Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1890 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1890
Page 3
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Women wear corsets for different reasons. You, "who want to be shapely and comfortable, may go to your store and say: "I hear that Ball's corset is offered for trial. I want one." The seller will answer: "You can wear it a week or two or three, and if you don't like it bring it back and get your money." And he will give you a primer on Corsets. You mic-ht as well know what is gofng on in the corset world. CKC«O Ctasst COnCfc&ftgo ami M«w York. A fail line of Humphrey's Medicines at Pryor's Drug store. REAL ESTATE. I-or sii.e. 11 residences on Broadway. For sal-?, 10 residences on Spear street. For saio, one Stone and two Frame residences on North stroot. For sale, two resiliences on Oso,ge street. For sale, residences • i Pratt anil Chippetva streets. For sale, residences ^\ High street. For sule. a brick residence on Broadway. For sale or trade residences on the North and south side. To trade, 4 good farms for dwelling pr operty. To trade, 3 j;ood farms for business blocks. To tnuL», ;i stock of Dry Goods for a good farm. To trade, a stock of Dry Goods lor town lots. To triuK y. desirable residence In Francesvllle far property In the city will pay the difference in I > rite. To tra-.le. a No. 1 Steam Grist Mill with all the KKKleru improvements. The MH| runs day and is in tr;)o lo atiou for u good {arm. VT;int«ii lots in all parts of the city to sell. To rent vie^mt third Hour apartments. For Particulars" Enquire of M. M. GORDON, Pension and Real Estate Room No. 3, Elliott Block, Logansport, • Ind. <lecld-wly Daily Journal.- 'SATL 7 RDAY MORNING, MAY 10. Pears' Soap secures a beautifu r.omplexion. now24dly House with gas for rent. No. 355 Sycamore street. dee32dtt Xec'kties and suspenders. 15 cents, Mt Harry Prank's. Cloth shoulder capes, full assortment S3, up to $5, at the Bee Hive. Strav.-beries in plentifulnessof supply, at 3IeCaffrey & Go's this morning. flurry 'Frank presents every customer of a child or boy suit with a castoaet wheel. U you want a beautiful black leghorn hat, go to Mrs. Briggs, 312 Market street, over Flanegin & Cris- moncTs, mayldGtwlt String beans, wax beans, aspara gus. cucumbers, new cabbage, and other kinds of vegetables that the market, affords, at McCaffrey & Go's. Montieello Herald: David Laing, of Logansport, spent Sunday with Monticello friends. He passed his sixtieth birthday anniversay while here. The city council of Anderson has granted a franchise to another street railway company, and there is lively rivalry in the work of grabbing the streets. There will be a game of base ball at the West Side park Sunday afternoon between Peru and Marion clubs. These are two of the best clubs in the State league and if a fair day the game will be well patronized. Peru Journal: Cullah C. Stewart, of Logansport, was in the city yesterday arranging for the appearance h- K Poudra y Concert Company of wmchheia advance representative. "e went to Rochester frem here. James Black of Suinmitville, while anving home from Frankfort the "tfier night, was attacked by a wild animal which he believes to have 0«n either a wild cat or a. panther. He beat it off but his olothiag was reduced to strings. He i« the third eC !, " y attacke <* near that y the beast. RECIPROCITY sa'l.v "Favoretlfoy :7Icmbers of l-'on Some days ago a number of citi zens joined in a telegram to Con greasman Owen remonstrating against the adoption of the clause in the tariff bill relating to Mexican lead ore. The following reply re ceived indicates that the claim wil perhaps be stricken out, and tha' reciprocity treaties will likely bi entered into:* , r, D. C. May 5, 1800. Alex Hfirdy and Citizens: Your telegram remonstrating against the silver lead ore report o committee meets my cordial sup port. Favoring as I dp reciprocity with Mexico I am convinced that no act on my part could more utterly aleniate that cause than this strok~ at her vital industry. As the reciprocity sentiment in the House is strong I do not fear the enactment of this unwise measure. Very respjctfully. W- B. OWKX-. Pleased The People. Springfield, O. Democrat: Th< Standard Theatre Co., made iti initial appearance here last night a Black's to a packed house. "Stand ing room only" was displayed early The far famed drama, "The Octo roon. " was presented and took th> house by storm. Billy Barbour, his wife Calla ant little child "Jess" are well known to Springfield theatre-goers, having been here frequently with the Mel villes. The company is one of un usual excellence and will certainl draw big houses every night. Billy Barbour as "Salem Scudder,' Chas. N. Richardson as Wahnotee, Calla Barbour as "Zoe" and Richarc D. Lewis as "George Peyton" each made hits in his or her respective parts. A feature of the performance is the splendid music under the direction of Mr. Ben Warner." At the opera house one week com mencing Monday May 12th. Prices 10 and 20 cents. A Xorcl Display. Dr. -J. jS T . Hurty, the well known chemist of Indianapolis, tells a reporter of that city how it came aboat that the red globe became so generally identified with the show windows of drug stores. In ancient times,, Dr. Hurty says, it wa's the custom of druggists to display all sorts of curiosities in their windows. One particular genius, in accordance with this custom, placed a naked human heart in a glass globe of alcohol, which attracted so much attention that it, was generally imitated, and the red globe of to-day is the evolution of that morbid exhibition of a cardiac organ. Camden Expositor: Miss Allie Cole of Logansport, was here Tuesday and Wednesday ...... Mrs. Long of Logansport mother of Mrs. Ed Dock, is here visiting ...... Mrs. Atkin- foni returned Friday from a several days visit at Logansport ...... Miss Jennie Padeu returned Monday from Logansport, where she had been with her brothers, since the first of the year ...... Will Parks of Logansport, was here Monday and Tuesday superintending the setting up of a monument to his wife and her parents— Mr. and Mrs. Glass R Thomas. Ellsworth Hughes, a student at Notre Dame university. South Bend, was drowned on Thursday in the lake by the capsizing of a boat in which he and a couple of companions were taking a pleasure ride. The unfortunate young man was 18 years of age and a resident of Denver Col. He was one of the brightest members of the junior class, and his sudden taking off has thrown the whole school into gloom. On account of the Musical Festival held at Indianapolis, the Vandalia line will sell round twp tickets,: May 13th to 17th inclusive, at 5.15, good to return, including May 19th. / Trains leave Logansport 7:26 a. m. and 2:40 p. in., arrive at Indianapolis 10:45 a. in. and 6:35 p. m. ; leave Indianapolis 7:10 a. m. and 5:10 p. m,, arrive at Logansport 10:45 a. m. and 8:45 p. m. -J. E. Edgeworth, Ag't. may!0d4t For Sale By the D. Mahoney heirs, lots Nos. 6, 7 and 8, in the D. D. Dykeman addition of West Logan. Lots No. 6 and 7 have a 66 foot front on Sycamore street, and 96 feet deep. Lot 8 has 100 foot front. The lots adjoin the Vandalia and Wabash depots, and make good business lots. Call or address, T. F. MAHOJTET. may9d2twlt 300 Sycamore St. The Journal's circulation in surrounding towns and villages is three time as large as all other city papers combined. Advertisers do you wish to attract trade from outside the city? The Journal reaches the outside people no other paper does. It requires no voice from the grave to suggest how you can reach them. New ruchings, collars, gloves, ribbons and corsets, received for today's trade, at the Haberdasher. So Blminulion of tlic'Snpply. There, has been a good deal o speculation, and concern as to th supply of natural gas, some contend ing that its early exhaustion is ine vitable, while others are quite a: certain that it will be "a thing o beauty and a joy forever." A spec ial dispatch from Findly, Ohio, give? out some information on the subjec that will be of general interest. I says: "As an evidence of the prac tical pernmnenoy of the supply o natural gas, in this locality, refer ence is made to the old gas well pu down in Northwestern Ohio, whicl was drilled about a mile east of tbi court house, in this city,in the lattei part of the year 1884. When i was drilled in, it had an out put o about 500,000 cubic feet per day. I was not a big well, as the people o this part of the country have since been educated [to look upon gas wells, but_ it revolutionized the in dustrial world, and made Firidlaj one o'f the most famous cities wes o£ the AUeghenies. The well has been in daily use since early in the spring of 1885, and is,to-day yielding a supply equal to the day it was drilled in. This fact should be con sidered a sufficient answer to. tin question as to whether the gas sup ply of Northwestern Ohio is peripa nent." Will You Guess? THE JOURNAL will gi«e a Prize ot Ten Dollar, in Gold to the person whose guess comes neires and a Prize of Five Dollars in Kold to the persor giving the neict nearest guess to the figures o the Census Enumerators, who beeln their work n Logansport on or about June 1,1SOO. To insure Tour name and guess being corretly recorded, cut off the coupon which appears below 1111 in your name, your address and your estimate of Logansport's populations In the proper places Then cut out the coupon and forward it to the "JOURNAL", Census Bureau Losansport. In dlana. . No guess received later than June 10th. and no guess recorded which is not made and ttlled in on coupon cut from THE JOURNAL. In casa of i tie, the- parties shall divide the prizes. GUESSINGOPENTOTHEWORLD COUPON GUESS. The Joiirnal!Census T Bureau First Prize: :$10 TnTGold. Second Prize $5 in Gold Guess How ManriPeople there are in Logansport POPULATION NAME. ADDRESS- SO Guess Beglsiereil Unless on this Coupon. "Tired all the Time" Say many poor men and women, who seem overworked, or are debilitated by change of season, climate or life. If yo.u could read the hundred of letters praising Hood's Sarsaparilla which come from people whom it has restored to health, you would be convinced of its merits. As this is impossible", why not try Hood's Sarsaparilla yourself and thus realize its benefit? It will tone and build up your system, give you a good appetite, overcome that tired feelin and make you feel, as one woman expresses it, "like a new creature." There is quite a sensation at the State .University in regard to a '•bogus," which was filled with vile abuse of the students, faculty and citizens, and recently thoroughly distributed over the entire city. The people of Bloomingtonatonce raised $200, and employed a detective, who has presented Hie naiues of four of the most prominent students to the faculty. The college authorities have turned the matter over to the State to be prosecuted under the libel law. A Porcine Monstrosity. Camden Expositor: "A double- headed pig was one of' a litter dropped Sunday night. May 4, on the farm of Frank Slusser, about one and a half miles south of Clyrn- ers. The pig is perfectly formed, with the exception that it has an enormously large head, with two distinct snouts. If it lives, it will be exhibited at the Harvest Home next fall." A Model Railway. The Burlington Route, ;C., B. & Q. Railway, operates 7,000 miles of road, with termini in Chicago, St. Louis, St. Paul, Omaha, Kansas City and Denver. For speed, safety, comfort, equipment, track, and efficient ser vice it has no equal. The Burling ;on gains new patrons, but loses n °ne. 3 maySdGt Hold It to the Light. The man who tnlla you confidential^ Just what will cure your cold Is prescribing Kemp's Balsam bis year. In the preparation of this remarkable medicine lor coughs and colds BO expense Is pared to combine only the best and purest Ingredients. Hold a bottle of Kemp's Balsam to the Ight and look through it; notice the bright, deal ook; then compare wlth.other remedies. Price c. and SI- . 4eod Probaklj- Blue Stockings. Montieello Herald: A burglar vis- ted the premises occupied by the chool teachers, Miss Moore, Miss iennardand Miss Hutton, ona night ast -week, taking some articles of minor value. _.ij'j. .•JL\. . MAY MUSICAL, FESTIVAL. Reduced EEate« to Enilianapolis via tlte Penii«ylvai\ia tines. The Second Annual May Musica Festival will be held in Tomlinson Hall. Indianapolis, from May 13th to 16th. The following talented Artists have been engaged for the occasion Sopranos—M'lle Clementina De Vere and Mdme. Herbert-Foster; Con tralto—Mrs. Zelda Segum-Wallace Tenors—Signer Jules Perrotti anc Mr. Charles Knorr;Basso—HerrEmi Fisher; Baritone—Mr. Chas. Holman -Black; Harpist—Mr. T. C. Cheshire and Mr. Franz Wilczek, Violin Virtuoso. The whole Hupported by a chours of COO trained voices and Seidl's German Opera Orchestra of 50 pieces from the Metropolitan Opera House, New York.- From May 13th to 17th, excursion tickets will be sold via the Pennsylvania Lines from ;Logangport, at rate of §3.15 good returning until May IStb inclusive. dtwto!5 Streustlu-iiiii"; autl rUu'U- 2uatic Plasters. Are a revelation to the World, ant are the only Genuine Rheumatic Plasters. Nine-tenths;i?of all troubles which require the aid of plasters are rheu matic in their nature. A change o! weather or sudden draft causes a cold which develops into muscular and that into inflammatory rheumatism. And yet there has never been such a thing as a distinctly rheumatic and strengthening plaster, and hundreds have died suddenly where rheumatism has attacked the heart, whose lives uiiyhtbave been saved had this plaster been applied in season. They are constructed on purely scientific principals and are purely vegetable. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich. For sale by B. F Keesling. jan23deod&wly ERMAX BAS'TIST BRKT1IHKX'. Ann&al ^leetinff* at Vertle Mprinj Mo- audXortli Manchester, Iml.. May 2»d te SOdi. 1W3O. For the annual meetings of the German Babtist Brethren, to be held at Pertle Springs, Mo., and North Manchester, Ind,, May 23d to 30th, the Wabash Railroad will sell round trip tickets from all points on its line at half fare. Tickets will be on sale May lUth to 27th inclusive, and will be good to return up to and including June 26th. 1890. For tickets and all desired information, call or address nearest Wabash ticket agent. dto!2 Koiitc— But One to Denver. "The Burlington's Number One daily vestibule express leaves Chicago at 1 p. m., and arrives at Denver at 0:30 p. m. the nest day. Quicker time than by any other route. Direct connection with this train from Peoria. Additional express trains, making as quick time as those of any other road, from Chicago, St. Louis and Peoria to St. Paul. Minneapolis, Council Bluffs, Omaha, Cheyenne, Denver,- Atchinson, Kansas City, Houston, and all points West. Northwest and Southwest. rnaySdSt TlicUrcat Spring Medicine. It will be gratifying to all who realize the vital necessity of purifying the hlood, to know that Hlbbard's Rheumatic Syrup can be relied upon as a blood medicine. Mr. B. C. Beblnson, of Marshal, Mich., says: Gentleman: — I have suffered Intensely from bllliousness and rheumatism for over three years. and had tried so many remedies that I had lost all faltli. Hearing of Uibbard's Rheumatic Syrup I bought a boitle and found It helped me.. I have used lour bottles, and It has restored my liver and kidneys to healthy action, and done more to purify my blood than anything I have ever taken. I am pleased to recommend is as a wonderful blood medicine. Very truly yours' B. C. Bobinson. Marshall. Mich. Sold by druggists. Prepared only by The Charles Wright Medlclan Company' Detroit, Mich. 'i narbys Prophylactic Fluid. Gives prompt and permanent relief lu burns. scalds, chilblains, venomous stings or bites' cuts and wounds of every description, It Is invaluable in scarlet fever, dlptherla, small-pax, cholera, yellow, typhus, typhoid and other fevers, For sick-rooms, to prevent the Spread of contagion, it is the best disinfectant known. Hon, Alex. U. Stephens, of Ga. Darbys Phophylactic Fluid Is an article of little cost, but great value. Its domestic as well as medicinal uses are numerous while Its specialties are most wonderful. No head of a family should ever be without It. 2 ool Alumni. The annual meeting of the Alumni association is to be held at the entral Building, on Monday, May 12th, at 4 o'clock, for the election of officers and for making arrangements for the annual banquet. All members are requested to attend. Ex. Committee. A Cure Cor Constipation and Sick Headache. Dr. Silas Lane, while, in the Rocky Mountains, discovered a root that when combined with other herbs makes an easy and certain cute for conslpa- lon. It Is In the form of dry roots and leaves, and Is known as Lane's Family Medicine. It will core sick-headache in one night. For the blood, liver and kidneys, and lor clearing u j> the complexion It does wonders. Druggists sell It for 50 cents a package. Sample free. 3eod Don't neglect that first cough! Syrup White Pine and Tar will re ieveit at once; 25 and 50 cents per bottle. For sale by B. F. Keesing. Jafl25d-w4m Picture framing a specialty at B. M. McMillen's No. 307 Market etraet., maySdSt ONLY BY N.K.FAIRBANK Jc Co, -*- CHICAGO. WELIMANTIC SPOOL For Sale by all SH-CORB BOTTOM. Leading Dealers. 34 Union Square, New York City, Aug. 3ist, 1 After a series of tests at oiir Elizabethportfactory, extending over a period of several month:, we have decided to use tlie WILLIMANTIC SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON, believing it to be ike best thread, IUKV in the market, and strongly recommend it to all agents, purchasers and users of the Singer Machir&s. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. Pont spoil your Feet with CHEAP SHOES f >WEAR THE ¥-» See that EVERY PAIR is STAMPE» THE BURT & PACKARD "Korrect Shape,*' Don't allow TOUR dealer to palm o.T any substitute for the "Korrect Shane." as we have* arranged to supply anyonein the United States who cannot get these goods of OUR agents, and prepay all deliver? charges, thus bringing them to your door without extra cost. The Burk & Packard "Korrect Shape" Sl'oes are made In tour grades, viz.. liana-made, Hand-welt. Burtwclt and Machine Sewed. -,\ lilch Is stamped on the sole In addition to our trade-mark above Our agents should carry all grades in Gmgress, Button and Bal tor Rent's. Boys and Youths. PACKARD & FIELD (Successors toBin* & Packard). BPOCktOD, M3SS. OTTO A. KB AUS, &<» £ LOGANSPORT TARIFF LITERATURE FOR .ALL. TTieAjrEHICANPROTECTrVBTAniFFl/EAatJE is publishing a moat valuable series of Tariff documents. These are prepared with a view to state the facts and arguments for Protection, whether in the interest of farmers, laborers, merchants or professional men. Each issue of the scries appeals to those engaged in separate industries, and presents indisputable facts—comparisons of wages, coot of living, and other arguments showing the benefits of Protection. Any single one.will be sent on receipt of 2 cents in stamps except " Wages, Living and Tariff," which will be sent for 4 cents. The whole list will be sent for 30 cents or any twelve for 20 cents, or any five for 10 cents, postage paid. Order by number. No. PAOES Z—"Wages, Living and Tariff." R A. HARTS- ' HORN 104 S—"The Advantages or a Protective Ta'ftfftb , the Labor and Industries of the United States." First Prize Essay, 1887. CBAW- FOUD D. HENNISO 32 S—* Home Production Indispensable to a Sap- ply, at Low Prices, of the Manufactured Commodities required for the People of the United States, and Adequate Rome Production of these Commodities Impossible without a Protective Tariff " First Prize Essay, 1888. C. D. TODD.... ss »V-"whatare Raw Materials? WouldFreoRaw Materials be Advantageous to the Labor and Industries of the United States." First Prize Eseay, 18*9. HOMER R DIBELI. 32 6—"Fallacies of Free-Trade." E. P. MUXKH. .. 3i 5—"Some Views on the Tariff by an Old Business Man." GEO. DRAPER. .. 32 7—"Tlie Protective Tariff: Its Advantages for the South." C.L.EDWARDS.., .. 32 S—"The Wool Interest." Judge WM. LAWEENCB 24 0—" Protection vs. Free-Trade."—A Historical Review. D. <t. HAKKDUJ; 20 1O— U The Farmer and the Tariff-" Col. THOMAS H. DODLEV 10 11—•' Protection as a Public Policy." GEOBOE S. BODTWELL » ia 12—"Beplr to the President's Free-Trade Message." B. P. POETER 8 13—"Workingjnen and the Tariff." 8 14—"The Vital Question: Shall American Industries be Abandoned and American Markets Surrendered ? 8 IS—Samb In German, with Addition S 10—"The Progress of One liundrcd Years." ROBERT P. PORTER 8 17—"Protection for American Shipping.". 8 18—"The Tariff Not a Tax." HOMKRBTBlBElx.. 8 19—" Why Irishmen Should Be Protectionist*." 8 20—"Protection." E. H. AJOODOWK i 21—" What Is a Tariff ? " Answers to a. Workingman's Question 4 23—"The American Wool Industry." E.H.AX- muowN 8 23— "WajreaandCostof Living." J. D. WEEKS. 4 24—"Southern Farming Industries." 4 25—"A Short Talk to workingmen." 2 B8—" Protection and the Farmer." Senator S.M. CCIXOK 12 'The AMERICAN KCOITOHZST, w«kb% devoted to the discussion of all phases of the Tariff question. f3 •year. Sample copies free. Address American Protective Tana League, 23 W. 23d St., New York. Don't use cheap worthless goods, but try the Acuie soap, it is pare and will please you; only 5 cents a bar at any grocery store. 'Mail twenty five Acme soap wrappers to Lautz j Bros, -fc Co.. Buffalo. JS T . T., and get our uio.st beautiful picture. ''The Little Hose Bud.' 1 maySdGt WELLMAN'S GAS CARBURETOR Pat. Oct. I, 1889. BABY WAGES! I mate a specialty of manafjvctnr- in*: Baby Carringes to sell direct to prlvnie parties. You can, therefore, do cotter with me llran itti ft dealer. Carrinces Delivered Free of Cfearge In all points In t>ii> Cnlted States, Send lor Hlui>truEtKl t^itaJ^Kue. <* CHAS, RAISER. Klfr.. 62-64 Clybournftve., Chicago. III. A cold Carburetor which will enrich NATURAL GAS and produce a. 26 candle power gas. It will work at any temperature, and is absolutely safe. AG-E3STTS "W"AKTT'JBI> For particular*! FHE WELL MAN CARBURETOR aiAKTJJPACTCrKrN-G CO., 25 "WARREN ST. IO3W

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