The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 14 1991 U.S. Set to Announce Method OfComputingManufacturers' Prices Under New Regulation WASHINGTON. April 24. (AP) — The government will announce tonight the new method by which an estimated 75,000 manufacturers will compute new celling prices affect- Ing a large share of consumer goods, Office of Price Stabilization officials said more price reductions than Increases are expected under the regulation, They told reporters they could not estimate how much merchandise bouaht by consumers will be affectco. They said it would be "a large part." Prices of goods on retail .shelves will not be changed lor some time, however. Manufacturers will be given about a month to compute their new ceiling prices and put them into effect, In addition, it will t->ke time for gocds to pass throueli the hanrts of distributors and onto retail shelves -at the new prices. In each there will have to he a new computation on the basis of price chnnires !>t-the manufacturers' lev- elf, Price Director Mich?cl V. DiSnlle told reporters manufacturers who tried voluntarily last fall to hold down prices pro'.iably will gel slitht increases. For others, he predicted rollbacks. Companion .Orders I>ue Companion • orders due to be issued sltnrtly will affect makers of machinery, wearing apparel and cotton textiles. These will bring to perhaps 150.003 the number ol manufacturers coming under new price . methods. They have been opcrat- in? under the genera! price freeze. For some manufacturers the order will have no effect. Special regulations already have been Issued covering such things a.s soap, wool yarn and fabrics, tallow and greases, cotton seed oil, rice processors, shortening and salad oils, hides, coal and other Industries. Many manufacturer coming tin der the order to be announced tonight eventually will be given regulations tailored for [heir industry. The' new regulation will rcouire a manufacturers to use-a ore-Korean base period for computing new prices. It was understood he would be permitted to select any quarter of the 12-month period preceding June 24, 1950. for this base. Add to Period Price OPS officials have said he then would be allowed to calculate Increases in certain materials and labor costs since the Korean out- : break. He would add this to his base period price. He would use one of several formulas in the order to determine the percentage by which he could Increase his base price to determine his ceiling. It was understood the order calls for absorption of such cosLs as executives' salaries, advertising and promotional costs and administrative labor costs outside of the factory. OPS officials said the new price policy announced over the weekend by Economic stabilizer Eric Johnston docs not affect terms of the manufacturers order. Manufactur- es will compute their ceilings a* provided by the regulation. They will raise or" lower their [trices the permitted or required amounts. The Johnston policy, which provides a yardstick for computing price changes In the future, will be used by OPS In determining at a later date whether any variations lire permissible from the terms of the manufacturers' order or any other tailored regulation for industry. Holland, Mo., Sergeant Leads Platoon in Repelling 50 Reds WITH THK 1ST CAVALRY DIVISION IN KOREA —(Delayed) — A Holland. Mo., sergeant led his platoon through a night battle \vhleh phclfd in a wild, confused mclec, but from which his machine gunners of ComiJirny H, 5th CnvMry RpRimcnl, emerged victorious on the Korean front. Sergeant First Class William L. Kelly. 30. husband of Mrs. Babble Jane Kclty and son of Mrs, Stella Cnnnon, both of Holland, directed his machine gunners throughout the battle in exacting a heavy toll of Communist lives without casualty to the Amcricnn uyil. After a rifle company had fought for more than a day to capture 'Hill 687." some 20 men of Sgt. Kelly's machine gun section were ordered to consolidate the position. Shortly after nlRhUnlf. the unit dug In. using a number of vacated Chinese foxholes to form the defense perimeter, One hour before midnight, the Reds launched a furious "banzai" attack, showering "potato masher" grenades and mortar shells on Kelly's unEt. "They came nt> us in the pitch darkness, shouting English phrases in confuse the men." Sgt. Keliy reported "It was next to Itnnossible to distinguish friend (rom fne." Often. In the confusion. Chinese and cavalrymen would dive Into the same foxhole. With (he first light of dawn, the remaining Chinese (led. And in the daylight it was found that of an estimated SO Reds. 32 'ay dead or wounded around the area. Not a man of Sgt, Kelly's group was even Injured. Sgt. KcUy, veteran of eight years service, foucht with the 00th Infantry Division in Europe in World War II. Churchill Still Plans U.S. Visit LONDON, April 24. </P>—Winston Churchill's office said today It new of no decision by the wartime >rlme minister to cancel his scheduled visit lo the United Slates next nonlh because of the British polill- RESERVED FOR GENERAL MACARTHUR — If MacArthur wants it, he has a suite of offices all ready for him at the Pentagon in Wash ington. Here n V.'AC private lounges near the general's desk in Room 2EUS-!. and reads all about Mar-Arthur's homecoming. The suite, newly redecorated, has been used occasionally by General Eisenhower. Harry Truman.Is President in Name Only, Sen. McCarthy Tells C. of C. CUDAHY. WIs,. April 24. <&). — Harry Truman Is President "in name only," says Senator McCarthy (n-Wis>. "The Hiss crowd," the. Wisconsin Republican senator said last night, "still rims the State Department tint] not '•only determines foreign policy but military strategy as well." McCarthy' told n Chamber of Commerce dinner he thinks Mr. Tnmian "is essentially Just as loyal as the average American citizen," but- "the Acheson group has almost hypnotic powers over him." Those who tnlk about impeaching the President "largely are wasting their time," he said, adding, "we must impeach Acheson, the heart of the octopus." McCarthy told the audience the President did not fire General MacArthur, "That was done by a sinister, ninny headed, many lentacled monster conceived in the Kremlin and given birth to by Acheson with Alt lee nnd Morrison as mltlwlve, 1 ;." (He was referring to British Prime Minister Aitlce and Foreign Minister Morrison.) If Itchy Skin not eased Five Minutes- II Tclttrinc docin't lelicvt iMn ilchinv due lo Ecacmi. Ringworm. Suffice R.ih, Athlete's Fool. Scibiei or innocimui in- icrt bite*, it com you nothing. G«t Tel. urine from any drucgiii (01 direct from Shupmne Co.. I>c P t 3. Sjvinnih. 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HADACOL CAN HELP YOU ... if your system lacks these essential elements, ?,°,W l L, l)e am a*«i at the wonderful results HADACOL can bring yon, as it has to thousands of olher /me folks who suffered a deficiency ?,Ajf'. lamins Bl ' Bl - Nia <:in and Iron, which HADACOL contains. HADACOL is thai wonderful new preparation —promising blessed relief for your indigestion, stomach disturbances (gas, heartburn, sour "ris- • ings" after meals), as well as that general rundown condition, and annoying aches and pains, Oslo War Hero Held for Spying OSLO. Norway, April 24. M>> — Police today held the war hero son of Norway's navy chief on charges' of spying for a foreign power. The. arrest, made a \veek ago. was not] announced until last nieht (or se- [ curity reasons. i The accused. Per Edvard Daniel-! sen, 33. former Norwegian navy | lieutenant and soil of Vice Adtn. Edvard C. lianieisen, became famous for his daring wartime raids as a torpedo boat commander alotig the Nazi-occupied coast of Norway. Veteran British Diplomat Dies at Home in Kent LO-VDON. April 24. (AP) — Sir Malcoltn Arnold Robertson, veteran Briush diplomat, died at his home in Walmer, Kent, yesterday. He was 73. During his 32-year career witl the foreign office Sir Malcolm heh pfist-s in Berlin, Peiping, Madrid Bucharest, Washington—where h was first secretary at the British embassy from . 1915 to 1018, Th< Hague and Buenos Aires. Although the United States mine more than a third of the world' ziiV in its own territory—more tha: nny other country—it must Impor the metal to supply its own need cnl situation. The Dally Telegraph reported this morning Churchill might not malt* the trip to speak May » In Philadelphia at the 200th anniversary celebration of the University of Pennsylvania library. "If there Is any firm decision, It will be announced Immediately," said Churchill's secretary. Read Courier Ne»i Classified Adi. £*v Now '*' s Fun *° Reduce CANADA'S NEW EASIER WAY TAKES OFF UGLY FAT 3 to 5 Pounds Disappear Safety 7 Days EAT WHAT FOOD YOU WANT Approved oiiginal Canadian Myuci Reducing Sucre*! Sweeping Asnerica, Jla* ih* ^miring power Co r**iore more youthful figui* in few clt days . . . safely . . . and with » lull cotv teti iiomnoh! Do ai they do in Canada. Try u'lisntional jieiv.MynfX. Caloric reducing /t|l- n 7 days on guarante* of 3 pound i fal !oi* or urn empty package ai proof of pore-have for without itctnuoui eierciiei or drastic di*ti that leave you «ck a^i weak. St«rt» s.fely talcing ofl fat firit day. Worked, wonder* for CannrfUn Fat folks -A-ho juit couldn't stem to leave the table hungry. 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