Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1890 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1890
Page 8
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TO-DAY AND TO-MORROW Will be the Last Two Days in our present Quarters. Call and see us. We will save You Money. L E Jmmt • J a Y G. T The Pearl Street Tailor When you purchase your spring fsuits. He guarantees a savins? to every purchaser and : Qives Universal Satisfaction. "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt" Right from,the start when we advertised to Close up our retail Clothing trade, the peodie took stock in our assertion, and came by the scores to carrv off bargains. The Community knows we never deceive, we never advertise for buncomb. our c-tatements were always accepted ;ss true. \Ve are daily making deductions on every Garment in the house to reduce .stock and wind up as s'oon a possible. •- All j!re invited to c.-irry oil ;t, bundle, and save Dollars 0,110 Cents on your pnrcha.^e.s SATURDAY MORNING. MAT 10 On the corner of M;ir!«'t ;uu! Third Streets. ha.ve Defective Vision Hav- - ''y- r..iii.n..H<l .-)!,.! fitted by T A Y Graduate Optieion Defect of Vision Corrected, Only the best articles used in Kint port beef, wine and iron. !> Castonet wheel, the latest craze, given away with children's suits, at Harry Frank's. B. M. McMillan has the largest line of picture moulding- in the city, and his prices are very low. maySdtt If in need of boots, shoes or slippers cheap, call at Mai-dock £ Stevenson's closing out sale. For this day, summer underwear from the cheapest, 10 cents, to .the finest silk, $1, at the Bee Hive. Silk underwear for ladies iu white, blue, black and ^cardinal, at 75c., $1 and $1.25, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. Our extra low price on men, wo- iien and children's shoes and slippers, at Murdock & Stevenson's closing out sale. Patterson, the Haberdasher, is constantly on the alert with new novelties in men's and ladies' fine furnishing goods. The only full line of black, all silk grenadines and drapery nets, with plenty of laces and ribbons to match, is'tobe fojjnd at the Bee Hive dry goods, house. Fact! ' Barbara Rupp was fined arid costed $li:50 in 'Squire Fender's court yesterday, for provoke on Catherine Cornell. -' Similar charges against Mary Rupp and John Topst were nolle prosspd. Do you think enterprise "shoa id bo encouraged? Has Logansport ever had as good a paper as the Journal is now? Do you know how to help make it still better. The pi-ice is fifteen cents per w«ek. Ask your neighbor how he likes the Journal. Its $4.00 to a brick watch that he will tell you it is the best newspaper Logansport ever had. You get the news when it is news, i. e. when it is fresh. The Journal receives the full United Press dispatches ; identical with Louisville. Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Toledo, Minneapolis and St. Paul. What do you want for fifteen cents a week. Is It an OniMi S Like all well regulated newspaper the Journal has a devil. All print er's devils in order to maintain proper standing with the craft mils own a dog. Tire Journal oillce dev is the proprietor of what is probabl tho homliest lop-eared, loug-legge brute that ever filled a printing of flee with lleas. He is so lazy genei ally, that nothing but hot water wil cause him to move; but upon ooca sion he is as full of energy and life a« he is of fleas, atic when he does take a notion to trave his gait would make a jack rabbi turn green -with envy. Last nigh he was seized with one of these phe nouierial bursts of speed. About o'clock he suddenly recollected tha he had ai> engagement to meet ! friend in the gloaming over on the West. Side, or it may be tha he expected to preside at a caniru political ward meeting and was run ning for office. At any rate he failec to assign n reason for his sudden d£ parture. He" made a tour once around the composing room, manag ing to knock over everything tha could by any possible means be up set, and then made a more or less graceful exit through the second .story front window. An official edict lias gone forth that either the dog and the devil, or the devil and the Journal nuist part company, and henceforth each apart must pursue his lonely way. The dog bears the suggestive name of Gfrover. Can it be that this is portentious omen? Tin- KJcgc murder Case. Marion Chronicle, Thursday: This forenoon was occupied in the Kago- case in the introduction of evidence for the defense. John Sage took tha stand in his own defense at 11 o'clock. He narrated the story of his acquaintance and courtship with Eliza, their marriage and subsequent arrest. He testified that he had requested Eliza to procure the child a home, but made a, sweeping and ein 7 phatic denial of ever having counseled, encouraged, or advised her to kill it. The morning- of their arrest and imprisonment, he stated, was the first knowledge he had that the boy had been made way with. Sage's manner upon tile stand was more composed and he made a better impression than at any former trial. At half past' 2 o'clock this afternoon the testimony of the defense was all in and the state immediately commenced the work of rebuttal. This was completed at a quarter after three and the argument of counsel commenced. L. W. Cantwell 'opened on behalf of the prosecution. Following him tho order of address- ess will be Kersey for the defense Haalus for the state, Steeie for the j defense and Brownlee closing fo the Stati?. The case will probablj go to the .jury to-morrow afternoon CASTONET WHEEll GIVEN AWAY With a child or Boy's Suit $2 50c and over. This is the most amusing novelty ever placed before the Chidren of America, Before you make a purchase for yourself or boys, remember that wo have opened the jaws of trade with, lots of palatable bargains. Call and see the superb line RANK, 'TO BE SURE i»» C. E. KILBORNE'S BAKERY AND RESTAURANT, Market Street Is the best place in the city for board, by the meal or week. Meal tickets of 21 meals only $3.50. Use "Peerless" and "Boston Brown" Bread. CHASE &• SANBORN"" . OUR COFFEES HAVETAH »ATIONAL c REPUTATION REPRESENTING , packed whole roaatea (ungroirnd), inTjlS. - CHASE•» SANBOKN, 187 BKOAJ> ST., BOSTON." ^&DY- : WE'.C;,.F;.; y -Grocer, Sole Agent; Pern Journal: Two hundred men and boy hoodlums pelted Hunting-ton's salvation army with stones and murl, • Tuesday evening-, as they marched through the street. Americans have for some time credited' a rumor that in United States every one might worship God according to the dictates of his conscience but by this occurrence it appears that Huntington is far out of the Union as New Jersey. George W. Palmer has put in a machine at'his planing mill which makes an important addition to his plant. It is a .wood embossing machine of a late pattern, three of which are in use in this State. By the use of this machine a piece of maple can be embossed in a delicate and perfect manner, and it will be a valuable machine in making bonse lecorations at home, cheaper than tbesame class of material can be 'urnished from the outside. ' : An oil well, four miles west of Montpel ier in BJackford county, was opened last week to a crowd of speculators and oil men. It was turned into a 350 .barrel tank and flowed continuously for over an hour, to the satisfaction of all who were present. The capacity'of the -well is estimated to be from. ?f> to 150 barrels per day. The Northern Indiana Oil Company is the owner of it, and has most of the Jand leased surrounding it. A pipe line company is now organizing, and in a snort time there will be a ready market for all oil produced in th* field. Fidelity Chapter O.K. 6*. Cio' Winatnac Republican: Bliss Ma mie Lai, of Logansport, Worthj Matron of Fidelity Chapter O. E. S was delegated by the Grand Patron to constitute Tippecanoe chapter and install the officers. This work was performed by Miss Lux, assisted by a number of Stars from Logansport, on last Monday night. After the officers of Tippecarioe Chapter had been installed, they took their stations and iniatiated Dr. W. H. Thompson and wife in the order. The Logansport members complimented the home Chapter very highly. Tho Chapter was then closed and the crowd retired to the banquet hall where the table was spread for a feast on strawberries, ice cream, cake, and various kinds of fruit. The Logansport people have won the love of all the members of the home Chapter for tho many favors shown them and their kindness will always be remembered. Among the fire laddies the all absorbing topic is, who will be the next chief? It is said that ex-chief Jim Viney and Dave Bowman of the Fifteenth street engine house; John Griffin and Frank McGraw, of the North street house; "Will Bourger and Ed Pottmeyer of the West Side house, are perfectly willing to take the position, while Byron Wilson and Harvey Lariniore, who have been in the department in former years are also mentioned in connection with the position. From all this array of. excellent material the council may havejsome difficulty in selecting: the man. It will be decided next Wednesday evening at the adjourned session of the council. The Market Street M. E. Church people are arranging a literary and mmsical programme for the celebration of the first anniversary of the Epworth Lea|*ue. The entertainment Trill be given Tuesday •veiling, May 20. __ Every tiaiue of the body, every bone, aiuiale and organ, ii made stronger and mor» healthful by us« < t Hood's Sar»aparilla. 5 D«»'t Kxpcirtment with the Threat -AndLomjs. Uae only the ol« brand—BO PDBB COD Lry*» On, or BUKB'I B*»I/UON; crufigiits. What Merchants Say "There's something wrong-for we can't make those price?, we cannot buy at some of them. McCa.ffrey's wiii not .sell at what they claim to-or, if thev do. poor qualities, .short weights explain it" Nonsense! What folly if we'd advertise a price we did iicrt hope you'd come' and buy at. We had better close our doors than to refuse to sell at what we say we wi'l. As to poor qualities and short weights-those who kno.w best know better. Compare ou standard goods- . such as neither they nor we can cheat on These for instance > Best Sugar Cured Hams, trc'sli smoked, per Ib many denier cliar<*e r>i<> Uest sugar .Cure,! shoulders, per ]b 8i&c Is the price at other atorM." lelt SMMWlS 101 * St r ° Ur Pass BMk "» d «* « ** arenot p Best Dried Beef, per lb» ........ Best Country Lard, peril) .......... ."'.' Fancy Sorted Potatoes, per bu ........ Another quality Potatoes, per bu A good Family Flour, per hundred... Tbe Best Flour, Plnlt Sack-under the brand ot' :: Siiow Bal Corwhder' 111 "' 0 P ' r >»«— —Fancy Golden C Sugar, perlb.. Choice Fancy C Sugar, per Ib... ............................................................... Choice extra C Sugar, per Ib. . ' • ........................................................ White, extra C Sugar, perlb....' .." .............................................................. Soft A Sugar, perlb ......... ........................................................ Standard A Sugar, per Ib .......... ". .................................................................... Best Granulated Sugar, per Ib. . Fancy Bulk Roasted Coffee, per Ib. . .............................. j« x —RMted per Ib. ''''"" 6 p A Fancy Green Coffee, per Ib....'!"."". Fancy Peaberry Hree'ii Coffee ...... Fancy Bananas, per doz... . Fancy Layer Figs per Ib ......... Fancy Dates, per Ib .......... Oranges, per doz ................. Fancy Lemons, per doz.... Fancy MJnco Meat, pur Jb No business ever prospered as ours for tea with an element of fraud about it. What Mechanics Say Some Mechanics tell us they have saved $500 in the last five years by buying of McGaff.ey's. What costs them $20 elsewhere must cost the $11 here !•' do it. One could soon buy a home with such a savina. Argument is folly anyway. Our prices are facts that need no comment. Our reputation guarantees our weights and qualities. If i* were not so McCaffrey would not be a competitor worth worrying about. As it is who would not trade with us? McCaffrey &

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