The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, JUNK «T, ST/TTrtrVTT.IJS (AKK.) OOUHTER NEWI OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams }ur Boarding HOUM with Maj. Hooplc .. 'WHAT AILS -fat VJOHLO.'"— If t UXHi M.V ^& COSTUME WMEM 1 1 8**T, TWtV'U. K MOftt RCCW>- ^ EMBALMS Voo / , fwe-ro SOME emc« SAReti, M«N8C NOO COGKtTO VOW* DARK «O(T— MA*J UM6 TO CMAM3E V0OO. Richmond, \'».. makes move cigarettes than any city In the world— alxiut one-third of the O. S. output. Utah, first in gold mining, was probably the last area in the continental United States to be explored, The flag should be displnyed dally, weather permitting, on or near the main building ol every public institution. Read Courier Ne»'» Want Ads. FM and AM 7 Tubet Plus Rectifier Listen to the Ball Game In Noise-Free Comfort, ; $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH HREIFIS i... Wear Dii xxxvin ' 1>EA COSGHOVE felt closer to •" Speare Island than ever betore. The present makeshift quarter* did that She had not realized before how confined the We bad been. "Nona McGuire and Georgt have been oft together all day long," Agnes said petulantly. "I haven't anyone but you to talk to now." She looked strangely »t Bea. "Why dont you come right out and say you think I'm jealous?" -I didn't intend saying anything," Bea said. "Why not? It's true enough, I suppose. It's the way things always happen to me. I tbought I'd found a real lasting friend in Nona. Then all of a sudden she and that George Bascombe have to be close to each other aU the time. Have to keep touching each other, whispering and wandering away together." "I don't think it's something sudden." Agnes paid no attention. "Why couldnt he have stayed with tna Mollie Stark? She's his sort. They belong together. He shouldn't be •with someone like Nona. And the way she looks at him! Well, guess I don't care if she want! to be like that. ! dont need her! can stay on Speare Island with I Mabel." "Mrs. Jones asked you to stay? "Does thai surprise you?" Agnes demanded. "You mean you don think anyone would want me? She stopped, drew in a deep breat and mad* one at her quic changes. "I'm a fool. I'm sorry "Even if Nona Is in love wit George. I don't see any reasa you two can't still be Friends Bea said. "You mean you don't think stv **I dont know. I meant yo«j could still be friends." u No," Agnes said thoughtful] "It wouldn't work. I don't tri George. I'm afraid, Bea, There xnething ! havent told anyone. can tell you because 1 know you an't think Lilly Warren killed erself." "What makes you think thai?' • • * GNES shrugged the question away, went on with her own ne of thought. "You remember uring the court. Harding said he'd had to fix up Mollie Stark's leg? .otnethmg had pulled from her ossing about in bed. he said." "I remember," Bea repeated. "Well it wasn't from her toning bout in bed," Miac Firth said rimly. "She was up and walking round that morning. She got a FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Let Him Leer* lack dres! and I her slink sut with that George Bascombe. aw them hurry down the trail oward the cave." "You think Mollic and George illed Lilly Warren?" "Why that's obvious," Mis* Firth said in honest surprise. Mollie wai setting her cap (or Mr. Harding. Probably some kind of a plan she and that Bascombe had. Mrs. Warren interfered. And so they killed tier." Agnes leaned closer. "You mow. 1 was worried for a while. Something I saw. Or thought i saw. And I can't Figure how it fits in. That morning 1 looked out acroas the cove where the wharf was. and I thought 1 saw someone lowering something over the eUA with a rope." Mist Cosgrove drew in a deep breath. "You're sure ol that?" "I guess so. Yes. I'm positive. And *1 know now who It wai. tt bothered me a little at (he time because 1 thought it was someone clear by tomorrow. And the surl will go down. Tomorrow we will light the beacons. The smoke from the wel wood may be seen." Bea left the shelter, walked out to where she had an unrestricted view of the Island. The sun was gone, but overhead there were still patches at a bright blue. "Here comes Agnes. She's running!" she called. < "Probably saw a ghost," Sill- well said. "Or her own reflection In a nool of water." But they all stood up, came oul and waited for Agnes Firth. Thej could hear her shouting something long before they could make out the words. "A ship!" The words camr clearly at last. "1 saw a ship!" In another tew moments she was the center of trie whole group, and words tumbled from her mouth "I was watching the sea. down near Fisherman 1 ? Cove when the sun broke through. I saw it then. The Simpatico." "Impossible." Harding snapped. "It couldn't be the Simpatico. She isnt due for a long time yet Maybe another fishing boat." "I saw tt clearly," Agnes insisted "I tell you I saw it lust as plain as could be. I eould make out H was damaged. Part of the railing at the stern was broken." Henry Harding stopped the rush. "What could you see now? ANDXX*. R»L, LARRY, LEARW THE HARD WAV,TH»T CoMCWTAS EN&AGED TO lineal w »k e»rt't look any wort* on you thtn tt will on th* bill!" PRISCILLA'S POP else. But it must George Bascombe.' have been /""LOUDS parted and a last strong v> ray at the setting sun broke through. \ , Henry Gough Harding broke the silence he had maintained since Mollie Stark's return to loe shelter as a permanent member of the colony. "Trie wind hat changed. It should be completely It's getting dark. And the surf* still too high to tet anyone land. If this wind holds, the surf 11 be down by tomorrow." They all relumed unwillingly to the shelter. "We might a* well eat," Mabel said. "Wait a minute," Siliwell ordered. "This calls for a r»l_cele- bration. A* real drink all "round." He pulled bottle; from the case he and MoLlie had been working on. There were* enough to go around. "Open them up," Sillwell said. "Ill give you * toast." He waited a moment and then raised hie bottle in mock salute tfl Harding. "Here's to our deliverance from Speare Island and to the pleasant future!" Henry Harding xtared at his boltle. He alone made no move Lo drink. (To Be Continued) Ask for and Receive BY AL VERMEER OH, NOT FOR A LONG TIME, PR15OLLA. WHY DO YOU A<5K? WELL... 1 GUE'5'5 THAT AH5WER5 MY QUESTION. 1 WAS , /ONOERING F ITS TIME . FOR ME TO IN TART HELPING WITH THE /_ OI5HE-3. YET. WUUIU-UJ4i.M5S51.~S VIC FLINT Flower Spells Trouble HY MICHAEL O'MALLBY and RALPH LANE IHl <.R\U.S «)\IP\Y, IL u ror\s Dine & Dance at THE SUPPER CLUB In South Osceola ORCHESTRA Every Friday Nighl o. c. St. clilr Call 911 for Private Parties Th* tirft Inglith he learned wot, "For automo- bil» loans go to GfNERAL CONTRACT PUR- CHASf CORPORATION." 4% HOME LOANS rilbert S. Johnson Hie Equitable Life Assuratic* Society Phone «Z2* Evenings PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete cvlverU. 12 Inch to 4ft inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant hovses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate . . . Phone «9f,. OSCEOLA TILE 8, CULVERT CO. lex Rapp looked like a food proj- ptct for th« police search, but... WHAT5 THIS CUPPING? OH, THAT S A UTTLE PRIVATf BU5INJ55 ABOUTf DAT! WITH A OOIAY WHO DIDN'T SMOVK UP. WELL, THAT WAS A FALSE ALARM, BUT H£RE COMES ANOTHER GUY W/TH A CARNATION .' HiS GOT A BOIL Of TENS AMD HOHORIDS ON HIM THAT WOULD CHOKE A HOCSt, SiBS€ANT, RUT NO TMOU5ANO-OOUAR tills. I GUESS Wf CAN T AftKESI HIM FOR THAT, MR.WILCOX. WASH TUBBS While Mollv In BY LESLIE TURNER ire ACOWCIDENCE.Oia.VeuReiy YOU tOH"f BUT SHADY CHARACTERS SEOAHf WNK TKERfs Any T»KWt! QWTf AM WJTEREST IW XeONNECTKHI.EASV! WOR BU1LDIUQ ABOUT THE TIME JkKf PKCHeR GOT OUT O' 1* rid. PROfAiLY NOT... \ BUT THATS UNLESS THE OUT- \ BESIPES.THE POSSE LAW* MANAGED 1 SAIP THEY STILL HAD IT SOME WAY TO HII* AFTER REINS 1HS MON6Y BOX i KVOWD THAT POmTl THERf PURIWG THE I E»MWHILE,I»J M01LV PH.CH6K'* TINY SWACKr A H1OTOR DROTKH5 OUT THE ^LOWS Of HER HAMMER AS »«£ CHISttS *TO GIG'S Rent a Camera for Color Pictures (he idea) way t» remrrnhet orriMcmf- Ah* other types of r»n- eras for rent BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W Main Phone 3847 TUDEBAKER. What's the Best Way To Buy a Truck? SEE IT ... DRIVE IT ... PRICE IT IS 18 Studebaker 1-T<m Pickup 1947 Studehaker I-Ton Pickup 1947 Studehaker '/i-Ton Pickup 1946 Dodge 1 '/i-Ton Cah A Ch«seii«i 1S4« Chevrolet '/j-Ton Pickup 1942 I>od gc i/,-Ton Pickup J»4I Ford '/,-T<m Pickup 1940 Chevrolet '/i-Ton Pickup. Chamblin Sales Co. "Yout FrietMHy StwMMker Railroad ft Ash •STUDIIAKER' BUGS BUNNY You Look Well Today, Bugs MV "HOW TO BE ^ DETECTIVE BOOK ^-rS D146UISES IS A.N WERE COMES PETUNIA.' fcET SHE DON'T H*V MO ID' . I'M ME..' I HEUO, BUGS.' HAVENOO V . SEEN CICERO? HE HASN'T" ) ALLEY OOP Hurricane on BY V. T. HAMLIN MCBBE THATU- LEARN VA ' ABOUNO IN OTHER. FISHIN'.' WV€N A POB&GN TWEXTENED ro VKPNMJO... TO7K MATTERS uro HIS <?WN HANRS. Oh, IJon't Hurry BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES or cooaw. viOA ,of\«.v\vi6 >. V iCAT ViAViX

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