Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 13, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1892
Page 5
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; GELBBRf\TEB HflTS ' STIFF AMD SILK. FALL AND WINTER STYLES, H. G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor is showing some very handsome woolens tor fall wear ia suitings He also has some- thin^ new and attractive foi O overcoats Yours Truly, PUCK." DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MOKNING. OCT. 13. Pete Baker at Dolan's to-night. Harry Frank's trial ot selling cloih- -. ing cheap, Rtill continues on Fourth street. Useful and ornamental presents in fine china cui glass, etc., at Ben Martin's. Bass drums, with boys suits of our own make, is an inducement that will make them go.—Harry Frank. ' The Republican executive committee, : will meet to-night at the Republican headquarters. A full attendance is desired. Wo want yon to see our Scotch overcoatings, something ne-.v this season.—H. G. Tucker, the Pearl street Tailor. "Handsome is that handsome does," and if Hood's Sarsaparilla doesn't do handsomely then nothing does. Have you over tried it? We aro showing a line oC fancy figured Scotch cheviots for fall and winter suitings notj to be excelled.— H. G- Tucker, the Pearl street Tailor. A good comic opera under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Grueadler would be, it is believed, very acceptably received by the people of Logansport about now. Good Templary in Indiana since October lasl year has made a net gain of S7 lodges and 2090 members, total membership now 5015. This is certainly a good showing. The ladies of Trinity Guild of the Episcopal church vrill give a regular supper in the new Magee block next Wednesday evening the 19th, from 5 to 7. They are arranging to present a bill of fare "out of sight.'-' 1 It is understood that Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stuart will coach a coterie of local amateurs and give a dramatic performance of '-The Q.ueen's Sentence" during the season for the benefit of the Episcopal church. Last evening.at 6 o'clock at the resi- . denco of the groom at the corner of Race and. Seventh streets, Jtlstice Anthony F. Smith officiating. Miss Martha Painder and John Scheu, both of this city, were united in marriage. Yesterday at nooa at home of the bride, at Miseawaka, Rev. Daniel Williamson, formerly of this city, was married to Miss Hattie Booth, an accomplished young lady of that place. The groom's mother and his brother Sam and Mrs. Manley, of this city, were in attendance at the wedding. Stebbins Powell, the stone cutter, died at Dunlap, Ind., on Monday evening at 9 o'clock. The remains were brought here Tuesday eTening and the funeral was held from his homo on Sixth street at TO o'clock yesterday morning, services conducted by Rev. H. J. Isorris of tie Broadway , M. E. church. - , " "*' THE BAEBE Q. A rze Crowd Attracted by tl»o Prospect* of 11 liarse Crowd. The Barbecue at Peru yesterday attracted a crowd of 15000 people of which Cass county contributed about 2000. The cheap fare and the beautiful day made the occasion popular. There was not much politics in it. A test vote on a car carrying the Logansport people showed 19 votes for Harrison and 17 for Cleveland the balance being ladies. The barbecue itself was a fraud. Stevenson, Burke ^Cochran, the Tammany brave, and David B. Hill were advertised but were ot course not present, smaller fry doing the speaking. One hundred and sixty-five roasted steers were advertised and there were just twelve when dinner was announced and five minutes after the signal was given there was not enough meat to feed Byron Wilson's dog. But one mishap marred the day. Henry Hubler forgot to get off the train and was carried through to Wabash where he spent the day without discovering his mistake. Death of Charles i*iinci. Charles Dunn, aged 25 years, died yesterday afternoon at 3:30 of typhoid fever at the residence of his sister, Mrs. A. Hubler. on North street. Charley was a member of Apollo Lodge, Knights of Pythias, and the funeral obsequies will be conducted by that body. He was a highly respected young man, and his death is sincerely regretted by a large circle of warm friends fn the city. The announcement of the date of the funeral will be made later. Katurc assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentle remedy is the Syrup of Figs, mrnu- facturedby the California Fig Syrup Company. Order of Eqnity, Attention! The next meeting of the Council will be on Friday evening, October 14th. Hereafter on the 2d and 4th Wednesdays of each month. E, C. THKOCKMORTOX, Sec'y. Xotlce. We have hertofore persistently refused to leave the Institute to visit patients: but owing to constant solicitations have now made arrangements by which, we will hereafter be able to promptly answer all call in city surrounding towns or country. DKS. CSEISTOPHEK & INDIANA GOOD TEMPLARY THE SIXTY-EIGHTH AN5UAI SESSION OF THE GRAND LODGE I. 0. G. T. The .Past ITear bas Witnessed, a Wonderful Growth Isi the Order la Tills State. Attcniion, iogran UIv. 26, C. R. K. VI Regular meeting- Thursday evening 1 , October ISth. All Sir Knights are recreated to be present, GEORGE A. SCHATEE, Capt. The thirty-eighth annual session o the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars of Indian convened in this city at 10:30 o'cloak yesterday morning. An unusually iarg attendance marked the opening session of the convention, indicating an in terest in the order in excess of that displayed at any other meeting. The morning session was given over to conferring the Grand Lodge degree about forty new members receiving this-distinction. The afternoon session was large! taken up with reports showing goo gains in membership, good work on the part of the order throughout the State and increased influence for Gooc Templary. An examination of the Secretary's report discloses the fact that there are in Indiana IOC active lodges with ; total membership of 5015 in the State This is a gain of 37 lodges and 2090 members in the past year. In addition to the subordinate lodges of the State there are 36 Juve nile Temples with a membership O 100G. These facts gleaned from the Secretary's reports were received by the Grand Lodge with every show o favor and pleasure. At 7:15 last evening the members of the Grand Lodge met with the loca" lodge at the beautiful hall of the Logansport Templars and marched in a body in regalia to the Ninth street Christian church where a most interesting public meeting was held. .Rev. Hagans, of Shelbyville. delighted the audience for an hour with Ms sound logic and quaint illustrations. After this the Templars enjoyed a "love feast" of short talks for the "good of the order." The first day's session of the order was very gratifying and the entire session promises to be one of the best and most interesting ever held in the State. THE A. M. E. CONFERENCE. Tlio Colored 31eT,hodi«ts Meet In OIs trlct Conference'in Tills City "Yesterday. The annual meeting 1 of the district conference, of the A. M. E. church of northern Indiana, convened at the A. M. E. church, in this city yesterday with quite a large attendance. Twenty-five churches were represented with probably twice that number of delegate?. Rev. A. Smith, P. E., of Indianapolis, presided over the meeting. The object of this meeting was among other things to make an equable apportionment of the salary to be paid the presiding elder among the churches of the district, which matter was equably adjusted. 'In addition to this the report on the condition of the Sunday schools of the State was made by Rev. K. L. Bray, of Grecncastle. In the evening a banquet was served to the visiting members, by the members of the local church which was followed by an address by Rev. Bray. The evening services were opened by a sermon by Rev. T. Price of Indianapolis. The meeting will conclude to-day. THEY GO UP FOR TWO YEARS. Sacli Is tlic Sentence In tue Case of Isaac Blackstone and Joseph West. Yesterday morning In the circuit court the jury brought in a verdict of guilty in the case of the State vs. Jos. T. West, a tramp, charged with attempting to enter the house of Geo. A. Hummel, in Washington township, on the 7th day of July last, fixing his punishment at ^wo years in the penitentiary. A motion was made for a suspension of judgment and the court will rule on this motion this morning. Isaac Blackstone. another tramp, who was arrested about the same time during the summer for tapping the till at Thornberg's Sycamore street butcher shop, appeared in court yesterday morning and plead guilty. The court sentenced him to imprisonment in the penitentiary for tvro years. V 3Iap of the tTnlted States. A large handsome map of the United StatesV"mounted and suitable for office or home'use, is issued by the Burlington route. Copies will be mailed to any address on receipt of twelve cents in postage by P. S. Eustis, General Passenger Agent, C., B. & Q-. E. R., Chicago, HI. ^ To Loan, §5,000 to $20,000 at 7 per cent, inter- eat on business property. A_pply to i W. D.PEATT. A SOFT SNAP- somebody JHas Been Enjoylns the I";. Invited Hospitality of tiie IJarnhcisel SCaasioa. Somebody has been having what may be termed a "soft snap" at the Barnheisel mansion on Market street for as much probably as six weeks or more. Mrs. Barnhoisel and sons had packed their goods sis weeks or more ago preparatory to moving the same to Chicago and the goods were remaining in the house. The doors were locked and the house was vacant so far as human occupancy went,although all the household goods remained. During the repairing of the Ullery house which was so badly injured by fire the other 1 eight, arrangements had be<*n made whereby the TJllery family would occupy one-half of the Barnheisel residence until the Ullery home could be repaired. Yesterday the house was opened to prepare for the new occupants, when it was found, much to the surprise of all, that the Barnheisel mansion had not been unoccupied during the absence of the family. The boxed goods had been opened and bedding and other household conveniences had been opened and such things as were needed for "light housekeeping" for two were abstracted and were found in use about the house. These articles consisted o: bedding and other necessaries for a comfortable night's lodging and unmistakable evidences were found to show that a man and a woman had been occupying the O.QUSG undisturbed for the past few weeks. From all appearances the bouse had been entered through the cellar, and a key on the inside of the door had furnished the means of outside access to the luxurious quarters selected by the two people who had been using the house. A box of jams and preserves had been, opened, and from the badly mixed up appearance of the contents the "dead head" occupants of the house had evidently been having a "sweet" time of it. There was no clue to identify the self-invited guests of the Barnheisel mansion and it is not imlikely[that the mystery of these bold, bad people will never be explained, unless indeed Line Dllery will bring into play his fine detective abilities in this direction. It would be interesting- to know who worked this soft snap. Second-Hand BnKKlc*. I have twenty-five second-hand open and top buggies on hand, ranging in price from tea te thirty-five dollars, They are all painted up and are in good running condition. I have to move them out of my warehouse for the purpose of making room for the new factory that is coming here to manufacture road wagons. I will, therefore, sell these buggies at the above greatly reduced prices in order to close them out, as everything must be sold by the first of jSfovember. GEO. HARRISON, 424 Broadway. T'.VO MIGHTY VOLCANOES. One Alive, t.!ie Other £xt!nct, They A:-c tlie Largest Lii tlio V.'oi-'.d. The scenery of windward Hawaii is charming' and picturesque in the ex- .reme. Three lu:ge volcanic mountains, Mauna Loa, Jlauna Ivea, and Hualalai, rear their snow-capped domes ag-ainst the sky to the height of fourteen thousand feet, forming a triangle toward the center of the island, their slopes clothed with dense forests of richest tropical growth and grassy plains which, trend gradually away to the blue Pacific. They are seamed with numberless ravines or "gulches," not tb call them "canyons," and down each a river flows to the sea varying in width, from one hundred to two thousand feet. Many arc nearly a mile •wide. The waters of some, small and quiet. glide peacefully between meadowy banks to their final destination. Others, fierce, impetuous mountain torrents, hemmed in by high, precipitous rocks, dash headlong over bowlder and precipice till they lose themselves in the dimpling ocean. Nearly all are liable to sudden and tremendous freshets. Cascades and waterfalls leaw from the hills in all directions and everywhere trees and rocks are covered with exquisite ferns and trailing parasites of all shades and kinds. The "gnlches widen out at their extremities and the sea sweeps into them with drowsy, booming music. Many a journey taken is bat a continuous series of descents and ascents across these "gulches," Thus on the road "between Hilo and Laupahaehae no fewer than sixty-five streams must be crossed in a distance of thirty miles. Having- ridden for a few hundred yards along 1 a lofty upland thg brink of a stupendous precipice is sud- denlv reached, a mummr of -water from the depths below, and in front is the equally perpendicular precipice on the other side of the tiny valley. A bird d skim across in a. few seconds; poor, windless man has to trust-.to'the unshod: sure-footed beast under him to .cramble up and d<ywn the narrow, scarcely -winding- tracks cut oat on. the kces of the mountains. Oa slippery descents the creature will gather all lis legs under him and slide. On the more ragged paths he frequently has to eap over masses of rock, some three 'eet high, produced by breakage, and this on a path \vhere a false step means death. Dense -vegetation, "often Hinds one to the risks incurred. " - ^ Hawaii is chiefly ianidas,if<Hwits,iroc- N. J. SCHLOSS &. CO. Are at the Very Head of tlic WE ARE BUSINESS. LE LOGANSPORT AGENTS. This season- has many surprises in store for seekers ofBOTS' PERFECT CLOTHING, and our strength will be demonstrated not •^ alone in the elegant higher-priced suits- but in those at A New Feature is the Long Trousers. Double Breasted Ready-to-Use Suits, la all the New Effects. IF YOU VV A.NT your boy to wear 01 othiag thoroughly reliable in quality. Stylish in cut and' perfect iu tit— You Know Where to Come for It. OTTO KRAUa u Of Course.' canoes. KiJauea. the largest active volcano in the world, lies on the side of the mountain Maun;! Loa. at an elevation of four thousand feet. We usually think of an elevation as a cone, but Kilauea, is rather a great sunken pit, in the midst of a vast desolate plain, which slopes up gently to the summit of the mountain. It is a pit no loss than nine miles in circumference, and the area of its lowest level is six square miles. The level varies; but it is at present six hundred feet below the surrounding- country, and is reached by a. steep descent down the sheer face of a precipice, which extends right around the crater, and, as it were, walls it in. Within the crater, toward its southern end, is an inner crater, with one or more lakes of fire, called Ualemaumau, or House 01 Everlasting- Burning's, which constitute the true chimney of the volcano. Here Kilauea exhibits its ceaseless activity. In the outer crater occasional grand eruptions occur, but signs of the slumbering forces below are ever present in the form of blowing cones and steam cracks, varying- in siae from narrow clefts to great fissures, from which issue puffs and clouds of steam, fumes of hot, poisonous gases, and from some liquid lava. The general bed is made up of countless lava flows, of a variety of forms and contortion diiiicult to describe in the words of cvery-day life. It has been likened to a rippling sea suddenly fossilized. There are streams, rivers, lakes, cliffs, terraces, waterfalls, and congealed raindrops of petrified lava. Some of it appears like huge coils of rope. The ever-working inner crater is of course liable to almost daily change. At times it is surrounded by a circle of crags, thrown up from the lake in a molten state and solidified as they rose. They tower above the level of the outer basin to the height of four hundred to six hundred feet From the top one gazes downward into a sea of liquid fire. Soon, the crags, undermined "by the forces below, may topple over into the lake, only to be melted afresh and once more upheaved. When this takes place fire is often choked, and dense volu,-nes of smoke and steam and flickering flames issue from the vast pit The terrible eruptions which fronar time to time have threatened Hilo with annihilation have almost invariably occurred not in connection with Kilauea—which usually confines its ebullitions within its own circling wall—but with Jlokuaweoweo, on the very summit of Mauna Loa. When this shows signs of life danger is to be apprehended. The immense height at which it is situated lends a fearful impetus to a lava flow. On the island of JMaui is flaleakala .(House of the Sun), the largest known extinct volcano in the world, its giant crater pit resembling the yawning craters in thi moon, being twenty-four miles in circumference and two thousand feet deep. Sixteen subsidiary cones rise from its bed, some solitary, others in clusters. The base of the mountain itself has a circumference of ninety miles. On the island of Jlolokai is Kalamoa, a fertile valley of about twenty thousand acres walled in by precipices three thousand feet hlirh. n'.-re is tne norne oi tlie lepers. All who contract the disease are exiled 1 , there by order of the government with, the view of extirpating, if possible, the- dire disease from among the people. It was here that Kev. Father Dainien sac, rifieed his life and that others, equally | heroic, still labor at this work.—-Asiatic- Quarterly. I'urcly Subjective. Mr. Huckleberry—Xoone admires me. Miss Wallflower—I\o one admires me. either. My. Huckleberry—\Ve had better organize a mutual admiration society. I i admire your eyes. What do you admivc, about me? Miss Wallflower—Your good taste.— Tuck. —Laura—"Now, what do you suppose this novelist means by saying that his heroine seemed to be 'treading on air?' r ' Flora—".Maybe she wore pneumatic soles.''—Indianapolis Journal THE W03LA.NWHO V70P.KS, and is tired, will find a special help in Doctor Kerce's Favorite Prescription. Perfectly harmless in acy condition Of the female system. Itpromotesallthe natural functions, and bunds cp. strengthens, regulates,' and cores. For -women, approaching confinement, ncrs- motbars, and everv WHICH COSTS Less than Half the price of other kinds. A TKIA.L WILL PKOVE THIS. Pounds. 20c- i Su]l! by G coccra _ i-^I^-t"*^ lOc. ^ jjj cmjs only, OuiirtcrS) 3c. ^ EEL RIVER CATARRH CURE. Can .be had at 'the,follow--. in;r drug stores: IB, FISHER, D. F, PRIOR, B. F. KEESLINGL JOHNSTON BROS., J.-F. COULSON & CO. H. C. PURCELL, 321FouFtb. Street tonic that's peculiarly adapted to thai needs. Eat it : s more t^ aTI that, too. It s tue O3jy_ cmarontfed remedy for all tha. fm:cti07-.a; disturbances, painful disorders, and chronic weaknesses of tvomanhood. In ''feniak complaints'' of every kind, periodical "tains, bearing-down sensations, internal iiSanrra- Hoc, aad Idndred ailments, if it ovsr iiils to- teaeSt or care, yon havo yoar monej back. is. ibr him: but it caajt bs^for you* ' Storage Room FOR RENT, rn Rear of Pryop's Drug Store. :, I\J, , J

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