Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1890 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 11, 1890
Page 8
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NOTICE. Our Stove will be closed To give us an opportunity to remove our stock to OUR NEW ROOM Where we will givo. an opening Tuesday evening CHMITT & HBFFLE REMEMBER HARRY G. TUCKER, ; The Pearl Street Tailor Wben you purchase your spring jsuits. He guarantees a saving to every purchaser anil Gives Universal Satisfaction. CONVINCED "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt' Right from.the start when we advertised to Close up our retail Clothing trade, the peodle took stock in our assertion, and came by the scores to carry oft' bargains. The Community knows we never deceive, we never advertise for buncomb, our statements were alway accepted as true. We are daily making deductions on every Garment in the bouse to reduce stock and wind up as soon a possible. -All are invited to carry off a bundle, and save Dollars and Cents on your purchases FRANK. On the corner of Market and Third Streets. Sunday Journal. SUNDAY MORNING. MAY. 11. If you have Defective Vision . Have your eyes examined and fitted by YLOR, Graduate Optieion Any Defect of Vision Corrected. anbonjs _^ J~ ^»^^**»vi*'& <sy ^* *" * *••* • w^«». wwi 'IterlectioriofstremgtliMlavoF Cmaramteed " ANDY WELCH, Fancy Grocer, Sole Agent Curtain poles g iven away, at McDonald & Co 'B. Only the best articles used in Kint port beef, wine and iron. 5 Great slaughter in prices of lacs curtains, at McDonald & Go's. High grade furnishing goods for men and ladies.—Patterson, the Haberdasher. Curtain poles given away with every pair of lace curtains, at He- Donald Sc Go's. Underwear in elegant effects and new colors, for men and ladies, at the Haberdasher's. Patterson, the Haberdasher, men's fine furnisher, for shirts, either ready made or made to order. Big special sale Monday and Tuesday's trade at the Trade Palace. Don't miss it; you will regret it. B. M. McMillan, has the largest line of picture moulding in the city, and his prices are very low. may8d4t Mr. Esta Harrison, an employe of Kreis Bros., is confined to .his home, near Anoka, with typhoid fever. Black underwear, in both ladies and men's, at the Haberdasher's, leader of styles of fine furnishings'; If you -want a handsome black silk; grenadine or drapery net, call at the Bee Hive. Quality the best; prices reasonable. Mr. Zopher Hunt, of the Camden Expositor, was in the city yesterday and favored the Journal with a very pleasant call. Services will be held to-day at the usual hoars 11 a. in. and 6:15 and 7 p. m. at the Christian church. AH are invited. Every tissue of the body, e>verj bone, muscle and organ, is made stronger and inora healthful by use ff Hood's Sarsaparilla. 5 Rev. Orr and Mrs. John Burton of Hebron were in the city yesterday, calling on friends on their way from the State Missionary meeting of the Congregational church. Oar stock of parasols and silk umbrellas, contain the manufacture of the best firms in the United States. We give a written guarantee for good -wear.—Wiler & Wise. Trinity church.—Services in the Episcopal church to-day at 11 a. in. and 7 p. m. Subject of the sermon in the morning: "Listening to Christ." Sunday school at 10 a. m. Strangers and others invited. Cat prices on grenadines, lace draperies, novelty suits, high art grenadines, new black and colored draperies, wool challiep, wool henriettaa, wool surrabs, all at cut prices, at the Trade Palace dry goods and carpet house. Mr. EmanueVSchaefei- has traded his property at the corner of Eighth and High streets for a 160 acre farm in Washington township. Mr. 8. has resigned his position with the Adams Express Co., and is driving delivery wagon for the Logansport Brewing Co. Get your carpete, rags, straw mat- ings, lace and chenile curtains, shades, curtain poles, door mats, etc., all at cut prices this week. Take line by the forelock and come Monlay, Tuesday or Wednesday, without fail, at the Trade Palace dry roods and carpet bouse. Ask your neighbor how he likes he Journal. Its $4.00 to a brick- watch that he will tell you it is the >est newspaper Loganeport ever md. You get the news when it s newa, i. e. when it is .fresh. The Journal receives the full United Press d ispatchee ; identical with Louisville. Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Toledo, Minneapolis and St. Paul. What do you want for fifteen cents a week. MIDSUMMER MILLINERY. IVliat Fnshlon'M imintv l»ftrlli«c« Wear—MOIIS. Mi;aiu-,v. the 91 nu Milliner, RxiilitiiiM tin- Prevnlltiis Styles. Special Correspoudiwce of the Journal. Nxw YOIIK, May 7 CASTONET WHEELS! of spring styles are every. where. Echoes from the spring openings in uli fashionable millinery centers confirm the early indications of flowers, gauze, laces, gold, silver, jet and the prevalence of the light ethereal effects. Transparent hats and bonnets cannot be said to rule exclusively but the transparent idea in them assuredly dominates the present mode. That the styles this season are Spanish is plainly shown by the names of the shapes and colors with the use of gold, silver, jet and tho soft scarf drapings of silk so dear to the heart of the Spanish Senorita,. In shapes we have the Bolero. Mazeppa, Romana. Lisbon, Zara, Syva, Matadjr, Toreador and Trocadero which are decidedly of Spanish origin. Ki h. black lace is one of the necessary articles for the costume of these brilliant beauties, hence its popularity. Butterflies are the moat prominent feature of artistic garniture at the present time and are made of lace. gold, silver, jet, metallic effects and feathers and leather, in all sizes from the smallest natural copy from nature to the mammoth butterfly large enough to form the crown of a hat or toque. Parisians have pressed into service real Bra- lillian butterflies and thair natural metallic gloss is enchanting. In London the jet butterfly is most admired, while the tiny lace ones are hovering over tho flowers or resting on the briia of the bat. In hats made with a velvet crown and lace fcriins, clusters of the«e gauzy, winged creatures are pinned. For evening hats and head dresses when worn at the opera or reception, the little gold and silver fr*iucs mounted with mock jewels are trimmed in natural flowers and natural butterflies suspended on spiral wires. Flowers are the favored trimming and still retain their ^reat popularity. Almost all the natural flowers are reproduced in silk or velvet and tberuon- teurs are of one or two kinds only, artistically sprayed and grouped together. The purple violets and pansies are much admired and in great demand partially for their simplicity or audacity and partially for the many little romances connected with them. The pansies represent some of nature's gra.ndest blendings and combinations and their saucy, piquant faces are very suggestive of independence. Lilacs, heliotropes and all flowers of pur- plist tints are in peculiar request. The few models early shown with tips, were short lived and for the balance of tho season flowers will reign supreme. Tulle veils are plentiful and are worn wide enough to encircle the brim. In colors, yellow is much worn and the combination of yellow and black is associated with memories of the brave Nassau. All colors are rapidly coming to the front and the effect of certain colors in juxtaposition to certain complexions are beautiful in the extreme and easily asserts their superiority over blask. which is generally adopted as a last resort and which, is acknowledged by good authority to throw into greater prominence the little defects and irregularities. Embroidered kid is ono <gof the milliner? fancies and amongst the many stylish and unique designs we have produced this season is a very small toque of suede kid embroidered in Automine brown silk. The band of kid rests upon the hair and the supporting strips over the top are of the same material. It is trimmed at the back with velvet blue bells held in place with a brown velvet bow from, which start the ties. A small chic toque for a blonde has no frame but merely two gold wires, one fitting the head and the other one being longer and brought to a point to follow closely the pointed bangs. A square of gold crocheted cord is wired around the edge -with a heavy gold -wire and this is bent and draped to suit the face of the wearer being then attached to the wires that fit the head. A gold snake six feet long with a golden head and small ruby eyes is coiled, twisted and knotted through the crown and over the wires with the head poised in the air and standing erect amongst a small cluster of pan- ORA SBAITEY, Parisian Man Milliner. GIVEN AWAY With a child or Boy's Suit $2 50c and over. This is the most amusing novelty ever placed before the Chidren of America. Before you make a purchase for yourself or boys, remember that we have opened the jaws of trade with lots of palatable bargains. Call and see the superb line HARRY FRANK, "TO BE SURE" C. E. KILBORNB'S BAKERY AND RESTAURANT, 317 Market Street Is the best place in the city for board, by the meal or week. Meal tickets of 21 meals only $3.50. Use "Peerless" and "Boston Brown" Bread. DO YOUR ABEC4LLIB What Merchants Say "There's something wrong-for we can't make those prices, we cannot buy at some of them. McCaffrey's will not sell at what they claim to-or, if they do, poor qualities, short weights explain it" Nonsense! What folly if we'd advertise a, price we did hope you'd come and buy at. We had better close doors than to refuse to sell at what we say \ve wi 1 !. As to poor qualities and short- weights-those who know best know better. Compare on standard goods- such as neither they nor we can cheat on These for instance Best Sugar Cured Hams, fresh smoked, per lb many denier charge 121A « Best Sugar Cured Shoulders, per 11) 8^c is the price at other stores " K Best Breakfast Bacon, per ib Look at your Pass Book and sec if r< nest sinoKed sldo roeat per lb Best Dried Beef, peril)..... '.'.'.".'. Best Country Lard, perlb .".'..'.'."..'.'.'"!!'.'.'.'.'..'!.'."."!!.' not our Fancy Sorted Potatoes, per bu Another quality Potatoes, per bu A good Family Flour, per hundred The Best Flour, Pink Sack, under the' brand'of Corn^jL'al^KK 1 ^ lb LOganSPOtt ' "" Qunare "~™ 2 » • Fancy Golden C Sugar, per lb.. ..". ' j}? e Choice Fancy C Sugar, per lb "..'.'.".'".'". r*I Choice extra C Sugar, per lb.. .'...'.'.'.'". f,, * White, wxtra C Sugar, per lb ;...'.'.; §' Soft A Sugar, perlb Standard A Sugar, per lb Best Granulated Sugar, per lb j) Fancy BuUcJtoasted Coffee, per lb !..'.'."!.'.'.'."."!™."!!'.'.'.'..'.'".'" 3^ 25 •X 23 3o Do you think enterprise shoald be encouraged? Has Logansport ever had as good a-paper as the Journal is now? Do you know how to help make it still better. The fifteen cents per week. price is Omn't Experiment vrltfc the Threat Ana Lanes. Uss onto Hie oM brand—Kimt'a Pura Ooo LTYM Oit «c Bugs'* mSTtiiolT 25 A Fancy Green Coffee, perlb & Fancy Pcaberry Green Coffee .' g Fancy Bananas, per doz ™ Fancy Layer Figs per lb ** Fancy Dates, per lb *> Oranges, per doz *• Fancy Lemons, per doz... * Fimcy Mince Meat, per lb. "•' • K No business ever prospered as ours with an element of fraud about it. for ten years! What Mechanics Say Some Mechanics tell us they have saved f 500 ittj the last five years by buying of McGaff ey's. What I costs them $20 elsewhere must cost the $11 here !••.•* 3 it. One could soon buy a home with such a saving. Argument is folly anyway. Our prices are facts that need no comment Oaf j reputation guarantees our weights and qualities If * were not so McCaffrey would not be a competitor w»rU worrying about. As it is who would not trade with us? McCaffrey & Co

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