Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1898 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1898
Page 7
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f abash Route, Calitaia Limited. Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping CMS between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles. CU., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 ?. m. A BuSet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are at- Uched to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc.,call on or address C.B.MEWEll,A"t. WABASH &R Loganepcrt, Ind. Do !on Love If to, secure one of tbe latest and prettiest Two-Bteps of tke day, by malllOK Ten Cents (•aver or stamps) to cover mailing and postage, to the undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.; W« are giving this music, which ig regular •fty-oent sheet music, at this exceedingly iow »mte, lor the purpose ol advertising, and testing the value of the different papers as adver- Hita* medium*. E. 0. McCormick, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Route." Cincinnati. O. Mention this paper when you write. Station, Tmlnr Bun toy Central TUr>« • Poll?, t Dall7, axo»pt Sondw. CHICAGO DlVIfllOU DAHiY. tMT* for ChlO»go*8:05 » m:«6:00 a m;*l :26 p m 280 a m;«lS:80pm;1:OC p m: *1:«0 p m; *8:15 p m BRADFORD AND OOLCHBU8. La*»e for Bradford *1:10 a m;t7-40am; *!:« n m* t4:80 u m. ArrlY«rrom Bradford *2:45a»: tlO:20 am: •1: 90pm; 14:15 pm. irrNER DIVISION. LMTC for Bffner t8:15 a m; t8:09 a m- «:05 p m Spin Sunday only. .. Art-re from Bffner '7:& a m; + 12:oO p m; t2:« p m: 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND ASD CIHOTRHATI. LMTe for Hichmond t!2:55 am; t6:80 a »: *1:OB pm:t2:10pm. „ ArriTii from Richmond ^SOam: nJ:00»m •l:ROpm;tlO:50pm. UTDIANAJPOLie A1TD LOtHBYTLI.*. LMT* for Ixraiivllle 111:45 a m: »1:10 p m. AnlT« from LouiivtUe -2:40 a m; *l:6& P m. J. A. MoCULLOTJGH, Agent, Logaaiport, Ind. LO«ANBPOKT HO. BAIT BOTJXD, I »Mt«rn Express daily .................. »:» » 6 Mall and Exprew daily ................ »:4«a 4 Allan tie Kxpresi daJly. ........... ...... 4:18n m 10 Fort Wayne Aoco Ex Sunday. ... 6:32 p ra »4 Local Freight Kx Sunday .......... 4:18 p m BOUlfT. I -WMtem BxpreM daily ................ 10:34 p m 1 JaitMail Daily ....... ............. ....... 8:1S p m 7 Mail and Kxpresgdaily ................. 2:40 p m 8 Pacific Express daily-.. .................. "'g a m 11 Decatur Acoo Ejr-Sundav ...... ----- 7 ,35 a m T5 Local Freight Kx-Sunday ...... - ...... ":3o a m m mmx mvuion, WBSIBIDJ, B«IW» Ii09AIl*POBI A>» CHTLI. WMI >t>nn>. ••. »>- ..... --- .ArrtYW ----------- 1:» »• Ho. iT ------- ^^-^rrlTei ----- - -------- 4:«i p. a BASS BOB1TD K . M __________ ^—Leave* ....... -------- »••<* »• .M ......... ---- .Leave* ........... ..... »=« P- VANDAL. A LINE. Time Table, in effect Deo. 5, 1897. TnOni Lemve lrf>cu»port, FOR THB NORTH No. 8 ------- ..................... Ko. FOR THE SOOTH. a. m. 8:40 p. V* a. m. S:18 p. m tot complete Tim* Cmrt, giving all tralng and nation*, and for full Information ai to imtM, throu«k oan, etc . . addrftM J. a atoMWORTH, agent, topHuport, or • i. IOBD, 6«n«ral Paueng«r Ajvoi, Ht. LOUtl. Mo. . & W. Time Table, Peru. Ind. Holla tralna between Jpeori* and 8«ndu«kT •n J IndianapolU and Michigan. Direct oon- •ectloni w> and from all point* In tbe United Itat** and Canada. »ODWD D1FAK* Ho 11 Indlanapolii Bxp dailj 7:10 a m U:IOamNoffl " Mail 4KrpUl:IK am (daJlj exoept Sunday) No K Indpl'i Szp ex Sun — 3 :3t P m i:10 p in No « PaatengTO except Sun Ho 161 Roohwtsr local arrive :48pm except Sunday, BOTTNV. .JI:I8am v «:Mp» fS pmKoM Detroit Brp KzBua Ho ISO Acoom eioopt Bun... 6:45 am •TXMf not run norft of Peru on Sunday. vox tiolrtt rate* and gftneral Information call nTj.BMoner. ticket ayent, L ». * w on.on. , . Peru. Ind. wC. T.Dallr. (renerml paaienreT afent, Indiantpolla, Ind Through Pullman Toarist Sleeper F« Pointa n Kausa*. CaUfornl*, Arizona and Hew Mexico-will leave Indisnapolie via the VandaM* Line each Wednesday undl further notice. For rate* pnerrattaua and full In formation. »PPU to newert ticket agent of the TandaU* Line, or »eud to Mr. K. A. Ford e. p. A., at. louit, MO. _ When doctois f»il try Burdock W»ter§. Onres dyspepsia, con Intlgbrttes the whol MERICA'S LUMBER SUPPLY. tie PJuntlni of Foreota rilcelr'to Be •n Important l»du»try. Looking not very far. into the future, . seems that the planting of American crests -will hecome a productive in- ustry. Preservation of old forests, ith their masses of dry underbrush nd flre-inviting collections of dry eaves, may he advisable for some rea- ,ons, says a writer in Meehan's Month. These immense masses of flre- ood undoubtedly tend to collect snow, which, by its gradual melting, furnishes a supply to the water reservoirs eneath the surface of the ground, now thaws less quickly under the hade of trees than in the bright sun- ght. Less water, therefore, runs to upply floods and freshets than when he snow is" made to pass away grad- ally. But this question does not af- ect the solid timber interests. In old forests, wnere there Is a truggle for life among the trees by eason of their growing so thickly to- ether, the result is the necessity of 'aiting many years before the trees will reach a size to make them desira- le for timber purposes. Where trees ave room to grow, and are properly ared for, most kinds of American rees will furnish -useful timber in wenty or thirty years, and for many ther purposes they can be employed ven younger. It takes well on to a entury for the struggling trees in a ense wood to have any marketable alue. While good timber Is becoming grad- ally scarcer on account of our annual forest fires, rising from the con- itlons already stated, the demand is ncreaslng, and, what is more remarkable, Europe is already calling on America for a suppiy of lumber. Amer- can oak, especially, is in great demand in the old world, while our black walnut is closely following in its wake. Our lighter woods, also—such as the tu- fp tree and poplar—are coming into great demand there for packing-boxes ind cases where light weight is a great ibject. Those who are interested in orestry in our country should take up he matter of encouragement of forest planting. It will soon be a greater L uestion than forest preservation. A Vienna Waiter and Paine Teeth. The suit of a dentist of Vienna to •ecover remuneration for dental work an the fair guins or an actress at one if the theatres there, has re- cealed what resources a fair Viennese may not hesitate to dppeal to when confronted by what she onsiders to be an injustice. Madame admitted that the dentist had made her eeth, but she declared that she had aken them on trial and that they had proved unsatisfactory. She was asked ,o prove this. She consented, at the ;ame time warning the prosecution that her reputation was thereby hazarded. Her witnesses were called and ler point proved. She recently had dined at a restaurant with a. gentleman riend. As they were enjoying the beer of Bavaria, a small object of ivory and gold fell upon the marble floor. >4o one seemed anxious to claim it, so the garcon gathered it up in his professional napkin and made his exit. When, however, he brought the ac- ress her bill there was her denture smiling up at her from the silver tray. She accepted the teeth with as much race as she was able to command. Her friend witnessed the action of the waiter and laughed. Later, friend and waiter were summoned as witnesses. The Court decided against the dentist, Reflection* «rf •"BS.chelor. A girl never really appreciates it till she has once kissed her comb out. A baby is all right, but it never takes the place of a bull pup to a man. Jacob wrestled all night and broke his thighbone before he would admit that women were angels. There are two ways to every woman's heart. One her husband knows and the other she doesn't know herself. A girl is never really in love with a man till she ha* thought that she would like to sit aad watch him while he was asleep. When a woman f*ts a letter that begins "Dear Sir" she always feels too proud for anything; when a man gets one that begins "Dear Madam" it makes him mad. The F1«1T» Color, It <* a familiar fact that fishes can change their colors at will; many fishes make remarkable changes. Free swimming fishes most commonly preserve their normal colors, though these fishes can change; the fishes that change most are the bottom feeders. For their own protection from other fishes that would prey upon them, and the better to enable them themselves to capture food, these chaage their colors to match the bottom they are on, so as to make themselves invisible. They do this often to a degree that seems extraordinary. In one of the. smaller salt-water tanks at tbe New York Aquarium there are a number of small flatfish. The bottom of the tank is covered ivith coarse graVel. The great bulk o.f the gravel is composed of pebbles of a brownish white, a sort of pale iron- rust color. Scattered in this are pebbles of a deeper tinge, with now and then one of a brownish gray or brown black. The flatfish lying on the gravel at the bottom of this tank imitate its colors in their own backs in a manner that is marvelous; they are of a mottled brown, like the colors of the gravel, an the smallest of the flatfish is the most wonderful. They are all thin and lie close to the bottom. The edge of the little one blends with it; and its back is a wonderful mosaic of browns so like the gravel of the surrounding bottom that it appears to be a part of ;t. Even in this clear water, at a. little Distance, the fish is scarcely distinguishable. A Real Yanl*ee Romance. Years ago a summer boarder at a cottage on a point of land which formed the protecting arm of the harbor of a fishing town in Massachusetts was shown a girl baby only a few months old. He looked at the babe and admired, then said to the mother: "Will you give me that babe for -my wife?" The mother had known the young man for several summers. She liked him, and therefore, answered promptly "Yes." "Will you promise never to tell her that you have selected me as her husband?" "Yes." The conditions of the singular betrothal were observed. The girl baby grew up, and summer after summer the young man courted her. When she was 18 he married her, and not till tben did she know that she had been betrothed to her husband while in her cradle. Can old romance be more romantic than this story of a New England fishing town? rat American TOTK. If the average American farmer cannot sell his pork in Philadelphia be- :ause the pork is too fat, how can he expect to sell bacon in England? The fat American hog has lost to the United States the English market for bacon. Canada bacon brings in England from 11 to 14 cents. Bacon from this country will only bring 6% cents, because only those who cannot afford a. better price will buy it at all. It is high time for the farmer to say, "Down with the fat hog!" A Novel Check. To take the place of the overdraw check rein now in use a new check is made of a small rod, which is fastened at one end to the collar at the center of the breast, the other end having a pad, which is attached to the bridle under the lower jaw, the new check doing away with all pulling on a horse's moutb. What Causes Balky Horses. Tender shoulders are the first cause of balky horses, and care is a better cure than the whip, even should the will cure (?). If horses go wrong, here must be a cause, and that causa s sometimes bard to find. Croel Old Man. He—Did you tell your father that I would kill myself if I couldn't have you? She—Yes. H&—What did he say? She—He said that settled it You couldn't have me. Home* Thatched trltK Wolf Peltn, Ranehmen and settlers along White River, in South Dakota, are killing coyotes by the dozen, the animals being very numerous this winter. The pelts of those killed are being utilized for a curious purpose, the outside of the settlers' houses being covered with them to keep out the wind and cold. In the spring the hides will be well dried and will bo then taken down and shipped to market. Hwtm. On« who has tried it repeatedly says that moles may be removed by the tollowing method: Seat the patient la L clear, strong sunlight. With a powerful san glass bring the concentrated rays of the sun to bear on the excres- -ence five or ten minutes. In three or four weks the mole will scab off uid a new skin will come on. If the mole should not be entirely removed by the first application, repeat. No icar will ba left EUgfc F««<Uoa-» Science. IT a poultryman does not get the most good, the most profit, out of his market fowls, it is because he lacks knowledge of feeding for best results Rijht f««ding is a science. Poultry- men should study how to feed for best results. A paper watch has been exhibited i.-> a Dresden watchmaker. The paper i; prepared in such a manner that tht watch is said tc be as serviceable as those, in ordinary use. THE OLD MAN'S GAME. KaulntScen m Tenderfoot For » Tear, Bnt H« Worked the Tint Alon«. "Hnllo, stranger, what's yer game?" I reined in my horse vnd looked the old man over. "Trot her out, shnfBe 'em up, bet yer twenty thet I kin pick out the ace of hearts every time!" "Do you take me for a- card sharp?" I exclaimed. "Sho, don't git mad! Maybe hit's soap with a ten-dollar bill wrapped around hit. I'll bet yer forty thet I kin pick hit out every time!" "I don't gamble." "Sho, is thet so? Wul, I swan, I took ye fer one of ihem sharp Alecks with a scheme.' Wul, stand aside then, here comes another gent, maybe he's got some game thet he wants me ter run against." The other "gent" proved to be nvore satisfactory, for when he arrived on the scene he proceeded to unfold a small stand, and tLen produced three walunt shells and a small rubber ball. "See here" 1 began. But the old man would take no ad- rice. "Ye shet, stranger, this yere is a biz- cess matter between this yere gent an' me! Now then, shufile 'em about! That's the stuff!" shouted the old man, as he slapped his leg, "bet yer twenty thet I kin find the little rubber ball every time!" The con man put up his money and winked at me. "Now move 'em up! Knock 'em about!" shouted the old man, agog •with excitement. The sharper moved the shells deftly about and palmed the ball, and then told the old man to go ahead. The old-man^squinted at the sheila for a moment and then placing a dirty paw on one of the shells said: "Hit's thar, ain't hit?" The sharper gasped and looked into the long barrel of the 44 Colt that the old man had suddenly thrust Into hia face with his other hand, and smiling a sickly snvile admitted that it waa. "Told ye so!" said the old man, as he kicked the stand over with his foot, "now ye kin move on, an' if ye want a real soft thing ye kia go over yander an' try ter work old Bill Bungs, who is half witted and blind in one eye!" •"You seem to have a game yourself," I remarked as tne sharper moved off swearing. "Yer right, stranger, I hefr, but dog gorn hit a feller has got ter make a livin" somehow, an' thar ain't bin a tenderfoot in the neighborhood fer a whole year."—New York World. One Advantage. Some Satisfaction—Mrs. Bridewell— "I'm glad I wasn't born in France. Just think of having your husband selected for you by somebody else?" Mrs. Oldham—"I know; but there's the consolation of having somebody to blame it on to."—Judge. left T>y the Wayside. "Is Miss Passay single from choice?" "Yes; all the men she knows have chosen other girls." •ITTLE IlVER 0 s GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER To Clean up Spain Uncle Sara is using gun-powder. For every kind of cleaning about the house, use Washing Powder. It does the -vr.rk quickly, cheaply, thoroughly. -.old everywhere. Made only by THE N. K. FAiRSANK COMPANY, .-,, „. st. 'Louis. XewYork. Boston. Philadelphia. Pittsburgh. Baltimore SICK HEADACHE Positively (cured by these Little Pills. They also relieve Distressfrom Dyspepsia, Indigestion, and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Kansea, Drowsiness, Bad Taste in the Mottii, Coated Tongue Pain in tie Side, TORHD LIVER. They Regulate the Bowels. Purely "Vegetable. SmaB Pace. 4kn«n Price. An Easy Pudding;. A quart of flour sifted with a teacupful of sugar, a pinch of sale, two tea- spoout'nls of baking powder. Mis in a stiff batter with sweet milk and bake about half an hour. When done, slice, pnt in sauce dishes and serve with a warm sauce made as follows: A pint of hot water and half a cupful of sugar. Stir into this a heaping tablespoonful of cornstarcb wet with cold water. Let it cook ou back of the stove for half an hour, stirring occasionally. Put in a pinch of sale and flavor with vanilla, lemon, cinnamon, a tablespoonful of vinegar, or any flavoring you happen to have. Also add a tablespoonfnl of butter to this sauce just before serving.— Good Housekeeping. ROOM FOR A GIRL. Charming Quarters Fitted Up by a Clever Mother for H«r 16-Xear-Old Daughter. 'A charming room fitted up recently by a clever mother for her sixteen- year-old daughter has several odd features. One of these is an alcove where a big bathtub, a regiment of sponges, crash towels and brushes are drawn up in battle array. In one corner is a gymnastic apparatus and on the floor stands a pair of Indian clubs. This is the "health corner." In a narrow gold frame, hung near the'dainty dressing table, are the following "Rules for Beauty" in fancifully illuminated text: "Beauty is only skin deep. Don't use patent creams and washes. "Never sleep on a high pillow, unless you admire a double chin. "Breathe from the diaphragm, inhale deeply, keep the mouth closed and hold the chest well up, if you would secure a high chest, broad shoulders and a slim waist, "Walk from the hips, and bear in mind that the American woman's greatest sins are a wobbling walk and a shrill voice. "Beauty does not come in a day. "The secret of beauty is good blood, excellent digestion and a clear conscience." These wise and quaint precepta were laid down by the family physician, who knows a good deal about the soda water-loving and caramel-eating age of sixteen. Rooting Cutting*, In rooting cuttings, success depends a good deal upon the condition of the branch that is selected for the purpose. It must not be too green or too old. If the former, it will decay before roots start; if too old roots' often refuse to start. When bent between the fingers, if it seems inclined to break but does not, it is in about the fit condition to root. Experience is the best guide in this regard, as it is a difficult matter to make clear in words. Clear sand is the best medium in which to root the slips— sanci that is gritty and sharp, rather than fifce. Secure Pore Grass Seed. In selecting either grass or clover seed, a hand microscope, which can ba bought anywhere for less than a dollar, is almost indispensable. The s*eds are very small, but when once recognized under the magnifying glass they are plainly distinguishable from seeds of plantain, wild mustard and other weed seeds, with which clover and grass seeds are most apt to be mixed, Storing Experience has shown that Hubbard squashes and others of that class ar« best stored in a dry room with a temperature of about fifty degrees. I/OTT Heading B,«com«a«a4«d. Low Heading is strongly recom mended in pruning "Washington fruit trees. It is coming to be mor« •ralljr j»»ctic«l «T«rywh.ere. AbmndJtBt Kepo»». Go too! go toof th«i bwr Pray, -would it not be If one could not face toil Wten he sleep* half tfc* 7«ir? THE NEW WAY. Tir/OMEN used to think " fern a la diseases " could only b» treated after "loc a. 1 examinations" by physicians. Dread of such treatment kept thousands of rn dest women r"-cnt about their suffering. Thein_^^^ ( troduction of Wine of Cardul has now demonstrated that nine-tenths of ali tho cases of menstrual disorders do not require a physician's attention it all. The simple, pure taken In the .privacy of a. woman'* own home Insures quick relief and speedy cure. Women need not hesitate now. Wine of Cardui requires no humiliating examinations for its adoption. It cures any disease that comes under 'ho head of "female troubles" — disordered menses, falling of the womb, "whites," change of life. It make* women beautiful by making them well. It keeps them young by keeping them healthy. $1.00 at the drug store. For idrlce In esses reqalrijii spcett directions, address, eiving lymptoma, th» "Ladles' Advisory Department, The Chattanooga Medidn* Co., Cbatta- ncocz, Term. W. L ADDJS01C, «.!>., Ory, Uln,, wj*J "1 Die Wine of O.rdul extensively ID mv practice and find itamostaxoeuaot preparation for haul* troubl»i." How to Haxe Black Bean Soap. A pint of black beans, two ounces of salt pork, a tabJespoonful of butter, .an onion, a wineglass of sherry, two hard boiled eggs, one-half a lemon, salt and pepper to taste. Parboil the beans in enough soft water to cover them. Then change to enough boiling water to cook them soft. Try ont salt pork, cut in cubes. Slice onion and fry a delicate brown. Add to the beans and simmer 15 minutes longer. Put through a colander, and after returning it to the kettle add the butter and -wine. Have the hard boiled eggs and lemon, diced, iu the tureen. Strain soup through wire gieve. Pour over the eggs and flawve. LAKE BREEZES bring relief from the sweltering heat of the town or city. They raiseyour spirxtj and restore your energy. The greRtort comfort and pleasure la lake travel i» on one of the LAKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, Sailings between Chicago mni MackiOK IfEand .tour times every week, it extremely low rate*. The new steel steamship "HanltW" 1». • magnificent vessel, elegantly equipped w»tt» every comfort and convenience. Tn-weekly 't.wiit Chicago, Ch«rlevoix, Harbor Sprl»I», Petoskey, Bay View, Mackinac Island, etc. Write for interesting reading matter, sent-free, or ask your nearest aijent. Address Jos. Berolzheim, G. P. A. . IzAKE MICH. AND I.AKS SUPERIOR TKAH8. CO. Ruth and N. Water St, SPECIAL Excursion to Burlington Park via Pennsylvania Lines May 23d, 24th, 27th, and 28tb account of German Baptist annual meeting at Burlington Park (Naperville, 111..) special low rate excursion tickets -will be sold via Pennsylvania Liues. $3.35 will be the fare from Logansport for round trip. For particular accommodation of excursionists a special train will be run Saturday May'^Stb, leaving Logansport 11-49 a. m., central time, running through to Burlington Park without change". All excursion tickets will be good returning until June 24tb, with privilege to extend return limit to June 30th. For special information please apply to J. A. ilcCullough, Ticket Agt, Pennsylvania Lines, Logansport, Ind. GUIDE TO WASHINGTON, D. C, Sent Free To Teachers and I Tourists. It contains special information about placesjof interest, also complete and comprehensive- map of the National Capital, time of through trains to Washington via Pennsylvania Short Lines, and reduced rates over that route for the National Educational Association meeting in July. Just the thing for teachers and any one going to Washington. Address W. W. Richardson, District Passenger Agent,Indianapolis,Ind.. enclosing 2 cent stamp- The guide is worth much more. TO THE KLONDIKE Valuable Information for Persons Going to the Gold Fields. Person* who expect to try their luck In UM gold fleldg of Alaska will find it profitable t» call on Ticket Agent* of tbe Fenmrlvanit Lines and get posted>D rate*, route* and other preliminarie*. Thi»lnfonnBttoiSTlllb« fur- nUbed without charge/and any required aid in shaping details will be cheerfully extended. If not convenient tefapply to local agent of th« Pemuylvania Lines, send your name and ad- dre««. with date upon which j-ou Intend to start the probable number In the partr.and • request for advice about th8 fare, time "of trains and other particular*, to the followlnc representative of the PaattDger Department andaprctaptreplywlUbemade. W.WJUsn- «rd«on, D Act, IndJanapoili, Ind. Notice of Application. The undersigned hereby gives notice to th citizens of Eel township Case county, Indiana that he will apply to the board or commitsion- era of said county and state, at their June ternU898.for a license to sell spirituous vinous, male ana intoxicating liquors in less quantity than a quart at a time, with the privilege of allowing the game to be drank on the prem- teee where sold. My place of business where said liquors are to be sold and drank, is located in a two story frame building known as No. 502 Broadway fronting twenty feet on said street, and running north 100 feet, with a ten loot ceiling, «aid building being located on part of lot number thirty-two, in John Upton's first addition to Logansport. Cass county. Indiana. I also give notice that 1 will apply to said board for the privilege of keeptag- and operating pool tables in «<*«^ Notice of Applic*ll«n. The undersigned hereby gives notice to the citizen* of Eel township. Cans county, Indiana, that he will apply to the board of commia«on- ers of said county and state, at their June Srmi 189S, for a Bcense to sell aptermon*, vinous, malt and intoxicating liquors In let* Quantity. **»" » quart at a time, with the privilege of allowing the same to be drank on the prlmtee* where sold,. My place of boginiM where eaid liquors are to be BOW 'and drank. Ij located on tbe ground floor of a- two glory brie* at the southeast corner of Broadjray *, frononr » leet on^Third feet onBr<»dw«r. the room t<*n i:D «' and bdngkxiatedon , old plat of Ix««*fpoTt, Cut G«OEO« W. On Saturday, January 1st, tbe Wabub Fast Government MaJl^Train, No. l f traveled 101 mile* in 99 minutes, turar- edly a good beginning of the new jetar. Watch further performances of thii GREAT FLYER, the fastest mail train in the world,and the PBT OF UNCLE SAM. Are you ready for the question! Can a railroad operate its trains at m Mfle a Minute dip onlese its roadbed, track and rolling stock are of a high standard? "We Maintain a High Standard." Speed, safety and comfort are nil branded "WABASH." If yon intend to main a trip to any put of tbe world, including the "Kloa- dike," communicate -with IwL . Hi ' J

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