Ifc a plant called the pornbolano, the root of which contains a substance an- ilogous to quinine. STOUT officers are unknown in the United States army. No man weighing over one hundred auil sixtv pounds cm. oin a. cavalry regiment, while officers n the general service are liable to he retired for obesity." A WOMA:;, Miss Jessie Carsou, drives a stage between Osage and Park Bap- ids, Minn. She has done it for rears— making three trips a week—summer and winter, and often with the thermometer clown to 40 deg. below zero. ACCORDING to recent figures, the people of this country are longer lived than those of Em-ope. In this country eighteen persons out oj every 1.000 die each year. In England the average is twenty, and in Germany twenty-six. A MODIFICATION of Edison's phono, graph is said to have been devised by a painter in Milan. It costs under $20, and the ira.t cylinders, are reproduced in zinc by the galvano-plastic process at a cost of 5 cents each, selling price. SOME of the South Amerii'.a'.i States Slave reorganized their armies and now iava ten private soldiers to one general. The generals kick vigorously, as there used to be ten to one private,..but on the whole the people consider it to be s Buccess. GEXEHAL BADEAI.- t'ays that after the first day's iightiug at Shiloh General Grant went to sleep nuclei' a tree, but the rain that was falling finally drove bim to the hospital, where ho fell asleep with the s-mrgetms ojier.iting around him. BAKON KoTHSCHrr.u, tlte Paris banker, lives in fear of the Commune. His cellars are almost impregnable, atid his pictures and jewels are protected in such a way that the most grasping mob could not reach them. He lives in a state of constant fear. DUBISG a dull flay in Parliament recently a London stenographer made a wager that he could write out three columns of the Times in three hours, and did transcribe three columns of ;he Thunderer, or 0,Gt)0 words in two hours and three-quarters. - SITTING BUM, tells his fellow Sioux that it is beneath the. dignity of the noble red man to toil for a living, and that he should leave the sqnaws to do the work for him. It is evident that civilization has made a profound impression npon this gay and festive old out-throat. A MAN iu Oregon who was on trial for murder had a lawyer who pleaded insanity and secured an acquittal. Three weeks later the same man robbed another, and this time the lawyer was on the other side and proved him to be the most deliberate and cold-blooded scoundrel on earth. O» beef blood, doorknobs are made; of wood pulp, doors; or paper, blinds; sawdust is used in preparing plaster; slag from the blast furnace helps to make houses fireproof; chips of granite from the stone-cutter's yard are molded into ornaments at ona-tenth the cost of cut stone. These are some modern uses of waste materials. ' IT is related that a few years ago the Prince of Wales declined to attend a luncheon following the opening of a town hall at Halifax because the local "big-wigs" had determined that the newspaper men should dine apart, in another hotel; and once Disraeli, when touring in Buckinghamshire, shut himself up in his room on learning of a similar resolve, and sent word to his hosts that lie would remain there until the journalists were accorded a place at- his table. A VEKY old BIS, has just come to light in Egypt. It is the will, written upon parchment, of a noble Egyptian of the name of Sekiah, in which tha testator states that he leaves all his property toU^'Mifctoe^Vpirieat of Osiris. A s9C^.B*c^ 1i "pf 1 efie','of <! ,-^j^ing was Ms w#';sH. 01 a most concise ttad hvnryer-like man ner. The manuscripts are about fiv thousand year.8 old. GOSSIP AT THE RESORTS. Coaching will bo all the ragB this summer. A new summer hotel of (iOO rooms will bo opened at Pnt-ln-Bay In July, The Ijakd Park hotel at Lake Mtmxv tonkn, will not bn opened this season. Soven or eight now Hotels will bo opened in tlio Adirondacks thissmxmiur. Only a sm:U/ porfefon of tho miuntiTOtfi Rockawuy Beach hotol is now standing. The bif? hotel vvhlcli ha? buna so great an advertisement for Tacoma, \ v ash., is enlargrd. Tiia naw ootied walk :it Allanlio City is completed. It is tw«uly-oTie feet \viiln and was bulls at a cost of 821,00'). Austin Corbin of New York Is Imil '- ing a finn summer rcsklenru on the '',UTI wlioro IIP w:ts born, nep.r.XVtWj'o:'!:, X. It. It is tho lav/of the Slain of llsinc i!i:>;. ponds of n. 5,'rea.tor ,irc;i th.iii tc:i ;:.•:••• arc free to tho.gcnoral public Tor :tii^ii:o: purposes. Tim summer hotnl keeper looks fi>r- ward to a prosperous p^o^np.. There v.'i!! be no Paris exposition this year 10 hurv his basiiiosi. Joseph JollVirs:'!) i? hnHdiiiK an iui- ooHimonly iittracUvo hoit.^o on the ^hor,- of liuzxard'M Kay and intends to miiKe his summer homo there. Paris is reported'to never have. Inulce:! moro beautiful and ncvpr was more lip to the level of her roputiUlon :>» the fray capital of Kurope than at present. II. JI. Flagl'ir. syho owns nbmii, .•-':.000,000 worth of hotel properly a I, St. Augustine, has purchased Ornnao Inland, in the Halifax river, near Ditylon. as a site for a hotel. Tile, Knglish fjLShiuu of wea.rin^ fur capes o;- wraps thronph Hie summer iit watering plaens promises to bo extensively followed :n this country ilnrii z tho, coming season. The youj]^ \','o:ii ( 'tn - \v\\t) «-f>n!;3 )/e "mannisir' in her atttrc %vit! f.his summer wear a waistcoat of white pique, with (told buttons—a garment, known in swelldom slims "•* •'the iiniflicr's w«Ut- coat." A sununor eott;(.^o buiH by ;i Xou' York millionaire is of liemloclc lopa hewn on three sides with tho bark left on the fourth side. A veranda is constructed on threo sides of hemlock loss in thorough. The Mount Peun Gravity railroad at, Reading, Pa.. Is completed. It is seven miles and one-half long, and follows a, most picturesque route over tho hills and mountains east oC Reading through magnificent scenery. Charlos E. Lcl.and, a brother of Warren F. Leland of Ohic.igo, has opened the bis hotel at Portland, Oregon,' projected several years ago by Henry Villard. but only completed last month. Portland is eomuiondcd as one of the most desirable places for summer residence in the far Northwest. The flower gardens a*-- St. Augustine now show a wealth of star jessamine iu blossom, white and red oleander, and a hundred different kinds of white flowers. Humming birds can bo seen in- nearly every garden. Keccnt Chicago arrivals at St. Augustine arc; Mrs....J. W.'Morse, Miss Bessie Morss, Miss Gr/sf. sie Tomlins, L. C. Burgess, .f. W. Cooper and ivi/e, M. M. GayJord. Florida correspondence Atlanta Constitution: "A niRht on the Ocklawaha is a sight worth living for to see. The first night out there was a party of us on the upper deck, Tho little stoainer ran so dose to the river bank that the tree branches raked off our hats. Tho negro on the pilot house spied two cranes rooslluji on alluih, and picking up a light woosl .knot killed them both at one lick, when tho birds fell at onr feet.'' PERSONAL MENTION. A daughter of (ieneral Rosecrans has become the affianced of Governor Too!<i of Montana. Senator Stanford churns to have I,li<; finest and most valuaqle pair of carriage horses in Washington. Premier Crispi. of Italy, is a millionaire, although thirty years ajro ho wa? one ol the poorest tit the rcv'olnlioivarv exiles. The biggest. s«hoo!h»y in Rh(xi« Jslmid is believed to be William Davis of VVe.stor]y, who is tliii-toon years old H.K! weighs 287 pounds. M. (Jobfet, who was 1'riiiHi Minister of France when r.oulanger was Jllnisterof War, has retired to the. privacy of Ins legal practice. The Russian Cuar bought, a farm :ib;iut the size oj". the State of TBXIJS tho oihei- day. He is now the. largest landowner in tho world. Sir Ponsonby Vane is to be mail.-. Black Rod to Queen Victoria. 11 is labor* will consist In living ID a fino house, ran f, free, and drawing a salary of Sio.don «•.year. Secretary Tracy Im-i sight in «nt: ey<- only. When young he taujsjlit scho.-ii hi Northern Xe\v -York, and an unruly pupil threw a slate at him, striking him lithe cyoand destroying the. sight. Walter do Kothschilt), who hus just been admitted ;o parnership in (he great financial house ol his family, Is the oldest son of Lord Rothschild, and is just, twontv-tivo rears of ago. Ac was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. Another tenor, Tolpi by name, has been ".inearthed in Italy to tako tho place ot Tamaguo whim that geiil.lo;r,un has hau his day, or, as some of Tolpi's admirers think, to cciipsc the favorite in the zenith of his glory. Tolpl is a Ynn- etian. Tumagno, tha great toaor, who gets SI00,000 for fifty performances, and has other valuable perquisites, 'incluiMng eight scats every night he sings, and which he regularly Se/!s to tho highest bidder, is accused of being like Mr. Barkis, [n.that he is "aiiittio near." He has, however, one ardent admirer who overlooks all his niggardliness. This is his brother, a young m,(in who sings in the el-irons'" for the" Affluent income of $17 per week. Thci^fuiibition of the younger Tainagno seems to be- to worship at a distance. The brothers do not travel together 1 , ^i.feitber do they have any ttssoc.-;itiShfe /lave when Uio stage business ner.ififids.."t)ui whenever the gifted Tamagno 'op'eW hiB musich,! moutii his bjoiher visibly swells with pride a,ud turii* \ip his eyes in' ecstatic rapture. * JUVENILIA. Harper's Young People: "Do you know what tho dollar sign is, Teddy? ' *Yeth um. It's oth -.vM a wailwoad ruunin' over it." Epoch: Mrs. Brown: "What made yon maktt si f;ice behind my hack?" Lit- tlo Johnnie: "Why, ma, you didn't think I was fool enough t;> do ii, before your face, did you' 1 '' Harper's liazaar: "I is—" began Tommy, when his teacher Interrupted him. "That is wrong: "You should say "I njn. "All right." said Tommy. "I sun tho ninth letter of the nlphabet." Wnatington Star: P.i.jfi\ is a youngsl.er wlio W'-given to. using ylang and his father does not like it. Th« <>th<'r morning at breakfast he said something and his father reproved him. "I thought I told you n'ot to use slang," he said. "Slang','' rcpi'ittad Page, with bic innocent interroiiiu.ion points in his eyos; "we.!), if that's slaner you can paste me one in tho neck.'' Philadelphia Times: Sister Tvi/./.ie wa.s to be married in a fuw months ancl she was putting in the interval of leisure Irom preparing for rljo ceremony In tho way of drea? by experimenting on her family in the cooking line. Little John was going to bed and went through his usual prayers up to the voint of saying: "Give us this day our dally bread,"when some depressing memory struck him and he added: "Cut don't let Lizzie bake it." New York Mercury: Mrs. Figg: "You little wretch, yon have been* fighting again, t know you have. What was it ail about?" Tommy: "It was just this way: Yon see. Jinvn.v llrown and me put our pennies together to buy apples, and he was to have the cores of what was bought in iti« morning, an' I was to have the cores of what was bought in the afternoon." Mrs. Figg: "I do not see any nnfafnipss about that." Tommy: "Y«?, but iu the afternoon he went and bought banancrs. MUSICAL MENTION. Miss Josephine Simon, thfi young singer adopted by ilr. and Mrs. Gladstone as 11 proiegc, is an Oakland (Cal.) girl. Albani :i;iy,s sho is not, allowed to go out the day or night she is to sing; must be very careful about her diet and can drink nothing but, claret. "Patti refused ?4.000 for an essay on the voice," says an r.-xeha-nge. Doubtless. She would refuse, SI.000,000 for the s:ui'e reason. Patti is reported to have pensioned Campantni, WI'IOSG illn.striotts high C, now sild.'it, IKIS soared sn many a time with her celrst al own. She is doing crazier things, but this story is probably false. Eichborn, tho German tenor, has become a baritone, owing to a surgical operation. Campanini also has had his high C trimmed and expects it to grow out again in time for the next Italian ODP.ra season. Herr Jfa.v Alvary, fast season the popular tenor of the Metropolitan Opera company, has scored a most emphatic success in Munich and has been engaged by Frau Cosima Wagner for the next Bayreuth festival, at which he will sing in "Tannhanser" and "Parsifal." He lias met wilh well-deserved success ever since his return to Europe, but it is said that ho may possibly revisit this country next season. Should he do so he may .feel assured of a warm welcome. SHARP POINTS. Oregon Statesman: Tlic watch-maker knows as much about spring cleaning as his wife docs. Burlington Republican: How can a woman walk without toeing in and at the same time have an instep? Atchisou Globe: A man does not have to know much about mathematics tosuc- cessfully figure in a sensation. Philadelphia Star: "That's the fellow I'm laying for," remarked the hen as her owner came out with a pan of corn- ineal. Binghatuptoa Leader: When a young mar. embraces al! his opportunities he is quite apt upon occasions to get an arm- fu) of something nice. Toledo Blade: Miss Alto—Do yon think 1 stand any show of advancement in tho choir? Choir Leader—Well, you must lake your chants with the rest of them. New York Commercial Advertiser: Bring up a child in the way he should go and when ho is old, for the sake of variety, he will depart from it. Thero is much wisdom in this observation. FASHION. Simple as the present fashions are, they have not yet reached the limit of simplicity. For next-winter the skirts of gowns will be entirely plain. Irom the waist to the hem, which may bo finished with a handsome border of embroidery or applique. The bodice will also be plainer than at present, with the exception of the vest trimming and the sleeves. The ornamentation of the sleeve will be the distinctive feature of gowns for a year to come. "Where the rest of the gown will bo simplicity Itself, the sleeve will be of a different stuff from the rest of the costume—as rich a stuff as possible—made full as now, thickly embroidered or braided, or decorated in some wa7 from wrist ta shoulder. What the sleeve was to tho costume in the timo of Queen Elizabeth it is to the dress of the woman of to-day. Let the fashionable woman look well to her sleeve. THE FIRST PAIR. .Evo was very dear to Adam in the first fruit season. She was tho apple of his eye. Adam and Eve raised Cain, but there were no sugar refineries in those days, so it went to the bad. Adam's wife never wore jewelry; the impression arose from the frequent reference to icicles as eaves' ornaments. Mayb.cs if Evo hadn't tempted Adam with an apple he.would have fallen anyway. He might have stepped on a wet Fair leaf on the sidewalk. A Forehanded Mtonarcli. Mr*. Snagrg—"The King of Slain has something laid up for a rainy day " What Is it?'' An ilmbrclJn, wortn J't.OOO." Highest of all in Leavening Power.—U. S. Gov r ; r.opon, Aug. 17, r 88<j. fllAKKETS TJBi,K<iKAi>H. Condensed K. K. Xcw TforU. May 12.—Fiour—Closed qni'Pt: firm fine grades winter, 2.00(7,2.50; spring, jl.UOa2.ffi; superiine winter, $£4033.00; supe.rflne spring, $2.2Sii'2.to;extniSo.2 winter. $2.75S3.40i extra No. 2 spring, $2.7033.40; extra No. 1 winter, S3.25a5.IO; extra No. 1 spring. S3.-1025.25; city mill extras, g4.-1054.60 for West Indies; Southern steady; trade and family extrns, S3.15r7,4.70; Wheat—Options opened weak and unsettled on an unfavorable report of the goTernuient crop report. Prices broke In tne early dealings to T*'VR, but u subsequent buying by the shorts with Hutchinson ji leading buyer caused prices to take an upward turn. The closing prices were Irregular, Afay and June were Ig higher; July J.fe lower; August Ic. lower and Sept. Ts lower. Spot lots closed lirm; spot sales of No. 2 red winter, 9Sco> U9; No. 2 red winter, 921/20 93tdc; No. 2 red winter May. 991&C; No. 2 redwlnter June. 991&C; No. 2 red winter July, yiT^c; No. 2 red winter August. Corn—Options weak iu the early dealings, but strengthened later on 171 sympathy with wheat and closed slightly higher for some months and lower for others; spot lots active but a shade lower; spot sales of No. 2 mixed, 4H<5c?42c, delivered; No. 2 mixed May, 42i^c; No. 2 mixed June, 415fec; No. 2 mixed July 42Lj; No. 2 mixed August, 42<He. Oata—Options quiet and about steady, except for May which was weak and declined H<«; spot lots iiulet. Spot sales No. 1 white, 38c; No. 2 white, 86c; No. 1 mixed, 35c; No. 2 mixed, 34l-ic; No. 2 mixed May, 38c; No, 2 mixed June, 32140: No. 2 mixed July, 32UC. '' Hye—Dull and unchanged. Barley—Komlnal. Pork—Moderalely active and unchanged at S14.00«14.20, for ne,w mess. Lard—Steady; June. $6.55; July, SC.65SS6.76. Butter—Quiet; western creamery. 16218C; eastern creamery, 16518c. Cheese—Quiet; Factory New York Cheddar. 9l4ai)l,<jc; creamery New York, part 836),'). Eggs—Finn; eastern firsts, ISV'ffiWc; western firsts, ISl/jc. Sugar—Raw, nominal, at Sl^e for centrifugal; 96 test; 15-13-15 for fair refining. Beflned firmer; cut loaf and crushed, 65fcc; powdered, G.lSc.aGl^c; granulated, 6c36.06c; cues, Gl^aG.lSc; mould A, b.lf; confectioners, A. SKc.; extra C, 5c?5'jc; golden C. 4.K)c. Coflee—Spot lots closed steady, fair Rio cargoes, IKtje; future steady May, 16.40; June. 10.25. CIii«aso. CHIC.SGO, May 12. —1:15 p. m. closing prices.— Wheat— May, IKifv: June, 8434; July, SMiigajjc. Corn— May, 3«ic; June. 34^6%; July, SHiiC. Oats— May, 2Tii; June. 265fec; July, 26lic. ' Pork— May, — ; June, SI2.S5; July, SliJ.Io. Lard— May, — , June. $6.3(1; July, $6.42!,''. Shon Bibs— June. S5.40; July, $S.47y>. Hogs— Receipts, 26,500. Market active, hut weak, with prices. Ba 10 c. lower; light grades, $S.9Gr!4.aO; rough packing. $4.0094.05; mixed. $4.W!«4.15; heavy packing and shipping lots. Cattle— ilull receipts, 0,000; steady to stronger; beeves, $3;75(?6.30; cows, 81. 7533. 75; stockers, S2.15S4.00. Sheep— Receipts. 10,000; firm; muttons. SB.OOfl $6.40; clipped Westerns. 110 to 140 pounds; S4.75 «5. 70; lambs, Toledo. TOLEDO. May 12.— Wheat— Bull.; «i»h and May, 35c; June, DSViie; July, 93c;Aug. 91c; Sept., OlVaC. Corn— Active, sleady; wish. S6c; Mar, SSSic; July, 36V>c. Oats— Quiet; cash SOf; Ifay, --- Cloverseed— Firm, higher; cash, $3.00: October. $3.30. Reeei pis— Wheat, 4.892 bii; corn. 53,033 l>u: outs. 1.714; cloverseed. 118 bags. Shipments— Wheat, u,(100 b«; corn, 43,000 bu.; oats, 2.000 bu. ; clovtTseed 50 bagf. 10 Ea<« Liberty. EAST LiBKivn", Pa.. Mav 12.—Cattle—I-'irm to 15c, hij?hrr tlir.ii last weeks prices. Ho«s—l)ull; medium, $4.3654.40; common to best Yorkers, 54.15<74.30; pigs, S3.7554.00. Sheep—Firm at last KeeKS prices. Receipts—Cattle, 3,571) head; hogs. 6,000 head; sheep, 2,01)0 head. Shipments—Calt'.e, 1.218 head; bogs, 3.000 head: sheep. 18. C'inrlnnatl. CINCIKKATI, May 50.—Hogs—Receipts, 3,000 head: snipments, 1,7CO bead; common, SS.iOS) 100; fair to good, light. S4.10<?.4.£0; fiitt to good packing, £1.10(?4.'/0; selected butchers, S-1.20 S4.25. ( Cx>"n:t/y Tixx. i A.UK1TZ Itrailfrll-d. tUv'lH'lotl . Lf.in ii:'ifiaiii* . ... Hasten) E.\;irc,« ...... »'«>in:« 1KW f in* ......... Kist L'ne ......... 2!ji 5, m i i:'2Up itif ..... Aownuiiodatitm ..... , t-'.'rxiam* tf 45 a rut. M/irK'ii Aceo,'n:/i<j'J,-tt«>r.. i W ft rot >UriJi«»n<l »>iv, •.;•):• 8.05 am* ...... V!.:!:trxiir»f« ...... I^'"ia» mas p oit — .U'i-oiun-.odation ...... liia-'iuii • JXbjjm* ...... "j-.vii-.ures*., ...... , i;«jf J;l » ' ..poli* ,„ ...... I20.jp m* ....... l w ....... 135. in.. }23s! A in* ......... NitfJjt Express ......... ft 50 a jr» i;lTn in* ...... Mint Express ....... 3:15 a ui« ' 'K>v «••" ........ .Vast Line ......... l:2.j» ra « l:47i)in" ............ Fast Lin-? ............ Ii3p m« 12 Go p mi ..... Accommodation ...... 4 ji; ^ m* 'Juj p '•'! ..... *.TCOinn.(vJailon.... .. .', : ;.i „ mj State (.tiiti Y?ET!ajau. l:30p>2t....l!a!ian<i Egress ..... >i:S-!:n 7:45amt ....... Express ........ 7- U:16acit ....... Lurai Krelx Trains marked * run dally. Trains marked t run dally exc V&ndalia Line. 8OIJTH BOThT>. % Local Freight .................................... ssx; am 5 Terre Haute Express ..... „ ................. 7:25 aa Mali Train... ..................................... 2.-;ypa SOETH BOTOL). Local Freight .................................... sa ?a , B Mall Train ........................................ 30:5aau, South Bend Express ..... . ...... „ ....... t-!Snm TSrougb Freight .............................. '. StMbm Clone connections for Indianapolis via tiolfai now made hf all oar passenger traftu.— > 3 c Edgworth. Hirent. Wahssh Ilal)vnt.y. EAST EOCMJ. New York Express, dalij ............ 2*iani Ft Wajne (Pas.)A.cem., exept Sunday 8:10 a a Ksa Jlty 4 T«lea<> Ex., er.crt ^unde> !I :»l a n» Atlantic Express. jally ............. ^iTpm Accommodation Hit., fcxcut Sunday . [>%>o v m »•£«' Borx:' faclflc Express, dally ........ .. .. . 7 fxi '• -t Accommodation i'rt., excpt sv.nday. 1 •;•*> ;> u Kan City Ex, except Sunday ........ SS9pai Lafayette (¥as.)Aecw.. excpt Sunday Kff p in St Louis Ex., dally ................... ICSipm W abash Western— I>ejm( vi ee t {.OJJSD GOISG KAST. Stlouls and Boston Ex., dallj- ..... 3.-»"» New York (limited) ................... -5:40 p a Atlantic Ex .............. . ..... .. lo-ljpra Detroit Accom .............................. Il-^Satn GOISG WJtiT. Chicago ft St Louis (limited) ....... a if > p !c Pacific Kr ........................... s.ooa m 'LogHti Actam COLIS There are ' many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the Ivory." They are not, but like all counterfeits, they lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for Ivory Soap and insist upon having it. 'Tis sold everywhere. SOLD BY DRUGGISTS AND GENERAL STOREKEEPERS. PREPARED ONLY BY CINCINNATI, OHIO. Sold by B. P. Keesling, Logausp LATH & SHIN6LES, SASa.DOOnS&BUHDS ; Itvou areaCZ.OSE CASH BJTXJiX 4Mt i purchase until you got quotations from j THh HAMMOND LUMBER COMPANY, j Office, 3830 Laurel St.. Chicago, IH. Yard. Cjilu.net River, Mm**** k* Caffeine Seidlitz Powders Will Cure Your Headache S cents, at P AR VIN' S .12tt--st, Drug Store 1 1 JLTiHAlVi V*» VVij I? NASSAU STREET, New York, BANKERS, fOR WESTEKNSTATES, CORPOB4- TfOXS, J&AMS AND MERCHANTS. INTEREST ALLOWED OJV £>£POS/TS AND LOAKS WEGOTIATED. __JW^NTED. ^ ''H^-ANTED^X'vVOMANof sense, enersj W*| TV respectability for our business in her WcaBK | middle aged preferred Salary $50 per irtontr Permanent position. References exchanged. , Manufacturer, Lock Box ISSSTN. 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Y.

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