Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1890 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1890
Page 8
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TO-DAY AND TO-MORROW be the Last Two Days in our present Quarters. Call and see us. We will save You Money. ichmitt & Heffley, ; • ,. GOLDEN R TJ L E . .JL -< RRY G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor Whoa you purchase your spring [suite. He guarantees a saving to every purchaser arul Gives Universal Satisfaction. "Beyond a Stadow of a Doubt" / ,- Right from, the start when we advertised to .Close up' our reta!l Clothing trade, the peodle took stock in our assertion, and came by the scores to carrj off' bargains. The Community knows wo never deceive,, we never advertise for buricomb. our btateinentswere-always accepted as true. We are daily making deductions on every-• Garment irt the house to reduce stock, and wind up as noon a possible. All are invited to carry oft a. bundle, and save Dollars Hiui Cents on your purchases On the corner of Market and Third Streets. If you have Defective Vision ^. OR, f! and fitted bv Graduate Optieion Any Defect of Vision Corrected; C HASH &• S A N BO R N. , OUR COFFEES HAVE A NATIONAL. REPUTATION REPRESENTING THE FINEST CROWN. (STC* A f "EIU A TQT1 f*f\VFW JAVA and MOCHA, (s9JQ.nL.Xj X9JSXiJA.JMJLf \J\fJC JKJCtft surpassing all others in Its richness and delicacy of flavor. Justly called The Aristocratic " Coffee of. America. Always packed whole roasted (unerroundjln 2 IB. &2ivtig]it tin cans. . ••• - - tfTRITG A "WE HT.TTVTf\ •&• skilful blending of etraner, fla- ^J>JUtmJKfn.M9JU JaXJJlJJl MJf vory and. aromatic high crrada cogies. Warranted not to contain a single Elo beaxf, and guaranteed to i suit your taste as no otner coffee will, at a moderate price. Alwava 1 packed whole roasted {unground), in 1 Ib. air-tight parchment packagea. ' '1J • >'• < 1^ A perfect Art Album containing 24 beautiful photo- JE.tCx^Jb. ss^^s^^sn^^ culture wm *••' "* CHASE & SANBOBN, 187 BROAD ST., BOSTON. AN-CY-..WELCR, F :: y Grocer,Sole Agent Daily Journal. FRIDAY 'MORNING. MAY. U. Fancy silk, (iS cents per yard.—H. Wiler & Co. Fancy matting, 12i cents per yard, at H. Wiler & Go's. " Only the best articles used in Kint port beef, wine and iron. 5 To meet the times, read our advertisement.—Walker & Rauch. > Mr. S. W. Ullery has returned from a business trip to Greenville, O. One hundred pieces straw matting S cents per yard.—H. Wiler & Co. Mrs. Alta Young departed to Chicago yesterdtiy on a visit to friends. Miss Kate Land is has returned from a. visit with friends at Chicago. One hundred pieces straw matting at 10 cents a yard, at the Trade Palace carpet room. Miss Chic Smith returned yesterday from a several week's visit with friends at Richmond. B. M. McMilleri has the largest line of picture moulding in the ciiy, and bis prices are very low. may8d4t Big drive in fans, gloves, mitts and neckwear, at the Trade Palace dry oods and carpet house. Mrs. Corrinne Taber and son of Little Rock, Ark., are visiting the family of Paul Taber on Tenth street. Do you take an interest iu foreign affairs? The Journal prints three newsy, gossipy Cable letters every week. Thomas O'Conuell, formerly one of Logansport's city dads, was elected to the city Council at Peru at the recent election. ; Otto Meinshausen plead guilty ves- terday in'Squire Fender's court to an assault on Bert Vinney and was fined one cent and costs. Every tissue of the body, every bone, inoscle and organ, is made stronger and more healthful by the use of Hood's Sarsaparilla. 4 Slaughtering prices on carpets, shades, lace and chenile curtains for the next ten days, at the Trade Palace dry goods and carpet house. Mr. Thomas Anderson of the West Side is making ., preparations to move to Pittsburg: where he has secured ft good position on a railroad. Mr. Jesse'Stukey has moved into the residence corner of Thirteenth and high, vacated by Will Horst, and will remain during the erection of his new residence at 1118 North street. E. D. Closson has purchased Mr. Stukey's old home and is moving it onto a vacant lot on Race street. WPSU Kistler appeared before Hiz- xonor yesterday morning and plead guilty to an ornamental drunk. On his promise to abstain from the flowing bowl till next Christmas Washington was released, not having the necessary funds to liquidate hie acquired indebtedness to the ^chool fund. •!> Outsiders judge a town by its newspapers. Every copy of the Journal that goes outside of Logansport is an advertisement of- our city. The Journal is already a good paper. We propose to make it still better. You know the price, or if you don't, it is fifteen cents per week; fifty cents per month. Can you afford.ro be; without it! : , v Will Riley, of Tipton -township, suffered an accident yesterday morning which resulted very painfully for him and will disfigure H18 face for life. He was putting a bell on a cow, when ttie animal tossed her head up, anemone of thehorus struck Riley in the face' tearing an ugly gash upward from the left side of bis nose to the corner of his eye The injured man came to the city and had the wound dressed by Dr. Colemac. :. Unfurled From the Central Hrlieol Itiiildtng Amid <>reat Kn- ttiugluKm. Yesterday the High school WUB tilled with visitors many of whom louud standing room only, to view the new (lag sent to the Logangport High school and to listen to the oration of Hon. Q. A. Myers. The llag. a large aud handsome oiio.was drap, ed on the wall in full view. The cere- nonies were opened by the singing of America, lifter which Principal Douglass introduced Mr. Myers. Mr. Mvers' address was extempore and was a history of our ilag from its earliest day. He explained tUe Big* nificance of th$? thirteen original stripes and.of trie compromise with the colonists made wuh Great Britian by retaining the St. George and St. Andrews' Crosses in the field. Afterwards the stripes were fifteen in number, the fluid containing fifteen stars. Mr. Myers read certain acts of Congress pertaing to the construction of the American flag arid said that it was at the admission of Indiana that our flag was made what it now is. The matter was given into the hands of Samuel Chester Reed of Philadelphia, who suggested the permanent adoption of thirteen strip«s and of adding stars to the field as new States were admitted. Mr. Myers paid a glowing tribute to the stars and stripes and saMd that the remembrance of the war was too vivid with him to permit him to speak of it without "his heart in his throat." He conjured the boj s and girls to learn the lessons of loyalty and bravery which tho grand old banner teaches; to Mr. Benjamin Long whose thoughtful essay w*n the flag for Logansport, Mr. Myers paid a pleasant tribute. At the close of Mr. Myer's address Rev. Mr. Scott Was called upon and made a ten minutes most stirring speech. Mr. Scott thrilled with the glory of his theme_ as lie recounted the battles in which the stars and stripes had lead brave men on to glory and the grave. Mr. Benjamin Long, a modest young fellow, with plenty of good common sense wri ten in his countenance, was the object of much attention. He occupied a front seat but took no part in the ceremonies. Mr. Douglass announced that the flag would be run up as the school was dismissed and at half-past three Old Glory streamed out into the blue sky, amid the cheers of hundreds of students and the acclamations of visitors on foot and in carriages assembled in front of the building. The idea of placing a flag dn school buildings is a fine one aud the pupil who does not work better with such an inspiration floating over him is unworthy of the name American. Wnt«r Worlis r»r Delphi.' After a long discussion of the matter and a hard tussle of the more progressive element against the fossils" and anti-advance people of Delphi, that pretty town in the valiey of the Wijj&ash, is to have a water works system, that being the decision of the sovereigns at the town election at that place on Tuesday. The Delphi Journal is largely responsible for this step in the right direction, having talked incessantly of the benefits of the thing aiSd it rightly takes some pride in its achievement. It speaks thus felicitously of the way the vote went: "It was a glorious victory. It was won by our own people. It was a victory over the past, over prejudice, over narrowness and littleness. It mea,ns much..,,. It means that while Delphi may never be great yet her people may be comfortable. It means an absence of dust in the hot summer. It means pretty lawns and bright flowers. It means green trees and beautiful shrubbery. " It means that the time is not far distant when we will not have to take baths in wash basins nor drink water filtered from closets and stagnant stuff in streets and alleys and back yards. It means that dust will no longer enter the shoe top of the tender footed maiden and working its way downward grind sore spots on heel and toe. It means that we are no lon- to breathe lime dust, which when it gets down into the lungs sputters and frets like lime in the state of being slacked. It means that in the dry season our people will no longer have to carry water for squares for drinking purposes, nor haul it up from the river ^for household purposes. It means that our lives and property are no longer to be at the mercy of the flames. It means that in the ngar future the best volunteer fire department in the State is to be backed by a system that will enable them to choke the life out of a fire in short order. It means a great deal more, too, which we will not specify now." ^ Ile.wnrc of Pm-unionim. Use fit once BAKKR'S PURK COD LITKB OIL or BAKKH!* EMULSION. The qenuliic onljr. Off DrugglM*. , CONTINUATION' Of the greatest bargains of all the bargains ever offere x here is now going on at HARRY FRANK'S The entire stock of Mr. ' S H. Kasley bought at a great sacrifice will be sold at less than 50 cents on the ~ dollar. Flanel Shirts 25c. Cas-siniere Shirt* So cents. Suspenders 15c. Linen Collars It oentis Unlaundred Shirts 33c. Laundred Shirts 43 cents. Shirts and Drawers 3flc. Knit.TaoJeeti 50 cents. Jockey Caps S^c Children's pante^Sc ~" s "\ And thousands of dollars worth of other goods, The's; are wonterful bargains Unparalleled in the furnishings Trade. Prudent buyers ,owe it to themselves to call and* see for themselves—We boldly and truthfully state that no Merchant can sell his goods at such figures unless procured at sirailiar circumstances—Come and be astonished RY FRANK, Leader of Low prices at Logansport and Delphi C. E. KILBORNE'S BAKERY AND RESTAURANT, 317 Market Street Is the best place in the city for board, by the meal or week. Meal tickets of 21 jneals only $3.50. Use "Peerless" and -"Boston Brown" Bread. ARE CALLED BREAKS AND ARE mi^ What Merchants Say "There's something wrong-for we can't make ihose prices, we cannot buy at some ' of them. McCaffrey's will not sell at what they claim to-or, if they do, poor qualities, short weights explain it" Nonsense! What folly if we'd advertise a price we did not hope you'd come and buy at. We had better close our, doors than to refuse to sell at what we say we wi 1 !. As to poor qualities and short weights-those who know best know better. Compare on standard goods-r such as neither they nor we can cheat on These for instance Best Sugar Cured Hams, fresh smoked, per Ib many dealer charge 12lf> _ »5ic nest Sugar Cured Shoulders, per Iti W,s>c Is the price at other stores " sue Best Breakfast Bacon, per Ib Look at your JPass Book and see if you are uot paying life dl&c Best smoker! side meat, per Ib ' 7i«c Best Iirled Beer, per Ib ........"..! JOSc Best Country Lard, per Ib $fiU FancySorted Potatoes, perbu ?. '" 35' e Another quality Potatoes, per uu 25 e A good Family Flour, per hundred SI 85 « The Best Flour, Pink Sack, under the brand of "Snow Ball" guaranteed better tiiam any iiranil of Flour made In Logaitsport, per hundred 2 10 e Corn Meal, White bolted, per Ib Fancy Golden GSuaiir, perlb '.'.'."..'.'..'.'.'.'"„ Choice Fancy C Sugar, peril) Choice extra C Sugar, per Ib White, extra C Suerar, perlb-. Soft A Sugar, perlb , Standard A Sugar, per Ib , Best Granulated Sugar, per II) Fancy Bulk Kuasted Coffee, pur Ib Aiax—Roasted Codec,.per Ib. package iVse *14C 5 c 61*,* 22 j\jax—nuusLeu vonec,.per ID. pacKage . 24 Extra Choi e Package Roasted Coffee, the Cordoba—with a Story BooMencios<?d-~p«r"ii» 25 E. L. C. Package lioasied Coffee, per II).. IS c 28 c S3 r •A c i 23 c t The Vesner Packa e, a i omblnatlon blenrted to make a most excellent drink ner ib Moeho and Java Roasted Coffee, extraordlnay line per Ib A Good Ureen 0-ifTee, perlb , A Fancy Green Coffee, perlb " 1'ancy Peaberry Green Coflee .........'. "'" Fancy Bananas, per doz ' ^ c Fancy Liiyer Figs per Ib u c Fancy Dates, per Ib ' " m « Oranges, per doz jg « Fancy Lemons, per doz jg « Fancy llliice Meat, per Ib .V........"....../....'"..., 3%« " No business ever prospered as ours for ten years with an element of fraud about it. What Mechanics Say Some Mechanics tell us they have saved $500 ifl thelast five years by buying of McCaff ey's. What costs them $20 elsewhere must cost the $11 here t» do it. One could soon buy a home with such a saving. * Argument is folly anyway. Our prices are facts that need no comment Our reputation guarantees our weights and qiialities. If it were not so McCaffrey would not be a competitor worth worrying about. As it is who would not trade with us? McCaffrey <fe Co.t v ti

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