Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 11, 1892 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1892
Page 6
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Jas. Boss WAS PATH'S GUEST. it Watch Cases TJB all gold as far as you can see. They look iikc solid cases, wear like solid cases, and nre solid cases for all practical purposes—yet • only cost about half as much as an out- and-out solid gold case. Warranted to wear for 20 years; many in constant use for thirty years. Better than ever since they ?.re now fitted, at no extra cost, with the great iow (ring) which cannot be pulled or twisted off the case—the Can only be hat stamped with this trade mark. "All others have the old-style pull-out which is only held to the case by friction, and can be twisted off with the ringers. Sold only through watch dealers. Ask to -iee pnmphlet, or send for one to the makers. Keystone Watch Case Co,, PHILADELPHIA. F. M. BOZER, D. D. S, DENTIST. anc Over Stale National Ban!c, Corner of i'ourlli and Sroadivny. NOTICE. Nr.tiiM 1* hereby Elven to nil persons Interested "•r.hat the Common Council of the City of Lo^ins• ,";-t ''•'- Its regular session on the- 5th day c! Oct. "iS'y, r.nsseil and :idoiited the lollowlng: l/ECLAKYRIP.y KEjOIiUTIOX. II:, -<;vi"j, R; th» Common Cauii:;! o[ tho dt - ; Li)"--nS)iori.. lm!!w.. Mint U Is clftiiiieil n»s»s -:>r'. lo i.vpnive '.lie imimiirovou portion ofGarCe.. i-tioi-c I win lif.U-s ^rei-i to Daisy street jy Knulln? ihn Kt;\-i.; ;cd sidowai;< r.ccord- jm;iu stages set bv t'ue city dvll en;,'lr.eer ;intl rT.-iroveil as follows: Tin- Improvement consists of K'adiiv.' an.. •r:-;iVc;liiEtnctstre«t and K'clewalk" and boulder;,i::: ihe gutters bctv,ci':i paid poiiils. The imiTovenim' 10 be made to t-e"Erafl Iv.Ti'iororti rsiablHur'd for said s'.rw. T!it- si lowrtlxs :ire to bo s;x <ii)feet v,'!.'le from tin. front line of tha low rro:it!n;,' 0.-: iho street to •Jjo gutters. SUlewalkstohflof ahciijht that a lino drawn "cross mid street i'rom Kn-lUio to l»t-llne will pass ovc-.r the center of:said s-trett threa inches auove its crown when Improved. Sidewalks to slope three (S) Indies from the ",ot V.ne t itlio curb-line of tlio Kucters. Tlin street anil sidewalks to be waded and improvement made to stakes set by tlie city civil t::ialiieer and under his direction and supervision. The i-ravel between the gutters to be eighteen 'IS) Inches deep In the center of said street, and six (0) Inches at the outer edpte o£ the cutters, and all to slope gradually from the center to the outer edge ol the gutters. The gravel on the sidewalks to be nine (0) inches deep at the lot lino and six (C) Inches deep at the gutter-lines. The ssutter shall be lour and one-half leet wide and not less than one toot deep ai a UlstivDce of one and one-(iuarter feet I'rom the curb-line, and then to ascend six Inches In height towards the street line, and to be boulderod with round headed stone, commonly called nigger heads or vjoulders. No stone showing less than three (3) Inches nor more i han eight (8) Inches In surface diameter •••and laid on abed oJ coarse sand, at least six tin-has deep and set on their edges, and all to be •veell rammed and covered with coarse sand to the •depth or two (2) inches. The gravel used In making this Improvement to •Sx» clean. co;irse and free trorn soil t'nd earth. 'n accordance with profile and specifications on •Sie In the office ol the «ltr civil engineer. Ehe total cost of said improvements shall be assessed per lineal foot upon the real estate abuttin" on said Garden street, between said •Mints, (except the proportion thereof occupied bystreet and alley crossings, which shall bo -assessed against the City of Logansport.) Said assessments. II deferred, to be paid in ten (10) :innnil Installments. A bond or bonds shall bo Issued m anticipation of tho collection of said tU-forrpd assessments, unless the property owners ;>a> said assessments before said bond or bonds ;iro Issued. All as provided lor in an act nt the •"oner-il assembly of Indiana, approved liar -h X IS!!, and the amendment thereto approved liaruh 0 1891. .Property owners along the Hue of said proposed improvement are hereby notified that the common council will hour objections to the necessity :'or the construction of salil proposed imnrove- -rifiiton Wednesday evenlug, Nov. ifith 1SD'2 a: ~-.:,0 0'i-locK at the council chamber of the city ci iAVansport. Indian;;. ALL;F.!;T SWAIIKNF.T:. City Clerk. NOTICE. Notice is hereby Kivi-n to al! persons interested •rhat the Common Council of tho-Clty ff Lo.nns- aort at Its regular session on tho ot-h cl;sv of October 1S32, passed and adopted tho foUov.-lns l)ErL-M5.'.T08YUK 5 01.CT!OK. Kesolvpd, By the Common Council of the ciiy of ' o-anspoct, Indiana, that it Is deemed necessary 'to improve tho unimproved portion of Helm -<tivet" between Barron stref. and the western •eniil-nis of said Helm street by grading the ittwt and sidewalks according: to stakes set by iiie city civil engineer and improved as fol J Tlii< imrrovfraon; consists of grading and -graveling tup street r.nd sidewalks and boulder- Mi" the gutters between said points. Tho 1 nprovemeni to be mad- 1 to tho cr::de hereto tore established for ssld street. T;i» sldawalksara to be ten (10) foot •-.vid? from the front line oJ the lots fronting on ~h? street to the gutters. SldwiilKS to be of a height that aline drawn ;it-ros> said street from lot-line to lot-line will pass over the center of said street three Inches above its crown when Improved. .-idwalks to slope three (S) Inches irora lot ".ine to the curb-line ol the gutters. The street and sidewalks to be graded and improvement made to stakes set by the city civil engineer and under his direction and supervision. The gravel between the gutters to be eighteen inches deep In the center of said street, and six (,6) inches at the outer edge of ihe tutters. and nil to slope gradually from the center to ihe outer edge ot the gutters. The wave on the sidewalks to be n'.ne [91 Inches at the lot line and six [6] inches deep at the gutter-lines. The gutter shall be four and one-tail I'eet wlde'and not less than one Soot deep at a distance ot one uiid one-quarter leet from the •curb-line, and then to asc?nd six Inches In height towards the street-line, and to be bouldered with round headed stone, commonly called nigger beads or boulders. So stone show ing less than three (S) Inches ror more than eight (8) Inches In surface diaw- «!«r and laid on a bed ot coarse sand at least six <6) Inches de«? and set on their edges, and all to • >>e well rammed and covered witt coarse sand to The depth of two (2) inches, Thegrayolusedla making this Improvement to be clean, coarse and free from soil and earth. In accordance with proile and specifications ou ale in theofflce of the city civil engineer. The total cost of said Improvement shall be asse.<sod pet lineal foot upon the real estate abutting on said Belm street between said points (except the proportion theiwi occupied by street and alley crossings, which shall be assessed ocalnstthe Cltj ot Logaasport.) Said assessments. It deferred, to be paid In ten (10) annual tastaliments, A b° nd or fc°nds shall be issued In anticipation of the collection ot said deferred assessments, unless the property owners pay said assessments before said bond or Jxinds are issued. All as provided for In an act crthecenenU assembly oJ Indiana, approved HarchS.lSS9,and the amendment thereto ap- • proved March 6, 1S81. Property owners along the line ef said proposed . improvement are herebj notified that the com- •mon council will hear oblectloa$ to the neces- • -sjtr IT the construction ol said proposed improve- "ment on Wednesday evealnz .Nov. 16tb. 1S92, •at 7:30 o'clock at the council chamber of the cltj •of Logansport, Indiana, .-iLBEKT SWADKSER, City Clerk. A >7ew Torlz "Woman Tells Wloat Goes on at Craig'-y-NoB. The Diva in iJistrcss—Sonj^ Not the Singer's Greatest Gift—How She Talks to Her Friends—Her "ITare-wcIl" IB Not Tet. [COPYBIGHT, 1802.1 "But you -will go. Your hnsband, madam, be can take care of himself. Anyway, he must, for I am going to play fairy godmother and run away .with, you to my home in Wales," and Mme. AdeKna Patti-Nicolini stamped ter slender little foot imperiously and looked friendly defiance into my surprised face. So I went. The City of Now York sailed from this port on May 18 last. Our party consisted of the famous diva and her hushand, Sig. Nicolini, Sipr. Arditi and wife and myself, not forgetting the madam's lady-in-waiting. Karoline Batimeister, and her faithful Mexican girl, Padro, who looks on everything with an air of indifference born of association with great people. There was a great concourse gathered to say adieu to the diva. There were A coiansn i^r THS EOUDOIK. "banks of floral offerings piled high in Patti's stateroom and on the cabin tallies. There were baskets and baskets of luscious fruits to tempt her palate. But Patti heeded them not. Tho gang plank was hauled in. The big steamer began to glide through the water, handkerchiefs waved, good-bys were shouted and finger tips were kissed. Patti was leaning on tho rail, her arm around my neck. A convulsive shiver and a little smothered sob caused me to look up. Patti was crying; yes. weeping, and two big tears, bigger and brighter than any of her diamonds, were glistening on her cheeks. Her pretty little nose was pink from weeping. "0, madaroe," I expostulated, sympa- thizingly, "this will not do. Cheer up and smile at your friends. Remember, you are going home." "I-I c-c-an't help it," she sobbed, and the tears, came fast, and her voice choked with emotion. "I know I aai going h-home, b-but I-I-a-am leaving home, t-oo-oo! New York is my home, America is my home. I love them both. :I have so many friends and I don't want to leave them." And the little woman, full of the pangs of parting, leaned sobbing on my shoulder till the dock was lost to sight. Then she retired to her stateroom and remained silent a long while. Poor little woman, with all her prestige, and worship, and wealth of love and money, she suffered keenly at parting from her friends, and nothing but a good womanly cry could comfort her. Arrived at Liverpool May 30, M. Richard Nicolini, Patti's youngest stepson, came out with a party of friends on a tender and took us off. At 11:30 a special train, v.-ith right of way, started with us for Patti's home. And when I saw that home I ceased to marvel that she sang "Home, Sweet Homo'' so thrillingly. It is a fairy palace, and Patti is its queen. No queen's commands were ever more implicitly obej'ecl than are hers, for she has caught the art of commanding. All the diversions at her court are healthy and wholesome, morally and physically. Here in this home you lose sight of the flattered and courted diva. But the loss is your gain, for it is replaced by a charming hostess, a homelifc perfect and ilawlcss, and a feeling of rest and content. It was four miles from Pcnnywylt, the little railway station, to the palace in Swansea valley. This trip, through a bit of country as perfect as a cloudless sky, was made behind a team of Patti's horses in her own private carriage. But even after entering the grounds of the PATTI HES PET DOG. palace we were not yet "home." Sweet strains of music assailed our ears and swelled loud and yet louder as we approached. It was a surprise to us all, and none the less to Patti, for we learned that her tenantry had engaged a fine band of thirty pieces of brass to bid her "Welcome Home." And such a welcome. Cannon boomed, business ceasedj flags of all nations waved. Never did regent monarch, receive a more royal welcome. Happy faced, mothers, chattering little urchins and sweet, clean little girls in white pinafores, brawny quarrymen and men •with, hands calloused by tillage of the 52Ji .carae to welcome -their -Lad? .i>vunanu- Ana .fattt, clear little soul, she did not deport herself a bit like those imperious dames vre read of in the Old story books- Bless you, rao. In place of hauteur there was a sweet smile; in place of looking bored, she appeared glad. Patti was glad, the guests were glad, the people were glad, and— yes, even the horses were glad. Ecally, there was such an air of gladness about the proceedings that 1 wondered if the little trout jumping in the brook hard by were not also trying to show their joy. And this was the home-coming of the mistress of Craig-y-Nbs. You have heard Patti sing? And you have not failed to note that her marvelous voice is full, round, rich, musical, joyish, childlike, not cultivated, but cultured. And so of her own life. Her actions are the outgrowth of her feelings; Her life is based on the same inspiration from which her voice springs; it is nature unbent. She makes no effort to be natural, for none is required. If Patti wants to chase butterflies over her grounds she just chases them. And I have seen her engaged in this childish sport, extracting as much glee from the chase as though she were a little girl. She is agile and quick in her movements and takes great delight in the simple pastime of tripping up or down stairs more quickly than her younger friends and laughing at then- doleful complaints. Stair climbing is one of her potent medicines, and she advises all to take it freely. At seven a. m. Patti is aroused from her sleep. Padro announces the hour j of rising and leads her mistress to the hath adjoining. This is a magnificent room of large proportions, always kept at a uniform temperature. Stepping across the richly-carpeted floor madamc divests herself of clothing and plunges into the tub of tepid water. She is then quickly and briskly rubbed until her flesh glows with warmth and color. Generally she spends but a few minutes in the water, for Patti does not believe in too long a plunge. Stepping from tho bath, Patti is briskly sponged with cologne by Padro, who \vracs her in the soft folds of a bathrobe and returns her to her couch. Here Patti rests—not sleeps—till eight o'clock a. ni. Then she gets up for tho day. A light breakfast, consisting of soup, an egg and toast, is then served. Patti doos not drink coffee, except after dinner, or when singing in opera. Simple things please her best, and chicken or beef soup with a little sage in it is her preference. One would naturally expect that she would eat cold bread, but not so. It must always be toastedf Another peculiarity about Patti is, she always put a teaspoonful of spirits in her drinking water. Patti's guests are at liberty to breakfast in their rooms, and may do so at any hour they choose, be it four a. m. or eleven o'clock a. m. If the day is sunny Patti summons her guests and proposes a walk about the grounds. That means two hours' PATTI SOES OX"UBS. EO^XAJTD'S SEOULDEB. exercise. Away go vrc all, Patti in the lead. Now she is darting forward to catch a gay-plumed butterfly which has crossed her path. Here they go, the butterfly tantalizingly near, but just far enough away to avoid capture. It is a race of a couple of hundred yards, and Patti comes back with heightened color and quickened pulse. She remarks that: "It was too bad, v,-asn't it, and he was such a pretty fellow, too," Again, Patti delights to go driving. She keeps sixteen horses.and a number of rigs. But a couple of black ponies, sturdy little chaps, with, soft, serio- mischievous eyes, are especial pets. They know her and look on her as a jolly good chum. Let her start to the stable and, heigho. there is a low, loving neigh from the ponies' stalls as soon as her voice reaches them. Oh, how glad they are >o see her, and how they try to rub their soft noses on her shoulder and against her checks. They are selfish fellows, too, and their efforts to find Patti's pockets—as who but a woman can find a woman's pocket —are amusing, for therein they know that loaf sugar lies in ambush. Patti won't tease the "good little fellows," and treats them at once. The diva has a library, and here she spends much of her time. This place of meditation is liberally stocked with the choicest products of English, American, French and German tvriters. Patti is mistress of more than half a dozen languages. The apartments of., the diva are on the first floor and, look out on. the terrace, •which, slopes toward the banks of the river Tawy. Although, her bedroom, bathroom and boudoir are luxuriously furnished in satinwood and sky-blue furniture, with rich and massive carvings, impressive enough in their grandeur to frighten one to death, yet the presence of this impulsive, bright-faced little woman in their midst makes it a home. Patti likes privacy, and few are invited to cross the threshold of her boudoir. Here Patti has her pictures. The princess of Wales' miniature smiles at you from the wall, and it is difficult to tell which of the two has the preference in the diva's esteem, this or the portrait of Mrs. Cleveland, with whom madams became much infatuated while in Washington. Patti rips a : wondfcful collection of portraits and autographs of every royal personage from 1S70 to date. Bntre- posiiig- in solid gold frames you will see the faces of two persons dearer than all others to the great singer. The ..,,1^0.^1 = XACC js z sweet, motherly one; the man's is not remarkable in appearance more than arc dozens of others you see daily. Yet Patti will tell you that "these are the two greatest and best people in the world. They are my father and mother." And the way Patti says that makes me love her more. Until 12:30 Patti absents herself from her guests. This time she spends in her boudoir answering private correspondence and in reading. Occasionally it is a French work, but just as often she reads a •wholesome English, American or German product. She likes to keep in touch with all the social, artistic and scientific news, but she gleans rapidly from the papers and only bothers with that which interests her. "Now, madame," she commands me, pointing to a luxurious chair, "kindly seat yourself." I do so. "Now, take this book." I take it. "And listen well Madame, do not speak to me .again for one whole hour, or—or — OT—" I am thinking what awful punishment I stand in the shadow of, when she scowls more furiously and snaps out, "or—I'll kiss you." I remain quiet, and Patti composes herself to answer personal letters. Feeling indolent, speculative, curious, I watch' the bustling little woman. Making sure her little gold pen is clean, she sticks it crosswise in her mouth and fumbles about till she finds the letter file. Every day Patti's personal letters are brought to her. She reads them herself and files them. She gets a great many letters daily, and puts in a couple of hours at her desk. It is rare, indeed, that a letter is answered in less than two weeks. Cut it is a treat when you get the answer. Delicate note paper; neat penmanship and choice language meet together. Patti finished. "There," said she, "I've finished five letters, and I feel bet- "I hope,' 1 I rejoined, "you have not written a farewell letter to the American public 3 r et." "Indeed. I have not,"' said Patti, briskly, "Why should I write a farewell letter to America? I see no reason. But I do know why I shouldn't. I love Xew York especially for many reasons. Aad I love all the other American cities which 1 have visited. I do not want to say farewell to these people, they do not want me to say farewell to them. I am not going to say it." Patti continues that she has so many friends in America whom she intends to visit whenever she chooses. And if at any time she wishes to sing a series of concerts, she intends to remain free to do so. Patti will not say "farewell" to America until God transplants her to his own Heavenly choir. Patti is a good woman essentially. Not one of those goody, goody things, with a fitting text but never a cent for charity. Her charities are done quietly, but nevertheless, she gives away a great deal every year. Karoline, however, has charge of all her begging letters, and they come by the dozens daily. Some of them are curious productions. For instance, if Patti should adopt all the babies offered her she would outrival the famous old woman who resided, according to the picture book, in an antiquated shoe, and was afflicted with so extensive a progeny that she was involved in mental perplexity as to just what to do. But Karoline, bless her, saves Patti from this fate, and disposes of each case as its own peculiar circumstances merit. In concluding—and I must leave off some time—let me say that Patti is fond of nature, sunshine and flowers. She entertains royalty, and royalty is glad to entertain her. She knows nothing of the value of money, and has as- §isted more than one struggling artist to success. Possessed of almost half a bushel oi precious jewels, they are less to her than the beauties of nature. She is a splendid angler, casts admirably, and frequently accompanies her charming husband on his all-day fishing jaunts. In the game season they go out gunning together. Such is part of the home life of Patti. MAEY SCOTT BORROWED HUMOR. IF you will notice,' it is only pretty women at the theater who remove their hats.—Boston Transcript. HOST—"Why did you strike my dog? .He only sniffed' at you." Visitor— "Well, you don't expect me to wait till •he has had a taste of me, do you?"— S?un. "You know, Maria," he said, "I think every child shows in some way in what ^calling it is most likely to succeed in Rafter years." "Do you think so? Then we'd better make a real estate man of our Willie. I can't keep him out of the dirt."—Washington Star. "THIS new soap," said the barber, "is very nice. It is made largely oi cream, with just a dash of alcohol in it." "Well, remember I'm a temperance man," returned Dobbers, "and don't p»t any more of it in my mouth than you can. help."—Brooklyn Life. CrnzES—"Patrick, where is your master? He was to have met me here at nine o'clock, and it is now a naif hour after that." Pat—"You don't know him, sir." Citizen—"Why, is he apt to ba late in his appointments?" Pat—"Late, is it? Bedad, in bein' behoiad hand ha lades the worrnld."—Boston Courier. AM SO HAPPY BOTTLES S.SSa Relieved me of a severe Blood trouble. 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He «1!1 give goO lor any case Unit ho cannot tsll the disease and where located In live'minutes Ee will return to Logimsriort overy inottth tali! year to'remain ona day. Treats all Curable Medical and Surgical Dls> eases, Acute and Chronic Catarrh, Diseases otthf Eye, 3C;ir. Nose, Throat and Luncs, Dyapeps'a. Brliiht-'s Disease, Diabetes. Kidneys, Liver, Blaft diir, Chronic, Female and Sexual IMseMes. Epilepsy or Fits Cured. - A Positive Guarantee,' YOUNG AND MIDDLE AGED MEN Suffering from Sporuiatorhea and Impoteniy ol the result of self sbuse In yoath or t*6sn in mature* years and other causes producing some '. oltbe following effects, as emissions blotches debility, nervousne.su, dizziness, contm>1on on Ideas, aversion to soclety.delective memory and sexual exhaustion which unfit the victim for business or marriage, are permanently cured by remedies not Injurious. ' BLOOD AND SKIN DISEASES. Syphilis and complications, is sow throat, tailing of the hair, pain In the bones, eruptions, eto, are perfectly eradicated wltliout using mercury or other Injurious drugs. Gonorhea, Uleet, Stricture and all UrlnMj and Kidney Troubles are speedily cured '>y treatment that Has never failed. He undertakes no Incurable cases, but cures thousands given uy to die. Remember the date and come early, as nis rooms are always crowded wherever he stops, CONSULTIOJi FREE. Correspondence solicited, and confides tlal. Address Sedlcul cud SurskftlInstitute, 309 Fourth St. L(iuls> Ills KT FOB OYES FIFTY YEARS this old ScvereignEemedy bss stood the test, and stands to-day the .best known remedy for Catarrh., Cold in the Head and Headache. Persist in its use, and it will effect s. cure, no matter of_Iiow standing the case may be.-' "~ For salo 10 Introduce a series of valuable educational works the above Tilil be sent to all applicants by the PCBU MES P, OOWNS, PUBLISHER* 2*3 OnORCWAY. tJEVt YORK. City Rcr.iedJo^ K.POj>er b.'\; six boxes fol 85.00. A TTlv'cr; gtmr:Lntce of :.•. •> tvlth. (.T'ry . Kortit ":cin«i Swree*. aila.. Everr MAN who worjd know tlia GKA>"D TRT7THS, tbo Plain Facts, tin Olc! Secrets nafl the New Discoveries of Sledlcal Science as applied to rite for oa- -wonderful little Ijoolt, called 1 will mall ODO tbo quacks." P%"Ncrve Seeds," JIBthc-B-ondcirlul remwly ""Is sola with ft wrt!^ ten UTI:* run tee t^cnre all ncrvoun diseases, pucli 03 TTcak Memory; hood, KIlhUT EmUaionn, QuIck.RC»». JSvlI I>reamp> JLackof Coa0(^i3cet AervotteacNA. X*&««ItiidCf all drains and loss of power of the Generative Orjranfl In ctUier sex caused'b7 over oa»r- Uon. yonthfol errors, or excessive use of tooscco, opium orstlmn- Mants-irhlchsoonjeadtolnflrmlty. ComninpUoii and Iiisnnltr. fi" 4 up convenient to entry In Te»t pocket. Sent by nail tap!»ln packiur / ?wanynddrcs3forSl, Ore for 85. CWIth every »5 orderV« __ W ^_^,, JJ ._, AT ., ^<vo a-wrtttcn ea^inmt«« to cnrc or refund th* mcacx*) BEFOEX AKB APTHB. UaHfO- iSffiCTJLAE FB£E. AddreMi NJEKVJE SJGEJ> CO.. Chlcmo, 111. Jjr Sale in Logansport lad. By H C I'ureell Druggist] 321 Fourth St DR. MOTT'S PEMIROYAL PILLS. The only safe, snre and j.-eliable Female Pill ever offfered to Ladies Especially recommended to married Ladies. Beware of Pills rut up in ton boxes aa they are dangerous. Ask for Dr Mott's Pennyroyal Pills and take no other. Send toe circular. Price $1.00 per box, 6 boxes for $5.00. Dr. Motto. Ctaemlotl C*. CI«wIamJ. Ohio. DR. WILLUMS' INDIAN PSLE OINTMENT •win crae Bliid; Bleeding »ndltchingPiles. It absorbs tb« tumors, allay* the Itching at once, acts aa a poultice, gives Instant reUef. Frwparedonly forPflesandltcMny of,the private parts. Every box. is •warranted. Judge Coons, ot Maysvflie, K. T.. says: "Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Olnt- raentcnredme after years of suffering," Soldby sentbymailonraceiptofprfoe, Sold by B F Keesiiajc and J L Hanson

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