The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1951
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 24 1951 BLVTHEVIU.E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Living Costs Are About Equal in All Parts of U.S. Old Movie Stars Never Dye— Their Hair Just Fades to Grey NEW YORK, April 24. (ff>t— You can't pare your living costs oy moving to another part of the country the way you used to. It's Just about as expensive today In Tucson, Arizona, as it is in Boston. What you save on one item you may lose on another. All across the .•country the cost of living is being ^regimented. In fact, the middle- sized cities may actually be a little harder on the family budget them some of the biggest ones. In a study of living costs in 33 cities, comparing March, 1935, with October, 1950, the National Industrial Conference Board reports today that tit the earlier date New York WHS the fourth most expensive place, and nine per cent more costly that the average of the 33. Now the budget for n worker's family of four puts New York In 2!itli place and about three per cent cheaper limn the average of the 33 cities. Milwaukee has moved up to first place front sixth. Washington, D.C. which was the costliest in the m*rt- thirties, is now second. Houston which was the fourth cheapest in 1933, was the fourth highest' last fall. Spread Disappearing But the conference board stresses that the spread Is disappearing In 1935 there was a 25 per cen difference between the highest- cost and the lowest-cost city, Ti 1950 the difference was only H per cent. And 10 of the 33 varied fron dead center by less than two per cent. What brought this trend toward uniform costs around the country? One thing is the steady averaging off of living standards every where n the nation. Diets, living quarters, imusemcnts, clothing become increasingly more alike in all sections, and In little cities as well as big. Another is the American business miracle of production and distribution, which can get mass-produced goods to every corner of the land at around the same price. Population shifts have played r\ large part. They created markets which didn't exist 15 years ago. And goods flowed in to the places where demand was built up. 18 Were of Size In Its survey of the 33 cities, the conference board points out that in 1935 thirteen of them had population of 500.000 or more, and only one of these had bclow-nverage costs. By 1950, however, 18 of the 33 were of this size, and seven of them had below-average living cosls. Sections changed as well as eltj sizes. The board finds that 15 ycajrs ago nine of the eleven southerr cities on the list of 33 had below- average costs. By last fall only four of the southern cities were belov the average. Cheapest city of the 33 is Nev Orleans. It's almost eight per cen below the average and H per cen cheaper than Milwaukee. PAGE THftEB HOLLYWOOD, April 24. CAP) — le was a far cry from the suave, lick-haired Cesar Romero of yore. He had the Rnme Latin dash, but ww He looked more distinguished. This was the new Cesar Romero, vith handsome streaks of grey In ils black hair. He appeared that way or his role in "Lost Continent," and ic snorted at the idea of dyeing ils Imir black. "Why should I?" he asked. "This s the way my hair is, and this Is low It's going to stay." I remarked that other nctors, such as Spencer Tracy and Cary Grant, allowed their hair to grey, too. • "That makes sense," remarked the atin from Manhattan. "I'm 41 nml I'm not going to play juveniles any more. Grant is a few years older than I am and Tracy is in his 50's." Others who take no pains to dis- iuise their grey hair: Clark Gable. Ray Miliand, Humphrey Bogart, I* S/c/ppy, the Colt, Must Learn To Be Horse After 'Human' Life LOS ANGELES. April 24. f/P)— Skippy Is a horse, but apparently he doesn't know it. He prefers people to horses. Skippy Is an eight-wcek-old Arabian colt. His mother refiiscd to nurse him and he was ordered destroyed. The busy owners of the ranch where he was born didn't have time to bother with an KITA tS READY — HOLLY WOOD, April 24. (/!'/—Rita Hay worth has notified her studio that she's ready to report for work. A Columbia Studios spokesman said yesterday that the actress, who abandoned her screen career to marry Moslem Prince " Aly Kahn, will come to Hollywood soon from New York where she is now visiting. Her husband is in Europe. Miss Hayworth was suspended two and a half years ago when she turned down a part in a western film. A few weeks later she married the prince and settled in Europe. The studio said it has several screen properties ready for her and she can take her pick of the lot. new number 6876 STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Walnut & 1st. Street unwanted colt. Then along came Jim Barnard. He was shopping ror a saddle at the ranch when he heard Skinpy's story. He bought the week-old animal and set up a stall in the back of his downtown photoengraving shop. Skfppy thrived. He was 'pampered by employes and customers. Barnard fed him a special formula from a bottle. until skinpy developed a taste for human fare. There came a time when Skippy ate more from'work- men's lunch pails than he did from liis oatbin. Barnard took Skippy to the park for exercise, transporting him there in the back seat of his car. But Barnard noticed Skippy wouldn't associated with other horses. That did It. Last week Barnard took Skippy for his last automobile ride—out to Barnard's own ranch. Skippy is going to have to learn how to be a horse. Arkansas Negro To Die in Chair HOPE, Ark., April 24. (,p)_Herm;in Maxwell, Negro Ihrlce convicted of raping an expectant white mother, yesterday \vas sentenced to tile In the electric chair at Tucker Prison Farm June 15. The sentence was pronounced by Judge Dexter Hush, in whose Hempstead County Circuit Court Maxwell was convicted for the third time ast week. ' Maxwell's first two convictions, also carrying death sentences, were reversed by Ihe Arkansas Supreme Court—the first because the defense was not given .sufficient time to prepare Its case and the second because Negroes were excluded from the jury panel. An all-white Jury heard last week's trial. Ronald Coleinan, Dick Powell, James Stewart, Barbara Stanwyck. Romero toughed about one actor who has kept the dye nots >>u>- 'ir more than a decade. "He's not fool- Ing anybody but himself." Romero remarked. "I remember another actor who was a big star at Fox when I was there in the old days. He was 50 then, but he still wanted to play romantic leads. He was dyeing his hair and trying to keep his figure. "At that time he was worried because the studio wanted him to take a role as Tyrone Power's father.-He wouldn't do it." The star soon declined to B pictures. Romero has been doing all right since he left 20th-Fox a year or so ago. He went to Europe for "Happy Go Lovely" with Vera-Ellen and the ilm Is being hailed as one of the brightest musicals to come from the British Isles. Romero left 20th after a 13-year association. lie Indicated that he was tired of being the guy "who chased Betty Grablc for eight reels and then lost her to John Payne or George Montgomery." He said he holds nothing against the studio and often returns -there to have his heir cut. But not, you can be assured, to dye. Sand Bagged Nurseries Arc Used in Malaya SINGAPORE IIP) — In Malaya, children play in sand-bagged nurseries. They are so protected against buJlcts and splinters, for no one ever knows at what moment the home of a rubber planter may be attacked by Communist 'terrorists. A Malay constable usually is on guard outside the nurseries of children in the home of rubber planters Every mother knows how to handle a Bren automatic gun and she Isn'l hesitant about firing at the firsi terrorist who shows his head. At the home of every rubber planter there's a giant searchlight which .weens the rubber land and jungle with brilliant 5,500-watt shafts of light every night. Then, too, planters have rieged up an alarm system to Psychology Scrambled With Marine Eggs WITH THE FIRST MARINE DIVISION IN KOREA </]')— The mere mention of dehydrated food seems to have an annoying effect on Marines. But Master Sgt. John H. Riggs mixes a little practical psy- Arkansos Has No Shortage of Doctors Medical Society Told by Dr. Hunt LITTLE ROCK. April 24, f/Pj— The Arkansas Mccik'al Society was tolil yesterday thnt this slate has no shortage of doctors. chology careful preparation and a dissenting not* is rarely sou titled about breakfasts served to the First Battalion ol the 7th Marines. The solution: When Marines have fresh eggs on the morning menu, Sergeant saves the shells. Then, on succeeding dnys when the dehydrated eggs are served, the cooks merely scatter the real shells in the trash dump. Pronto, the troops leap to the conclusion that they are having fresh scrambled eggs. HE'S BOBBY-PINNED—London policemen take a firm hold on a struggling demonstrator near Old Bailey courthouse where seven dock workers were being tried on Hinrges of conspiring (n incite n Unke. Hundreds of dockers, demonstrated outside the courthouse during the trial. Little Donald Rediearn Gone To 'Play Cowboy in Heaven' signal the raiders. approach of terrorist Police Wireless Links 12 Indian States NEW DELHI W)—Indian government officials will have a direct communications link with 12 Important state capitals for the first time through a new police wireless network. Aimed at preventing disruption of communications by subversive elements in time of crisis, the wireless will connect Delhi with key stations now being set tip by the home ministry. Each state government has its own intra-state wireless. McLEANSBOnO. 111., April 24. M>) —Little Donald Reilfcarn has gone —perhaps to play cowboy In Heaven. Doomed to die of 100 cancerous growths, the only child of Cl'Joe and Harry Hedfearn nskcd his mother several weeks ago: "Will God let me play cowboy in Heaven?" Donald died yesterday In Ills small Me Leansboro home to which letters by the box full and gifts had come from sympathetic persons across the country. His case started with a bruise from a fall two years ago. Since then he has faded away. His fa; v ;cr, a $2,150 a year school teacher, hail done what he could to spare his son pain and misery. In two years Dan- aid had been in at least six hospitals In three states. Donald's eleventh birthday would have been May 24. Friends fcarci he would not live until (ben. A spe cial blrlhday party was held Marcl 11. Curds, letters and glfls. Includ Ing a television set. anct $2,900 pour cd In for the Donald Rcdfean treasure chest. Czech Pupils Slipping PRAGUE f/P)- One out of ever 20 pupils fails in the schools of Bo hernia and Moravia, the Czechoslo vak News Agency said In report In a school inspectors' conference here So teachers are being urged to 1 prove their work "according to In example of Soviet pedagogues," said. less than » / Frkpdaire Standard Refrigerator -made for once-a-week shopping! Read Courier News Classified Ad 'One-firth of all doctors In Arkanas are located in Little flock. The lopulatlon of Little Rock Is about one-fifteenth of (lie population of \rkansas. "I have contacted several post- nasters In rural mountainous re- gions In our state and have asked the following question: 'Do you know of any case anywhere in your area where any person suffered unnecessarily long and has died because of Inability to get or get to • doctor?" "They all said no." Dr. Hunt also told the society that unless doctors organize, national compulsory health Insurance would make Us debut In the United Slates. An English law of the 15th Century forbade anyone under the rank of baron to wear shoes with leather soles. AN INVITATION TO JOIN OUR DREIFUS Miu ! ,l Ilrniliis . . . WIMT tliamonds 316 WEST VUI\ !iT. STORES IN BLYTKEVILLE, MEMPHIS AND DYEKSBURO Owner after owner. . .lear after year-says IVJPVP T 1 ^^ DGE FOR tffvl flu nn» Mmtar, Oelvi* end Impvrwl Mcdc Hat many features you'd expect to find only in higher-priced refrigerators SAFt Cold from Frigidain food* from one shopping trip to ttw mxf I Famaui Meter-Miter mechanism hat 3-Y«ar Warranty. Exclusive Quicfcub« Trayt with built-in Troy and Cub* Release!. Large Sup«r-Fr**i*r holds »ver 29 Ibs. frozen food. Cold Slorage Tray for quick chilling meats, beverages, etc. Btn-slze porcelain Hydrator fof fruits and vegetables. • $5 Down Holds the Appliance You Choose • Adams Appliance Co., Inc. Sales J. \V. ADAMS, Mgr. 206-208 West Main . . . Phone 2071 Service Yo?m«r t , * ™, J"' d ^vision-Maying washers and gas rangcs-Duo-Therm oil heatcrs- Youngstown kitchens, dishwashers and gnrtegc d.sposals - Fairbanks-Worse water pumps - record P aycrs and phonograph records-Frlgidalre refrigerators .electric ranges, washers, dryers, Ironcrs, air-conditioners, dehumldiflcra, food freezers and water healers. ; « Also reconditioned refrigerators, ranges, washers • MILEAGE CARIIF DODGE-OWNERS TEST/FY "0*0Vf MY IC.JT °°OGf 150,000 ",£,„ -»°yi c'.'o 1 ,',,' 1 '?? 1 !! TJr^/t st louw-" *5r You tovld fay up to $1,000 more and jf//( nof gef n// ffie exfro room, r/rf/ng cemforf and rugged dependability of Dodge yon over roatls tlial stop other cars, cushion vital chassis purts agninst road sliocks ... make tlicni last years longer. Ami with tins traditional Dodge quality of dependability goes extra headroom, ley room, elbow room found in no other car ... "Watclitowcr" visibility in every direction, l.onger lasting, smoolh acting Safe-Guard Hydraulic Drakes make every rnilo you travel safer, more relaxed- rjTAKE THE ^'OHD of OWllCrS WhO X know Dodge value and dependability from actual experience. "Xo major repairs in four years' driving" . . . "After driving another make loss than .1 year, I'm back with Dodge again" . .. "Driven my Dodge 150,000 miles and it's still g6ing strong." Tlio« are not unusual comments we. receive; from Dodge owners coasl-to-coist. Dodge dependnbilily starts with a heavy, nigged frame, a "Get-Away" engine "speed-proofed" to resist wo;ir, designed to he a miser on gas. There's a safe, rigid, all-steel body, rubber- mounted lo eliminate rattle, squeak. New Sofer, Smoother Rido Dodge Oriflow Shock Absorbers "float" Come in Today Take 3 minutes to check- Dodge dependability in long life, in extra comfort and safety, low-cost maintenance ar.d eas economy. It will be the most profitable. 5 minutes you ever spent. /951 DependaMe. ODGE Drive It Five Minuies And You'll Drive It For Years BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Walnut and First Phone 4422

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