Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1890
Page 5
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DOIAN'S OPERA. HOUSE. One Solid Week, Commenclna j Monday, lay i2t&. /"'—~ ^^^?:^^™^ 4/itheni Drama. In «--re act!-, entitled. THEOCTOROON Or, Life in Louisiana. T!:i-Orchestra will hi- »'»;.•.- Ui- •'"'•' t := l V" "'' :;;.> dist4ngul.s:i.M vio!l:.i>:. Mr. BOJI «;„«•"« .V valuable, present Kivea tisvay *•„..- m — i- ''haii:.'' 1 ol play p'l'.-a i'>vniii/. SCALE OF PRICES: Onlv 1" and yimntf. Ho>?rveil ~'ars mi rtiie ' Real Estate. For Sale orTrade In all parts of the Gitr. Residence at all price.-?. Business Houses. Tacant Lots. ^ Exclusive Sale of .Johnson's "Riverside Addition". 20 Vacant Lots on Broadway and North. Bargains in Lands close to the City. E N. TALBOTT Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Block. Broadway. Sealed Proposals, To furnish supplies lor the Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane, For ffle Montti or June, 1890, win be received by the Board of Trustees at the iiospltal, mtil .12 o'clock M. on Tuesday, May ].">. 1S90. By order of the Board. JOS. C. ROGERS, Medical Snpt. toganspori, tmi., M;IT 15. 1SDO. B. M. Me Mil I en Pictures, Stationary, Hammocks, Croquets. Picture • Framing A SPECIALTY. Xo. 3O7 - - Market St. MONEY TO LOAN! A.nd Notes Bought la any sura over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 8 per cent. GEO. B. FORGY. MONEY TO LOAN, u any nrau at tfeo I.OWKaT rates frivntu ftmCs only, iloney 3.lm*?ft lu band, tiottsd u^c orde- iay. fa:er»Ht and principal payable in Logaius. port. SpvclRl nrran#en:enifl UP to paysiont ol ?rtoi3li.\il oud interest'^ ms^le to sett tho R-lebesol borrower. For farther partiealarB apply to Fred W. Miinson, Attorney ni Law and United States Commissioner, - Fourth sfcre«t. opposite Oourt House. •M O N E Y ^4rtu.Iiatfurant:» and Ixjaus, All tlnd? oi In- cc prsiJA^ i« nrst cioss companies. Kndow- yollciee purcJtefled, Bonds of surely»L, n^^or^ pofttes holding poaltiens of trnn « rfboad Is required. 319 PBAKJL ST. . -M. Closson. Oally Journal. SATURDAY MORNING. MAY 10. THE WKATHEK. os, B. C., Maj 9.—For Indiana— >liislitl7 cooler, threatening weathor. Three furnished rooms, 109 Canal stl< eet" uiaylOdSt Black silk lace shoulder capes, at thaJBee Hive. Twci'rooius for light housekeeping, ^fo. 100 Canal street. uiaylOdSt ^ew neckwear for gents received last evening, by the Haberdasher. C. M. Personette was engaged yesterday in removing his stock of goods into his new Sixth street building. Mr. George Sweet, of Royal Centre, is confined to his home by a broken arm received by being thrown from his buggy a few days ago. .Mr. George H.-^Arthur, tke well- known piano tuner, will be in the city Monday, May 13. Address or leave orders with Mrs. Eva Reynolds, SIS Third street. nmylOd2t Miss Ellen Cemingore is visiting in Peru. Go to Mrs. O. Tucker's for your millinery. uiaylOdSt To Mr. and Mrs. JohnPowel of the JSTorth side, a son. Moses S. Gorman and Hannah De- Forfl are licensed to yred. A. C. Barnett returned last night from a business trip to Chicago. S. D. Parten und M: W. Dillon, of Oainfien, were in the city yesterday. Miss Fannie Lige 1ms returnud from an extended visit with friends atVan Wert, Ohio. Charles Martin's little son is lying quite ill at the family residence on North street. Ed. Diet, a Frankfort tailor was sent up for one year for stealing a pair of shears. Herbert Irons, the printer, has returned after a year spent with hi8 father at Jackson, Term. Miss AnnaMcIvown, a teacher in the public sehoolss at LaQro. is the £ nest of friends in the city. Miss Mollie Rudolph, of New Waverly, was married a few days ago to Mr. Frank Boyer, of Bunker Hill. Open to-night uiitill 11 o'clock, ilosed on Sunday, Patterson, the Haberdasher, exclusive fine furnisher. A large number of Peru citizens are expected do^i to witness the Pern-Anderson ball game at the ball park Sunday, afternoon. Lovely new wool challies, 22 cents, also twenty-five pieces more of our French printed, yard wide ahallies, only 15 Jents per yard, at the Bee Hive only. Breukenridge. who. did such formidable work in the box for the Ottos, is playing first base for the Burlington, Iowa, club and is reported to be doing great work. If the attendance at the ball game Sunday is equal to the expectations of the management a game will be arranged between the Peru and Ft. Wayne clubs for the following Sunday. Many Peru people are digging wells, rather than useWabash River water. The trouble arises from the poisonous stuff drained into the river at Wabasb. by the Straw-Board Works. The Journal receives the correct markets every evening. Do you want to know how the markets closed last night? The Journal will tell you every morning. Send in your name. John Manoney, the printer, departed last night for Hartford City to make a bid on a^tock of furniture that, is for sale there. If he succeeds in purchasing, he will enter into business at that place. Harry Elliott's elegant team of chestnuts have doubled on themselves -svithiu the past week, and a beautiful team of match colts are the result. Harry is jubilant over this addition to his equine possessions and is predicting a great future for his blooded colts. The work on the refrigerator plant at the brewery is being rapidly pushed towards completion and the company expects to be making ice within ten days. The last piece of machinery, the engine, was placed in position yesterday, requiring two sets of heavy trucks to transfer the pondrous machine from the train to the brewery. The "ice factory" is daily visited by many persons curious to see just "how it will work.' When completed and in running order the Logansport Bre-wing Co, will have in the plant o«e of the largest and most approved refrigerator plants in operation in the country. Trustee Jackson's attention was called to a case of destitution Thursday evening which seemed to demand and which received prompt relief. About 6 o'clock in the evening Marshal Dean was agked to investigate the case of a group of pitiable looking creatures seated in the entrance to the State National Bank. This group consisted of s man, his wife and three pmall chil dren, all apparently Buffering from the greatest destitution. On being questioned the man stated that his name was E* F. Taylor and that they -were on their way from Petersburg Wast Virginia to a point in Missouri; that they left abont a month ago, but on the way the wife and mother was taken il! necessitating a lay off, that he had suffered a chronic ailment for many months and was una bleito work,and by reason of sickness and delay had run out of funds, placing them dependant on humanity. Marshal Daan escorted the family to the jail where they were given supper and Trustee Jackson furnished them transportation to Delphi the neit county seat, whence they -will no doubt be passed on until thus by stages they finally reach their destination. SCATTERED SHOTS. Quail, partridges, and rabbits hare wintered well on Long Island. ' Good snipe and duck shootins urn reported in Bergen county. Xew Jersey. .. The Rhode Island Game I'rotor.tivo association has recently ortlnred TfO Tennessee quail for distribution. Soy- em! other ordi'i'5 will follo\v. Reports from dilo, Iowa, Minnesota and Tennessee all decla.ro the pimo to have gotten through the winter in the best of shape. Quail are wondorfully abundant and prairie chickens are in fine condition. Dnnicl Hood of Wayne comity. North Carolina, Is an enthusiast!. 1 and suri-os--.- Tu! Imiil'M 1 , and during the prt'Srn 1 ••<:;'.- snii he has \vitli RUH. trap an,! lios bassoil forty-nine raccoon?, imc hundred upc.'ssmns and forty foxes. The; practice of netting dec.ks continues to be rut'OS'iixeil at Sliinii'-roclc Bay, Long Island. It. is an outrage, and every sportsman who visits that <!Utr!c! is interested in putting an «'i'd 1 "> tliis wretched business Mr. William Xewley is ilie most successful trapper on the Terrapin river, JCortli Carolina. One morning very recently in visiting his traps he found nine 'coons, three 'possums, and two minks. Ivust year ho cleared S5QO from the sale of flu, fur and feathers. Xcar Windsor, X. C., two gunners, named Tom lirazeman and Charley Harden, started out recently for a few hours' sport and returned at night with their game swung to a lone pole, which was supported on the shoulders of the uvo men. The spoils were four "coons and five wild turkeys. The success that attended the introduction of Chinese pheasants into British Columbia induced the California Protective association to try a similar experiment' and as a result OTO Chinese quail have recently been imported and distributed among the owners of private preserves, which offer a better opportunity for propagating this species. The reports from ducking districts declare a less number than for many previous springs, though a few linger hero and there. On the southern coast- of Now Jersey small bags arc reported, as also on the- upper waters of the Sus- quehauna. On Long island sport is very fair. North Carolina reports snipe in small quantities, with no ducks at all. A bill has been introduced in the Ontario legislature to confine the shooting of river ducks to between Sept. 1 and May 1, and to prohibit the shooting of marsh ducks between Jan. 1 and Sept. 1. As the law is now Canadians are not allowed to do otherwise, but there is nothing to prevent Americans, who go there for that very purpose. Judging from reports that reach us from Connecticut, there is no scarcity of fox or wild-cats; tho former, though hunted by the Connecticut sportsmen with a Run, both silver, gray and black have been killed to the number of about ninety in n, small territory about Ansonia. Round about Middletown tho wild-cats rather own the country, having assumed their war-paint and started out on the trail business. HARRISON "WARMER, a shoemaker by trade, living alior.t ton miles north of ITcConneUsville, Oliio. is now inakirg arrangement.-; to Inks.- a v.-aiki.-ig trip to Baltimore, Md. ?Jv. x ,Vai-iio:- is W9 years old. und (br r-la:i ho proposes to carry out is !o v.-aik 10 !:;'.! ir>-iM:-p. j:-.i !i- injr a wln--i-lKii-vo\v cirii'..^!!'!.-;;!^.^.!'!:!-::.. He say.-; he h-.t.s relative- itloiig tlu; vuad, ami takes (his vlau :-o :i.> !o stdji ovnr and M'-;' ;,!!. ih> i, ,,• n..-. t ..< lo ;:v.- ~ twenty n;ilcs ]>oi- <l.;v. A fLKKnVMAN lkcl;:;T'i: iiieijthi'ri 1 .!!.-. 1 that no peoples are. s-u liuiiiti.u! ii !h.-ir treatnv-~t of the loww animals us llie Am eric j -.s. But -what about the LIuil- dhishts. who. in order to avoid ilcstrov- ing life, carry a broom with which to sweep array insects, when they, ilie Buddhists, of course, desire to sit on the ground, and who wear a tieve ove: their month when drinking water lest they might swallow and so ilestroy some living creature? A DEVOTED couple, husband and wife, committed suicide recently at St. Etienne, in Prance, because the husband was attacked with a fatal malady. They took the tisiial suicidal precautions to stop up all the chinks and crevices he- fore starting up the carbonic gas. but only the husband got a suflicieut dose to take him off. and his wife was resuscitated. On recovering herself fully she remarked that xhe felt as though she had waked up from a deep and long sleep. ELOX BOOTH, a miserly bachelor who died at Xewtou, Conn., could not bear the idea of leaving liis wealth behind him, but when he found he was obliged to do to he willed the property so that no one can spend it for fourteen yours. At the enu of this time it will go to his brother's grandchildren. The estate is valued at $100,000. Booth once walked from Xew York to Newton to save tile- dollar for his passage, and during entire lifetime denied himself everything but actual necessities in order to accumulate a fortune. WHAT MEN LIKE IN WOMEN. ""They like amiability. They like a pleasant appearance. They like the doing of little things that arc pleasant to them. They like the courtesy of the fireside. They like an ability to talk well and a knowledge of the virtue of silence. They like a disposition to speak good, rather than evil of every human being. They like intelligence, but they prefer that the heart should be stronger than the brain. They like sympathy-—which means a willing ear for the taie of sorrow or gladness. They like a motherliness bi^ enoiifrh to understand the wants of the older, as well as the younger boys. They like women whose lives and faces are always full of the sunshine of a contented mind and a cheerful disposition. They like knowledge of how to iln-s? well, which, by-the-bye, doesn't me; 1 . 1 ,] conspicuously. Men are most altrartiu! by good material, plain draperies aurl quiet colors: not bv showy colors or <ic- sigus. They may sometimes say that.-Mldnr: are a bore and a nuisance, but a man shrinks from H woman who openly declares her dislike of them. A man expects the maternal instinct, in ;: v.-om:-n and is disappointed if he does i:ni, find it. They like a companion—a \vom;:n wlm has sufficient knowliul^e of Ti;p v/nr' ' and its wavs to talk well with thr-m,•••.-!,n is Interested in their lives and their p!n:> • and in their hopes; who knows how t<> aive a c.heeriiig word, or to listrn quier>. and by a tender looic e::prrss ;ii« «rc which the beurl. is feeling. They like womiMi In .bo affoctioiiatr there never was a man yet. no matter how stern, no matter Iviw cold, no ni.->> ter how repressive as far as his own feel- lugs were concerned, who did not luvo a loving squeeze of the hand, or a tender kiss from the woman dearest to him. Those are some of the things that men like in woiuen. BROTHER REYNOLDS OBSEVERS That churches never forget 10 take up a collection. That short, sermons always .smsm to give the best sa'tlstifiction. That every one' tries to be the !;l5t one oufc when services are over. That, no preacher ever nenle'etod J " '' tell the story of the Trpilfea) tSoii^-v . j! That the yonii;; wom.'.n wlih.n- ii".\v bonnet, and a young man with-a hii!\ collar like a front seat. That the smart, ba'l imv alwa.7.- TC ^ red in tho faco wliqn his father gets itu to tell his experience. That some ccod deac.oii gets up just before the collection is taken up a:r! says something about the po'o'r hoatriMi. That the "man of the world ' who helps losing the doxology imagines he Is taking an active interest in his soul's salvation and doing much for tho church. That some poople take more prido in saying they ''haven't been to church in two years" than some others do in <le Glaring they "haven't missed r. Sund.ij in seven years." j The Best Krsult. Every ingredient employed in pro fiucing Hood's Sarsaparilla is strictly pure, and is the best of its kind it is possible to buy. All the roots and herbs are carefluly selected, person- eally examined, and only the beat retained. So that from the time of purchase until Hood's Sarsaparila is prepared, everything is carefully watched with a view to attaining th'e best result. Why don't you try it? ~i George Bolan, a farmer near Murion, returned to find his home deserted by his wife, while his two little children were crying for attention. He also found a note from his wife in which fhe stated she had left in company with Isaac Kindley, who •was recently employed by Mr. Bolen as a farm hand. Tourists. Whether on pleasure£bent or business, should take on every trip a bottle of SJTUP of Figs, as It acts most pleasantly and effectually on the kld- neyx, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, headaches and other forms ol sickness. For sale in 53c and S100 bottles ny ai! leading druggists. For Sate by B. F. Keesliug. While iliss Alia Barrett, of South Bend, was entertaining friends and had interested them in a charade which they could not solve, she suddenly reappeared, leaning uuon the arm of W. H. Sweet, and a wedding followed. K : >i%*!!^i^ H> ^^t^w' Both tho :riethn>.i anu "es^It:-. v/bfii Syrup of Figs is L::!:,C^: H i:-i j.-'casi-.i.:. Dn;l rrfi-eshiiig to the tasta. !<:id aeis gently yet promptly on t!ie Kidney:;, Liver and Cowcls, clcansca tho syb tern efFcctiiEUy, dispels cold-, head stcbes dud levers arxi CHTPB br.bitJiu! coiiEtijimtion. Svrup of .Figs is the on!;,' :-sr.i-3<ly of its Jiiii-.l ever pro- tl'jci'iH. jileMing t<> thu tnste nnd a9 cejjlnlrte. to ll>e f tonirvth, prompt in ife action iir.d truly beneficial i» its rilccls,. prepared only i'ro.m t!'.3 most !;ealthy aa'.i agi'sc^bis subs-tancca, iig ai:;n;v escetbar. quailljcs comiiienu ii to all and have raadc it tlse most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50<. and §1 bottles by nil leading druggists. Any reliable druggist wlio may not ha?e it 'on -hand will procure it pr-'iaptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any aubstitute. .,-. •'•,.-: CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAit FRANCISCO,'QAL. :: LOUISVILIE* KY. ; - KEYJ VOliX, (J.f For sale by FREE WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY. 6 CENTS. $15.00. BOY'S BASE BALL OUTFITS FREE WItfft Boy's and Children's Suits. Finest Department in 'the StateT OF COURSE. A. It. SimGYEB, forniwiy of Elliott. Shroyer ,v Co.. Logaiipi'o O. Si. CROSe. fcni'-iTiywitli ;-i i.nuii A Cu.. Irttllaugpwib. inil. SHROYER & CROSS, Jobbers of Imported, Key West and Domestic Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., Etc., No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. FRED DYKEMAN Represents the above firm in Logansport aud surrounding towns. SAIL IN AND SEE US! THIS WEEK. We will ^;ive, you a Ladies'" Button Shoe for.'. . . S 60 Ladies' patent top lace shoe for .... .... l 00' Men's velvet slippers for. ... .... .... 50 Men's Congress shoes fov ... ., 1 25 Men's working shoes for .. .... .... .1 00 Your pick out of the store of Puritan calfgoodsfor 2 00 lace, [Jutton, Congress, this week only. CHICAGO SHOE STORE, , s 403 Broadway, Logansport. OTTO ME1NSHAUSEN,-. , HEADQUARTEHS FOR NaturalGas Stoves, Gasoline Stoves,' : Oil Stoves, Cooking Stoves, Steel Ranges, Alaska Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Cream Freezers, Tinware, ' Woodenware, Mantels, Grates. We Imve about fifty of the above Gasoline stoves that we will sell ai, the greatly reduced price of $1S. formerly sold at $23. Don't forget .the number. ' - • ' 4O8 Market St., Opp. Golden Rule. SOMETHING NEW. Sterliug Silver Unlaid Spoons and Forks a guarantee for 25 years givrA with every set sold. I am special agent for tl.ia ware, also Reed & Boston.' and Rogers. Also, Waothes and Jewelrev thfi latest oat. largest line of Spei-taoles imil nose Glasses in tfie city twenty years experience. 410 !. A, HAUK, TheJeweJer,bro5Bfc All gdods Engraved fre e of charge. . ,

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