Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 11, 1890
Page 7
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PAIR WOMEN'S WAYS. Xote* Alton c Notables on Both Sides the »«a.' •• • r.-irri cull, heavy Htmsatlon; •i '•••. \\-iih MHis:vtlon of havlue loft, i r: iindnno vrhleli ought to tmvu ,.:H-: fullness after eutiui;; had • lituos; (irofl fecllugl yellow up. nulls; [iri.-ii iii:Lin^, .,^-in/>. <»f- •of skir. urjtl eyes; dizziness, etc', .', InU always some of these indi, nit in' tu-tion of tbc I.lver, ""- For A Safe, Reliable Eemedy *liat can do no liiirm and lias never been U:u>wn to fall Jo do good Take Simmons Liver fieplator —AS EFFXCTrAl. SPECIE1C fOR Malaria, Bowt-1 Complaints, Dyspepsia. Sick Headache, 'Constipation, Biliousness, Kidue^ Affections, Jaundice, Mental Ueprusslon, Colic. A rilYSICIAX'S OPINION. " I havs been practicing medicine for twenty years and have never been able to put upavegeta- b!e compound that woulil, like Simmons Liver Regulator, promptly and effectually move the Liver to action, and at the same time aid (instead cf weakening) the digestive and assimilative powe.-a of thc system." L. M. KINTON, 11.D., Washington, Ark. OXLY GENTTDTJE Hi, our Z Stamp in red on front of wrapper. J. E. Zeilin & Co., Philadelphia, Fa. usual littki Bet Headache and relievo all the trembles incf* dent to a bilious state of the oystem, suoii as Dizziness, Nausea, DrowsiuesB. Distress after eating. Pain in tho Side, &c. While their moat rsmaxtabla success has been shown in eating Headache, jrt Carter's Utfcle Liver ?ina ara ocfoally valuable in Coostipation, curingandpra- vtosttog thiaarmoyintf complaint,-wMlo they also correct uUdisordcrsofthestoiaachjatlimilato the liveranareguliUetliebowels. Even if they only cfieywoneatno3prcoes3oo3e-wio Etu/crfromthlsdistresgiagcomplalnt; butfortu- nately their goodnooa docs uoteud hero,atidthosa vrhoanco try tiiam will find these little pills valuable In so many Traya that they wiU not bo wil- liflg to do without them. Bat after aUsick head lathe tone of so many Uvoa that hero Is T7hcra wemake our great boast. Oar piliscureit while others do not. Carter's Little Liver Pflls are very small and verr easy to take. Ono or two pills make a dose. Xhoy are strictly vegetable «nd do not gripe or purpe, but by their gen tie action please all who use them. In vials at 25 cents; five for $L Sold by druggists everywhere, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York; SHALL Pill, SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE A 6BEAT BLESSING TO .y Bc * d Symptoms and Conditions tliia Specific will Believe and Care. IF I fill hl \r c ', lerv °us or sick headache,stom- II. I U.U achache, backache, spineache, blcat- . *°ST> internal heat or scalding urine, If YlHl to*™ chronic wealtness,beorinff down 11 u or Perversionsiucident to life-change Ilinii a V° "tcrine catarrh, suppressed or •' IUU Mrs. '.M. n. McAllister, mother of Ward McAllister, was a beautiful woman, full o f energy, vivacity and social talent She. was thought to bear a striking resemblance to tho portraits of Charlotte Cortlay, to whose family she was related. Miss EllaEwins. living near Rainbow Mo eighteen years old, is now 7 feet 8 inches high, welshs 225 pounds, wears ai\o. i.-i snoo, which of course she has to have made to unlr-r, and her shoemaker had m oi-il.u- a special last Tho girl's parents arc of about tho size tho fatlinr belli.? possibly a taller than the average. m:i:i. This niarrinjjo of Sir. Jessup of Xsw York, and Lady .Mildred Lyou will take place, in July „<>;;(. At present the bride-elect, who has been In somewhat tlelicate health, is traveling in India with her mother (the Countess of Strath- jnore), Lady Constance Lyons and her tiancc. The complete change of climate and scene has greatly benefit ted her. If you happen to pick up at a fashionable auction a line bit oE china in the shape of a cup, the saucer of which Is lacking you must stand it on your , ',,,o,, Io Bmon! ? yo«r silver, keep it half filled with pink powder, and a very fluffy puff with a silver handle fills the other half. If tho cup happens to be Royal .Dresden the e flout, is tuirtlcularlv good. A few years ago to have referred to a lady as a musician the piano would have been understood. Make the same remark now about this or that friend and the inquiry will be: What instrument, does she play? At, a rough estimate there are !,S'i'> yomitr ladies in tho musical circles of Xo-.v York society, according to a wi-!l-tti:ov.'ii conductur, who 'fiddle wi-M i.-noiiffh for orchestral work." Patti wars a. rather simple shoe made of sail n to niai-.-h her crowns, and unadorned by '!,-.)«• or buckle. The front is partly U'nnspiroiu. heinct barred ni-ross by narrow strips O f sutin. each strip a little disuincM- nimrf, Patti is not an admirer of tin; pointed tue: she wears thn round toe, hut .<!:,•, !i|. : ,, s i,j gri i,,,^. f or her own heel irn-nsurcis two and a half to three inches. i>.. ul j has a small, pretty foot, and tai.-s threes i:i size. Lady Dufferin. in her Hover book relating her <i.\-p«rieni:es of "Viceregal Life in India,"says that the English are rapidly spoiling- th« exquisite taste of the East. Jndhmx by .-ending out dolls dressed in tho height, of fashion and English made clothing tn distribute amon" the children in tho H:!KO]S. .Shu give's an amusing pir-t'.n-o of the small oriental beauties wearing fi:il'--nl,-leather shoes over which seven or right silver anklets fall in the most Incongruous manner. A Parisian Countess r-uia a visit to bounod at his villa in St. Clond. She passed through the dining-room just as tho remains Qf the breakfast were being cleared away- She saw several cherry stones lying on a plate before tho master's chair and took one, carefully con- coaling it in her glove. Some time after Gounod repaid the visit. The lady- smiling and blushing, showed him a brooch containing the cherry stone set in brilliants and related the origin of the stone. "I must tell my servant that, replied Gounod, Srailingly. '-It will please him very highly. Jean loves cherries so much, but 1 never eat them myself." The lady never wore the brooch again. Herbert Ward, the explorer-lecturer says that "throughout Central Africa tho women outnumber tho men three or four to one, the men being killed off in the wars and forays that are constantly being made by one tribe on another and by Arab slave traders on all. The women are almost invariably slaves Usually there are not more than three or four free women la a, village. The price of -women is less than tho price of pigs or goats. There was until recently one district ruled by a woman and there that sex was supreme. Within the last few years, however, that tribe was exterminated, and now the degradation of women all over Central Africa is universal." BIG THINGS OF THIS WORLD. Marshall pass on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, 10,851 Teet above tho sea lovol, Is tho highest point crossed bv a railroad inside the limitsof the United States. Tin! largest shrep ranch In the world is hi the counties of Wohb and nir.net in Texas. It contains upward of 400,000 acres and yearly pastures 800,000 sheep. The steam ferryboat, Robert Garrett, plying between Brooklyn and Sow York- city, carries 5,000 passengers" at atrip, and is said to be the largest steam ferryboat In existence. Tho largest sawmill in the world is located at Clinton, Iowa. It cost, PL'Oa.OOO and is capable of sawing 450,000"fast of lumber in night hours. It has seven band and three gang saws and tv.-o hat-- tcrips of ten boilers cnch. Thn largest ch?ck over passed in this country was for SS,ot'-o,oni>. by Vnndor- bilt. lr, was the riurohnsii price n! the. Nickel-Plate railroad. The smal'est aro those for I cent each, with which the treasury officials square account.--. The largest tree In the world, according to statistics lately published by tho Italian government, is a monster chestnut standing at the foot of Mount JfCtna. The circumfurer.ee of tho main trunk at sixty feet from thn ground is 212 feet. The largrst steam derrick in the world Is use:! by a shipping company at. Hamburg, Germany. It is kept at the docks and used in lifting immense weights on and off shipboard. It can pick. UD.-I ten-wheeled locomotive with perfe.-'t ease. Th,! costliest horse barn in the world belongs to IX K. C'roi.-so and is loonier; at Syracuse, :-'. Y. It has now cost the owner, a millionaire horseman, ?0'i:r~ thing like STOiViOi). Incidental expenses will n;ako the stable ;:csr little short of a round million. A pair of bantam i.-hickeiis we;-i: ro!,J at I he London Cryslnl Fa.la.i-c for V.VU). winch war, almost nxiicMv twice ihn'r weight in gold. Tb:s is believed to ho !h(- highest price ever paid for a sinnln pair of fowls since the day- of extravagant ami luxurious Homo. Thc largest and heaviest bui'dinc: stone ever quarried in England v/iis taken from the Plaiikinlon quarry, near Norwich, In February, 1SSD. It, was In one piece without crack or flaw, and weighed over thirty-live tons. It was fifteen feet long, six feet high, and five leot wide. U nprecedented Attraction over a Million Distributed THE gHAS-ArVoBELER gQ Louisiana State Lottery Co, by the Legislature, for En- uintloiml ami Caarltable pnriiom*. and 1M tran- clilse made n part of the present State Oonstitu- rlon. In 1879, by an overwhelming popular vote. Its JLlMMOTu DBA WINGS take pj.iw Semi™ - 1 ' anii , MiS take nltipo In )! of the other ten months of tho rear and are ' ELY'S Cream Balm Cleanses thc Nasal Passatr Allays JPaiu and Inflammation, Heals tlicSores Restores tlie Senses otTast ami Smell Try the Cure VER T a PPUe<l into each aostrU andU Price 60 cents at druggists- br mall N«w v«^ CtS " KLT BBOr^^, 66\a?Sn t., New York. augl<W4wtf ~ MOORE'S They act in tho Blooa. BU S«ly J»MUv«. Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills, & Impure Biood «ioy expel dlaeaao germs, and Purity tho Syoteai Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.1( They Positively Cure, FAMED 'FOR TWENTY YEARS, For Integrity of Its Drawings.and Prompt Payment of Prizes Attested as Follows: nr^SmSnfJfn^.lfJS 17 w^W ™P BrTls « tile arrangements for all the Monthly and seml-armnM Drawing of tbe Louisiana State Lottery Com pan? SMmSe^S^ffi^^l^co^^S^S hoiiostj-, fairness and m good faith towardah?ar ties, arid we authorize the Company to lisa tMs certificate, with lac similes ol our signature at tache.fl. in Its advertisements." fe".n.ur. * at Wetheund6rsi»r,fa Biir.k.iumi Bankeis will yaj a!l Prized drawn In The Loiii.-ilnna ytair Lotteries -.vblcti mar lie yrf>st!,ti-ij in .jiu- ^ a - : , tors. St. 31. loesuaa iut •'rourpar- "i-^"" uiseaso*. ^SSS«^~ Hours, 8 to 8; S^S^tTj'^JSJ.JSJ ^ «*^' " LE, ffl.D., CHICAGO, t • 3. Clark St.. WK HASTKE SIX FRESH FOREIGN NOTES. . — **^\j MIV*IIIC \juLtiiiu, Dui-ipresseu i piunful periods, or ovarian dropsy, II I nil I" 11 " 0 suspicious growths, disposed to I n r umor or cancer, ot- hemorrhage, It Rllllfk y p luickly a run-down constitu- i iiKJt * n ana ^rinS 3 refreshing sleep, It Will - lspcl those dul1 tlrcd looks » nd fce 1 - nmi !i i*' ana bri "8 back youthful bloom ana beauty-restores the nervous system. Hnflthpro 9' Te " to your weak and delicate "gJl'ICIO daughters. Not a drop of impure %?5 ° ctm escape its healin? und Durlf\ r iHK immence. f«it.^.— 0 If Ynil r? lue good health and hope for long H IUU Me, use Female Remedy. 068 S-KSyVB" 1 " 10 ? wit!l ccrttacates of cui-ea, ",X, OuKto to Heulth" Iree. Also all vlco tree. J.. Blnghamton.X. Y. Drugslsta »1.OO aced i.a e (r trt thc founding tow rttesbe • • • -' • • • O.T5. r i -. -.- t& l»n"loBrrlnB», Denver 1O.OO. Rosa, Bonheiir," tlje great animal painter, wears t'n« cross of the Legion of Honoi', and Jf. Rona Peyrol her brother-in-law, now tells us how the distinction was jraiuod. The Empress asked for it for the artist, but the request coukl not ho granted. Tho cross had never bniin t;iveii to a woman, and the minister protested against, a precu- «<r, n h 5 u n ti[ ° Krn P re s 3 hided her time till the following year, wliun. during tho absence of tin; fimperor In AlRerla, she actid as reseat. One morning a servant horriedly enterod Eo.3» Boiihenr's studio with the announcement that the impress was below. t» unother moment she was in the studio. liorrowlne' a pin from one of hc-r ladies, tins Fm- press kissed the artist, wlu> ylaiicins down, saw iho Legion d'Honncnr nlnned on her breast. or tfie 19ffi CBntarvi Medicated Air! Teagrne'» R E M E D V 4. iS* *:-• /,"f C< >•'• ', ^' ya; % ~*Wt, , TflSUg's S?-^) S i Asttimal '" * Positive cure for £?, T ^e iH ' """spness, Diplithe- 0 . plttln-of ,e iH ' ""spness, Diplithe- Tln-witanirLnni 00 ', • ^nooplns Cough, and all '«reaalldIapJSr,, fd ,', se i SRS - Teawie's F.veSalw v/ «ik Vision In .oJ e E .T e: Granulated LUlssnd «? an ointment c ?" Jl ','; c P"" mth iietllcatecl Air equal. er - Is n perfect WHAT r/IRs. ORUNDY SAYS. That now is the time when alMi-tic yonnemon reassert themselves. That .some very striking effects are to be noted in spring dress fashions. That fashionable society does not do a great deal of disinterested entertaining. That professional base-ball playing by no means interests as many people as it did. That the wiset women are those who let the complexion lotions severely alone. That it looks as if there wits to be a lal! in tho storm of making fortunes In a week. That people who complain of discourtesy at churches always lei r,h c n | ue pa=s by. That it puzzles unsophisticated Americans to know how lo udiliv^s the nobility. That, as might have been i-om.-K:,! the type-writins girls have become a drug. That there Is no trial of patience so groat as the management ot "hired girls." That modest and retiring people are generally the ones that are worth cultivating. That fashionable folk who are not go- Inpr to Europe this season begin to feel miserable. . The Jewish population of 1'alestino has increased 70.1.00 annually in thelast five years. In IT41 Palestine contained but S.OOd Jews; In i),S3, .'0.000- end of 18SP. 70,COO, Mi- Parncll lias had to pay Sr.roi) to the Times as costs In tho llhul ?viitbe")in in Edinburgh and discontinued. Tho Times claimed twice that sum, but thc eotirt cut. down the bil!. Tin: Duke of Orleans has let his friends, the Dukes of Luynes and •i'Alencon, pay his prison-res:aurani bill of 1,454 francs. The youns pretender's every menl • ost--. "about fifty franc;--. Pale pi.'rsues the British il(.'-ton guns relentlessly. One of thorn lias just been sent to the bottom of tlio r J names by the sinking of the f.raft aboard of which it was being transporied to its ship. The London News suggests that th.-v had' better let it lie there awhile: -'(.hi: salt water may strengthen it.'' Tlie new city and Southward subway in London has had a Micccssfn] experimental test, fifty pel-sons traveling in two cars through thc tunnel underneath tho Thames at a spood of thirty miles an uour by electric power. The road is from fifty to seventy feet underground and elevators will take people up and down at the stations. The Forth bridge cost the lives of fifty-six workingmeri during tho seven years of its construction, b;it the en"i- neers insist that this is a remarkably Rood showing. They say: "The fact that the loss of life has not been larger on a work of such magnitude, with so large a number of men employed in dangerous positions, shows that no reasonable precautions for their safety hav been omitted.'' The Grent EngJisia Prescription / A successful Medicine used over 30 years in thousands of cases. Cures Speriqatorrhca. Jfervout H e&knesK. Emissions. Im . and all diseases caused br ai^e. BEFORE] indiscretion, or over-exertion. firntBl Six packages Guarantetd to Cure uhmattother* Fail. Ask your Druggist for Tho Qre.t Ei,«ll,2 i,'*l l ! r '? tl<>ni take no substitute. One package g. Six $3, hi- mall. Write for J'ninphlct. Address Eureltu Cbcmicul to., Uetroit, itllcb. For • m\f by B. F, KeesUnK. r.iarfxtawlj ozchori!er rr- p,,,:^ vilbf Grand MomiiTy'Drawino, In tho Ac-iulc-ray of Musk 1 . New Orleans. ~ Tue.silar. May J3, 1S90. Capital Prize $300,000. 14>0.<!1<U Tti'Jifts ;:T Twtiiy £>ol!nrM CM-.IJ. ilnlVKr, SHI; <lnui-.fr;. NT,; v;rv" : " l * 1 " ncr1 " M11 *« ro MiMiai». boiabrF.niacnx S UHJittr. g«w York. Write fee book of pnxb IKS* PARKER'S HA5R BALSAM Clc.inscs and beautifies the hair. 1 romoLc^ a luxurL-int prowth Ncvor (•'allo to Reitore Gray! Hairt,i;,Y, ul hful Color. I >.-« HINDERCORNS. The only sure Cure for Corns. Stops nil pain. Enpnre* eomfoit to the feet, lie, at DrugirlatarHiscor & CO.. M. Y. 399 983 LIST OF . ITIW Of $,W3,OOfl IS Prize (it KX',(XW Is -W.lKXl Is L'-I.IXXJ is lO.'Oai are 5.000 are.. " l.oot are ' &X! are SO') lire ffiO are .U'l'liOXrXATIOH J'KIZKS. !'riz<?s ot $500 are Prizes of BOO are '.' I'llzps of aio are TKRHCiAL PHIZES. I'rlzes of ?1W are i'ri;-.es or lor; are.'. ""' 1 Prt/c of 1 Pjl7.ii ol 2 l'ri:/os ot 6 Prizes of * 1'rlzea of I'rizes of 1'rtees of I'rizes «J ... Ml.WO ... fio.ooc AJoptcd oy thc Ger- manOovcrnmencfor Hospitat&Armyusc P.G.C. is put up for American trade in .1 paten t bottle hold- i:ig syrmge (sec cat) At drugghits, $1.00, aaseuts. B V. KEasMKG, Agent, Logansport. Iii 8.131 I'r'./.e:- nmnimttog to il.i'il.Hii NOTK.—TicKMsdiawln? Csiplwl I'rt?.?* i-re no' entitled to tcnaliinl nrlze». AGENTS WANTED. , 1- OT- Club Itates. or acy further lnform.itlo:j d* ' slreil, write It-Klbly to the undersigned. clearrE ctatl us j-our residence with state, county, street arid i lumber; ilore rapid return mall delivery will be itssured By yourenclosliignn Enrelopebttir inc your full address. STEEL PENS COLO MEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION 1S73 ! '. Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-6O4. '' (THE _MOST_PEBFECT OF PENS:; % PEERLESS -^ SS YES IMPORTANT. S>o Tour Own l>ycia^-, at. IT- Ben fiafaer. 311 fourth street. f you Co wwJ&FclSwffmuiMwio from defective nutrition. Toko in time. £0c. i aes OhlchcKtcr Caemleal Co. CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. lied Cross Diamond Brand. The only reliable pill for sale. Pofe sad Tfith blue ribbon. Tnkcnoother, Seod4c. "•— -35) for particulars nnd «MldleT for eft" t» tetter, fcy mnIL tfaou Paper, 1 Co.. JklatUauu !?a-t PbllodB,!*a* A- St.'-. E t'5I .... -, • By (jrriiiiiiry letter, contain 1:: ; : Wont-v Oni-r Issued by all Express Companies. New York K\. ehanBf, Dvitftot Post«lNou\ ) FDR S3.OO SHOE MADE WITH BOILING WATER. E P P Q' a lr O GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. A PiiKNcnsiAN wlio called himself the Marquis de Larmont met a daughter of ex-Governor McEncry, ivhile she waav traveling abroad, made love to her, and finally.won her consent to a marriage. He turns out to be a rascally cook in a Paris restaurant. He secured several thousand dollars from McEnery before his c-lmvactor -o-as disclosed. «ADE WITH BOILING M-ILK. Aflrtress Registered Letters ContaiHlnq Currency to MZ« OtiI.I-;.\N.H NATIONAL BASK, K«w Orleans, L-A. "Ky.^lt-:?xili:it. i hat the pajment of J'rixt^ I is *fr.*--».\*i'ft-m, e u\< F6's-'« 3iA'Vj«:vs,!, UAXKK or New Orleans. ;,n<5 tne 1 wkelsiue slrawiby tbe l-Te.-iiiJeiit of an Ir,?tl ration, whose oliartered rlglits are recognized In the. Inchest Courts; therefore beware ofalllni lUiMons or anonymous scli^niHS." O>"E IXH-I/.VJt Is the price of the smallest part or Iraetlon of a Ttcketi<t!*i?"l »•:!> JiV tsi In aj:y Drawing. A;ij-tl)lns r ln our jjanie offere*; for II-.VM thiiti a Dollar la a swindle. The only Fine Calf Seamless $3-OO Shoo in the world with a smooth Innersole. CAUTION I*™** ,?*?*", Pfi<» are»tamp«d on the bottom. If the dealer cannot supply ion, •end ulrect to factory, encloelnK ufveruted price. ——^ . Several years »j;o I wii-culled luscc a !•„;.,.•.,• woman who had a nuliKnant form of cniiixr'i,:', her foot. The cunccr grow worse under the pn-. scribed treatment, and thc toes and one side,-.. thc foot were at lenglh eatcu entirely uwi;y The |:nticnt could not have survived much ] ( ,i',. ger, but 1 comnieiiccd thc use of Swill's Specific, and it cured her sound well. That was three years ago, and there has been no return of the diswisc. I regard Swift's Specific a most exrclieiit medicine for blood diwiw H« it- temicuev is lo drive cm. the iinisi>n Mulhcrvllle, Miss. \Vjr K WAI: - M D CAKOE3R OF THE TOKGUE. For tliree or four years 1 had nn enliiifr sore on my lonyue that maile n CHlisiderulilc hole in It. 1 b"0i:mc niiinncd at its pnigrc-'s, mid went If' Alluniu fur Irenlment. The resiil; was ^.al I enmi:iet:iwn ll-.c use o" PwiftV S|«-c!0e •ni<: tlie win! iviis sixin jjnne, wiihum n imci- < if U !, !t liiomiuu.on, (in.. Jiar. )J. 'MI. .'.. i.rui.-. Trratl«! on Cancer mailcil free. Sv.'irr Si>Ki;iric (;o.. lirnwer :!. Ailanin. <;a i!. Ear Fro, Diplitteria, Mooping Congl, CMD aM comoa caMs. ^TnTncnrtiMl T>y Physielans sud crttl Tiv PTOR- ilirougliout the world. Send for Free f-'amplc. HIMBOD MANUE'O SOLE PBOPEIETOES. 191 FULTON ST., NEW YORK. TOWfflK«iroaaaH^KHIKS»SS£J£SMBI«$SSSS£&»7 W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine C«lf, Hoavy taccd Grain Hud Creed- •"•MJrJPTaterprooi; -^^•^1^"^—^ No Tacks. Nails or Heavy Scam of Thread to hurt the I-eet and wear out StocHngs: u»:- Huallcd for st j je, durability and wear; made by tirst-class workmen. Every Pair Warranted to sive the purchaser perfect satisfaction. None Genuine unless Stamped on Solet PERKINS & 1QYCE $3. SHOE WARRANTS! [W. M. GRAFFIS, Logansport !nri SWISS CONDENSED MILK CO RIGI BRAND GENUINE SWISS CONBEKSED MILK, Guaranteed the richest and purest milk man- factored, containing over JO per cent, of tuUw. Children and InTOSWs will thrive wondettiilly. and families will find its uso niori 1 cccnoioicftl than ordinary cows milk, iree your grocer gi?fti jou genuine, Rlgi Swl.-s Condense,! Jtllk. Fmiiort igerrt, JAMES P. SMITH. Sew York and Chicago. BeHt In the world. fl.OO GENCINS) JIAf Islso KXTK/! Examine hla D-SJS-WEr * :D SHOE. ^OE. Ifs&OB. 'I'S SHOES. .001, SHOES. ian<3 SS0WTHYSEIF, A Scientific and Standard PopuJar Medical Keatlse on tholSrrorsof Youth, Fremature Decline, Kervons mid Physical Debility, Impurities of the Blood, S 2.25 A «3 WOEKIM a.OO and S1.7S BOY! All made In Congress, „,„«» ~.. $3 & $2 SHOES w •1.70 SHOE "eCTB. MISSES. Best Material. Best Style. B«*t Fitting. W. TL. Douglas, Brockton, KM*. Sold tr For sals hv J. B. WINTER JL STEW Corrcspondetieo i toileted, valuable j .•nformatlon free. I Usual discou nt to „ wade. Dlsca-tvj --n-l fcintlretJ VT311. T. LIIWf.'CY «t I'O., 1» JLa Salic Street, - - < iii^H^o. FOR MEN ONLY! • •li.vrrTrvi^WKv Tjun*M.«aTTTwa ivatnrfwm. Bobut. Ro BtrMictlienWXjL. AbMlaleir lufal B«ole.Ul7lii>« For XOBTar FATLHI& 1 QentnU ami SE&VOTT5 J Weabuuof BodyaidX«_, „ . _ of ErroraorIiMM«»in Older TOOM. llOODTbllr Rntond. Bcwtotnlirrnu* mM)PK»OnUlS8»PiBTaOFSODl. YOU CARRIAGES ! I make a specialty of manutRctur- IIJK Bitby Ciirriagea to Mil direct to i.rlvme i.artlen. 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