The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on August 16, 1990 · Page 53
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 53

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1990
Page 53
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Green Guide 27 j 6am Rage. Continues. 9.0 Rugby League Highlights. 10.0 National ' Press Club Luncheon. With guest speaker, Gough Whitlam. R. 11.0 World Of Worship. World Council of Churches at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney. 12.0 Compass. Religious affairs: Joseph Campbell And The Power Of Myth. Second of a six-part series analysing the life and work of the world-acclaimed myth and story specialist. 1pm SUNDAY AFTERNOON WITH PETER ROSS. A selection of arts documentaries and performances. With guest, British conductor Sian Edwards. Featuring Semele, the final act of an opera by Handel (1 .02); The Makers: Craft In Australia, Honorable Trades. R (2.30); Vienna: The Mask Of Gold, Michael Frayn looks at the arts in Vienna at the turn of the century (3.15). 4.30 REVIEW. Arts magazine. 5.0 RUGBY. 6.0 NEWS, SPORT, WEATHER. Presented by Edwin Maher. 6.30 MORE WINNERS. Series of self-contained dramas produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation: Second Childhood. Believing in reincarnation, schoolchildren try to find out who they were in past lives. The answer is worrying enough to call for drastic action. With Cameron Bryson, Peter Fisher, Hannah Birdsey. G, S. 7.20 ARTS AUSTRALIA. Arts review. 7.30 THAT'S OANCIN'. ABC dance series, hosted by Paul Newman and Maureen Oelacy. 8.25 NEWS. 8.30 TRUE STORIES. Fascist Legacy A Promised Fulfilled, Part One. A controversial BBC film documenting the atrocities carried out by Italian forces during World War II. PGR. 9.30 THE RAINBOW. First of a new three-part BBC series adapted from D.H. Lawrence's novel chonl-cling three generations of the Brangwen family: Ghosts. With Imogen Stubbs, torn Bell. G, S. 10.30 TALKING HEADS. The second in a series of six monologues written by Alan Bennett: A Lady Of Letters. Actress Patricia Routledge plays the lonely Miss Ruddock, whose sole pleasure in life is her writing paper and pen. G. 11.05 HILL STREET BLUES. US police drama series set in a tough inner-city precinct: Moon Over Uranus. A vengeful police lieutenant makes Furillo's life miserable after his daughter is raped and stabbed. With Daniel J. Travanti. AO. 11.55 CLOSE. 6am SING ME A RAINBOW. G. 6.30 THE SUPER SUNDAY SHOW. Children's program, hosted by Agro, Ann-Maree and Gibbo. G. 7.10 AFL SQUADRON. G. 7.30 WOMBAT. R, C. 8.0 HUCKLEBERRY FINN AND HIS FRIENDS. Children's series based on Mark Twain's classic story. R, C. 8.30 THE MOUSE FACTORY. R, C. 9.0 SPORTSWORLD. Bruce Mc-Avaney, John Alexander and Dixie Marshall review the week in sport. 12.0 THE ELECTRIFYING '80s. Highlights of the past decade in VFL football. R, G. 2pm FOOTBALL. Direct telecast of AFL match: West Coast Eagles v Melbourne, from the Subiaco Oval in Perth. Hosted by Peter Landy, with commentators Dennis Cometti and Ross Glendinning. 5.0 GET SMART. US comedy series with Don Adams. R, G. 6.0 NEWS, SPORT, WEATHER. Presented by Peter Mitchell. 6.30 THE MAGICAL WORLD OF DISNEY. Disneyland's 35th Anniversary Celebration. Tony Danza hosts a tribute to the 35-year history of Walt Disney's magical kingdom. G. 7.30 FATHER DOWLING. US mystery series about a parish priest with a penchant for solving crimes: The Man Who Came To Dinner Mystery. Sister Steve tempts fate when she gives refuge to a former beau who witnessed a murder. With Tom Bosley, Tracy Nelson, Harriet Nelson. PGR. 8.30 STARFLIGHT ONE. 1983 sci-ence fiction starring Lee Ma-tP jors and Hal Linden. A futuristic aircraft is accidentally hurled into outer space on its maiden flight. With Lauren Hutton, Ray Mil-land, Gail Strickland, George Di Cenzo, Tess Harper, Terry Kiser. Directed by Jerry Jameson. R, G. 10.55 FALCON CREST. US drama series. PGR. 12.0 THE NBC TODAY SHOW. With Garrick Utley and Mary-Alice Williams, Including Meet The Press. 2am HE KNOWS YOU'RE ALONE. 1981 thriller starring Don Scardino and Caitlin O'Hear- ney. A bride-to-be is stalked by a psychopath. With Elizabeth Kemp, Tom Rolling, Patsy Pease, Tom Hanks. Directed by Armand Mastroianni. R, MTV, AO. 3.45 Science International. R, G. 4.0 World Of The Unknown. AO. 4.55 CSIRO: The Researchers. R, G. 5.10 Family Medical Centre. R, G. 5.35 Group One Medical. R, PGR. SUNDAY 19 August Woody Allen pays tribute to New York in his bittersweet comedy, Manhattan (Ten, 12.30am). I. 30pm Anne's International Kitch en. Cooking series. 2.0 Italia News. 2.30 Greek News. 3.0 The Cutting Edge. Series of documentaries: Who Will Cast The First Stone? R, PGR. 4.0 Asia Report. R. 4.30 Face The Press. R. 5.0 Dateline. R. 6.0 Hotline. Silvio Ri-vier presents a series encouraging viewer feedback. 6.30 World News. Presented by Lee Lin Chin. 7.0 VOX POPULI. Multilingual current affairs with Vladimir Lusic. 7.30 MASTERPIECE. Victory Over Death. Documentary profiling the controversial and influential New Zealand artist, Colin McCahon. G (Preview: Page 2). 8.30 THE MAURIZIUS CASE. Final of the five-part German drama series relating the events of a sensational murder trial which took place in 1906. With Matthias Fuchs, Heinz Bennent, Martin Halm. PGR. 10.0 A DREAM OF RED MANSIONS. Chinese drama series about the lives of the Imperial high officers and their families during China's Quing Dynasty. 10.40 THE MOVIE SHOW. Film news and reviews with David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz. R. II. 10 THIEVES. Egyptian drama mm starring Mahmoud Yassin and Nahed Sherif. An ex-convict encounters hostility and suspicion when he tries to live an honest and decent life. R, AO. 12.45am CLOSE. 5.55am KENNETH COPELAND. G. 6.55 TURN ROUND AUSTRALIA. G. 7.20 POINT OF VIEW. G. 7.30 MOSAIC. G. 8.0 BUSINESS SUNDAY. Business news, presented by Jim Waley. 9.0 SUNDAY. Public affairs program, presented by Jim Waley. G. 11.0 WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS. Winter Weekend From Perisher. Presented by Max Walker and Lou Richards from the NSW ski resort. 1pm MORK AND MINDY. US comedy series with Robin Williams. R, G. 1.30 NEWHART. US comedy series with Bob Newhart. G. 2.0 ARABIAN ADVENTURE. 1979 fantasy starring Christopher Lee and Oliver Tobias. A wicked caliph seeks ultimate power through a magical rose. With Milo O'Shea, Emma Samms. Directed by Kevin Connor. R, G. 4.0 SPORTS SUNDAY. Winter Weekend From Perisher. Presented by Mark Warren and Lisa Curry-Kenny from the NSW ski resort. G. 6.0 NEWS, SPORT, WEATHER. Presented by Peter Hitchener. 6.30 OUR WORLD. Rainforests: The Amazing World Within. Photographer Glen Threlfo focuses on the birds and animals of Australia's unique rainforests. G, S. 7.30 60 MINUTES. Public affairs. 8.30 CHOICES OF THE HEART. 1983 drama starring Melissa Gilbert and Martin Sheen. The story of Jean Donovan, the American missionary murdered in war-torn El Salvador in 1980. With Mike Farrell, Helen Hunt, Peter Hor-ton, Rene Enriquez. Directed by Joseph Sargent. R, PGR, S. 10.35 NEWS. 10.40 I TAKE THESE MEN. 1983 mm comedy starring Susan St James and Adam West. A bored suburban wife fantasises about being married to three other men. With John Rubinstein, James Murtagh, Dee Wallace. Directed by Larry Peerce. R, PGR. 12.40am HIGH RISK. Wayne Rogers hosts a magazine-style series focusing on people who take physical and emotional risks. G. 1.40 CANNON. US detective series with William Conrad. R, PGR. 2.40 BATTLE OF ROGUE RIVER. 1954 western starring George Montgomery and Richard Denning. R, G. 4.0 ROBIN OF SHERWOOD. Final of the British adventure series with Michael Praed. R, PGR. 5.0 CAPTAIN POWER AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE. R. 5.30 THE YOUNG DOCTORS. R, G. 6am EWOKS. Cartoon series. R, G. 6.30 MASS FOR YOU AT HOME. G. 7.0 THE DOWN UNDER SHOW. R, G. 8.0 THE WALSH REPORT. Business current affairs with Max Walsh. G. 9.0 VIDEO HITS. Current music videos, as well as classic hits from the '50s, '60s and 70s. G. 12.0 THE MUPPETS. Jim Henson's famous puppets. R, G. 12.30pm RUGBY. Direct telecast of the Test match: New Zealand v Australia, from Wellington. 3.0 RUGBY LEAGUE. Direct telecast of the match of the day: Balmain v Parramatta, from Sydney. Commentators: Rex Mossop, Graeme Hughes, Ian Maurice and Peter Sterling. 5.0 DISCOVERY. Series of documentaries: Flight Of The Wind Horse. Two hot-air balloons ascend to the cruising altitude of a jetliner to traverse the Nepalese Himalayas towards Everest. R, G. 6.0 NEWS, SPORT, WEATHER. Presented by Mai Walden. 6.30 1990 YOUNG ACHIEVERS' AWARDS. Presentation of awards to six young Victorians judged outstanding in their respective fields, hosted by Mark Mitchell from the Melbourne Hilton. G. 7.30 THE COMEDY COMPANY. Australian comedy sketch series. PGR. 8.30 BLUE COLLAR. 1978 drama mm starring Richard Pryor and Harvey Keitel. Three Detroit auto plant assembly line workers try to improve their lot by unionisation and robbery. With Yaphet Kotto, Ed Begley Junior, Harry Bel-laver. Directed by Paul Schrader. MTV, AO (Preview: Page 22). 10.30 RUGBY LEAGUE. Ian Maurice presents a round-up of the weekend's matches. 11.30 IRONSIDE. US detective series: The Man Who Believed. Ironside investigates a folk singer's dramatic death. With Raymond Burr, Guy Stockwell. R, PGR. 12.30am MANHATTAN. 1979 comedy starring Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. Epi sodes in the life of a neurotic New York comedy writer. With Michael Murphy, Mariel Hemingway, Meryl Streep. Directed by Woody Allen. R, B&W, AO (Preview: Page 22). 2.20 ROLLOVER. 1981 thriller star ring Jane Fonda and Kris Kristofferson. R, AO (Pre view: Page 23). 4.30 SLEDGEHAMMER. Final of the US satirical detective series with David Rasche. R, PGR. 5.0 DAY BY DAY. G. 5.30 MARBLEHEAD MANOR. G. AR 621 kHz Radio National. 5.30am Sacred Music. Including news (6.0). 7.0 From The British Weeklies. 7.15 News. 7.30 Correspondents' Report 8.0 Encounter. The Sins Of The Fathers. Feature on children who have been through the orphanage system in Victoria; also, Mass From St Stephen's Catholic Cathedral, Brisbane. 8.45 Ockham's Razor. 2nd ol 4 on the motor car: the pros and cons of owning a car. 9.0 News. 9.10 Background Briefing. When The Boat Comes In. Report on the 'boat people' in Hong Kong's refugee camps and Australia s role in the resettlement program. 10.0 Music For Pleasure. Inc. Suppe: Banditenstreiche, Overture; Saint-Saens: Piano Concerto No. 5 in F major; Albinoni-Giazotto: Adagio in G minor; Lumbye: Dream Images; Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 In D minor. 12.0 The Europeans. Final of 2. Julie Copeland speaks with leading members of Europe's Jewish community. 12.30pm News. 12.40 Report From Asia. 1.0 The Food Program: the marketing of food. I. 30 Paradise Lost 3rd of 6: The Working Man's Paradise. An account of the establishment of the colony of Nueva Australia by Margaret Riley. 2.0 Fictions. Music: John Araneta; Hypocritical Oaths, comedy by Elizabeth Moran. A friendly, but unusual couple have just moved into the neighborhood; Diary Of A Madman, comic tale of a downtrodden government clerk, by Nikolay Gogol; poetry: Ur Sonata, by Kurt Schwitters. 4.0 Concert Inc. J. Strauss II: Entry march from The Gypsy Baron; Brahms: Intermezzo in B minor; Intermezzo in E minor; Telemann: Sonata in B flat major for flute and continuo; Loewe: Two Ballads. 5.0 News. 5.10 Insights. Religious series. Inc. an interview with the new Archbishop of Melbourne, Or Keith Rayner. 6.0 Sacred Music: To mark the Nativity of Mary the Mother of the Lord. 7.0 News. 7.10 Letter From America. R. 7.25 Books And Writing. Families. Inc. the Oxford Book of Marriage; Family History, by Vita Sackville-West; Just Desserts: Women and Food, by Sally Cline. 8.15 Radio Helicon. Orchestrations In Light, by Kathryn Millard. A sound portrait of Australian photographer Olive Cotton. 10.0 News. 10.05 Eric Child's Jazzmakers. II. 10 Music To Wind By. With Howard Alnsworth. 12.0 Radio Australia Overnight News, features. LO 774 kHz 5.30am John Raid. News half-hourly; Including, at 6.30 Sing To The Lord. Traditional and contemporary hymns. 7.10 Poet's Comer. Topic: Hen Pecked. 6.0 Australia All Over. With Ian McNamara; news (9.0), 10.0 Cllve Stark. News; Carol-Anne Croker, Melbourne theatre; Terry Hughes, New York; Claire Kearney, book reviews; Mary Lou Jelbart, visual arts; John West, Sydney arts; Frank Van Straten, nostalgia; Campbell McComas; Kim Walker, choreographer of 'Cafe'. 1.0pm News. 1.02 Lane's Company. Highlights of Interviews. 1.30 Sport 1.45 Football. Description of the West Coast v Melbourne match. 6.0 News. 6.10 National Sports Roundup. 6.30 Speaking Out Series on issues affecting Aboriginal people. 7.0 News. 7.10 The Coodabeen Champions. Sport, comedy; Magic Moments (7.20); news (8.0, 9.0); Tony's talk-back (8.10); Billy Baxter's Odd Things (8.30); studio guest (9.10); Paul Harris, films (9.30). 10.0 News. 10.10 John Cleary. Religious program; news (11.0); talkback 008 022266. 12.0 Beyond Midnight With Rob Broadfleld. Music; comedy; news hourly. ABC Reglonals. 5.30am Australia All Over, inc. news, weather. 10.02 A Country Sunday, with Bernard Lynch: news (11.0, 12.0). 1.0pm News. 1.02 Nostalgia, with Frank Van Straten. 1.30 Sport as LO; news headlines (2.0, 3.0. 4.0, 5.0, 6.0). 6.10 Sports News. 6.30 Speaking Out. 7.0 News. 7.10 As LO. 9.0 Letter From America. 9.15 Encounter. 10.0 News. 10.10 John Cleary; news (11.0). 12.0 As LO overnight. CR 855 kHz Community Radio. 6.0am Country Breakfast. 7.30 Gardening, talkback 419 0155. 9.0 Alternative News. 9.15 CR Science. 9.30 Concrete Gang. 10.0 Latin American Update. 10.30 On The Picket Line. 11.0 Open House. 12.0 Redwaves. 12.30pm Applause, Applause. 1.0 Dance Dialogues. 1.30 Arts Attack. 3.0 Broadstalk. 4.0 Seek The Truth And Serve Humanity. 4.30 Turkish Workers. 5.0 Voice Ot The Community: Turkish. 6.0 Diamond Valley Football League. 7.0 Let The Bands Play. 7.30 Nostalgia Unlimited. 11.30 Zorba On Sunday. 2.0am Music In The Dark. UZ 927 kHz 5.0am Grape Expectations: Rob Hicks. 7.0 Glen Heyne: handyman, gardening, motoring, legal, finance, travel. 1.0pm Golden Memories. 9.0 Father Gerard Dowling: family counsellor. 12.0 Golden Memories. 2.0am Mark Phillips: Pillow Talk. EA. 1224 kHz Ethnic Radio. 6.0am International Music Show. 7.0 Slovak. 8.0 Italian: Mass. 9.0 Greek: Mass. 10.0 Hebrew. 10.30 Yiddish. 11.0 Lithuanian. 11.30 Vietnamese. Noon Dutch. 1.0pm Arabic. 2.0 German. 3.0 Rumanian. 4.0 Spanish. 5.0 Maltese. 6.0 Soccer. 6.05 Italian. 6.50 Serbian. 7.35 Greek. 8.20 Turkish. 9.05 Polish. 10.05 Macedonian. 10.35 Indonesian. 11.20 Close. AW 1278 kHz 6.0am Jim Wilshlre: Buy, Swap S Sell; music; interviews; news. 8.0 Sunday National with Michael Schildberger: current affairs; guests. 10.0 World Of Sport: panel; reports, results. 11.0 Hlnch: The Other Side, Derryn Hinch and guest. 12.0 The Good Lite: Ross Campbell. 1.0pm Peter James: A Man And His Music. 6.0 Remember When: Neville Wragg and Clark Sinclair, nostalgia; news. 12.0 Melbourne Overnight: Keith McGowan. MP 1377 kHz Easy Music. 6.0am Ward Everaardt. 10.0 Mark Carter. 2.0pm Stephan Kent. 6.0 Jim Anderson: CD Discovery (9.0). Midnight Ian Stewart. XY 1422 kHz 6.0am Geoff Mason: inc snow reports. 12.0 Phil Ball- don. 6.0pm Dave Gibney. 12.0 Great Rock'n'Roll. Simulcast with BAY-FM. AK 1503 kHz 6.0am English and Italian new headlines; music. 6.30 Tullamarine Reports; music. 7.0 Music. 7.30 Italian News; music. 7.45 Police Reports. 8.0 Italia Canta. 8.30 Religious Program. 9.0 Current Affairs (English). 10.0 Literature Overview. 11.0 L'Angolo Dell'Erboris-teria. 12.0 Buon Appetite. 2.0pm Universal Motoring Magazine. 4.0 II Complesso Delia Settimana. 5.0 Po-meriggio Con ... 6.0 Sounds Italian To Me: contemporary Italian, Australian and international music. 6.0 Father Bob McGuire: Streettalk. 10.0 Un Attimo di Calma: classical music. ZZZ 92.3 MHz Ethnic Public Radio. 7.0am Yugoslav. 8.0 Slnhala. 10.0 Turkish. 11.0 Jewish. 12.0 Australia Today: contemporary issues. 1.0pm Spanish. 2.0 Catalan. 3.0 Lebanese. 4.0 Assyrian. 5.0 Greek. 6.0 Irish. 7.0 Afghan. 8.0 German. 9.0 Croatian. 10.0 Malay. 11.0 Musique. 12.0 Close. BAY 93.9 MHz 6.0am Geoff Mason: inc snow reports. 12.0 Phil Bail-don. 6.0pm Dave Gibney. 12.0 Great Rock'n'Roll. Simulcast with 3XY. K-ROCK 95.5 MHz 6.0am Andy Fox. 9.0 Back To The Future: Glenn A. Baker. 12.0 Vinnie Shannon. 6.0pm Take 40 Australia. 10.0 The Concert Series. 11.0 Rock Solid: Christian music. 12.0 Rob Marshall. RIM 97.9 MHz 6.0am Music On Toast. 8.0 Bound For Glory. 10.0 Between The Lines. 12.0 Sunday Country. 2.0pm Mike's Music Mix. 4.0 Easy Listening. 6.0 Beautiful Sunday. 8.0 Yesterday's Dreams. 12.0 All night transmission. RPP 98.7 MHz 6.0am A Tribute To Elvis Presley: featuring Interviews; Elvis hits; performers of the era. 12.0 Close. TTFM 101.1 MHz Classic Hits. 6.0am Carl Magrin. 8.0 Darryl Cotton, Marty Monster. 10.0 Brent James. 2.0pm Kevin John. 6.0 Glenn Johns: Top 25 Countdown (8-10.0). 12.0 Mardi Heagney. FOX 101.9 MHz 6.0am Adrian Johnston. 8.0 John Pemberton: Classic Rock Show. 10.0 Paul James. 2.0pm Geoff Field. 6.0 American Top 40: Shadoe Stevens. 9.30 Barry Bis-sell: Powercuts. 10.30 Reverend Tom Stokes. 12.0 Phil O'Nell. RRR 102.7 MHz 7.0am Spirit. 9.0 Einstein A Go Go: science. 10.0 Get Rooted: gardening. 11.0 Writer's Voice. 12.0 Bottom Line: economics. 1.0pm 'radio, lies end videotape'. 2.0 Mousetrap: Oz music. 4.0 Selection Show. 7.0 Axis. 8.0 High In The Saddle. 10.0 Metal For Melbourne. 12.0 Walk On the Wild Side. 2.0am Training. MBS 103.5 MHz Classical Music. 7.0am Music. 8.0 Recent Releases In Concert. 12.0 Duos Plus: chamber music. 2.0pm Apres-Mldi. 4.0 Music For Leisure. 5.30 Three Star Performances. 7.30pm This Modern Stuff. 9.0 Organ And Choral Music. 10.30 Requiem, Lament, Consolation. Part IV: War Requeim. 12.0 Notturno. KZFM 104.3 MHz 6.0am Peter Byrne. 10.0 Chris Smith: The First 25 Years Of Rock (10.0). 2.0pm Peter Mclnnes: The Cutting Edge (4.0). 7.0 Gary Newton: 104 Hits In A Row. 12.0 Chris Heaney. MMM 105.1 MHz 6.0am Craig Huggins. 9.0 Back To The Future. 10.0 Kent Forbes. 2.0pm Ed Phillips. 5.0 105 Live. 6.0 My Top Ten. 7.0 Chris Elliott. 9.0 Billy Plnnell's Album Show. 12.0 Kris Page. ABC 105.9 MHz 6.0am FM Breaklast news (7.0). 7.05 For The God Who Sings. Music to Mark the Ancient Feast for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Works by Tallis and Palestrina. 8.0 Your Concert Choice. Requests. Inc. Boyce: Symphony No. 8 in D minor; Bach: Trio Sonata No. 1 in E Hat; Hildegard of Bingen: A Feather on the Breath of God; Hoffmeister: Flute Concerto in G; Beethoven: Cello Sonata No. 1 in F; Brahms: Variations on a theme by Josef Haydn. 11.30 Classics From The Library Of Congress. The Da Capo Chamber Players, Frederick Prausnitz, director; Elaine Bonazzi, mezzo-soprano. 20th Century Poetry and Music. 12.30pm News. 12.35 Under Capricorn. Australian composers and performers. Butterley: Fire in the Heavens (SSOWerner Andreas Albert); Sitsky: Twelve Mystical Preludes (after the Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana) (Robert Zocchi, p); Llm: Tarocchi (Elision Ensemble); Carr: The Twelve Signs (MSOEdwin Carr). 2.0 Sunday Live From Penrith. Chamber Soloists of Sydney, Robert Johnson, conductor; Robert Mitchell, baritone. Works by Poulenc and Stravinsky. Direct broadcast 3.0 European Concert Hall. Featuring the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos, conductor; Alicia de Larrocha, piano. 5.0 Bon Bona. Light music; comedy. 7.0 News. 7.05 The Erich Kleiber Centenary. 1st of 2 marking the centenary ot the birth of the Austrian conductor. Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro. Cast, Alfred Poell, bt"(Count Almaviva); Lisa Delia Casa, s (Countess Almaviva); Hilde Gueden, s (Susanna); Cesare Slepi, b (Figaro); Suzanne Danco, s (Cherubino); Fernando Corena, b (Dr Bartolo); Vienna State Opera Chorus; Vienna Phil OrchErich Kleiber. 10.30 Dreamtime. Music designed for relaxation. 12.0 The Late Late Early Show. Music; requests. PBS 106.7 MHz 6.0am Music Breakfast. 8.0 Voices Of Our World. 8.30 Scan: human issues. 9.0 Country. 10.30 Comedy. Noon Contemporary Soul. 1.30pm Fusion, Funk. 3.0 Jazz. 6.0 Continental Drift. 7.30 The Electronic Influence. 9.0 Music Feature. 9.30 Dance, Funk, House. 11.0 Soul Time. 12.30am Insomnia. JJJ 107.5 MHz 6.0am Karen Gough. 10.0 Mark Dodshon. 2.0pm Andy Glitre: music. 6.0 Art Attack: music and the arts. 9.0 Francis Leach. 1.0am Music.

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