Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 11, 1890
Page 5
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DOLE'S OPERA HOUSE. tne Solid Week, Commencing Monday, May 12tH. X^^: a ^'^^^™ SoiltUen» Drama, in fl'vo ucu. i>raitl«l. THEOCTOROON Or, Life in Louisiana. Tli» Orchestra wlllb Tli» rces . h, UUitlnxulslu-.l violinist. Mr Ben K V in or A valuable present clv^i »«•'.' M( -- v »',.nc. Changs or play >• ieti evi-nliv;. SCALE Or PRICES: . iit kwsllns'.s »n« Store. Real Estate. ForSale orTrade In all parts of the City. Residence at all prices. Business Houses. Vacant Lots. Exclusive Sale of Johnson's "Riverside Addition". •20 Vacant Lots on Broadway and North. Bargains iu Lands close to the City. E N. TALBOTT Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Block, Broadway. Sealed Proposals, To furnish supplies for the Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane, For me Monlii or June, 1890, WIU be received by the Board of Trustees at the Hospital, until 12 o'clock M. on Tuesday. Hay 15,1890. By order of the Board. JOS. C. ROGERS, Medical Supt- Logansport, Ind., Mar 15. 890. B. M. MeMillen Hc>rae», Stationary, Hammocks, Croquets. Picture Framing A SPECIALTY. Xo. 3O7 - - Market St. aprtSd&wly MONEY TO LOAN! A.nd Notes Bought in any sura over &J5 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 percent. GBO. B. PORGY. dec!3d*w«m MONEY TO LOAN, a Bay mm at the LOWEST rut&s &'rivitte funds ouly, Moaoy O]WQ;.» Iu hoed. A'o red <!«£>«» orde- Ifty. Interest und principal jmyabla In Logansport. tfpficl&I Arrangements AS to v&ymKut of priori pel and Interest, m&de to salt tho wiahoaaf Dorroffer. For further particulars appl? to) Fred W. Munson, Attorney ut Lsw and United BtasoH Comralaalomnr, Poartti gkreet. opposite Oourt Hont»e. MONEY, (ienernt In«arinc« and Lance. All kinds tit In- fttrfiEC« plaoad in ant clana oompsniea. Ezidow- '""* policies parekaoBd, Bonds o! Buretycl va (or p&rtios boldln? poflltleuH of truai 9 ft boml is required. 'S. 319 PKAEUO ST. M. C1 o s s o n , CafTeine != f .H'';(-' Seldlitz Powders .••,..-..•.•..••> Will Cure Your: Headache Scents, at 12tl)-st. Drug Store Sunday Jo a "SOTO)AY MORNING; MAY. 11. THE WKATHEK. os, D. C., Mar 9.— foe Indiana— er, northwesterly winds, becoming variable; Ta ta, tollowwl by ralr Sunday morning; fnirMon toy. Three furnished rooms, 109 Canal street uiaylOdSt Two rooms for light housekeeping, 2*o. 109 Canal street. maylOdSt Mr. George H. Arthur, the well- kaown piauo tuner, will be in the city Mon(3a,y, May ]2. Address or leava orders with Mr^. Era Reynolds, 315 Third street^ ,' maylOdSt To Cfeo. Grace and wife, a, son, Have you sent in your guess yet? So to Mrs. 0. Tucker's for your millinery. maylOd2t "The Octoroon" to-iuorrow night it Dolans. Maj-or Cullen was at Montioello yesterday. Peter Deedriok, of Bremen, is visiting Mart Miller. Harry Frank, jr., is spending Sunday iu Kokoruo. Mrs. Belle Oversliiner is recovering from a severe illness-. Mr. and Mrs. Wilgus, of the Northside, a nine pound girl. Read the rules governing the Journal's guessing contest. The Barber's Union will hold a meeting to-morrow evening. Hartz & Fogelsonghave purchased Englart's old stand, West Side. Mrs. H. C. Sellers and daughter, of Kokomo, are visiting Mrs. W. M. Kreider. John Martin and John Kies, of this city, have each been granted an increase of pension. Have you riled your guess with the Journal census bureau? "What is the population of Logansport? K. M. Crane, of Topeka, Kansas, is spending a few days with his brother-in-law, Dr. J. H. Snultz. Mrs. H. F. Trick has returned from Greenville, O., after a pleasant vi«it of a month with relatives. Misses Bertha Hull aad Mae Kendall, of Monticello, ara the guests of the family of I)r. J. H. Slinltz. Mrs. J. T. Snoeberger and daughter, of Camden, are visiting Prof, and Mrs. J. A. Gardner on the West Side. J. G. Powell, Lem Thompson acid George Warner were the lucky members of Ben Martin's watch olubs last night. Make a guess at the population of Logansport, thereby standing a chance of winning $10 in gold, or if not ten, fire. New ginghams, Scotch. French and domestic batistes and satines, all at wholesale prices. Monday and Tuesday's trade. Priestley's silk and wool, and all wool black dress goods, are the standard of the world. For sale at the Bae Hive. Mr. James Rusard, the veteran de- liveiyuian of the Adams Express Company, is on duty ligain after several weeks of illness. Mr. J. E. McMillen, the musician, is home again after a pleasure trip of several months duration through the south and south-west. Will R. Small will depart to Lafayette in the morning, where he has taken a. position as advertising agent in the office of trie liafayette Daily Journal. Rev. T. J. Gather, of Franklin, Ind., will conduct the regular morning and evening services at the Baptist church to-day. Every member of the church and congregation are urged to be present. Cumberland Presbyterian church services as usual to-day. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. in., following which^the Lord's Supper will be administered. Regu- la'r evening services at 7:30. Earl Stewart has purchased a magnificent Berlin coach, at a cost of $1,000, which is an ornament to his already finely equipped livery stable. The hack is silver mounted, with finest plate glass windows, while the upholstering and drapery are of the richest material. Altogether it is the finest equipage in the city. At the English Lutheran church this morning Pastor McMackin will preach from. Rev. 3:11 "Behold I come quickly, hold fast that thou hast that no man take thy crown." At 7:30 p. m.-the sermon will be on the "Revision and influence of the church." Y. P. C. E. meeting at 6:30. You are invited to all these services, Rev. Birch, of the Broadway M. E, church, has returned from Evanston, and will preach as usual this morning. In the evening the young people of the church will render a literary and musical programs in celebration of the first anniversary of the Epworth Leagug. To all cf these services the public are cordially invited. The "Sixteen Jolly Stichers" met at the home of Miss Maggie Pelton last evening. The girls appeared in masque and the evening was spent in a vain endeavor by the "Stitch- ers" to solve the mystery of eaoh others identity. After a reasonable honr of this perplexing sport the pretty maskers removed their masks and settled down to regular business of the session, eating caramels and discussing thf thousand and one topics dear to the feminine heart. This is,mere conjecture, however, as the secret session of the Jolly Stitch- ers is shonded in a mystery which their gentlemen friends have long sought unsuccessfully to solve. A LUXURY INDEED. Three <{uortern of a Cent a Pound Viar.es lt*ttHeyond ilie Reach ., iiNwi-H, and ISuilH the Nm Ice Cream Market. Yesterday was an unusually cool day for the season of the year and the keen winds necessitated the wearing of nn overcoat out doors and the lighting of the gas fires within. By the wuy the luxury of natural gas is felt, more especially during these later days, when spring and summer are apparently Htrug- gling for supremacy. A quick fire started without anv iiicouvunieiice; without any grime or smoke to soil the skin and inflame the eyes; without that awful strain to the temper caused by the old and well nigh forgotten wood or cO't.1 fires is one, of the greatest advantages of the new fuel. One hour the door is thrown wide open to let in the balmy air of approaching summer, the next hour sees them closed tightly and hears a call for fires. It is then that the luxury of natural gas is made so ap- parant. Heaven save the day when natural gas gives out — if it ever does so far forget the needs of the people in the favored belt and some day gives a final flicker. But this is a possibility so remote that we need not worry our brains or lose a moments comfort by thinking of so dire a calamity. This is digression, however. By a glance at the headlines set up over this it is seen that the writer entertained an idea concerning ice at the outset. And ice will be so rare an article this summer that it will ba indeed one of the luxuries which go to make life endurable. A reporter iu conversation with Chris Jeannerette last evening, learned that instead of 2 5 cents per hundred as charged for ice last Bummer, the commodity would be sold for 75 cents this season. Three-quarters of a cent a pound! How does that strike you for ice? Whether ice cream and soda water will be affected by this trebling of tho price of ice is not known so early in the season. If the same bull sh lenda icy is noticeable, however, in the trade of the above necessities as is exhibited in the ice trade the young man's best girl will just simply be left in the soup, that's all. Mr. Jeannerette, certainly, said that his trade has fallen off so greatly by reason of this advance in ice that he would keep only two wagons- on the' street this summer instead' of four as during previous seasons, antl' if the thing become much worse he would be compelled to get on one of the wagons and make a hand himself. It is thought, however, that the ice man has the best of it, as the people must have ice, even if by thus gratifying a natural desire to keep things cool in summer they are compelled to cut down on other things. NEW YORK'S MAN MUVLINEU He !* ><» Our Metropolis Wkat Worth Is* tu Paris. Moris Ora Seaney the Parisian man milliner, contributes a letter to this) morning's Journal on "Midsummer Millinery" which will doubtless be read with interest by the ladiei.. Mous Seaney is acknowledged authority on fashionable millinery. He is to New Yoi-k what Worth, the Van Dress Maker is to Paris. W» may hope to have another letter from him soon with illustrations showing several designs of bis own creation; for be it known Mons. Sear ney would repudiate with iudigna- nafcion, the suspicion of an insinuation that he could be guilty of adopting another's design. He is a creator not an imitator. A WASHINGTON "WEDDING. Harry KriiijcIiurMt to Wed Belle at TTiicomn, VToH ton, To-I>ay. . Chicago To-day at Tacoina, Washington, Harry W. Bringhurst, of Seattle, Washington, a former well-known Logansport boy, son of W. H. Bringhurst, of this ciiy, will be united in marriage to Miss Delia Zipp, of Chicago. Harry Bringhurst is probably one of the best remembered of any of the "boys" who went out from Logansport, aad his hosts; of friends here join the Journal in .congratulations and very best wishes. The bride to-be is said to be a 'very lovely young woman, possessing many graces of both mind ami person. Mar prosperity and happiness attend theui. •tarn and JJlve Mtock BuriacU. Bi Telegraph to the Journal. COLUMBUS, May 10.— About one o'clock this morning, J. F. McClintock's large barn, twelve miles east 01 this city; burned, together with adjoining farm buildings and a large amount of hay and grain. Several head of horses Were also burned. It is thought, a tramp sleeping in the building started the fire. Loss, $3,500, with insurance of $1,500 in thtf Continental of New" York. T A BRUTE'S DBED. J oil 11 Camblnp, a Ijoccl Blum. Vilely anil KiiHauclv Axtaekw :t Voiiuu' ECoy. John Gambiru 1 , the i.oiorious him), was arrested by Iliirsihal Dean yesterday morning for a serious assault Ujade on a yonri£ hny. iuul placed in jail. At nu early hour, tho cries of the boy attracted r.lm attention of noire men who were pulsing the alley betwuen Broadway and North, and Fifth and Sixth streets, at that early hour, and hastening- to apcer- ' tain the cause of tho dries saw the lad im the olutches of Uambine who was beating his young victim unmercifully about the head. The besotted brute was : forced to let go his hold on the boy and the latter was taken to his homo in the tenement back of Ash & Hadley's furniture store. The boy, whose name is Whipple, said that Carabine ! induced him to enter the alley, and 1 when then? tried to force him to sub- | mit to an unnamable indignity which tho boy resisted, striking at the brute with a stone. Cambine | then clutched the boy by the throat and beat and kicked him unmercifully. It is thought that the half crazed wretch would have killed his victim had timely assistance not arrived. Cambine is a dangerous man, and has on several occasions threatened boys with niuiilar assault. ;. The law should find some way of keeping him in restraint before some ope is killed during one of his drunken rages. SAGE IS*»CXLTY. 80 Declares the Jury iu tlae Jfnriler Case at Marion. The case of John. Sage, charged with murder in the first degree. which has been on trial at Marion since Monday, concluded Friday afternoon with a verdict of murder in the first degree, the penalty fixed being imprisonment for life. The jury retired at 11:30 Friday morning and an agreement waa reached three hours later. Sage received the verdict with great fortitude and the closest observer could not have detected a change in coloror the movement of a muscle. A motion for a new trial was entered and Sage wept back to his cell. The jury was practically unanimous when they entered the jury room. The third ballot resulted in unanimous vote for conviction. There was no division as to the grade of homicide nor was there any difference of opinion as to fhe penalty: A FRIEND L,Y~GREETING. Major Stcele As»ure<l of :i Corrtial Welcome by the liesittenta of Oklahoma. The people of Kingfisher, Indian Territory, capitol of Oklaliouio, to which territory Malor Steele of Marion, has been appointed Governor, wired that gentleman the following congratulatory and assuring message: "The people of Kingfisher through this committee, hereby send you congratulations and as- urance of friendship and confidence. When your name was first mentioned for Governor it met with hearty approval of our people, and your appointment gives entire universal satisfaction. We have entire confidence in your executive ablity. character, and pledge you our hearty co-operation and support. We speak for a visit to our city and will give yon a kindly welcome. Signed: J. O. Roberts, Jno. D. Mills, J. W. McLaud. L. P. Hudson, D. K. Cunningham and C. P. Prouty. Ti". M. C. A. Sice tings. The y. M. C. A. will hold their prayer meetings us utnal to-day: Good Templars' hall. 3:80 p. m. North Side hall. 4:00 p. m. South Hide U. B. church, 2:30 p. m. A. M. E. church, 4:00 p. in. Header, you are personally invited to these meetings. Come, and by doing tbat which is your plain duty, receive the reward that the Good Master never fails to bestow upon them that serve Him. lixlianqpoiix iu the NJati- I<?U£U«. IndiauapolisN«ws: "With so many schemes on foot for putting a ball club in Indianapolis, it hardly seems possible that the city can be much longer without a professional club. A dispatch to the News from Anderson to-day says President Edwins, of the Anderson State League Ball club, is'coming to ludiai apolis this evening to negotiate for the transfer of the team franchise to this city. Anderson has not lost a game sincn the season began." The above club will cross bats with the Pern club, at the ball park in this city, this afternoon. The Standard Theatre Company will opsn a weeks' engagement iu a repertoire of popular plays at the opera house to-morrow night. This company is spoken of very highly by the press wherever they have played and will no doubt b* greeted by full houses all week. "The Octoroo'n" is the play and will be witnessed by a great crowd to-morrow night. Stable to Rent. Good roomy stable, 821 Broadway, for rent, enquire "8", this office. FREE WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY. $16.00.' BOY'S BASE BALL OUTFITS FREE WITH Boy's and Children's Suits. Finest Department in the State, "OF COURSE," A. R. SUHOYKR, formerly u!' Elliott. Sbroycr & Co.. Lo^nu^ui SHROYER & CROSS, Jobbers of Imported, Key West and Domestic Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., Etc., No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. FRED DYKEMAN Represents the above firm in Loganspart and surrounding town*. SAIL IN AND SEE US! THIS WEEK. We will ii'ive you ;i Ladies' Button Shoe for. Ladies' patent top lace shoe for .... Men's velvet slippers for.... .... Men's Congress shoes for ... .... Men's working shoes for . . .... K 60 i 00 50 1 20 i 00 Your pick out of the store of Puritan calf goods for 2 00 iace. Button, Congress, this week only. CHICAGO SHOE STORE, 403 Broadway, Logansport. OTTO MEINSHAUSEN, HEADQUARTERS FOR NaturalGas Stoves, Gasoline Stoves, Oil Stoves, v ,:; Cooking Stoves, Steel Ranges? : Alaska ;;/"! Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Cream Freezers; Tinware, W oodenware, Mantels, Grates. We have about fifty of the above CJagoltae stoves that we wlU s«M at- the greatly reduced price of $13. formerly told at f2S. Don't forget tb* number, .... 4O8 Market St., Opp. Golden Rule. SOMETHING NEW. Sterling Silver Unlaid Spoons and Forks a guarantee lor 25 years given with every set sold. I aui special agent for ttts ware, also Keed & Beaton, and Rogers. Also, Wocthes and Jewelrev the latest ou . Larges: line of Spectacles and nose Glasses in the city twenty years experience. D, A. HAUK, The Jeweler, All good* Ensrra veil fi ee of charge.

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