Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1898
Page 24
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DAILYJPHAROS FRIDAY. MAY 20, 1888. OITY NRWS. Pharos subscriptions are due. Cooking butter 7Jc Ib—Traut. Money to loan—C. 0- Fenton. Best couotry butter lOe Ib— Traut. Homegrown strawberries—Rota. Hooley, the tailor, can please you. Ladles' slippers, 50o, at Maiben's. New pea* 5o quart— Rotbermel Sat Major MoFadln has returned from Knoi. P. F. Dunn wants your Saturday orders. 6Jc Ib lor California hams—Mc- Oaffrey. W. D. Pratt, of Indianapolis, Is In the city. Children's shoes—newest styles at Wiley's. Supper at the rink this evening, only 15 cents. Children's shoes, 35o, at Malben's, 412 Broadway. Mrs. Maria Schlater has returned from Columbus. Bob White flour, $1.65 for 501b sack—McCaffrey. Insect sprayers and beg finish at I. N. Crawford's. An excellent dinner at the rink for 15 cents Saturday. Worth 20o, our price lOo doz. choice oranges—McCaffrey. Every thing fresh la the vegetable line at P. F. Dunn's. Charles Dykeman is confined to bis .home with the mumps. We will halfsole your shoes for 50.c, at Hainan's, 412 Broadway. Prices that are an Inducement to buy, at Wllley's Shoe store. Marion McMeans Is entertaining Harry Allhands, of Chicago. Dr. L. M. Irwin, of Lafayette, is tn the city today on business. Extra choice steer beef, dressed chickens at Ray's meat market. 12 bars of Royal soap for 25c cash, Saturday and Monday.—P. F. Dunn. Spring lamb Rothermel east end, also meat market, rear grocery Saturday. Kate Strecker has accepted her old position with her brother (reorge In the bakery. Charles Lalng, the Panhandle engineer, and wife, are visiting at Columbus, Ohio. Mrs. W. B. Bryant, a sister of Mrs. D. 0. Justice, Is here from Chicago visiting. Fred Homburg, of Clay township, and family, moved into their new residence today. Sweaters, caps, golf hose, belts and gaiters at Dewenter's, the hatter and furnisher. Large California cherries, cauliflower, pine apples, strawberries and parsley—Traut. Capt. Fox and his company of souaves will drill at Longcllff hospital Tuesday night. Clothing salesmen are flocking Into Logansport and the hotels are crowded with sample trunks. J. D. Ferguson yesterday sold a nog off his farm south of the city that weighed 600 pounds. Don't forget to hear the sayings of the Ram's Horn man tomorrow even- Ing at the Broadway M. E. church. See our new line of shirts with soft and stiff bosom?, 50c and upwards.— Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher. Commencing this evening the fancy articles at the St. Joseph hospital bazaar will be disposed of at auction. J. J. Bier, of the wholesale cloth- Ing firm of Moore & Bier, of Rochester, N. Y., is In the city on bust- ness. John Kendall, the milk dealer, residing south of the city, reports the death of a horse yesterday by lightning. James Shinn, of Chicago, is In the city visiting relatives and friends. He is now clerking at the Hub in that city. Wholesale dealers report an advance of two cents on plug tobacco and a slight decline In the price of a few high grade sugars. New peas 4o qt, spring onions Ic bunch, radishes Ic bunch, pie plant lo bunch, tomatoes lOc Ib, Wide Awake flour $2.50 hundred.—Tract. Think twice before you speak, especially when ordering crackers. When "you've thought of Fox's Square Wafer Butter Crackers it's time to speak and speak distinctly. Give the grocer to understand that you want Fox's and only Fox's, A few more of those choice trim med pattern hats to be sold at vary low prices. Now is tbe time to buy your noboy dress, walking and sailor hats. The styles were never prettier and as the prices are much lower, they will cortainly please all.—Mrs. W J. Potter, near Sixth. Lieutenant Newcomb, in charge of the United States vessel Hudson, whioh rescued the Wlnslow after she had been disabled by the Spaniards off Cardenas, Cuba, was with Captain Coulson on the Rush in the Behring sea service. Captain Ooulson is now on important shore duty at San Francisco. Spanish Fleet Eludes Sampson. Gets Into Santiago de Cuba Yesterday Without Being Attacked Said to Carry Men aud Provisions for Gen. Blanco's Army. Both American Fleets Said Now to be in tbe Vicinity of Key West. Safe in Santiago Harbor. Special to the Pharoft. Washington, May 20—The report that the Spanish squadron has reached Santiago de Cuba in safety Is true, The squadrons under command of Sampson and Schley are nob as near the enemy as the puollc has been led to believe. Both squadron* are reported to be near Key West. The News Confirmed. Washington, D. C., May 20.—A great naval battle between the combined fleets of Sampson and Schley on the one hand and what Is known as the Cape Verde sfuadron on tue other Is expected soon. There Is now no disposition among the few naval officers who are willing to talk concerning the movementfi of the contending fleets to donbb that the Spanish "armada" is at Santiago de Cuba. The latest advices re- jeived early this morning at the navy department tend to confirm the news of the arrival of the Spanish fleet jiven out at Madrid. At first the American strategists declined to believe the report, which was pronounced a ruse. This view was held up to midnight, but early this morning the color of official opinion changed., This morning the expectation of an early meeting of the fleets was manifest everywhere. There was much talk also of a possible advantage to be gained by the Spaniards. It Is generally believed that the Spanish fleet carried a large number of troops and supplies for Blanco's army. Santiago .de Cuba Is not one of tbe blockaded ports and the Spanish fleet by arriving there has nob affectod the blockade, but Clenfaegos, on the southern coast, is watched, and if the reports given out this morning that Sampson's and Sohley's fleets are both In the vicinity of Key West are correct they are so far away that they could" hardly reach Clenfuegos in lime to prevent the Spanish fleet from going there asd raising the blockade. From Cienfuegos to Havana Is uninterrupted railway and telegraph communication across country with Havana, where General Blanco awaits reinforcements. Details of important movements pro- ected are not permitted to pass cen- or. Rejoicing in Spain. London, May, 20.—A Madrid special says: "The success of Admiral Cervera In avoiding the American fleets and keeping them on the alert excites much enthusiasm and causes the press to clamor for a prompt dispatch of the reserve fleet to the front." Golan to the Philippines. A cablegram states that troops are embarking at Spanish ports, bound for Philippine islands. More Prizes.' Key West, May 20.—The American! have captured two more Spanish vessels and brought them here as prizes. Port au Prince, May 20.—Genera romez, with 15,000 insurgents, is closing in on Havana. The advance guard was put to flight by 300 Spanish troops. Garcia, with 5,000 insurgents, is menacing Santiago de Cuba. Spanish warships have been sighted off Yucatan, «onvoying transports, carrying troops and provisions for Havana. WISCONSIN TROOPS 60 Through transport at 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 This Afternoon. The Nebraska National Gnard Will Follow at 11:30 Tonight. The Wisconsin troops will pass through Logansport this afternoon, over the Panhandle. There are three train loads. The first section will reach here at 4:30, the second section at 5:30 and the third section at 6:30. They are en route to Tampa, Fla. The Frst battalion, Second regiment, Nebraska [National guard will follow the Wisconsin troops at 11:30 tonight. They are also en route to Tampa. NARROW ESCAPE Mortar Explodes. Baker City, Ore., May 20.—Au explosion occurred here when a mortar was fired to welcome the troops from Idaho, who are en route to San Francisco. . An immense crowd had gath ered at the depot and the accident occurred in the midst of it. Several people were badly injured. The Terj Latest. Key West, May 20.—Events cf surpassing interests are expected to develops within twenty-four hours. Of Wallace Diamond, of the Westside. Was Struck bj a Vandalia Passenger Train— Railroad News. Abous 11:30 o'clock this morning, while Wallace Diamond was going east along the main track of the Vandalia, in the yards, he was struck by passenger train No. 6, knocked several feet away and seriously if not fatally injured. Mr. Diamond lives near the Yan- dalla round house and had left his home but a few minutes before to go over to town. Restarted east along the main track of the road and hearing the engine whistle and probably thinking he was on the track he stepped off to get out of the way and was struck by the train. Instead of reaching a place of safety he probably stepped Into danger which will cost him his life. The train which struck him was over an hour late,, the delay being caused by washouts south of here. Mr. Diamond is a man 45 years of age and has been employed in the heading factory, but lately has been out of employment. He has a wife and four children. His most serious injury is about his head, which struck on something when ha was thrown by the engine . Dr. J. B. Shultz was summoned at the time of the accident and did all In hl» power to relieve his sufferings , The bones of his right leg are broken and it is feared that Internal injuries have also been sustained . AKH CRUSHED. Grant Randall, a Panhandle biake- man, residing at 1330 Smead street, is the latest victim of the merciless wheels. At Bunker Hill, this morn- A WIRE SRAPE CRCA* OF TARTAR POWDIB DR; CREAM BAKING POWDER Awarded Highest Honors, World's Fair Gold Medal. Midwinter F«ir Grand May Sale, -ATTHE GOLDEN RULE. Without Comparison, nothing to be equal it ever attempted in the city. Bargains that are bargains. Profits entirely ignored. Prices cut to the lowest. The purchasing power of the dollar was never as great. Goods marked in plain figures. One price to all. Come today. You are Never Disappointed Ff—~ &* SCHMITT & HEINLY. Every day Brings S imething New in Shoes See the latest colors io Magennta, Gray, Tan and Olive colors.The handsomest colors and most Exquisite' Styles imaginable, beauti-j fully designed and something quite different from those you have ever seen. Equally as handsome in Misses' and Children's Shoes SEE THEjfi. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broad-way. YOU Like to see nice laundry work, don't you? You like to have your linen returned looking clean, white and elegant. Then send It to Marshall's Laundry. 608 Broadway, and we guarantee you will be satisfied. Call up 'phone 110 and our wagon will call for your work. Ing, while making a coupling, a wagon which stood near the railroad track wad backed up suddenly, knocking litai down. He fell with his arm across the' rail and the wheels passed over the member below the elbow, mashing aud mangling It m a frightful manner. He was with Conductor Ramsey on train No. 74, and was brought home on the first train and takan to St. Joseph hospital. He is being treated by Drs. J. B. Shultz and Hetherington. WASHOUTS. The heavy rains of yesterday caused three washouts on the Michl gan division of the Vandalia, one near Newmarket, one near Dooleys and one near Gunyon. The passenger train, due-here at 8:45 last night, was delayed six hours, and all freight trains were annulled. The trains today are all late. BAII,BOAD NEWS. Thomas McKeever, the Wabash car repairer, Is on the sick list. With the taking effect of the |summer time card the Big Four will have daily an additional car to New York and to Boston. Heretofore there cave been but two New York and one Boston through sleeping cars dally. The new police system on the various divisions of the Panhandle are said to be working admirably. The Richmond division system Is under the management of Capt. Karsh, who is located at Richmond. He is said to be a very capable man at his business. The Panhandle has been suffering considerably for several years past from all sorts of petty thieving and It is proposed now to put Its de tective department on a basts that will insure better protection. Saturday's Special at Folej's. pickles 5c doz, batter 12Jc Ib, crackers 5c Ib, Club House baking powder 23c Ib. 15 bars soap 23c,10-qt. tin water pall Sc, decorated slop palls 23c, good raisins 3c Ib, bread pans Sc, new potatoes 38c peck, fancy lemons I8o doz, breakfast bacon 7fc pound. HAVE--- You been around yet to see JACOB HEItZ'S line of Spring Suits, etc? If you have not, call at all the tailor establishments in the city, and then go and see his prices and if you cannot be suited.then it is because you don't want to buy,as he has all the JS T oveltie6 such as STRIPES, CHECKS, Etc. A kind invitation extended to all. YOUIB truly, DACOB HERZ. SEE OUR DISPLAY OF Spring Suitings! An Exhibition of Choicest Woolens and Novelties. JOHN CARROLL The Tailor 1222 Broadway. Lumber, Lath, Shingles, , Doors, Blinds, and Ladders. CHEAPER THAN EVER. THOMPSON LUMBER CO. Sixth and High Sts. MEN'S SUITS $5.00. Tomorrow we can place on sale four lots of Men's Suit* at iS.OO.Tfaey'ie serviceable patterns, color fast, nice fitting and substantially lined and trimmed. No more than 300 suits altogether, to you'd better come the first thing In the mornicg. We challenge the world to meet thta above price, and we have no fear that oar challenge will be accepted. "IttrYel- ous how we can do It."—say you. Not a bit. Ours are honeat prices—for honest clothing. "The Hub" is as famous for high quality aa for lowert prices. Our specials, $5, $6, *7.50 and 110 suits for this week »houlfl keep our store crowded with buyers. -D-D. f. a^it. Mothers you must not overlook our Children's Parlor—Knee Panti SuiU from $1.50 and upwards—and always a saving from 50c to «1.00 over what others will charge you. HATS. Were never so cheap as they are here now-41, $1.50, »2 M»d W.50 the best the world can produc at $3.00, all styles, Fedoras and Stiff Hmti—io latest colorings and shapes. UNDERWEAR, When we tell you that you can buy the best suit of undewear for 50o in the world-H is so becau 3 e-"The Hub" says it.is. Shirts and Drawert to match. A SHIRT TALK. Here Is where nobody can touch us-soft shirts 50c mafle In three different ways-to wear with white collars, ertra cuffs-some with collars and cuffs eu 'em—some wltn collars and cuffs attached, bat 2 separate collars with -em. ALL FOR FIFTY CENTS. Our fine line of shirts is superior to anything in Loganiport—and price* more reasonable. Our space does not permit us to enumerate other ipeo- tal bargains for this week—so we Invite everybody to call at THE HUB. Harry Frank's Old Stand. i 13 Fourth St.

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