Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1898 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1898
Page 8
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DAILYPHAKOS MOTDA.Y. MAY 23,' 1898. GITYNHWS. Fine plants cheap at Newby's. May bargain gale—Golden Rule. ' Hooley, the tailor, can pleaae you. Home grown strawberries — J. J. E. Strawberries 7*c qt tontght.Traut . Pat Dunn sells 12 bars Bcyal soap lor 25 cents. W. H. Kunkle, of Frankfort, has returned home. Insect sprayers and bug finish at I. N. Crawford's. Plmolas 27 c bottle, rolled oats 4o package at Foley's. Garl Bees has returned from a business trip to St. Louis. Sa-»e your tickets for a Boss roaster at Bothermel's grocery. See the kitchen scrub brush, something new, 5c at Foley's. Hon. W. D. Owen Is In the city to attend the convention tomorrow. Lots of pretty novelties for commencement—Ben Martin, jeweler. Many new bargains for the second week of our May sale-Trade Palace. Special one-half gallon glass water mugs lo.— Trade , pitcher 10c, glass Palace. Come tomorrow or your bargains at the May sale. • Mr, and Mrs. Frank next day for Golden Eule Berndt, of Sixteenth, street, have a new daughter at their home. $3 50 will buy a 15 mackintosh, with double cape. Material, double texture.—Trade Palace. •Wih A.. Dewenter, of Lafayette, was In the city yesterday visiting hi§ brothers, John and Herman. Ladies Auxiliary to the B.ofR.R-T. will serve supper Saturday evening, May 28 at Jordan's ball for 15 cents. Louie Manear, an expert baker, late of Philadelphia, has taken a position with Bauer, the Westslde baker. Henry Oahl, appointed a night patrolman In place of Patrolman Wright, resigned, went on duty Saturday night.. Special wall paper sale at Moynl- ban's Sixth street wall paper store. White back 3c double roll; best shlll- inp paper 6c. Laurie J. Qulnby will lecture at the court bouse tomorrow evening on ««The Crisis of Liberty." Admission free. Everybody invited. Charles Kloenne, the Panhandle engineer, is the proud owner of a handsome colt, one year old, which was sired by Lord Coleridge. Mrs. Catherine Fisher is at Plymouth attending the funeral of her nephew, Samuel Fisher, whose sudden death occurred Saturday. Train up your hired girl in the way she should go. Teach her at the start to take nothing but Fox's XXXX Square Butter Crackers .when you seed her for crackers. H. P. Loveland, James F. Stutesman and Robert Loveland, all of Peru, are guests at the Murdock hotel. They are here to attend the Republican congressional convention. ' Jeff Fuller, one o* the Logansport soldiers encamped at Cn.lckamauga Park, writes Marlon McMeans that he would give a dollar for "one cup of water from the old court house well." The local Masonic bodies held Ascension day services at the Masonic temple last evening, conducted by Rev. Guthria. There was a large attendance of Masons and their families. Ell Greensfelder and William Hilton will leave tonight for Indianapolis to attend the annual session of the grand lodge o! Masons. Mr. Greensfelder will represent Tlpton lodge »nd Mr. Hilton Orient lodge. While at Frankfort, N. Y., on the 14th, B. B.. Wilson, of this city, was present when the employes at the West Shore freight department raised a flag and made a speech for which he was highly complimented by the Frankfort Register. Harry Chapman, the Vaadalla fireman, spent Sunday with his brother- In-law, Al Franklin, at Columbus, lad. He reports that Mr. F. is improving as rapidly as could be expected, and that he will return to Logans- pott .some time next week. Saturday noon, while a farmer was in the act of getting into his buggy at the corner of Eleventh and North streets, his horse became frightened and jumped suddenly forward. The man was jerked from his feet, but held onto the lines and was draggad nearly half a square before he let go. He escaped Injury, The horse was captured batore it had proceeded far. ^ Attention ZonaTes. The'zouave te»m ot St. Matthew's commandery K. of St. J. is hereby ordered to report toraorrow(Tuesday) evening May 24th, at 7 o'clock sharp for exhibition drill at LongolifT bos- pltal.—John R. Fox Capt. Tomorrow, 100 umbrellas, with horn, pearl, black and fancy handles, only II.—Trade Palace. No Word From Schiey or Sampson. Late Reports Indicate That the Spairsh Squadron is in a Precarious Condition. In Bad Condition. Bpecial to the rimo*. Washington, May 23.— Naval thorities believe that- Admiral Cer vera's fleet is In a weak condition and has cabled Spanish government for aid In the shape of a third fleet. It is reported that Italy protests against ihe Havana blockade on the ground that it is ineffective. A suplcious British boat that was apparently trying to enter the Ha r vana blockade, was seized and taken to Key West. son will a&k the county commissioners to pay for the repairs on his buggy and harness. CHICAGO MUtKBTS. au- More Scldier* Killed. Savanah, Ga., May 23.—Two soldiers were killed by a collision that occurred this morning on the Florida Central railroad. - ^ — . _ . i ^^ Troops for the Philippines. San Francisco, May 23.— Orders were given this morning for the im- Received Dally by A. «• Ebangh, at the Corner of North anu Fifth Streets. Chicago, May 23, 1898, Wheat—May opened at 11.54: high, 11-65; low, 11.54; closed at •1.65. Wheat—For July, opened, »1.10c: high, sl-H}; low, 1.09J: closed at. li.n. Corn—For July, opened at 35Jc: high, 35}c; l° w i 35f-Jc; closed at 35jc. Oata—For July, opened at 25£c; high, 25Jc; low, 25i-Jc; closed at Pork—For July, opened, »12.20; high, $12 25; lew; *12.00; closed at 112.15. Eecelpts of hogs 39,000 Estimated receipts tomorrow, Mixed, »4.10@4.50; heavy, »4.5Q @4.65; rough, $4.25@4.40: light I3,85@4.35. Hogs opened 10 cents higher. Beceiptsof cattle, 20,000. Sheep 12,000. Curb, (Sept.) 89fc; puts (Sept.) ;: Jill* (Sip t-) 90*-|0. Toledo, 0., May 23. Wheat—Cash, opened $1.52; closed at 81.55. Wheat—JaIy,opentfl|%l,07J; closed at tl.03. - .___ LOCAL GKALN MARKET. The following is she price paid for grain in the local market today reported Dy W. E. Kurd: Wheat, •1.20; corn, 33c; oats, 27c: clover seed. $2.25. CONTINUED ANOTHER WEEK— THE GOLDEN ECTLE'S GRAND MAY SALE. if \r CA j i T ast week vou certainly ought to come now as it is If YOU Stayed Away the g^est sale ever given J>y The Golden Rule. A--I U V A « f««ia Aflfl U lOU tafllO the mediate departure of troops for Philippines on the steamers City of Pekin, City of Sydney and the Australia. COMii INT EXERCISES That Will be Held Friday la Dolan's Opera House—Tie Vrogcam. Oregon at Key West. Washington, May 23.—The battleship Oregon arrived at Key West this morning. So Sews From Sampson or Schiey. Key West.May 23.—Up to 3 o'clock this afternoon no news had been received from either Sampson or Schiey. A battle is expected, however at any time today or tomorrow. Key A Spanish Defeat. West—A battle between Spanish cavalry anrl 300 insurgents occurred on Thursday, fifteen miles west of Mantanzas. The JSpalards retreated. EXCITIN& EXPERIENCE Last week you'll certainly want to come again. Many newlmes added to this week's sale. All new-are no little stringy variety either. Our low prices made last week one of the busiest we ever had. Jdmifr&H Of Fred J. Montfort in Accident a Runaway On the Burlington Pike Abont O'clock Saturday Right. 10 Fred J. Montfort narrowly escaped death about 10 o'clock Saturday night In-a runaway accident on the Burlington road, about three miles south of the city. He was en route home from Wheeling, Carroll county, and had reached the point above stated when a sudden clap of thunder and terrific flash of lightning trlghtened the horses, and they jumped over an embankment ten feet high, carrying the buggy with them. Mr. Montfort was pulled over the dashboard and fell in two feet of water at the heels of the horses. One of the horses fell upon the other, and Fred labored for an hour to save the animal from drowning. While thus engaged his hands were gashed by coming in contact with a barbed wire fence, and he was bruised about thfi. J^" limbs and body. It was pitch dark and the rain was falling In torrents, and it was no easy matter to get the horses onto their feet and out of the hole into which they had fallen. After accomplishing this at the risk of his life, Fred proceeded to a farm house near by, borrowed a single buggy, hitched one of the horses to it and led the other into the city. The rig was hired of John Jackson, the Sixth street liveryman, and Mr. Montfort accompanied him back yesterday morning after the wrecked buggy. There are no guard rails along the edges of the steep embankment where this accident occurred, and Mr, Jack- The commencement exercises of the Class of '98, Logansport High schoo will be lield in Dolan's opera house next Friday evening, at S o'clock. A program lias been arranged as t'ol luu'i: Invocation:. Song "The Garden of Sleep", Isodoix de Lara Miss Abbie How Addrws The -El-emeiUs of rowei Dr. John M. Coulter. .Song Selected Miss Frances Lux. Presentation of Diplomas. Benediction. There are thirty-nine members of ti class that will be given, diplomas, al well Icnowrt and popular young people of the city. The following is a complete list: 'Elizabeth B. Horning, .Cora Elinor Toby, Robert Edwin BJarumoncree, Ella Malaon-ey, George Beli. Mary Belle Hadley..Bertha Hay Overholser. Anna Marian Powell, Anna Laura Hawkins. Eleanor ; Pauline Robinson. Mary Blanche Elliott, Sadie Irnia Welch, •Amos Palmer, Albert Eugene Old.liam. Mary Josephine Boyer, Edward Franklin McCrea, Alfred Henry Barnes, Lillian Wallar Taylor. Lillian Marie Eodefer. Robert .T. Mc-Xitt. Harry M. Bell. Fa.netra Palmer, Myrtle Adelle Castle. John W. Rowe, Charlotte Irene King. Gene-era L T M. Mary .Teannette Seybold, Melissa Arabel Dalzell, Mary B. Rotroff. .Teannette (Emmal'me Reeves. 'Nellie Jane Flani- jrin. Bessie B. Martin. Anna A. Hanley. Edwin Medland. Thomas Dwiglit GoodVin. Dyer J. Powell. Minnie Nelson, David Rotroff. Frances - Mae Jenks. Delegates Selected to State and Other Conventions. The RepnbUcans held their primaries last Saturday night to select delegates to State. -Congressional, joint senatorial and joint representative conventions. But little interest was manifested and had Judge McCoanell not been a candidate for Congress, few would have attended the primai-ies. The Steele forces made a poor showing, contenting themselves wi-th au effort to secure delegates whose second choice will be Steele. As one ballot is likely to settle the matter, second 1 choice delegates will liave no chance to show their appreciation of the brilliant statesmanship of the man from Marion. The delegates chosen from this city to the congressional convention are: John E. Barnes and John Banta from the First -ward. S. T. McConnell •from the Second ward. Harry Case from the Third ward, J. B. Winters and S. B. Boyer from the Fourth ward and N. R. Donaldson. John M, Johnston and TV. M. Pi card from the Firth ward. The delegates chosen from the townships are John McDonnell. Jackson: I) D. Morrison. Noble: Sidney F. Green. Jefferson: Charles A. Spry, •Clay: Walter Bishop. Tipton; John Kidd. Miami: M. VC. CoWett. Bethlehem: 'Eli Marsh. Wastotoprton: J: Stnley. Adams: Frank Justice. CKaion: William Herd. Harrison. The names of the delegates from Rootie and Deer Creek have not been sent in. The convention will be held at'the Broadway rink and will be called to order at 10 a. m. tomorrow. Delegates ,iave already begun to arrive. Major Steele will have a large force of helpers on hand tonight. SEE OUR DISPLAY OF Spring Buttings! An Exhibition of Choicest Woolens and Novelties. JOHN OARROLK The Tailor 1222 Broadway. TH'E WEATHER. Fair tonight and Tuesday. The Wagon Mission of the Co-opera tive Commonwealth arrived in the city- today. A series of meetings to be ad- flressed by A. S. Edwaxds, editor of the Coming Nation, and G. H. Lock-wood, will be held on tlie corner of Broadway and Fifth street at 7:30 every evening, advocating public ownership. The party has traveled by wagon from Ruskin Colony. Tennessee. Chib House apricots 19c can; Club House peas 9c can; Club House salmon 14c can; Club House string beans. 9c can: Club House tomatoes lOc can at Foley * rUHt 0«»K CHtAM OF TARTAR POWDC* DEL POWN1 Awarded Highest Honor*, World's Fair Qoid Medal, Midwinter Fair MEMORIAL D'AY. The general committee of arrange menta for Memorial day will hold their final meeting tonight at the residence of W. T. Glffe, on Tenth street Every member is urged to be present. The W. R. C. -will meet, at 2:30 tomorrow at the G. A. E. hall, to complete their arrangements for memorial services. The G. A. E. will hold its final meeting; tomorrow evening for the same purpose. The Ladies of the G. A. R. will meet Wednesday evening at G. A. R. hal' to complete their Memorial day ar rangements. Lonioer, Lath, Sash, Doors, Blinds, and Ladders. CHEAPER THAN EVER. THOMPSON LUMBER CO. Sixrti and Higti Sts. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Miss Bertha Hanshen of Twelfth street is on tue sic-k list- Mrs. J. C. Beatty of Linden, avenue has returned "from the G. A. R. en campmeni: held at Columbus. Ind. 'Mrs. William Van. Steenberg and daughter Edith accompanied by Chalmer Plank, went to Chicago this morning to visit relatives for a .few days. 'Mr. and Mrs. I. Himmelberger and Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Crismond and cliil dren leave tonight for Moorehouse Mo., to visit John Hiinmelberger and •family. August Gleit? will set a force o masons at work on 1 the Alber building on Wall street tomorrow,morning. Th building win be 25x00 and three stor ies high. J. J. Hickey of Rochester. N. Y. handsome Jerry, is in town with : stock of samples.. He is one of th' most popular of rbe anflerexi elemen of the east. la the circuit court today Will I Hoff was awarded a judgment fo ?1.166 against the Lake Vde & West ern railroad company. The case wai brought here on a change : of venu from Peru. Miss May Howe, daughter of Mr and Mrs. S. E. Howe, who has been seriously ill for several weeks of in iestinal trouble, became ?o much wors that her sister Laura was called home from Boston and W01 Howe an -wife from Arkansas. Miss Howe wa so bad today that travel along Sort srree-t in front of the residence was stopped, by order of the mayor, as th< noise disturbed her. HAVE--- You been around yet to see JACOB HERZ'S line of Spring Suits, etc? It you have not, call at all the tailor establishments in the city, and then go and see his prices and if you canuot be suited,then it is because you don't •want to buy,as he has all. the Novelties such as STRIPES, CHECKS, Etc. A kind invitation extended to all. Yours truly, DACOB HERZ. MEN'S SUITS $5.i Tomorrow we can place on sale fouivlots of Men'i Suit* at i5.00.Th«7'i» serviceable patterns, color fast, nice fitting and subfUntltllj lined and trimmed. No more than 300 suits altogether, §o you'd t»tt«r come the first tbiag In the morning. We challenge the world to meet tali abore price, and we have no fear that our challenge will be accepted. "MarYcl- ous how we can do it."—say you. Not a bit. Ours are honect prioet—for honest clothing. "The Hub" is as famous for high quality M for lowert prices. Our specials, |5, $6, 87.50 and 110 suiw for thl» week ihould keep our store crowded with buyers. Mothers you must not overlook our Children's Parlor—Kne« Pant* SulU from f 1.50 and upwards—and always a saving from 50c to «1.00 over what others will charge you. HATS. Were never so cheap as they are here now—tl, $1.50,12 and *2.50 the best the world can produc at fs'.OO, all styles, Fedoraa and Stifl Hat*— in latent colorings and shapes. UNDERWEAR. When wa tell you that you can buy the best suit of uaflewear for 50o in the world— it is so because-— "The HUD" says it is. Shirts and Drawer* to match. A SHIRT TALK. ~~~ Here is where nobody can touch us—soft shirts 50c tnaae In three different ways— to wear with white collars, extra cuffs— some with collars aud cuffs ou 'em— some with collars and cuffs attached, but 2 separate ooUtn with 'enf.'"^-^ ALL FOR FIFTY CENTS. Our fine line of shires is superior to anything In Logaasport— «nd prieea more reasonable. Our space does not permit as to enumerate other special bargains for this week— so we Invite eTerybody to call THE HUB. Harry Frank's Old Stand. Fourth St.

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