Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1890 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1890
Page 4
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John Gray's CORNER John Grrnys Corner On Umbrellas in the Following Materials. Gloria silk, Coins silk, Henrietta »i&.. .Millitto silk, French aateon Fast Black, Cotton Seige, Satin Borders, Scotch Gin<claauiH and all grades in Cotton rain Umbrellas. The above arc made on the Paragon l?rau»e, Plain and Fancy Gold Handles, Plain and Fancy Silver Handles, Plain and Fancy Oxydized Handles. IT is reported that petroleum has been discovered at Middlesjioro, England, and experimental borings are being made to the depth of 2,000 feet. MAKSHAT.L PASS, on the Denver and Bio Grande Kailroad, 10,851 feet above the sea level, is the higfheat point crossed by a railroad inside the limits of tho United States. Caffeine Seidlitz Powders Will Cure Your] H ea dae he 3 cents, at PARVIN' S I2tt)-st. Drug Store MRS. TALJHAGE. wife of the celebrated preacher, is said to be tho financier of'the family. It is she who makes all the Doctor's engagements and does his banking business. A FIIENCH paper says of a recent murder : "The miscreant was evidently ir. search of money, but H. Durand had prudently deposited all his cash in the bank and consequently lost only his life." WILLIAM SCHAUS of New York has bought for SI, 125 tho jewel casket oi carved ivory presented to Columbus, according to the Latin inscription on the lid, by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1503. A MAN named Oscar Harden, of Pike County, Georgia, some time ago killed, his bride of a few months by a pistol- shot. He has made a confession that he shot at her three times because "ho didn't think he could hit her." Daily Journal. MARIONSWADNER CITY CIRCULATOR. • ^— ^—~ PnbUKhed wrery day In the week (except Monday) by W. D. PRATT. Price per Annum, - - - - SO OO 4 Price per Moii'Ii, ----- SO FRIDAY MORNING. MAY. 9. THE CAMPAIGN BEGUN Richmond Palladium: All the party leaders, Republicans and Deuio- erstts alike, are looking forward with keetieat interest to the meet- iiigon May 12 of the Republican National Executive Committee. Not much has been said about this meet- juag beyond a few wild guesses as to its purpose, for the reason that no one lias heretofore been able to learn just for what purpose it was called together. It has but recently ; beeanae known to tho leaders of the Kupublican party that the managers of the Democracy, and especially the managers of the free trade wing of that party, had been for some time in a state of the greatest activity. To all appearances the Democratic Sational Committee, as a body, is entirely inactivo. It has> no headquarters, and so far ab the pnbhc is allowed to know it has no meetings. The fact is that just the opposite is the case. They are carrying on industriously and secretly .the most active work, having for its main object th« conversion from Republicanism to Democracy of the agricultural vote of the country. Apparently the Republican managers have only just awakened to the fact that the next Presidential campaign has already begun and their opponents are secretly endeavoring to make the result cer- taiu in their favor. It is altogether a new plan of activity upon which the Democratic managers have entered. It is one that will cost a lot of money and enlist an army of men. In every doubtful State of the Union the Democrats have now at work agents who are known as '"walking • delegates." Sometimes those "walking delegates" represent trade organizations, which have been formed in the interest of the Democratic partyi Sometimes they represent nothing but their political employers. They have no certain origin, and no uniform credentials : These proselyting agents have, however, one uniform purpose. It is to arouse discontent among the rural population with their condition. They travel from farm to farm. Sometimes they distribute literature; more often, however, they are mere- lyjhired for their skill as conversationalists. These men have been , aaref ujly selected .for their ability to pat-talk bo ok canvassers and ligrht- nihg-rod agents. Their subject is always the poverty of the farmer, the poor returns of agriculture, and the'Wardships of life in the country as contrasted with the splendors of existence in the palaces ' of the cities. Wherever they find a farmer in the hayfield, in the barn, or at his dinner, they manage to introduce themselves to him and to foment that discontent which is common to every calling in life which demands effort to secure a .livelihood. All this work lias been steadily carried on for nearly a year, and the Democratic managers expect sreatly to enlarge its scope during th» coming; summer Hou to nieetand cc unteraot tnlh insidious of campaign \Vill be one of the pd by ANDREW CARNEGIE has given to the Authors' Club of New York the sum of $10,000, to be used in the encouragement of literature. The first application for any portiori of it came from n young man who wanted to buy paper and pencils to write n five-cent Indian novel. ______________ A OROCEK in Bacine began advertising twenty years ago: "Going out of business; stock and fixtures for sale; store for rent"—and has kept it up daily ever since. He says it hits the pnblia right between the eyes and makes everybody think his prices are the lowest in town. So MANY poets aond their verses to. >liver Wendell Holmes that ho his oine to the conclusion that everybody n the United States writes poetry. | OKLANDO, Fla., phosphate hunters found a piece of petrified red cedar in a creek. The grain of the. wood is so naturally preserved that it looks as if it could be cut with a knife, but it is solid stone and the red color of the wood has been precipitated in bright carmine spots. ME. CHAUNOEI- M. DBVBW disposes o£ the contents of his daily mail with the aid of his private secretary and two stenographers, one of whom is a negro. This man is said to be unusually competent, and to be treated with great respect, not only by Mr. Depew btit by everybody with whom he comes in contact. SIXTT-FIVB cardinals have died sinca the present Pope became tlie liead o: the church, and the Sacred College is now composed almost entirely of new men. Only sixteen of tho present cardinals wero there under the late Pope, and one of these is serioiisly ill while several others arc over. 80 years oi age. MR. GiADsTOSK has always been more scrupulous in his attentions k the humbler classes than to. the nobility and wealthy. Once, when Prime Minister, he called personally on 'a tradesman on Sunday morning to de liver a ticket of admission to the House of Commons, which had been re quested. MKS. U. S. GRANT leads a very qniel life, partly on accouiit.of dedicate health and partly from preference. Her'sighi has* become poor, and she is seldon seen outside of the family eiicle, excep when she drives in the park in her well appointed brougham. One of her mos frequent and welcome visitors is Gen Sherman. WHEN Prince Bismarck left Jiiirlin for his home at .Frieiriehiruhe he took with him the little table on which he and M. Thiers signed the preliminaries of peace between Prussia and Frano in 1871. He paid the Frenchwomar who owned the Versailles cottage wheri he then had his headquarters a little over $4 for it. A MAN at Tiflis, Ktfpsia, paid an as sassin $75 to kill an enemy, and $9C .more when the assassin brought an eai in proof of his crime. The assassk went to the enemy and obtained $10C 'forrevealing the plot and produced i bogus ear. The man who paid to hav. his enemy assassinated is now suinj, the "swindler" to recover the money h paid. MEDICAL science has made long strides during the present century Even to glance at the brilliant and a] most innumerable galaxy whose iuves tigations have in recant times illumi nated the healing art, and to whos skill multitudes owe life and comfort might be bewildering. Their works d follow theia. Yet, without irividiou distinction it may bo said that, as i ages past, so now, "the best physician are Bdctor Diet, Doctor Quiet'-an*. LUTING on a claim eight mflea north f Eocky Ford, Col., is Emma Aiken, nd her two daughters. All three adies are widows. The mother is 90 ears of age, the eldest daughter (58 nd the youngest 6-i. Not a man has ver been employed about the place, nd during their two years' residence hey have done all ot their own work and truck gardening. AT a recent duel between two young men at "Warsaw both fired and hit, but he bullet of one was Battened agaim.t he cigar-case of the other, and the 1ml- et of the other was turned aside by pocket-knife of his opponent. Tho seconds decided that the young men were not born to kill eac:h other ii'iil declared the affair off. A Ksoiivn.i.r.bnrbor shaved a. man recently who riwirlps in the Smoky Mountains arid whose, brard had been grow- ng since the battle of Chickamauga. Che man, whoso name is Harmer, was u the Confederate army, and shaved .he day before the battle and had not shaved since. He said ho got tired of wearing so much hair and wanted it removed. THE Empress Eugenie, it is suid, is as much of a recluse as though she wore a mm. All day long she sits in ler sunny parlor in a little London louse, with a tablet in her lap, sketching or writing for a memorial she is preparing for publication. The book will contaiu the letters of the late Emperor Napoleon and the Prince Imperial, the proceeds from which will go to the fund for the relief of the/widows of the war of 1870. A r.ECE'NT visitor offered some words of condolence to tho widow of General Crook, in reply .to which Mrs. Crook said: "Some years ago I met the widow of a great soldier. Her husband had just died. She was inconsolable. She asked me, weepingly: 'How can I bear it ?' I said to her, 'Bear it as a brave soldier's wife ought.' How often she came to me after that and repeated the words to me, and now those same words come back to me." HARRISON WARN.ES, .a shoemaker'by, trade, living about ten miles north of McConnellsville, Ohio, is now making arrangements to take a walking trip to Baltimore, Md. Mr. Warner is 89 years old, and the plan he proposes to carry out is to walk to Baltimore, pushing a whfiebarrow containing his clothes. He says he lins relatives along the road, and takes this plan so as to stop over and visit all. He proposes to averts twenty miles per day. A CLEiMiY5iA.N declared the other day that no people are so humane in their tieatra'-"'t of the lower animals as the Americas. But what about the Bud- dhishts, who, in order to avoid destroying life, carry a broom with which to sweep away insects, when they, the Buddhists, of course, desire to ait on the ground, and who wear a sieve over their mouth when drinking water lest they might swallow and so destroy some living creature? A DEVOTED couple, husband and wife committed suicide recently at St. Etienne, in France, because the husband was attacked with a fatal malady^ They took the usual suicidal precautions to stop up all the chinks and crevices I-e fore starting up tho carbonic gas, bn; only the husband got a sufficient dose to take him off, »nd his wife was resui-ci tated. On recovering herself fully shp remarked that she felt as though she had waked up from a deep and lonp; ELON BOOTH, a miserly bachelor who died at Newton, Conn., could not bear the idea of leaving his wealth behind him, but when he found he was obliged to do so he willed the property so thai no one can spend it for fourteen year.-i At the end of this time it will go to hi:brother's grandchildren. The estate is valued at $100,000. Booth once walked from New York to Newton: to save (he dollar for his passage, and during entire lifetime denied himself everytnin but actual necessities in order to accumulate a fortune. "AEKANSAW," the alligator slayer of East Orange, Fla., recently killed one of the "varmints" that had three of its legs bitten off, a portion of its jaw had been eaten by a stronger kinsman, and holes were found in him where he had paid the penalty of a pound of flesh, simply because his opponent was the stronger. Arkansaw states that alligators feed upon each other to the extent that legulates the supply to the demand, and that if they were.;to cease fiom then canibalistic habits they would soon abound in sufficient liera to pile aligator» .four.feet; deep' ^, iti_ ttfc -«• .tjtj'Ti.. f)*M»> 'r'fi.r*. *? r i . NOTES ON TEMPERANCE. One-fifth of the Inhabitants of Norway are said to favor tins temperance movement. The system of lluciiBlux prostitution by tho State has been officially con- iomnod by the Medical society of Klow, Russia. Omaha, with a liconso feo of Sl,00(>, sends four students to the Stats University and clRhty-one convicts to tho State penitentiary. The women of Kansas in their relations to politics are said to consider themselves "a handful ot salt thrown into tho bitter pool for its clcunslnRj.'- Mrs. S^ M. I. Henry, the well-known Woman's Christian Temperance union evangelist, will represent the National Woman's Christian Temperance- union at Chautauqna this summer for the third tl'me in succession. The clear manufacturers of a certain western city have lately contrived a novel method of advertising their wares, viz., by attaching to a favorite brand the ma.?ic legend W. C. T. (J., declaring the letters to mean "We Claim Them Unequaled." Hoffrokoii Wudul-Jiirlsberg, lady-in- waiting to the Queen of Sweden, gave a temperance leclurc at Christianla not IOIIR ago to a crowded and enthusiastic auclieflci!. A Norwegian paper declared the lady to be the ablest, temperance lecturer in Christianla. A prize of S50 for the best essay on the relation of tho temperance question to political economy lias been offered for tho competition of college undergraduates by the Xation Woman's Christian Temperance union department ol organization and instruction in the higher institutions of learning. "Home Protection Posters" am the latest invention of tho Woman's Christian Ternperaneo Union. There arc larce printed sheets, covered with torse and eloquent sentences aimed at The evils of tho liquor fa flic. They are intended for IISK nn Woman's Christian Temperance Union bulletin boards and for posting or. fence corners and in other conspicuous uiaces. Au Knjillshmaii.who insulated his bedstead by plriciiiir underneath each post a broken-ol" bottle, says ho had not been free from rheumatism or gout for fifteen years, and that he began to improve immediately nfter the application of the insulator!,. A paper, quoting this, adds: "There's many a fellow who could cure his gout If ho would break off tho bottom of his glass bottles in time." WEWS OF THE LABOR WORLD. There are- about 5,000 organized carpenters In New York city. There is talk ot designing a union label for dwelling houses In cities which have been constructed by union labor. A new labor paper is to be started. It will bo published under the supervision of D. A. No. 40. It will bo known as Labor's School and will be tho New York edition of the official organ of tho Knights of Labor. Though little has been said recently concerning tho Knights of I>abor, tho various districts throughout the United States are rapidly assuming as formidable an aspect as they showed prior to tho disruption on account of the Homo Club, In 188'i-7. This is particularly noticeable in this city. In 1SS7 District Assembly, No. s9, was reduced to about to about ]">,000 members and a few scattering local assembles. To-day it numbers under its new Master Workman, Gurrar, fully i!00 solid locals and about 75,000 members. Other districts have grown grown proportionally. Tho order is working more in secret than formerly. MARKETS BY TEUEGKKAPH. Nnvr YORK, May 8.—Flour—Dull and un- chfiuged. Fine grades of winter $2.1052 50; fine grades of spring, Jl.85ffi2.li5; superfine, winter. $2.4002.75; superfine spring. $2.1032.CO; extra No. 2 winter, S2.76S3.2o; extra No. 2 spring, S2.6503.15; extra No. 1 winter, $; extra No. 1 spring. $3.2005.10; city mill extras, $3.3524.60 for West Indies. Wheat—Options were fairly active and firm today, closing generally % to IVfcc higher. Spot lots closed lirnii spot sales of No. 2red winter. 99f?Vi«: No. 2 red winter May, 99¥ic; No. 2 red winter June, 99«jC; No. 2 red winter July, 97'4!|c; No. 2 red winter August, 95%c. Corn—Options were active and firm all day, closing % to 7j;.c higher; spot lots closed quiet; spot sales of No. 2 mixed. 4S1/) 04S$!|C; steamer mixed, 43V»c; No. 2 mixed May, 421£c;No. 2 mixed June, 42c; No. 2 mixed July, 42£$jc. Oats—Options were strong, -and closed tefrTsc higher; spot lots closed active and Vjff^c higher. Spot sales No. 1 white, SGM>c; No. 2 white, 36c; No.l mixed, 35c; No. 2 mixed, 8S34S34C: No. 2 mixed Mnv. 8JB' i" >'o. 2 mixed June, 321i|C. Rye—Nominal. Barley—Nominal. LUI&-.L>U.I; IIBW mess, $14.CO(H4.25. LQrd—Closed nrm and 8 to 4 poiuts higher; June, $6.63; July, $6.72; August. $6.82. Sugar—Raw, steady; centrifugal 96 test, 0 for fair refining; refined fairly active; cut loaf and crushed, 67>,c; powdered, G^SVic; cubes, 61AC. Butter,—Steady; western creanieiy, 16^18c; •astern creamery half firkin tubs. 17818IAC. Cheese—Steady; Factory New York Cheddar, new, 9^89340. .tMgs-<juietj Iresh eastern firsts, 13c; western firsts, 12!Viei3c. - Coffee—Spot lots closed steady, fair Rio cargoes, Chit-ago. CHICAGO, May 8.—135 p. m. closing prices.— Wheat-Hoy, 96c; June, .9S?j>; July, 9SKc. Corn-May. 84%c; June, 94Hfec: July. 36tfec. Oats—Day, 251i; June, 'i£V>c; July, 23SSc. Pork-June. $13.10; July. $13.26. Lard-June, $6.37^; July, $6.45. Short Ribs—June, $6.46: July. $6.62Vj. Hogs—Receipts, 20,000. Market active; prices Be higher; light grades, $4.1034.80; rough packing, $4.1004.15; mixed. $4.1604.80; heavy packing and shipping lots, $4.20(74.86. Cattle—Receipts, 14,000; steady; beeves. $8.90 ffG.20: cows, Jl.76ff3.70j stockers and feeders, $2.8004.00: Texas steers, $2.900.4.00. Sheep—Receipts, 8,(KB. Steady; muttons, $5ffl 6.30; Texans, $4.6006.60; lafcibs, JB.OOffi7.00. i:a»t Liberty. EAST LIBERTY, Pa., May 8.—Cattle—Market strong at unchanged prices. Prime, S4.75fr4.B5; good, $4.2804.60; ci mmoh to lair, $3.000,4; bulls, cows and mixed, $1.60S8.60. Hogs—ifai kei lower; medium and selected.$4.SO S.4.S5: common to best Yorkers, $4.200,4.311; pigs, S4.00ff4.15. Sheep—Maiket slow ut yesterday's prices; prime, $6.2005.40; good, $4.76f?5; coromi n to fair; $3ft 4.26; spring lambs, $6.6006; venl calves, $8.60a4. Receipts—Cattle, 240 head; hogs. 2,000 head; sheep, 1,400 head. Shipments-Ca.tle, 180 head; hogs, 1,100 head sheep, 1,200. Shipments to New York to-dny, 7 cars hogs. 1 OKMlO. TOLEDO, May 8.—Wheat— Fair, higher; cash, 96V;c; Msy. 9614c; June. 96c; July, 98c; Aug. Olc. Corn—Steady; cash, S5^c; Wav. Miic. Oats—Bull, llrm: cash 30c: May, 281AC. ( > Ctoversetd—Bull, steauy; cash, $3.60; October, $3.67V2. Receipts—Wheat, 5,468 bu; corn, 82^68 bu cloverheed,, 297 bags Shipments—Wheut, 2,800 bu; corn, 248,435 bu oats, 6,000 bn, cloverseed 12 bags , CrKCINNATI, IfajS.—I h«i«, shii- ~~- •" y; receipts. a Sighest of all in Leavening Power.— L T . S. Govl P.cport, Auj;. 17, 188^ ABSO11/TELY PURE FROM OVER THE OCEAN. The Queen ol England will be ROd- mother to the new girl In the Duke of Portland's family, and tbo child will be called Victoria Dorothy. A benfifit performance lor the English Actors' fund In London recently realized S3,.100. The performance lasted for six hours and over sixty actors took part in it. The Iatmi addition to the Jlritish navv, the Victoria, is said to bo the largest war vcs.-ul at presont ready for active pp.rvicc. She rxist over S4,noO,OOu and carries a crv.v.- <i! .~S!) officers and men. A ji'rench paper says of a recent murder: "The miscreant was evidently in search of money, hut M. Durand had prudently, deposited nil his caali in the bank, and consequently lost only his li'fe." Tho pastor of the church at, Melton Mowbray, where the ten gentlemen with sporting blood recently rode; a midnight stecple-chasfi. on the following Sunday denounced the proceeding from his pulpit. Tim Jjondon Times recently remarked In an obituary notice of the late Baron Dowse: "A great Irishman has passed away. God grant that many as great, who as wisely shall love their country, may follow him." James Berry the hangman of England, has secured a verdict for ?. r )00 damages in a suit for libel that he brought against a weekly paper called Answers which had made some remarks about him under the heading "A Man of Mystery.'. Tho civil commissioner of Johannesburg, South Africa, has ordered that only tho Dutch language shall be talked in his court, and that the English, who compose the bulk of the population, when they appear before him must talk Dutch or hire an Interpreter. The insulating material of the electric- light wires over the stage of a Vienna theater began to melt a few nights ago and a shower of burning India rubber fell upon the stage. There was a panic, and 200 persons had rushed out before it was quieted. The rheumatism from which Queen Victoria is suffering, which has become chronic, has caused a contraction of the muscles of the leg. It does not impair her general health, and she looks well, but every one admits who sees her that she has aged much in the last two years. William Ferner, aged CO, of a good Edinburgh family, while rushing for the goal with the ball on a, football field at Walkerbum a few days ago, was charged at and struck bv another player. He dropped insensible and died a few days Inter nf concussion of the brain. >denS ; -(J e-Tables, . **t, I.on IP, & I'ii (CKNTKAb TlHE.) ^•J!5iitii* . . -Kasterii Express I'^rit i.OO pm« Fast Line 2fl5DB» i.20 p mf icco.'Mmodatiou 8:00 a mi U 40 ii mt.Marlon Ai:coinmodatloo.>4fl9 pnj Hieliraoml OiviHlon. 303 ». m* .v.tffit Express Ii5am« IviiiiS p uit Accoinmodatlou l^tstrmj- LI :J) y laf Accommodation '. 6;tJU^iBf fuilluiiupottK Division. ^- •*< «» a ill* Mght Express 1:36 in' 12 SS [i ui* DayKxpress l?46pB' Chlrnso Dlvfsinii. 1235 ft m* Night Express ; £50 a B» i:l5iim» Might Express 3:15 a m> t:25 pm* .Fast Line ,. iajnm« Irt7pm? Fast Line liiSpB" 12 05 p m^ Accommodation 4^(00 mi 7.-16 prat Accommodation 645 ant State Line Uiviaion. 1:30 pint Mall and Express 8:20 a tut 7:45ftmt Express 7 25 D rat 11:16amf Local Freight......11 ao»£| Trains marked* run dally. ~ ' TralD s marked t run dally except Sunday. Vandalla Lilnc. •.' SOUTH BOTKD. Local Freight „. Cffiaa TerreHaut* Express — Mall Train KOBTH BODSD. Local Freight „ Mall Train South Bend Kxnre.-s _._ »_ Through Freight 83* pa Close connections for Indianapolis via CoUu now made by all our passenger talm.—J. e, idgworth, agent. • Wabosh Kailway. BAST BODITB. New York Express, dally 2«»m Ft Wayne (Pas.VAccm., excpt Sunday 8a9»n: San Jity & Toledo Ex, excpt gundayll^Ofco: Atlantic Hxpress,dally 403 n 91 Accommodation Frt., excpt Sunday.. C ~ Wib-i EOtnsi). Sxpress, dally Accommodation Frt., excpt Sunday.. : Kan City Ex., except Suntoy 3.45pi Lafayette (Fa8.)Aecm., excpt Sunday 6i)6p» dt Louis Ex., dally 1036pn W abash lVe»«:«'rti—I>cri«'- ^* ««<-,|jt>««i G01MO KA3T. ii^if* dt Louis and Boston Ex., dallj.....!". 3S5» New York (limited) ... 4:Ji»m Atlantic Ex mas p n Detroit Accom U:2j(im UOtNG WEST. ' '' "~ Chicago Ac St Louis (limited) U^Wino Paclnc Ex 6,-oOum ilallaud Ex 3-Wpi» Aceom _.. H-SO air There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the Ivory." They are not, but like all counterfeits, they lack ' the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for Ivory Soap and < insist upon having it. 'Tis sold everywhere. 'fOR COUGHS '-*-^-AND COLDS 1 SOLD BY DRUGGISTS AND GENERAL STOREKEEPERS. PREPARED ONLV IV ton are a CJ.OSE CASH BVTBK «•* ! purchtibo utilil you gelquot^ttoua fron ! TMh HAMMOND LUMBER COMPANY. 1 Office, 3330 LarrelSt.. Chicagd, II!. ) Yard. Calumet River, Hammwi*** 1 i Iinslow,Laiiier&4, 1 i? NASSAU STREET, New York, BANKERS, FOR WESTERN STATES, CORPORATIONS, BANKS AND MERCHANTS. INTEREST ALLOWED ON SEPOSOS AND LOANS NEGOTIATED. THOMPSON'S _ Tir-ANTJEp-A^WOMAN or sense, espectability lor our business In her /-tT/-kTm n T rn rn T »T /-( *T respet-uiuiuiylorourousuiessinaer«c"T (iTnVF FI r'TINfr ml « dle aged preferred Salary $50 per ^^H- \JjLjW VJU I 1 1 ' 1 1 ll VJ Permanent position. References exchanged. . , ManuTacturer, LockBox idSS/XT. CORSETS! A ataHf *•£ ^ oew and BOM tmutUlt bomf ttato9: _ will, ore Catarrh. 0»tmrrh»l OatHMm, H»J W* working for us.', preferred who can furnish a home .-\nd . wliolo time to th« business. Spore moments BBS j be profitably employed also. A lew v;;c;uLCi*> I towns and cities. B. F. JOHNSON & <-<>•. I Main St . Rri.hmond. Va I \SfANTED— MAN— As agent of our pste*t j T T size -iSxlSxl.s Inclii-s. gs5 retail. .Ml } us low. iNi'w stales; new patli-ms; newfoes; I factory. Kot^wmed by Safo Tool. ' i warranted. li;m- chance. Permanent ! Our terms and catalogue will convince ' clear $300 to S5WI per month. Write for" ! territory. Alpine Sate Co. , Ct O- Ui Active Man balary «7.» to * IOO to 'ANT1S Are Ackuowleriged the World Over as the best Fitting, most. Perfect form giving a most Economical Corset on the market. BEE HIVE Dry Goods House WILER & WlSE,_H§s3ffi irnbors in). f

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