The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1951
Page 13
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IUETO AT, APRIL 24, 1981 BLITHEVIL.1,1, (ARK.)' OOUIUKU !O5Wt Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY _. By J. R. Williams HE OMLV 6OT THM RISHT- JUMP YOU PHI* DOtW '6M A FAVOR — AN' RK3HT NOW TP GIVE RMvTTS TO KNOW HOW MOU KIN RUN FROM A MAD COW AW SWEAX UP SfOOKV HOSS/ KILLER'S PACE BV JULIUS LONG lat **ld hrr Hf »o, hMI. Stir Will***. ndiirnvj, drup* ihr «•» nH li K^r* off. Sl*» •• n» BHv^d from »fc* cha kMMd of rrorfdcnct, wkl eyer'a Bread fs the best you ever saw, id the best you ever tasted; ••'en-fresh and economical, ever a. crumb is wasted. IDS! TRACK Ipens Saturday I'e'll he open again fur the limmer season slarl ing I his latiirdiiy — the 2Sth. Get Inur friends anri come down |>r a ride on a Shetland •ony. You'know the place Hliitit 2 miles south of llylheville on s Highway 61 I. .open every afternoon af- fr Saturday. living pour reception on your ll? Ts the picture blfirry, snowy, [distinct? Here's how to get the • a r pest, clearest pic Cure ever: till Blyllieville Sales Co . . . B16 . . . our Tour expert iciviis, with Inng experience radio and television lields. io«- just what adjustments to BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO |onr OK anrt Oumnnt Dealer- 138 Tast Main Strrrt in the parking lot back *^ of the courthouse th.e four of tis reached Star's big sedan and my own old jalopy, Hose started to climb into Star's car. but he demurred, "You go with .rim Marshall. Miss Coyle and 1 have some im- oortant business at the office. And, speaking ot business, Mrs. Bidault. there is the matter of $10.000. Now that you are freed of the murder charge, the funds of Barney's es- late will be available to you. Jim can pick up the check." Rose snapped: "You'll get no <-heck from me! You didn't gel me nif! It was the hand of Providence -you said so to that reporter!" Star winked at me. I turned to Rose Bidault. "Let's go, Mrs. Bidault. Maybe vou'11 change your mind by the r ime we roach your house." She didn't like the idea of rid- aig in my bealen-up heap, but she -limbed in. Star and Kitty wen heir way—not to the office. new. Slar would drop Kitty iicre and then beat it back to the it rand Hotel and his magician friend. Madam Sonya Sareeta. He would want'to'report lo her what an apt pupil he had been. "About that ten grand," 1 tok Rose Bidault, when we had driven a couple of blocks from Ihe courthouse, "you aren't going to b« welsher, are you?" She flared up: "Who's xvelsher? 1 don't feel thai I o another cent to Star Williams! He nearly scared me to death, show inc up late, and he wouldn't h k SERVICE, iwc. el pert me a bit if he hadn't care- essly dropped that gun." 1 laughed. "You don't really be- ieve that gun could so ofl acci- lentally. do you?" "I saw it with my own eyes! So lid Ihe jury and everybody else!' "Sure, bul what nobody's eyes aw was Star's hand working luicker than the eye and serving is a proxy for the hand of Providence! Slar was late only because had spent the whole night earning how to slip a gimmick nto that gun so that it would go when it was dropped. Also he lad to learn how to load it qu —with a blank, of course—in front of a whole jury, a judge and the X A. 1 still don't know how he lid it-—but if he hadn't you'd be on your way to the death house not to your home!" , • • # POSE BIDAULT rode severa blocks in absolute silence, ihei she said: "All right, I'll buy it. But why couldn't Star hnve told me wha was jp to and relieved my sus pense? It was terrible!" I shrugged. "For the same rea son he couldn't tell even me. nad to be sure your marine \vouldnt give him away. He's i natural actor himself, but w aren't." Rose bit her lip and mainlainei a sullen silence until we reachec her house. It was quite a pile, on of those old East Broad Stree mansion^ that stood like mauso leums all along its length. In ih old days all the high society ha Lived in them, but lately zoning re strictions had been lifted, and few of the pile* had been razee in favor of business blocks. I stopped under a porte-cochere Rose got out angrily without wait ing for me to open the door fa her. "Come in, Marshall, and I'll giv you your check." She had to let herself Inside Ith a key. The place had been eserled by the servants al the me of Barney's murder. They id all taken sides aqainsl Rose, nd of course they had refused to •ork there for her. I had hired a cleaning starT to eep the house in some habitable lape. It would be up to Rose lo nd servants — If she wanted to' ernnin in the plnce. which I didn't link she would, it wouldn't be o pleasant for her lo live here (n .iver City from now on. And she , i oi]ld have more than enough loney to haunt the gay spots the ,'orld over. JIJE led me into, her private alt' ting room, threw her handbag into a writing desk and told m« o wait. She disappeared inside ler boudoir and left me there ilone, The murder that had happened ighl in the middle of this rug. That's where they had found Barney's body, at any rate, and the evidence indicated that he had not been moved after he had dropned vith the bullet ">n his brain, That vas the only thing about Rome's •lory that held water, the fact hat the bullet had coursed up- vard tr-rouch hts mouth. It was Ihis corroborating circumstance that had caused Star to carry on with her fantastic yam ibout the dropped gun going ofl accidentally when ii hit the. floor Only one other piece of evidence substantiate it. and that was negative. No nitrate deposit had neen found on Rose's dainty hand when the paraffin test had beer made by homicide. The paraffin test isn't infallible, especially when the gun is brand new. as Rose 1 * little gun was. Sometimes not enough nitrate leaks out of the breach to leave even a superficial deposit on the hand that fired it. These were not enough to sell Rose's story of the accidental death of old Barney Bidault. Andy Tanner's experts had been conclusive enough for me. That particular model of 25-caliber automatic pistol can't be fired accidentally— unless a- Star Williams gimmicks the works. (To Be ConUnucit} Look at- the Record PLAY SAFE! For Cleaner Washes! For Cleaner Washdays! For Automatic Washing at it's very best, get a BENDiX Automatic WASHER Isn't It Tim* You Bought a Bendix at HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Concrete Culvert Tile Sim «p U 3t in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Slies Hp to 84 In. Automatic Flood Gale* Concrete Septie Tanks Metal Septic TankB Sewer Tile Bei* Price* W« Delltf A. H. WEBB HIihwiT II >| Sl»u l.ln« rh.ns lit FOR SALE Cancrele olverU, \2 Inch U iR Inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks fhtap cr than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump honKs, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliter- Call ui tor fre* ealtmitc. OSCEOLA TILEt CULVERT CO. * Arkansas State-Certified OGDEN SOYBEANS 85% Germination $1.25 Bushel Dell, Ark. Earl Magers Service that Shines T. I, SEAY Motor Co. 121 East Main Phone 2)22 Due to Public Demand We Are Now Offering DAY and NIGHT Television Service For Daytime For Night Service, Phone Service, Phone 2642 4851 W« Service All Makes and Models! FRED CALLIHAN Phone Radio Service 110 So. ?642 Your Motorola and Admiral Dealer 1st St. "You go ahead to the ball game, George—I'd enjoy •pending the money lots more for a new dress! 1 ' FRECKLE! AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO6MEB Mama? SHE is SUPERB-^ MAGNIFICENT/// SUE WILL WAY DURrMG THE *4TFRMiSSlOMf SHE WlLLM/VKc HISTORY/ ABOUT C> \ V* f=AU. ON II! PACE / MAMA \ HAVE6eK»K WILL BE HOME THAT Ml enT ) STUMTED By SMELL MtVER L6TME /THE CURFEW OF THt hOUSE / VwE'LLGET YOU I'RTSCILLA'S POP Author Meets Criflc BY AL VERMEER LOOK AT THAT!! WHOEVER DID IT CAST! EVEN SPELL LESTER'S NAME CORRECTLY) J OW. DEAR! NOW I'LL HAVE TO DO THEM ALL OVER AGAIN' VIC FLINT TW6 CU1TATCZ MEVEIT HEAITP OP AW ARTT PEALE? KJAAVH? 2OZD! X">AYffE I'M OW ~fW& WTONJ& TRACK. MAIYffe. WES WOT AM ACT CTEALEP. In Jasmin*» Lrf LOUIS IS HaWfj* »6TT6« LUCK. THERE'S TH£ Pfvt \I CON'T kUOW BUCKS, UUiW*V. WOW) MOTWIW' A3OUT1 TELL M£A9OUt XWIM, EXCEPT-- BY MICHAEL O'MALLRY and RALPH LANE , -rue osjecroF n-ft •THXT H£ HAfUGS OUT IKJ CHIWATDWW. WUM- SEAKCH SPEM7S A QUIET A=TE»JOOM T. JA6MIN6 LANje. WHAT SETTER WAV TO PA6S AM IPL HOUC TKAM SVtTH 176A e Mil. DICKENS? AH, "LITTLE COKZlT PAVOKITE OF ALL TH=_jVlASTEK£ CAPTAIN EASY A Boy With the Circus BY LESLIE TURNER F..THEW THE LAD y EVEWOWB THINK* THKT...BUT •WU'RE WORRIED/ TIA\ WASN'T A CACLVlEl HE WAS PsSOUT IS VOUR, I APOPTED...VEK.1 VOl/YG 1 . AMD HI GRANDSON.VWO\p£MH WAS SUICIPE...TO ESCftTC WAS ^B^BV WHEN p-l A LIFE HE HftTEP... HIS DM), TIMOIHV C*.RL'0£,[>ir-D IN WJ ACCIOEWT? AS HE FELL I GRfVBBec>...HE COULP HfkVE CAUGHT H(VNP...M)r PIONT TRV 1 I TOLD NO OW6... FOR I HAD PHIUEN HIM TO IT, MAKING SDV KIT TOOK TIW'3 8OY..TRAINED HIM FOR.THE CIRCUS, TOO. KON TB61ADS TWELVE...REBELLING AT THE GRUELLlMS WOR<i AS HIS FATHER PIPl TELL KIT... WOT REPEAT WV MI5rAKE,.,5HOW W»A ....LET 8OV DECIDE.,. BUGS BUNNY How lo nlnke Room HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) Dr*. Niet & Niet BIjtheTiJk. Art. CANT PA THAT S PETUNIA/ I SMALL/ ALLEY OOI 1 Here We Go! BY V. T. HAML-IN WE'RE GONNA. MAKE IT/ 1 SURE THING.OOt? AS SHE'S CRAWLIN 1 RIGHT /LONG AS OUR TRUCKS OUTATHAT MESS OF f STAY ON THE IRON, " IT'LL TAKEMORE THAN THAT TO , HOLD US UP/ fsPEAKIN'OF BEING \ HELD UP, Y'BETTER x PIJLL IN YOUR HEAD IF YOU DON'T WANT; YEAH,THEY'RE STILL FOLLOWIN' US...BUT THEIR HORSES CAN'T LAST MUCH LONGER. 1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Gadgets BY EDGAR MARTIN fe5 ^— IJ >.'.:••*"

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