The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1951
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 1931 BLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE 1H1H11LBM Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams .. ROSBIM' u i ssr ra CROOl< KIM <g( weM WOULD u TWO CEi-STSjr WORK HOM5 H OUGHTAA STEAL/} I'D RUM rf\ CHEAP YOU *$ TV-JO ^^. HIM V HOT ^1 'THROUGH/?/ POT VOOR- FALSE TEETH SO X Fir 'T PUKiCH WA9 • | Company for dinner? excited; j Meyer's Bread Is your friend, I Each loaf Ls a treasure And will give you pleasure, Look for my seal on the end KIDS! PONY TRACK Opens Saturday We'll he open again for the summer season starling this Saturday — the 2Sth. Get your friends and come down for a ride on a Shetland a'ony. You know the plage t-jnst 2 miles south of Blylheville on Highway 61 .. .open every afternoon af- Saturday. KILLER'S PACE BY JULIUS LONG Til tt S T () M ¥ I Sl rlnilunl Ijovj-rr. •ht*lnB •<-i|«lt(«l i»r It DM r llld null M( tie r warder nl hT *,btivrlnK the Jury lh»1 her n. M hli'h cvprrrn **td won) do 1 ! riff nrr 1*1 f« litlly nhm drnpp^d, ntil tin «o. Aflrr vUlllnjc • tnd* thr IM |A LIFT FOR IIFE! NO OTHER DRINK PICKS I YOU UP LIKE DR. PEPPER , I, Jim l. NU irK-ninn. MIM <• n •• v I n <:«•* p U *<blnc flnhi nb.iut Ikl- JtfKH. I * m now tnklnt HOH«- homr frum hf r trf"l mo thitr *K*- fnn wrlle n rhrck for lb« bnlnncc DOSE BIDAtJLT came out of her boudoir. She's put on a slinky Kind of slncks and a halter. These were dark blue and there wns a blend with her smoky black hair. She wore no makeup, save bright Jipslick. Her eyes were dark and sultry. 1 don't ktiow what there was about Hose that got you. She had done all right. Quilting school when she was 16, she had married a railroad fireman, but he had died on an engine that went into an open switch at 70 miles nn hour. Rose collected insurance and compensation and her next husband had been a real estate man named Hubert LeVeque, who had committed suicide two years later. There wns no talk 1 ! of foul play— Rose had been in Miami at the time. She married Barney^ Bidaull a couple of weeks after the funeral. "I showered and put off those awful clothes. They smelled of the jail," she said. We went to' the portable bar and I mixed drinks with seltzer water which was rboul half flat. : "Well, Mrs, Bidault, I hope you have enough strength to write t'ha check," I said. "Don't call me Mrs. BJdautt ant don't worry about your check,* she eyed me with, lids half closed "I want to tell you something Marshall." "You can call me Jim." "All right, Jim, I want lo tel you something. I never told a sou Concrete Culvert Tile Sirc& yp lo 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes ip to 84 In. Aiitnmallc Flood Gates Concrete Scplic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Hewer Tile | R«jt Trices We Deliver A. H. WEBB Highway fil at Stale Lint Phone 7H wyt BY WEA SERVICE, me. jefore. 1 don't think Larry's ever nentioiied it, either." She meant Larry Stone, a local > lay boy. District Attorney Andy "aimer had spent a lot cf time try- ng to link Larry with Rose Bidault, but there hadn't been enough or him to go on. She hesitated. "That's right, isn't t, about them not being able to ry me again, no matter what hap- JCtlS?" "That's right. Even if Andy Tanner should dig up six eye-wit- lesses, he couldn't use them against you now." Rose sighed. "Well, I guess it doesn't make any difference if I ell the truth about Barney's mur 1 der now." I straightened. I hadn't realized he drink had hit her that hard She looked so cool and sober. "Listen, Rose, I don't want to hear about it. The jury's returned a verdict of not guilty, so let's .eave it that way!" "But you don't understand didn't kill Barney." • * * 2HE said it so simply and directly, looking me in the eyes ant using a lone she might have uset lo say that she had just emptied her glass, which she had. "All right, Rose, you didn't fcil him. You say it, and the jury saic it. So let's let it go at that!" "I really didn't do it. I had nothing whatever to do with it— didn't even drop the gun. It wa Larry who told me to say that. 1 was Larry who fixed up the whole story. He even insisted (hat shouldn't give any other story t( Star Williams. That's why 1 neve told Star." She drew her legs up and cud died in the big chair. She hat finally claimed my undivided at tent ion. "It happened like this. Barne. told me he was going to Clevelan on business. He said he was carry a Lot ul ountls anu wauiuu lu Kjrrow my little gun. 1 told him o take it and welcome. Actually, never shot a gun in my life. I ughcd at him in the first place hen he bought it for me." She aughed now. "1 never needed a un to protect myself. 1 wasn't fraid to be alone with all the ser- ants gone, and of course I got rid t them that night. It seemed like swell time lo have Larry over, "Well, it turned out that Barney was wise to us. He borrowed my gun lo kill us both when he caught us. But something went wrong vith his plans. Somebody was vitfi him when he barged in here. Vhoever it wns took the gun away rom him and killed him" She frowned at the incredulity n. my eyes. "That's what happened —doii'l ook at me like that! We were both n there—" she pointed to the sunroom—"when we heard the shot. Larry came out and looked. He vas scared, and so was 1. At first thought Barney had committed suicide. Then Larry convinced me t couldn't have been. I was to tell the police that Barley was going down to the office and was worried about leaving me ilone with no servants around, so he had insisted that I get out my ittle gun and keep it handy. When he handed me the gun I let it slip :o the floor, H went off and killed lim." She bit her lip ruefully. "A fine bill of goods the rat sold you. He knew the suicide story wouldn't hold. He was only looking out for himself." PHE sultry eyes shot me a resentful glance. "That's what's worrying me— I can't believe it was suicide. Somebody trailed Barney into the house and shot him! Whoever it wns ran out of the room, downstairs 1 and got away. Maybe the killer wns waiting out there—• knowing thnt Barney would come —anyway, he knew where to find my gun." It was a great big chunk all of a sudden, and I couldn't swallow it. "You don't believe me," she said. "What do you believe?" "That Barney discovered you and Larry Stone and that either you or Stone shot him." (To Be Continued) Look at tht Record PLAY SAFE! For Cleaner Washes! For Cleaner Washdays! For Automatic Washing at it's very best, get a BENDIX Automatic WASHER Isn't It Time You Bought a Bendix at HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Arkansas State-Certified OGDEN SOYBEANS Dell, Ark. ~i% Germination . . . $4.25 Bushel Earl Magers Service that Shines T. I. SEAY Motor Co. 121 East Main Phon« 2122 THE FARMERS COLUMN OIJ /SC.l' (_-/•«/[« MANAGER Russell i'hillips Tractor Co. Welcome lo THK FARMERS COI.UiHN. This is (he first in a series of messages concerning local farmers and farm news brought to you by Russell I'hillips Tractor Co. in lilylheville. This cofumn will appear in the Courier News every Wednesday beginning today, April 25. You'll find news about people you know . . . what they're doing, what they need, what they want lo sell or swap. Here are a few examples of what w« mean: ANDREW JENKINS of Holland has a used Kelly planter that he wanfs lo swap for a sel of middle- busters. BEN W. WHITE of Huffman wants to trade • John I)e»re pulverizing disc for H culling disc. Now, please feel welcome lo contact us if you have a similar problem that you think we could help you with. There's no charge, of course. Wanted to make a little mention of our sale of used equipment. A lot of farmers have benefited from it already, as you probably know. !,ast Wednesday IRA OI.LBR of Hlytheville bought a used Farmall . .' and Tuesday the GATEWOOI) BROTHERS of Hornersville picked up » Ford Tractor and several pieces nf equipment. Wish you'd come by and look over I he rest of our tractors and equipment—think w« can save you some money. Bui this sale ends Saturday so please call us or drop by before I he weekend. Thai's about all for this week. We'll he seeing you • gain next Wednesday. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 Blylheville FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB A Carrot7 "Th«»« are the happiest year« of our lives, Dad says— I wonder if he'* ture about our apes!" SUBBED our.' WV BAB/ SITTER. WENT T& SLEEP / Sue TORE- PHE COAT OFF A DELIVERY STERtWY/ DUCK soup.' IVF \ WON'T WORKL- GOT A WAY WITH I TOPSV'S A VE6ETARIAN.' PRISCILLA'S POP All in (he Family BY AL VERMEEIl WINDOW.'.' DO VDL) KNOW HOW MUCH IT WILL COST TO REPLACE SIX DOLLARS BUT ANOTHER KID WAS PLAYING ' WITH ME. SO MY SHARE WILL ONLV COST YOU TVREE p^Hfep m ir"Nor\ <;>/•; f!^]^.--r IT WAS S VIC FLINT No. 3 Jasmin* Lane BY MICHAEL O'MALLKY and RALPH LANE ' IN A CHEAP HOTEL ?OO<V\... }_J WE MOW TAKE vou TO LISTEM, JUMPV JUVTES.i'JU A I RMI7MY6ELF UM- IF 1 (SO TO 3 JA5-V.IW6- ) SHOR IT LAWE, IN) CHIMATOWW,y POKJ'T HAVE HOW [70 I PISJP y—^HIS MAM ZOepf >- ^/ IT, LOUIE, PUT H£ KJS6 7MEIZE. NOW KIKJ I ASJLE. TO COMCEMT7ATE EVEW OW PEAK CHARLES AFFAIR: OF THE AZTEC IMASE HAS ME OUITE UW OUTA )-' A *-/ SUPPOS6 LlUT -f fLISHT I I LIKE IT TOA1!A\\ BY LESLIE TURNER DEPENDING ON V I UNDERSTAND, SUM. ILL MR.CMUYLE... E WAS A. GOOD SORT. BIK'. EU6N H"I5 ANCESTORS CIK.CU9 Y69. NOW I WONDER. ABOUT KIT CARI.YLE AND THE BOV H£ TOOK UNDER HIS WING LOWS A.QO. __ rss*; ... AND HE SMP I'D FtWP THE IM HIS TitUMK SHOW CAPTWN EkSY WHERE TO FIWP NAT'S TRUNK AL, SAP, ITS HARE TO REALIZE HE'S GONE! vou ...SHOW lor LETTER...TELL HIM IF BOY UMHIkPPy LET HIM CHOOSE BETWEEN CIRCUS ...MID... REAL... HOME.... SEE VPUft SON WHEN I REACH HEW WRK, MID- MR. CARLYLE! Ptf.pOCTO* CAPTAIN EASY BUGS BUNNY Last Word HOW ABOUT A SUPER CLOTHES BRUSH, POC? SWELL PER BRUSHIN'OFF ' PANPRUFF, LINT.. . THIS BRUSH S WONDERFUL Tl FEK KEMOWN:. ALLEY OOP Roller Coasler BY V. T. HAM LIN raSE BANDITS SEEM TO THEY WOULD Be IF OOC WON MUG WOULD WAKR UP AND GET HETtME-MACHINE ...HE COULD HAVE PUI.LEO US BACKVEH.l WHASSA MATTER, GOSH,,. 1 OOP? /THINK I'M GETTIN' SEASICK.' AVE ABOUT GIVEN UP TR TO CATCH UP TO US AN WITH A. PROFIT AMY TIME IN THE LAST FEW HOURS. THEIR BUNDLE OF LOOT GUESS OURTROUBLES BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Mercenary! BY EDGAR MARTIN WS\ 9t09\.t - Wif\ttO c* SUCVv

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