The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1951
Page 11
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ytfLAT, APttn M, •HiBftTlLLB. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAOT r Boarding House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J.R.WIHioms ERSI-ID;^ ecouo >se FOUR. eT AM' >T TAGGED/, ieyou „. _ HORSE M JAMES/ HIEP 'JTA S (If CRcntai' O£K.? _ Totrte eMD AUD TU6 EMD 15 MOT FAB BORW THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON I'U'll see me on each Meyer's |ibcl I 1 am oli, so proud taste at every mealtime •ible ll make you smile out loud," KILLER'S PACE BY JULIUS LONG COPYRIGHT IV5I 3V W£A SERVICE. IMC IDS! INY TRACK Saturday ;il be open again for the rimer season stiirling this Iturday —the 2Slh. Get |ur friends and come down a ride on a Shetland ny. You know the place bust 2 miles south of Aj^ville on Highway 61 ftp en every afternoon af- Salurdiiy. ^1.1 T-N li 1111. kf> the ing poor reception on yonr Is the picture blurry, snowy, istinct?. Here's how to get the Irpest, clearest picture ever: ll Blytheville Sales Co . . . i . , , bet'iinse our four expert linicians, with long experience Ihe ratlin and television Fields, Iw just whiil ncljnstnicnls to HYTHEVILLE SALES CO. |ir OK anrf Ouniont l>ealcr 13& Kast Main Street IV '^TAR WILLIAMS picked up - Slate's Exhibit No 1. the mur- ler weapon. I realized that it was identical, except for Ha near! RTIDS with the tittle -automatic which Madam Sonyn Sareeta had pointed at me when I had burst into her hotel room. Star carried the weapon hock to ihe jury, "Vou need not be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. This pistol positively can not harm you. even if 1 were lo drop it. And this particular gun has been in court for 10 days: it has lain on the table i otain view of all of you, so that it ?annol possibly be loaded. "Even if it were loaded and if - were to drop it on the floor before vou, no bullet could crash into VOUE skull as Rose Bidault claims a bullet tore into the sk;ull of her 'ate husband. Mr. Tanner's high- oriced experts have told you it can't happen. Yet, ladies and gentlemen, how many times have we read in the papers about the un- goirig oft and' killing Star let the force of this rhetorical question sink in, then turnec suddenly toward Andy Tanner The little gun slipped out of hi: hand. It crashed tojthe floor. 1 went of! with s roar thai madi everyone, including the jurors lump out of his chair. In slunnex silence Star stared at the little au tomatic, then he picked it up am earned it carefully back to exhibit table. Aside from Star himself only Nick Ricardo seemed to have retained his presence of mind. Kick was busily snapping pictures with hi? candid camera, and the judse. who had forbidden such a practice, was loo nonplussed to take note of this. Star calmly faced the tury and saidr '1 am so i?]nd that none of vou vas hurt by the bullet rlrerl by his unloaded gun 1 assure vou hat I should have retained a bet- er grip on it were it not for the act that Mr. Tanner's expert wit- had convinced even me that he jrun absolutely. unnVr no nos- ihle circumstances contrl he rllj c h a r r e rl accidentally even i Iropnert to the floor!" • • • [T was ihe ball game, all right Star ended his argument with his final ironic statement, and .hough Andy Tanner carried on valiantly in rebuttal, the friphl ened iury hoard not a word tha ie uttered. They fled in a nani to the jury room and voted for an icquittal in the record time of six minutes. A few minutes later Judge Wanamnkcr declared Rosi 3idault free Still stunned, still j .ittle angry with her lawyer. Rose' first words after adjournment o court were: loaded gun someone?" "Well, you might as well ha Billed me as scared me to death What was the idea, running out on me like that?" Star shrugged, "Well, [ got yo off, didn't I?" "Well, ! like that! It was who ever loaded that gun that I've go to thank! All you did was t drop it!" . Star smiled wrily and nodded "As you said, you've got whoeve loaded the gun to thank!" Joe Worley, Andy'Tanner's aide called: "Congratulations, Star Tanner gave the youth a shar nd disapproving frown, and he eddened. Tanner's defeats at tar's hands had long ago rankled o an extent precluding any of the ocial amenities on Tanner's part. Star smilingly thanked Worley nd went on to the jury. He shook ie hand of each juror. Rose Bid- ult took her cue and dtd llke- ise. Kilty Coyle had sal beside nc. and now she said: "I don't know how \\c did it. but e did it, I'm sure! What was he oing all night, anyway?" "Learning how to pass a mir- clc. By the way, when you left lax Feldstein I had an idea you tea nt to tell me something." "I did, but it doesn't mean any- iing anymore. Max warned me liat he had overheard Andy Taner tell Nick Ricardo that if Star ailed to show up lie was goinq to avc disbarment charges filed painst him." Tanner had been keeping his ngers crossed, hoping Star wouldn't show up so he would lave no chance of losing the Bid- lult case—and at the same lime ic had counted on using Star's ailure lo appear as ground for disbarment! HMCARDO'S paper wouldn't be on the streets until noon but hat reporter had raced from the courtroom in high gear Max Peld- slein had just come back from phoning his paper The reporters 1 notions were purely perfunctory, for it would almost take the Judgment Day to rate an extra in Rivei City. "How about a new statement?' Max asked Star. "I'm tired of quoting you as saying the secret of your courtroom success is that you ever represent a griilly client." Star grinned He Liked Max. who ,. r as crowding 60 and who had been on 'the courthouse beat so long he knew more courtroom technique than most of the lawyers. The antithesis of Ricartio. Max never dramatized himself, and never used any information Riven in confidence and ofT Ihe record. "I'll give you a quote and it'll be difTerent, Max. Yon can say that Rose Bidauli was treed by the hand of Providence, which is quicker than the eve." (To Re Continued) COPR. I9it SY htA BEfiVICf. IP.C. T. M. EEC. U. S. PAT. O FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER IMInk-H-Plnnk "In my day there was none of this be-bop—they played real music—good old Dixieland ragtime!" HFARTMAT PlfrhJO! OR. HAVC 1 GOT WOIeS LN MY HEAD? I IpYcxib \ rrs A PIAWO, AIJ_ SAID QOCKS,] RIGHT--- SEEMS I'D BELIEVE ir/ LOOK. MAESTRO/ ITS COMINJG FPOiVy IM^ BA.SEMEMT/ AM,NOW i UP- DRAFT OM THE DOWNiBEAT / , I PRISCILLA'S POP Unsetling (he Seller BY AL VERiMEER, I TOLD HIM TO STAY AWAY FROM sPRISCILLA VTILL SHE'S V— ^.c Aztec (Jodtlcss HY MICHAEL O'iUALLEY and RALPH LANE CAPTAIN EASY Dying Man's Message BY LESLIE TURNER Arkansas State-Certified *OGDEN SOYBEANS S5% Germination . . . ?-!.25 Bushel Dell, Ark. Earl Magers WiR. CAvRLVLE'S COUCXTIOM/" I'LL GO IS EXTBEMELV CRITICAL. ..IMTERWM. I RIGHT IW, IHJURIES. BUT KB INSISTS OM \ DOCTOR. WITH THE THERE '-. VOU UfH SPARE A LAP THE TKP.Gfr.-V I OMC6 BROUGHT MS fATHERl I MUST TKLL VOU JM SECR6r,.,THEH IU MV TRUWK...TWD KECEUT lETTEKS..gE*.t)'nlEW ..^01) WILL SEE WHY i HAD TO CALL OU VOllJ NO OWE 15 EVER QUITE / IF THERE TO...TO GO, I GUESS/ 15WOVTHING BUT IF I COULO'VE HftD \ I CAM ONLY A FEW WOKE DJ.YS... Concrete Culvert Tile Sim «p to 3« IB. Corrugated Metal Culverti Sixes Hp to 84 In. Automatic Flond Gates Concrete Septic Tank* Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile m^tmmB; i Vgopg. n-i IY >r« uriAt. m?r!t-f?r, ir-^ViffiSf BUGS BUNNY A. H. WEBB Hlfhwa; 111 at State Lin* Fh»ne T14 HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) Dr.. Nlct & Niat Full Speed Ahead! BY V. T. HA.ML1N SO WE WERE JUST GONNA / AW, WE BUMP IT S DIDN'T DO EASY. EH? / SO BAD... IT HAH; A [ COULD HAVE FINE I BEEN A LOT MESS/ YEAH? WELL,/ HOLY COW. T IT'S GONNA ( FORGOT THOSE BLASTKD LOADED WITH THE LOOT Of A BANDIT GANG.OOP AND BOOM 6T6AMED OFF DOWN THE HIGH WON ..AND SMACK INTO THE STRING OF FREIGHT CARS THEY HAD PREVIOUSLY ABANDONED. V/ELL.THeY \THE POV/cRWc AIN'T FORGOn CAM AND ROLL US/ NOW /RIGHT OUT OF WHAT DO ( HERE.. IHOt'e-' WE OOf GET A LOT WORSE IN A VERY FFW MINUTES.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY KDGAR MARTIN But, Jan* . . , it wasn't hard to get a small salary loan at GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" Look at the Record PLAY SAFE!, For Cleaner Washes! For Cleaner Washdays! 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