The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1951
Page 11
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TUESDAY, 'APRIL 14 1951 BLITHEHLLB, (AKKJ COURIER IfZWf Bl/KTVtf Bathroom Color Song Wont Hit Correct Note Without PI 11. bathroom that sings with color 't hit the right note unless time ken in planning and decorating Other rooms may be painted, papered and furnished after the carpenters move out and the family is! ready, to move in. But the bath-! room must be planned and its fix-! tures chosen months before a house i Is ready.' ' ' Many a hopeful home owner gets «. shock when the contractor. Jin- Ishing the foundation, asks: "Have you selected your bathroom tile and fixtures?" • You probably thought there was plenty of time for that, but he replies that it takes weeks and sometimes months to obtain certain colors. You'd better get going. Architect Helpful If you have your own architect, he will help make bathroom color selections. Your tile and plumbing contractors will refer you to their respective manufacturers' showrooms. . Some makers of clay tile cooperate with manufacturers of plumbing fixtures In matching colors exactly. As soon as you decide on the shades desired, see that the sub-contractor places his order immediately so you'll have the fixtures when needed. If you are having a house built in a development, you ordinarily will have a choice of tile colors, provided you have ordered well In advance. Colors cost very little more than white in clay tile. Colored plumbing fixtures may run 10 to 25 per cent more than white. But white fixtures work well with all colors. Usually blended colors wear better than contrasting hues. Coral fixtures, for example, took well with gray tile wainscots and floors. Choice Is entirely in accordance with individual tastes. In one new house a small bathroom off a blue bedroom was finished in coral pink fixtures and tile with no contrasting trim. A second bath, serving two other bedrooms was finished in a Persian brown, or buff color for fixtures and tile, will: a cocoa brown trim. Both sound nice, but the housewife says the only mistake in the house was the brown trim Add permanent comfort and 9<>od loolti lo your nome witri SLATS-O-WOOD iwninsi. Tailored to fit the dW 3r , 0 ( your liousij they .ire lasting as the fint wood of which they'rt made. No rattle, no banging, no "up's and downs" — for Ine/ are built, into your nomf to •lay. Witttoul obligation, our designer will give you an estimate for these cullom built jwnin'ss,- 'Phone for tflil Frw service. IlATI-0-W KEMP WHISENHUNT & CO. 109 I. Main Phone 4469 WELCOME TO YOUR HOME INSIDE SMART COIORSI IONG LASTING I QUALITY UNSURfASSEOI Iring "Dutch Boy" to your home, and you'll add new sparkle to walls, woodwork, porches, floors...and, of course, house exteriors. There's a fine "Duich Boy" product specially blended to do every paint job belt. .• For Every Paint Job! Call 551 for an Estimate E.C. Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Building Service" anning She would prefer the monotone. Such details must be decided before :ile ,1s set. Choosing Accessories Usually It is safer to choose such accessories as towel bars, toothbrush :iolders and bathtub grab bars in lie same color a.s the wall tiles. If hey contrast too sharply they stand out like proverbial sore thumbs. H is economical in the long run 0 tile us much of ! a bathroom as rossible, Paint and wall-paper over 1 tub are easily marred or blistered >y steam. With a combination tub shower It s wise to tile the wall to llle heifiht it the shower curtain bar, or to the filing. In some homes, even the :ciling over a shower is tiled. When having a bathtub Installed. nsist that the carpenter brace studs mti joists properly and have the .iliimbcr hang the tub on angle irons from the studs. This will go a long way in pre •enting the loosening of cement ii. the joint between tub and wall lite. However, a certain amout of settlement of the house and shrinkage if the bathroom floor is inevitable mrt not a fault of installation. When it occurs, get a caulking rompound made tor such repairs from your tile dealer or hardware store. An easy way to squeeze this into the Joint is to use a cake deco- •ator. Cleaning Important Clay tile colors are permanent,, but dirt films will dull their appearance. The best way to clean tile is to applyxa solution of warm water and any first grade liquid or chemical cleaning solvent that I not strongly acid or alkali. Allow tilts to remain for several minutes and then rinse the tile will warm water. Don't use soap or soap powders foi cleaning tile. It will leave a sticky film that will collect dirt quickly. Never use nbrosize powders on glazed tile. They will scratch the glaze and damage the surface. Nothing Can Replace Plate of Storm Sash In Wintry Regions Nothing really takes the place of storm sash in regions with real winters. The 1-112 to 2 inches of dead air space between tightly fitted storm sash and weather-stripped windows hard to duplicate in Insulating value. Another advantage Is indirect ventilation. Without storm sash, a direct blnst of cold air pours In when you ventilate a room. With storm windows you can open the outer window in one place and the inner window in another place to break the wind. Dividends Seen In Maintenance Inflation Note: Keep Your House Repaired, Its Value Will Rise In today's Inflated economy a house no longer depreciates in value; instead, Its worth increases provided 11 is kept in good repair. It Is doubtful if there is a single home In the nation that (toes not require some soil of repair or refurnishing every spring. Shingles, fjdlng and eaves troughs bocome loosened .by winter storms, mortar cracks, basement walls may admit water, paint is dingy or even i>ee]- ing off, and other llmvs may have developed. None of these is serious if given prompt attention. Inspect Roof From Above One of the spots most likely to need attention each spring Is the roof. It should be Inspected carefully Irom above in search of defective shingles. Unless damage Is extensive, the average home-owner can make needed roof repairs himself. Loose shingles should be firmly re-nailed. Curled, broken or missing shingles should be replaced by slipping new ones beneath those tr the course above and fastening each one down with at least two nails. While on the roof, make sure oil eave troughs and downspouts are cleaned out and firmly fastener!. Clapboards most often pull loose at, corners, but the entire exterior wall surface should be Inspected. Loose nails should be pulled out and the siding re-nailed in a new spot. Be sure that all window casings and trim boards are fastened tightly and inspect sills for evidences of rotting. Replace Loose Mortar Scratching with a dull knife will reveal whether mortar joints are sound. Where loose or crumbling mortar is discovered, the joint should be thoroughly cleaned and new mortar pushed In as far as pissible Ready-mixed mortar that needs only the addition of water can be obtained at any hardware store. If the house is' not Insulated spring is the time to have the walls blown full of mineral wool and a 4" layer of this material spreac above the top-floor ceiling. Where painting is needed, it should be delayed until after the spring rains Paint applied to a damp surface will peel within a year. Small leaks in basement walls usually can be eliminated by painting the interior with water-proofing compound. Aluminum Frame For Screen, Storm A combination storm and screen door, made of'aluminum with interchangeable screen and window panels, is manufactured hung in an aluminum frame which fits Into doorframe and Insures trouble free action without planing or refltling. Designed for both front and rea* doors, this equipment Is left In place the year-round, with panels changed for the seasons. Its makers claim that although It Is lightweight, it Is strong enough to resist the abuse of growing children. Lumber Is America's most popular building material—80 per cent of the country's homes are made o wood, Transfers Real Estate Myrtle M. Bourland U> Eddie Carl and Flora Matthews, for $2,150: 2!4 acres In NE'A of NEli of section 24-15-11. Starling and Ann Bunch, Russell and Bethel Buncli, Mary Alice Hunch, and Martha Ann Bunch Tarpley to Milton Bunch, for.$l and other valuable considerations: all their interest In a tract of land in EK of NW'/i of .section 27-16-11 beginning 386 feet south and 40 feel west of the NE corner of the NW'l of said section 27. and running thence 24 rods south; thence west IS'.S rods to point of beginning. Lester P. and Golden Perkins to Clifton and June Smith, for $3,250: all o[ lots 24. 25 and 26 In block 3 of Spark's First Addition to Dell. J. J. wjiHnnison to Thomas Simon, for $1,200: lot 11, block 5 of Davis' Third Addition to Blythe- villc. Robert O. and Je.s.sle Lee Billion to L. A. and Neva Stafford, for $50 and assumption of indebtedness: lot 18, block 8 of David Acres Subdivision of Blytheville. Magnolia Courts Inc. to Max Logan, for $1: lot 58 of original survey of Blytheville. Luther and Novella Braden to J. C. and Flossie Line, for $250; a portion of lot 12 of William R. Overtoil's survey of the W',i of the NW! of section 31-15-0 beginning at the SE corner of said lot 12 and running north 100 feet; thence west. 120 feel; thence south ICO feet; thence east 120 feet to point of beginning. Virginia Mooney Martin to J. C. Gowen, tor $1,500: the north 39 tect of lot 1, block !•' In Barren-Lilly Addition to Blytheville. Ed Rogers to J. R. and Kat-hryn Marr, for $7,250: a lot 375 feet north and south and 400 feet cast and west lying south of an adjoining onto lot 5. block 2 of the Country Club Addition to Blytheville. Pherby I. Davidson to Arthur N. and Irene Davidson, for $75: the west'165 feet of lot 14 in the W',1 of NW'A of section 31-15-9. O. J. snd Ztllah Hucter to H, V. and Gladys Smith, for $200: lot 10, block B of O. J. Hueter's First Addition to Leachville and the wesl 25 feet of lot 11 of said block B. Lottie Green McCoy to Lucille J. and Charlie T. Brown, for $1,500: lot 15. block 1 of Holllpeler-Shonyo Addition to Blytheville. Edore Miller to Josle Mitchell, for S200: lot 14. block 7 of w. W. Hollipeter's Second Addition to Blytheville. Meyer's Bakery Inc. to Kendal and.Thelma Berry, for $35,000: all of lot 6 and S',4 of lots 4 and 5 and the west 10 feet of the N',4 of lot 5. all In block 27 of Bly'the Second Addition to Blylhevllle, Hays and Emily Sullivan to Mississippi Coiuity Baptist Association, for $10 and other valuable considerations: lot 17, block 4 of Country :lub Heights Addition to Blytheville. Max and Annie Logan and Harold B. and Mnrie I). Wright to Roland H. and Peggy Warrlngton, for $1,000: lot 22, block B of John B. Walker's Second Subdivision of Blyihcvlllc. Max and Annie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Charles L. and Helen darker, lor $1,000: lot n, block G of John B. Walkers' second Subdivision of Blytheville. Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to James E. and Dorothy J. Anderson, for $1.000: lot 3, block B of Hollandale Addition to Bl.vtlicvllle. L. II. and Mary F.ssie Trusty to Ezra and Maggie Butler, for $1,350: a strip of land out of a certain plat of land described ns lots 20 nnd M In block O In Smith's Addition to Leachvillc and described as follows: beginning at NE corner of said lots and running west 75 feet for a point of beginning;: Ihence south 50 feet; thence west 38'i [eel; Ihcncc north 50 feet; thence east 38(5 feet: to point of beginning. Nceley Jnrrell to Olive Gray, for $300 and pssumption of indebtedness: the W'.i'ol lot 15. block 24 of Blythe Addition to Blytheville. Lula Maynor to Ixiln Polsgrove, for $800: lot,s 23 and 24, block B of Smith's Addition to Lcnclivllle. E. O. nnd Mary E. Adams to Holly Development Corporation, for $800: lot 2, block 5 of E. O. Adams Subdivision of Blylhevllle. Holly Development Corporation to Dan and Eula S. Roberts, for $7.000: lot 2. block 5 of E. O. Adams Subdivision of Blytheville. J. w. and Mary M. Taylor to L. O Pruitt. for $3,000: the north 5 acre* of SE!t of SW'i of section 2B-15-U. Homer C. and Willie T. Moscly to Bnford Martin, for $7.400: all of SW", of sw.l of section 3-1S-10. W. B. and Pauline Bryeans to Homer C. and Willie T. Mosley, for $2,100: that part of lot 4 In the SW 1 /, to SW'I of section 6-15-11 de-scribed os follows; beginning 10 feet north of SE corner of lot 4, run thence north 515.6 feet; thence west 169 feet; thence south feel ;thence east 169 feet to point of beginning. rW u ;«^ Cleanup! Paint Up! Now! Your Headquarters for: Red Spol • Super Kern Tone & Benjamin Moore PAINTS! AUSTIN & WICKER PAINT, GLASS & WALLPAPER 112 S. First Rhone 6207 The lumber Industry, In «pl(e at its glnnt,,slzc. Is actually made up of small businessmen. There are over 50,000 mills now operating In UIB United States. - For A Dutch Boy Estlmaf*, Phon« 551 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. "Friendly Building Strrie." Fooloroof Electric Outlets Designed Electric outlets that children can't stick hairpins into and get the shock of their young lives have been designed by the Bell Electric Co., of Chicago. They feature rotary caps which close automatically when the outle:s are not in use. When you want to connect a lamp or appliance, you insert the prongs into the rotary cap, turn the. plug to the right and push It In. rotary cap springs back to its original position and the outlet Is closed. Expert Repair Commercial Service Residential Service 109 N. First Phone 2731 Spring is here! PAINT UP! CLEAN UP! FIX UP! One of (he South's Finest House Painls—a self- cleaning while that slays white! We have the newest creations in fine walipapcr! 1951 1'atternsl Priced from 24c.anrl up! EVERFAST HOUSE PAINT Scientific research of which United Paint hat taken full advantage, now atsurei you EXTRA YEARS of »*ar and greater beauty to your kome art leu coif to you! •mart new Decorator Colon ar_.._ LUXETONE SCRUBBABLJE FLAT Bring* New Beauty to Old Wadi! Easy to apply—quid to dry—in <•• 25 1 PORCELAIN LUSTRE FINISH 'or finett woodwork * w»H« Easy to apply — quick lo dry — •crubbablc — in smart new Doc- £m 71 erator Colors to malch your walls! »<_..___ __ __ | 1007 BfAUTIfUL NfW COLORS If. LUXETONER-n, a Miracle Color Maker! - ARKANSAS PAINT & GLASS CO., INC. T05 E. Main Phone 2272 SWP HOUSE PAINT IT'S WEATHERATED* for your protection AGAINST: • Ixctmlv* Lo» of Glo» • Rapid Iroilon • HI 0 h Dirt Collection , Color Fading • Uncontrolled ChalMr. a . Induitrlal Fum.s) (.pedal e Chaxklng and Cracking SWP for certain areut) • Every drop of SWP i> tested for It! ability to resist each of these types of deterioration before it ii permitted to bear the Sherwin-WilliamJ hbel. ONLY PER GALLON IN 5'S OUR FAMOUS CTVI r PAINT AND COLOR Si Til . shows you 100's of color recipes in use! Builder's Supply J. Wilson Henry — S. Highway 61 — W. H. "Bill" Peon Our New Telephone Number: 2066

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