The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1930
Page 4
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Ilrnnnlillr, Ciiiiiiiuir l.nriii Hint Slrync i\\ul .luilhti Ifin- i-:ich nll«cr,:inJ lirtnk^ IIIT riisiiui-ir.rnll 'ml JiiJIIh '<•- 1u-r* ui ninrry Slrjnr. Irllliic him Li- Ei?h>ii-« li) ClLlllLlltijr. Jlldllli I'lrni^ 1i> M:irry (^lOcon mi Mini S'vinr »illl f.irtri't her nnil ninrry <"lniini'iy : Inn »ln* finiU fclic pnn- ntil iln II, nnil rclri-t.^ IMili-nn * pnnn^nl^- Slcyuc nnU rlnniuuy nn- nlioiil In lir innrrlfd wlii-n Jil- i!ilh 11 linill; luirl In n thrnlrr Tin-. Slu< F:or^ In n ha>s[illnl nnil If is ilimhu-:! If *-fip rvi-r ilnnrD rEiiln. Chummy, rcnll'lnc """ = lryiic l«v f h .Imlllti. Itl" In cnm- ^h" • hr Inh^llnc Bin. l.ill U f"iini! nnil rovlrvil hy IIAVI'llvN !*! IUIN'1". :i TiiiMitt nrll«( «hn nKr> tnvoH .m.lllli. Slu «!•>• «h<- |L:II! irlnl ookcd nl Chummy and. Laughed a itllo awkwardly. "And, alter nil, ivo'vo a good deal In common, Chummy, and I ilim'l th'ink wo ahould !;ct on caelt otlicf's nerves. I uo't want to lio rude." 'Von'ro not rude, liastien—ynu're iiilo fill. Bui nro you euro would work?" "1 ilon't see how It conlil liel|i worklns. Married to me, yon "Wo won't cnmc back loo EOOU," lie sail!. "\Yc'll r.o abroad somewhere. After nil. Clarissa, we have our work." They shook liauds on llielr and Cliumaiy washed find re her dress, aail they went down- ll j stairs together and around llio [corner and ;icros3 the road to indulge, llila lielns n special occa- i-Ion, In Gluori's special lablo il'liolo f) hill hpr.rlf. MUV 1:11 n.\ WITH run STOUT cii.vnT.n xi.i ,» (;.\IN R bl ^ 11:1111 >!!C3 >l!lll(). ".\rj vim i|ti!lo rnrc ot Cl:::li]::iy?" 1:c nslil'll. couldn't marry Steync. Why slioulil Judy hmiglno you married me. when you were freo to tnarrj Stcyno if you wanted to?" • • • pHUM.MY nodded. ^ "And, of course." slia put In, "Alan lo/cs her loo much to think." "Tliat's right, Cliummy," eald Dutnoiit. ".Men don't think." Tiien ai;aiii l:o looked at licr deprecailng- ly. "What do you eay? Cau you do It?" "II you can. why shouldn't I?" she asked. Her voice- was deeper 1 than ever. "1 don't think you lore dinuer. MONTH later, U was tho first week ot November, tliat was ft with the lingering siinshlno of sinumer loath to depart. Judy left tho nurslns liomo and cut back lo her old lodgings. The ndlady ot tlio placo and her lugliter wcro Judy's bond slaves nd a nurso from tbc nursing home mo every clay to attend to her ro- ualnlng bandages. Mndamo do Toros, too, was mos TTK sut ilo\vn heavily al KORLC ills•'••'• tanre iiiul loukoil at In r \vl|li sore, red eyes, a yre:it v\vcck of R man. '1'e.i was hiiuu'.lit In, niuL laclo a pretciiso ot laklns uily cliiuicveil ;iway, niul :i me the man never louk rom her face. ix-'cully utio finmd noro lo s:iy. Inlo Ibo ronni lad crojit an ominous ntinn 'o tho i;irl it was as If some OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Alieru , ,. , ,, inkier mure lhau 1 do. Uasticu—only ,loulit crept inlo lUff< , rc|11|y . b]|l u , a Lcl ,.,,,. (0 , you." | " W | ly not f" (1C ^ycd belligerent ly. "Aren't you a wife auy man -Of til-; 1 sis 1 am. When stie came I wou u be, | uc ky to get? 1 should iack ilie other day, she was only U a y you were!" r.mer for Alan and n:o to marry; | ,, oll t (1(m , t ,. |low _ aa3l i CTU but she loves him. Hasllc-n. Judy li.vcs him nnd he loves her, l:m si . jrftthcr funny, you know. Kemen never marry him wbilo 1 am alive: so you'd much belter have let me dip." "That was your way out," he | IHT '.1W 1 years! And .then 1'OK tlEN'l HiiKT— August 1st-, irei Coiupaiiy. one ot- i:iquu'0 Uc-ti. FOR HENT—'I'nrtf mom lint, all ; nioilern coiiveiiicr.ces. 10:3 \Vi\st j Waliiui Si. C.-.!l OY«. 19c-tt I "Tho only way." s!ie replied. liasticn rose ami walked up and dosvn the room. Chummy was recovering her self-control. Her voice no lonyer had t!:at wild tone; It -,v:i5 her ordinary, beautiful, bell- lil;o voice. "I doii't ihiuk it's the only way ai all." l:e snlrt. "It is. Bastion; ami now you've spoiled it. You see. I've been per- whcn Alan did como nack, I dl«!n know him; and I didn't know tha I didn't know Lim, Basllen. tnlgbl easily get queer again." I'll la!:o thoVisk," said Dumon and Ills eyes met hers with ail u flinching purpose behind wbic lurked Ihc humorous twinkle nece sary to leaven the situation, (lift! cult as It was. And then they both laughed. "My way out is better than j yours." Duniont went on. "In fact, ! it's (he onlj 1 way. If t hadn't come icasi there, very silcm and nvlsiblo, liolilliii; Its brcatli, "J think you'd bettor go Ji-.iw," sho s.iid a litllo faintly. Oiikou roso and cauio in tonight, Chummy, and you bad really cloco that supremely lillotlc Ind.' Judy liked, her mor« am ioro;' but sho would not meet bo irother—which seemed really Itllo ungrateful, as be bad brougb homo In hla yacht. 'It's no goort," fho said to Iv Islcr. "It's really no good. He von't bo Just friends, even It ! ould torgivo him. Dut there, vhat's llio good ot talking about ilm? He's going lo bo married, and he'll soon forget all about mo." "I don't tblnk be will." Thlrza ilo Toros replied. "Do you inlnd telling mo why you refused to marry him?" "How do you know he asked me?" "lie told me so." "I didn't waut lo—that's all." "You rather led him on, didn't you?" "Thais my business—and his. He knows why!" Ills sisler said no more; lint a few days later BUQ broiinht a message from Gideon to Judy's loils- ings. Ho was going aboard, anil be implored Judy to ECO him once "Von ilfivo madl" ho j-:iM. II v as a Miispcr, but II went rasing through tho room, shaking from licail to foot, ness had entered Into FOR RENT -5 rcoin biir.salow, hot: i-.nd to'd water allachnvius, . nc.vlv |i:dn:ed. H5 IJoiiaan. apply. ike Miller, I'hov.c fo«ly horrid. U'ben Alan iiFcd (olthing. do you think Judy wouldn't worried about Jmly ar.d Mr. have known? bo you Ihink for a B89. 2Sc-ti.. 1-OR RENT I-'ionc bedroom with. bat!), nnvace ciitranc'C, 121 IJou- dan. \YANTlitt WANTED — Family Washing. | Waslicrt ami Ironeil by compe- '• icr.l white woman. Mrs. Brown.; 70-1 S Lake St. 17ck-ll, "nrjisnclable person wanted to hall- j di -Waikins route in ulytiicyiUc; i ____ „ '- (iidcon. 1 used to Ihink that Judy could look after herself, and that hn was liciKR tco tu?sy. t never dreamed that 1 was standing be twcen tlicin!" "You needn't sland botv^cca them any longer." he paid. "I must while I'm. alive. You Judy. She'll never give way. 1 ' "Chummy, you couldn't marry Stcyr.e if you were married to K02!icone else." "To son:cone else! To whom?" "To me." Chuquny Flared al him. '" uiore to say goodby. Jmly relented sufficiently to say that he might como to tea the nest moment Judy would liavo married j,iay. Steyne then? Do you imagine Judy j \vhen be came, he was shown Into her silting room, rrcsenlly Judy liohblcil into Ihc room on her two slicks, a regular little shadow, would ever have been happy again? "I believe Judy cares for yon. in a way. more llian Eho cares for anybody on cartli. -There's a ylace in Judy's heart that nobody tint It's a bargain, d -W cr.rmitss over S35 a week. Write in own har.ciwritir.g, the J. R. Wal- kir.b Co., 3u-D W. Iov.-a Avi., j:c:;> l);iib, Tcnn. it's 'a perfectly sound suggestion." lie assured her. "Put ni?iicn, yon love Juity you can ever then?" "If you really think it's the best way, Itasticu." '•You'll have to buck up ami do some acting," he said a Irlfle ncrv\;£i-!y. "You've got lo be happy, you Uno^r. "^"-a'-i botler get married at once finite quietly, without letting them know," 'anil -go dressed in black, and with a qnlcl glow in her eyes that Ibo man had In the ClKir.ctry Cauvt for the Chickasav.-ba Distiicl of Missis- I sinpi County, Arkansas. ! S'.. Louis Union Trust Co-, Plaiu'.ifl j Vi. ! ncbcrl S. Kami, et al Defendams.. ORDEll ''.So yo'J know that?" "Of course I do." "And EO do yuu love .her, Chummy, nctwccn us, we can five I;cr her happiness. It yon marry i::c, yon can't marry Sleyue; and :hr:i she can." "liaslicn, you would he willing to do lltat for JndvV" ~"°( course I would." Then he No. -1TJ7 ' Ls'.lie May Hardy. Defendant Tho defcr.dRr.l Lillie Jlay Hardy 'Ihe defendant. Mark M. Andcr-j son. Trus'.ce; C'oriinio:i\v?ahh Farm Lean Company; Lesser Goldman, a; cnr[ioration; General xrotors ' Ac- | cc-plancc Corporation; and 11. L.| Chancery Court, Chickasawba Dis- Origsby, Hucdver for American Savings Bank & Trust Company, arc to appear in the Chancery Ccnit for "the Disliict of :\!iss:ssiopi County., ArkaiiMis, v.illiin thirty dav.s, and; Is warr.od to appear wii-iin thirty ansttvn- the complaint of the p'ain-' tlays in the- court in the caption tifT. St. Ij:aiis Union Trust Com- hereof and answer the complaint p^iiy j of --lie plcur.tiif, Hiram Hardy. 'Witness my har.d as c'.crk of wild I Dated July 2, 1930. court, and the seal thereof, on j W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk, tlrs 7Ui (lay of July, 1030. i By Elizabeth, Blytho, D. C. Vv'. W. HOLLIPEFER, Clerk. ', W. D. Oruvctt, AUy ad litcm. Fiy Hanvy Morri.<. D. C. Urn, Evrartl fc Henricrsnn, Attorneys lor rinntifl. July 8-15-'j;-23 ne^er seen before. Rood gracious, what » wreck you look!" she c\clalmed. "What on earlli have you been doing'? Haven't you beer, to bed for a month, and you had too much to drink every night?" "Something like it," he answered. •Td be ashamed ot myself, Mr. TnncH.* r* • away. They'll do some wondering-! "It's your fault, Judy—" ho be- Then we turn tin arraiit. an old i ean, but sho intoiTuntal him. ' -Now drop that! Ilc civil, please, fell her neck UIWCIMI his fin^ra. I thought you'd como to say good- rril ° 11c!:t lb >' nnlcc f'idcon filart- Ijj. .1 j cd for France-. Ho went alone. "So I have, milcos you've •'1" Ills pocket was a Idler from changed your mind." 11""™ f-'oil. fixing Ilia dalo ot their "I shall never do that, silly! He- mairiacs for the first ot December sides, 1 thought you were marryins —I'm data "'« ^ lilmsell had pro- tinged with the ! your teanteous princess, after nil." i noscil. GWcon was taking his last "t ticM6vo you're "You know perfectly well I'd : Hing ot frccaom before ho tied him. coulil not have her, and hi) waut-jil to kill tcr. She was te p.ctnal idiysiral ger. Ho pel O'.it his hands, vein:} on his forehead worn hur.Hl'.ni;. lie wn.-i Illio p.irni: ineval cre;uuro..balked oE Ills sire. Ho could not have her, s thirsted for l;er blood. Judy was not afraid. 11 was not like that other lime. She was not afraid of death. 01 course, fhe knew that tie could kill hrr with Ilioso great hands. Hlio was verr small and weak, and he cmtld easily choke the* lite out of her; hut sho was not alrald. "Oil, you great big liully!" she said. "Hit a man ot your own size, can't you!" His Jaw dropped. So did his arms, lie wcnl ashen white, Int- lered, and would have fallen, lull saved himself hy clutching n rhalr. Wllh thoso light words sue conquered him ui^ain. There uaa uolhing lie could do to her—nothing ho could do lo 'a girl who did imt want money and was 1101 atiaid o( ik-ath. "Here, you want pulling to- gelhi'r, .Mr. Punch," sho went nn. "There's bO!i;e brandy In llinl cup- bniird—take some." lie holiiuil hluiEclf. and i;rr.ilnally recovered: hut ho wag u broken man. He iianlly dared to limk at her. He koiil his eye-s oil lite r,ir- pel. He answered in hrlcf wiiis. PLTS wiicn she rallied him payly. He \VL':it away, after rayins Kinno mcantrtcless phrases. Ilc shuffled down tho stairs. She watcbcd him from her window, ambling along tho street, a sleepwalker. She saw him hold| ing out hid hands and'lo'jklug at thorn. Sl'.c !;new what danger she 1 ii:ul been in. No doubt he SffJPEMPOUS POPULAR rrV OF - -fee 'EM ap X Pie A UA MOPE MAKE UP A GOLF COURSE "THAT CAM Be PLA V /£P BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES N|* THE START By Martin •^-\. .j 1 1.-^^—^?; *VH OVi »G MOHIWC V* « V\h«O 'A Zoti\^> \<? ^ 10 HOP OW OM V\tR <A-WoS- YVAfiW TO. Wl W-vZt . OV^t^tO 10 IVKt Ottt STN-flNS IW Irtt UOIA6t« \ l*\t EU\WIC «.09E \i V\0 ^O MR ?LW«: , "SSPS5V 10 ShW M OW AV3. ........... l«t nian'IcHl coupJe. Tfiat way iL won't give Judy sucli a shock." ".\o, IJastien." "I tliink I] 2 twee a 113 we can nicUi- nso U." "Oh, yes, ot course we can," She Kinilcil at him—tlitft wonctorful young smile now maturity of pain. Baslien. It's perhaps teolchitck her tomorrow for you, as l[Seltfor 1!U. only way. Tms kuo^ Judy." • -Ud before," ho said brutally. i\a Uo Concluded) York Low trict. MLssissippI County, Arkansas Hira:n Hardy, Vlaintift NEV/ YORK. July 28. iUP)- Colton closed barely steady. Open 13!5 1285 1327 1307 New Orleans Cotton Jnij- 2-9-16-23 I NEW ORLEANS, July i —Cotton c;oicil stcaily. 23. 1310 1205 1337 1313 13-10 1340 131-1 .... 1330 1338 13-!8 1353 1305 1303 1313 Open Hiyii .. 1283 1208 12tM 1260 .. 130-1 1315 1276 1278 .. 1311 1313 .... 1'28-lb .. 1337 1"W> .. 1340 !323b . closed quiel at 1250, o'.\ 1 Spots closed quiet at 1275, on 20. . Read Courier Kcivs , j OGDEN3BUHCJ, N. Y. (UP) — 1 When Ihe late Mrs. Ch,ir!o!t? Veancr l)':i!iicall:cil 5400 lo he; • iici^ic 1 .", hirain ri:Li,Li^An. sl"e crr- : nted a problem. Ti;cic were two H'i- I rain FUna^ans atid both were her ! ncplu-v.s. After hearing evuli-iici ' submitted. Judge Hcyn:i!il5 riecid '•• i i.d in f.ivor "-.i linam :H:ina33ii o I I3rockv:i!i> as analnst h:^ | in Cornwall. AND H!S FRIENDS By Blossci : Closing Stock .. NOTICE From Miiy I to September 1 3ti r <iei!tal o:i!ci;s will be closet! sacli Thursday afternoon. Dr. I, H. Moore. Dr. H. A- Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- NOTICL Why v.-ail until cold v.caiher? Ufxil: your coal orders now. for Iii'ure (IC-liviM-y. Get my prices and tavo money. Kee or call JOHN" BUCHANAN IDS N. H- K. OITice J07 1'lionc Kcs. 717 V. It. WASIIAM—Transfer D.ii:y trips lo Memphis. Wil! pick up and deliver IrciB 1 .;'- and imcr-.a^es iiny-.vhcrc. Spcc-ial (atcs on carload lots. Local Phdno £jl Memphis Phone 3-33Io A. T. ai:ci T 218S-L Avla'ion (11-J C::ry.-er .' 31 I-! Cities Service 20 1-'. Coca Coa 178 Fox 48 Gcirjra Ec-clnc 72 1-i G«:cra .Muiors -17 Orig.'by Gre:'.ov. I. T. and T 47 1-8 Mcr.i;-:omcrv Ward 'J~ I'M-karcl ..". H7-8 Kurtin -i"i:)-3 ! 2G : Uti:'cd Gas 37 l-B ; U. S. Stce 1451-1 , In:-'.rad i;f u.iiti'j ;t propeller, a j Cnlif'irniii inventor p]»tis to drive I an airplane ivi'.h a rrvolvlsia cylin- | dor hav]:i3 b!a<lt..s bath inside and ' on-.. TUE BINkLSV SAKiS COAO"K) ASAT6 VO'J OOMilW FCOfA TO-ll k>-D VOJ OP HOJ1 KIDS OM MORSE BAC^C TW6f D TW£ ~rnte WERT ilc Slakes ''Em Set Royal C. Mills I'ublic Accounlanl and Auditor SarcialWn 1 ; In Ir,cc;no Tax, 1 STILL Trlll-M THAT ITS RisioY easiness TRUSTIVS' A COOPL£ uoNoaeo ootL&as To THOSE U.IDS ••••'+ AMYTWH6 MAP?£H BU^wS MS .'.' OF A6ATE f MONEY AT THE ....OK1W TAliE VOO A COOPLS UCXJ2S B6 A AFTERUOOM F02 ,_-^ptu.u.s.pAT.orr. ^Ol«0 BYKCA SERVICE, ItC. JIOM'X AMY WINS ,By Co war WAN/ // IT CfvUL IHE CWCHCW BUI WiU- NOT H^C )G (\ROUNO •trtisHoua .._/.://ii

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