The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1938
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4'f VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 299. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOlTl'IlBASl' MISSOURI ' BJylhoville Courier Mississippi Volley Lender ' i ' y '" cv '"° "* YTUKVII-.I-.K. AUKANSAS. SATURDAY, MARCH r,, io SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NEWJTORMJOVESON LOSlNGELES liHlflnil K lll-QHrii Window Smasher Steals 'TflllPT nilPTIIini ' i; 1 • r r i n n •.* ~"~~~" " ~ -* ~ mm MI anm Tro»««E.ri y T od ay ItilJhl BUhllNG (a " J. c ^ Fi ' mlom rRFlFHT TRPIP Sustnins Footln > ury FRFMfl HPIHP In Rf RrUmnCn .™™ ^'» '<* i™*« ««* nnnr m nrrrnrn ^^^Mja^a v ) lllL > u »il IllmllU in Highway Accident I llLUlllU rHulllIb 10 BE DEHEIDED IF, Japanese Minister Tells Diel of Extermination "When And H" ' TOKYO. Mar. 5. (DW-Qcncr- f'isslmo Chiang Kal-Slick will be beheaded by the Japanese military whenever and wherever he Is found, Foreign Minister Kokl Hl- i-ota told the Japanese Diet tonight. Keplylng to interpellations Hi!S,5,M? ld ''.'' e , l)Ulli _nol predict the. ies. | Window Smasher Steals Early Today Three pairs of trousers were j stolen by a burglar who kicked In | a display window of the Mead Clothing compimy slore about six (o'clock this morning to obtain the articles. Tlie theft was discovered shortly after six o'clock nnd V. E. Tom- iinson merchant's patrolman, sai:l TIKI POST is mm TIE is paroman, sn: r . ~ . the window mis intact ill 5:50, LllimnmtJS bliri)riS' 1 S °' C ' 0ek DISTRICTS FILE ..„ ^uu lxl UVlr LMLUgUIL any foreign power Intervening on behalf of Chiang Kai-Shek, whose extermination has been decided upon by the Japanese Hirata's statement indicated that the Jaoanese have givea up hope or making peace terms with Chiang and Hint (lie last ,>eace "feel- 1 ^,; T D • A P tlons 10 raving. As- MuSt B C Filed With City -"—".•• *n J'tlHtC IIT1 1115 \Yllll {Jill- rnl ------ ,-_, - -. „ ang and (Hat the last peace "fee Three ' mlh thc clt J' c '> crs," made about tlu-ee weeks a»o glvei> toclay ' b >' tllc board through tlie German embassy !,° m iS Ionei ' s of thc (listrlct - I'ankow. had been reiected hir) Tllc assessments are i /-111!,,.,,. *fj,.vll.« IJ) Il 1fl imt^lir! l, n ln,*~ n ~r I Chiang. For the first time a responsible!:'" 1 official of the Japanese govern- 1 " 1 ment finally closed the door to final negotiations with Chiang. The alter was reported last at Hau- KOW at his secret headquarters accompanied by his wife, tlie Amer- Notiee of the filing of new assessments, through the refinancing of the bonded indebtedness of Paving Districts No. Two and No. Three, with the city clerk was given today' by tlie board of com — equal to the unpaid balance of the original assessment against properties in the districts. On lots thai are delinquent the assessment will amount to 43 per cent of the original assessment when thc districts were created. . "While the tax rate has not been companled by his wife the Amcr e • e - f!UC " Rs not bee " lean-educated Mel-Ling Soonr I deflnlte| y se t. - owners of property and W. H. Doiinld his AtntrBiinn on w . htch no levied assessmenta W. adviser. The announcement mean that the government will Jn nnnp and also would present Hankow be destroyed of t»e Japanese can accomplish it are delinquent may expect their district levies to ie reduced about 20 per cent annually, according to P. C. Douglas, attorney for the commissioners. Properly owners have 10 days a new central Eovernmpn Property owners have 10 days up at Nanking B ° vernment jfran the date of the filing of no- Tn Complete Plans For Beautifying Walker Park .-,, - ... .-,.—'->" "" HIV" U*W*|?O1J1CJIIO. iians for/beautifying' 5 -TValker Tlle refinancing of -the bonded nei:t.,Priaa>',---which has '"debledii--- -' "-- " • • • -• :.{SJ* .P." been thevilie, a meeting of the Garden club Mon .. - -,ra>-,--- wich has enecs -o e districts foi declared Arbor Day for Ely-' 16ws"suit brought by certain bonU lie, will be completed at a h ° Iders ^ federal court which re n sMea in t!le districts being <iay night at the city hall 7-fri tnfow71 in '° federal court receiv- o'clock. ' ' u ershlp 'because of delinquencies ii. A prize of an attractive olanf iin« the P a y mellt of bond maturities been offered to the member who a " d interesl " will take to the meeting the largest number of persons who are 'in- , • • -- f ~-~f*'*~J TTtlU (4iC terested in improving the park The meeting will also be , : — •- 1950. Tlie commisston- , who plan srs are directed to use tax receipts *',%- ^ "' ••• , —"""' "*' w fiun 7i& me mrectea 10 use tax recelnts fo, organi^'lon'' ""* ^^^ '° totl if 5 ' b ° Ild """^ ™ nun organization. ?s; second, buy in tendered bonds : Uqn organi?atlon. II is planned to promote the movement by having each child in Ihe- Blytheville schools contribute at least one evergreen, shrub or perennial plant, which is to be taken- to school- Friday morning Other plans lor obtaining plantings .will be mapped out at the meeting. J. Louis Cherry is chairman of the committee, with all membeis of the club as his assistants. Automobile Damaged In Traffic Accident Lloyd V. Wise's car was smashed in on the side and T. H. Chapman's car was less seriously damaged in n traffic accident at noon today. Chapman was driving west on 'Walnut street. Wise was going north on Ninth street when the accident occurred at the intersection of the streets, il was reported. THE DALLES, Ore. (UP)— City Recorder J. H. Steers was amazed when he looked over his trial balance for January. The result- figure of "Ts" the same from S377.337.73. The and ''3's" reads either end. llLT€L BY BOB BURNS in almost every paper you read where some reporter has Interviewed a Senator about his "foreign policy." the Senator said he wasn't r»ady to disclose it. I'm beginnln' to think some of these Senators haven't got any "foreign policy." Its like the time somebody not- Iced my Aunt Peachy Slmms was looking bad and they saia they believed Aunt Peachy was nursing B secret sorrow. Grandpa said "No, youre wrong—If 'Peachy did have a secret sorrow, she woulda told May 587-8 " - - -- , the whole town about it!" tice, today, in which to file exceptions to such assessments with the city council. After expiration of that period the commissioners will ask the council to set the tax rate-l>.ised on the assessments. "" 'efmancing of -the o6i.u=t HKS of the districts foi- Making Offer To lessor Tluirman Arnold j WASHINGTON, Mar. n <Uf>)_ Attorney General Homer s. Ciim- inings today offered Hie adininl.'i- Itralion's key trust busting post to Professor Thurinan Wesley Arnold of Ynte univeslty, liberal attorney and author of tlie recent book "Folk Lore of Capitalism." dimming!) offered the Yale professor the. post of assistant attorney general In charge of the anti-trust division. II was vacated today by Robert H. Jackson, who took the oalh of office as solicitor general of the United Stales. Ciimmings said lie "sincerely trust" thai Arnold will nccepl the appointment. The appointment is considered highly significant and indicative of future administration policy toward business. As head of the division Jackson led the administration drive against monopoly. ' Announcement .Surprise Tlie^. announcement came as a surprise, Cununings had not been expected to go outside the department of justice for Jackson's successor. Arnold, however, previously has served «s special assistant to the attorney general In Ihe lax und anti-trust divisions. Department of Justice officials said Arnold is a "fighting liberal" and continues tlie philosophy of Jackson in anti-trust waiters. He also Is the author of "The Symbols of Government" and other volumes on governmental problems. Acceptance Likclv i' NEW HAVEN, Conn.', Mar. 5|j (UP)—Professor Thtinnan Arnold ' of Yale law school snid today he "probably would accept" the offer of Attorney General Homer S. . " — receivership the Chamber of Commerce Boiircl Plans Active Pro- grain During Year Tin- «nu>nly,atlou Of fi'dRlil (ruffle biiii.'ini in |hr clinmljer of com- iXT. 11 Junior chnmber of commerce for lllylhcvUlc, the promot- m of H community fund for illy H'vllli' and Iho promiscuous soil- cltullon of donations from local business houses were dlscussrcl lust dlu'clors of (ho vtwmlMr of commerce, who also voted ,lo cooperale hi the entertaining ol the visitors at, il\ 0 meeliiiK of the Forrest City District. Fedemllon of Women's clubs here April B nnd G [iiul to assist In ultemptlun to speed lip Iho delivery of (,'overn- mcnt cheeliji to fnvine'ra parliclpat- ing In the soil conscrvntlon pro- the gram lust year. They' held monthly dinner meeting Insl nl the Hotel Noble. The freight tninlc Ijnrc'nii. If established, would furnish free tint- tic Information to the members, Sustains Foot Injury In Highway Accident .lurk Oliilimu, 1(1, Is confined to Ills liimic at Yinbro bccmisi? of « .'•oven; cut on his fool which lie iwclvcd |ti mi automobile accident Thiirsdny night nwir CooU-r. llu WHS luinlni; u uw'v* on a Hivivcl mud neiir Cooler when his cuv inn i>IK.ilm h| B liwny Into n ditch. A piece of Kins'! iiimmed his shoi.' jnid |jntwet.'ii his lni'81-sl nnd sccund lurijesl toes, HlllkllH! II SHVI'IV WOlllld. l!o ri'ct'lveil ))i> olliiir Injiirles nnd I he mnohliic wiis only slightly ft Ifl AGREE Conferees In Disagreement; Morris- Deplores Failure To Act WASHINGTON, Mar. fi. <UI'>- Seniitc mill house conferees on the 51,400,000 Independent olfices appropriations bill today failed to Wee on u $2.470,000 Hem for con- ilructloit of the aillierUsvlllo, Ky.. lam in Die Tennessee Vnlloy Aii- thorlly system. . „ .. •> • " - v "• ««>j>i"i', me seysionc of liberty he New York Wor.d's Fair of 193!) p,an 6 to evcol the Temple of Religion lh o«, in architect^ drawing above. The Temple will not be a church, but „ nonJctarln,, ret«nt W heve Fair visitors • egardl^s of fnilh may find quiet! >*t, incclltnljon ,nnd private pmycr Tl>e Temple, wl.h ,1s .so-foo't, w»l be cloistered in a Lt ^ : a waned garden. The plot w |l be donated by ll.ciair and the estimated bmkm.g co S t~$300, U Ofl- W il, be raise,, by national pop, Cummings to become!his assistant In chnrgc of the anti-trust divis- • is dissolved of . the :re financing program which' calls • for the issuance of $228,50p in four on calls for tenders at discounts and, third to retire thc bonds in number if no tenders are made. .The district- now has approximately $32,000 on hand to pay interest and call for tenders on tlie first of the new issue of bonds. The ne\v assessments will be effective at the payment of taxes next fall. The paving districts, according to Mr. Etouglas, already have title to all lots .delinquent in taxes through 1934 and such lots will be listed as tlie property of the districts; Assessed benefits for 1935, 1936 and 1937 which have not been paid will be included in the re-assessments. No tax foreclosure decrees for those years n-111 be taken and no lien retained for such levies. However, by including the assessments for years in Che new assessments the yearly taxes' on such lots will be high- ST than on property which has not been delinquent. ° Memphian Found With Head Battered In Bv Rock munii-mo ,£vinr. a. (.up)—Bar- " ^ itr|ii «i'miur 01 ine money ney A. Perry. 56-year-old filling nuist be on hand within a lew days StatlOll OtierntntV Wnc fnunri rln^l *15 it Is nn^dl^l fnr maln^lnl* . , station operator, was found early today, a knife wound in Ms chest and his head battered with a three-pound rock. Police believed he was the victim of a high- Stock Prices NEW YORK. Mar. 5. (UP) — Stocks made an irregular advance today, with volume around the lightest of any Saturday this year Bonds were irregularly lower with U. S. governments firm. Commodities fluctuated. A T & T 135 3 _g Anaconda Cop 32 1-8 Assoc DO...: i Beth Steel \\ 57 Boeing Air " 28 3-4 Chrysler 62 |_ 8 "™ Elec 393.4 Mot 3.1 3^,5 fnt Harvest 65 1-2 Montgomery Ward 34 5-8 N Y Central 17 1-2 Packard 4 i •> Phillips Pel '" 38 " Radio " 6 5 . 8 Schenly Dlsl 241-4 20 1-8 Simmons . . Socony Vac ., Sid Oil N. J 5[ Texas Corp "'.; 40 5 . 8 S Smelt 7o U S Steel 53 1 -4 Chicago Wheat May July open 90 1-4 84 3-4 high 90 7-8 85 5-8 low 90 84 3-4 close 85 MEMPHIS ,Mar. 5. (UP)—Bar- way man. Perry's body was found ' on the floor by a customer, Joseph Fitzgerald, who drove into the station and after obtaining no response to sounding of Ills automobile horn, entered the building. Tlie blood-stained knife nnd rock lay beside the body. Fitzgerald told police he saw a negro running away from the Kla- llon as lie approached. Miss Kntherine Perry, 20 snid she hod left her father at' mid- nlglit. She snid when she left there was "perhaps" $20 or $25 in the cosh register. II had bcen rifled and was standing open. Slanjr Wins Naturalization HAMILTON, Ont. <UP)_ A Rus . sian obtained his naturalization papers here. In the language test the judge asked him: "What does your mother say about conditions in Russia?" "Not so hot." was the reply. as 11 Is needeU for materials The work on the stadium Is now 20 days ahead of schedule, because of the unusually favorable wcullicr, and both thc sljidium and gymnasium will be ready before September 1. if the money lo purchase materials is obtained, it has been pointed out. The money is being miscd by the JW -«le of 410 shores, which will be izL Peiv York Cotton NEW YORK,lvta7 5. (UP)-Cotton closed steady, open 906 909 913 Mar, May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. 924 925 927 high 913 916 923 930 ,932 927 low 905 907 913 923 923 925 close 912 914 920 928 930 03 In Spots closed steady a t 920, up 8 «/„„. t\ew JE? ,?^ A ^ S ' M "r. 5. (UP)- Chicago Corn Cotton futures closed steadv with net advances of 25 to per bale. open hiah i< ni cenls Big Pan Of Local Fund Remains To fie Raised However Plans have been completed for the gymnasium, which is to be erected as a parl of the new stadium non- being built at Haley field ns a WPA project, in cooperation , Ghlcknsaw Ath- letlc club and other Interested citizens. The drive'to obtain loans of £7,500, for Blythcville's contribution to thc j-15,000 building, has not yet been completed, James Terry pros- Went of thc athletic club said today. Only $3,000 lias been ratal and the remainder of the money S ^ C "n'i" be ',' !" r ", tC n(1 r t: ™° >oP°vl"of tho conferees.was ment crises, file claims for freight disclosed tu Senator Ocorgo w. Highway Depa r.tmeri t Funds Are Insufficient To Aid Now The proposed overpass for the Frisco railroad at, Yarbro, to eliminate the dangerous crossing and two bad curves in Highway 01 has been abandoned for the present because of Jack slate .highway sae .gway department, which wns to furnish between $50 - of funds In department, 000 and SGO.OOO. A been federal appropriation made which would had hnve made Ihe project cost S130.000, If Die state highway department would furnish a portion of tho funds. The Dlytheville Chamber of Commerce Jind agreed to obtain approximately $5,000 to be u.scd for (lie purchase of thc farm land for the right-of-way Engineers of the state highway Apartment were here recently aking a survey as to the cost of the proposed project so as to figure what Us apportionment would be. It had been believed repaid from letlc events. , ° CC receipt, o f , tl , Tlie gymnasium, which Is to have its entrance on Eighth street, ivill have a 40 by 80 foot basketball court, built in bleachers on the west side and there will also be seating space on the cost side under tllc stndftim, where removable seats will be used. A boys' dressing room, 18 by 40 feel, and n large girls' dressing room, which will be used by the visiting football teams during the fall season, arc under the extreme front part of the stadium. The work shop for the SniHh- Hiighes boys will lie under the wing section of the stadium to thc south, which has not yel been started The remainder of the gymnasium will be under and to the west of Ihe part not under construction. ; Tlie gymnasium, when completed will be 100 by 113 feet. Wendell M. Phillips was associated with U. S. Branson as architect. Funeral Services Held For Mrs. Malendia Jackson Funeral services were held yesterday at Bragg City, Mo., lor Mrs. Mnlcndia McGlll Jackson, 81, Cotton formerly of Blytheville, who died Tue.sday following a stroke of paralysis. Mrs. Jackson, who was the mo- open high July 603-8 59 60 t-2 low 58 1-2 .60.1-4 May Jul. Oct. Dec. 60 922 929 935 937 938 927 932 940 941 941 919 925 934. 937 938 927 932 939 941 941 (her of Mrs. Mattfe I. Wilson of this city, John j. Jackson and Mrs. Richard Morris of Bragg Clly and Mrs. O. C. Silman of St. Ixwis, made her home here for a number of years, Flying fish can make (.- , ns 12 successive JBB.W without re- submerging. mercc had made all plans for obtaining the J. Mell Brooks . secretary: snlrt today. In making tlie announcement that the project had been abandoned for Ihe time being, the slate highway department said that it was merely deferring the project because of lack of funds ftnrt that it might be done later when funds were available Tliis is the second time project lins bcen abandoned. linningc and perform the general services of such 11 bnrcnii free of chnrgis to members. Freight bills would be audited mid overcharges collected on a commission bulls. The matter was referred to the executive committee. A committee of Itoscue Craftai, 0. W. Allllck and W. D.'McClurkln was npix>lntcd to consider the setting up of a Junior division in the Chamber of Commerce. Recommendations will be reported at the next monthly meeting of tho bonrd. .The directors, In again diseuss- ,liig Uic. proposition of promoting a community fund tori thc city and the Inking of ncllon to curb promiscuous sollclliiMoiH from Bly- thevlllo business houses, voted to mnkc further investigations In connection* with llio proposals before thc next meeting. ' J. A. Leech, Clarence H. Wilson and W. L. Homer were appointed a committee to cooperate with tho Woman's .club, which will cntefiain Hie distrlcl convention here.: In discussing the delay in delivery, of checks to farmers participating in the .soil conservation-program last year, It was pointed out that most of the cheeks had been received by farmers In the southern part of the county bill that none had been received for the Chlck- asawba dlstricl. Ttc|]ori.s were made In connection with the farmers' market promotion, the financing of bred gills and poultry for 4-H clubs of this section and on Hie Yarbro grade crossing elimination which is being deferred because of lack of funds available for construction by thc state highway department. . Morris (Intl.. Nob.) entered thu controversy between directors of Ihe TVA and accused Chairman Arthur E. Morgan of "hindering" the agency's program. Morris ulso emphasized the Im- porianco to the whole project of the ailbcrtsvillo dam mid - nddcd thai without it "tho other dums" will be to n great extent useless so far an nnvlgatlou Is concerned.' As a result of the conferees' action today the ailbertavlllo issue will be returned lo the house for n vote. Also returned will bo (in Item Increasing the appropriation of tlie rural electrification administration from »30,Oi»,OCO-to<$40 000,000. ' . , -Both Items''were placed In the appropriation bill by tho senate A house provision which would Blvo the president, nl Ills request the power of vetoing Individual Hems from appropriation bills was eliminated from tho bill by the conferees. Provision For Disposa 1 of Debris, Garbage Ends Problem A dumping ground to bo used for nil of the garbage, trash and debris collected In Blytheville dur PONTIAC, Mich. (UP)-An 11 foot will, filed by Arthur Powers in e sovng of the dumping Oakland county probate office In (ground problem, which has been _ the next five years, has been secured by thc city of Blytheville which will pay $50 annually for use of (he ground. ' The solving of the dumping 1930 is the longest document hi the county. Written in longhand on many sheets of paper pasted end to end, H forms a continuous manuscript. His Life Begins in an iron Lung the Tho . o ursl time was because there were no funds available for purchase of the right-of-way, It was snfd at that time. Later, the chamber of commerce decided lo attempt to again obtain the; appropriation and the matter had reached this point. Greta Garbo Is To Wed Leopold Stokowski ROME, Italy. Mar. 5. (UP)— Leopold Stokowski, conductor of the Philadelphia symphony orchestra, hns stated his intention of marrying Greta Garbo between March 15 and March 17. it was tod" 1 ' ° n cxcellont authority Stokowski made his plans known during a telephone call to his agent In Philadelphia lust night. no said the ceremony would take place in Turin,, Italy. Dog; Owners "On Strike" RENO, Nov. (UP)-Pive hundred nog licenses are for sale at the city clerk's office, but do? owners hnve gone on a strike, with no pound- master employed by the city, there has been no enforcement of the aog license ordinance, and a source of worry to the city council for several years, was accomplished by the Blylhevlllc Oar- den club and the city council When the club launched n campaign early In the yenr to beautify Blythevllle, members were told oy city officials that the worst handicap was the disposal of carnage nnd trash and that it seemed impassible to secure nn adequate plncc. Loy Welch, alderman, was named chairman of the committee by R. p. Kirshner president of the club, and Mr Welch named Dr. S. P. Martin and Roy E. Nelson, city attorney, as other members. When the place wns found, the matter was presented the council, which agreed to pay n rents' of $50 yearly. The ground Is on what Is known as one of the Cornell farms northwest of the city and provides a place for everything whereas the dumping ground in use, across from the American Legion hut, was restricted. owners have protested'that the 11 cense fees ore too lilgh. Brought Into tha world by a Caesarian operation and placed In an Iron lung, this baby didn't breathe for 20 minutes, Then physicians heard a taint cry— and life began for wide-eyed Raymond Alexander, Jr., ot TexarkanR, Arit., pictured above In the respirator that has been --JUs onehoma In this world. • Recover Stolen Bicycles And Jail Negro Youths Two bicycles, belonging to Chester and Dan Caldwell, were stolen irom their home at 900 CWcka- sawba avenue last, night but thev were /ound a short time later by iwllcc who arrested two negroes | Alfred Bolelle. 12, and Charles' Bedford, 14. Police found the bikes and the boys In the Robinson addition, they said. The boys, who are b->- ing held In the city jail, will be turned over to the juvenile court. DAVENPORT, \Vash7~ (UP) Hilda Louise Ralfs, 19, > suffered almost complete less of heartna wring a chlldhod Illness, but it did. not affect her ambition to jo out and do things. Now she "has several medals, won as a dancer, Reports New Storm Moving Toward Los Angeles Fro inOcean I.OS ANfiELES, Mar. 5. (UP) —I IsW ralni fell hero today as Hi« prelude lo whaf (lie wealher liuti'au said likely will lie a new slonn moving in from tho Pacl- llc «cftm and breaking over the Iliiwl ilr.raiiiitcd Los Aagtlt* »rc:i tonight. DID stririiL (orme'd over the uci'Uii. torecastcr.9 ^ald, nnd Is • exiiccieil. tg brlnt rain ,to the l'i«l«[i ( ia In southern California "ml -snows In the mountain re- Sinus, Fresno Face* Inundation FRESNO, Oftlif.,,Mar. 5 (UP)"— Flood waters broke tlirough the Ileiiidon canal 1 , five miles north ot tho business district of Fresno, to- duy nnd threatened to inundate tho city. PrcMio Is 200 miles northwest of Los Angeles and far re- inovetl from the Southern California area thivt was devastated, by floods earlier In tlio seek. Police Instructed nil persons in Iho vicinity of- the treat to be I'cixly to evacuate. "Only a miracle will prevent flooding of the business districts," oiie iiollco otnclnl said. Workmen stiuggled to strenath- en tho crumbling canal levees. An estimated 30 square miles.of San Jdaquln valley was under water that ranged In depth from a few inches to 13 feet. The exclusive Pigarden district was under seven feet of water already as n result of a break on Ihe-: north of the city. Three hundred, persons were rescued fom that Sr^ajBBjs-, " v"'-*.* -'.x-A- Red cross workers' were'supply- Ing footl to ttlmost l.CMO pesans marooned hi the Madera cotton cnni|v?, Tho flood, hero originated -from heavy ratns and snows that have bcen falling alternately in Fresno, Madera and other central California counties for several days. Sixty miles northeast of here In the mountainous vicinity of Bl([ Creek, a transcontinental and, We.ilcrn air liner has been hunted since Tuesday night, when It vanished on a flight from San Frah- cteo to Los Angeles with nine .iwsons aboard. , •'•.- Tlie storms ' have : impeded the search, • Combat Threat of LOS ANGELES, Mar. 6 (UP) — The threat of disease from stag* 7 nant waters in outlying communl-: ties wns added today'to'tlie suf- lering In southern , California's ivorst flood. All drinking, water in East River- :lde 57 miles east of here was 'con*' lemncd by health authorities, who recommended that residents be ln- ulated for typhoid. Attempts were made to haul into Bast Riverside from Ontario., • Dr. George Parrlsh, Los Angeles health officer, reported water 'in all sections of this city was in , jood condition but in othed communities the heavy rains had left stagnant disease breeeding pools. Tiio number of dead was- esti-. mated at 126, throughout the 30:00 square miles affected by thV flood. Looting broke out in several communities and orders went out to shoot any one caught robbing houses or stores. SHREVEPORT, La., Mar. 5 (UP) -Approximately 300 families be!«n returning to lowland homes :oday when flood waters of the Red river subsided and the stream's .•rest -moved toward .Alexandria". Back water covered an area estimated at 40 square miles. Prospector Uncovers 17-Ounce Gold Nugget JACKSONVILLE, Ore. (UP)—'ira ludy, who prospects-for gold when ie isn't picking potatoes, dug up a 17-ounce gold nugget in the Ap- pkgate hills near here. ' Old-timers of Jacksonville, scene of revived ' mining Interest, ssld Judy's nugget was the largest discovered here In many years. WEATHER Arkansas — Partly cloudy and ranch colder,. hard. freeze in north and central portions; temperature near freezing In extreme south portion tonight; .Sunday partly cloudy, colder In south and east portions. . Memphis 'and vicinity — R»ln, xssslbly.. changing, to snow; lowest temperature 32 to 3S; Sunday lair and colder. • ' : v • ; -

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