The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COUKIER TUESDAY, AMUt M Right Kind of Insurance Is an Important Need The right kind of insurance ts one of the most important require in en Ls In a nev house project. If you are having your house built, you will want protection even before the structure begins to take shape. If you are not certain about the financial status and past, experience of your builder or contractor, you can require Mm to past a performance bond. This will assure you thai an insurance company will supply funds to complete your home if the bnilcl- er goes bankrupt and cannot finish the job. The National Bonn! of Fire Underwriters point out that lhere. are several broad coverages to protect the new home owner. For example, "building - in - courjc-of-cmLsiruc- tion" insurance covers fire, supplemental prrils, liability and i-an- dallsm. The average? small house buyrr, carrying a maximum montage, srldotn needs additional fire insurance on his aside from that required by hi.s bank or other mort- Caf-e lender. If you borrow $8.000 U) finance the purchase of a S10,t>00 hou.^e, the mortgage will n-fjimR an Sfl.OQO fire in-surniifc policy lo protect his loan. Your $2.000 equity will be covered by the land and foundation. But keep reproduction costs in mind. This policy need not be purchased ns part of the mortgage transaction. If it IK bought .separately, the licrnr owner saves a little money by not havinp to pay mortgage interest on hi.s fire insurance premiums, In any case \vl)F,-re Ih'e amount of a mortgage is proportionately loss than the pound value of a house, the owner should carry additional the paint you've been looking for! WALLHIDE SATIN FINISH For thrifty, lasting beauty, paint with this new Wallhide Rubberized Satin Finish. Amazingly easy to apply with brash or roller—dries otlnr-free to a lovely velvet-like finish in less than an hour. The tough surface doesn't chip or crack—ami it can be cleaned •gain and again. See the rainbow color range at YCnCl-ilKC $498 Gallun PHONE 2OI5 ,p»,™™ „^ ^ ^„. 7 „,^^„ -(~°JZl-£J&"r?*a ' ' , ""^yrr" —t- 1 •• . ^ * ^W . / r » -^ r Pecan three tyjic a — Courlfr News Photo ANK IIO.MI: ALMOST FINISIIKU—Except lor a few "finishing [ouches." the John Lime home at 618 is completed. The Lai:e.s moved in their new home about a month ago. The seven-room house boasts bedrooms and a rornbinntion dining and recreation room. The Interior is of Williamsburgh Colonial nd the recreation room is done in knotty pine. Building Permits Mrs Mary Hopkins, to add one room to a four room frame residence on Smith Lilly, at a cost of $1,0(10. P<uil Byrum. [o put a new floor atirl concrete block wall in a two- room concrete block warehouse in the Blythe addition, at a cost of Si.000. N. H. Whitis, to build a Mx-room frame residence at 1130 Walnut at a cost of $10,000. Cecil Fowler, to build a one-room frame garage at 2009 Hcarn at a cost of $800. K. D. Norlhcutt. to build a one- room frame garage at a residence in David Acres. Use ot Home Repair Kit Helps Household Equipment to Last in.surance. in some places tf insurance does not equal at least 80 per cent of the sound value, a penalty develops in the case of parilnl loss. Insurance adjuster. 1 ; run hold that because of the lack of full coverage the owner was carrying part of the risk and therefore bears part of the loss. QUiiT (Tnvrrage Available For a smaJl additional -cost, extended coverage or sup'plerhental endorsement will protect a home owner against windstorm, hail, tornado, aircraft, vehicle. 1 ;, riots, smoke damage and explosion (other than bolter or steam piping). The Importance nf extended coverage. 1$ .constantly demonstrfttert. In the one,rrionth of May, 1050, ^for instance, insurance companies paid nearly 330,000 claims under such endorsement. Most of them were the result of violent windstorms In the midwest anrt southwest and 15,000 were from the South Aniboy. N. J., munitions hlnst. } Personal property fire insurance ' to cover furniture, ctoUiing find all : the other conlonts of" your house I is highly important.' Where person- • al property has a larger thnn nor- rnnl value, n personal property : floatrr is parried to protect all : items whether in the house or j away from bnrne. Otherwise, it Is j prudent to have burglary, theft and I iarceny insurance. j Boiler explosion insurance and j water damage coverage are onions } other forms advisable. Rental value | insurance will pay for temporary [ quarters during reconstruction if your house becomes uninhabitable In whole or in part. Every home needs a repair kit, according to Home Demonstration ARent Mrs. Gertrude B. Holirmn, With household equipment high and somewhat scarce, it's Important to make it last as long as possible. Daily care and needed repairs will determine the length and. use ful- ness and service. A small wooden or jneUl kit Icr holding necessary tools and materials [hat almost every household requires to keep up with repairs is one plan. A kitchen cabinet drawer or space on a cabinet or wall shelf may be adequate for most of the tools, perhaps the most important point is gellliifr all ^uch pieces together arid baring them in a known place so they are easy to find. The following tonls will be helpful in making most simple repnrs at home: Screw driver, hammer, ruler, monkey wrench, pliers, brush and ice pick. And you'll want scissors, knife, putty knife, rile, whet stone, oil can. nails and tacks. A small job often requiring the homemaker's attention is the simple repair of leaky faucets. To repair a-compression type faucet, shirt'off the water and unscrew'the r-M nut then the valve stem and remove the washer screw. Replace t h e washer and reassemble in the manner in which parts were removed. If the faucet continues to leak the valve seat may be rou?h and need reaming out to produce smooth] i ess. Baby Oil Saves Painters' Hands Ever see a mechanic rub his hands well \vith soap, without water before he starts a greasy job? After he finishes the job: he washes his hands and all comes off easily. Yon ciui use this principle when tackling a paint job. Baby oil. rubbed thoroughly Into your hands before you begin to j>ninl, makes it easy to remove drops on your skin after you finish painting. It eliminate* the skin drying effect of washing in turpentine. Green er High Ranking Color for Bathrooms What arc the most popular bathroom colors? I Green, white and bine-green. In Spring Is Time To Insulate Home Number of Advantages To Getting the Job Done Early in Season A* with most other home Improvements, spring Is the best nine .0 Insulate an existing house. Weather is Ideal, workmen are not rushed, the home-owner will obtain a full season of protection from summer heat, and if a loan is needed the money can be included in a single blanket note covering other spring morlerrnlzation and repair. Any existing house can be completely insulated within a few days by blowing mineral wool into the walls and above the top-floor ceiling. The average loan for such insulation is less than $300. according to the P1IA, and fuel SOVLIIRS usually pay for the insulation within 3 years. No Dirt Or Muss The Insulating process is accomplished without any dirt or muss or interfering with normal family routine. A truck containing packages of loose mineral wool, air compressing machinery, and atr hoses through which the insulation is blown, is parked near the house. Skilled workmen remove a few pieces of siding material at strategic spots and make small holes in the sheathing for insertion of the air hose. Only a few openings are marie at a time, since each space between studs is filled with the mineral wool before moving on to the next. As rapidly as the wall spaces are filled, the holes in the sheathing are closed and the siding v is replaced so skillfully that no trace of the work remains. Remove Hoard If the attic is floored, a few boards are removed so the air hose, which is taken in through a window or ventilating louver, can blow 4" of mineral wool Into nil spaces between joists. If the attic has no floor, the insulation Is merely spread evenly 4" deep In the joist spaces. A finished attic is insulated by removing a few shingles so the blowing hose will'reach all spaces above the ceiling. After the job Is finished the house will be as much as 15 degrees cooler in summer and winter fuel bills will be reduced at, least one-third in most cases. , that order, according to 3 national survey by the Tile Council of America. Orccn is the first choice in the cast and Mississippi Valley states Peach leads on the Pacific const; blue in the southwest. White, once used almost universally in bathrooms, still lends in the middle west and north central slates. A BETTER AWNING... AT A MASS MARKET 1C! :i •. NEW LOW COST • STREAMLINED BEAUTY • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION • LEAK PROOF • EASY TO INSTALL • COOL IN SUMMER PROTECTION IN WINTER ^ NEW ALUMINUM IWASSE AWNING H *»>* mcKKrr TCT, -he. «hr, ">*.< Fr^i" )»'» «n». l UTTTI At^JMIM'M IKK)R CANOPICS. , r .rVlin|t l-.j,,l r , f (fj^^^y "Hv-wh-scc, with the arrowhead label" Ljgjg^X' Available for a Limited Time Only! AUSTIN & WICKER 112 S. First Blytheville Phone 6207 CONCRETE OR METAL ALL SIZES FIELD DRAINAGE TILE JIJilNSON BLOCK CO I'htmc 23SO Blylheville 61 Hiway So 90» Huroidily It COULD be the HUMIDITY/ Extremes of humidity (amount of water in Die air) affect personal comfort as greatly as extremes in temperature. A warm, tut very humid day can be far more uncomfortable . than a very hot, but dry day. In the course of a lifetime, the average American will use about 7SO TONS of water - tJUST FOR WASHING.' Jkt abundance of pure, fresh water v;e supply you costs only a few cents a day- and mafces frequent washing arid bathing in inexpensive convenience.^-. WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity ,..USE IT FREELY! Blytheville Water Co Blytheville, Ark. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS 1951 Style Guide I • 100 PAGES OF AUTHEHTiq COLOR SUG6ESTiONS.'.> BIG (18''xW")'COLOR PICTURES ' < • TAKEN IN REAL LfVa-W HOMES..; , , V 1001 PAIHTINC SUGGESTIONS DESIGNED/ fOR THE FURNISHINGS 'YOU- HQW, OWN l^ ONiY SHERVflNWlLLlAMS PAINTS GIVE THAT \ns\de • • on "flings, wall ^ S«£ aw IN -WILLIAM^ ONI COAT FLAT TONE WASHABLE FLAT WALL PAINT No thinning »r uncjcrroottr nttde^. loty CAUOH j ebli. Drln rapidly ond C«»«M my wall luilow in .n, ,0,1] Apply with bfKlk ENAMELO1D tnlerier, »»tirior, ell jiurpei* for perch'and i<ei#olion rooni lurnl- li/ri. Irftal Iti balhfO&mi ar.4 tifthen walli ««d w»od^orV. »*- liiuheolond jfoln»i «oiy to w«ih. Com.i In M glowinf... , *«!/ to Wfllh, ttleri. QUAK1 Nr *•!. I* K ^V (. Style Goi<M «f*dfied jmxJucts... t\t4 i;'K-K!ntS*fciieCalC*s«l«.i*S« HOME DECORATION SERVICE SHIRWIN'WILUAMS •ill \V. Msin Phon« 67(57 OR YOUR NEARBY SHI R WIN - WUUAM t BIALK« jj

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