The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1951
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 1951 BLYTHEVTLI.E, (AKK.1 COtfRTER NEWS Republicans Ask Bombing of Red China; DemocratsDoubtRidgwayWantsChiang WASHINGTON. April 25. Wi — porters: Republicans called today (or Ihe bombing of,Red China bases. Democrats questioned & report that Lt. Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway had urged use of Chinese Nationalist troops to battle. Hot argument over Ihe conflicl- ing views at President Truman anil Gen. Douglas MacArthur on how to kflght the Korean War hit a new peak In congress as a Communist offensive smashed at Allied lines «ome 10,000 miles away. In the oratorical Infighting here, Senator Wiley (R-Wis) proposed Manchuria base "sanctuaries" about which MacArthur complained before Mr. Truman fired him as Pa- elftc commander. Senator Hlckenlooper (R-Iowa) asserted lhat If the U.N. "ever Is to be victorious in Korea." Chinese Nationalist troops from Formosa must be used in the battle against the Communist foe. MacArlhur has urged the use of Nationalist .troops, air operations over Manchuria and blockade of the China coast. He told Congress it was, his underslandlng that lop military men—including the chiefs of staff—had. shared his views In the past, from a military standpoint. Gen Omar N. Bradley, chairman of the Joint chiefs, has * made it clear, however, he agrees with Mr. Truman such measures for expansion of the Korean fighting might lead to World War III. Gas on Flames MaJ.' Gen, Courtney Whitney MacArthur's chief adviser, tossed L, some flaming gasoline on this con F•'troversy. At a news,conference in New York yesterday he said Ridgway had proposed to the Pentagon that Chinese troops from Formosa be sent Into battle . Whitney said Ridgway. who succeeded MacArthur in the Pacific commands, made this proposal "after analyzing the situation," evidently shortly after he took over field command In Korea. Whitney quoted Ridgway as saying Ihe Nationalists were needed to support his troops' military position, leaving unclear whether they might be sent Into battle (n Korea or on the mainland. Whitney said all senior officers In the Par East favored use Chiang Kai-shek's, troops. Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Lov- etl. declining to comment on any possible use of Chiang's forces, told a news conference 400 to 500 more men may be assigned to the U.S military mission on Formosa. On the issue of Chiang's troops Senator Kerr (D-Okla). No. I Mac Arthur critic in Congress, told re I'm not chasing rumors from MaJ. Gen. 'Courtney Whitney. M'Artlmr Was the Man "MacArthur was the man who wanted to expand the war. MacArthur was Ihe man released from his command for insubordination and refusal to comply with orders. Let him speak before the Senate committee where he can toll his whole slory and be cross-examined." Senator McMahon (D-Conn) said in an interview Whitney's claim makes it imperative "that ive open up hearings as soon as possible— and I mean open." The Senate Armed Services and probably the Foreign Relations Committees have arranged to hear MacArlhur May 3 at the start of an over-all inquiry into American military and foreign policies 111 Asia. Chairman Russell (D-Ga), who will run the Investigation, favors keeping the hearings closed to the public. Scnalor McFarland of Arizona, the Democralic leader and Senator Taft of Ohio, chairman of Ihe Republican policy commiltee, said Ihey should be open to the public except when military security is involved. Rita May Again Be Movie Queen After Abdicating for a Prince NEW YORK, April 25. W>j— Is It Mexico, Hollywood, Cuba, and most lossible that there may be no hap- of [he United States, >y ending to the fairy-tale romance They often happened to be or. Brooklyn-born Rita Hayworth the same plane, and were together Rita and her Moslem prince charming Aly Khan? Rita's attorney, Hartley Crum, Drovided the post-script yesterday the liner Britannic when hot! last left the U.S. on Dec. 15. 1948. Finally, they announced their be Irothal. and on May 27. 1949, th France's riviera. Asked about long-slanding oft-dented retjorts that ruta PAGE'THKCT! M'Arthur Aide Send, General tor President' Boosters Bock Horn* NEW YORK, April 25 M'j_An tide says those who insist on booming General Douglas MacArthur (or the presidency had better "go home." Majr. Gen. Courtney Whitney made the statement yesterday when asked by newsmen about n MacArthur - for - President Club opened here Monday. Whitney met with newsmen, assigned to cover the general at his hotel, the Waldorf-Astoria, while the genera) himself remained in his 37th-floor suite for the fourth successive day. ' During the day, Mac Arthur had visits' from Sen. Robert A. Tafl (R-Ohio), publisher Henry 11. Luce, and the Right Rev. Horace W. B. Donegan, Protestant Episcopal bishop of New York. UFacArthur was expected to remain in his hotel again today, but his wife and their son, Arthur, 13. planned to see the New York Yankees play the Philadelphia Athletics at Yankee Stadium. Two Korean Towns Are as Far Apart as War And Peace; Children Beg Along Dusty Paths BV TOM BRADSHAW SEOUL, Korea, April 25 lift— A scant 11 miles of dusty road separate Uijongbu and Seoul but today they were as lar apart as war and peace. The battered (own of Uijongbu was the scene of wild activity this morning amid. . . . (two lines deleted by censor). . . , the roar of road traffic and the planes overhead. Trucks poured down the road from the north overloaded with tired, grimy fighting men and their supplies. Empty trucks and ambulances idled at the Uijongbu railroad station while ammunition and fear were loaded hurriedly In dilapidated boxcars and flat cars. Conscripted Korean workers were doing an unbelievable job in the heat of the withdrawal. Some of their fellows working as ammunition bearers at Die front were less fortunate. Civilians trudged along every road and path to get away from the horrors of battle. An old worn an on crutches sought vainly to stay with her family group. A wrinkled old man used a broken and discarded U.S. Army tent pole for R cane. Children everywhere were begging food from the passing troops. The men in the trucks and jeeps were coaled with a brown layer of dust and many wore masks of dust. At times, dust clouds were so thick over the roads It was Impossible to see for 10 feet. Where the road entered the northern outskirts of Seoul, the pace slackened and the dust disappeared. Inside Seoul, the little shops were open for business with plenty of customers. The big open-air market was bustling with activity. South of the city, the roads a- gnin were clogged with' retreating refugees Seoul' is ofr-llmlLs to U.N troops'not on official business', but a war correspondent can en Ier. This correspondent headed lor the Chosen Hotel—once the press headquarters In Seoul. The brick and tile building Is almost untouched by war. Flowered shrubs are In bloom in the courtyard. But the war is coming closer. The red plush rug in the hole! lobby, the furniture from the rooms and other equipment have been loaded on a train headed south. Curtains have been taken do.™ from the windows. The water has been turned off. The Korean hotel staff and even Ihe local merchants who operated the gift shops have departed. Marshal Petain Is 'Unchanged' ILK D'YEU. France, April 25. W) —The condition of critically ill ex- Marshal Henri Philippe Petain remained unchanged today. ~ All the members ol the aged soldier's family except his wife and one niece today left the Fortress Island where he Is serving out a, life sentence for treason. The old man's kinfolk made the Journey here yesterday to observe- his 05th birthday. Although the departure of the family indicated Petain now Is considered past the immediate crisis, the illness which felled him two- weeks ago has left his condition- precarious. The former marshal has been unable to take solid food and has lived on orangeade for the past five days.' The first shipment of nitrate fertilizer from Chile reached the United State.s in 1830. A poultry producer at Petaluma, Calif., has developed an egg cleaning machine that washes and dries" 2,700 eggs per hour with less break-' age than hand cleaning methods. :o Ihe romance thai blossomed on former Margarita Carmen Cansino of Brooklyn, became Princess Mar Rarita Khan. The next day. at Aly's , Chateau Horizon at Vallauris,; Fiance, they were wed according to i Moslem rites. ! It M-as Rita's third marriage. Her former mates were Texas oil man and will seek a divorce from Aly, Criun declared: "No decision yet." has been reached That statement was the first time Edward Judson and actor-producer my one able to speak for the glam- Orson Welles, by whom she had a orous actress even admitted a split- daughter. Rebecca, up was under consideration. For Aly. previously married to a Rita herself said there was "no British heiress, it was marriage truth" in divorce reports when she number two. returned here from Europe on April Complaining of the heat during an African tour. Ritn left Aly carl- But later, new talk of a rift be- ier this year and eventually return- tween the prince and the nrlncess ed here. was set off when Rita notified her Rita now is due back In Hollywood Hollywood studio that she was avail- soon to become once again a movie able for movie roles. j queen—the title she abdicated ho And now comes Drum's statement become the Princess Margarita plus a report in the Chicago Sun- Khan. Times that the attorney is going to 1 Europe to confer with Aly. Crum refused to deny or confirm this report last night. The Sun-Times said Cnirn would ask. for Rita, the custody of the couple's daughter. Yasniine. born Dec. 28, 1043, and not ask a money settlement. Other reports persist that Aly might come here to plead his case. It won't be the first lime that he has pursued the red-haired actress on this side of the Atlantic. The two met at a riviera party in the summer of promptly started 1948. and courtship Aly that kept him trailing Rita through I in gcod health. .Philip Murray Reported Seriously II! in Hospital j PITTSBURGH, April 25.—Philip Murray, 64-year-old head of the CIO and of the United stcclwork- ers. is reported seriously ill. His office said he was stricken Sunday night with acute inflammation of the pancreas after a trip to Youngstown, O. Attendants at Mercy Hospital said Murray's .condition was fair. In recent weeks, Murray's associates said, he appeared tired but Trips to fft your plans, your purse, your pleasure! Go Mere Places .. . More Often wiffc Greykovnrf's low farn, Conrtnitnf fehtrfafoi Come along and Join the parade! Il's high lime (o make your Spring "get away"- by Greyhound! Business or pleasure, visit or vacation -no matter what kind of (rip -Greyhound is read) with low fares, frequent departures, comfortable SupcrCoachcs-lo take you traveling in this blossom.bright season. Los Angeles .. Seattle Salt Lake City Denver . Phoenix Kansas City ,. Ft. Smith .... Hot Springs ,. LIHlc Rock .. Nashville ' ... On. Wcy 34.40 44.00 28.90 20.40 30.45' 8.65 7.55 6.35 4.05 5.90 61.90 72.00 52.05 36.75 54.00' 15.60 13.60 11.45 7.30 10.65 0*. W=, Chattanooga . 7.55 Jackson. Miss. 5.40 New Orleans . 8.DO Gulfport, Miss 8.95 Mobile 8.55 Jacks'villc, Fla 13.70 Miami ia»n New York Detroit . Chicago ' Plus U. S. I'ax GREYHOUND TERMINAL 109 N. fifth Pho ftd. 13.60 9.75 16.05 16.15 15.40 24.70 19*0 35.65 2355 42.05 13.65 8.00 24.00 16.10 GREYHOUND THE HOTTEST USED CAR OFFER YOU EVER SAW! $50 $50 THIS COUPON IS WORTH $ 50 on the purchase of any used car or truck listed below. Clip out and bring to Shelton Motor Co. Offer expires May 1, 1951. *50 $50 We're making this special offer to acquaint you with the new location of your NASH dealer on Main Street. . . and all it rneans to you. The building has been completely remodeled and redecorated. But the important thing to remember is that our new location means better service to you—as shown by this special offer. Now check the list of cars below and find the one you like. Clip out the coupon above and bring it to Shelton Motor Co. ... but hurry, this offer expires 6 days from today—Tuesday, May 1st! 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