Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 23, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1896
Page 8
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,y!V •;':^;;;^V--; v 'r,, •;..;', .•.-;*" j-:'y;;;;.. V^.^'v;-^' 1 ^''^ Opening Cloak Bargain^ - FOR SEPTEHBER - ! • Logansport's Strongest, Largest and Best C loak Department. ; The leading cloak house first on the banks of the peoplr; This.'Weeks' opening of the September selling means money In the poeksta of.omscust' teeners that wouldn't be there if the cloaks were bought elsewhere. 75 elegant Ktrsey oloth;Ca.pes, ntoaly braided, for opening.,sale .'.: 200 Fine double and tingle Capes, nicely made trimmed, $3.25, $1.48, $5.48 and $0,GO all 'bese well worth double the price. -• . • ' 150 Ladies' well made and stylish Jackets, with . the new sleeve and collar, orily... $3.48 #2,50 Ladles' Jackets made of Melt-" , Beaver, Bouole and Novelty Rough Efftcts,- worth $12.50, In this sale...... '. *7.48 Aluo a good line of Jackets at $5,00, ifc'so, f 8.50 nnd $10. • •'••_• Call and take a look. THE GOLDEN THE GLOBE. TH the money saving institution of Loganspovt. It lightens the expense* at living, by lessening the cost of ncco ssitlcs. New Fall Goods magnificent ta volume, variety and beauty received ers> pnid for all discounts saved, and t can't match. The store Jammed full o bought direct from the manufactur o be sold at price that credit house: f clean, sparkling new goods, Tvhicl THE WAR IN INDIANA. A Notable Quintet of Warritfrsito" Speak for Sound Money.|, TERRE HAUTE Railway Men Will Qo in Force to That City Tomorrow. CROWD TO-BE SECURED Mr. J. T. Brooks to Speak-Band • aridiDrum Corps to Join. •srfn please everyone who sees them. We await your verdict. HEN'S SUITS « Itt) Men's plain and fancy cheviots worth $0.00, our price $ 3.50 75 Men's black, blue finished worsted worth $8.00, our price 5.00 SCO Men's plain and fancy casslmere worth $10.00, our price.. ; 7.00 200 Men's black and blue imported clay worsted worth ?15.00,'our price 10.00 BOY'S SUITS. 100 "Boy's suits all colors, good fitters from 14 to 10 worth $5.00, our price '. • • TO Boy's black; blue, and fancy cheviots, well 'trimmed and. made, worth- $7.50, our price 365 Boy's-black, blue, and fancy imported worsted equal to custom work, worth ?10.00, our price '• 3.50 5.00 7.50 SCHOOL SUMS. JM> Tweed suits, good fitters, well made nt ?1, $1,50, worth $2,00 and. .$ 2.50 Boy's Scotch Tweeds, newest fall patterns 52.50, ?3.00 and $3.50,worth ,$4.00, $5.00, and •••• G -°° Knee pantSj ages .4 to 15, special lot !5 Ml wool Scotch cheviots, worth 50C, our price 35 Qordnroy> nil colors, worth 75c, our price 50 Remember our stock is all new and we have all up-to-date novelties •U onr goods are marked ia plain figures, strictly one prioe.-'-' No Misrepresentation,' come, see for yourself and be convinced what we 'say are facts, THE GLOBE. Strictly One Price Clothiers. CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECJ-'YOUR EYES. The HIrchberg Optical Co., The well-Known .Specialists of NBW York have >u>ointe P. A.. UA.UK as agsnt tot their celebrated Spectacles and E;e Glasses, ever; pair guaranteed. D. A. HAUK bus complete assortment and Invites all to , satisfy themselves of too great suiitrlorlty ol the<e goolsoveif snr manufactured, at toe' store of D.-A. HACK, Sole agent for LoganspoitInd, Vo P«ddlers Supplied. • ,\ $2O.OO Will Buy a fiood Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 426 Broadway, Second Floor. A special train will be run to Torre ••'Haste next Thursday, September 24th, MSerlng Logansport at about 12 o'clock, t jB»n,.ai3d returning after the speaking jfr Hon. J. T, Brooks. The train will (rtn'rt from St. Josc<ph, and all .the em- ; of the road wlio con go will be up enroute. The Logansport • Military band, and the Dram .corps, to' getter with about two.hundred rail- roadmen, will go from this city. TK«r meeting of the Riverside Cycling :cltib Monday evening was very short, from voting in '• George Chase, CHley ..and ...Snm Anderson as • members of the club nothing of Jm- o was done:'•;There '' will/be.a meeting hold.ITlday: nlffiit.at '"jirMca time all 'members are urged, to '' Seo the .line of stoves at Fiancgin's new stove store.' ' . Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a hundred. Positively the best cup of coffee in the city at Dykeman's cafe. Call at Flanegin's new stove store and sec the 'best stoves in thte market. . .105 of these capes left at $3.08 and $4.08.' Don't miss thei^.—Trade Palace. .Supper tonight from 5; to S o'clock at tho First Presbyterian church, 15c. Supper 15c this evening from 5 to 8 o'clock at the First Presbyterian church., ' . , For rent.—Eight-room house, with all modern conveniences and burn. Inquire at 113 Market street. Clarence TV. Johnson and,Joe Keen made a. century run on their wheels last Sunday. They were on the road eight hours. Lost—By my little girl, Friday afternoon, September IS, in or, about the Central school building, gold neck chain, square, llntoed, cameo set. Liberal reward! for its i return to Mrs. Homer Kessler, 1118 High street: . The balloon ascension at the park Sunday afternoon was a success and the memory of the failure a week previous will soon fade away. A.large crowd who had confidence in Prof. William Gall's statement when he. said that the balloon would go'up Sunday, gathered at tho paxk nnd at about G 30 o'clock the Irage ,alr ship'rose, carry ing with-'it "CurlyJ 1 " Moore After ascend Inf?-several hundred feet he cut'loose- and'made a: magnificent- descent alight- ingin afield a.short.distance'from the •'• '" v ' The w-ar in Indiana— that "is,.£o';Sn.rc. Che.war upon Popocr:i<;y, pig-iron dbli-' lars and Pennoyer-theories— wlll.gi'ow: florce jiud furious about Oct. 12, th-e greatest combination of soldiers.that the people .'have ,.qvur< heard or jiro ever likely to hear, ill -;LI politic;;)! ctt'inpiiign will eiili'i'.tlio. State 1 and remain 1 upou Iiidia.n:i spll'.throo d-iiys. Two oil these mc'U have 1 .boiun almost «s I'u.mous as soldiers, but Win; flro of patriotism burns us hriglitljv.in. their breasts today-as it djd when they; won their laurels upon the Hold .thirty. years wgo,'and hence tlie whole.p,(irj-jv. iluds .itself. : fighting shoulder,.,. 10 shouldor to ; -save the credit of. ii\c. conn-try aml'lts honor-today just ik they ('ought 'to preserve- its life wheii they were-'.comiianions in arms'.. , ; XhU- party will'be'composed of G(m.,Bussi;il A. Alger, G«n.::E>riniel E. Sickles," Geni 0. O. Howard,'Gen.. FMJIZ. Sigcl ant] CoriKtral Tjiniwr. It goes withou,!; saying tlm» tremendous crowds will.tnru out to hear these men. Kvcrybody has heard about the "fighting qualities of Sigel and his German cohorts, of thq Joke Howard -made when his ann,-\yi>s shot off at Fair'Oaks, of the-splendJJij' servJccs of Sickles, Alger and Tanner:. After, their big meeting at Chicago these gentlemen -will/enter Indiana on a special train at Hammond and talk in fifteen cities in the State, with bigj night meetings at Elkhart, The Railway Men's Sound Moaey club will send adeiega.tiou to the meeting at Ten-e Haute -,Thui-sday, when Mr;. Brooks will-speak. It is prom- Isfcd that .two 'hundred will attend, and „*--'• 7it^is likely that that number, will be ^Veiled 'greatly. A 'special train will ,leay€--tlie Vn'ndnlia. station at 12:45 p. ;Jih''. (tomorrow), and -returning will leavii Terre Haute about 11 o'clock p. m. A- pleasant time is assured those who ;ioiii the excursion, nnd nil who go arc., asked to take their lamps with them. Several of the transparencies used, in the Logansport 'demonstration fbi'"Mr. Brooks will be carried In ttio Terr.b' Haute parade, wbieh, \vill start from tiho Union station at Hint city in tlieievoulug. The invitation was read ,0-t..last night'.s, meeting, and it was a Sordini one, assuring tlic boys a welcome aud plenty of fire works. It was urged in the invitation that a big turnout Svoulil Rive the stand of the railway men diginity in .tlie eyes of all parties. ' TJie members present last nigh.t, ' about seventy-five, were named each 'as"a' committee to advertise the meet; 'iiig'.a.t.Torro Haute, and notify railway 111011. •'' Tlie Military band and the Republi- "can 1 drum .carps is to- ^oiu the party froin Logan'sport, and the president of "the railway men's club suggested 'that it would be advisn.ble for the men 'carrying K-uiteriis to "t least out-n'um- lier tlio .musicians and noise-creators Tlierc'.'is' no fear tli:it the crowd will be 1 too small. 'Logansport. will bo fittingly ropres- •eu-to<i. at' Terre .Haute. IUie dato Is Thursday, September 24. The time of. •ISfiU'tirif; is 12:43. ''"A "nue's'sfige from the Chicago club which attended the meeting here September IGtli. was read, and "in it ±he Lo'gmUport boys were tluiuked for the fine time the Oliicago railroaders had \yhile tore, and were invited to joiu the -Windy City organization in a big dem- ciii.sti'htioa to be givon soon at the city WE'RE HERE AND -:-> ^HERETO STAY. You are cordially invited. Wo look for your acceptance with eager au- ticlpation, for we aro confident of your enthusiastic commendation of our ef- forts. We assure you that no finer stock can be found in this country, and yon will agree with us that It surpasses anything over before'seen in Logans•/v-V port. We have entered'tills field as leaders should, avoiding the tirne-trod- • • • • if • • deii path, shunning the policies that have hitherto prevailed, but with unequaled facilities and characteristic enery we have sought the best, that you • may enjoy tlje convenience of finding here at home those exclusive styles you .hove hitherto been compelled to seek in other markets. The management-of all our departmeuts is to our hands. We've had a life long experience to guide our judgment, we know every "Fashion Inlet" and "Qualify Hairbor" in this and foreign countries. Behind it are our capital, our enterprise, our broadgua.ge methods. Such a union of tact and talent must succeed. We've gathered a stock that is artistically perfect and marked at prices-that *-IH be ;m agreeable revelation to you. Bearing out the reputation 'Hint we will wJu for this store and your confidence. Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. Berwanger Bros & Co, Successors to HARRY FRANK wounds were dressed by Dr. J. A. Dow- iiey.. It took scvernl stitches to close the cuts. Joseph Gibson, the £ol)le township milk dealer, was ..thrown from a horse Monday morning and sustained a fracture of the bones of his right arm at the elbow. The'Injury was dressed by Dr. Hetberlugton,-who stated that the bone protruded through' the flesh. The horse stumbled ajid fell with Its knees upon Mr. Gibson's chest. . ••"Several messages from the Richmond Sound Money club were also read, in a'll a willingness,, to join with Logansport in well-doing was shown. The fnst' was an announcement that the club will be here Saturday polls and Richmond, and a great after,.?-. lev.enlng, October 3rd, for a visit with noo» rally at Lafayette. The itinerary., I Hjfi c ' Logansport railway men. of the' Journey Is as follows: .' , .,',-;• I. That is the date set for the second raising -of the monster Sound Money pole lit : kokomo, and the clubs 'from 1 -First Day, Oct. 12.—- ,,;,, Hammond—Arrive, 10 a. nr.; leave.11, a.m. ... , . ' .• r . Michigan Oity—Arrive 12 m.;. leave..! . m, • • '' ......... ,„, Laporte—Arrive 1-35 p. in.; leave 2:30; p. m. . . - "' .. iv; . South Bend—Arrive 1 3 p. m.; leav,e-0 P..m. ' ' '..^ . ,,';•,. Elkhart—Arrive C:30 p. m. , - ,,.. Eun back to South Bend in morning.. —Second Day, Oct. 13.— , ,'.,.,. South Bend—L«ive 0 a. m. '. ;; v Plymouth—Arrive .0:30' a. m.; ..leave 10 a. m. ' '...... . , • • i Logansport—.'tu-lve 11 a. in.; leave 12m..' ., [ : : \- ' • '.'.."'•-'.'.., Delphi—Arrive a2:30 p. m.; leav.e 1 p. m. •'•:-.-•'• Lafayette—Arrive 1:40 p. m.; leave. 4, p.' m. . ' . '. . '._. Lebanon—Arrive 5 p. in.; loave. 0:30 p. m. .. . .... -. Indianapolis—Arrive C:30,p..in. : , ,.;.. —Third Day, Oct. .14.— •'.:.. , ... •Indianupolls—Leave 0 a, m. :/- ,, .. Muncfe—Arrive40:30 a; mi; -leave, ,0:30a, m. '"'"...•' •' . ' ' '',.''_,_.'••. iRun back to Andcracm—Arrive 12 m.;. cave 2:30 p. m. . . '.'.. ' , ... ;.," New Castle—A'crive 2:30 p. m.; leave, p. m, ' ' : '• Richmond—Arrive ,5 p. m. (Night \veeting.) -;v^- • / •' , ;• ,; Richmond and Logansport will both tye. well''represented at that meeting. :The train will.leave this city for Ko- ihjo'mo" a't 2:30 in the afternoon, and on : the ••return.-will -reach this city-about ;?! S'ciock. On the. train will be the •Richmond' club and its Logansport •Jiosts.. It Is tli«. intention'.to give the sitors a reception suitable to. the i. O.O.F; NOTICE. ';. All.members of Logan lodge, No,. ; 4p,,- I, O. O. P. are requested to meet at hall at 8 o'clock ji .ni:' sharp (Thvirsaay) tp.i; purpose of attending funeral of our.late brother J. C. Carew. All other members are earnestly requested to attend.; By order of ,.,,,..;..' • .',..-• ...^ti-' , ...'-. • ". Wm^Goldsberry,, Sec'y;...,; ; •• ; Frank. J. Berndt. N. ^. •v,I| occasion. , The Richmond delegation will briut a 1 , ifobd' speaker, and a meeting will be J>eld at..the rliik, wliich ihos. already beeiii eiigaged for that purpose. There will bo local speakers besides the ora- rtori to be provided by the Richmond club'. ••,.A'.committee appointed last ',' night •now lias the arrangements for this meeting Jn Jiiand, but none of the details' or plains have yet been put,In .tangible shape. It Is-Sufficient to say thatlthe reception of. the Richmond men wll^be such as.to send them home jwolljp'leased, with the hospitable citizens of Logansport. The committee on arrangements Is. composed of C. S. Jones] chairman, ,E-. N. Taylor, George Cottoni John Jenks, and "W. H. Legg. ;'-.Tust' at present,, the meeting at Terre Haute! toinbrrow overshadows all other .tWiigsiin importance. The train starts .at!12:4p. HAS WITHDRAWN. Joshua Strange Formally Announces His Resignation. - - The Populists in. the Eleventh district are without a candidate for Congress. Hon. Joshua Strange has formally announced that he has ,-withdrawn from •the race against Major Steele and Joseph Larimer. He sent In, his resignation some time ago. It was rumored long before tihat !he would do so, had done so, or something, to that', effect, -j\ , • and now it Is learned that the act is cousumrnated. Mr. Strange has lots of money. He has not. enough discontent for a Populist, but he has a;faculty for retaining a grip on dollars of all colors. Joshua Strange knows that a farm Is a good thing. ANOTHER Bid SPEAKER. Roswell G. Horn to Address the People Friday, Sept. 25. 'Another speaker of national reputation Is promised to address the people of Cass county before the end of the month. Roswell'G. Horrof Michigan,;, has been secured to make an address at the rink on Friday afternoon;" Sep^" tember.25th. Ex-Congressman Horr la well known as an eloquent speaker and his service In Congress coveted a • period when the greater part of the financial loglslntlon now on the statute books was- IUI*S«M!. ;ind he is thoroughly Informed on the question. ,;' TWO SEVERE .ACCIDENTS. - MEETING, The m-embers-iof Purity lodge : of: H., i. O. O. F. are requestedjtp meet at their hall Wednesday eyehlng, Septem- iber 23, at C; o'clock to • make., arrange;; ments to attend the funeral. of oupde .ceased broither John Carew.; . ,/; i JIrs A DoLong, Secretary, N. G...Ella Crismond. Remember our new'cloak department :mottb— low prlces'for lilgb 'grade-gar ri ments Call and be convinced of same —Trade Palace. Constable 1 Orr Hurt by Being ; Thrown From a Buggy. . (...Coustabie James K, Orr wns thrown , : from;: ialbiiggy aear Adanisboro ycs- te.rday; morning and- was severely Injured;.'I Early in the morning in.com- .pany^with bis son he started to the, . country k>a business and was 'almost ; iat;'hls-:deiptlnatlon when the frisky anl- waB driving took fright at a ;co^vvand';guve a quick plunge to the eldest the'road,' throwing, both occu-- pants-'out\of ! the buggy. The son was but the father : was not.so- He fell on his face and sustained two severe cuts, one above the right feye Sand one below, both, to the bone, Th« bridge of his no e was split the entire .length, and he was otherwise bruised about the face He was biougbt to this city by his sou and his Republican Meeting's. •Republican speakingswlll be held at the following places In pXss county: , Wednesday . evening,' ''TSept. 23d, Young America, Senator Boyd, Wednesday evening, Sept 23, West Sand Ridge school house,. Noble township, Ro-bt. Cromcr, Prank Swlgart. • Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Galveston, Senator Boyd. •'"'... Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne, Q. A. Myers, Geo. Funk. - Thursday evening, September 24th, Pleasnut Valley school v ho.use, 'Deer Creek township, D. C. Justice. • Thursday evening, S<>pt. 24tb, Shady Nook, Clay township, Orlando Powell. Roswell G. Horr will speak at 2:30 p. ra. Friday, Sept. .25, at the rtnk. Friday afternoon, Sept. 25th, Broadway rink, Rosweir G. Horr. Friday evening, Sept 25, CftHoway school, house,' Jefferson township,, ship, Col. Cromer, Frank Swigart. Saturday evening, Sept. 20, Royal Center, Q. A. Myers, D: B. McConnell; HUMS-MILLER. . John, A. Hume and Hiss Emma Mil- 'Icr, of Jefferspn txwnship divve to BunndttsvJUe last 'Thnrsdny and were .quietly married. After the ceremony, they returnied to the bride's honje where a number of relatives, and friends wore awaittag them: .After congratulations, an elegant sapper was' served by the • bride's sister. JCUe •groom ts a prosperous young farmer higlily honored nnd respected by. all wlito know him. -The bride Is a lovely. gtirl, well worthy of'.the love anfl" esteem of her many friends.- The .writer and many Wends of .the young couple Join tn the congratulations by estend- ijjg their well ,wishes..'May,they be. ciw\'ncd. with happiness oid their mat- rimoni'ol career be ia pleasant one. . .A FRIEND. "THE L-ADIES. TJie pleasant effect and perfect safety with which ladies may use Syrup of Figs, under all conditions, make It their favorite remedy. To get the true and genuine article, look for the name of the California Fig Syrup Company, printed near the bottom of the package. For sale by all responsible druggists. • If you want pure spices for your preserves you can get. them at Ben Fish"- er"s drug store. COUNTY CONVENTION. The W.»C. T. U. .of Cass county will meet In'seinlTanaunl coiivcntlon at the Home for tJie Friendless, Sept. 23d at 10a.m. ' • - FoH'owtTng the reports of officers and superintendents, a short program will, be rendered,, consisting of music, recl : taitlons, papers and .a parliamentary dull]. A 'special feature of the convention will be-the election of county officers, wtolcli will take place ait the afternoon session. All members ore urged to be present ; •• '• - -. M.'J. STEVENSON,-Prea: : ALIALS GEABY, Secretary. Frank -Burkett, the,.trainp who was arrested for intoxication and... given, a jail sentence,'and Frank Burkett, the well-known drug clerk, are, unfortunately for the latter Frank, of the same name;, but otherwise they are as diffei cnt as day and night The similarity in the name has caused Frank, the druggist, an unmerciful amount of guying in the last two d«j(s;V PRICES THAT TALK. Women's Good Rubbers 23c /Women's Storm Sandals 28c Men's Good Rubbers- 36c Men's A'rctics 58c Women's Arctics 4Sc Misses' Arctics ....'..,......: ...--38c Men's Overs for Felts 98c Wo 'also tove the celebrated Good-. year Glove Rubber goods. No better brand of goods In the world. Women's Kid Patent Tip Dress Shoes, Button ...GSc Women's Vlci Kid Patent Tip, But-' .ton : .;.. :,....»sc Men's Velvet Slippers ..;......... .45c Men's Buff Bals, Plato Toe .......08c Men's Buff Congress, Plain, Dress Toe ...........98c- Youth's Good School Shoes ..,.... .75c Boys' Good School Shoes .,,..980 Boys' House Slippers ........ 45c Women's Very Fine Needle Too and . New Coin Toe, Lace and Button, : Kid Dress Shoes, "Good : Value" at .$2.50; Our Price on this shall be.?148 ' The.above goods are all fresh new goods, -«vhlch.«re arriving dally.-bought direct from the monufActawr for cash, and our customers shall .have .the. benefit. Line W. Pilling, Shoes, 412 Broad- I way, Logansport, Ind.

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