Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1898 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1898
Page 5
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••••••••^^^^^ •• — - — John Gray's —COBNER ON— HIS ANNUAL -Bed Quilt Sale- We are now showi Spreads in white and colors, including Bates Crochet Quilts, Satin and Marseilles Spreads. Sale to continue until all are sold. Come early and get first choice. STEELE SCOOPED. Mcfonnell Sets a Solid Delegation From Close Contest it Walton and in the City. The above represents an absolutely Dry Air Refrigerator, the best on the market at a low price. We have many other styles. MATTlE L JOHNSON'S Hardware Store, 408 Broadway. W. J. BARNETT, '" Suooenor to C. L.' Woll. "Undertaker, Embalmer, Funeral UHJ \J* 0»li\M« V« **• " s/«t " •** •"••••*••— •• : (>k«Bt»-Offlce 16,Kesidenoe-Ma. 66: 0. TJ. 169. SETHM. VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and writes Fire, Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. HB.NRYWBBRR, The Merchant Tailor, icxa flnt oi«M work. Styligh and weu fit«M clothes mide. Cleaning and repairing neatly done. -See him. 324 Pearl Street :O:OHKO:O:O DR. C. D. EVERSOLE'S DEI2TAL PALLORS Over Porter'i New Drug Store, Comer of Fourth and Market Streets. DR LID}} LEPURB. Office in-Reiidence 813 Market Street. Rheumatism and Diseases of Women and Children Specialties. Or- Ex- S- Hunt, -DENTIST- All the latest dUooveries in medicine and »ppU»n«* to relieve pain in extraction or fill- tar of teeth. Modern methods, modem prices, ou Fourth -treet. U Telephone No. 838. MONEY to LOAN uov Mortgage or per,onal Notes Sought. Lower rates thac »ny body on large sums . Geo. B. McConnell&McOmnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Lojin. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY FHAHOS - MONDAY, MAY 23. 1898. GITY NRWS Boyer is comSned to his home -by sickness. Miss Mae Howe was reported rest- Ing easier today. Harry Tony came in this morning from Indianapolis. Frank Greis is in Wabash. at the bedside of a sick relative. Dr. Auselm, the Quaker doctor, who has held forth, on Third and Broadway for a week has gone to Peru. Major Leavenworth and Captain . gmfth of Culver military school were in the city today visiting Cbas. E. M.&r- Khall. "The American Navy, Cuba .and Ha-wali," Js a book that everybody •wants. It contains 160 superb pictures of onr Tvarsihip, scemes in Cuba and the 'Sandwich Islands. 1 BeaTittfal Trfndtog to red, white aud:l»lue. Only $2 a copy. Mise Jennie Dawes, agent, 627 Miami street, will caH and show the book opon reqnest py postal card. ge -McConnell's force-* swept the plattt-r at the Republican primaries hekl in this county last Saturday. They took everything including Sreele's .stronghold in the Second ivard where Dr. Powell. Billy Wilson and Swift "Wright sought to make good their promises 10 Steele. The MuConnell forces put up Stewart T. JfrConnrfl :t* 'tlieir candidate for delegate and the STW.-IC- inen voted lor Clarence .Jones. Mr. McConnell was elected bur. the vote was .surprisingly close. Swift •\Yritrlu of the Journal wanted TO be a delegate but. bath sides were afraid to risk him. The defeat of tlio Republican bosses in. the Second ward came as a surprise to them. Tho -county ;uiditor's oftit-e lias for some time been looked upon as headquarters for the- .Steele forces. And i hen Hilly Wilson and Dr. Powell have Ions Ixwn recognized .'is The bosses of The ivnrcV and have had their way ,'ilwut everyihing. Dr. Powell now has the postofflce and Billy "Wilson expects to-, srej) into Sreele's shoes when the hitter dies or quits -running for Con- q-ress. Billy was indignant when lie found that the Mc-Connell men had run in enough indifferent voters to out-vote him. As soon as the McConnell delegate was elected, the indifferent voters skipped out and when they were gone Billy Wilson- criticised the McDonnell men for calling out a reserve force that is unreliable when it comes to fighting political battles. William is a stalwart, who goes to the primaries early and stays late. He expects to go to Congress some day. The fight at Walton was closer than the one in' 'the -Second ward. Ex-Representative Bumigarner and Edgar Phillips, postmaster at On-ward. led the 'Steele forces and they lacked but two votes of beating Walter Bishop, the McConnell delegate. It is reported that four of the Steele m'an went, out to get a drink and did not get back until after the vote was taken. From the latest - report. McConnell will have a solid delegation. The Steele men confined their efforts largely to electing- delegates who favor Steele as second: choice. If many such have been chosen, they can do Mc-Connell a great deal of harm by talking around among the delegates from other counties aM dedaxing. that .they are Steele -men at heart.' The McConnell men cried to prevent having any one selected for delegate who is not an out- spokeji advocate for McConnelFs nomination. McConnell managers, headed by Daniel W. TornHnson, have shown great tact. Steele had his forces pretty well organized' in the county before Judge McConnell entered the race. He had exacted promises from certain of the Republican leaders that there should 'be no opposition to his candidacy in this county. It was expected that Postmaster -Powell would repay Steele for appointing him Postmaster. But they have been whipped ont of their boots. Steele will have his inning tomorrow. Relating to It* Auxiliary Organiza- ' lion, the "\V. R. C. The following are the resolution.^ passed by the G. A. R. at the recent iState Encampment defining what ladies' organization should be called the G. A. R. auxiliary organization: •TVhereas. The Thirtieth National Encampment, declared that there was but one auxUfary to the Grand Army of the Republic, and that The Woman's- Relief Corps was recognized as that auxiliary, and. Whereas. The -society called "The Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic" has usurped tihe names. "Grand Army of the Republic''-, and the initial letters, "G. A. R." without th« consent of the Grand Army of the Republic in the Department and contrary -to l.ivrs under which it was incorporated, .and. is iIJf?:iHy using said names and initial letters, ami, \V-In-i-cas. The *nid society lias been rhe n-i vnis of creating discord and dissension in many Posts of this Department, and Is continually nntagoniz:ni,- the good works nnd progi'ess of onr recogni/.ed auxiliary, the Woman's Rc.lief Corps: and. Whereas. It. is harmful to both the Grnnd Army, nnd rhe Wora.-in's Relief Corps, and also in violation of the declared policy of rhe National Encnmp- men-t to further recognize in .any manner, the society called ''The Ladies of the G. A. R.. therefore, be it Resolved. First: It is the sense of this encampment thnt no Post of the Grand Army of the Republic in this department 'has the right to recognize as its auxiliary any society than the Woman's R-elief corps. Resolved. Second 1 : That hereafter the Department of Indiana Grand Army of the Republic will not, in any manner recognize the "Society called the Ladies of the G. A. R," NOW IN BOSTON. Lieutenant Landry Awaiting Orders There In the Naval Yard. A letter from Lieutenant 'Landry from the Boston n-avftl yard states that his ship is there awaiting orders. He also said thnt they steamed in the harbor behind an army boat to avoid torpedos and mines, which abound numerously in the channels. He had no idea of wfrere his ship would be sent. WILL MOVE HERE. F. L. Hock, one of the new proprietors of the Johnston drug -store hns gone to Hamilton, Ind.. after his ilv. He has secured a house on Race street near Eighth. Ask for Cleveland wHen you order baking powder. Then you ;. will be sure I of having | the best i i - M'M'M'I'I'M'I'M'M'I'M'I'I' »_ '« 'ELECTRICIANS AND OPERATORS Wanted by Major Steele to Serve in the Army. William Moss, tbe chairman of the Republican county central committee has received a letter, from Congressman Steele's private secretary, similar to the following:William Mo'ss. Chairman Republican County Central Committee: •My Dear Sir:—Major Steele directs me to write requesting yon to make nn investigation with a view to informing him at Logansport next ,Mon- ri.Ty or Tuesday, how ma-ny th.ere are in .your- echmty. between ; ,th*-ages of twenty-one and forty-five 'who. have expeTtenr* as telegraph operators or electricians and who would like to join the signal corps,of, .the. United States army. - The ":comp'eaisntlon i in considerably above that paid' tfiofcln: the regular service. Very truly'. 1 yours, GHORGE B.' LOCKWOOD. It raay be- 'that "only- RiepubSicans TieorTapply 1 ' for the Major has hatl the rmr.vfi'to send all bis notices' to the chairman of the Republican- committees throughout the State. A mrm does uot necessarily have to be.a. Republican- to be a good electrician or an opera-tor. FLOATING DOWN TBE WABASH. In Their Little -Birch Canoe—Captain Flynn and Party Depart This Morning. A flat bottomed boat containing four of the "bravest"' of this county, started down- the- W.ibash this morning. The party will stop at Delphi for refreshments and tater proceed ro Lafayette on the same boat. The intentions of the party are not known but it is --aid that the Wabash will be "mined" at several different places. The expert diver. Dr. Warren Flynn is in the party and will do the work. The citizens of all the small towns along the Wabash have 'been notified by the sheriff to be on the lookout for the and a hearty reception will be tend-ered them tonight. Cannons and other small firearms will be used by The reception committee. Those- aboard at the start treTe County Clerk Flynn. County Surveyor Troutman. Dr. Warren. Flymi and Patrick Mahon-ey. All are expected to return dead or alive. You Make a IF YOU DON'T READ SALE ADS. Your money may come easy, you may have lots of it, till its like throwing away GOOD MONEY to PAY OTHERS ftill.regular price when The New Otto names prices and qualities that every one can understand as it is the OBJECT of the writer to make DISCRETIONS so CONCISE that the reader can see see them as cleverly as if she or he had it in their hands. You MAKE A MISTAKE if you wear real vici kid, swell tan cloth and vesting top shoes if you pay the regular shoe store $2.50, $3, $3-5° or $4i when you can buy them at The New Otto sale for$1.98; its an awful saving. 50c, 75c, 80e, 85c, 98c, $1.25 and $1 40. The prices on lower grades, all solid shoes is a BIG MONEY SAVING OFFER and thousands show their appreciation and encourage us to buy Bankrupt Lines, Sample Lines and whereby we can clothe and shoe our people at HALF-PRICE. The Otto Shoe & Clothing Co. THE KLONDIKE BOAT. Robert Weaver and Merrill Pickel had their Klondike boat on exhibition at .Tohn Hildebrand's- since Saturday. The boat was given a test in the Wabash river yesterday. Going down stream was all right but the boys were unable to go the other way. Tliey will depart tonight via Chicago. Mrs. L. M. Bantz and Mrs. Bert Wise of Dunkirk, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Youn^ker. A TRAGIC DEATH. Heart Trouble, Assisted by strangulation, Causes the Uentb of Carrie Mabbitt. FOR FAT AND LEAN. Snicide Theory Promptly Advanced, But Later Froten Groundless by Her Relatives and ,.-—" " Friends. As 'a re-suit of an attack of heart trouble Miss Carrie Mabbitt, the 14- year-old daughter of Martin Mabbitt, residing near Wheeling, was found dead in a barn Saturday afternoon about 4 o'clock. About the girl's neck •was a halter with tine -strap attached to the wall above her head. From tbe •appearnce of the surroundings when the body was found, the -suicide theory was at once 'advanced, but was later proven groundless upon a thorough .investigation and the putting together of facts known -only to the relatives and immediate neighbors of the de- Miss. Mabbitt had- 'gone to the barn to mark a number of eggss. While thus employed, she was on her knees in front of a box or basket. T!he fatal attack of an old. trouble with her heart caused- bin-, to .fall forward unconscious. T?hp haJter ready to put on the horse was hanging near and caught. fief under the cnjn. The whole weight of her 'body was then thrown upon her neck and the Jife that was left in her body, if any, was choked out. The,c,is,e is indeed.a sad one and tibp ; ai.e brok-enThfiarted,, over the affair J The story circulated and published' 'by' the people and) -newspapers a bout • Miss • Ma-bbitf taking" her own life is emphatically denied 1 "by her relatives and. also by many prominent, citizens of that community. She has Ions, been afflicted with heart trouble. By this death • the murder of Luella. Mabbitt is recalled, the two being cousins and both meeting a tragic fow to Diet to Kednce Flesh—Also Wh»t to Eat to Grow Stoat, A prominent physician of New York tity suggests tbe following list of foods ior those who are inclined to corpulence: Bread made crisp and brown by being Sliced and baked in a hot oven. No butter should be eaten with this bread. Tea and coffee without sugar or milk are allowable, so are boiled or poached eggs eaten with salt and paprika or •with cayenne pepper and salt. All fish but salmon and eels may be eaten boiled or broiled; game and poultry occasionally. Beef and mutton boiled, roasted or broiled may be eaten once a day. Plenty of green vegetables, such as spinach, string beans, beet tops, cabbage and tomatoes are excellent, bnt be plainly cooked. Lettuce, ro- ^0.1^0, chicory, watercress, escaroleand all green salads except cucumbers should be eaten with lemon juice, salt and pepper; no oil. The patient may indulge in all fruits except bananas, sweet apples and pears. Cooked fruits should be taken without' sugar. Thin persons are safe to eat .almost any and every sort of food, being careful, of course, that it is properly selected, prepared and cooked. For breakfast thin persons who wish to grow stout may take oatmeal, hominy or any of the preparations of wheat now sold, cornmeal mush, corn bread, wheat rolls, cream, stewed fruits with sugar, chocolate, coffee or tea with milk and sugar, honey, fruit jams, omelet*, eggs and bacon, tripe, pigs' feet, fried or broiled; baked, stewed or fried potatoes, and other things that would add pounds to a stout person's weight. For dinner they may eat clanie or oysters, rich, thick soups, fish of any sort, entrees of sweetbreads, lobster, chicken, crabs prepared in patties'or croqnettefi; roasts of-meat, poultry or game, salads of all sorts, cheeses of different varieties, pastries, sweets and'ice cream. ' Tempting Shoes. If there are any better shoe* In America than those represented by our Spring stock, their manufacturer has succeeded In keeping bimielf hid away from us. We don't believe money can buy more stylish, elegant, worthy shoes than ouri. Such prices u these make the ihoes doubly tempting. Ladies' chocolate vicl kid new coin toe, lace, 3.50 and $2.50.. Ladies' chocolate vlcl kid, coin toe lace, 3 and 12. Ladies' chocolate vicl kid, 10 cent toe, lace, 2.50 and 81*50. Elias Winter , LOCALS. .Tn>-. fCreis has gone on a trip through 1ln> southern part of the State. Miss Agnes Quirk of Gns City visit: ed Miss Anna 'McCandiless yesterday. ' Mrs. Walter fhl and Mrs. Will TJhl are at, Warsaw visiting relatives and friends. Misses Amelia Sirecker and Anna Phannalwm spent yesterday in Royal Center with a picnic party. fkeep in a cold place. In winter . this Chris Brown and Gifford Marvin of will keep nicely for two or three weeks Burnett svilie came to Logansport to- and makes a delightful'filling for eand- day to join the regular a ray. William Butler, an old resident of Washington township, died several How to Make Mock Pate de Foie Grmf. Take four livers and four gizzards. Pare all the tough white skin from the latter, cover with boiling hot water and simmer for three hours. Add tbe livers andJtook for half an hour longer. Drain, wipe .dry and when cold pound tbe livers to a paste. Simmer together two tablespoonfuls of chopped onion for ten minutes and strain, pressing ont all the water. Mix this with tbe liver paste end add one tablespoonful of Worcestershire and salt and pepper to taste. Butter a small glazed jar and pack in the mixture, putting here and there a small square piece of the gizzard to represent truffle. Cover the jar, set in a pan of boiling water and steam for half an When cold, pour over sufficient butter to cover the meat and hour. days ago at some .poLn± in Minnesota. A farmer residing north of the city had what is called a "star nosed \viches. bow to Make Mngtard S»nc*. A cup vinegar, a teaspoon salt, a tea- gpoon sugar, a tablespoon butter, a ta- Tbe artillery company being recruited in this city, now has 1S5 signers. Tie members -will meet at 8 o'clock tomorrow evening and elect coin si«tted officers. Snofre the Onlnnbia ctf»rj bleepoon mustard, the yolk of sn egg. MO. wnai is «m«u a =•"» -^ —, , Put vinegar, butter, salt and sugar in a at Hildebrand's this morning. It is a j saucepan over the fire. M« the mustard 'species unknown here, having a long to^Hg. coldjater. *»J*y* rai) - aelt tbe hotter, add the mustard grad- .Tohn M. Jackson, ex-postmaster of vaUy< Dining to prevent lomping. The Peru, died at 7 o'clock this morning at j hot "mustard mixture is now added to his home in- that city. The deceased, tne beaten egg. Pour in « small, steady •as one of-the leading men of Peru, stream, stirring constantly to prevent curdling. Eeturn to tbe saucepan, place over the fire and stir until it thickens. Pour ont at once. If properly made, this sauce will be as thick and smooth as the best mayonnaise, a delicions sauce for all meats and an excellent salad dressing. and had-many friends hrLogansport. He appeared in excellent health yesterday evening: went home about 9 o'clock and was seated at a table reading a paper and smoking a cigar when he was prostrated by a stroke of paralysis. Pa.ul Narziuski. elevator boy at the Trade Palace, was tendered and ha= accepted a position with Hart. Shaffner & Mark, wholesale clothiers of Chicago. He will travel with Mr. Abe Shaffner, one of the proprietors, look after bis samples and act as assistant salesman. The appointment was made through Eli Greensfetder. who predicts that Paul will not only fill this bm to perfection, -but -that he is des- leeome a first-class-commer- THE JOHNSON WAREHOUSE Wool! Sheep's Wool!! is what' we are ' after now. 'Will pay highest taarket price six days in the week. Woold-be please to sell you . at retail, Corn, Oats, Chopped. Feed,, Mid- dlings, Bran, Flour, Bailed Hay ^d Straw and Millet Seed. Mr.. Oonover •will be in Galveston Tuesday forenoon to receive all the wool you will bring him and pay the top price for same. We will pay next business day for Wool 19o, ' Wheat f 1.20. Corn 33c- Oats 27c. Clover teed $2,25 W. E. Hurd, Mahlon CortoverV YOU DO NOT SPIT When you have your teeth filled here. Bj the use of my "Fountain Cuspidor" tee saliva Is ejected from the morth without annoyance to the patient or delay to tbe operator. All the latest electrical appliances for speed and pain lew work. J. f . DENTIST, Over The Bee Hive. Lady Attendant. cial traveler. Tbe young man. is -wen- known and wen Eked" by all -who have had occasion, to use tbe Trade Palace elevator. ,H« is a son of John.. TSsr- zjnski, -who conducts.a, market garden on Michigan- Bow to Prepare Ctunl Con Two pounds round steak, a table- ten red peppers, two or cloves, garlic, a small onion, a teaspoonful blapk pepper. Cut steak in two inch pieces and fry brown in a very little grease (lard), none if meat is fat. Prepare the peppers as for chili sauce. Chop the onion and garlic and add all to the meat Enough water to cover and stew slowly for about two hours. Add water if needed during the cooking. Chicken prepared this way is deli'ciona. How to XUtee Potato Soap. Four Iwge potatoes, a large onion and stalk of celery boiled till writ; then rub throngh A colander. Add a qvart boiling milk, tablespoon of bnttet and «lt ' **.~*A «w>nnAW *rt fASttft. ~ .. I. How to Pi«p*n . Choose a large lobtfar and two tmrnU ones. Reserve a piece of tbeoanH; pick and pound the remainder with a little fresh butter, a little salt, red and white pepper, a blade or two of maoe^ • little nutmeg and a desertepoonfnl of anchovy fiance. When well ponnd«d/ »<Jd tb« yolis of two eggs, tbe white ofjfae. Lay tbe mixture on s pasteboarar roll it ont until an inch thick, cdt into gmall squares, do them over -with egg, dip in bread crumbs and fry.» light brown in lard. Mix tha oond remaining with a little rncOted batter and anobovy sauce. Pour it into the middle of tbe dish, with the cutlet* arranged voted, Ont the horns of the lobeter into piece* an inch and » half long. Place them between each cutlet and serve hoc. A very pretfr way to dreau thorn ia-tofominlo the dupe of lamb onUet*, plaoiaf » piece of tbe born in tbe oaata* c< tb» extremity to rentable HM tew* and pepper to taste.

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