Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1898
Page 21
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BB^M*" BH ** HI ' John Gray's -COBNEB ON— HIS ANNUAL -Bed Quilt Sale- Vie are now showing Spreads in white and colors, including Bates Crochet Quilts, Satin and Marseilles Spreads. Sale to continue until all are sold. Come early and get first choice. LAWN MOWERS, Lawn Hose. SCREEN DOORS AND WINDOWS, Hammocks. Ice Cream Freezers Fishing Tackle. Carpenter and Mason's Tools, and a complete line of Builders' Hardware at 408 Broadway. Mattie L. Johnson. W. J. BARNETT, Bucoewor to C. L, WoU, Undertaker, Embalmer, Funeral nirortnr 417 Mf"* 6 ' Btr ®?> Calii attended 1/irCClUr day or nlgbt. Che finest outfit in the U. B.Col. C. L. WoU, will remain with me. Fk«»«»-Offlce le.Resldenoe-Mu. 65: 0. TJ. 169. SETHM. VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and -writes Fire, Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. HHNRY WRBRR, The Merchant Tailor, loea flrit class -work, StyliBh and well flt- tto« clothes made. Cleaning and repairing neatly done. See him. 324 Pearl Street sosososososo DR LIDJI LEJC5URE, Office in Reiidence 813 Market Street. jtoeumatiini ana DUeaeen of Women and ' OUldren Specialties DR. C. D. EVEKSOLE'S DECTAL PALLORS Or»» Porter'i N«w Drug- Store, Corner of Fourth and Market Street*. Dr- Ex- S- Hunt, —DENTIST— All the latert dlicoveriei in medicine and aypUaDoet to relieve pain in extraction or flll- Srol teeth. Modem methods, modem prices, TJ Telephone No. 828. on Fourth street. MONEY to LOAN uoover Mortgage or penonal Notes bought. Lower rales than mar body on large suras. Geo. B. Forgy. McConaell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHAROS FBIDAY. MAY 20, 1898. GITY NRW8 Logansport Times nas .}6 pages.- •*No business in tbe mayor's court this morning. 1 Mrs. A. Shade is going to Aurora tacight to visit her sister. Tkomas Roth has resigned his petition as driver of Streoker's bakery wagon and has been succeeded by Walter Gibson. The case of Augustus Caesar Baffl Downdilly against Mary Jane Interloper, a «ult for slander,,will be tried this evening. Admission, 10 cents. Dudley Bingleben, son of Charles Ringleben, left today for the south In the hope that he will be able to join one of the many regiments that »re moving in that direction. Mrs. A. P. Jenks attended the G. A. R. encampment at Columbus this week as a representative of the Woman's Relief Cerps. Her daughters accompanied her as far as Indianapolis. Josle Mowdy, wife of William H. Howdy, of Clinton township, died at 10a. m. yesterday, aged 39 years. Ths funeral will be held at 11 a. m. tomorrow from St. John's church, Clinton towniblp, Bey. Jacob Eyman officiating. WILL BE CLOSE. Major Steele Mn«t Secure at Least Mne Votes From HuDtlngton. He Could be Beaten if Miami Conntj Would Stand Solid for Statesman. The Kokomo Dispatch which is generally well informed as to political jttrt-s in Howard county sives it o\u as a fixed fact that Major Steele will receive 19 of the 21 votes of Howard comity in the Congressional convention, 'it is conceded that Steel* will pet five votes from Miami county. Including wirb these 24 votes, the vot,:S of Grant county, Steele must ?et nine more votes from some other source to insure a re-nomination. These he expects to set, from Huntinsrton couniy. MeCcmneirs manners 'feel hopeful of capturing a majority of the Hunt- injrton county delegation. If they do Judse McComu'll's changes for capturing the nominal ion are pood. At this lime Humin^ton comity holds the key to the situation. If Steele get* nine of the 21 tleJei-.ifes from th.it county he will be renominated. The weak spot. :i2:iin.st Sieele's mnoniination is Miami couniy. If Siutesmnn had a solid del- ation back of him from his home coun'.y the chances of liea'fin would be much better. But Sreele stole a march on them up there and captured at least five of Xfto 1" delegates. And. by the way. it is soinj: to require good management to provein ADDITIONAL. LOCALS. E. B. McConnell is in Peru oh leg business. FornorTs orchestra will play at tie rink tonight. Wheat brought $1.20 in the local market today. Lion and Mokana coffee-for 10 cent- pound at P. F. Dunn's. The -nice shoes come from -Maiben's shoe store, 412 Broadway. Up-to-date styles at Willey's cash shoe store. Third ami Market. Don't pay lOc IT) for sugar-cored h.iins. Our price is- S%c.—McCaffrey. Kobm "Weaver and Merrill Pickell will leave at 1:30 Monday for the Klondike gold country. Special discount on suite and jackets Think of 2o per cent, discount.—Trade Palace. The old fire engine. "Chatracey Custer" has been sold to M. Barnard, tbe junk denlr-r, for §73. A nc\v line of box eoa.t mackintoshes wiili velvet collars at Dewenter, the hatter and 'furnisher. Small country potatoes worth TOc; our price for fancy Wisconsin potatoes 90c bushel .—McCaffrey. A son of a. prominent shoe dealer will soon wed the charming daughter of another merchant of this city. Take dinner and supper with the ladies at the St. Josepli hospital b:i- Ste<-le 7 "' ln " ;lt IlK ' r ' Dk aD Saturday. Ott'y 15 cen ts. Will C. Fisher, the traveling representative of TV". C. Rom'h's packing house, and wife have gone to Chicago to visit friends. Matinee for children at the May fes- campaign Steele from 'Stealing some of the Cass county delesialtes. It would be well for •M'cConnell's m anngers to keep watch about the,court house and near the. .pos-toffices. ; Steele is a d-arios politician. He likes official -life and will leave no stone unturned' to get back to Washimffton. He made ?s 7 iebolson kneel on tival at the rink Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Music and recitations. Admission 5 cents. John G. Kratli of Knox, Indiaia, was in the city for a few hours yesterday :enrotile home from the G. A. R. encampment a;t Columbus. The case of Thos. Mahoney. admin- VVaSMQfftOn. £ie maue jM'L-IWJSUiii R-LM:CI • , . . . „ m ^n<>,i istrator of the estate of the late O. P. and he ha.« his forces so well arranged , „ , ... '• ,, . . , . ,-,„,„ t . '.T. Uwnich against the Panhandle, will that nil ofher aspirants are likely to „ , ,, , . T , . Ka A.i.]7ar7 A/Vvn/lm- <ir Tvrtl.-Am/i be vanquished next first round. . CHEAP SAFETY LIGHT. Is This Where Nlcknm Idea*. Obtained His Ingenious Contritance Used by Watch, men in Magazines of Paris. "To obtain a. light iaslauUy without the use of nmtdies and without the danger of sirting things on fire is a easy matter," said a local -chemist, today, while discussing the probabilities of the Nickum light. -Comtiniuing he said: "Take an oblong vial of the clearest of glass, put into St a piece of phosphorus• about the size of a pea; upon this pour olive oil heated to the boiling .point, the bottle to be filled aboufc one-third full, then cork tightly. Monday at ICokomo. The Coleridge flll-y which C. N. Graffis sold to a party in southern Indiana, was shipped back yesterday to be handled by Sturgeon, the-trainer. R. F. Johnston has returned from AYabash. His brother-in-lflw. Dr. Donaldson died 'there last night Isaac Johnston will attend the funeral. As a resnult from a bicycle accident yesterday. 'Miss Harriet Heaton of the Mnf-ua 1 ! Teleplio-ne exciiange has: a new wrinkle in her ankle and movements •today. Saturday special—One-half gallon -glass water pi-toner 7c: glass mu-gs Ic each: wooden frame clothes wringer. 9Sc; 6..ft step .ladder. , 39c.—Trade Palace. Fra.nik E. Hockaday and wife of Toledo are Tisltinig. the family of N. B. Richason near Ano"ka. Mr. Hockaday is a conductor on- the Wabash bet-frees Andrews amd Toledo. The 11-year-old' son of Ohaa-les Cap- To use the light remove tne cork. a2- ^ OTSta j oM a pai , nful j^y to llis low the air to enter and then recork.! ^ n ^^ Tps . tftrr1flv afternoon, tvhile The whole empty space in the bottle will become luminous, and the light obtained wil'I be a good one. As soon •as Ithe light 'becomes dim its power can be increased by opening the bottle IIH" \ t'L !••> f«l-l JM ILU^JI *^r » i ijy,. \^,LHIU.»H^ ..iv.i and allowing a-fresh supply of air to _ .^ & ^^ ^ ^^^ some time left hand, yesterday afternoon, while playing about a windmill. Dr. Jordan amputated his index finger -at the second joiot The condition of Charles Grusen- i.eyer is still improving. Charlie sitf- enter. In very cold weather it is sometimes -necessary to heat the vial be tweoit tlie hands to increase the fluidi- ago. Dr. Billiard, the attending physician has hope* of his complete recovery in a, short rime. D. C. Justice shas filed ia the circuit court the complaint, of Lewis Hollo- ty of the oil. and one bottle will last all winter. .This, Ingenious contrivance may be carried to tlie pocket, and i« ^ v p . ^ ^ Q ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ag . tisod-by the watchmen of Pans ,n all ^^ of wm -L p , arker _ tbe srocer . S..M. Velsey. who was quite sick, is magazines where explosive or inflammable mate-rials are stored-." A CHANGE OF FIRM. John 'M. Johnston. The Popular Drug- .gist 'Sells His Drug Store. John M. Johnston, the old reliable druggist has sold his drug store to F. L. and C. F. Hoch of Hamilton. Ind. reported greatly improved. Rev. F. H. Grace of Walnut, la., is in the city visiting his uncle. William Grace, and other relatires. Her. Graei is a. son of George Grace, who was a conductor on the^Panhandle 'up to tiie time of the great strike in 1S73. The Republican primaries to select delegates to the Congressional and Hon. John B. Stoll of South Bend in tne ciry for & few "hours Wednesday. The veteran- editor a si-e.^e of malarial fever last year that came near forcing him to capitulate and requiring of him it. UlUi, V.. -I 1 . A.H_'^ 1J \Jl ^.A*tiilan.vrli. *ui". tl^lt'^a It^S IV llit^ V-^IJli^ HT^> nfiul 1 HJ.H« The new firm took charge this morn- other coming conventions will be held i-ng. Mr.. Johnston is one of the oldest tomorrow. The only interest mani- and best 'known druggists in the city fested is over the selection of delegates having clerked and conducted a bu*i- . t o the Consn-ess-iona.1 convention, ness here for many years. Tie 'has not announced hi's intentitons for the future but his many friend* hope that he •will ramaJn a resident of Logan-sport.' The new firm cornea well recommended. They are from Hamilton. Ind., _ whiSre they have been in the -same line ; pie-fore the appointed time, to go to that hon.se not made with hands eternal in the heavens. He was spared, however, to mingle with his fellows for yet unknown years. He is now in the enjoyment of good health and tips the beam at about 300 pounds. The street committee is considering the question of finding a better grade of gravel and broken stone for use upon the streets. For some years th-e quality has -been so poor that it ground of business. -Mr. C. F. Hoch is a grrad uate of a school of pharmacy. Mr. F. L. Hoch will shortly remove his family to this city. X THE LAND OF THE LIVING. Richard Johnson, a "brother-in-law of Willis Graham whose funeral he attended' in this city this week, fnrnish- f« reliable information "that William Frwnian who was a member of 128th OFFICIAL CIRCULAR :ssr:ed by Tile Order of Foresners Concerning Military Service. 'The executive council of the order of foresters have issued a circular letter :o all courts throughout the United States 5-n relation to members of the order who are now serving or may sen's Q the army during the war with Spam. It specifies that .all those who iave enlisted shall from the date of *ut-b service be classed as in the ''Ordinary or preferred'' class and pay the rates provided in section- 237 of the const! tution. and laws. All resrruciions as to residence south of the 3Sth parallel of latitude ire suspended so far as it affects or may affect those in che army and such suspension is to continue during the ime -they are engaged !n the service of their country. All courts are instructed to immediately furnish the Supreme secretary with the names of such members as> have entered 'the mil- tary or naval service. Every court is requested to give every attention and care and to lend fraternal aid to the families of those who have responded co their country's call. regiment of Indiana volunteers is in inro mud in a few weeks. The Pharos good -health and is now Tisitins The believes that the committee will solve Home at Lafayette. This will be good news as Mr. Freoman has not been seen by his many friends of Cass and Carroll counties for some years. CORN PLAXTEXX? BELATED. The rains have delayed corn plant- tmj al] this week About .half The fields in the county -were planted before tie rain last Sunday Dignt. It will be several days before the ground will again be in fit condition for planting Some of the com plan-ted 1 last week now snows above the <gronnd. the whole street problem if it decide right on the start to mate no repairs at all unless •with the very best mater- iails. When gravel is used it should be of the best grade and properly screened and the broken stone should be of harden nature tha-n that secured at Kenneth. Smoke tbe OnUmbit clgvj THE PURCHASING POWER OF THE NICKEL Is shown In the fact th»t one can now BIT a LONG HAVANA FILLER Cigtrwitt Choice Sumatra Wrapper for Five Cents. THIS CIGAR IS Tike Notice: While other cigars have deteriorated, this his been kept at the highest point of excellence. A. KIEFER DRUG CO. sou DISTRIBUTERS, INDIANAPOLIS. A LOGANSPORT LADY Honored at tbeg<CoIninbns (?. A. B Eccatupment, A NEW SONG. VThen Dewey Leads the Way" Composed by David Bryer. The Truth Publishing Company will shortly give a prize to the person who composes the tx?si war song, words and .music within a certain time. Mr. David Bryer who recently composed a new >soug entitled "When Dewey Leads the Way" will enter into compe- ition. for the prize. • DAMAGE SUIT SETTLED. McComnell & Jenfeimes today filed the conplaiirt of Mary Sorter, admiDStra- trix of the estate of the late Joseph Morter ia a .?5,000 damage suit against the Panhandle. An ihour later the court, by 'agreement, of *he defendant, awarded! plaintiff judgment for $500. It will 'be remem'bered that Joseph Morter, wife of the plaintiff in the above stilt, was a 'section man on the Panhandle, and that he was killed about two mounts ago in the Southside yardis. Mm Ollre Allison Elected President of •the Ladies of the Grand Army. The annual state encampment of e Grand Army of the Republic closed at Columbus last evening. Daniel Ryan, of Utlca, was elected department commander. E,. S. Thompson, of Eising Sun, was re-elected commander of the SOBS of Veterans. Miss Ad die Wallace, of Columbue, was elected president of the Ladies' Aid society. A Logansport lady, Mrs. OHie Alison, wife of tEverefct Allison, was sleeted president of the Ladies of the Jrand Army. Mrs. Mary J. Hadley, of Danville, was elected president; of the Woman's Belief Corps. The next encampment of the G. A. R., Department of Indiana, will be held at Terre Haute. CHICAGO MARKETS. Receded Daily by A. M. Ebaugh, at the Corner of North and Fifth Streets. Chicago, May 20, 1898, •Wheat—Hay opened at »1.42; high, 81.45; low, 11.40; closed at 11.45 b. 'Wheat— YOT July, opened, ll.O'Jc; hlgb, II .'08}'; low, 1.05J: cloied at Corn—For July, opened at 35|c; high, 36Jc; low, 35}-ic; olosea at 35Jc b. Oats—For July, opened at 26Jc; high, 26|c; low, 26o; C closed at 26}o. Pork—For July, opened, «12.05; high, 112,22: low, *12,05; closed at 112.20. Receipts of hogs 32,000 head. Estimated receipts tomorrow, 23,000 Mixed, •4.10@4.50; hea^y, «4.40 @4.55; rough, I4.10@4.25: light, I3.95@4.25. Hogs 10 to 15 cents 'ower. Receipts of cattle, 2,500. Sheep, 6 000. Curb, (Sept.) 89}c; puts (Sept,) 88c: calls (Sept.) 90|o. Toledo, 0., May 20. Wheal^-Cash, opened $1.42; closed at $1.43}. Wheat—July.opened, 91.04}; closed at $1.06. LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. The following is the price paid for grain in the local market today as reported by W. E. Hurd: Wheat, «1.20: corn, 32c; oats, 27c; clover seed. 12.25. ; FOR THE KLONDIKE. Charles E. Carter WIH Join the Army of Gold Hunters. Charles B. Carter, late Democratic candidate for mayor of the city L gansport, will leave Sunday morning for Chicago, where he will join his father on a trip to the Klondike gold fields. His family will continue their residence in Logaasport. The elder Carter is a man of means and everything necessary to overcome the hardships of the trip will be pro Tided. Charley Carter is one of the best young men of Logausport—his character Is without a blemish, and the Pharos trusts chat he will be success fnl in securing the riches for which, he will tears loved ones and the joys and comforts of an humble bat happy home to seek. M»re Local-leather lorecast: night and Saturday. Bains to- ; SBOM ihat look .well and w«»r well ' STILL THE! BOOM. The Rivers Higher Than For lears and Still Going Up. Wabaah and Eel rivers continue on the boom. The water is higher than for years and Is still going up. The water in Eel river has backed up so that the partially completed dam which Dennis W hi & Co. are putting in below the Market street bridge is entirely covered. Should there be more rainfall and the water in the rivers reach a much higher stage, much damaga will likely result. It Is nine feet from the bed of Eel river to the top of the new dam, which Uhl & Co. are putting ID. St. John Commanderj. St. John Gommandery No. 24^ K. T., will hold Ascention day service {n the Masonic Temple on Sunday evening, May 22, at .7:30, The Sir Knights and their families will celebrate this great event in tbe beautiful service arranged for that purpose. All Sir Knights of the city are requested to join In the service. By order of the Commandery. 0. B. SAKGEANT, E. C. Attest: S. B. RICHARDSON, Recorder. "On The Fence." A great many shoe dealers don't know just what class of shoes to keep. They don't know their public. They are "on the fence." We solve the problem by keeping shoes to suit all—you are Included. Ladies'-chocolate vicl kid new coin toe, lace, 3.50 and 12.50. Ladles' chocolate vlcl kid, coin toe lace, 3 and 12. Ladies' chocolate vlSci kid, 10 cent toe, lace. 2.50 and 11.50. Elias Winter ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Wilbur GordOD, night engineer at the power house, Is dangerously sick. Elijah P. Brown, editor of the Ram's Horn, will give a lecture at the Broadway M. E. church tomorrow evening. Admission, 15 and 25 cents. . . , Capt. A. A. Anhier, of Monticello, Is in the city today on business. He has raised a company of .125 men and has been ordered to have them examined by Wednesday and be ready for the cal], which is likely to be made within the neit two week*. SPECIAL Excursion to Burlington Park via Pennsylvania Lines May 23d, 24th, 27th, and 28th account of German Baptist annual meeting at Burlington Park (Napemlle, 111.,) special low rate excursion tickets will be sold via Pennsylvania Liues. $3.35 will be the fare from Logansport for round trip. • For particular accommodation of excursionists a special train will be run Saturday May;28th, leaving Loganiport 11-49 a. TO., central time, running through to Burlington Park without cliange. All excursion tickets will be good returning until June 24th. with privilege to extend return limit to June 30th. For special information ple«K5 apply to J. A. McCullough, Ticket Agt, Pennsylvania Lines, Logansport, Ind. THE JOHNSON WAREHOUSE Wool! Sheep's Woo)!! is what we are after now. Will pay highest market price six days in the week. Woald be please to sell you at retail, Corn, Oats, Chopped Feed, Mid- dlings, Bran, Flour, Bailed Hay and Straw and Millet Seed. Mr. Oonover will be in Galveston Tuesday forenoon to receive all the wool you will bring him and pay the top price for same. We will pay next business day for Wool 190, Wheat $1.20. Corn 32o- Oats 27 c. Clorer seed $2,26 W. E. Hurd, Mahlon Conover- PKES8TTERJA>'S IN SESSION, General Assembly Meets ai TTinon* —Candidates for Moderator. Winona Lake, Ind., May IS.—The Presbyterian general assembly -was called to order this moraine with alarga 'attendance present. Routine business occupied the morning-, except the ope»- ins sermon., delivered by Dr. Sheldon Jackson, the retiring moderator. Ths strife will come this afternoon when election of moderator will be the order of tbe day. There are said to be four candidates—one from tbe west, Dr. William N. Page. «f Topeka, Kan., and three from the , east, Drs. McCoofc and Roberts.of Philadelphia, and Dr. P.adcliffe, of "Washington. The Princeton Inn case makes capital for the western candidate and will elect -him if the east presents two aames. Temperance people are -goine t« »aJce a. stronger fight this*«?iar than ever before. Ante-assembly meetings ba.ve keen held, beginning Tuesday afteraoo», in the interest of foreign missions. More than a dozen speeches have be«a made and great enthusiasm arouse*. Tie audiences have increased'as the conu«l»- sioners have arrived, till last Bight tit •large auditorium -was filled t» orverflow- One at tne **C Mnsler Roll*. . Covington. Ind., May 19.—MTB. Carrie Evans Smith, a daughter of the lit* Captain Evans, is the possessor of th* original muster-roll of ter father'scom- pany of the brigade of Indiana volunteers, commanded by Colonel Jame* P. Drake. This company was called into service by the president under the act of congress, approved in 1846, to serve In the Mexican war. The officer* In- eluded Robert M. Evans, captain; F. 1*. Maddox and Charles Hansicker, lieutenants: Isaac Hall, orderly serjreani, and George H. Warren, JamesH.RJK>de- fer and John W. Lapp, sergeant* None of the members of the company !• now living, . . Want* $25,OOO from th« Boad. Lebanon, Ind., May IS.—The caa« et John J. Houlihan, of the Union Railway company, of Indianapolis, is on trial in the circuit court. The case comes here en a change of venue from Marion county. The plaintiff was a telegraph .operator at the Belt, in Indianapolis. H« was struck by a Pennsylvania locomotive and received injarie* whick, fce claims, are permanent. H« »»era that the accident was due t» c*rele»n»««» on. the part of the engineer. He »e« for J25.0C3 damages. The case win. likely occupy the attention «f th* «Mrt tot •everal days. DeP*uw Xtefemt* Wl*com*tm. Greencastle, Ind., May It.— DtPauw defeated the Tjniversity of Wiionuin at base ball yMterday W » «••• •< * to«. - ••'•'•

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