Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1890 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1890
Page 3
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"Here is a corset that- well ; wear it three weeks and bring it back and get your money again if it isn't exactly what you want in every particular." That is what you will hear at the store about one corset —no other—Ball's. It means that Ball's corset is n'o-ht for nine women in O ten. The store has a primer on Corsets for you. CHICWO COSSET Co., CHlcago and Sew York. A full line of Humphrey's Homoeopathic Medicines at Pryor's Drug store. Journal TUESDAY MOKjN'LN'tr. MAY. IS. Pears' Sop.p secures a beautifu complexion. now24dly House with gas for rent. I\o. 335 Sycamore street. dec22dtf O. E. Raidy of Terre Haute, was reu'i^ttred at the Murdoek yesterday. 15e tu.-e and attend the Mother Pearl picture eale this evening, at 40-! Broadway. maylSdGt J. C. Kerns and J. 15. Spencer left yesterday afternoon on a business trip to Cainden and Delphi. Hi:-- Mattie Murray of Gbicajro, is visiting her aant, Mrs. Of. B. Doiilitile on east Marker street. General cut on dress goods and siiks this week at the Trade Palace. Crowd, are taking; advantage of it. iliss Stella Pittmun will leave in a lew days for an extended visit with friends in Cainden and Frankfort. Subscribers will confer a favor by reporting promptly any failure to the circulator in the delivery of the Journal. Hartz & Foglesong have opened a bakery on the West side in Englert's old stand, where evervthing in their line will be found fresh and first- class. Three thousand feet ot new pic- * tare moulding just received at Siff e's store, where the best framing is done at cheapest prices. We have more styles than all others and the stock for every sample shown. The ladies of the Baptist Womf as' Missionary Seciety, will meet at the rp sidenee of Mrs. Capt. D. H. Mull. °a Sorth street. Wedueday aiter- oooa at 2 o'clock. At o o'clock tbe ladies will serve supper, continuing until s o'clock. A cordial invitation 's eitended to all. Big unreserved sale of Mother «ar] pictures, and yeurself and -ady are i nv ; ted to attend thg bjo . unreserved sale of Mother Pearl pic- wes commencing this evening af Wl Broa.iway, next door to the pop «ter book store of Mrs. Jonn Mar- *na.l. Will be pleased to have you «ome and esamine the goods whether Joapurehse or not. Seats reserved — Co1 ' J - A - Cain, a/uc- maylSdflt tioneer. REAL ESTATE. *. 11 rt i ?U1'?:v>"»s on Broadway. - ; . lo rc-slileiiC' 1 '; on Spear >iree!, -. on" S'.one ;m-I r*j Frame resiliences .\ t'-T'.i r^.-Edeii??.* on Osn~e street, •:. r-rsU^ni'es • i Pratt "ami Chippewa -. r*si<.!i'!i'.v-: ->.i High street . u hriek r^Jdr-iiep on Brondwny. ••; or trade re.-Idences on the >"orth auJ -'. -1 z>;;.>l f;irm5 for dwelling p; jpertv. -. 3 2'sod £;inn> for business block.*." -. ;i »tock of Dry G^xls for a good Tarm. a «t-.»ok of Drj tf<»lT for to»~n lot^s. rtyl:ith«ciry will pay tie difiereiuv in a Xo. 1 5:e,".rn Grist 5IUI with all the provi'p.if-nt-. Tiie Mil! runs day anc! > c>:i-:'ii fur a £CKXl farm. ".:.* In nil j.arcs of the city to sell, ^^ifii thirsl MoDr apartments. For Paniculars Enquire or M. M. GORDON, i'e;i5;on and Real Estate j?gent. Ilooui _\o. a, Elliott Block, Logansport, • Ind. Anckn. Esta Harrison has (he typhoid fever. Mr. Lou Odell and family, of Voung America made a visit among friends here last week. The heavy frosts and freeze of last week seemed to but little damage to f rait as far as can be seen. J- S. Snetheu of Royal Center, has been painting, varnishing and hangingpaper for.J. W. Puterbangh. Rev. 31 r. "Whitt preached at the brisk school house last Thursday ni»ht. Those that heard him, say he is a very fluent speaker. Mr. R, S. Woodling planted a tteld of corn for L. J. Leedy last week with Woodling check "lower those that saw it work think it is a success. At the U. B. parsonage last Tuesday at 11 o'clock a. ru. by the Rev. H. E. Butler, Mr. Charles E. Woodling- and Miss Lizzie Cotner were joined together in the holy bonds of wedlock. The bride and groom are well and favorably known here and their many friends wish them suc- ce «*- HAWKKVK. Fletcher Items. To Mr. and Mrs. John MeCanghy— a daughter. John Has-.vood has abandoned the idea of going west. Mary McCaughy has been sick for tome time with mumps. Mrs. Levi Mathews has been confined to her bed with erysipelas. Rev. F. M. Elliott preached last Sunday to a large crowd at the Presbyterian church. Ida and Graee Mathews spent a few days visiting in Kewanna last week with Wilber Beattie. Quite a number of the Methodist members attended the quarterly meeting last Sabbath at West Union. There is to be a concert given at the L-ake Presbyterian church on Sunday. May 18. A' good time is anticipated and a cordial invitation is extended to all. Charles and Judas Buchanan and D. C. Eckert, the celebrated vocalists, will assist in the musical part of the entertainment. RQSK BUD'D. The Barber's Union of this city is an organization of which the members are justly proud. It has a membership of forty, and all of the- shops in the city, with only two exceptions, are represented in the union. The shops are closed promptly at S o'clock p. in., except Saturday nights, and no work is done on Sunday, which 1 gives the members ample time for rest. In addition to these advantages there is a mutual benefit clause in the constitution that gives three dollars per week to members who may be sick, and in case of death an assessment is made to pay the funeral expenses of the deceased. The union is a great advantage to its members and Will You Guess? THE JOURNAL will give a Prize of Ten Dollars in uolcl to the person wnosa guess corn?s near«st nnd ii Prize of Five Dollars In (foM to the pprsoa giving the next nearest guess to the flsur&s of the Census Enumerators, who begin their wo^ In Logrmsport on or about Jane. 1, ISO. To Insure your name and guess being corretiy recorded, cut off the coupon which appears below; fill in your name, your address and your estimate of Lo^ttnsport's imputations in tUe proper places. Then cut out the coupon and forward It to the •MOURXAL", Census Bureau Log-,! us port, Indiana, Xo guess received later than June I0th. aad no guess recorder] which Is not made and tilled in on coupon cut from THE JOURNAL. In case of 11 tie, the parties shall divide the prizes.'.) i—i GUESSINGOPENTO THE WORLD. COUPON GUESS. The JournaljCensusiBureau. First Prize; :$1O In-Gold. Second Prize 55 in Gold Guess How POPULATION .. ere are In Logii.«port. XAilE... ADDRESS.. shows what even a few men may accomplish when they set their heads to do it. Oar Public JBnildtngr. The Pharos publishes a letter from Senator Turpie stating that the togansport Public Building bill was not yet in the Senate and had not passed the House. The Journal has arranged for special from Washington of matters of local interest and received the information that the bill had passed the House as stated. The Indianapolis Journal and 2fews both contained the same item in their Washington telegrams and if SenatorTurpie is not mistaken there iiTust have been some confusion of names by the press correspondants. The Journal has written for information concerning the exact status of the bill and will furnish the information as 1 soon as received. BnrlinKton Route—Bat One Xight Chicago to Denver. "The Burlington's dumber One' daily vestibule express leaves Chicago at 1 p. in.,and arrives at Denver at 0:30 p. in. the next day. Quicker time than by any other route. Direct connection with this train from Peoria. Additional express trains, making as quick time as those of any other road, from Chicago, St. Louis and Peoria to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Council Bluffs, Omaha, Cheyenne, Denver, Atchinson, Kansas City. Houston, and all points West, •Northwest and Southwest. maySdSt In the circuit court yesterday by his attorney M. F. Mahoney, Joseph H. Sellers filed a suit for divorce from his wife Mary Sellers alleging abandonment and adultery. The plaintiff is a Pan Handle brakeman and sets forth in his complaint that tbey were married in 1874 and that in 1882 the defendant deserted his house and has since refused to live with him, preferring a life of adultery, therefore he sues for divorce and all proper redress. Mr. Emil Keller has sold his interest in the Conner Trick Notion Compa«y and has purchased the stock and good will of Mr. Frank Harwood the merchant tailor. He will' take possession June 1st. No fiuess Registered Unless on th:< Coa^oa. Xoble Xotes. Mr. Dan Watts and wife, of the city, attended church at Shiloh last Sdnday. Clarence Watts took a herd of cattle to White county to pasture on last Monday. David Powell and John Sheets spent last Wednesday fishing at Fletchers' lake. Mrs. C. P. Wright, of the city, preached a very interesting sermon at Webb Chapel. The supervisors are taking up all stock that is found running at large in this township. Mr. Johnnie Willings and Maggie Reams were the guests of their parents on last Sunday. Mr. Alvah Henry has returned to California from an extended visit with, friends and relatives here. The Reading Circle, from the city, met at Sir, George Zinn'.s on iast Wednesday night. A large wa< in attendance. The Sunday school convention will be held at Ford's Crossing on Sunday afternoon May 25. Ail Sunday school workers are iavited to be present. (rUKSS JfOT. fUbSjariT.-! Strengthening: aud K.heu- aiatie Plasters. Are a revelation to the World, and are the only Genuine Rheumatic Plasters. .Nine-tenths of all troubles which require the aid of plasters are rheu niatic in their nature. A change of weather or sudden~draf t causes a cold which develops into muscular and that into inflammatory rheumatism. And yet there has never been such a thing as a distinctly rheumatic and strengthening plaster, ^nd hundreds have died, suddenly -where rheumatism has attacked the heart, whose lives might have been saved had this plaster been applied in season. The\are constructed on purely scientific principals and are purely vegetable. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich. For sale by B. F Keesling. :ian23deod&wly The «reat sjprtus: Medicine, It will be gratifying to all who realize the. vital necessity of purifying the blood, to know that HIbbard's Rheumatic Syrup can be relied upon as a blood medicine. ?iTr. B. C. Robinson.' of Marshal. Mich., says: (ientieraan:—I have suffered Intensely from bi!Hoasne.s5 and rheumatism for over three years, and had tried so many remedies that I had lost all faith. Hearing or Hlbbard's Rheumatic Syrup I bought a uoitie and found it helped me. I have used four bottles, and It has restored m- llver and kidneys to healthy action, and done more to purify my blood than anything I have ever taken. I am pleased to recommend Is ;u> a wonderful blood medicine. Very truly yours' B. C. Robinson. Marshall. Mich. Sold br druggists. Prepared only by The Charles Wright Medlclaa «oaipanv' Detroit, Mich. a Xotiee. To the officers and members of Purity Lodge No. 127 D. of R., I. O. O. F. : AH members of Purity Lodge Xo. 127, are requested to meet at Lodge Hall, on Tuesday, May 13th, at 2 o'clock sharp, to make arrange ments to go to Winamac. May 28th. MRS. W. C. GRISDLE, N. G. MrsrxxE HABTEI,, Rec. Sec'y. mavlldSt Darbrs Prophylactic *'luirt. GiTes prompt and permanent relief lu Dura,?, scalds, chilblains, venomous stjngs or bites' cuts and wounds at every description, It Is Invaluable In scarlet lever, dlptherla. small-pax, cholera, yellow, typhns, typhoid and other fevers, For sick-rooms, to prevent the Spread oj contagion, It Is the best disinfectant known. Hon, Alex. H. Stephens, of Ga. Darbys Phophylactlc Fluid Is an article of little coat, bnt great value. Its domestic as well as medicinal uses are numerous while Its specialties are mort wonderful Xo head of a family should ever be without It, 2 Hold it to i IIP Light. The man who tells you confidential just what will cure your cold is prescribing Kemp's Balsam this year. In the preparation of this remarkable medicine for coughs and colds no expense la spared to combine only the best and purest ingredients. Hold a bottle of Kemp's Balsam to the light and look through it; notice the bright, clear look; then compare with other remedies. Price SOc. and Si- -leod Don't neglect that first cough! Syrup White Pine and Tar will re lieveit at once; 25 and 50 cents' per bottle. For sale by B. P. Keesling. jan25d-i/4m Picture framing a specialty at B. M. McMillen's No. 307 Market street. may8d2t PELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. Methodism is shortly to celebrate Its centennial at Boston. The Pope is so ascetic in his mode of living that he is said to spend loss than 51,000 a year on bis immediate wants. At least 12.000 of the 2r,o,000 self-supporting women of Xew York are yearly- reached tiy the Yotin™ Women's Christ- Ian association of that city. Tho Issues by the American Bible society for the raonUi of March were 84,32fl. The total issues for the vear ending March 31 were l,oo:!,!»22 volumes. The Mo-:ivians number !>3,227, and yet we are tnld that they have sent out durinc the .-enuiry 2'1.000 missionaries, and S300.000 yearly. They have nine mission ships. » The Baptistdenominr.tion in Liberia is the only self-supportin.e relitrious body in that country. There are "thirtv-ono churches, with 3,000 members. TJiov have a mission among tlio aborigines. On the west coast of Africa there arc now 200 churches. 3.1.000 convert*. 10O COO adherents. 2.7(10 school*, and 30,000 pupils. Religious books have been translated into Hiirtv-five clialwts of the section. Tho Rev. A. T. I'ierson of Philadelphia, who is now laboring in Great Britain, has been railed to the "Westminister Congregational ChapH." London, England, where for so manv years theEev. Samuel Martin carried on a very successful work. Mrs. Albert Borlcer, one of the founders of the woman's board and its president for twenty-two years, has resigned. As a memorial to her it is proposed to erect a dormitory in con' --'.ion with tin' boarding school in Tlombav as a home for young lady missionaries. A Detroit preacher found this noto from a young lady in his pulpit one recent Sunday rvenins: "Dear Mr. S.: AYon't you ploase deliver your sermon a little slower to-night? I am studying shorthand and can't keep up with vou. I hope you won't refuse so sma'll a favor." Was John Howard, the world-famous philanthropist, a Unitarian? This question has recently bp»n raised in England. It appears in evidence ttwt this great, lover of humanity had a great many Unitarian friends, worshipped part of the time with Unitarians, and entrusted his son's education to a Unitarian minister. Peter's pence was collected last year according to the following table: Austria contribute,! £ii;.odo, Italy and France £14,000 each. South America £12,000, J*orth America £11.600, Spain £S,000. Xorth Germany £7.200, Portugal £6,000. Ireland s.-j.soo. Belgium £4.200. Asia £4,000. Eoumania £4.ooo, Great Britain £1,SOO, Africa £:-,>;oo. Poland £3.40'), Australia £3,400. Switzerland £2,200. and Russia £!,>ii)0. '•Is religion a failure?" asks the Christian Union, and derlares that the daily newspaper? are inclined to answer the question in the affirmative. Not at all. The people who practice religion are now end then a failure, and a newspaper which prints all the news has tc notice the fact, bin religion is not a fail^re, and there :;evor was a time when more money was raised for it or more good works done in Us name. The Rev. Wilbur K. Crafts has resigned his position as publication secretary for the America:) Sabbath Union in order to mak? a transcontinental trip in the interest of .Sabbath reform. His trip will take him to Ohio. Illinois. Arkansas. Indian Territory, Missouri. Kansas, Colorado. :-on:hern California, Nevada, Utah. Nebraska, the Dakota.*, and Minnesota. In the autumn he expects to return to the pastorate. The total number of souls who professed salvation a; the Salvation army penitent forms for the five months ending with Aprii ! was 00,000. At the conmencerneat of November the officers of the organization, upon (,,>n. Booth's Instructions, ser. r.bo :i to obtain KH.OG't conversions in Greai Uritain alone during the following si:; months nnd this number has ucrv ninu)~: *oeu reached. The Archbishop of Canterbury recently held a mission for workinimen in Victoria music hail. ..,;;,.• of the largest hails in London, at which there was an immense convoisrse of men. The Archbishop invite.i th?m to join in the general confession and ii> the Lord's prayer, but very few dki, the reason being that having no books they were thrown upon their memory, and few knew the Lord's prayer. But when the reverend missioner gave out a Moodv and Sankey hymn they nil joined lustily in that. The Baptist Missionary Magazine says the whole cost of supporting a missionary doing effective work in any of the fields is about $2.000 a year, the salary being one-half and the remainder boin™ made up by the cost of outfit and passage the first year, and afterward by house rent, cost of native teachers of the language, native preachers and other helpers, travel through the country on preaching tours, and other expenses. When the house cannot be rented, as is often the case, and it is necessary to build, it often costs 85,000 the first ye;vr to put a new missionary in position to do work. Pope Leo XIII. derives his revenue from throe sources. One is the interest of the vast sum left bv Pins IX. in the. pontifical treasury, invested chiefly in English consols. This interest, amounts to 5625,030 a rear. Another source is the Peter's pence contribution, which In spite of the very great reduction in late years, averages about -3115,000 annually. The third source is the apostolic chancery, the receipts of which include sums received for titles and decorations, privileges of the altar, private chapels, etc., and aggregate about S>20,OOO a year. The entire annual income of Leo XIII.. therefore, is about Sl,50'),000. VERSE AND-WORSE. with Much machine poetry es started Spring. The poet soars, says Byron. He'does, Indeed: and he's sore's the old Han-} when his verses are rejected. A St Louis poet says it rests him tc write sonnets.' But he should remem- ter that he makes those who read there very tired. ; •'Never was so put out in all my life,' said the tramp ruefully, just after th« hired man.had slid him glibly out at th< back door gate. j From Top to Bottom >eit Cleaned tnp. : : ^riin;. is _ earhne is never pediilea. thing in place of Pca.-line, do the hon-st thi:!r— -.->.• j ft !•':,• ::C3.usr: grocers v I'earline." :.s done ."eat re; and •'•••m rtrariine >•••; ; you will it does v.-hat .; lei! you. " thii IT'S FALSE— SIX-CORD COTTON. Leading Dealers. WILLIMAHTIC SPOOL For Sale by all 34 Onion Square, New York City, Aug. gist, i After a series of tests at our Elizabethport factory, extending over e period of several months, vie have decided to use. the WILLIMANTIC SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON, believing il to be the best thread HCKL> ir. the market, and strongly recommend it to all agents, pure/lasers and users of the Singer Machines. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. Pont spoil your Feet with CHEAP SHOES! See that EVERY PAIR is STAMPEO THE BUST & PACKARD Don't allow TOUR Ue.ilor to palm oft any substitute for tae "Korrect Shape." as we have arranged to supply anyoneln the United States \vlio cannot get ttese goods of OUR agents, and prepay all deliver; charges, thus bringing them to jxmr door without eitra cost The Burk & Packard "[Correct Shape" Shoes are made In lour grades, viz., Hand-made. Hand-irelt, Burtwelt and Machine Seired. which Is stamped on the sole In addition to our trade-mark aborc Our agents should carry all grades In Congress, Button and Bal (or Gent's. Bojs and Youths. PACKARD &: FIELD (Successors toEurk i Packard,. BPOCkTOD, Mass. OTTO A. ER AUS, &«• & LOGANSPORT 31 AV MUSICAL FESTIVAL. | Z BAPTIST SKETJIBKX ilednced Hates the Penns Indianapolis tinen. Annual S!eetin;rs at Pertle Springs, via j Mo., and Xorth 2Ianchester. Ind_ 31 ny 23<i te SOtli. ISOo! i The Second Annual May Musical Festival will be iield in Toi Hall. Indianapolis, from 31av 10th. The following talented Artists have been engaged for the occasion: Sopranos—M'lle Clementina De Vere and Mdme. Herbert-Foster: Contralto—Mrs. Zelda Seguin-Wallace; Tenors—Signer"Jules Perrotti and Mr. Charles Knorr; Basso—HerrEmil Fisher: Baritone—Mr. Chas. Holman -Black: Harpist—Mr. T. C. Cheshire and Mr. Franz Wilczek, Violin Virtuoso. The whole supported by a chours of 600 trained voices and Seidl's German Opera Orchestra of 50 pieces from the Metropolitan Opera House. New York. From May 13th to 17th, excursion tickets will be sold via the Pennsylvania Lines from ;Logansport, at rate of $3.15 good returning until May 13th, inclusive. _ dtwtolo For Sale By the D. Mahoney heirs, lots 2xos. C, 7 and 8. in the D. D. Dykeman addition of West Logan. Lots Ko. 6 and 7 have a CO foot front on Sycamore street, and 96 feet deep. Lot 8 has 100 foot front. The lots adjoin the Vandalia and Wabash depots, and make good business lots. Call or address, T. F. ilAHOXET. may9d2twlt 300 Sycamore St. A Model Hallway. The Burlington Route, C., B. & Q. Kailway, operates 7,000 miles of road, with termini in Chicago, St. Loais. St. Paul, Omaha, Kansas City and Denver. For speed, safety, comfort, equipment, track, and efficient ser vice it has no equal. The Burling ton gains new patrons, but loses none. may3d6t A Cure for ConKtipation and Sick Headache. Dr. Silas Lane,'while', In.the Rocky Mountains, discovered a mot th»t when combined with other herbs makes an easj and certain cure lor conslpa- Uon. It Is In the form of dry roots and leaves, and Is known as Lane's Family Medicine. It will cure sick-headache to one night. For the blood, Uver and kidneys, and for clearing up the, complexion It does wonders. Druggists pell It lor 50 cents a package.' Sample free. 3eod ! For the annual meetings of the i German Babtist Brethren, to be held I at Pertle Spring. 51 o . and Jforth j Manchester. Ind.. Slay 23d to 30th, I the Wabash IJailroad wili sell round trip tickets from all points on its line at half fare. Tickets will be on sale Mav 19th to 27th inclusive, and wiil be good to return up to and in- cluding.Tune 2:'.th. !S:». For tickets and all desired information, call or address nearest Wabash ticket agent. dto!3 WELLMA^I'S BURETOR Pat. Oct. 1889. A cold Carburetor which wiil enrich NATURAL GAS and produce a 26 candle power gas. It will work at any temperature, and is absolutely safe. A.G-E3STTS WA-ZSTTED larn addrean, FHE WELLMAN CARBURETOI MANtTFACTPKDfG CO., 25 "WARREN ST. NEW TOKO.

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