Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1890
Page 7
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's Your Liver? 9 I Is the Oriental salutation, knowing that good health cannot exist without a healthy Liver. When the Liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish and constipated, the food lies in the stomach undigested, poisoning the blood; frequent headache ensues; a feeling of lassitude, despondency and nervousness indicate how the whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Begulator has been the means of restoring more people to health and happiness "by giving them a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraordinary power and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. As n seneral family remedy for Dyspepsia, Torpid Liver, Constipation, etc., I hardly ever use anything eloo, and have never boeri disappointed In the effect produced: it s«ems to be almost a perfect cure for all diseases of the stomach and Bowels. W. J. McEiKov, Macon, On. BIck Headache and relievo all the troubles! incident to a bilious etato of the system, such as Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness. Distress after outing. Pain In tho Side, &c. Whilo thoirmosfi e Bucceaa haa been shown ill curing Headache, yet Carter's Little Liver PBJ3 Sre equally valuable in Constipation, curing and pro* venting thlsonnoyingcomplalnt,whilo they also correct all disorders of the Btomach.atimnlato the liver and regulate thebowela. Even if they only eared Acliotbey wonld bealmoatpricelessto tlioaewho naffer from this distressing complaint; but fortunately thoirgoodncss docs notondhere,andthosa whooncotrythom Trill find these little pillsvalu- able in so many ways that they frill not bo wit Slagtcaowitaontthem. Bat after aUBicli head Isthebanoof so many lives that horaia-whera wemako our great booat. Ourpillscarait'whlla others do not. Carter's Little Livor Pills arc very small and very easy to tako. One or two pills make a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or irtiTpe, bnt by their gentle action pleaao all who use them. In vials at 25 cents; live for $1. SOW by druggists everywhere, or sent by mail. CARTER IWEOJCINE co.. New York: SMALL PILL, SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE DR.KILMER'S IT^JD. SYMPTOMS ANI) CONDITIONS „ „ Thl. SpecIBo Will Believe oni Out" If Yniir h £art thumps after sudden, effort, II IUUI sldpe beats or flutters, if you have heart di^ase, faint spells, fits or spasms, If Ynil eel ^ tbo , u ? n water was gathering I 1 1 UU around the heart,or have heart dropsy If inn haTc T ertlsro '? zz y' attacl!;s ' nogingia II I UU ears, disposed to nervous prostration. appoplexy. shook or sudden death. l „£ Neu ralgria, Numbness in arms or limbs, darting pains like Kheumatlsm Sent Free. lmmton, N. V Eitra Laye Sl.OO. MtmiLROAB RATES The aUSSOTJBI PACIFIC RAH.WAT naa placed in efTect the following low rites be-- twceu points on its lines : — • - <-,,vcu» [ ,rt l . . . 5.J5. *-™b,Atchl»oiii,nilSt. Joncpli . . . 6.0C. «. lonls ond Om .. 8.2K Denver 10.00. 10.90 ^reatest_pjscoveryjr tne I9tn Cuntnrvl Medicated Mr i Or; Tcag-ue's EW REMEDY CIJK?,« Astlima I 'jLUiNt; 'DISEASES' IIA^ ? ous ' un Bn'snm Is •> positive cure for e T " uroat - noaraenesB, Dlphth™ and'all Era Salve FASHIONS OF NEW YORK LOVELY MORNING GOWNS AND NEW BONNETS FOR YOUNG WOMEN. In I>I-OHS the Ladies Aro (loluij .Buck Toward tho TJuy.s of Our Grandmothers. TEio ISotmct^t of. the Day Aro Too Cnto t'i)i- Anything-. [Sj>ei:iat CiuTospondeuco J NEW YORK, May 8.—One might tlrink thiit our two pretty models of morning dresses had just be-i-n taken out of our great-grandmother's tmnlc, \vhero they had been ];iicl n century ago, l)tit it would "oe a, mistake, for they are the "very latest" in the way of ;i spring inntinco or moming toilet. One is made of palo gray and pink striped silk with three narro\v pinked out flounces around the bottom. The wiiist in gathered into a belt, and this is covered with ti girdle of folded pink velvet. The sleeves are "flowing," with LOVELY MORNING GOWNS, three narrow mffles, and there is a dainty little shoulder cape inado of overlapping mffics just like the others, all finished with a bow of black velvet ribbon at the throat. The dress lias a demi- trnin. This is such a dainty and pretty morning dress that it is bound to be copied in many fabrics, and it would bo pretty in plain mull with ruffles, with the popular hemstitched bordering or drawn work, or it would be still prettier of mull with ruffles of delicate lace or Swiss embroidery for both the bottom of the robe and the cape. The other pretty gown is suitable foi a morning or afternoon or even a dinnei dress, according to the material. Cham brey in delicate pink or. bluo can be made after this design, with the front oJ striped gingham to match. Down the front are two cascades of lace or mull and around the neck a plaited "tucker of raull with a wide ruffle. A aash bow of the new, pretty, flowered gauze ribbon finishes the whole with n touch of elegance. Silk, cashmere, veiling, bunting and, in short, almost any material suitable for the season will be pretty in this style. It taken about seven yards of yard wide goods, besides one yard and aa eighth •for the front breadth, to make this dress. The other one with tho ruffles would require full ten of the same width. A street costume has the skirt of inig- nouettegreeia glace silk, over which hangs a skirt of black figured Russian net, with three rows of black velvet ribbon above the hem. A black faille jacket visite has sleeves that reach {ho elbow and are flowing. There is a fall of lace five inches deep to them. The jacket has wide rovers, with a, row of beads all around the revers.and to the bottom of the jacket, and the front M open about three inches to show a full rest of handsome black lace, which falls to a point in front, reaching to the krip.cs and spread out like an apron. Wifi'j this is a clone toque of laco over green silk, with a wreath of white cherry blijasoina and leaves. The other suit is of pearl gray striped suiting striped with Mack. The skirt is quite plain, laid in deep pleats, only opening over a narrow panel of black- velvet, across which aro loops of sou- tache braid which fasten over self cov- ored flat buttons. The waist is quits plain, with a slight point and two rows of flat buttons, self covered. A very dainty little shoulder caps of gray ladies' cloth, with braiding in slate gray soutache, is worn with this, and a hat of gray crepe, fulled on tho frame with a bunch of white roses and green leaves at. the bade, the leaves falling forward. While the most of the hats and bonnets tire light and comfortable, there are some beaded ones that are very heavy. The stylish Toreador hat weighs sometimes as much as five pounds, but it is so shaped that the weight is distributed evenly, a.nd BO does not make one's head ache quite as badly, as it might, but those beaded hats where the back brim has ail apparently gone forward to see how the YOUNG LADIES' sky looks are very Tin- BONNETS. confort:.'.U 3 indeed. But there are some- women who lire never really happy unless their clothes martyrize them in some manner. A pretty little toque was made in dark, green velvet with a band of gold beaded embroidery and a cunning little bow of the sains, like a coronet. . Another moss green velvet has delicate pink plumes and pink strings. These three are for young ladies only, and are not suitable for any one over—well, 30 at most. White canvas shoes a,ie to be the style lor TOnzaa, ana tney win oe irept wmte by "pipe clay," as soldiers keep their white belts so daiizling. OLIVE HARPER. A PRESIDENT IN T.jHE WILDERNESS. Seal-chin^ for President ArtHur In the Wilds of Yellowstone I'nrlc. [Special Correspondency.] OMAHA, May 8,—Tho shooting and hunting trips of President Harrison never extend beyond one week. President Cleveland spent an entire month during his term of office fishing among the lakes of the Adirondacks. President Arthur took tho most elaborate sporting vacation, spending nearly six weeks in the heart of the Rocky mountains, hundreds of miles from nil civilization, in the early wilderness of the picturesque Yellowstone park. Tho year was 1883. The wonderful land of the great geysers was not as accessible as it is now, for the railway did not run to the mammoth hot springs as it does today. It was midsummer, but the peaks of tho Rocky mountains were topped with snow. The president of the United States, with G-on. Phil Sheridan, Secretary of Wai- Lincoln, Surrogate Rollins, of New York, and Schuyler Crosby, governor of Montana, and a body guard of United States regulars, had gone to tho wilderness for a summer outing. They had entered the country from Cheyenno on the Union Pacific, and had journeyed at the rate of about fifty miles a day. A group of newspaper men had entered the park from the Northern Pacific, coming through Montana and Idaho. One morning a guide came upon our camp and reported ,the president but thirty miles away. Three of our party, John La Sage, of The London Telegraph; E. G. Dmiuell, of The New York Times, and myself, mounted our horses and away we dashed. That night we came upon the distinguished group. Mr. Arthur had not seen a human face other than his few companions for a month. You may ba sure that he gave us cordial welcome. At once we were his guests. A cr.mp fire was built trad we lay on the ground around it. A little band separated from the outside world by the great Eoclaes; chief among them the president of sixty millions of people, the simplest and quietest of the little coterie. I think I see him now, this roughly dressed, manly gentleman, lying on his blanket in his coarse flannel shirt, gazing np *o the pure white stars of heaven throbbing in their violet sides, and chatting pleasantly with his three unexpected visitors. Ho \vas weeks away from communication with the capital, and yet the government at Washington moved placidly. I shall never forget that night, nor tha courtesy which followed, when Gen. Sheridan sent an orderly to our tent early in the morning and offered us the services of a guide and a couple of soldiers to escort us over Mount Washburu, the highest passable peak of the range. W. WHITE. way Espionage of the Irish Police. YORK, May 8.—There are 13,000 policemen in Ireland today—one officer to o'iG persons, largely little children and men and women of advanced years. These policemen aro the sons of Irish fanners and they are cordially hated by the people. To such a degree is this hatred carried that recently the police in Tipperary were unable to buy food and were forced to open up a depot of slip- plies. Tho close espionage to which tho Irishmen aro subjected is exasperating to tho last degree. Sometimes, however, the "bobbies" are outwitted, to the intense delight of Pat. Not long since a era-tain blacksmith of Queenstown, who is locally known as Dr. O'Toole, was visited V>y a Mr. Ford, of Chicago. It appears that when Ford landed on Irish soil a satchel which ho carried attracted tho attention of the police. They suspected that it contained dynamite or firearms. O'Toole and Ford started to visit the rock of Cashel, and a detective was i-ent along in tho railway carriage to watch the satchel. When the party arrived at the railway station nearest the rock of Cashel they got into a "jingle" to continue the journey. The "bobby" got; in, too. They had "ridden for ueveral miles, tho officer's eyes being fastened upon tho satchel all the time, and O'Toole and Ford enlivening the way with songa and laughter) when the patience of tho detective became exhausted and ho aaicl: ••Yez'il not go another fut o' th 'til I see fwhat's in that bag!" "CVo-ut!" exclaimed O'Toole; "d'j-e take us fur tliaves, ye blaggard? Faix. if I had me vray the 13,000 o' ye peelers 'ud be sunk in the say whin I'd scuttle Ireland! But devil take yer impidence; Ink at the bag!" The officer took the satdial with r. look of greedy expectation. Ee fumbled with the lock and when tho bag fell open he found—a bundle of .paper collars and an •mpty whisky flask! E. J. Agricultural ISrevifh's. If n heavy, strong growing liei.lge is desired, the liouey locust will answer the pin-pose. Tho trees will, in a. few years, closely interlock and become almost irn pregnable. According lo California, fruit urouers rhubarb may be l.'67'ced by placing kegs or half barrels over llie plants and *ur rounding Uie same with heating manure. The -tups of tilt; barrels or k-.-g:? can b<- Ovci-i'il with boards nr sai - i\s. II. {•'. UopkiiiH, of New York, avers hat overy timy lie churns unripe cream he losi.'s. He Hays: -'When cream ia a trifle acid it in sufficiently ripened. 1 prefer a concu.ssion churn to the friction cliurti. White specks in butter come from coagulation of the milk, which Betties to the bottom of the caiiu. They should be washed out properly. Professor Maynard entertains a favorable opinion of the practice of girdling vines, to increase the size of the fruit as well an its earliriess, a practice which other cultivators have regarded with disfavor. S-JACOBS oir CURES PROMPTLY STIFFNESS. STIFF NECK, Violent Pains In Neck. Friendship, Wla,. Juno 14,1888. ,J$y. wlfo bo* violent palii In h«r neife Jhlih -was very sore «nd Btijt She vria cureil «atirely by St. Jacobs Oil. JAMES BTOWBi In Terrible Fain. Apje»M'fg. Co., Chlcopee, Mass., June U, 1848 LfiJT on j ov er-oxertion svory bone was modi stiff and sore; In terrible jpaln. I was cured promptly by St. Jacobs OK. J. C. BUCKLEY, Paymaster. AT DRUGGISTS AND DEALERS. TKi CHARLES A. VOOELER CO.. BaRImor*, M* [Tnprecedented Attraction U over a Million Distributed „ SK*-" Louisiana State Lottery Co. ^nntnHj'a 1 ,?™ DRA ;W[NGS tak« place Keml- ^r 1 .'^.". 1 ' 0 ,'?\ c . r ,' t S" months of tlie year, and ace lirumi In public. w Orleans, I.a. year, and ace «t the .VciiJeiiiy of JIuslc, .< ilte Senses of Taste ttml Smell Try the CureHAV-FE¥lR J jKirjIein Is applied Into i?ach nostril and Is •i'...i-<aijlf. i J rJo.fi .;0 cents ut di-UKfrlsts: by mail, Sr"'-i-"w U ' ^° CtS- ELT BHOTH ™M, ™ Vnrran Thoy act in Uio Blood. Slightly la FAMED FOR TWENTY YEARS, For Integrity 01 its Drawings,and Prompt Payment of Prizes. Atti'tti'd its follows: •We do hereby certify thatwesu muBsments torall the Monthly Drawing of the Louisiana Stain Lottey offlnatf and In. person manage and control tlie BrajrtS Uic-msalves, and that tnesama are conductedvrt! Cimimlsstoaew V/'ethe undersigned Banks and Bankers will pa i'.l Prlzos <lrami In Thg Louisiana State Lo' wries wlilch maj- be presented at our coun Si. 31. \VAti51SIjKY. Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills, & Impure Blood Ihoy arpol discoBo gorms, and Purify the System Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.Ti They Positively Cure. The Grerej. A snccsasrul Mt'iiieiii'? used over yeary in thousnncla of cases. Cures Sperniatoi-rheu. J\'eruoMS Weakness, J'.mixstiins. jtnpvicncy nnd all diseases caused by abuse ir over-exertion. [AFTER] : packages Cuaran^'eri tn Cure- If/ten aft or h "- a .Fat*. ASK your Druggist for 'J' b ° Great Enj Prescription, take no substitute. One package (I. Ste $s, bv moll. Write.Icr Pamphlet. Addreaa Eoroku C'SiciuIca! Co., U-nroIc, sale by B. F. KeBs.llns. niiir il°i-eM. Knion SiatJonal Bank Grand MonMy Drawing, '.!i Ilia AwidPinj- of MiiKie. New Orleans. TiU'Kiiar, May ]», IMXi. Cap it a] Prize $300,000 «<»,(H)« I'si-UiMM ;j.t r\v<-in.v SJoli 1 l-'TJ/.f of SSOO.ttKI I.-. 1 I'riztt nj ire.oop Is... 1 Pi-iie lit' kunw i«'.'.'.'. - l-'rlzew of 10,i.X:u arc. S I'rlzes "F 0,0(0 arp i-l iTI/ifa i/r s.m ar.' !(W t'iizes of 5!,M are... ;T^ f'rJxes ol :i'.)u arn. '.'.«) 1'rUes ol axi iire.. — 'bi3persLeord.com. iccfMfalwIiDrfinllUnmiMlleqrjUI. Sold by r. 1USCOX, oulj, 813 Br'ilwai, Setr fort. Wi-lto Cor llool orproob FUKX PARKER'S ,^A8R BALSAWS :s and beautifies the hah,, -C" a luxuriant prowtn, j Ne»:ir P;J '3 io Restore Gray ;jl7 V-uthfuI Color, i Cl HIWDERCORWS. Th» only eure Cnro f or Corns. Stops all pain, Enfmree comfort to tho feet^lSc. at Druggists. II iscox <fe Co. , H. Y. c I'M Q E R TO W ICV'i't hns'ciired the worst. ca&dtimLui tho best remedy for nil ills aricInR £roin defective uutjiUon. Tuko Ultimo. 50c. and SL.OO. CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. Zted Cross Diamond Brand. The onlj reliable pill tor Bale. Safe and nurr. E.udJc.i, UH!C Uracielnt Tor tliy Itla- mnnu ISrnnd, ju red me to. Uio boxes, aealcd witliLluurl'jbou. Tnkcnoothcr. Sena4c. (iiamps) for parLiculara and »'KcUef Tor LndlcM." in letter, bj molL frame Peftr. lester Chemical Co.. Madison K-u.* Plilladu, i'tt. MADE WITH BOILING WATER. GRATEFUL-CONTORTING. WADE WITH BOILING MILK. St9'J . iuo.txr 25,001 25, 0(; . Prizes ol §500 are 350,'MX ITlzps of ax) are 30'.)OC l j rla« or am are sjO TEAM12IAI. 1'RJZKS. Prizes of S100 are S Prliee of 100 are .'. 99 8,184 Prizes ninuuntliig to. ..- ............ 81,054. Si Noris.— Tickets drawing Capital Prizes are no entitled to terminal prizes. AGENTS WANTED. For Club Rates, or any furttier information i. Mrcd. wrlto legibly to the undersigned. cle;irly .'.UUiHKyour residence vrtth state, county. Ftreesaik number i More rapid return mull delivery wil ba assured by your encloslngnn Envelope* hear Ins your full address. IMPORTANT. Address Ji. A. li>A ?«. A. I»A.li£'3iUa;. It. , . H.v ordinary letter, containing Mnory Onici Issued by all Express Compi!»i"s. N>w Yurk Ex change, Draft or L'osttUNote. Address Registeied Letters ContaiBinn Currency n KKTV 051LEANH .NATIONAL BASK, Nev/ Orleans. La. tt\e uiivmoiit orprt/e. '' Is ... il, u.WK* of SPW Oi-lfnns, Die Ticket ii-a siL'm^d by tut 1 President of an iiutl tiitlon, wliuse cliarteretl rights are recognized In Mm- highest Courts; therefure beware otalllin iiatlonb or juionymous schemes." OTVM SK>J,S,.\s? is the price of the smalles part or I'rnctlon. of a Tlcket)!*s»ll KlJ BV t> many Uniwlnij. /Uiytulng in our name offered lor 1(!SS tliuii a Dollar Is a swindle. CAUTION Untf AAWH unless anc , tha —mae bottom. If tiie deafer" rauuiqiniuppjy T« aen<t direct to factory, enclosing advert! price. Bar POT, BlpMteria, WlooDing CronD ani Comon CoMs. Eocr»mmenrlod by Physicians Mid sold by Druggists throughout the world. Send, for Freo Kamplo. HIMEOD MANITFG CO., SOLE PBOPHIETORS, 191 FULTON ST.. NEW YORK. A Scleutiilo uud Standard Popular Medical KeatlSfl on thcEiTorsof Youth, PrematuruBecllnc.Kervoiw uncl rhysical Debility, Impurities of tbeBlood> ttuaultinjf from Foil}, Vice, Ignorance. Kst-irfpi-s or. Ovcrtasutlon. EnciTftting acd UnlHiUii*-tTit > , victim for Work, "Buslni'«a, tho Married or-Social Ttfilhtioa Avoid uuafcilful prctendorn^. PoBsesa. work. ItcODtaina 800 pagee, royal 6vo. ".Beautiful t cml)onBed, fufj gilt. Price, onJy $1.00 by mail, post-paid, concealed in plain wrapper. Illustrative Prospectus Free, If yod apply now. The JialiDflruiabed author, "Wm. H. Parker, M. !>., re- -:eived the COLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL 'rom the National Medical Asuoclatlon. Tor the PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Br.Parkorandacorps t>f Aeaiatont. Fhysicinaa roay be conaulted, eonu- tjentiaHv, hy raaM or in pcreon, at tho office of fHK i*KABO»Y MEDICAT, INSTITUTE. ,Vfi.4BiiHinc)t St., I'.oflfon, JVTit8-*., mwhommH ardtrfl for books or Ictlrra for ml vice should b« Alftcted as above. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine Calf, Heavy Laccil Grain and Creedmoor Waterproof. Best in the -world. Exnmine hla SO.OO OENJJINE_HANr>-SK1VHr> SHOE. 84.OO HAMB-SKWKD WXI/T SHOE. S3.SO POlLiOE AXI> PATBMMIS' KHOE. ' All nude In'ctagreM, Butfon and I.ace. $3 & $2 SHOES LA rD ^s. . 81.75 SHOE FOB MISSES. Best M»ter!»l. Bent Strfc. Best Fitting. W. I.. Douglas, Brockton, Mu>. Sold 117 For sale by J. B. WINTER FiRFEOT ^-. .^» Midale-nced and Klderlvnien nho-are suffering from the olTeeu of j-outliful foil <M or Mr- cesoes of rnatut-er rears, nn.i now tint tfcelr manly TIBor Oecreuiea iimi irtio nre truiiljlwl with terrible drainsam! losses, j-ou can be pormiiniinl]" rattwlflto V1S11PECT MAXIIOOD. at home espoiiure, »t lowent c o >.I. br IJr. , ;sKa Te ^_ m s il i < " J ft. t . e ", t ¥.*^ 11 "' 1 » r °-™>" F. D. CLARKE, !W. O., 186 3. Clark St., CHICAGO, WHAT HAVE YOU For some of the choicest lanrtu In \VE»TSSSS K.JLN8A.8, both clear and InouiubRroi], improv<M and unimproved. BrSenJ for Our tint of proi>- ci-tytblfe we will Kxchunire for LAND, RJ->; STO(!K. Addrew A. B. PABKEB, Bazloet New O)uaty, KADMU. . ^. , IBB •• HI ••••••• YOUNG, MhSQ.(.r AOS3 ° r ,.? LDl 3001-7*3 (IK. •ni wosisn. Weal, D.. K. O. Weot'a Jferr* ind Brain Treatment, • iraaivmeed «p«olflo for Bynorla-Dliznew, Oon- Ker»oK«'Promnflonoaowd bytha neeofaloohS /ifi», Bnrr>nnes«, tOM.'of power in cither liivplmiinrj LOMOI and Bpernntorrhoea caneo ovm oienlon o! the br»ln, Mll-atnseor ovar-lS. i-u.toiico. jjsch box ccntalno one montti'u tnrt- immt. tl.OO a bax, or «Ix boiw.'for to.OO, ««nt bj am!! prepaid on f scelpt of price. T^SS GUARANTEE SIX BOXES T.-. i-nr, ,'.UF :«.'«. With each order rer l T6< i b a» r.ir <!r boza?, accompanied with^ "-, wo frt Mi:t itio pnrcbBFnr our nrltUn RUnvt -_,ae to refnn '.hi' .r,')-^i?y :i the h-sotment Joes not effect a oor» ai.iiriiuieoii.taeaeuij b> u. F. iewllng Dnjgriat, tfolo isaut tor J-ogarupci!. jilraliiSftilT unnatural Uscharge.s in >w} hours. Conor riiea No Stricture No rain. Adopted bytheQer- njanGovernmt»nli£or Hospital ScAriuy use P.3.C. isputupfor American trade in 'a patent bottle boJd- S syringe /see cut) •• J— __l_..l «H JS** The Von IHohlCompany, ClnouwaB, C»a Sold Amvncaa Agents. 8, V. KEESldSG, Agent, I.og!\iisport, Irui. STEEL PENS ] GOLD. MEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION 1S73.- 1 Noo. 303—404-1:70—604. ' (THE MOST PERFECT OP PENSvJ whine. Pi-i.-i? ii':-^. • -,for StnM'.-.r'i, ;',.:•! - . orfor 1'- ; . Tlisy (•••>• ' Ben Fisher, 811 Fourth street. FDR Tho ,:t>ELly Fine Calf Seamless $?>.OO Shoeia the world with a smootji Inner sole. No Tacbj. Nails or Heavy Seam of Thread to hurt the teet and wear out StocSlngs: unequalled for style, durability and wear; made by tirst-class workmen. Every Pair Warranted to give the purchaser perfect satisfaction. None Genuine unless Stamped on Sole v '> SERKINS & IOYCE 53. SHOE WARRANTEB PW. M. GRAFFIS, Logacsport Ind SWISS CONDENSED MILK CO RIGI BRAND GENOESE SWISS CONDENSED MILK, Guaranteed the richest nnd purest milk inan- factured, containing over JO per cent, of butter. Children and invalids will thrive wonderfully, and families will find Its us« more economical than ordinary rows milk. See your jirocer gives you genuine Rlgl Swiss Condensed Jlllic. Import igent, JAJfES P. SMITH, ... New York and Chicago. BRIGHTINE A NEW KJEMKDY P08IT1VK CL JUJ FO31 Correspond enco toileted, VHlmible ;nformatton free. Dana! discount MI . T. S^IIe Street. ChEc^^o. ID- NLV! . ok, el»Uiia«I«a uid y;oof> n«Urd rented) Seta. Mtstn BRIS MSOtCAJ. CO., BUFFAJUO.W. V. A Ohicagodraggist retailed§2000000of Keesling and CulJen & Co.,sole Ajrents in Logansport. and r'or 8alc by LeadlnK Dealerc. i'i a Solu-Iy Tsy WH. BASgF.B, Sroy, K.-T

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