The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on November 19, 1945 · Page 15
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 15

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, November 19, 1945
Page 15
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, November iU, J94S rttmnrM KT.VKTA, ntno Aim* f SHf tlfftt *flt t*« tongtf wlrtfi "' iffil ftt ' with tnw "WHOM TO CALL" WHEN toil N'KKU PllK SKKXIUKS 8Ktl.t,i:U Mt.CHA.S'ie Oil 'I IIADKSAI AS' - fd THIS CONVfiNMKNT MERtt 0. KARNS »htifil! Cify Tire & Applianee Co, Klyrla I'lly \Vosl Avr>, nf Mnto(», tin 1 , 21*6 YOUR "CAR BRAKE Wo I'SP Hftylii>»lnn T-rt SXs Rlld Hie lalrsl. itUKlfiMi f i|»iP"i*li L ELDQTREAD TERRELL OFl-'lCtAL Tire Inspection — All of Itcw tire? — I.r'n — Oonrt- _L;ii.!!_ l U_y"r!?5i-ll!l'"-l£-'' — AU 32 -- 6*20—12 t'lv T. S. hlKrii-DI-o'Sllin hfavy duly trtirk Itie; Klinoi-L new, «35 Oberlln (if) , n on ^Hfllrhf'r.v. Yaur h«s mnf« \-Ali)« Ihnn »bu t* W* can funodel lt-*-cn»tti», ih* TO SKLKCT FHOM IN STOCK ELYRIA UPHOLSTERY W«st Ufon-5 St. Ph. .n* pall-Ing. Wo(-k me for free • iTfj vorit oijD I.TVINU IIOOM Sl'l'l'K. new rnutcriHl- AI> i^u- us $tn :uul up. Binwnli- Fiiruiiiirc. Phmio -i B n t[ A •< le for n Pivvjjnf rnPti I._ VtlkNACfc. KOOriNO, SPOttJNO 1039 suariinlcfd. cnll Jo» l«cn- ''All U. S. TIRES onxba i — ALL SEB US I-'OR PKIOH1TIE3 GLEN ROGERS New Furnaces * Parts and ftcpnlr* tot »li fnnkt» * Vacuum Cl«ihlnit • .Blowers • Th«rma«lat* • Tlriftlng *m spoullhg WEST SIDE FURNACE CO. rOUhKKVlTCH * SON . 1 2(1 Elb«_SifJ^ TIRISS—NowT" HP pa ft I'd, Uccapped "JOHNNY" AGLER CITIKS SKMV1CK STATION' Cor. JtUI St. nt \Vr-M. Axe. f'h 2512 1940 CHRYSLER SEDAN O. P, A. Ceiling deetz, inc. Your Chrysler-Plymouth Dc-aler 728 W. Broad- Ph. 33i$ .Mer- KOlt SALB i!ijrv,' A-l condition, 2^'. 000 in radio and healer; .would HI;" to ti'adiv for KOOI! chort wheclliasc truirk; prefer Konl V-s or whut have vou? K. f. \Vllos, Z"!> l'ro.«- pert St.. _ Wei 1 1 net on. _f>. _ Pli_ J. 19>,a MOIJEL"H~rnV(l; Rood rjiidl- tlon.' .Martha .Saylp.i, <.?rafton ltd;, It, p.- No. l._'ira^'on._ t). _ __ ll'lt iTub'SOXl iJifht" Silt" Tudor ininh. m»ny extras; lo«' mll^HKe. owner; Jl'Jlii. Stantf Motor*. LJ ; >! A L NOTIClT On and aftur this date, November II. liM.'i, t will not be respnif*!-' lilr fnr any driita other than 'those contracted for by myself. •• • • RTSSKLL. is. itoin, .if... Irtoi) West Avc., .. Blyritr, O. r-T. Nov. Il-I!i-H'i_ ' " ...... '" on hahd. Locain Co, Furnace Service nd all niiikcw, funinrci' ,Vi'«- fiirnnrrs ntul rnnlrol*. l-'ll l^rs. ViH'UUin ' t'li'flnlna. COUNTY HEATING CO. :i^_j<|.|inn^ si. _ fli <l.<"r.- «n,l "gAXpINC "__"" Sdwn"rdR,~9"i in 8 a. W FLOOR Sanding. Chaa Kant A v* 42-388. 7 H.m. GLASS WINDOW & AUTO GLAS DOOtl AND MANTIvK MlrtUOH Loraln Glass Co., ElyrlK. Hram-li MNMftfirtf$• tfit ' " Ati«. Hm NnrliXMin »«« thr pvn- utrtin rh.niman curt Mrl. Ro> Binfcp. hinrh chftirmnu, \vlien (lie louith qii.nhily m^-ion.Tiy ion nf ' llio I.aiiivs Sofl^ty of th** tlrovn- Serviee tVA(MIKI»S» llnrton, RADIOS-Afty Mak'§ CLgANERS-'Afiy Make K\fi';i!ii:vi'i:i> \I?:N no voun RYAN KfiM AVIS ELECTRIC I'hon* I5."> S i 02 I \Vi; vnur rar .Sitnnnlred for \\ i I.T. Phunc f,o;'.*i,' ,in,l ,|.|V , ill !'.-(0. nrr l:rl< St . Sewer Trsubje? . Call Resar Service Co, Phene 26§2 A..4. , . ^ — , -^«HJ -~1*. ^X. . ,,..»-,-„, Eledric Sswer Phene 2840 i hrld ni the church Tho lu-ourftliv with \M IhettV nf "ThnnkSRiuiiB" Included devotions in thnrfte of Mis. Russell Millci; piotip Dinging. Xocfti "F.uih of Our PitlhefS,", Ulo prised nl Wilnia and Jean bnch iitK* jDoiothy Km'isr; find t 1H on Th,.nkr; ivlnc, Mi;' ft ir Wt' TIM rtnd trfrpfhtvifjils wme •>ei\oi! in ihc churrh p.inins • . , Mis. t W Wilson fttitl Mis. Milo McQueen vxiunnK. the service- lablr liud with « lacr cloth imd irnlr'ftl witli ftiiu, l.ndlcs liavinR birthtinvs in October, November find Suburban Calendar « I 3 t Beiorf 630 A cfuiftlff ttrtitt Wtft Mft. AtWft t-n »wt m> «tv ">W P- to. P. All Makes rtinl » t! Radios — HAUI.'lNtl - Hill] IUt;hl«l)1 Rrothct-toti. *i«h«»_»in_d_dump B i.fuci}jh«_Ph. «»1' KAdlO I RADIO SERVICE I K jour radio :UM cprvlcfil. tiflce* low S6AR$i ROEBUCK (ill »titc«d: In fi-n Woih l)ro»<! St CO. f'hnn* '.'.II 7 Hum' Service. (•'or FJu-lory-Authorlied llnillo Scrvlft. Call ERB RADIO Phohe .11 16 ~"OnV-"DiTv yr-r\1ii' «n Vnui Itnillo, i;t,KCtl(ll' APt'MASOK CO. t'VI Rrnnil Slfpfl. WATEHllAN'S" lUdlo ">^tr^ Ice 'U'lll call for __ and _ Hell vpr-^Ph. *<'-! ~ -- _ .— Tn nuinii nnd hou»e windows C. H- LEF) Ph. S7-.1S1 -6*4 Lodl St? FOR WANT-ADS PHONE 4412-4413 'AnHhortseii IIo"o\ er~" srili-'n— Ser\lc*. U D, ' Price, Ui» Hoover Man aMleliljriye£^_Hnril \vn re._ I'h. 1 1 ufi, ^ S E W I N d~KlAC II I IN VPS KR V I C fe~ ^JSWIIIK" Mnflhlho Sales" & Service 425 West 2nd Street Phnnt 39-42S * Hemstitching * Button Holing ' Covered Buttons Supplies and Service For rfll 'makes. Let « «ewln|[ machine mechanic flj It. C E. Lapp. former Sinner. WhIU and Ktn- mor« r«pre.«antntlve. UACKiiO'flt OU1I U KlTTKN OUAHANTBK BAKER'S 450 K Sfrflfiil St "tludrd \\rie Mrs,. Bon NorthfliH,' Mis Mos Binke, Mrs. A.lhui i.. .CK-ou.* Hulli. Mrs. Melvin NiRglc and Nfiji-. Mnnswrel Holl.item. Han Vulr I'afly When ih<- l.atlirsi' Aid society "f SI {'.nil's l.Ulhci-iin chill ch tticl rt- <eiilU HI the church' pnrlors. the motip worked on various piojcrts. The'numbers plnnncd n Christnwx . p.iriv lo bo held nt the ch!l!TFt par- Rebuilt! lors December 13 \\ith ft lurtdii din- KKHVH.'K SERVICE BUNNY'S HOME A. IJUSII.MAX 10(1 \\>.«t Avf I'll t'JSI—St'SOl EXPERf REPAIRING ALL MAUL'S IlLKCTUK'^ VVASllKHS Benton Electrie l " j.Vi'oti* ?™V . MAYTAG SERVICE CM,I. KOfl Kr.Kl-! KSTIMATK WATCH "Fine Watch* Repairing ItPiiniiiBbl* I'ricii. ?»•• VIC SILVER M£ . Y IV* t/lk * *.!> Ol)et) TU , j ClnM^rt fCvpl-y WtrtiiPMt.iy, All_ Drty UXPKltT Wfifeh nhd" Cl«ck ~Mepnlri>; nny islcclrie mnl;i>. Will t*»ll >or Bnil rtelUer All wurli Rimrnrileetl. GENE'S WATCH SHOP f>41 CnmbrldKo _Ave. . weitiliiK, cui- link. briulnB! portable equipment, D MCVCD '»"' Oraftnn 114 K. rtntTCK Phon<> S(i;S<i3.. ~E^cTrle*^inrt"A"p#tyfene "W BEAL WELDING Lodl (U North St. • Phone 11H ." "" L'fcfi'.;'Ai . . • On and after tlil.i ' dntc, Novcni- Vi'cr 17, I'lir., 1 will lint be ru.'poii! 1 !- blf fnr any ileliis' ntlier ihan those tontracted for. by iuy."0lf. ' ' ' I.'.-T. Xii ."17 North St., Klyrla Hux i'.-. Olic-rlin, 0. ^v, i!i-;« lir,-. n . "Lli'GAir 'NOtTCK. ~ Kdna Curler, wliose i>lni-« of rril- dcnco Is unknown, will ink* notice that ftmcrsou S. Carter hiis lilcd liis petition RKitl'iM her In Oaxc NumberHC743 of the Common PIi'ii* Court of Lornin County, Ohio, for ilivorce and settlement of property \ right* and-'that- said cause will be ' for hearing on or after December 8. 1S45. J. L. MASON, Attorney for Plaintiff. •C.-T. Oct. I8-59 Nov. B.1Z_;19^S6___ ~LK"C.Xf,~ NOYiCK In . acconlHiiec with Itesolutlon Number 5473, mloplrcl' October 211. V-Mj sealed bids Will be received by the Board of Commliialnnera of 1,'crain County, Ohio,' until 10:00 o'clock A. M., December 3, 19(5, at the office of the County Coin- inissloneri, Court llousf, Rlyrlu, Ohio, for th» furnishlnt; of nil labor and materials nepexsary for certain repairs and additional promotion lo the fendnr and piling I of the Erie Avenue IJrldgo, Loraln, niiia. This work will coriMiit of the rrpulrlitit of the protective fender for the Kant pier "of thr. Kris Aveline Bridge, In accordance .'with nliin prepared by Wilbur WaUon A.shoclates, HnRineers, 4€H Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Separate prices arc- to -he submitted for the various parts of the w'ork, fit follow*: Bcpair fender at the Sonth- wr»( corner of th« Ka»t pier, which will be known as Repair Numlmr On» of alternate Number One; replace the fender, called for on the rlrawlnc aloiit; ,th« .Kouxh >l<!e of the Kast pier, which will be kqown as Repnlr Xuipber Two of alter- t nale Number One. Altsriiale Nuin- r i •(• • ,). ' , . ,|.ii||. , -i pier protection, ai shown In connection with the repair w'ork a» bid In alternala Number One. All propoxalK clinll be made In conformity to law. Proposals »hall he mtde on blank forms furnished Iiv the said Knslneers,' and fliaM he eni'loied In n sealed, envelope, and addressed \o the Poard of Coun- iv OommlKiiionerii' of a I.orsiin county, rivrla, Ohio, marked "Proposals for Kepair* to tho Ka«t pier, Krl« Ave- fine Bridwc" ririim showing the proposed'work nmv bo obtained from the office of the I.Araln County Cnmniijiloni-rs » |u Klyria Ohio, or frum the ofn>e of the Knginefi's In r'levi-l.ind. Ohio. Kach bid t-hall . bo acrompnnled 'l>y A cf-rlHied check on a solvenl bank, or !i ! ddin(.' liond of an unproved liO"illn'K coi>i|iiui.v. "r United States innnev in an amount equal to or greater than !,"'„ of the amount of i ho hiil. The JI<Mird of Cdiiiniissinners of I^irain C'unity. Ohio, reserves the uishl to reject nny or any part of any '" all bids, should it I"- d'-rmcd for tbe . I:,PM interest of l.oraln conn! v I o' do so. 1!v order r.f the ftoar.1 of I'niintv runiMiiseioncrB of l.orain l.'oiintv. Ollln. . K I! rOMIN'ns. Clerk. g f.-T. O.-I. S9 Nov 5-lS-Hi. 1945 • L Ki i A I." NOT 11' K —t' A S K'."" NO." 4 ilYs S.' Nmic-n is licrefiy qrivcn Ihal en (be Huh day of November. 1S4.1. T'IC sA'.iiul I'onii'iTiiailoiial Cbnri'h nf Klyt'iii. Ohio, lilcd ll« pfilllon In Ihc riiiiiinrjii PKiis Ciiurl of I.-"- r.iin Otnuilv. Ohio, in Caf* NO 4ii'lSfi . iiraylni; for aulhority to ni-'-'tpa^t 1 the fullou iny described rriil rslale aw .vonirilv for |r«a'is an.I ui'HHl:- in tho Mtm of JL*".^ 11 to repair .and Improve real estate 1 of tin.- church: 1'AltCKL NO. I: h'iinatcil in the City nf i:i,iti.i I't.unt) of Loraln anil St«m-nf t,)li.ln. and known as brtlriK Kub-Lot No. ^ in Itrnnxon's Si'r-oiul Adilltlon of p;trt of OriKinnl l-^lyi la T o W n s h i p Lot Ni>. SI 1 , and oilier lol.", west of Hlack river, as *ho\\ n b> the recorded plat In Volume * "f Map.", pagf l!l • ufl.orain County Itecord^. hav- ln»f a frontage of GO.tii feet on the foutlu-rly siile of West . street, and exlondltiK buck of utiual width 152.10 feet deep, as appears by *»ld plat, be the *ani" more or lec» but . nubject to all lefral hlHhwayx. PATICKL NO. 2: Situated In this City of Klyrla, Coiinty df Lorn in and Stain, of Ohio, «nd known ac' b"lnit part.->of OriKiniil Klyria Township Lot No. .S'J. «:('sl of Blnrk river. and bounded and described as , foliou'.s; ' IteKi-nnlnff on the southerly line nt -Wm't Street at Ua point ii f inleroettlon will) the We.«t- erlv Jinft of Lake Avenue; Tlirnce westerly nlonK ".lid southerly line of. West Street a distance of 1)4 feet to an Iron pin; Tlniiicij jioiiilicrly forming' an Included niiKl" of 91* 7' from eact to south mid parallel to the westerly line of said Ori- K ina I Lot No. i9, a dlKtnnrn of 132 feet lo an iron pin; Tlii'ticc easterly on a line parallel to the southerly line of West Sheet, a distance of IS.59 feet to an Iron pin at the soiithweslcrly corner of land conveyed to' .loscphjiie •CushinK. by deed datetl April ll. l!HiO, and recorded In Volume S3, PHKB 44(i, Loraln conn- . ty Heed Hecords; Thence northerly along the westerly line of land so conveyed to Josephine dishing a liistance nf ;i!i.S4 feet to an Iron pin al the noi lliwesterlj corner thereof; Thencft easterly parallel to Ihe somberly line of' West Street, and alonK the northerly line of land *o conveyed lo Josephine' runhliiK a distance of 13,'.HO feet 10 »n Iron pin on the westerly line- of I^<kn Avenue: Thence northerly nlons said westerly line of Lake iiventie, and forming an Included »nt;ln Of VI* 45'. wot In nurilt. a distance of !i;'.."i( feel to the place of heKinnillff. at surveyed by Warden and Lmindun, be Hie same more or IP**, but subject to all IcKnl hifrhwayt; bcreliy IntendlnK to deKcrib* the. sitmn pieniUes a» drcrib- ed "ui the lii>l parcel of land c.onveyed lo The Second ('on- iitignal Chur'.-h of Klyria,. Ohio, 50*1. ' by deed dntcd June and rrcordrd In \ : olnme iiHMe ni'l. Luraln County Wellington By CORA M. 523 Barker St. SIIKI'ARD I'honc 21 I'dt Delivery Service Call FAITH WARE Herrlck Ave. West IMionf 42-L 110 AT FOOTBALL BANQL'KT WELLINGTON.—The dining room of. the First Congregational church, j was the. scene of a turkey dinner With all the 'trimmings on Friday evening, when ihe annual football banquet bert Cn.-sldy. pastor of. the First 'Methodist ' church, . gave tlic welcome address and Rev. Rcedet _. was held. Approximately 110 were present lo enjoy the din- which was pul, on by the mothers of the football players. Mrs. E. J. Massard was general chairman of the dinner; Maurice PerkiTi?, dintnj; ' Harvey .Myei;s. chairman of the board of the Church of Christ, gave nt'r nl noon. WBS served by Mrs Hotai-rt to ll^ nicmbrts'nnd two Btipsls, Mrs. Fred ' Mes-snl. Ridge- villp, ntul MIF. A E. Weckcrly. I'lan t'hrls.lnias I'arly Plnns wcie ninite lor n Chrlslmns parl> \\ith a K'fl oxehAngr when IIP Tall.v-Ho riub mot Friday cve- iln({ in'ihc home of Mrs. Milltm Nnb.ikow.sfti, Oiwsc street. .Tlie afTnir will be held in the home of Mr? LaHtie Birtdnnw. Lo"B street. Election of oflicers «lll bo (mother lenttirp. PII/.CS In the Bflincs went lo Mrs. Wiiltrr Mischkit and Mrs. Clem Rice. The Fpecinl prize went lo Mrs. BiddtniiGi-. Olhers present were Mi>. Earl Rockwood, Mrs. Rr> win , Bachnian. Mrs. Jack -Keller. Mrs,. George limes. Mrs. .R.,- A. Schneider, Mi's. Gordon Hoffmnn, Mrs. F. Mclntyre, the hostess -mid one guest, Mrs. Lois Boeder, At the -close 6f the" games 8 luncheon •- witl^ n 'Ilianksglvhig theme was served^by.' candjclighl Datf of "--' l -- MONItAV AVON I.AKF. - School boarcl tnrols «t school at 8 p. m, AVON LAKE-Hoy Scout J mtcl at t'hiHPau al ":3n p. m, UKT; AVKNur..-r.-T.A. bf I,.ike Avrime School hicpU «l 8 m. fcVfeNfS tl'hSHAV LA t3hANuK.-l'.-T.A. Frsilvnl will l)R hold in school loVlum at 8 P. rn, OttAF't'ON. - Anchor flcbeknh lodse mcrls In Ihc lodge room III the rvcnin'R. t'inAf'rON.—Volunlfpr nt'p df- pnfltni'iit ineels In the Town Hull In tho evening. AVON LAKK—Opcn House 9t school. P.-T.A. mccl.i at 8 P. nt, AVON LAKSi.-Nti. 6a griHip meets wilh Mr.«. C. O. Wilson for lunchpon at nnoii. meets wilh Mr?'. Hugh Amido'n for 1 o'clock dessert luncheon. Mr*. Mnrkhnm sssiMltig hostess. Book Review, , COLUMBIA -Oordcn club meets nl Hole! Cleveland for luncheon and election of oJficeis. t p. rfi. COLUMBIA - Acme -.Grange meets nl the town hall for supper and Imporlnnt business. 7 p. m.' BATON—P.-T. A. meets at 8-p. m,, ftt Knlon school, program itnd refreshments. • . . * I,A fQriTE-direle No. 3 of U- .- ttifth sclwn! Seniors to sponsor tlflticf-. MilAI* B.V .fohriny Jackson's tSrcliestM EvSry* one thvlled. AVOW t,AKK-~ UgloH Krtft il ( "f,V testi. meet flt (t f>. ftt., At the cftrt* APM.IANCES Ifftdn, RirfiAl, el#lif. SWKfefltltll, ftUStRlS Hp(n| 'fcm IB f*, LITTLE JOE'S t rvw tilirtr TO* f-ALLS WfV* & 68S ilCWrtWMMjft rtgW if flot «oflrfti6tf J8 tin*i.> SWtr fttfwtifta t hmis* fo? f«M.i«« f&el lixcell Roofii LA on si SHOITIII HAIR IS THI STYLI! •"•• <sr V 'V and the church as a whole. Mrs. E. L. Sharp of' the First Methodist church, .and .Mrs. E. F. Schwankc. of the Chtirch of Ihe Nazarene, and Curtis Howe of the Mr?.! church of Christ, offered yp 1 -'" 1 fc- mom | lections. "•' "," chairman and Mrs. \V. U. Carle, j Floyd Olsen was master of cere- kitchen chairman. Supc-rintendent i nionies und "group tinginK 'was led Arnold Kiplinger of the school, was j by Die Rpv. McDonald of Shemm- loastmaster. Fathers and several ] doah. • ' members of faculty were , family Mjhl Mr. and Mrs. Frunklyn Wright. Adams street, were host und hoktcsi to'the faniily night parly Saturday evening, 'for members of the Scy- more club and their families. I'lay- ing of pinochle and pedro was the diversion. The hostess served re- invited guests. The five tables were attractively centered with miniature football players. The high school colors of red and while were also used for decoration. The speakers' table- was centered witll a large picture of the football squad, .with a school « fre.ihninits-. flag and ihe United Slates flag on j ,>| Pr t Wilh Miss .IVilbcck cither side, ".' Herrnck Unit members met Fri- The program included a talk by day evening wilh Miss Kathryn E. -L, Henes, who gave the record • Witbeck, Herrlck d^cnuu East. The of the learn this year. as.compared \ u.sual sowing and fancy work was to the'record of past years. , {enjoyed. Refreshments were served The Rev, L. E. Werner, pastor i by ihe hostess. Next meeting is of the First Congregational church | on November 30 with Mrs. Homer gave a congratulatory talk in behalf | Barbe. .. of Ihe fop'lball players and their j Receives coach Russell Kepler. Mrs. Massard gave the welcome lo tho fool, ball boys, and Neil Gibbins, captain of ihe team, responded. Coach Kepler responded with fit- ling remarks when presented a pen and pencil set by the players. Following ihe banquet dinner and Harold G. Buncwlt, son of Mrs. Charles sdhepard, Johns street, returned home Saturday morning wilh u discharge from Ihe Army. Bonu- wit, who was a corporal, entered service December 26. 1941, trained at Fort Knox. Kentucky, Camp When the Amherst BiHid.Mothpf's' club mel Friday evening kx r ''tne home of Mrs, George'" KStolmk, North Ridge road, the t group decided to change the dale of Ihc meetings fiom the third Friday to the third Tuesday evening, A letter of appreciation trom Floyd Hcvs. music instructor, Was. re.od. The group voted to. purchase n flag and suits for- four new members of the schrtof -band.. Plans were made for a Christinas party wilh a gift exchange lo be beldJDc cembrr 12 in Ihe home of Waller' Knppley, East street. . Coming KvcnU , . „• The Amherst Garden club meets this evening 'in Ihe home of Mrs, R. M. Hrittie, Spring street. Mrs. Wilfred Bost co-hosUss. Roll_ call will be»n "Thanksgiving poem" and the display will be colorful foliage. Election o! officers will be A feature' of the'business meeting. The. moiUhly meeting of the Ministerial Association will be held this evening In the-home-of Rev. land Mrs. Stuart Olbrich, • Brownhelm. starting wilh a supper n't 5:30 p. m. Anihorst Temple of Pythian Sisters will observe the annual roll rail with Past Chiefs In Ihe chairs Tuesday evening,' Members are a-ked !o bring "White, Elephants" lo be used as prizes during the social hour. Siono City Chapter of Eastern. Stars IUPCU In regular session .Wednesday'' evening. Church New* Fli-sl-EvanHcHcal — The first of it SU-IPS of ."Welcome .Home" din- neis honoring discharged men and ' women, also those service men '; home on furloughs, will be held at 1 6:30 'Tuesday 1 evening'al ihe church j parlors. A program will be a fea- j ture with Robert Ghosts In charge. The guild-Will have charge, of the I decorating and Mrs. Conrad Zilch is chairman' of ihe. dinner which : will be "pot-luck." There will be Public Auction P.-T. A. Auction «nd F«ll Fe». tival a< L« Sr«ngo,School.Audi- torium. On Tut«doy, Nov. 20 At 8:00 P.M. 'Farm «nd. Garden Produce; Baked Goodi, Canned' Goodt; Candy, "etc". Fun for all. Come. Bring a donation if you w Entire proceed* for benefi.t of LaGrange P.-T. A. Dawson and Spictr, AUCN. NOW-UP TO II MONTHS TO S llORf'of-cash? Household frtmnee hits a simple loan plan to help you', To apply for $20 to $1000. just telephone or visit ihc Household office, fay how mudumoney you wnnl and - Ihc payment plan you prefer (sec, table below). You need-no endorsers, no help from outsiders, to get a salary, auto or furnHure^loan from 1 (otuchold.' If you can 'mal<e the monthly payments shown, don't hesitate to ask for' whatever amount you need. CONVCNIIMT MVH«ST». Notice that you" may choote the payment plan program, Young. Indio, Cwl., Fort Jackson, most.of those present at-j S,'C. .mid Fort Mearte, M.d. I'AUCKI, NO. 3: Slliiatdl In tli* i!ity nf Klyiia. County nf l.'irnin ami Stale of Ohio. nin\ known if lirlnj.- p.'irl «if dii- trlnal Klyrla 'I'mvnsliip l.»t N'». S'l. vest' nf nl:irl{ Miv.T. ;'ln| lu.iiiiiloil HII() ilfscrilictl as fol- 'noi-'iiinlnit mi HIP soutlitrly lino nf \VrM Sircot at H point 111 f«ft wolcrlv. us in Pil surer! alone ».<lil muiliirly ll:if, front its poini t'f inl prKcrlion ullli the wi'.vlri'ly lim> nf I-aKf A\rini»» nnM tho casterlv line 'of i-.'iiil Orlpliiiil' I.ol No. SI: Tlieiu'f) westerly alnup >iiiil sniiilii-rly lina of West Struct 30 fri'l; Thi'nre soiiilierlv on a Unp nuriillfl I" I'H' wonerly line nf :,aiil Oiisiinn) l.nt .No. SS. a flixliinre nf HL' fc-et: Thrin'e oastt-rlv nn a line li.'U'iilli-l I" iln- sniiilii-rlv lui' 1 nf \Vi'-»l Slrerl. a iliMatue of Tlieife noi'l h^rl r I'll a Urn* pa r.-i lie I lii !-;iii! wes-ii'i'lv IMIO . of Original Lot Nn. S». a '1^- t« lire nf 1™Z feel to the pi are nf brgljuilnp be llif same nmre or lcs.«. h'nt (iulijci-l to 911 SaiH iK'llllOll' WJll ''« lifiU'il liv Ihs Court nn P(scemlier I-''. I'.US. at !t:0rt o'clock H. m.. nr a.s soon Ilion after as the Court «'an hear I lie *a !';><* THK "SKCON'D. CONURK15ATIO.VAI. CHI'ltril OK' KI.VIHA. OHIO. Jlv: I \V. hi!::r.'ii. Its Atlurney C -T. X.iv. 11'-l'i-i!''. Mo.' S Went 'overseas in April, Ifl-H, where he saw service in a numbef of bailies 'in the European Theater. He returned lo the States, Sunday, November II, and, was honorably discharged at Indianiown Gap, Pa., last Friday. Before entering service, Boncwjl j I wus employed for C. L. as a Iruck lended ihe Parents' .Music club dunce at the school auditorium, Out Go Uilits Most Wellington folks were without lights about three minutes Saturday night, when a transformer on Wheeling avenue was put out of commission by the lightning storm. 100 Attend Inception Approximately 100 members and friends were on hand for the ri'ccp- j lion in recognition of thp IIPW mm- j istcr, ihe Rev. Frank Kecder and ; his family, at the Church of Christ, Friday evening. The event was sponsored by the Dorcas society of < the church. I A supper in charge of Mrs. 'Ktht'l , Oney. .Mrs. Florence Shepherd and i Airs. Gladys pleasing. Mrs. Emma j Moore, Mrs. George Carey. Mrs. r>. J. Olsen and Mrs. Uoola Howe. •••- Mrs. Charles Patrick was t-« For the program which followed . from her. home in Sullivan.'to ! the dinner, a quarlol from Shciwiit j hospiUil Sunday morning, in doah furnished music; (he Rev. Her-1 ambulance. driver. He was among the first lo pntL'f service from Wellington. ISirlh Of SDH Mr. and Mis. Don Fi-rri'll. Buffalo, N. Y-. announce ilu> birth pi a sun. weighing^ 10 pounds and nine uunces, November H. He has be'en named Michaol. Mrs. Forri-st Fcr- rcll, Barker Mrcei. !<> in Buffalo, caring for her daughU'r-m-law and grandson. no prayer meeting and. study class this week and orchestra arid choir rthenrsal ifkve also been cancelled for the week., St, Paul's Lutheran .— At 7;30 p m. Tuesday the Sunday School teachers will mec-t In (he church parlors. A special service of'thank.s- Bivlnfi will be held at 10 a. m, Thursday. • ' , Conxregalional—The choir meois for rehearsal at 7;30 Tuesday evening this week due lo Thuriday being 'a holiday." A union Thankfgiving service will be held at 10 a. in. Thursday with Rev. J. H. Bollens, the speaker, Si Peter's Evangelical and Reformed — Circle six of tlfc Women's Guild will hold its November meet-. ing Tuesday evening in the. home of. Mrs. Albert Werner, 319 Lincoln street. The affair naris wilh n tureen .supper al 6:30 With Mrs. M. Walker tlic co-hostess At '8 p.' in. ifte tame evening ihc "Every Member" Canvassers' meeting will be held al the church parlors to mi'.ke plans for Ihe "Every Member Canvass" to be held Sunday afternoon. November I'5. | SI'. Joseph's Catholic — A special Public Sale * ^*^* s -t. . • Havirtq told my-f«rr?1 WiH Offer At Public Auction, Nov. 21, Stortinq 12 o'Clock Located I mile «att of MiUn on Rte. I l'3 and I mil* north on .River Rd., farm .machintry in- cludinq F-14 Int. tractor on rub- tor, Int. I row corn picker, mounted, Int. 2 row tractor corn planter, InK* tractor cultivator, manure ipHadar, RaliabU I I disc grain drill, New Idea side delivery, Int. 7 ft. tractor mower, Int. hay loader, 8 ft. double disc, 9 ft.' cultipacker,. Little* Geniut 2 bottom 12 in. plow, drag, wagon, rack and grain box, 2-wheel trailer, 6 ton alfalfa and 4 ton clover hay in mow. 300 bu. oati, straw stack, Hoi- itein 'cow, due Dec., Guerniey heifer, 10 mo. old, Bangs treated, Durham heifer, 16 me. old, bred; HoUtein bull, 10 mo, old, Ayrshire bull, 7 mo. old, 300 White Leghorn pullets, laying, platform scales, 10 cord itove wood, butchering outfit, De- Laval Ounior No. 4 electric separator, electric brooder »toves and poultry equipment, some household, qoo'ds including Kalamazoo whits enamel combination bottled gas 'and coal or wood ranqe and ofher'articlet, . TERMS; CASH. ALVIN FELTZ, Woltcr Ubtr, AM«», PINO HIM THI CAIN LOAN TOO MUD that best litt your, own !naame|,1 wonef you repay tf* Iti costs, -Payment* ihown! cipal'dni/chargM. You pay.i otlwr extras. ,At our monthly rite 'a, 3% a $100 loan (or one month'oNU) only $10Q. A >SO loan. rtp»id-ili54'i monthly payments u itown, cniu''/ only $3.84. - - , - ->' : y^ "•»*-* JkAteJiM MMAMB •••MMkA "t^ tMMi QU1CH ^WVffm VmWIW^ ••II yoll _ rrtoney for almo*t any purpo««lt : Cs| Household Klnttice; If you telephone;^ first, we can have your loan when you call at the office. 110. •/.VrtH.t /or faynt'tnl o/ frrtai* "ttttncffd" art. Mill limited by Carl, rryuhtiohs to'12'.monttti! $ 9.24 i:t,86 23.05 54T>5 89.40 K12.26 174.89 $ r...i:i 9.65 12.87 te.ot 37'.72 61i45 9o.:iu 119,10 U. 10.0'7 12.54 19.78« 29..'!3 47.49 69.46 91.21 It $ 6.30 8.40 10.45 16M4 24.31 39.12 56.01 . 74.47 to I 5.47 7.29 ;>9.07 14.22 20,97 33.55 48.55 6:1.33 Th««paym*nUi«c(uiki8c«M» K ixiymrnti *rt imd* MnntMy MI tlw «»me d«ro(wch •««»•• •ive imtiih.' EaUtw <*:tancr> payment* te«tur« th« ilotil rliarsn anrt lat«r or,-,MMlkr payment! Increait thMt-'.^'pe I IonMirau>'»' OM.f •' CMAM h th« monthly'r»t«,o4 3% par month nn thut jwrt of • bubiM not ewecdini <IOO, 2% an (hit. n*rt s o( • balance (anCMTrf SflOO but not emedlni OOH ud }i% on any i»maiml»t, - i It to flMNd mi actual unpaM nrtntipar blUanec* M rrducMl by paymenli. Then an no ADM. feet, rilKaunta or othft haMe* chartm. fc , ' -"-'''"'^ HOUSEHOLD FINANCE gfcv»MjflXf ......—-^ w.. ^ .-^-*- *•» '2nd Floor, Tbe Century Bldg., 385 Broad St., Over Woolworth'i^ * Phone! 2381, ELYRIA "'•'*.: •V i .miccl i Friday forces will' be held at IIM^NB. B'ii'':il,3»Uli41li:a!!ll!EW!!ll.l«ll»liHI!liW NiW CARS AR1 COMING USiD CAR PRICiS WIU DROP 1 ACT TODAY! It Will Soon H!§H, In §e T9« tatt FOR §«§ Ui Tg §ft That CAR* Amherst Ry MRS. i-V'CV 780 t'lPVPland AVF. PhQnf 3i?? met iit H"cy, ihe 1 Joe i Glen Rogers Motors Inc 11! Eat' eitdgt 5"Mt | ^^ PRfU'ill'\M | childwn of the school yill present — When Hie Middle j a Chi't.!>tnius Kicigu Pominuniiy club met at the j UoUJ lliitu^siuii school the new officers 1 tod?) The {ojlovviny wcie appointed to chargp. They arc: Mrs. Syrd Jlich-1 act u.s the autljtiny comniittt'e whe mpjul, provident;'%}rs Porothy Koi- pe, vice president: Pale Richmoncl, secretary-treasurer. Tiie 4.fl»ir suirtcd with a chicken dinner 91 7 o'cl.ocg. 'fhe children of the school participated in ihe pj'uijri JU presenting a playk-t. "The first Jh9n¥*giyi""g'''; sonj; by the girls, "Ofljadbye to^muwu'i"'; violin solo, D.ale Bicliwsoiid S'ere (fiven by two dis- S'jlurdny -- Born 10 N|r.- and Mrs. Walter Sterns. R J> U. n riaUBhioi. W A. Mowerv, Laram, 'was ,-idinilieii and discharged after being (jivei) (irtt aid. Mr. Howery wsr. in n hunt- iiiK nceident, receiving shot i.n'poi|i Sunday — pix'haiHCs: Mrs R:iy- Hollingswonh and »on, Am- Auction Sale The undersigned will t«|| at the olq| Zeh F«rm, corner J*y. CPX <ind 5chw*rt? ro*d» in E*$t Avpn, one milt lowth pf Detroit Road pn SATURDAY, NOV. 24 At 12:30 I grey t«*m l^eed wprker?); jhamessej «nd $g\\«r\\ I7§ 7:30 odjti; 4 ten m'ueci h«y: ryej ? it^eks'gf |tr«w; micl; grain pirujer; h^y «nd rack; jprinq w«gon er w^gpn; Jb hg» feed ;«jh; land mowinq .sprtyeri tftm jinqlp plow! r«ke; movie the Hall; 8nt' fred possibility ol ptirchasiug a machine w;is> ditfusscii bv and p. p. ft All and J Were iippoinled us & to iJivcftUgate- the effect pf i scryiee u,ien, .psil ^olbe. \yhfl "sijv Action in the Pacific t43,cati;e of W9 r . tojld of of Jjis $u,d J. Edwi» Hall, I Uie Arnjy Air forces »i HyiMg .over tlve Jiyjjjp. frgjp the The pecerobjer ai which will be tU,e The group the wcytlw o» Uw.' crops ol ilie corning year and aU-o the middlc- t»an's profit. .jGrotjp singing \vu> a feature and '.Curl t£o]be, reccnlly discharged, loid of his esperienccs itj ttxe Pacific U]£^,trp p| wgr. }4iAc|i \yos served by ISJr. and Mrs. Bdwijici Vowng W,i.d Mrs. i,th. Tl\e Jiostesse? for 9 \vill be Mrs. Fred 61 wu Mrs J. M,cLoda and PIICI IMCtMtlt COMPUfl ANt IIPIII mtfAUA!l9N SUIVIYI ANB WITHOU! OIU9ATIGN ihpxpll. lerot in yffPHli; sm B9**, sM frfatfer/ «ii «tfci when it was uuiall. It twice ;is liirge as the MIC biidhouse and va? tnside. *t feyv»i i , IOIINA MIU W, L f* liiti si Harlev 0* Mutter P4 turn lain yn A, Welktr, km fo liou> bor. pi Jr.duinapolis invsugatcd the wrens yjiculed ',he bird- he Iniilt nbove hi.s grape ar- He found a fat load hud ilis: sid them. Harrison plain ihe load's p/rgeuee eight fpet ;biovc the ground only by conclu- sion-thai.a bird must have carried it up^ there liad grown opwyiiB ol iBipriKoned Strtm TV;. AMItlCA'S IASIIST OPIRATINO COMBINATION WINTER WINDOW - SUMMER SCREEN It wi»h Hemt w*rm*f t" 3 f ei INIIKIiY flOM'TNl INII

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