Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 21, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1898
Page 24
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DAILYJPHAKOS SATURDAY. MAY 21, 1898. OITY NRWS. Hooley, the tailor, can please you. • Specials In hosiery this evening- Trade Palace. Plenty strawberries for evening trade.—Praut. Insect sprayers and bug finish at I. N. Crawford's. Judge MB. Lalry was at Peru today on legal business. 0*11 at Pat Dunn's this evening. He has bargains for you. 12 bars Royal soap at Pat Dunn's this evening for 25 cents cash. Supper for 15 cents at the May fes tlval at the rink this evening. Mrs. Lewis Epstein has returned from a visit with friends at Frank- tort. Mrs. Joseph Behmer and young son have returned from a visit at Indianapolis. Miss Emma Oornwell Is spending a few days with friends at Indianapolis. TheVandalia will change time. Monday. The two lake trains will be put on. Mrs. George P. Robinson, of Lynn, Mass., is the guest of her sister, Mrs. F. C. Ooolbangh. Lettuce, 5o Ib; spinach, 2Jc Ib; asparagus, 3c bunch; country potatoes, 65e bushel—Traut. Marion Leader: "Will Reed Is home from Logansport where he attended a family reunion. The fancy articles at the St. Joseph's hospital bazaar will be disposed of this evening at auction. Orient lodge No. 272.F, and A.M.. will bold a special meeting this (Saturday) evening for important work. Owing to the absence of the pastor, there will be no services at the Broadway Presbyterian church tomorro w Mrs. Owen Courtney, of the Westside, went to South Bend today to spend a few days with Mrs. Roger Flaherty. John Logan and John Moore were found Intoxicated last night. Both were gifoa ten days in the county jail this morning. The case of Thomas Mahoney, administrator of the estate of the late O. P. J. Romlch will be called at Kokomo Monday. The Wagon Mission Co-operative company, "non-wealth," is en route to Logansport and will arrive tomorrow or Monday. The beat guaranteed piano tuning in the city done by Wm. Steinhart, 624 Race st. Repairing a specialty. Bell telephone 314. Mrs. William Irvine and daughter Helen, of Mechanlosburg, Pa., are the guests of N. A. Irvine and family, of 420 Eighth street. . M, F. Stevens, of the Bliss .house, Bluff ton, and Lewis E. Heinly, of the Hillard house, Danville, Ills., are guests at the Murdock. Business men should take supper at the rink this evening, for the benefit of the poor sufferers at St Joseph's hospital. Only 15 cents. W. M. Rhode, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Smart, of Linden avenue, has returned to his home at Delaware, Ohio. The "hardtack" now furnished its soldiers by the United States is made of flour and water alone, neither salt nor shortening being used. Prof. Plowman, of Adrain, Mich, will speak at the R. B. Y. M. C. A. rooms tomorrow afternoon at A' o'clock. "Why Dewey Succeeded" will be the subject of his address. Music by the male quartette. Everybody cordially invited. CRISP BACON. He Who Did Not Write Shakespeare's Plays. "A man's nature runs either to herbs or weeds, therefore, let him seasonably water the one and destroy the other." In other words, cultivate your powers and put aside the things which rob you-jf strength and energy,which can be turned Into money and fame. Of course "the crowd" float along and don't care much what happens,so they can deaden the body with narcotics like whisky,coffee and tobacco, but there are those who have the Divine desire to amount to something in this world, and to such these words are addressed. If you have constitution enough to stand wblsky, coffee and tobacco, well and good. If not, trade them off for success, and that only comes as a result of energy enough to apply oneself. If coffee interferes in the least with your digestion, nerves or heart, drop it. Success is worth more than coffee. Vse the food drink, Postum. It has much the color and taste of coffee, but Is made of powerful pure food elements that sustain and nourish body and brain, and the beverage is of a moat toothsome character. Sold by grocers. Has Yet Taken Place in Cuban Waters, Believed That Spanish Fleet is Now Between Sampson and Schley. An Engagement May Take Place Before Next Monday Night. An Accident at Chattanooga Results in the Death of Five Missouri Vol» unteers Fire Men Killed. Bpeclal to tb« F&aroi. Chattanooga, May 21.—The train carrying the First regiment of Missouri volunteers collided with a passenger train at Hessvlile this morning. Five privates were killed and twelve Injured. Perhaps • Fake. Oorunna, Spain, May 21.—The Spanish cruiser Moutserrat arrived from Oienfuegos today, having eluded the blockading fleet. - Change of Feeling: In France. A Paris dispatch says that there is a remarkable change in the tone of Paris journals toward the United States. A complete reversal of sentiment is noted among many of them. Sagasta's Scheme. New York, May 21.—A. dispatch to the World from Madrid says: 'Either coniioencal alliance for Spain or Intervention to stop the war is now the joint aim of Premier Sagasta, of Ambassador Leon yCastlllo atParlaand of" the ccurt at Madrid. Events will soon demonstrate this. The new cabinet Is regarded as a makeshift and merely temporary. Only an alliance or intervention could firmly establish it. Conflict Imminent. London, May 21.—The Madrid correspondent of the Chronicle telegraphs: "It is believed here that a conflict between the American warships and Admiral Cervera's fleet cannot long be deferred. "The Spanish cabinet desires to force the war to an issue, it 1 a aaid, with a view to evoking Intervention by the European powers as quickly as possible. The internal 'economic situation of Spain is known to be desperate. Tired of the Strategy Board. Washington, D. 0,,May 21—There are some indications that President McKlnley is wearying just a little of the naval war board. Captain Barker, one of the most competent members of the board, left this morning to take command of the Newark. When the president was asked if he had any preference as to who should take the captain's place he said he did not know that it made much dlf- feoence. This remark caused a little uneasiness at the navy office and further inquiry at the white house developed the fact that the president thought "Too many cooks were spoiling the broth," and that it would be just as well to let the real fighters plan the campaign. The president expressed his satisfaction with the work of the navy department up to date, and expressed the belief that Admiral Sampson shoul d be given complete control of the naval movements without interruption from Washington. News of the Fleets. A Washington dispatch locates Sampson's fleet near the Cuban coast, east of Santiago. It is reported that the Oregon- has joined Sampson's fleet. The flying squadron, under command ot Capt. Schley, is sailing around the west end of Cuba, destined for Cienfuegos. It Is expected that the Spanish fleet is moving westward towards Cienfuegos and that It will be intercepted by the flying squadron. A battle will likely occur before Monday night. More Shelling Havana,May 21st—American ships have sgain shelled Guantanamo without doing much damage. Several American war ships are in sight. A NEW PRATER Composed by a Member of the Indiana Brigade. • An exchange says: Some wag in camp Mount has composed the following more than half sacrilegious petition, which he offers as the "official" prayer of the Indiana brigade during the war: "Our father, who art In Washington, William McKinley be thy name. Thy kingdom is come with fife and dram, so to hades with the kingdom of Spain: Give us each day our rations of hardtack and sowbelly and forgive our thievish conduct as we forgive our commissary. Lead us not into battle, but send us home to ou/ kintf friends, for thine is the power over Indiana soldier boys for the next two years unless sooner shot or discharged. Amen." Wholesale slanghter In wall paper at Logansport Wall Paper Co. Look at prices: 15c paper at 8c. 12}c paper at 7c. 10 and 6^0 paper at 5c. 6c paper at 4c. Remnants at your own price, from Ic upward. We must reduce stock regardless of cost. We commence this sale Monday morning. Strictly cash only. An Old Flag. While taking down the old Eel River livery barn Matt. Schneeberger lound an old battle flag, that had oeen stored there since the Civil war Mr. S. now has the old relic floating to the breeze from the top of his livery stable and attracts the attention of passers-by. Celled to Terre Haute. Bishop John JSazen White, who was to have been here for Sunday, was called to Terre Saute by the death of Bishop Mack, chancellor of the diocese. The bishop will be here on the 29th for confirmation. Tonight's 8peci»l at Foley's. New peas 25c peck, large cucumbers 4o each, 15 bars soap for 23c, fresh pineapples lOc each, onions lc bunch, radishes lo buacb, rhubarb lc bunch, or wax beans 6tc Ib. Notice, Treble Clef Club. There will be an extra rehearsal for all the gentlemen belonging to the club, at the residence of Mrs. J. B. Shultz on Monday evening, May 23d, at 7:30. The Weather. Thunder storms this afternoon and tonight; clearing and cooler tomorrow. Newcomer In Athletics. A newcomer in the field of associations devoted to outdoor sports is called the Irish Athletic club, with headquarters at Laurel Hill, N. ?., where the organization has nine acres of ground, on whioh there is building a quarter mile cinder path, with a "two twenty" straightaway. With the clubhouse, grand stand and other accessories the cost of the plant will be about $55,000.—New York Herald. Bow to Staff Dktw*. Take large dates, and with a sharp knife cut open one side, remove the stone and fill the dates with English walnut, or any kind of nut preferred. Now take a cup of brown sugar and pour enough boiling water over it to make a sirup. Boil about ten minutes, then remove from the fire and add two or three drops of vaailla extract, then dip the dates in, using a darnu><i needle or hatpin. A PURE GH»M CBEAW or TARTAR POWOI1 DR; CREAM BAKING POWDflt Awarded Highest Honors. World's Fair Odd Medal. Midwinter Fair. Grand May Sale, -ATTHE GOLDEN RULE. Without Comparison, nothing to be equal it ever attempted in the city. Bargains that are bargains. Profits entirely ignored. Prices cut to the lowest. The purchasing power of the dollar was never as great. Goods marked in plain figures. One price to all. Come today. You are Never Disappointed Here^h^*^. SCHMITT & HEINLY. Every day Brings S imething New in Spring Shoes See the latest colors in Magennta, Gray, Tan and Olive colors.The handsomest colors and most Exquisite 1 Styles imaginable, beauti-j fully designed and something quite different from those you have ever seen. Equally as handsome in Misses' and Children's Shoes SEE THE/ft. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. YOU Like to see nice laundry work, don't you? You like to have your linen returned looking clean, white and elegant. Then send it to Marshall's Laundry. 608 Broadway, and we guarantee you will be satisfied. Call up 'phone 110 and our wagon will call for your work. (JHICA60 M1KKETS. Received Daily by A. M. Ebaugh, at the Corner of North and Fifth Streets. Chicago, May 21, 1898, Wheat — May opened at 11.47; high, $1.60;' low, 81.47; closed at *1,60. Wheat— For July, opened, 81,09Jc; high, 11.12}; low, 1.09}; closed at fl.ll}. Corn— For July, opened at SSJc; high, 36Jo; low, 35fc; closed at 35fc. Oats — For July, opened at 26Jc; high, 26}o; low, 26o; closed at Pork— For July, opened, 112.27; high, $12.37; low, *12 25; closed at $12.27. Receipts of hogs 20,000 head. Estimated receipts tomorrow, -Mixed, $4.10@4.45; heavy, $4.15 (3)4.55; rough, $4.l5@4.25: light, $3.80@4.25. Hogs opened stronger. Receipts of cattle, 300. Sheep, 5,000. Ourb, (Sept.) 90fc; puts (Sept.) 89}-Hc; calls (Sept.) 92hHo. Toledo, O,, May 21. Wheat— Cash, opened 81.46; closed at«l.53-b. Wheat— July, opened, $1.08; closed at $1.09*. _ LOCAL GKATS 3IARKET. The following is the price paid for grain in the local market today as reported by W. E. Hurd: Wheat, $1.2£: corn, 33c; oats, 27c: clover seed. $2.25. _ NEARLY FULL Is Captain S. A. Vaughn's Company of ArtUlerj. The work of recruiting Captain S. A Vaughn's artillery company is progressing rapidly. There are 150 names on the list and 160 are wanted. Following are the latest signers: Claud Lee, John Hartwick, William Cantner, J. F. Hartz, C. L. Solimano, W. Hester, J. F. Griffin, Bruce E. Misctelle, Frank Bevan, Charles L. Zook, Samuel Flora, Harry J Young, Frank Curtis, Russell Reynolds, R. Carroll, Ed Jones, Joha ff. Grrnjenmeyer. HAVR--- You been around yet to see JACOB HERZ'S line of Spring Suits, etc ? It you have not, call at all the tailor establishments in the city, and then go and see his prices and if you cannot be suited,then it is because you don't want to buy,as he has all the Novelties such as STRIPES, CHECKS, Etc. A kind invitation extended to all. Toms truly, 3ACOB HERZ. SEE OUR DISPLAY OF Sprino Suitings! An Exhibition of Choicest Woolens and Novelties. JOHN OARROLLx The Tailor 1222 Broadway. Lumber, Lath, Siinjles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, |flooldin|s and Ladders. CHEAPER THAN EVER. THOMPSON LUMBER CO. Sixth and High Sts. So Little. MEN'S SUITS $5.00. Tomorrow we can place on sale four lots of Men's SulU at $5.00.They'i« serviceable patterns, color fast, nice fitting and sub«tantially lined »od trimmed. No more than 300 suits altogether, so you'd better come the first thing in the morning. We challenge the world to meet thli above price, and we have no fear that our challenge will be accepted. "Marvelous how we can do 15."—say you. Not a bit. Ours are honest prioe«—•for honest clothing. "The Hub" Is as famous for high quality M for loweit prices. Our specials, f5, $6, «7.50 and $10 suits for this week fhould ke*D our store crowded with buyers. Mothers you must not overlook our Children's Parlor—Knee Panta Snitt from f 1.50 and upwards—and always a saving from 50c to $1.00 over what others will charge you. HATS. Were never so cheap as they are here niw — $1, *i.50, $2 and $2.50 the best the world can produc at $3". 00, all styles, Fedoras and Stiff Hits— ia latest colorings and shapes. UNDERWEAR. When we tell you that you can buy the best suit of undewear for 50o in the world— it is so because— "The Hub" says it is. Shirts and Dr«w«ri to match. A SHIRT TALK. Here is where nobody can touch us— soft shirts 50c made in three different ways— to wear with white sollars, extra cuffs — gome with collar* and cuSs ou 'em — some with collars and cuffs attached, but 2 separata collars with 'em. ALL FOR FIFTY CENTS. Our fine line of shirts is superior to anything In Loganiport — and price* more reasonable. Qur space does not permit as to enumerate other ipee- lal bargains for this week — so we invite everybody to call K THE HUB. Harry Frank's Old Stand, Fourth St

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