Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 12, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1892
Page 5
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A GREAT SUCCESS. OELBBRflTED HflTS' STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WINTER STYLES. DEWENTER. Pi UJ SEXATOE HISCOCK DELIVERS A FIXE ADDRESS TO AN ATTENTIVE AUOIEXCE. Tiie Kink Crowded to Hear tlie Dis- tinguiuhcd New York Senator—A Logical, and Sound Presentation of Hie Issues. H. G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor is showing some very handsome woolens tor fall wear in suitings He also has something new and attractive foi overcoats Yours Truly, "TUCK." DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING OCT. 12. re- D, C. Justice is back from Indian apolis. H. G. Tucker was at Hunting-ton • yesterday. Wanted—A good boy to work in store.—Schmitt & Heflley. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fuller havo turned from ji visit at Troy, 0. Miss Walter of Columbus Ohio, is visiting her brother J. H. Walter. Miss Linn Shirk will depart to-day to Indianapolis on a visit to friends. Miss Kate White departed yesterday for Toronto, Canada, on an extended visit with friends. Miss Mintiie Keller who has been taking a course at the Chicago' Conservatory of Music has returned home, Have you any curiosity? Hadn't you better investigate the prices named so boldly by the Golden Rule. You may save a few dimes. Blanket department—Largo blankets from Co cents up per pair to :?G.50 for the best, at P. W. Moore's wholesale and retail dry goods store. Get the lowest prices in the city and then come to me, and if I don't save you 25 per cent. I don't want a cent. —Bell Clothing House, 405 Market street. Rev. Dr. Putnam and Rev. Dr. Seott of the Presbyterian churches of this city are in attendance at the Indiana Synodical meeting- at Marion. Isn't she beautiful? Certainly. She uses Flora A. Jones' famous ' 'Blush o Roses" /or the complexion, bought a B. F. Keesling's and J. L. Hanson's drug stores. Among the horses entered at the Delphi races this week are Schuyler C., Schuyler Myers' trotter and "Billie," John Hall's horse which won the Cass county race at the races here last week. George W. Lucy, of the Bell Clothing House, has decided to quit the clothing business, and will, beginning Saturday, October loth, offer his entire stock at net cost. Children's cloaks always . was a special line at the Golden Rule, but this year Mr. SchmHt has exceeded all former efforts in selecting beautiful garments for the little ODBS. I have been bothered with catarrh lor about twenty years: I had lost sense of smell entirely, and had almost lost my hearing. My eyes were getting so dim I had to get some one to thread my needle. Now I have my hearing as well as I ever had, and 1 can see to thread as fine a needle as ever I did, my sense of smell is partly restored, and it seems to be improving all the time. I think thero is nothing like Ely's Cream Balm for catarrh.— Mrs.E. E. Grimes, ReadrilU Perry Co., Ohio. A LEAP IN THE BAKK. J. C. JLasKei:, of Wiuntitac, to Excapc an Imaginary IVreck Leans iJiwvittiniily into ;i Thirty Foot Cut. A strange accident occurred on the Vandalia this side of Camden about 9 o'clock last evening. For some reason the local fright train coming this way was compelled to stop not a great distance this side of Camden. The brakeman as usual grabbed his lantern and swinging oil the rear end of the caboose, went back to flag any approaching train. J. C. Lassel, a sewing machine agent whose home is at Winamac, seeing this r.ction on the part of the brakoman suffered visions of rear end collisions tind the deadly peril of a horriblu railroad wreck. Grabbing his valise he ran to the rear end of .ihe caboose and leaped off. Now it had so happened that the caboose had stopped directly on a tressel over a thirty foot cut in the road. Dmvitting- of his position, and thinking only of the wreck which his visions presented to his horrified gaze, Lassel leaped without looking into the dark cut. For- unately he was not killed. His predicament was taken notice of by ;he trainmen, and he. was lifted back into the caboose and made as easy as a broken leg and several nasty cuts ould allow until he arrived in this city. He was conveyed to Dr. Shultz' office, and the broken limb and the ther injuries received proper atten- ion. He will be compelled to remain here for some time. His injuries are not considered serious, and he can be ongratulated upon his escape from death at the bottom ef the deep cut. It is unlikely that Mr. Lassel will hereafter look before he leaps. United States Senator Frank Hiscock of New York, spoke last evening at the rink to a crowded house. He was escorted from the Barnett hotel by the Young Mens' Republican Club in uniform and by the drum corps. Judge Dudley E. Chase was the president of the day, Hon. W. D. Owen and Hon. W. T. Wilson occupying the platform. Promptly at eight o'clock Judge Chase introduced the distinguished Senator from New York who began as follows: Chairman. Ladies and Gentlemen:— Our country has had four years of the administration of President Cleveland. He took office after ample pledges by himself and his party of reform in the administration of the government. He promised to reduce what he alleged and his party alleged was an increasing surplus in the treasury. He promised to-reduce taxation and lighten from the shoulders of people the burden, the heavy oppression that they alleged rested there imposed by the Republican party. He promised to build up a great foreign trade, to. make us the great commercial nation of the world. I say he promised it. All these matters were in the platform of his party and were proclaimed from the stump by all of his speakers. He promised to give to the country more money and a better currency. He held office four years. He had at his back a Democratic House during that four years. And what did he do? What did they do? Did they reduce the surplus? No, they discovered that there was none that exceeded the amount which thev could spend. Did they reduce taxation? No, tney would bring into the house a bill and it would be defeated by the divisions of their own party. Did he build up our foreign commerce? No. it did not increase during his administration. Did he reform the administration of the government? No. Senator Hiscock then presented the strong- points of .President Harrison's administration, thus introducing first the Tariff and secondly Finance. He spoke of the unanimous report of the Senate Committee composed of democrats and republicans, showing that wages had increased in this country since the passage of the Mc- Kinley.rbill and expressed surprise that the democratic National Committee had not yet begun criminal action against the democratic members of that committee as they had against Statistician Peck, a democrat appointed by Grover Cleveland. He recalled the Daaocratic predictions of high prices under the McKinley bill and defied any man to show a single article of manufacture, pearl buttons alone excepied, used by the wage earner, that did not sell for less ihan at the time of the passage of the McKinley bill. Better wages and less cost of living was the prediction of the framers of the McKinley bill and it was their predictions, not the democratic one of high prices which had been fulfilled. The McKiniey bill had vindicated itself and was now recognized as one of the great enact- great empire State of New York. I bring you greetings from the Republicans of that State. The Republican party in that State stands in rank. Every individual member of it is for the reelection of Benjamin Harrison. The roll call has been sounded and we are marshaled. And I do not know in the circle of my acquaintances a single Republican than is skulking in his tent. No, not one. There are some men there who don : c like Harrison, personally I mean. They are proud of his administration and of his statesmanship. His great ability, the high integrity and the extreme morality of his administration, his honor draw respect from his opponents, there as elsewhere. At ttn end of nearly four years of his administration have you seen any one or any paper vile enough to attack his character? I have not—in all this broad land, east and west, north and south. People of Indiana, have you heard of a man who attacked his integrity ? Or had aught to say but praise of his masterly statesmanship? Think of it, Indianians! What a picture is presented! There is a man here and there who thinks he might have received higher consideration from him, but I have never heard a man in this canvass speak ill of him, democrat or republican, not one, not one. All unite in praise of his magnificent character, and, a? I have said, of his masterly statesmanship. And shall vre change him for this other man whom I have described and sought to illustrate; a negative force in life and in politics and anywhere else he has ever been placed? Judge Bald win occupied a front seat, and when Senator Hiscock turned to the discussion of party losses his remarks seemed so appropriate that a titter ran through the-, audience and all eyes were centered on the man who did not get to be Solicitor General of the Treasury under Harrison. Senator Hiscock said: The Democratic party now and then parades some one or some one parades himself who professes to have left our party and joined the Democratic party. There is a man by the name of Macveagh. I think he voted for Cleveland when he ran the first time, and I don't believe he has voted the Republican ticket more than once or twice since. He is a man whom I have known to always distinguish himself by opposing the party he claims to belong to. He has left us. He has gone, and in his letter he takes occasion to pay a high compliment to the character of Benjamin Harrison. I want to say this however in respect to :the Republican party and all men like Macveigh who lea?e us now and then. Men may change. Men do change. It is human nature for the individual to change but I say that the history of this country proves that parties do not change. They do. not change. Neither in their purpose or in thf.ir policy. Now I have no confidence in that man's honesty upon that question who stood the tariff as we gave it to them in 1888 and carried the country who falters to take the Republican position of to-day. No I have no confidence in that man's sincerity. You know how easy it is always to question the honesty and integrity of other people, pharisee like we think are a little better and above them and possibly I am afflicted in that way. . N. J. SCHLOSS & CO. Are at the Very Head of the ' Fine Clothin BUSINESS. WE ARE THEIR SOLE LOGANSPORT AGENTS. This season has many surprises in store for seekers of BOYS' PERFECT CLOTHING, and our strength will be demonstrated not alone in the elegant higher-priced suits but in those at 84.00, $5.00; $6.00, & $7 5O. A New Feature is the Long Trousers. Double Breasted Ready-to-Use Suits, In all the New Effects IF YOU WANT your boy to wear Clothing thoroughly reliable in quality,, Stylish in cut and perfect in fit— You Know Where to Come for It. OTTO KRAUS, "Of Course.' amounts, Mr. Winn found that the Commissioners had appropriated only §17,000 for t'ae two terms, 'making §34,000 for the year, will he explain why the county used $90,000 to pay exactly the same officers, fees and expenses last year and why for the last ten years it has taken $73,000 annually to foot this bill? But suppose by economy it will take only $00,000 the coming year to run the country. Mr. Winn knows and the Pharos knows that starting June 1st 1S92 with S37.000 and collecting §13,000 in November and $70,000 next year on the new levy of 3S cents en $10,000.000 the county will have a total of $110,000 available funds up to the spring tax paying time 1894. Out of this it will have to pay the allowances of eight terms at $60,000 per year, a total of $120,000 and two payments of $12,000 each on the bonds. This makes $144,000 with $110,000 to pay it with, putting the very best light on the matter. Of course Mr. Winn knows that the county will have to borrow money and what is more he said so and the Journal regrets that he authorized the Pharos to deny any part of a correct interview. f To Loan, £5,000 to $20,000 at 7 per cent, interest on business property. Apply to W. D.PlIATT. laud, where, and in other points in the East, they will spend a part of the honeymoon. Upon their return they will go to housekeeping in a, cony cottage which Mr. Campbell has prspared for tbe reception of his bride, at the southeast corner of High and llthstieets. The Journal extends it earnest congratulations and well wishes to this worthy young couple. At COM! At eo*t: '. At co«t::r My entire stock of men, boys and children's clothing, at tbe Bell Clothing House, -105 Market street. The Fault cf the Fish. "I remember," said a schoolmaster, "when 1 was a boy s'oing- out one morn- itifT before sunrh-s to fish for pickerel. 1 had just hooked abigone, when.along came a countryman. He said nothing, but, with mouth wide open, stopped to Gee the fun. The contest had lasted more than half au hour, when, suddenly, as I VT3S about to land the prize, the pickerel, v. - ith one last rush for liberty, made good his escape. With a lump in my throat, I instinctively turned to the countryman for consolation, and got it. 'Weil, I declare,' said be, 'you held on to your end, young fellow, but he didn't hold on to his!'"—Golden Days. c Saturday Evening. The next Republican speech in this city -will be made by Judge William Johnston, Republican candidate for Congress. Judge Johnston will speak at the rink Saturday evening and a large audience should greet him. His speech is a calm and logical discussion of national issues and should be heard by the voters of Logansport irrespective of party. Base Ball Yesterday. Special to the Journal. CHICAGO, Oct. 11—Chicago 4, Cincinnati 5. Philadelphia, 7, Washington 4. St. Louis 7, Louisville 6. Pittsburg 4, Cleveland 4. Brooklyn 9, Boston 2. New York 9, Baltimore 4. TFhen Kature Needs assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even, the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentle remedy is the Syrup of Figs, mrnu- actured by the California Fig Syrup tompany* ments of progressive America, On the question of finance Senator Hiscock called attention to tbe fact that the Republicans had provided for the coinage of-$54,000,000 annually of silver thus using the entire American product and increasing the circulating medium by the addition of sound money. The Democratic platform demanded the.repeal of the State Bank tax thus allowing any bank however weak that could be organized in any State however " weak, to flood the country with worthless currency. Indiana bank currency might be good the world over cut who would want currency based on the swamps of Louisiana or the barren sands of Florida. In his younger days he recalled in a •western trip that his landlord said he never looked to see if his money was likely to be counterfeit because he would rather have counterfeit money than the issues of Western State banks. No one objected to counterfeit money but they did object to the issue of wildcat banks. Senator Hiscock paid the following fine tribute to FRESIDEXT HAKRISOX. Ladies and 'Gentlemen—I fariefiv sketched to you here to-night what has been accomplished in the period of President Harrison's administration. Does it no;t commend itself to you? I have placed it in comparison, with what was done in Cleveland's administration. Xook.oa this picture and then on that and/make the choice for yourself. I come to you here to- nightbringing- greetings of the State in which I was born and reared and have lived all my life- The A Good Climate. What is the matter with the glorious climate of Indiana? Yesterday morning Mr. Win. McDonald, the well known retired merchant, stepped out into his garden .and picked a pint or more of nice, ripe, lucious raspberries for breakfast. As he walked back to the bouse he stopped long enough neath an apple tree which flourishes in his garden, to pluck a large and fragrant bunch of apple blossoms with which to adorn and grace the breakfast table. And yet there are those who say that Indiana is not the very best place in the world in which to make their abode. Tlie Winn Interview. The Pharos publishes an interview with Commissioner Winn in which the Pharos makes him deny in part the accuracy of the Journal's report of the interview with him. The Journaf did not misstate Mr. Winn in a-single particular but its regret that he had placed himself under the control of the Pharos ring seems to be justified by this denial. The Pharos says that the Commissioners appropriated about $9,000 at the June term and about $S, 000 at the September term. Tois is the only denial made in detail. The expenses of the county each year for the la=t ten years has. been about $75,000, not counting new buildings, new bridges or gravel road purchases. Last year they were about $90,000. cot counting the gravel road purchase In talking with Mr. Wina the Journal representative placed the annual expenses at $75,000, which would make the average appropriation §19,000 at each of the four terms. This was certainly low enough since the new-tax • law creates new officers and makes'new- expenses. It was low enough considering that $90.000 was required in" toe year just ended. If, however, on adding up the .Iteal Estate Transfers. List of transfers ot real estate In Cass county reported by Dodds & Wlpperraan abstracters of titles, con- .veyancers and notaries public, Insni- ance and loan agents, titles to real estate examined and defective titles perfected. Money to loan at lowest rates. Office 206 Fourth street directly opposite Court House. Loeausport. Ind. Julia Freshour to EIlz E. Menafiie pt nel,i nwJ4 sec 22 Harrison tj> being partofLucern ,' % 9 00 CO Louis Kent and wife and J. H. Kennedy to Sarah E. Berrymen lot 141 in west end addition Wm. W. Stevens to Jennie Rogers'lot "li Stevens add to Lueern Samuel R Conn and wile to Daniel A. Miller ptuJ^w^ nw!4 sec 31 Deer Creek tp , 300 00 Leonard S, Burton and wife to Jas. B. Marker ei£ swl/t sec 2 Boone tp InOO 00 Samuel Snider to Sarah E. Stout wv> nwi^ swl4 sec 10 and nei4 sec 9 and o ;ictes at s end s«l^ Boone tp ^5CO 00 Fifteen mortgages liled arcgegatlEg 1033785 —The late Miss Carnegy Arbuthnott, \vlio recently died at Balnamoon, ITor- 1'arshlri?, was tbe head of one of the- oldest families in that county, in -which she owned large estates, having succeeded to them, on the de>tli of her eldest sister, about eighteen months ago. Miss Carnegy Arbutlmott was a most generous and considerate landlady, and she expended large sums in all kinds of improvements on her numerous farms. 7500 V^J Campbell-Gorman. Yesterday morning at 8 o'clock, at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Kev. M. E. Campion officiating, Miss Jennie Gorman was united in marriage to Mr. John J, Campbell, the well-known laundryman. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Maggie Gorman, and the groom's brother, James Campbell, acted as "best man." The ceremony was witnessed by quite a party of tbe friends of the well-known young couple, and the newly-wedded ones were the recipients of many earnest well wishes of their friends. Mr. Campbell and his bride departed at 4:14 yesterdav afternoon for Cleve- CfflLDREX who sre puny, pale, weak,.or scrofnlous, ought to take Doctor Pierce's Golden Ifedical Discovery. That btiiHa up both their flesh and their strength. For this, and for purifying tbe blood, there's nothing in all medicine that C»VP equal the " Discovery-." la recovering from "Grippe," or in convalescence from pneumonia, fevers,, or other trasting diseases, it speedily and surely ia- visonites and builds ap the whole system. As- an appetizing, restorative tonic, it sets at work all the processes of digestion and nutrition, rouses everv organ into natural . action, aTid brings back health and stre^sth. For all diseases caused, bv a torpid liver or impure blood. Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Scrof- nJo'us, Skin, and Scalp Diseases—even. Consumption (cr Lsng-scrofcila) in its earlier stages—the "Discovery" is the oc3y £7iuiraj> teed remedy. ^ If itooesj't benefit or rare, in every casa, you have your money back. . HAL THt PRICE OF OTHER BRANDS. POUNDS?!)? HALVES. Q^QUARTERS^ SOLD IN CANS ONLY. Storage Room FOR RENT. In Bsar of Pryor's Drug Store,

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