The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1930
Page 4
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HLYTHRVILLE. (ARK.) COUKIKR NKWS IUK BLYTHEVILLE COURIKR N1JWS . ; THE COUUIL'R.IfEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O! R. BA13COCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager ' Sole National Advertising Representatives: Tha Thomas F. Clnrk Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, San iFtnnclsco, Chicago, SI. Jxmls. Published Ever} 1 &;criioon Except Sunday. Entered as second clnss matter at the post office at Blyiheville, Arkansas, under act o( Congress October 9. 1817. Served by the United Press SUHSCKirriON KATES By ca'.rlrr In (lie r.tty ot lUjthpvlilc, 15c per wcefc or per year In advance. By nmll within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 85c for three months; by mail In postal zones two to six, inclusive, 88.50 prr year. In v.oaes seven »ii eight, 110.00 per year, Buyable lu<crt7C> Congratulation; to Manila Well merited conprraluhliniis (To today to'the oiricn's and directors of the Hank of Manila and Hit." people of {lint community for the splendid way in which tl-ry have not the sil- iiut'ion. which forccii the temporary closing of the hank last wc=U. It is not Kiirprisinjj liuil Hie wave of bank suspensions which swept.over the state last week should have caused alarm amon<j depositors of the Manila institution, as it did olsewli:rc. But id \vou!<\ have been a tragedy if a com- ,miiuily institution, founded upon years of able and conservative in;;natjeincut, should have been wiped out as a r:- sult. Fortunately the confidence which Die- bank and its ollicers had earned \\-u- not long in reasserting itself, and Manila has been spared the misfortune that is almost always attendant upon the enforced liquidation of a bank. A valuable institution, an es-ential part of the community's business fabric, has been preserved, and the people of Manila can face the undeniable ilUficnU ties the months ahead with confidence and hope that would have b:en impossible had there been n less favorable out turn to the matter. Buy Christmas Seals Before offering "hard times" as an excuse.for drclinintf to support essential civic and charitable activities we ought to remember that the very eon- ditiuiis which tempt us to curtail our ffo^Ts^nTalce the need 76i l; them. atri 1 than in lime:; when giving i- easier. These of us who. despite admittedly difficult economic conditions, are enjoying good health and a comfortable living, have an obli.ration to our communities and to the less fortunate among our n;ighbors that is in no sense discharged by the mere fact of our having less ready cash than wo have had in some more prosperous times. We arc now ent:-ring upon the mi- nimi campaign for funds to carry on the work of combatting' tuberculosis. Those who have any knowledge of the tre- mer.dou; economic burden which this disease imposes upon this and almost all oth-:r communities throughout Dm nation, and of Die j'rcat achievements of the orj.;aii!/,rd elf or t toward its control and eradication, know that we can ill a fto nl to lessen our efforts. Jn money alone Uib'.'rculosi.; costs Mississippi county thousands of dollars annually. The loss involved in its destruction of productive ability, to say nothing of the -iilVcrinpr it causes, cannot be measured, As the resiill of a .successful campaign for ths: sale of th- Aufi-Tubercu- ]<;:-is ;i:!sofi:iilion Clirislmai Seals and Health Howls la'.I year Mississippi county obtained a full time ntii'si 1 for work among (he negro' people of the county, who :::v ];;u'lk'ularly subject to the di-cas, ami i:iiiny oi' whom are greatly in need of infoimillion on hygiene essential to its prevention, it is impiirlant -o all that this iiefcTo worker be retained; H is exc'jedir.gly desirable that a similar while worker be iiilded. it^ is simply a in.iticr of each one of tis !\ia!diig a modus!, contribution. By united action, and with no real jacri- (ic: on the part of anyone, we can continue t,> Imild a ;;oaiidcr, healthier —yes, more pro^ienms — Mississippi county, in these .iijrcalletl bad time;; as well as in TUKSI).AY,Jjp_V_R^BL;ii: 25, 1930 np| tV/'" i <• a : I he Wiiuiiml, Cuba M. Higilon. Just bieu reeling In the paper where prohibition ncenls (oiind tlx pints of liquor In the nest of a setting lien. jy. .y. .v- very clever idea of whocvar it that way, but, however, Stems to i)c n tried to conceal it vas n "lion". •y- •!• •"• It wouldn't h; nt nil Kurrinslnj if the younj chirkcn-, vvlica hatched, should have the blind slagBcrs. .y. :(. -Y. Ex-Convict, Posing As Priest, Arrested On Bad Check Charge", rend;; a head line. Gifess new that, he Is sayiny to himself, "I icehou I failed to v.-alch \viiile 1 preyed." •r- v -r- Another p'.tice where navvkln:; nnd craning ycur neck doesn't muke yon appear like n boob is when you arc about to cross Main street. •Y- -Y- ". I was pav-ir.g by a certain business linuw today and r. ;ign on tlie \vlndo\v stoH^ir Oat they were "'cash buyers". - I -can't, understand place if, noing to get very much how [lint business. I'm El thirty-liv right now. ami •Y- -y- v st. afraid to mention it but ccutr. ensh money, In mv I think. so much of It 1 have pnckct that I wouldn't "take a cxilar for The op^nlnir of that- school o( Journalism In the Maryland penitentiary should give the boys, ot course, an cscapo from their routine. A N'c«- York mounted policeman declined to he ijrcmol;rt lo the detective force. He'll learn yet to eel oft bis high horse. Ihc tisht game ::ccds is more Scotch . Then \ve would some clo:;? cotui>etl- llcu. Now thnt Charley Paddock, "world's hurn.m." Is married, he'll prolnb'.y chars thing up lo running expenses. fastest every- U'.cr»s:h Is onciijh '.-.> prevent thi! a-'.v!b of cf U'.e germs (hat! -tcm-ich. 'It move!i-,::it cf the. 1 ' ! from tho .s'.onnch liua the : in the Komach and !.: ihu intestines Andrew C;f- niai-ufaclur icllin-J. with hi I fnm- rcmcvcd t- the United Sla'cs ri~< < t:crt in PiUsbur.'!:. Hh nr= r job a- a v.:nver'f as-J'-snt. nsttri him' He l:f?r entered employ of (be Pcmy'ivanla ivi OM-R.V. IHS IM ff0wz IOCUSK.EK. i .'S3 of rtce! innkiin in Hut, a: : .d a f.\v ycais later was pvinciinil own- r'. 1 cf several br[:c >!:i'l plants, R-i;irh v/ccr S'.c;l Cc:ni).ii:y. Two .i latei- thi? c':-.ipa:iy v/as mcri»- "Sure, Uie opera is 6. K., but why did you have lo pick the night (he Lilfle Bricklayers Quartet is on the air?" u WASHINGTON LETTER By RODNEY BUTCHER NEA Si-rvici; Wrlttr WASHINGTON. — The W-h i tc House Conference on Child Health and Prolcction studied dmiujes in American fnmlly life. ttho stay in (he community of their in: ih sr-cms lo be inversely corre- luted with the size of the commu- ni'.y. Tiie number of married women . I'.uulcyrd tnitsido tlie home has in- A committee headed by DIVLT.S-- f , ( ^\ faster than the number of ise Stanley, chief of the Bureau cl Home Economics, recognized < current thought thai the family ha-, been undergoing rapid and definl;' changes and found that disintegration of the "older family lite' seemed to be Indicated by staUsths on marriage, divorce, size of fauv.- lles and proporllon of births la population. Conditions of production ar.:l consumption lend to remove Iro:ii the home crrlaln functions form:-.-- ly considered inherent in fami'.y life, it is admitted. But despite th- indubitable influence of trends \i> modern indnslrial civilization, <:::•; learns: ''There Is evidence of sort that the faintly is not :.n'..:going any fundamental C!IT. ;?; that those funcUmis which ai'- i;=in;; removed from tlie he::'.? :ire superficial in their nature, and D'.at, when outside forces rencii ;:nre deeply into fundamental f.ii-.-.lly structure, there is resistafuf ti> their influence which will result in ccntrol of those agencies which :m- pihge upon family integrity." •Stiii. 1 )• Home Life The comniilteb stndir-.l the hnmc s:ii;;;c women, most rapidly in lai'scr places. Both ciivovce anrt Illegitimate b;:tks increase with the size of the ccmmunity. " Family Needs Change Thus a pessimistic outlook for the family in an urban industrial civil- :?.ition scorns to be justified, says Dr. Stanley, but on the other hand ci!y children are better adjusted than niral children, according U, :'.i ' s'.uily of the (1000. Tiural families resist chnnge-nnd the conj:c- U:r? is made that there are some . aspects of the old family rjatten ' v.hirii should be changed, "probably I ri'lalf.-i to the authoritarian -ami ; undemocratic parental attitudes ol , the uld-fasiiioned family." I The slimulus of economic force| "has meant increased urbin!?.'.Uion Iu:mc5 located around fnclorics ar.< \vnrk places, near sources of supplies and services, the growth oi anarliKen's and flats, l;ss spsc: per ]){•:.-(n. lor.-> yiivacy, Isss 1.111:- ily cnJrri'.'iiing, more rtcpr-ndanc: upon cm-i:l3 sources tor amusement. (".YC;- children." Marhine Serves 31311 '^Machine. age culture i^ r.c: 110- HAS urrjLE oiF&cuay IN REACHING LEAVES Cr Tr<eeS,SROWIN(3 HISH ABOVE THS HE.AD5 Of All- AMWA1S EXCEPttMG THE GlKfiPFE. _O1D3O BY KEA SERVICE. IFJC. iorpcraticn. • CsrnrTie then ntirccl a:ui Cijvol-| cd himself to phi!an!.'.:ic;i:-j K-iivi-j ir?. H" 'javc li'.-va-if i :o mcny- etal.-is and ccntrih'jtpS l.irf'e 'Tns towns and cities in the United! tr, other beiiefao'.lons, the total cx- •i. 191D. WOO.COO.CCO. He died In 4. enviromuenl of f 9,MO school c'.-ll- j cessarily inimlcsl to the enjoyment OUT OUR WAY ^^t^',M\ Williams ••~/^&. --^-^ frT-'/ivV-- A | dren and learned such things as' I these: ' Marriage is earlier and families larger in predoniinanlly inamit'ac- luring cities. Farm familie; are larger than others in rural c;-m- Fcrc:yn-born families c.'j:::iug frrm a rural culture tend to c-.n- tinue their rural family pr.torn even when liviiv- in cities vhil: tl:ose of essentially urb.iii ciL:L:rJ inch as Russian Jews apiiro>.:.v..ito the family pattern of native uriian citizens. ; )iiigTciti>.:: The per cent ol married p.ip-.ilv i to give :; tion increases as the sire cf Ihe ' objcctir.n.iWo tenures, marriiifies are more coimnoi) in • cial sn-.aily is n cities. The siiT of the nati.rsl ily liviiu* at home dccrca^rs as the ;-ize of (lie community increiisrsantl the total nuiubcr of chikirra born ha:; the fitmc trend, Su»;l',' dwellings decrease and until i-innily tiwellinss increase \vith the sl^; of the community. City families move mo*: iro- qucntly and the per ccn: of t-'.^sc of th.- best of life's' the cr.mir.ittcc ccncludCa. "When the machine is a servant of iiinn it in- cre.i>::s hi^ leisure, imuravrs liio comfuM .--,r.{i safety oi physical living, provides n large and varied fieid cf activities tor rccication, iu- crca-i.j i he "accessibility of (hese aclivi'ic-. an;l furnishes menus for the nu!i:l .spread of knmvlcvk'C. "A ;sr. Suction program based on crm^ii!»;)!n:r. needs would . . . help obvii!'.o >:irh cinditions as clmng- inc R'a-.-.' .-caic.-.. imeinployiiient. aurt o: li.ipulalion which tend irhan family life its most . . '. Finan- •ssary for a Since 18;i3, TillO HO.MIC INSURANCE (JOiil'AKV. N'EW YORK, has protected properly thvoiiKhout Aintrica with a tot;'.] valn;itio?i p.g'.Ti'Cfratiiijr manv hijlions of -:bllitrs. With a CASil CAI'ITAI, OP S24.0f!fi.OOO.'iU' A NET SURPLUS OF $'18,S25,C32.:J2 I AND '['OTAI. ASSETS OF SI28.91 i,n?,U.07 a;; of January 1, 1930, the company's nianajrenn'iU h:r, steadfastly pursued a conservative investment policy .so that Best's Insurance Report, the reec^nixc-;! authority, characterizes the institution as follows': "It is tin; iiirgcst, one o!' tlie Iscst niiinased, and r.icst pro;;ri-^ive iiisurnr,rc companies in the i'nited Hta'tis, and i-: in (he highest repute be- caufe of i'.i iihersslily lo polity holders and to scents." Tliroufjh our syn \vc offer to Aii-a and local representative.--, !;')!k'ie:> ag;>.inst practically ' : stable f/.iuilv hfr. "/\ iwsii? iiii-rme fh:v.:ld he within the .r.t.iiin::tm r: every f?.:nily to in.-.iire tl'.c minimum slanrlsrds for .-.liiviv.-,! nnd r,r;-iiri;y. T!:is is an economic problem (,i nalio:ial scope. _A nation that values its fu- : ture deVr-lopment \vill lake steps ti ' .rcc tlir,: this ba?ic ir.comc at le^:-t i Is avnilibV: to all Us peopls." evtry haxavd exc:pt iiHiuuil death (life insurance), backed I>y same type of service which ha-'made us tho world's strongest and casualty mulei writ ing 1^ lh(> lire 'Wilfred Kurfh, I'residani Cash Capital, 521,000,000.00 Surplus S18,:J25,(i:«.S2 INDEMNITY COMPANY Wilfred Kurth, President Cash Capiliil, 51,000,000.011 Surplus, $3,000,000.00 Infants Requii'c More Food In Proportion Than Aclullsl Southern Surety Coin t'sish Kra-tli, i I Y I)K. MORRIS VlSliUm I Whtrn- (he I J IT. Journal cf (ho. Arirriran \ sa'.iva lo iu-lp Asscclalicn, nnd [if !ly- i intent c::s ir ' gria, the Hcallh ^f:i^.i7Jn. When Ih5 food pi--r- mm t;:e .;..:Mch it is d:\5eFtca 'nu> ihjn.- '..> iunctirn varies w:! 1 : di;[. rent infills, nnd thsre ar. 1 c*v' i::i tlis- l:i:-| ; .vc icat-rrs cf tr ^ di:. --~\:r.\ of si.-.vcl:.-?. :- !-Uvar it b-.vjir. " seair.ii. Only afi.:r rccrive ! U :v.. ci? 'ktr; rr r-ci deer, it re.^niic ; ?.rlicuhrly ;hc ivr-rv rrc' :vc rimc^o:'.;. In !i-.; s;o:n,-.rh t!'.; Rlnri:' t'.-.c i'i? di-' any S:!,50(), L B. LEIGH & CO ' i^fa'-il hi general a- i .ih tint of the src'.in-u; T: K gir.wn-up tork -A'S inilk in propc-.l,o: = ; • '. o • dc^s t'-.? no -. ? v.-culcl b: rirlakin; fr : i riuaris of milk a <;., ca'. frcni c:n-l i :;u;s nf Mi[^r. Rc.-;:'i •< is -Brewing rar/diy ^cr amc'.uils '\ t-od ' '.: Its west'.:' t'.i.v. uli. ihc (iijc-tivo fiu-.i".; • ••>• r.t its to;) ..- ;\l. ;i-c dije^iivc. fi:',vt:i:i •r rod n-ay lv. |:v:!.'l:y inr;r'.ion. ! ;'• v cv p?hi. l.h:d:r Mnc.r. the cir.~ ::\ • he}:- i wev.-r - -Tc:mt :f lac:; ;-. cl le'.or'.ncn'. of f.'.:: ; : .:as(ed' > his :-.."u!.t. l,i to -.::l hi • two '•• in- :.;urcs. :.;i::;-l':;s co:i- ' th= :; f:;.- ivi'.l ;:r; •'.:•. r;:irl:> i".-::^:::::. ?: rril?:; by the- }.t:ii!."..' child i.i i!-.-.:.-':! ics3 (ha-.i t - t ,i;Y, a- 1 .:;: ;,!:;• •!. I-' j- 2if! !,o«isijm;i Sirect (icntr.:! A^ for Fire Wilh Authority (n i!in;l {he (Icnijii!-: r»i. CUAU; MNOX l.iltie Km-k. Ark. 3:iKcella;icous Lines Anywhere in the lini' n. ,\. Ar. 1 a~i b:cii c.'.!a'c!i? .i.'. tV.: lateral r.r.;s •.'.-.- ;.-.-r;tiou frc:ii r.lirc'f-l by ;v.i :-.;.-' 01 ]:'.'• v-ic!o:,y. (l:o'n i- fa:!;: It is -.:;i t'i:rr '..- in" v.i'.cu tl :rc is -ciivc ::;c!t:;n3nt,' ."'lucicil A:;eni^, i : ;ivnr- He piii'i merit Local Represznlaiiocs The Fanners Bank & Tr F 9 irst e\ (.->• f CliLh nsuranee Lo. Horns Farm Department Agent II

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