Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 11, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1892
Page 5
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SENATOR HISCOCK THE DISTINGUISHED 5EW SENATOR TO SPEAK AT Km: TO-MGHT.. YORE GELBBRflTED Hf\T STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WINTER STYLES. Judse Dudley ;H. Cliasc to .Preside— Escort by the Drum Corps Mens' ClEb in Uniform CIIL/&V lEk H. G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor is showing some very handsome woolens tor fall wear in suitings He also has something new and attractive foi overcoats Yours Truly,, 'TUCK," DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, OCT. 11. Fine furs at tho Bee Hive. Military fur capes at the Bee Hive Russian blouse coats, at the Be Hive. Full sets of tho best teeth for !?S, a Clark's, tho dentist. To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schreyer a daughter, on Sunday morning-. The best of everything in tho wa; of dry goods at lowest pi-ices, at th Bee Hive. The infant of Mr. and Mrs. John Kuyath was buried yesterday after nocn at 2 o'clock. Money to loan on furniture, pianos horses, carriages, etc., without pub licity.—L. R. Clevenger, office ovo: Spry's store, room 7. Tho infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil lard Briggs of Clintoa township, died at 4. p. m. Saturday. The funera was held yesterday at 10 o'clock. Some place on the West Side no later than Thursday night a sparring match will be engaged in between Albert Mitton, of Marion, and E. S Smith of Terro Haute, both colored. The contract for drilling the artesian well has been let to George Linton and he will begin operations this week. It is thought that it will be completed by November 1st. Yesterday in the county clerks office marriage licenses were granted to Samuel E. Lesley and Matilda W. Webb; Goo. M. Conrad and Elizabath J. Knapp; Edward H. Wharton and Louisa Bopp, .Mrs. Mary Rhodes, ,wife of G. W Rhodes, died at the family resdence on Washington street, West Side, Sunday morning at 2 o'clock. The funeral was held yesterday at 2 o'clock from the house. Yesterday in the circuit court tho case of the State vs. Patrick O'Mara, an elderly farmer of Carroll county, charged with arson was heard. A grand jury indictment charges him with setting fire to his barn to secure the insurance. The case was given to the jury last evening. The many friends of Harry Talbott, the pleasant young comedian who is quite well known here by reason of his connection with the Little Nuggett company will be distressed to learn ihat he is all crippled up with rheumatism and is seeking relief in the baths at Hot Springs. As large a -pile of logs as can be seen ia many a day's travel is iying in Feynald's saw mill yard opposite the Pan Handle shops. Eight hundred thousand feet of unsawed timber is waiting to be cut, while three hundred thousand feet of lumber is stacked in the yards. Large as the supply seems, it will take the sawyers just about three months to cut them up into boards. YOUR NAME IN PREST. Item* of a* Personal Character Concorniiij: IjOKansportors and TTlielr FrJends. Mrs. Belle Gibson of Auburn, Neb., is visiting Mrs. I. N. Leedy. - Bert Graffis of the Reporter is quite ill at his home on the West-Side. Miss Carrie Mayer who was visiting Miss Bertha Stern returned yesterday to Chicago. M. McCarty, of Huntington, is in the city to attend the Campbell-Gorman wedding to-day. City Clerk Swadener has returned from a months trip to Denver and other points in the west. Mrs. Julia Chapman and daughter, Mrs. Al Franklin, went to Coucersville yesterday, to visit relatives. Mrs. Wm. Meredith of Troy, O., is visiting in the city the guest of Mrs. Wm. McDonald on High street. Mr. J. W. Kercheval an extensive dealer and shipper of live stock at Blue Hill, Neb., was in the city yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Baker of Wright street aro entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Halbleik of Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Art Cook are entertaining Mrs. Margaret Redd, Miss Maggie Redd, Marvin Redd and John Conrad, of Philadelphia at their home in Clay township. Mrs. A. G. Irons and daughter Miss Stella departed yesterday .for Chicago where they will make their permanent residence. Herbert Irons will join them in their new home in a few days. Mrs. Jap Paugh has returned from Washington where she attended the national convention of the Ladies of the G. A. R. While there she was the guest of Hon. Frank Swigart and amily; also visited Cora, Carrie and Mrs. Inez Lyons. Mr. S. A. Whitfield has returned to Ihicago after a very pleasant weeks, isit with his nephews, G. H. and S. W, Shaver and families. His sister, Mrs. G. M, Shaver accompanied him as far as Bernice, Ind., where she will visit relatives for a week. Gen. Lew Wallace of Crawforesville vas in the city yesterday a couple of hours en route to English Lake ia company with his son on an outing. Gen. Wallace has completed the manuscript of his new book and pending he copyright will take things easy. 3e stated to a Journal reporter that his is his first outing in five months and he is expecting to enjoy himself uring- his sojourn at that sportsman's >aradise, English Lake. Senator Frank Hiscock of New York one of the "Big Four" of that btate and United States Senator will speak at the rink to : night at S o'clock. Judge Chase has been choseu chairman of the meeting and the speaker will be escorted to the rink by the drum corps and the Young Men's Republican Club in uniform. Senator Hiscock has figured so prominently in New York and nation al politics that his name is familiar t almost every voter in this country He is thoroughly posted on tho issue before the people and his speech wil be entertaining and instructive. Til citizens should give Senator Hiscocl a large audience. A. 31. E. €!>ureli ConfcrcJico. The District Conference of the A. M. E. church will assemble at the A M. E. church corner of Cicott anc Market streets, Wednesday mornin at 10 a. m. Rev. A. Smith, presiding elder, will preside over the meeting, The following subjects will be dis cussed by members of the Conference The financial ability of the people througnout the district, Their mora worth, The spiritual condition of the churches, The condition of the public schools. The requirements of Sabbath schools, The means necessary to make the churches financially more prosperous. The following places will be represented: Terre Haute, Greencastle, Indianapolis, Dublin, Fountain City, Richmond, Marion, Portland; Lafayette, Brazil, Kokomo, Crawfordsville, Frankfort, Noblesville, fiockville. Lost Creek and Logansport. The choir has . prepared specia; music for the occasion. Rev. A. Smith, presiding elder will preach the annual sermon Wednesday night at 7:30. "Preaching to-night by Rev. N. S. Bray of Greencastle at 7:30. The public is cordially invited. TOM ROUSH'S* GREAT CASE. The crowd was just moving away when the identity of Thomas Jefferson Roush was established, and he was at once surrounded by a curious group, who asked him how much he had been "done fer." The Hoosier hog buyer was entirely non-committal however, and warded off all efforts to extract information by saying that he would tell his story at the time of the trial. Later oc he walked away with bis attorneys. On the street he was asked: "Of whom did you bay your 'short ribs?" ',1 will not say anything about it." "How much did you lose?" : 'I won't say at the present time." "What is your motive in bringing this suit?'' "I am not trying the suit out here on the steeet." el»o 3 "Blush of Rcses" is-not paint or 'Owder but is clear as water. Ladies, ry it. Sold atB. F. Kessling's and L. Hanson's drug store. Price 75 ents. A Clonfl of ILawycrs Greet From Indiana. Chicago Inter Ocean: Justice Bradwell had a distinguished looking audience in his court-room yesterday morning when the "short rib" suit in whieh John Cudahy and A. M. Wright are defendants was on. Preliminary to the calling of the case there was conversation carried on by well dressed men in the crowd that the average man failed to comprehend. This talk about "Jan." pork at "65," and "shorts clear" was going on in the main room, while those two rising young attorneys. A. S. Trude and W. J. Hynes consulted in the back room with Levi Mayer. Tho clerk called the crowd to order and announced the case. Mr. Trude was the first to address tho court. "Your Honor," said he, "1 would like to know if this distinguished capitalist, Roush, is present. I would like to see him, and I wish that he would step forward." Thomas Jefferson Roush failed to respond, and Mr. Trude then addressed his inquiry for the prosecuting witness and Kenesaw Landis, his attorney; and Mr. Landis replied in a confident tone that Mr. Roush was present, and would be heard from in plenty of time. A motion was made for a change of venue and in the usual form the defendants were lined up in front of the j judge and required to swear that they did not think that he would give them a fair trial, whereupon Justice Bradwell granted a change and Justice Glennpn fell heir to the case. When the crowd arrived at the temple of justice over which Mr. Glennon presides, his Honor was found to be absent and negotiations were opened for a continuance. The date agreed, upon was Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 2 o'clock, and then the question of bonds for the two prisoners was discussed. "How will we fix the matter of bonds?" asked Mr. Hynes. "Oh, let them be renewed," said Mr. Landis. "Not that we fear that the defendants will run away, but simply as a matter of form." Attorney Trude then signed a $4, 000 bond for; him; also for Mr. Wright, remarking, as he did so that if he was" called on to put up the money he supposed he could borrow it from Roush. Just as the proceedings for the day were being finished Attorney Landis was joined ^in what appeared to be an unequal contest with such lawyers as Trude, Hynes, and .Mayer by a re-in- forcement in the person of Otto Gresham. a son. of the Federal Jndge. ObKuary. The funeral services of Mrs. Rose L. P. Miller of this city will be held in the Baptist church to-day at 2:30 p. m. conducted by the pasto r, Rev. W. H. H. Marsh. Mrs. Miller was born in Livingston county, N. Y. and with her parents Chauncey and Lucy Ward, came to this city in 1S3G. She was twice married. Her Erst husband was Benjamin Pursell, her present husband John H. Miller. She leave's two children, her husband and two brothers. In 1SGC she benaine a member of the Baptist church of this city. She was ever loyal to her church obligations. Her life was one of sincere piety. Her last months were months of great suffering. Her end was peace. for Brand. N. J. SCHLOSS & CO. Are at the Very Head of the Clothin BUSINESS. WE ARE THEIR SOLE LOGANSPORT. AGENTS. This season has many surprises in store for seekers of BOYS' PERFECT CLOTHING, and our strength will be demonstrated not alone in the elegant higher-priced suits but in those at . ' A New Feature is the Long Trousers. Double Breasted Ready-to-Use Suits, In all the New Effects- IF YOU WANT your bov to wear */ w Clothing thoroughly reliable in quality, Stylish in cut and perfect in fit— You Know Where to Come for It. OTTO KRAUS, "Of Course. of Advertised loiters Remaining In the postofflce at Logansport the week ending Oct. 10,1892. GENTS. Kelley Trunk HcGutre, Chas. Luc? Will. LADIES. Bicker, Miss Nellie Hewitt, Mrs. E. E. .Ferguson, Alice Miss Rose. Elizabeth Mrs. Smith, Lee Hiss. Persons calling for these letters please say advertised. D. W. TOMLJNSOX, P. M, Indiana Grand JUodse I. <3>. G. T. The Indiana Grand Lodge, Independent Order Good Templars will convene at Good Templars hall in this city to-morrow morning. This is the thirtieth, annual session o£ this body and the second time the Indiana Good Templars have honored Logansport with a session of their Grand Lodge, the Grand Lodge having- held its session of 1890 in this city. The Good Templars of Logansport naturally feel flattered at this second recognition of the City of Bridges and. are preparing for a highly enjoyable season. Already some of the earlier deigates. have made their appearance in the city, while many are expected to-day, and by to-morrow the white, lobe mounted badges of the order will be seen on all hands. On Wednesday evening a grand pubic meeting will be held in some place to be announced hereafter, to be ad- nressed by Past Grand Chief Templar, :. W. Hagans of Shelbyville, subject: 'Manhood — A Necessity to Positions of Trust." B. F. Parker, .of Milwaukee, Supreme Secretary of the Order, will certainly be present on Thursday; and Oronhyatekha, of To- 'onto, Canada, Supreme Chief Templar las written, that he will come if possible. Oronhyatekha is also head of he order of Foresters, and as this ,ity is headquarters for that order in ndiana, it is probable that the For- sters will arrange to give the "Big ndian" a reception while in the city. lany other notables of the order Till be present, as well as perhaps 00 representatives from subordinate odges. The Journal bids them all elcome and remarks to the visitors n advance that there is no cleaner ody of people in the city than the ocal lodge which welcomes the repre- ntatives of this world wide order to ae city to-day. The session will continue two days. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Splendid fur trimmed cloth cloaks, at the Bee Hive. The nobbiest and newest dress goods at the Bee Hive. The nobbiest ladies, misses and children's cloaks, at the Bee Hive. Yesterday was the last day of grace for payment of natural gas bills for October. Yesterday was the last day of grace for payment of natural gas bills for October. See the way the wraps are going. No wonder, such bargains in cloaks, ar the Trade Palace. Go with the crowds and get your dress goods and wraps and save 25 per cent., at the Trade Palace. . Dozens of carpets were sold yesterday at the Trade Palace. Low prices and good goods makes them go. Come with the crowd for lace and. chenille curtains, chenilles $3.49, fringed and bordered, ton and bottom, at the Trade Palace. The first application of Orange Lily of ten relieves the suffering of months and years. Price §1. Sold atB.F. Keesling's and J. L. Hanson's. Juclso JolitiKion at Royal Center. Judge William Johnston opened his campaign in Cass county last evening with a logical, dignified speech at Royal Center. There was a largo crowd in attendance and tha drum corps of this city escorted the speaker to the hall. Judge Johnston is a man of wide knowledge and experience, a student and a man who speaks- from a careful study of ' national affairs. He is making a dignified campaign while his opponant is- skulking around avoiding public meetings and the light of day. AT LONG SCHOOL HOUSE. At Long school house in Tipton township last evening Hon. J. T- Bryer and Frederick Laadis addressed, an audience of 75. This is tho first political meeting ever held at this point and the size of ibe audience shows the interest in that locality. The audience listened attentively to- the discussion and applauded vigorously. and Atl Interesting Course of Study Series of .Lectures. The Baptist Young Peoples Union of the Baptist Church of' this city, begin this evening a, course of study, in thirty lessons, of the Life of Christ. These studies will be on successive Tuesday evenings until the course is completed. They will be led by the pastor, Rev. W. H. H. Marsh. All are invited to attend. They are undenominational as a matter of course.The subject this evening will be Palestine, its area, configuration — Flora and Fauna, and location. This course provides for six lectures, one each month. These lectures will be by Rev. W. H. H. Jlarsb. Rev. B. F. Gavins, D. D., of Pen:: Rev. F. Gardner, pastor of tee Baptist church, at Franklin, lad.;. Prof. J. W. Moncrief. of Franklin College: R-_-v. \F. F. Taylor, pastor First Church. Indianapolis, and Prof. Chaffie, pastor of the Baptist church, South Bend. These lectures will be free to all, the young people of the Baptist church of this city, paying all expenses. Later we will announce the subjects. Second-Hand Hi I have twenty-five second-hand open acd top buggies on hand, ranging in price from, ten to thirty-five dollars. They are all painted up and are in good running condition. I have to move them, out of my warehouse for the purpose of making room for the new factory that is coming here to manufacture road wagons. I will, therefore sell these buggies at the above greatly reduced prices in order to close them out, as everything must be sold by the first of November. GEO. HAKEISOX, 424 Broadway. Wflen Nature Needs assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best, and most simple and gentle remed}' is the Syrup of Figs, mrnu- factured by the California Fig Syrup Company. Wharton-Bopp. Last evening at the home of Wm. Tridinger 116 Helm street. West Side, 'Rev. H. M. Obenholtzer united in marriage Edward J. Wharton of Tippecanoe, Ohio, an engineer on the Chicago & Erie railroad, to Miss Louisa Bopp of this city. The bride has a large circle of friends who will be ready to congratulate her upon this marriage. No one was present .it the ceremony but the nearest relatives. The happy couple will le&ve soon for Huntington, this State, gibeir future home. z lien's Republican Club. All members of the Young Men's Republican Club are requested to meet at the Broadway rink this evening at 7 o'clock for the purpose of acting as an escort guard to Senator Hiscock of New York who will address the Republicans of Cass county at the Broadway rink this evening. R. M. YAK WINKLE, Pros. FREDERICK LAXDIS, Sec'y. 3J,epnl>lican Speaking. At Sandridge school house, Noble, township, Friday evening at 7:30. WT. Wilson speaker. To $5,000 to §20,000 at 7 per cent, interest oa business property. Apply to W. D.PEATT; IBREGUIARITY. Is that what troubles you? Then it's easily and promptly remedied by Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regu, late the system perfectly. Take one for a. gentle laxative or corrective; three for a cathartic. If you suffer from Constipation. Indigestion, Bilious Attacks.. Sick or Bflions Headaches, or anv derangement of the liver, stomach. o~r bowels, try these little Pellets. Thev bring a permanent cure. Instead o"f shocking and weakening the system with violence, like the ordinary pills, they act in a. perfectly easy and natural wsy. They're the. smallest, the easiest to take—aid the cTitapat, for they're guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your money is returned. Yoa pay only for the good you. get. Hon. W. J!>. O\vcc in Clue City. Hon. W. D. Owen arrived in the j city last evening and will speak afc i Kentland Wednesday, and at other I points in the State later. Mr. Owen reports the greatest confidence in Republican circles at Washington and New York, and says that never before in the history of the Republican party has there been the wealth of argument and the force of facts at the service of the Republican party.'Mr. Owen is looking unusually well and is enthusiastic in the cause. Conrad-Knap p. Married at the Baptist parsonage Oct. 10. by Rev. W. H. H. Marsh, Mr. George JI. Conrad and Miss Elizabeth I. K:;i:py. •Yil! Randolph in TronbJo. "Will Randolph, a former well-known young iu:filament dealer of this city, has been required under bond of $500 to appear in the Circuit Court to answer the charge of embezzlement, preferred against him by accompany, for whom he had been selling imple» ments on commission, charging- that he failed to remit §1,000 due them on the contract. Since his business assignment more than a year ago, Will has been living in Michigan. Election Jfotlec. The annual meeting of the members of the Second Baptist Church ot Logansport, for the election of Trustees wi;l be held in the lecture-room of the church on Thursday evening-, October 20. 1S92. . E. MCALLISTER Clerk. OcLober 10. 1892. OJIAHA. Neb., May 5. 1891. I have tried a great many remedies for headache, and Krause's headache Cfipiules knock it- quicker than any thing I ever tried. D. W. McYEA. Sold by B. F. Keesling and -T. JL. Hanson, druggists.

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