The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on June 13, 1992 · Page 3
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 3

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1992
Page 3
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SATURDAY 13 JUNE 1992 TNI ttl-1 Cwy David was rushed to St Via-ceriti Hospital yesterday wlthself-Inflicted wounds to hit stomach and throat, believed to have been cntitmA hv amznr hlnrt ' ' 5? A special section of the Commu-dt protection Act had . to be Invoked before David, who was transferred from Pentridge to Meftt : Park r psychiatric cento Dree days ago, could be taken to liififfi self-mmilliteitioini ftii'. 'cV -- v'' ' i; .'s;:: - . ' ' ' '- - -- -.'". AmbtilAfVa nfflrAra vunt allA Vliuvmfa StnaAlFal artum ha hail - . ,ti t k - - bHiilltevlriwyiMiutVMlivktA Alha, luHaAta In hlatMnl Kilt mm ' him at Unnt Dark anH kiwi ft , Ambulance officers were called to' Mont Park about iii pro but - had to wait more than-an hour before being allowed to transfer David to, hospital. It to believed that ODavid carried out the twiK mutlfatton after locking himself in: a ward. : :v . ' it .-' A spokeswoman for the Minister for Health, Mrs Lyster, said David .ji could not be put la the embulanc uoui oniau inveieo. a section or - hospital. . - i y- ' ... the ' Community .Protection Act, At me nospinu ne rerusea meat-- which applies only to him. -cei'treatmeot to a wound that be - David, tinder police escort, Sad reopened in h(s stomach. ,-.w. arrived shortly be lore I put at St" Vincent's Hospital, where he bad surgery. The spokeswoman said he was admitted in a serious condition. - "We are doing everything In our 'power to ensure that he Is being v treated," she said late last night . ' The Anglican chaplain at Pentridge, Father Norm Cray, said, that David had openly threatened; to mutilate . himself only hours before the incident occurred. '.'He was unhappy at Moot Park and was threatening to do damage to himself while I was there this (yes-terday) moriplng.'' he said. . 'He went over there (to Mont .Park) with great expectations about moving into rehabilitation at a faster rate than the hospital Intended, I guess what happened -reflected a bit of frustration.''. : H; David's solicitor, Mr John McLoughlln, of the Legal Aid Commission, said the authorities at Mont Park had made it clear they did not want. David there. "Here you have a-person who can easily be put Into a situation where he can be made to look bad," he said. Mr McLoughlln said it was like- . ly that David would no w go back to Jail. David, 37, bad been moved after winning a court order last week allowing him to be transferred from Pentridge Jail to the Roeanna Forensic Psychiatric Centre at Mont Park. In making the decision, Mr Justice Harper said David's behavior In the past seven months had not caused prison authorities any concern and had probably exceeded their expectations. At Mont Park, David had been allowed to move freely with the 18 other patients in his ward, but was, according to Father Grey, "very unsettled". . Ms Kaye Williams, an official of .the Health and Community Services Union, said the incident bad been very distressing for the staff, A spokesman ' for the Prison Reform Group, Mr Jeff Lapldos; said David had stabbed himself because he had been upset at a "hostile welcome" from staff at the centre. He said David had been brought before a staff meet? log and told the rules governing him at Mont Park, and how he would be punished if he broke the rules. Mr Lapldos said David was very upset when he spoke to- blm by telephone twice on Thursday night and once yesterday. When David was sent to Mont Park In mid-1990 he threatened to assault and kill staff members, to take hostages, and to mutilate himself. According to an earlier court hearing, David mutilated himself and ate glass, and later barricaded himself In a room. " More N-waste to Hit if:;c'v ., -"Hi be moved: NIP In Brief I '-i'-ir .; More radioactive waste would be moved to the -' Australian Nuclear and Science Technology . Organisation site at Lucas Heights, in Sydney's west, the local state MP, Mr cans Downy (Lib), said yesterday. He said he had uncovered plans to . move the waste from a munitions dump at St r ("Marys, but this has been denied by a spokesman ., tor the organisation. Mr Downy said a om to be-., nested in Federal Parliament would remove the -.organisation from state environment regulations ono allow it to take tne waste. New murder trial v?,- ry two sisters jailed for 14 years after being ' 7 rfcOnvcted of the murder of a former boyfriend of. one oi mem nave won appeals against tneir .... )iivictioo and sentence and will face a new trial.- ponna Kendall, Z4, oi Moe, ana Karen Kanaaii, v '18, of Mirboo North, were found guilty last year -of the murder of Paul Joseph Snabel In JJbvember 1989. AlrNZcutsfares h Air New Zealand has cut more than $200 from its -return fare between Melbourne and New -'Zealand, competing with recent heavy discounts by Continental Airlines on the Tasmon route. The 'tares, On sale from today, will be $349 return for 'flights to Auckland or Wellington. They are . 'available between 18 June and 31 July, and travellers must return by 13 August JladJoactMtyfall .Radioactive contamination flowing from the - -'' .Ranger uranium mine into Kakadu National Park i fees, dropped substantially since last year, 'according to scientists monitoring the Environmental Impact of the mine. A spokesman for the Office of the Supervising Scientist, said "-that apart from a "couple of little glitches", "u : Resting between January and April this year -showed that uranium levels In the Mage la Creek Lhad returned to background levels. The world's fastest-talking man is coming to " 'Australia. Mr Stephen Wood more, whose official I claim to the title is in the 'Guinness Book of . .. v' D aktvrHa' awlll Ka Im Cutnu ti nmmAra si vvww t Ma n aa uuvj v s viiivv f , computer exposition. At 32, Mr Woodmore holds' i records for reading 448 words a minute from an "onrehearsed script, and 837 words a minute from a rehearsed script. me second record equals 10-jHUtoWt, words, ft seconds, , ,fi l5s!&9 phones for cool cats . . ; X weatherproof antenna developed in Melbourne ;has enabled Telecom to expand its mobile phone ,' network Into the alpine snow regions. The tateanas attached to the top of a ski-lift at Mount Buller and a Telecom tower at Mount Hotham are completely encased In fibreglass to prevent any '- j exposure to moisture and designed to withstand Csss Strait rescue A fishing boat is expected to reach a yacht stranded east of Flinders Island In Bass Strait ; early this morning. The 12-metre Gullways had rouea over earner out nna ngniea liseu ana now needed a tow because the engine had broken down, the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre ' said last night A spokesman said the stricken : boat with two men on board, bad been sailing from Sydney to Hobart-- . . . . . Ifatts 2 and Keno Tatf s 2: Winning numbers: 72 and 87 for a ,,. .. .' division-ope dividend of $1039. -Keoe: Wiuning numbers: 8, 9, 12, 17, 26, 27, 33, 42, 31, 39,; 56, 97, 062, 67, 72, 74, 79, 79 and 80. , PtCtura: MIKE MARTIN -" 1 ? - - . Investigators examine the scene of yesterday afternoon's plane crash near. Heathcote.'Five men died in the accident. Five die in country air crash ByMUCETOBIN Five men were killed when their light plane nosedived Into a paddock oh a farm in central Victoria yesterday. They were flying to a harness-racing meeting at Ouyen when the single-engine Piper Cherokee plunged to the ground at Moorm-bool West near Heathcote, east of Bendlgo. Four were members of a trotting syndicate and had a trotter racing at the harness meeting last night The fifth member of the syndicate had stayed In Melbourne because of work commitments. The men were: the pilot Desmond Wirtanen, 32, of Wyuha Walk, Mooroolbark; Ian Tatterson, 42, of Walkers Road, Mount Eliza; Ken Saddington, 43, of Heatherhill Road, Frankston; Phil Grostate, 38, of Downnward Street, Morn-Ington; and Gerry Lynn, 36, of Connie Street South Oaklelgh. The plane had set out from Coldstream and collected the passengers from Lilydale for the flight to Ouyen. A witness, Mr Les Gleeson, 33, was working on his property about 1.40 pm when he noticed the plane flying low with Its engine revving. He said he watched the plane circle the area moments before It banked sharply, clipped some . trees and plunge Into his paddock beside Gray-Redcastle Road. The plane hit the ground and broke up as it careered for about 100 metres across the paddock. . Inspector Ulf Kamlnskl, of Bendlgo police, said the five In the plane had no chance of survival. "The way the plane had crashed the people didn't have a chance." A team from the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation examined the crash scene, but the cause of the crash Is not known. The state coroner, Mr Hal Hallensteln, attended. TOMORROW iK THE SUNDAY AGE THE MAN WHO , WOULD BE PREMIER "I'd like to ttiink we aw gohrip-' have lots of oommonsense arid humor. N you go through life with a sense of humor ... you've got toj. be able to laugh at yourself. andT' this community need to laugh at Itself. This community needs to work hard. It needs an awful lobar cofflmonunu hut at the end op the day It needs to be able tp.eRjo 1 sffkennert talks to KmMmtVm. i ' : - ' TAKING US FOR A RIDE "The Cam Government rid itself of the 140 automated ticketing '. machines bought in 1981 by the Liberals, and Instead hired an' "" additional 250 station staff. The' government said K wanted a "' minimum of 20,000 rail employees. This was the supreme symbolic"' sacrifice at the altar of the ARUifOr which Labor Is still paying the i price." Rwy PariUmon In a apwiaf raped,, on how labor's transport potto tea boMOvratferf, ; -,.tu GHOSTLY GUEST "Last week he fronted upforhis.. 200th performance. In only six t -months he has brought more , pleasure to more people than -. Gary Ablett on a good day at s ., Ksrdinla Park or John Perceval vutn his current exhibition of wonderful paintings at the National Gallery.":' Com PtrtJn en Rob Omtt'i etc -months as Me Mantont, Free Tn TV guide. --' Free52-paee International Festival guide. Slatteryonfood. Shield on wine. Dowries on restaurants. 1 .i ii, .-!'' Mike Sreahan's mid-seasrjrf report: who'll make the mate?- The AustraliNew Zealand '.. . netbsil Test: a full match report.. Students may lose if long m i i'j BJST OfFER tODAT IFlJT-i Save trp T2531 ': Oaur U - ------ ' Were ISM from IMS some wore 1144 aew tTN Owr 1M SMfHivn and Warwick Brttttkl ' AjSO D0IiM1 gtttd MMsMf looka b h'i ;."jOfd!i'l wMBto A MMtftst it d ma SBrwM.11 1 A.4 tsaant, dab, Wtoj, Omci Tab- cbairs, ; XtM r$ t . Seet rtertkeett , 1 -ee be a 1 name. . Doat aika oae; i , 1 tn. . ! t, or stocaas eaevire ' t , MM NorUieet. ' LthXE atATTttY, . . '. edueatton edHoc i , The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Board will consider a -radical proposal to deduct marks if students write significantly above the word limits on - common assessment tasks. . . This follows widespread community concern, including a let- : ter.from private ' school princl-r pels published In The Age',: ' ' about students working too hard , on the VCE. ! " The deductions would be Im-. posed on work completed later s ' this year as a way of enforcing " compliance with the recom-. . mended word limits on assign-. " ments. Some students have been writing more than 10 times the: recommended limit '., The board's chairman, Mr ' The board will also consider ways of cutting back on the work requirements In year 12, giving more time for students to com-' plete their common assessment tasks, t " Year 12 students need only ' complete the work requirements to receive their VCE. Students either pass or fall the basic certificate. But there are four common assessment tasks In each subject Students are given letter grades in these tasks E to A plus' and the marks are used in tertiary selection.- ' :: In another development Independent and Catholic schools will not be given funds to ease the VCE workload if they wanted to use it in ways not announced , VUWIIIHU, ml . . a r, . . r . - Howard Kelly, said yesterday Out role of drafrlne wnuM also he ca0on.. Mr PP. "is week. examined. Some VCE students ' have handed In about 10 drafts of - written work this year. - '.' The -board is understood to have asked key universities for advice about how to handle the 'problem of over-work. Said one senior' source on the board: . "Some universities simply start-deducting marks on assignments that pin at twice the word limit" DAVID BRUCE reports that the executive director of the Association of Independent Schools of Victoria, Ms Fiona Ogllvy-ODonnell, said! yesterday that Independent schools were under enormous pressjire from work load but did not believe that the , five student study days and the two class-free days for teachers was appropriate or feasible.' 1 "It would be our view that the money should be made available for the schools to decide how best to use it," she said. A spokesman for Mr Pope said, however, that no school would get money for their own Ideas on easing workload. "If any school wishes to take part In the . package they will be given funds-to do so." The spokesman said that Mr Pope would meet representatives of the independent and Catholic sectors next week. - . The Staff Association of Secondary Catholic Schools said yesterday that many Catholic VCE teachers were wanting to teach in the lower years or leave the 'profession rather than continue with the heavy demands of the VCE. "V, I 1 - - The general secretary, Ms Judy Frazer, said that teachers in the Catholic sector taught bigger classes for longer hours and were required to be involved In more non-teaching duties than their counterparts in the Government sector. Ms Susan Pascoe, of the Catholic Education Office, welcomed the much needed relief measures but Insisted they were only Band-Aid solution for this year. CanceUed meenhc gives alpi oil dnpoisatibn chief hiduatilfJ lauiiibM '' A crisis for the State Govern- j meat was averted, at least tern-: porarlly, last night when a sched-1 uled meeting , of the ALP's I administrative committee, was debate; which Is tearing the Victorian ALP apart But sources from the coalition of Pledge unions and sections of Labor Unity opposing the corporattsatlon plans claimed that the motion would have been withdrawn, and that It was to be cancelled through lack of a quo-; replaced by a motion noting pro- v only 14 attended the meeting of the imember. committee, which was to consider a motion calling on the Government to accede to a Trades Hall Council demand for details of its strategy In the next state Budget-'-1 - ALP sources claimed the meeting was boycotted by mem bers 01 the mainstream Lett, led In negotations yesterday between the Government the party and the Trades Ball Council. It would have also called for another administrative committee meeting in a fortnight Members who attended the ' meeting were handed a letter attacking Mr Carr, an Influential Government strategist who was reported In yesterday's 'Age' by the secretary of the Socialist f rn3 u,XZE..i. " " Left Mr Klm Carr. However, the SWJSff.1 ALP president Mr Paul Slape, rJL.JtZJZ undermining the said members of the committee G2TuE5,an: u, ui..i' c.i could not attend because of other r e J"Ti "iTlLi coirtmraneats. Some of the II - VEzJlZ f who did not attend were mem- j KTSLT tutil the end of aext ooeth. ' The Tredee Hall CowkU secre-v Ta motiod scachile4 for laet - tlrjr Mr John Halfpenny, said sight would have damaged the there bad beea progress in talks, Goverament by raising the tern- yesterday with the Treasurer, perature of . the corporaUsatloo Mr Sheehaa, and that the Gov ernment bad dealt with several concerns. "We all came away more satisfied than with previous meetings," Mr Halfpenny said. - ' - Details of the discussions Would be considered by the Trades Hall Council executive on Monday. - HUGO KELLY reports that Mr Sheehan cooled the ALP's simmering corpora tlsatl on debate when he agreed with Trades Hall and Labor officials not to Implement any . more Government business enterprise reforms without consultation. The meeting yesterday followed anger In the union move, ment over the Government's decision to pass legislation this week on Melbourne Water. Mr Sheehan said last night that he bad empathy for anion and party unrest over public-sector reform. "The anxiety of the workforce Is understandable. But I believe we ess resolve those problems .,. my attitude has been to bat through It all, because ril get the result in the end," be said... . - v. The Government's draft bUlon reforms ia mm pubtto sector , would be released "within a week or so"i . - n FiiiniaKODan , ' . ' i National Food lmportDistriIutor ft Emphasis on Operational Functions m Negotiable around $60,000 Car Benefits Our client Is a subsidiary of a European Group and has it' a wdl etubfehed Australian business imoortinf and otttrlbutinf fine foods, confectionery and cheeses, the company Is headquartered in Melbourne and operates sties offices in al matmano capitals. ' Reportlni to the Managing Director, the Financial Contrcjier will nave an Integral role In managing the accounting and financial operations of the rroup. This w require a stronj hands-on approach In the areas of management reporting. financial performance, management of debtors and Inventory 3I4L (Fax: 014 Oilf). Kef. No. OTWIO. The rale wM appeal to the quaMled accountant who has .-a financial controller background and commercial involvement , In Importing, dtstributton or manufacturfrj industries. . The challingei tor this Financial Controller are both rewarding and demandinf and success wW enable management opportunities to be enveloped. Please contact Peter Bahantyna on 124 MSS for a confldentiil dttciisslon or. If vou prefer, send a resume to . Balantyne Archer, 5th Ftoor, 627 Chapel Street South Yam, SaDec Mainiagei? r Laundry Products An Organisation Rich in Leadtip & Innervation Around $50,000 Incentives FMC With a strong commitment to superior custtnw service and a focus as a leaoVf Irnovator, this orpntsaOon Is market leacV IN Australia and ImefT field. Che ccmpany develops and markets laundry products and systems da-ected at the Industrtal and Institutional sectors. This newly created role w call upon your strong sales management experience in a business to business anvironmenc . Kbu wi be required to train, supervise and motivate a small : team of sales and service personnel. You wM also manage a portfolio of key accounts as wel as convert mafor prospective accouna Into company loval customers. Essential to suawtheetw,wWpeycw''cando''attltuda coupled -with an aoHrty to develop long term business fslssionsreps. Sound negotlaoon, astwpeiional and management skits are also necessary, feu wi have had exposure to corryuterlselsaleisysterrtt.Ana An excellent salary package and chaleninf career path are offered to attract the highest calibre candidate whose aspirations match this company's drive for continual success. Please contact fNKo Archer or Tony Rouse on 174 MSS for a confidential dbcutslon or, tfyou prefer, send a resume to Batantyne Archer, 5th Floor. 627 Chapel Street, South Yam. 3WL (Pax 24 Oeif) Ref. No. 071 ll ?fiLn)ain)(SG ainKa Mainiageii' a a aaw (in7DDln)0 Professional Services Firm All Encompassing Hands-On Role m Negotiable Around $50,000 This leading medium sized Melbourne fkm has an established reputation for oiaky and service. The successful canctdate wM report to a senior partner and have total lavcJvement In the faWs accounting and nrandal octeranons. This Irckidai monthiy reoortsng, cash Mow control, al office adrrsVJstfauon and management of serviced offices. Aforrnaxceuntlngeajasncitionbniqui In computer baaed syttems and PC networks Is essential. As this role Is seen as being self-supporting from dksxt partner , Involvement, the person wt need to possess sound technical, analytical, communicative and supervisory skJh. . . . Thb) opportunity w appeal to an energetic person who enjoys a frtsncey and growth oriented organisaaon In s rofct which vrtl contribute to oSelf fuftlies devtiopment. Please contact Pete aMawtrns on 134 MSS for a confidential dhcustlon on sf you prefer, send a resume to Batantyne Archer, Sth Rooc 27 OsiH StTeet Soum arra. im yam sue eerri mm. ne, arm P i nsci nflu (p

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