Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1890
Page 7
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How's Your Liver? Is tho Oriental salutation, knowing that good health cannot exist without a healthy Liver. When the Liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish and constipated, the food lies in the stomach, undigested, poisoning the blood; frequent headacha ensues : a fooling of lassitude, despondency and nervousness indicate how the whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Regulator has been the means of restoring moro people to health and happiness by giving them a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraordinary power and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. Asn scneral family remedy for Dyspepsia, Torpid I.Ivor, Constipation, etc.. I hardly ever UHO anything else, imd have never beci, disappointed in the effect produced; it serins to lie almost a perfect cure for all d!s(.'ii>TU;i of the stomach anil BowelH. W. J. MCKLBOY, Macon. Qa. DNS OFTsEW YORK Eiok Eeadacho and reliovo all tho troubles incident to a bilious et-ito of tho Bystona, such as Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress aftee eating. Pain in tho Side, &c. Whilo tliolrmosfi o BUCCQSS has been shown in curing Headache, yoi Carffir's Uttlc fiiver Pffla atfl equally valuable in Constipation, cnringnndpre- venting this annoying complaint,TVhilo they also correct aJldiaordorsof thostomach,stimulato the liver and regulato tho bowels. Even if they only AcliothoyTTOUldboalmpstpricelcss to those who Buf/er from this distrusaing complaint; butf ortu» uatelv their goodness cl oca notendhere.andthosa irho onco try them -will find theso littlo pills vain* able In somany "ways that they will not bo willing to do without them. But after olisick head lg tho bane of so many lives that here la where womake our great boaat. Our pills cure it wbJle others do not. Carter's Littlo Liver Pflla are very small ana "very easy to take. One or two pills make a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purpo, taut by thoir gentle action please all who nsothem. In viala at 25 cents; five for $1. Sola by druggists everywhere, or scut by malL CARTER MEDICINE CO,, New York. SHALL PHI, SMALL DOSE. SSMLLPRICE DR.KILMER'S SYMPTOMS AND OONDITION8 Thl. Speolflc Will Kellovo ond Care. IT Vnnr nenrt thumps after sudden effort, II 1UU! skips beats or flutters, if you havo heart disease, faint spells, fits or spasms, ltVnil reel Bs though -water was (fatherina II I UU around the heart,or have beurtdropsy If Ynil have Vertigo, dizzy attacks, ringing in II I UU ears, disposed to nervous prostration. appoplexy. shock or sudden death. If Ynil '! ave Neuralgia, Numbnesaln arms or 11 I UU limbs, darting pains like Rheumatism Ocean-Weed prevents it froing to the heart. P'ePredatWsuemarj-. "Ul'IDE TO HEALTH" Free. Advice Free. Hln B liamcou, i\. V. Large 50c. IituLultSI.OO. 1 !H RA1LRO&D RATES The MISSOUEIPAOTFIC RAILWAY Has placed in effect the follmvinjj low r: tes be- -twecn points on its lilies : lULonhnnd Knn"B» Oily . . , $5.00 8t. Lonlaaud Lcftvcitworth . . C. 81. Lnals, AU-lil.oii unil Ht. Jo«i-ph . . . U. Bl. Louh andOmuha .... S..... Vt. Loal*, Pueblo, Colorado Sprlnga, Dcnvur 15.UC} B^tv,-epn 8t. Jniicph, AtcllliKiR, Leavenworth »'"l K i; l-lty. and Pueblo, Coloruda Sreatest Discovery of tne I9i!i Centurv! iVIeciicateti Air 1 R E M E D 'r ..o's Luna Balsam Is A positlvn euro tor »j<m«hs. Colds. Sore Throat, Hoarseness. Dlphthe- gg-BnUtlngof Blood. Whooping Cough, and nil rnroiiUiKi Lung diseases. Teactue's EyeSalvo wS a ,, lllap!ls es of the Eye: Braimlated Lldsand weak yis'on In conjunction with Medlc-ited Air »«an ointment In Catarrh It has no- eiiiial. leaeue's Medicated Obllterater Is a perfect Tol- nf „ . r - Ita Pirtty allows of perfect freedom pleaon" 1 " artlni!iulellcate ^f*" 688 t° tne » om by your druggist send to the ir Co., Richmond, 07 S. A. For sale bjr n. E Pryor, Will Porter and Will LOVELY MORNING GOWNS AND NEW BONNETS FOR YOUNG WOMEN. fii ISrcss tho l-iidlesAro Odlug Back To- wnrd .the ]>uys of Our Grandmothers. Tlie "Bonnets ol 1 tlie T>:iy Ar,i Too Cute lor Anything. iSpftciul C<)!Ti'sj;jamlcuci» i NEW YORK. May S.—One might think that our two pretty models of morning dresses had just Tjein taken out of our i,'reat-grandmother's trunk, where they had becm laid a century ago, but it would lie a mistake, for they are the "very latest" in th(3 way of a- spring matinee or morning toilet- Ono is mado of pale gray aud pink striped silk with three narrow pinked out flounces around the bottom. The waist is gathered into a belt, and this is covered with a girdle of folded pink vel- ret. The sleoves are "flowing," with LOVELY MORNING GOWNS, throe narrow ruffles, and there is a dainty little shoulder ca,pe made of overlapping ru;3es just liko the others, all finished with ii bow of black velvet ribbon at the throat. Tbe dress has a demi- train. This is such a dainty and pretty morning dress that it is bound to be copied in many fabrics, and it would be pretty in plain mull with ruffles, with the popular hemstitched bordering or drawn work, or it would be still prettier of mull with ruffles of delicate lace or Swiss embroidery for both, the bottom of the robe and the cape. The other pretty gown is suitable for a morning or afternoon or even a- dinner dress, according to the material. Charti- brey in delicate pink or blue can be made after this design, with the front of striped gingham ,to match. Down the front are two cascades of lace or mull, and aroupd the neck' a pliiited "tucker" of mull with a wide ruffle. A sash bow of the new, pretty, flowered gauze ribbon finishes the whole with a touch of rlegance. , Silk, cashmere, veiling, 'bunting aud, in short, almost any material suitable for the season will be pretty in this style. It takes about seven yards of yard wide goods, besides one yard and au eighth for the front breadth, to make this dress. The other one with tho ruffles would require full ten of the same width. A street costume has the skirt of mignonette green glace silk, over which hangs a skirt oi black figured Russian not, with three rows of black velvet ribbon above tho hem. A black faille jacket visite has sleeves that reach the elbow and are flowing. There is a fall of luce five inches deep to them. The jacket has wide revers, with a row of beads all around the revers.andtothebottom of tlie jacket, and the front is open about three inches to show a. full rest of handsome black lace, which falls to a point in front, reaching to the knFi.-s aud spread out like an apron. Wit'j this is a close toque of lace over green silk, with a wreath of white cherry bl._»3sonvi and leaves. The other suit is of pearl gray striped suiting striped with black. , The skirt is; quite plain, laii in deep pleats, only opening over a narrow panel of black velvet, across which are loops of sou- tache braid which fasten over self covered flat buttons. The waist is quite plain, with a Blight point and two rows cf flat buttons, self covered. A very dainty little shoulder cape of gray ladies' cloth, with braiding in slate gray soutache, is worn with this, and a hat of gray crepe, fulled on the frame with a bunch of white roses and green leaves at tho back, the leaves falling forward. While the most of the hats and bonnets are light and comfortable, there are some beaded ones that are very heavy. The stylish Toreador hat weighs sometimes as much as five pounds, but it is so shaped that the weight is distributed evenly, and so does not make one's head ache quite as badly as it might, but those beaded hats where the back brim has all apparently gonu - .-«•>•• forward to see how the YOoiicp ILADIES' sky looks are very un- B&&NETS. eoinfortahio indeed. But these are some women who are never reallyV-happy unless their clothes martyrize tlie|tlin some manner. ••• *"!?-' A pretty little toque was made in dark green velvet with a band of gold beaded embroidery and a cunning little bow of the same, like a coronet. Another moss green velvet Has delicate pink plumes and pink strings. These three are for young ladies only, and are not suitable for any one over—well, 30 at most. White canvas s.hoes are to be the stylo aaa'tneywiu oe by "pipe day," fts soldiers keep their white belts so dalizling. OUVB HARPER. A PRESIDENT IN THE WILDERNESS. Si-a-rclilnjr for President Artliur'in the AViUls of Yellowstone Park. [Special Correspondence. ] OMAHA, May 8.—The shooting and hunting trips of President Harrison never extend beyond one week. President Cleveland spent an entire month during hi» term of office fishing among tho lakes of tho Adirouclacks. President Arthur took the most elaborate sporting vacation, spending nearly six weeks in the heart of the Rocky mountains, hundreds of miles from all civilization, in the early wilderness of the picturesque Yellowstone park. The year was 1883. The wonderful land of the great geysers was not as accessible as it is now, for tho railway did not run to the mammoth hot springs as it d»es today. It was inidsummpr, but the'peaks of the Rocky mountains were topped with snow. The president of the U.nited States, with Gen. Phil Sheridan, Secretary of War Lincoln, Surrogate B,ollins, of New York, and Schuyler Crosby, governor of Montana, and a body guard of United States regulars, had gone to the wilderness for a summer outing. They had entered the country from. Cheyenne on the Union Pacific, and had journeyed at the rate of about fifty miles a day. A group of newspaper men had entered the park from the Northern Pacific, corning through Montana and. Idaho. Oije morning a guide came upon our camp and reported the president but thirty miles away. Three of our party, John La- Sage, of The London Telegraph; E. G. Dnnnell, of The New York Times, and myself, mounted our horses and away we clashed. That night we came upon the distinguished group, ilr. Arthur had not wen a human face other than his few companions for a month. You may be sure that he gave us cordial welcome. At once we were his guests. A camp lire was built and we lay on the ground around it. A little band separated from tho outside world by the great Rockies; chief among them the president of sixty millions of people, the simplest and quietest of the little coterie. I think 1 see him now, this roughly dressed, manly gentleman, Ij'ing on his blanket in his coarse flannel shirt, gazing up to the pure white stars of heaven throbbing in their violet sides, and chatting pleasantly with his three unexpected visitors. He was weeks away from communication with the capital, and yet the government at Washington moved placidly. • I shall never forget that night, nor the courtesy which followed, when (ren. Sheridan sent ;m orderly to our tent early in tho morning and ottered us the services of a guide and a couple of soldiers to escort us over Mount Washburn, the highest passable peak of the range. FREDERICK W. WHITE. lispioiiuge of tho Irlsli Police. NF.W YORK, May 8.—There are 13,000 policemen in Ireland today—one officer to 840 parsons, Largely little children and mm aud women of advanced years. These policemen are the sons of Irish fanners and they are cordially hated by the people. To such a degree is this hatred carried that recently the police in Tipperary were unable to buy food and were forced to open up a depot of supplies. Tho c-lose espionage to which tho Irishmen arc subjected is exasperating to tho last degree. Sometimes, however, tho ' 'bobbias" are outwitted, to the intense delight of Pat. Not li ing since a certain blacksmith of Queeustown, who is locally Imown as Dr. O'Toole, was visited by LI Mr. Ford, of Chicago. It appears that when Ford landed on Irish soil a s;itnhel*>which he carried attracted tho atteafeon of the police. They suspected that it contained dynamite or firearms. O'Toole and Ford started to -visit tho rock of Cashel, and a detective was sent along in the railway carriage to watch the satchel. When tho party arrived at the railway station nearest the rock of Cashel they got into a "jingle" to continue the journey. The "bobby" got in, too. They had ridden for .several miles, tho officer's eyes being fastened upon tlio eatehel all the time, and O'Toolo and Ford enlivening the way with sonjra and laughter, when the patience of the detective became exhausted and ho said: "Ycz'll not go another,, f ut u' the way 'til I BCO fwhat'sj in thai Bag!" "G'out!" exclaimed O'Toole; "d'ye take ua furthaves, ye blaggard? Faix, if I had mo way the 13,0000' ye paalers 'ud be sunk in the say whin I'd scuttle Ireland! But devil take yer impidence; luk at the bag!" Tho ofijcertook the satchel with a look of greedy expectation. He fumbled with the lock and when the bag fell open ho found— a, bundle of paper collar:, and an .•mpty wlusky flask! E. J.-.. AgrlvuU.ural Brevities. If :v heavy, strong growing hedge is iio ^irrd, the honey locust will answer the purpose. The trees will, in,:i. few years, closely uir.t'riock and Iweoim- almost im pregnablo. According co'Californiu fruit grou er.s rhubarb may be forced by placing kegs or half barrels over l.he plants und hur rounding the same with heating manure. The Lops of tlv; barrels or k'.';;s can In.- covered with boards or harks. ' II. P. Hopkins, of N'ovv York, avers that every time he chufns unripe cream IIP loses. He says: ••When ereaui is n trifle acid it is sufficiently ripened. I prefer a concussion churn to tliii friction churn. White specks in butter come from coagulation of the milk, which Betties to tlie bottom of the cans. They should be washed out properly. Professor Maynard entertains a favorable 'opinion of the practice of girdling vines, to increase the size of the fruit as well as its earliness, a practice which other cultivators have, regarded witli disfavor. ELY'S Cream Balm Cleanses the Nasal Pass; Alln.ys Paiii JUKI Inllaiimiation, MoalstliuSorCN 1 U«Htorcs the Senses ot Taste, and Smell TrytheCurei A particle Is applied Into each nostril and is uraoable. Price SOcents at drug-cists: bT niojl, r-'ststorett. GO cte. ELY BROTHJCfis, 56 'Warren -tt,, New \ork. JUiglOd^nf^-, -FEVER MOORE'S act in the Blood.. Slightly laxative. Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills. & Impure Blood They expel disease gorins, aud Purify tho System Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.'V They Positively Cure. The Orcnt 13ng-I!Nla B 3 rcscriptlon. A successful MiMHcinu used over ^^ij^HO years in thousands of cases.J 1 w Cures Sjtermaton'hea, JVerroiw^ Weakness, A'mtssioiia. Imputency, end all diseases caused by abuse.* [BEFOHE] indiscretion, or ovur-exertion, £41 _, Six pa^kngus Guaranteed to Curt-when all ethers fail. Ask your Druggist for 1'he Great EnrlUh rrcucriptioii, take no substitute. One packDge SI. Six S5. bi' mnil. Write for Pnmphl^t. Address EureUa Clicsnicul Co., JUetroii, IUlcli« Ker sale by B. K. KeesUne. nuir'nlitwif . torlable. Succrcifn! where all l£era«<<l«« Tall. Sold far F. IUSCOX, null, 6J3 UrMir.i,, .Vtw York. Hrlto for toot of proof. J.'UEB PARKER'S , -:T. BAI.SAW Clcunscs and beautifies the hair. .Promotes a luxuriant growth, ] •Nevor t-'a 's to Rcstoro Gray! Haipt? itT Youthful Color. [ •uvojits J 'iiii'li-iill'anri hair loll ing; HINDERCORNS. Thoonl7BureCnrofd*Corna. Stops all pain, Ensnrrf :omfort to tho feet, l&c, at Druppists. H iscox & Co., N. Y lTn.ro vou Coni, . ., PARKGR'S CIFJOER TONIC. t!io w first, caSfjTtiiiii is Uto bust rein tidy lor nil illw nnnlnc from defective nutrition. Take in time. C0c.aiidsi.oo . AHtlnn.T, Indieehtion! Use . H lias cured CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. lied Cross Diamond lirand. ! Tho only reliable pill for sals, fiaffeand sure. Lndl&s nnk lirujtcrlet Tor th« l>ta- InoTifl iiraiul, iu red mtitallioboxefl,iealed with bluuriobon. Takciiootber. Scod4o. (5inmps) for particulars and "Kellcf for ^~~~l I-ndicis" *"• letter, by mall. Aaww Paper. OMohcetcr Chemical Co.. Maillgoii f?a-t PliUadA, Pa. MADE WITH BOILING WATER GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. MADE WlTH$BOlLlNG MILK. JMRODS CURE f° r ASTHMA Catarfli, Eay rever, DiBlMia, Wlooping Croup anl Comoi Cols, Recnmmended by Physldana and «vid by Dntg- Elsta throughout the vrorld. Send for Freo sample. HIMEOD MANUF'G CO., SOLE PBOPBTETOBS, 191 FULTON ST.. NEW YORK. PfiCQRYtlfMAN gTRENEfH;V(Hftl.lTY;! A Scientlflc and BtaDdard Popular Medical i-reatiso on theErros'sof Youth, Premature Decline, Nervona nnd Phyalrail Debility, Impul-ltiua of the Blood, lo.-mltmtf rrom Follj, Vice, Ignorance, Kx Ovortiirttrton. KriervnHnff nnd unfitting the victim for Work, Bnsincaa, the Married or 6o9ial Uclutlon. Avoid unskilful pretenders. Possess this great •vork. It contaiua SOU pages, roval 8vo. Beautiful unding, embossed, full gilt. Price, only $1."0 by ,nail, pOBt-pnid. concealed in plain wrapper, lllns- •rathre Prospectus Free. If jpu apply now. The lletiugninhed author, Will. H. Parker, M. D., re- iclved the COLD -AND JEWELLED MEDAL rom the National Medic&l Association* or the PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr. Parker and a corp* if Assistant Physician* may be consulted, eonfi- lontlally, by mail or in person, at tbe office of rilB VKAIUXDY MEDICAL INSTITUTE. Vo. 4KuIflm-1i St., llbfrton* Mna*., Jo wbomall ;rdera for books or; Jctii'r* for ad vice should b* llrected ai above. U ver a Million Distributed. Louisiana State Lottery Co. Incorporated by the Legislature, for Ed- ticiicional and Charitable purposes, and its franchise maile a pnrt of ths praer.t State Constitution, in 18(9, by an overwhelming popular vote. \nn s 8 f, AM , 1 P TH DRAWINGS take pluce Seml- 4 ™ ' "M:'"™ :md Becemlifr), and Its ({HAND »IM*l.l!. NDMBKK DRAWuN'OS tnke place Hi each ol the other tm moutha of the year, anil are N i oT" '" P ubHl '' !lt llie Aciiileniy of Music, FAMED "FOR TWENTY YEARS, For Integrity of its Drawlngs.and Prompt Payment of Prizes. Attested us Follows: 'We do hereby certify Jluit we supervise the arrangements for all the Monthly and seini-annuS) ornwlni; ot the Louisiana Suite Lottery Company and In person miinnge and oimtrolthe Drawings themselves, and that tne same are conducted wit* honesty, fairness and in good fatth toward ah par l'.., ani1 wa autl'orine the Company to use this certillcate, wlthfac similes of our signatures at Inched. In Its advertisements." Commissioner,* Vfethe undersigned Banks and Bankers win paj all Prizes drawn In The Louisiana State Lot teries \vlilch may bo presented at our coun ters. It. 31. . . I'ros. STt'Ts- Orlr-caH fiat' t ttiinlv 5'X'p.". Cniou Kutionul JUni:!>. Grand Monthly Drawing, In tho Academy o£ Music. New Orleans, Tuftsdiu, Hay w, 1800, Capital Prize $300,000, 1OO.OOO Ticket* at Twenty ISoliors To 100 •WO NX) t liH $~ : 'S'wcsilii't hs LIST or rj'.i/. Prfee of tSOO.OOO Is Prize of 100,001) is Prize ol aO.IXM is ^S.Ott; \ f 10.1KJU iin- 5.000 are LOW. iiiv y»i a.iv am aru Prize iif frizes i.t Prizes of I 'rtzes of Prizes cf Prizes or Prizes nf ) lire t3UJ,iW IG'l.ffl aa.uo iU.UK 2o.00i ' 60.0S' fiO.CKA 1UU Prizes ol J500 are S3UXX HO Prizes of iM are... 30,000 lOtl 1'rtzps ol' a» iirt' 20.000 TERMINAL rXIZtS. KIM Prizes ol $100 are '"J.W S99 Prizes of KXl arc 99.901'. 3.184 Pri/.es nmountlng tu Sl.C5i.WX NOTK.—Tickets drawing Capita! Prizes iirt- not entitled to terminal prizes. AGENTS WANTED. For Club Hates, or any Inrt1'«r Information ds- slreti, write legibly to the undersigned, cle.-u-lf .vtutingroitrresiclencewlth stiUt. comity.street ami number; More rapid return mull iiell?ery vrtl! be assured by your enclosing an Envelope LMKIF ins your full address. IMPORTANT. . Address ">•• A. .or »1 «.. "• M !••;. IV Uy ordinary letter, contalniiis: vioi>e.v Or,-!«>r Issued by nil Express Conipanlos. Now Vo;k K*change. Draft or Postal Xotrt. Address Registered Letters Containing Currency to TONAL BASK, NEW Ottr,EAN> NATIONAL : New Orleans, I.;i • -JKKIM I'^ ' . that the iiajment of Prizes tCKA>'IV t-:i> UV t'OI'H \i. ICA.\HM oT New Orleans, ami the Tlcheisiire slgn^fi by the Pivshlent ot an insti tntlon, Hlu->;,e chartered rights are recognized In the highest Courts; therefore beware oFaHIm Itatlons or anonymous schemes. " ifXK ls«!,l,A!I Is the price of the smallest part or f ruction ol a Ticket J*J«P<» >:l» JiV I'S In any Drawing. Anything In out 1 name offered tor less than a Dollar IB a swindle. Take no Bboea tmlcm) ~W. JL. ^onKliu* name »pd price are stamped on th« bottom. If tlie dealer cannot supply Ton, send direct to factory, enclosing advertlved price. CAUTION W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine Calf. Heavr moor Waterproof; Laced Grain an«l Cr«ed* irproof. in tlie world. Bxamlne hta .00 GKNDINK HANB-SEWED SO OK. .00 HAND-SEWED YfEl.'t SHOE. ^.5O POLICE AND PAKMEBS' SHOE. 2.0O EXTRA VALUE OA1F SHOE. WOKKINffi'IKN'S SHOES. . 2.OO and 91.75 BOYS' -SCHOOL. SHOES. All made In Congress, Button and tact. $3 & $2 SHOES LA F D°ig s . •1.75 SHOE TOR MISSES. Brat Material. Best Stylo. Bast Fitttnc. W. L. Douglas. Brockton, BI«M. Sold by K.I- salts iiv J. B. INTER WHAT HAVE YOU ., MiddJe-OBCd and K!dorlv men who «re Sraia the cffot-tsof yuutblnl follies or ex- ceseea r>f mntun.T yeu.ru, and now «nd their monly vlRor deereiued and woo nru ln)ulil«l wllh terribli- drain Hand losses, you can beponiiauviitiyresinrpiltu PKEPECT MASTIIOOll, nt home, without exposure, ut lowest co*t, by J>r. <;inrkc'« approved methods, tested and proven in ni-arlvflj year's practice a:stabllsh«l lib). In Chronic, NcrTuim aixl Special ]>isc:isei moronic, If to need of mcxlleaj aid, sond for Question list so you can fully devcrtliu iho urinutnini of runr Dflr- V,™'", r 2 I ? 0! '»« l « ™- ConmltailoQ f rea nnd^acrM. Houre.S to8; Suixlnyn,atoli Address F. o. CLARKE;, wi.o., 186 S. Clark St,, CHICAGO, ILL. Health is Weal, Hi. i. a. Wrat's Nerra and Br»la Treatment, • (rnoranteed ip«clflo tor Hyeterla, Dfczness. Con- yalH.'om, Fits, IfMvone Neuralgia, B»sdach», N»rvon« FronlrntloD en aped by the ate of alcohol or toDncco. rVakefclneet, Mental Depression, Soft- enliiK ot the Brain r«»uH!ns in Insanity and lending to misery .d«c«y and death, Premisruro Old Age, Earrenne»», £o« of power In either *ei. Involuntary Loftaei and Spermatorrhoea caused by ovei exertloo ol the brain, telf-ataee or oy-er-iii.. tlalgimce. Each box oentalna one months treatment. $1.00 a box, or tii boiM.lor 45.00, sent by c:all prepaid oil receipt ot price. WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To care unj -sane. With each order re/- ivtr! b a*.for fd boxes, nccoiup*n£*d with!?. * <•, we wl eont Uio purchaser oar vrrUlon gnaw _*,da to refira Ibe money If the treatment doee not effect a core Guarantees leaned onl> b> C. F. -teesHiiR Drujairfst Solo Affent for LogeiiBpcri. julr23dfcv;i-r Adopted by lIieQftr- manGovernmeatfor ilospital&Artnyuse P.S.C. isputupfor Ai^-ricau trade in .1 patent bcttle hold- Ing syringe (sco cut; At drug-grits, Si .00, including S ncluding Syringe, or ent.sealed.forSlJC ----- ____ - fho Von MohlCompany, Cincinnati, Ghl SoJe^iccrEcaii Ajcnw. B F. KKESLI^G, Agent, I,ogun.si;ort, lad, STEEL PENS COLO MEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION 1S73.1 Nos. 3O3—4O4—I7O—5O4. ' )THE_MOST PEEFECT OP PENELj Bo Tciiv OV/H Jlyclr.g, nt ZIome. • Th y will dy. o-c'vtiifjsr. 'J ii^-y i.i-nso!,! .-.-•ry. wboii-. r.i.-.- u.;:. - -•.;...• I,:,.-;•'..-!.-...v:ii for btr..ji:f ;-, i'riL-- . .-. • ^ n > • ; :'.. ,:,v.;^;i or for }•'•:• • •";•!•.;•.! .->.s. Th. :.-•••• ' »b Ben Fisher. 811 Fcortii street. PQR The only Pine Calf Seamle;-33 $3.OO Shoe in the •world "with •a smooth Innersole. No Tacks. Nails or Heavy Seam of Thread to hurt the Feet and wear out Stoclftngs: unequalled for style, durability and wear; made by nrst-ciass workmen. Every Pair Warranted to :ive the purchaser perfect satisfaction. Norm "enuine unless Stamped on Sole, & tOYCE $3. SHOE -WARRANTS '. M. GRAFF1S, Loganspopt Ind gi G SWISS CONDENSED MILK CO R1GI BRANLVj BENOiNE SWISS CONDENSED MILK, Guaranteed tbe richest n nil purest milk maii- facturMl, containing OTer 30 por cent, of butter, CliUdren and invalids will thrive womlerfuHy. anH families will find Its use mote economic^ tban ordinary eows milk, ifee your grocer gives you gfmulne IUcl Swisp Conderj.«*?d 3111k. Import Igent, jAsres p sanxn, New York and Chicago. BRI6HTINE CorrcspomJence I wllcted, valuable I jiformatloa free. 1 0BU»I discount co I'.IEIOIZT.S ^•ade. UiMer.ae ^nd hhnlred n \vt.i. T. X.I.VDI.ITV -a.- co., 18 Xia Halle c*tree.t. - - (-'hlc.t A. KKMEDY I'OSITIVK FOB n. IDOR MEN QMIY! . of JSrrerior Exocssca in Oldor junta ERIE . lltoBAIIUOOBr>lliFH«tomt. Ho* f o rmtonr* «td WUE. lUUUTKLimiD OBUANS& PARTS Of BBDt. nbUJDi HOBE THKATBINt— Bo»(0t. la • <Ur. fvvmftO^UtcsMiiir*^!^!^^!!)^^. Writ^tbes. B«ok, «>xrlaB«U0n and proora mslipd r«cs!ed) free. IE MEDICAL co., BUFFALO, N. v. For BOTOO of the choicest Inniis In WESTEItTS KANSAS, brtth clear und ineuralierecl. Improve.! - - , .and unimproved. iift we wi . . . eiu: fur«nr I.l.t of property tliift we will KxchmiKe fm- I.AJVO, H*.*I J»fc.V«!ES, MBRCUASniSE AM) LIVE STOCK. Address A. B. PABK.EB, Bailne, Ness County, K&Daai. YOUNO, Jh»vo a r- -.:-.: . Jcm»oroxcc^snf.;I V — ' - AG=3 or OLD I .-' ; f.-r nUri'.ccjisca I : V -.•..' ll . i--.il5.cre- - - Efectrlc Corsets. Sainon i (rpB to UIQM* Ns WEAK4IEN .u! WOMEN, euro t<i-. .-•*!..> . i: <t«ic«. \«>.t«t A Chicago druggist retailed ^SOOOOOO of : **r£Z,*tt "-13. F. Keesling and Cullen & Co.,soie Agents in Logansport. EOLL and for Sale by Leading Dealers. K'ic. Eiululy tij WH. BAEE23, Troy,!!.

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