Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 21, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1898
Page 21
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John Gray's -CQBNEB ON- . HIS ANNUAL -Bed Quilt Sale- We are now showing Spreads in white and colors, including Bates Crochet. Quilts, Satin and Marseilles Spreads. Sale to continue until all are sold. Come early and get first choice. Lawn mowers, screen doors and •windows, refrigerators, ice cream freezers, fishing tackles, ham mocks and all kinds of builder': hardware at Hardware Store, 408 Broadway. W. J. BARNETT, Suooeiior to C. L. WolL, Undertaker, Embalmer, Funeral TlirArtnr *" Market street. Calls attended Director dayomlgnt. The finest outfit in the U. 8. Col. G. L. Woll, will remain with me rfc»»es-Offioe l&Reaidenoe-Mn. 65:0. TJ. 189 SETHM. VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and -writes Fire, Tornado and Piste Glass Insurance. HRNRY WB.BRR, The Merchant Tailor, low first class work, Stylish and.well fit- ttog clothes made. Cleaning and repairing neatly done. See him. 324 Pearl Street :<KO:O:O:O:O DR LIDfl LBJKURB. " ; • '' '' Officie ii -Keiidence' 813 Market Street. jthenioatisin and Diseases of Women and Children Specialties. DR. C. D. BVEBSOLE'S , : DEETAL PALLORS Orer Porter's K«w Drug Store, Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. Dr. EL- S- Hunt, -DENTIST- Ail the latest llsooverles In medicine aid UDlUuioes to relieve pain In extraction or flu- fiu -Dt teetb. Modern methods, modern prices, D Telephone No. 328. on Fourth street. MONEY to LOAN ysmove5. Mortgage or personal security. Notes Dougbt. Lower rates than •ny body on large gums. Geo. B. For gy. HcConneU&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHAHOS SATURDAY, MAY 21, 1S9S. BADGER SOLDIERS Fuss Through Logansport Ea Eonte to T»mpa, Florida. Nebraska Troops Followed at 12:4 O'clock This Morning Ea, Bonte to Chlckamaoga. » The announcement that three trains, carrying the Wisconsin troop to Tampa, Fla., wonld pass through Lognnsport at 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 yes terday afternoon over the Panhandle called out a Jarge crowd. The first train did not arrive uotl 5:50. The second arrived a few min utes later. These trains were helc an hour, or until the arrival of the third section, and when the men were served with coffee (145 gallon: having been ordered from Case's res taurant), the start was again made In the direction of the seat of war From here the trains were run to Louisville, Ky., over the Indian apolls division of the Panhandle. There were 1,025 soldiers on the three trains. They comprise the First Regiment of the Wisconsin Na tlonal Guard, Col. Samuel P. Schadel commanding. The regiment through out is made up of young and vigorou: men and look as though they might whip four times their number of Span lards. They are descendants of Irish Polish and Sweedlsh people, and are large and handsome. During their stay here the regimental band entertained the crowd with music. The regiment left Camp Harvey seven miles from Milwaukee about 9 o'clock yesterday morning. The men have five days' rations for the trip and ten days' rations for the field But one man out of .the entire regl ment was left at home, and in tbis case sickness was the cause. The command is supposed to arrive in Tampa some time Tuesday morning NEBRASKA TROOPS. One train load of Nebraska troops passed through the city at 12:40 this morning, en route to Chickamauga. It was the.' 3d batallion, 450 men, Maj."E.-H. Tracey commanding. SERVICES AT THE CHURCHES. CITY NB.W8 Wlllard Kinsey,wno has been visit- Ing at Lafayette, has returned home. Don't fall to attend the closing of the mock trial, Oaeaar Augustus Baffi Downdilly vs. Mary Jane Interloper, at the rink this evening. Admission 10 cents. Starke County Democrat: <l Major S. L. McFadln, of Logansport, and Mrs. F. L. Dukes and Mrs. Rose ""Rogers, of Wlnamao, have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Peters for a couple of days." The Major returned yesterday. The attention of the public is called to the many useful articles which must be disposed of at the rink this evening, as this is the last night of the baz&ar. The goods will be sold at auction and all will have an opportunity to bid. Fidelity Chapter "No. 58, O. E. S., will hold a speelal meeting Monday evening, May 23, at 7 o'clock sharp, for the purpoie of considering ah invitation to viilt Young America Chapter Jane 2. All members are urged to be present. By order of the Matron. Topics to be Discussed in the Pulpits Tomorrow. Northside U. B. Church.—Preaching at 2:30 p. m. Rev. G. W. Lambert, pastor. Southside U. B. Church—Sunday school at 9:30. Preaching at 10:30 a m. Rev. G. W. Lambert, pastor. First Presbyterian mission, 529 Twelfth street—Sunday school every Sunday at 2:45 p. m. All are invited. Seventh Day Adventlst church, 510 Sycamore street, 0. S. Hadley, pastor. Preaching Sunday evening. Subject: "The Light of the Gospel." The Southside Mission Sunday school will meet in the old cooper shop on Burlington avenue tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. Everybody invited. First Church of Christ (Scientist). —At the Uoiversalist church tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Subject: Jesus' Description of the Judgment." Sunday school at 9:30. Third street Mission—Regular services this evening at 7:45 p. m. ual services tomorrow with special service at night. Subject for evenug: "Robbing God." M. E. Howard will be tn charge. A. M. E. church, Rev. G. R. Jolllns, pastor—Morning service at 0:30 a.m. Class meeting at 12 m. Communion at 3:00 p. m. Preaching by Rev. W. H. Simpson, of Fort Wayne at 7:30 p. m. Wheatland Street M. E. church, J, K. Walts, pastor.—Sabbath -school at 9:30 a. m. Public service, 10:45 a. m. Subject, "The Hammer of Jeremiah" Public service at 7:30 p. m. Subject: "The Great Commoner," First Universalist church, Rev. T. S. Guthrie, pastor.—Services tomorrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Subject in the morning, ''Skepticism." A para cream of tartar powder. spoonful is required, of Clereland'sBakingPowder not a heaping rpoonfuL "Pure" and "Sure." Food raised with Cleveland 1 ! baking powder has no "bitter tute, bat fa iwt«t and k«p» sweet and freak. "The Resurrection Sunday school In the evening, of the Dead." 9:45 8. m. Baptist church, Rev. F. M. Hnck leberry, pastor.—Sunday school. 9:4i a. m. Divine service, 13 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Young People's meeting at 6:30 p. m. Subject: "The Coro cation of the Lamb." Southside mission at 2:30 p. m. English Lutheran church, B. E Shaner, pastor—Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Morning worship at 11 a. m Subject: "Religious Plowing.' Young People's meeting at 6:45 p. m Evening worship at 7:30 p. m. Subject: "Christ Our Brother." Broadway Methodist Church, E. L Semans, pistor—Class at 9 a. m. Sunday school 8:45. Preaching at 11 a. m. Subject: "The Ascension of Christ." Junior League at 3 p. m. Epwortn League at 6:30 p. m Evening services at 7:30 p. m. Ninth street Christian church.Rev H. C. Kendrlck, pastor.—Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Y. P. S. C. E 6:30 p. m. "Sending Their Regrets and "The Young King That Believed in Prayer" will be the pulpit themes at the morning and evening- services, Cumberland Presbyterian church J. W. McDonald, pastor—Services at 11 a. m, and 7:30 p. m. Morn sng service, "An Old Folks 1 Service' with a sermon especially adapted to the older members of the congre gation. Evening subject, "The Power of Habit." Market Street M. E. Church, Rev W. S. Stewart, pastor—Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Preaching at 10:45 a m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning subject Modern Achievements of Christ! anlty." At the evening service the Epworth League will give a service consisting of papers, songs, etc. Trinity Episcopal church, Rev. F. 0. Coolbaugh, pastor—Holy communion, 7 a. m. Service with sermon on "Christ's Ascension; How it Relates to Life and Heaven at 11 a. m. Preaching at Union hall,Michigan avenue at 3:30 p. m. Evening service with sermon at 7:30 p. m. YACGHS'S BiTTERI Folly Recrnited and a Tender of Services Made to Governor Monnt. Capt. S. A.Vaughn's artillery com- jany now has over 150 men enrolled, rat the recruiting office will be kept open for a few_days y<!t. On Thursday the followtog letter .•as sent to Governor Mount: To His Excellency, James A. Mount, governor of Indiana: - . We have. 156 men enrolled for the army, which we hereby tender to yon 'or assignment under the next call 'or volunteers by the.president of the United States. % , .....',' We prefer heavy artillery "or bat- iery service, as the company was recruited for one of those branches.; S. A. "VATJGHN, W. B. BAY. GEO. W. BENNETT. To which the following reply was eceived: Indianapolis, May 19, 1398. Dear Sirs:—In reply to yours of the 8th inst., the governor directs me o inform you that your "application or the enlistment of 156 men will be :ept on file to await a second call. Respectfully yours, CHARLES E. WILSOH, Military Secretary. A Card From Mr. Carter. Editors Pharos, Gentlemen: I ake this opportunity to thank all of my friends who so earnestly support- d me In my laoe mayoralty contest, ispeclally do I appreciate the able work done by Messrs. Louthaln & Barnes through the Pharos for the uccess of the city ticket. But part f us l ailed of election by a combina- ion of circumstances which seemed o be unavoidable. I expect to ake a trip for a year or more through Llaska and the Northwest territory, fter which I will return to Logans- isrt, the best city in my judgment in he Wabash Valley, to make my ome. I trust in my absence that my rlends will look carefully after the uccess of financial reforms. In con- lusion, let me say to my host of warm friends, who are also in favor f the free coinage of silver with old at the ratio of 16 to l, Demo- rats, Populists, Silver Republicans nd Prohibitionists, if you want to lisase me most, make no mistake and ie sure to elect the whole Demo- rsitic ticket, county and state, tnia all, and thus advance the interests f*bimetallism. Sincerely yours, C. E. OAKTEE. A Gas Eiploslon. Martin Granger, the well known iaker at Dykem&n's, was badly burned bout the head and face yesterday by explosion of gas.. His beard find hair was singed and the flesh badly nrned. The explosion left burns hat will leave him marked tor life. Smoke the Columbia cigar j A RECORD BREAKER. Some Fa-t-is About tie Xew Wabash Engines. Next to ile war. tie all-absorbin? topic- of conversation along tie "Wa- basii railroad especially in the riciBiry of Fort Wayne, Andrews and Peru, is •the new passenger engine. Xo. OOo. Slie is the largest passenger engine in service east of tie Mississippi river, weighing without .her tender nearly eighty tons. With tender filled Tvkn water and coal this monster will weigh over 100 tons. $he was built by the Bald-win Locomotive W'orks at Philadelphia, Pa., from designs drawn by Mr. .T. B. Barnes, superintendent of motive power of the "Wabash railroad. She is equipped in -the latest style as regards the late improvements in- air brakes, lubricators and injector?. She is what is known as trailing engine, having vwo large 74-inch drivers on each side, while behind those and directly under the fire box with axle running through ash pan is another pair of wheels called trailers. They are -JS inches high and hsve s-ide rod connections, giving the engine an odd appeairnce. ?he being a Ten- wheel engine with, only four wheels connected. Her cylinders are 19 inches in diameter, her strike is 26 inches, she carries a .steam pressure of 200 ponds, her injectors are the latest type—Ohio injectors. Xo. 10—and are capable of putting water into itle -boiler at 125 degrees of heat, the exhaust of the air pump going into the tank instead, of out. The stack heats the water to the above temperature. This is considered a saving of fuel.-She is equipped with a handsome nickle-plated lubricator of the Detroit pattern which has the improved Tibbit d-evice enabling the- lubricator to perform its functions Of lu- bricaiting -the valves under any and all steam pressures, and- varieties of the- throttle. Her engine truck wheels a* •well-as her ifamfe wheels are spoked wheels each having a four-inch steel tire, every w-beel under her, engine trucks includ-ed, are equipped with the Westinghouse Automatic air brake. Her tank has a w.Tter capacity of 5000 gallons while about ten tons of coal can toe ,put in her spacious coal space. An uncommon' feature of this engine is that she 'has two -steam gauges, one directly above tlhe firedoor for the convenience of -the fireman and 'another in front of the engineer. Her grates are in two sections, .each -section can be shook independent of- the oth-er, her fire-bos is nine feet long, she has over 300 flues. Slie is also equipped with the L£flch sand blast, a device for Mowing a small stream of sand under'"her driver,, in starting or on a wet or frosty rail. , She is - -at present running light between Fort Wayne and Peru by way of exercising' her. Slie is tinder the care arM management of Engineer Jim lls and Fireman Al King. "Wells is a-vetera.n in 'She business,.having run fot- years on the-Big Four. -He is well •vnd favora'bly -known to 5 *many of the Panhnndle men, especially on the -third division. His record; .for nerve and ood judgment having prompted the management tojila'ce him in charge of the 605. Fireman King, deeds no introduction here, 'being born and raised n this -city, serving a. number of years n- the fire department. The new engine will protably "be run on freight for a few trips before being put into passen- S or service. She will run trains No. 2 md ." between -Danville and Peru. She s said to -be able to attain a speed of ihiety miles per hour. RATLKOAO NEWS. Vanda-lia changes: Henry Strousc. engineer on. -the north local, trans- era'ed to passenger run on south end: "Wilbur S. Bowman, engineer on work train, transferred to north'local; Richard Wells, engineer on tin-rough freight, ransferred to work' train. THE PURCHASING POWER OF THE NICKEL Is shown in the f»ct th*t one c»n now but s LONG HAVANA FILLER Ciwr-with Choice Sumatra Wrapper for FiveCeno. THIS CIGAR IS Take Notice: V/hil« other cigars have deteriorated, this has been kept at the highest point of excellence. A. KIEFER DRUG CO. SOLE DISTRIBUTERS, INDIANAPOLIS ADDITIOX.il- LOCALS. A' STRANGE COINCIDENCE. Captain Allen of Frankfort Tenting on the JSpot Where H« Was Wounded ,;- Thirty-five Years Ago. Capt. Dave Allen • of Frankfort is •well known in 'this city. Ween the call 'or volunteers was made by President \IcKinley he organized a. company and went to the front He is now encamped with his company at Ohicfcarnatiga. The strange thin:: about his return to he old camping; ground is thus related n a letter in today's Enquirer: Among other singular incidents, of -lie day is the case of Captain Allen. of Company C. of Frankfort, who is onlght sleeping in bis tent not Thirty 'eet from the very spot where be was wounded in 1863. He was then In the Tenth Indiana, ,nd was first in a line of skirmishers n that bloody fight. Today he walked over to a tablet and read what came near being his own epftapb. He had marcti-ed aH nigbt and fired the first <hot of the day's fight, wherein ie fell •wounded to the ground. "Yon may BS Treaiher ihot," said the Cap- today, "and feel that Indiana soldiers are receiving a rather trana reception, bnt they "were given a ight lotter reception. thirty-fiTC years years ago on this TGiy spot" Sohrader -wfll shortly take a position on Strecker's bakery -wagon. IJev. H. A. Percival of Chicago is in 't>he «'ity today. Mrs. AV. C. Thomas spent the day with her parent* in Royal Center, WiH'iam Gordon, night engineer at the street car power house, is quite sick. .Miss Mayme Downey will return tonight from a visit with friend,-? in the east. Licensed to.wed: John E. Fahl and Bertha Hans; Frank H. Baker and Ada Baker. Charles Brown, the cigarmaker. has returned from an extended tour of the south and west. The rainfall early this morning swelled the river so that the water is. now over tie banks in some localities. Arthur Keesling left last- night for Ch-Jckanmiga -to spend Sunday wjfi Cnptain Bender and the boys of Company -M. A bridge, three miles north of the city, on the Clifton avenue road was washed out yesterday, leaving, a hole twelve feet wide in the road. At 1:30 this afternoon, at the Wheatland street M. E. parsonage, Mr. Frank H. Baker of this etfy and Miss Ada Baker of Lincoln. Ind.. were united in marriage. Her. J. K. Walt?, officiating. Jacob Westweller went to Winamac. this afternoon. The boys of the fire department, including Chief Parrell say that Jake will foe marired tomorrow to Miss Belle Bushel- of WJnamac. The funeral of Wallace Diamond, who died from the effects of injuries sustained toy being struck by a Vandalia passenger train, will'be held at 2:30 p. in. tomorrow from 'his late residence on Balsora street, Westside. Look an at the Trade Palace this evening for bargains in 'underwear,' for gents, ladies, boys and girls. See our {rent's sh-irts at cut prices this evening: also in ties, collars and cuffs in all style. See them. Mrs. Sidney Bartholomew of Bellefountain, O.. died yesterday. The .deceased was a daughter of F. C. Ford, of Ford's crossing, this -county. The remains w-ill be brought here Tuesday and the funeral will be held at Ford's Crossing. The lady's gold •watch which was awarded as a prize by Mr. Conrad for tiling the largest number of pictures of the "Battleship.Maine" was won by Miss Lillie M. Edwards, who disposed of S3, being seven in excess of other aspiron-ls. H. J. McSheehy and wife returned, last n-ight. from New Orleans. La., and Pensacola. Fla. Mr. McSbeehy represented Logansport Lodge No. fiO, B. P. 0. E. at the meeting of the grand lodge at New Orleans last week. He wa-s a. rneniber of the committee on ritual and was honored by a. vote of thanks of the grand body for the labor he performed. Beginning on the 27th day of May the representatives of Buskin Co-oper- ve Colony will hold public meetings for three days on Fifth street, if permitted. At these meetings the doctrines of the co-operative commonwealth and public ownership of all national and public utilities will,be advocated. Come and hear and- weigh' and consider/. ' ' ' A GOOD BIDBANCE; Vicious Dog Put Out of the Way at Noon Today. This morning about 10 o'clock near McCaffrey's grocery on Market street a. vicious bull dog formerly title property of Mrs. Tucker, the mJBiner. attacked and nearly killed a shepherd dog. The brute wo.uld get a mouthful of the oiiher dog's hide and hold on with the tenacity (SiaTacieristic of his kind. Dray pins and various other weapons, wielded by strong men were neffectnal on his bead and body. The thirst of the brute was finally satisfied ind he let go of the harmless shepherd- The dog was later captured by the police and taken to Hanson's rag store on Broadway and shot in a room at tie rear of the building. Instrnctlons were left to shoot him, but a question •was raised as to -who tie dnty devolved npon. The.owner of the injtared dog. not caring for a •"ebswlng match" afcoot anthOTity secured a revolver aid dispatched the animal The shepherd sougfct tie stainray over Snider & Albert store smS was cared for by Major McFadm and Dr. Gflbert. "On The Fence." A great many shoe dealer* don't know just what class of shoes to keep. They don't know their public. They are "on the fence." We solve the problem by keeping shoes to suit .all—you are included. Ladies' chocolate vicl kid new coin toe, lace, 3.50 and $2.50. Ladies' chocolate vicl kid, coin toe lace, 3 and $2. Ladies' chocolate vici kid, 10 cent toe, lace, 2.50 and I1.50. Elias Winter THE JOHNSON WAREHOUSE Wool! Sheep's Wool!! is what we are after now. Will pay highest market price .six days in the •week. Would be-please to sell -yon- at retail, Corn, Oats, Chopped Feed, JCd- dliugs, Bran, Flour, Bailed Hay and Straw and Millet Seed. Mr. Oonover will be in Galveston Tuesday forenoon to receive all the wool .you will bring him and pay the top price for same. We will pay next business day for Wool 19c, Wheat 11.20. Corn 33c-' Oats 27c. Clover seed $2.25 W. E. Kurd, Mahlon Conover. ; SIXTEEN' MOBE Men Furnished for Service From This Caty—Departed at 1:10 Today. Sixteen more recruits for service In the United 'States array departed at 1:10 today for Fort McPherson. Ga. The.«e are the men who enlisted •with. the United States army men over the City National bank. They -will be sta- tione'd at Fort McFherson for -BO-ine time to get drilled and fully equipped for service and then will be sent to join the Eleventh United States infantry at Mobile. The officers enlisting the men will "be here another week. They enlist about four men each day although about a dozen apply. The names of tie men who departed are as Thos. B. Williams, W-HHaJM Williams, Heirsley Kendall, C.4W. Grady, D. E. Taggrart, W. E. Walters, 3. 0. Cole. H.-E. -Bogers, John McGree, Ellis Chamm, <Frank Diehl, W. Harris, C. M. Grimer, J. F. MSnuny, W. M. Miller. _ _ .1 FINGER AMPUTATED. Robert Keever Injured This Morning •Near Trimmer. Robert Keev«r a Panhandle brakeman had two fingers pinched this morning between Trlmmej and Booue. He was brought to this city and taken to the office of Drs. Sbultz and Hether^ ington -where the injured members were amputated. He "was taken to St. Joseph's nospftaJ. BASBBAIyL. The I/ogansports wiH play the Fort Waynes tomorrow afternoon, at tb« Drfrfagpark. .' The Boston Llgbt* «nX GlcAMt irflt play "ban tomorro-w afternoon on tt* WestsJde grounds. »AIN PALI*. , B. Pryor repotita the imfnftfl «IHH» Sn»tey to bare been *re* bnndredth* <tf «n tue*.

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